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weird things we do when alone Anonymous 109454

what do you do in your room when you're alone?

>3am, pure silence

>look at myself in the mirror
>make faces
>practise doing fake speeches as if I was super famous
>do the most deranged dance moves you've ever seen
>sit in the middle of the room in the dark
>listen to the rain (v nice at 3am when it's cold too ooo yes)

Anonymous 109455

Listen to music and maladaptively daydream about scenarios in various made up worlds with recurring characters. Sometimes I pace around the room and "act" it out, which makes me wonder how crazy I'd look if someone was recording me secretly.

Anonymous 109456

>stare at the dark ceiling and look at the static in my vision
>walk in circles when making up imaginary scenarios in my head.

Anonymous 109457

I do the exact same thing.

If I had a nice conversation during the day I will actually talk to myself and replay the conversation except like better.

Anonymous 109458

same. I also sometimes make up imaginary conversations in my head, and act them out in front in case they happen irl.

Anonymous 109515

I also act stuff out, mostly just on my bed though. I guess it must look stupid/insane for me to be crawling around, lying down and getting up, moving my arms

Anonymous 109544

I hold philosophical discussions with myself out loud, stopping at certain words and saying them a few times pretending to be american

Anonymous 109551

Experiment with cooking wierd things.
Talk to my cat.
Scoop my cat up when she's in a ball and say "cat scoop"
Watch wierd things on youtube

Anonymous 109571

Kowloon is max comfy. When I was a kid in primary school I used to draw massive pictures of densely populated living spaces with as many people packed in as possible. The dim-lightings makes it nice.

Anonymous 109573

I like to bend my body in unnatural ways, especially limbs

Anonymous 109584

If old stuff counts:

>swim laps nude in my grandparents pool at night whenever I was house sitting

They didn't have neighbors and they had 2 German shepherds named Gustav
and Vincent who would just sleep next to the pool. It was a cheap thrill to be naked out in the open, even if you'd need a telescope to see me.

Anonymous 109586

Everything I do is weird. Was about to type out my stupid routine and thought, "Jesus, I'm a fucking mess." Thanks OP!

Anonymous 109587

Look out the window and talk to myself

Anonymous 109588

Same except mine aren't fantasies but rather real life situations but imagine them o be better than they actually were

Anonymous 109621

Your unexpected line break made me think that both dogs were named Gustav. It was a real disappointment when I discovered that only one dog is named Gustav.

Anonymous 109631

that's why were on this site dun wurry

Anonymous 109632

>pretend to be in a youtube vlog or cooking show
>listen to music and pretend to play the guitar or drums
>read books out loud
>when i sit by myself i put my hand down my pants and just hold my crotch because it's comfortable

Anonymous 109633

I hold my crotch too!

Anonymous 109696

>pace around my room
>daydream about being a cool italian mafia assassin or whatever
>snaps out
>tfw my life is a mess and i do nothing but escape to my daydreams all the time
>lay down back on my bed..thinking


Anonymous 109761


Anonymous 109763

io uguale

>put on headphones

>pick ideal song to fantasize to
>pace around moving my arms like an autist
>get flooded by dopamine, feels good man
>eventually realize i'm failing uni, dont work out, dont have a bf or friends, dont have a job
>feel guilty and take a nap

Anonymous 109784

>put on headphones
>pick ideal song to fantasize to
>pace around moving my arms like an autist
kek my sister does the exact same thing. I don't think she's self aware enough to realise she's being an autist though
>eventually realize i'm failing uni, dont work out, dont have a bf or friends, dont have a job
idem fml

Anonymous 111015

I never go in my room except to sleep
But when I'm alone I do shit like this and play old video games, like Animal Crossing on the gamecube or Earthworm Jim 2 on the SNES. I also go on walks a lot.

Anonymous 111526

Screenshot 2021-10…

The extent to which I talk to myself is insane. Whenever I get up do my morning routine in the empty house I'll literally talk my own ear off. I'll start off imagining conversations I had in the past and then imagine them but better and i'll come up with dialogue for the others and jokes that i'll laugh at myself. It'll be a full on conversation as if someone else is in the room.

Anonymous 111532

>Get into car
>Scream and rant endlessly about all the things bothering me
>Sore throat and hoarse when I arrive at my destination

Anonymous 113484

I like to think about dragons and romance fantasies and stories.
Doing it a lot when I go to sleep.

Anonymous 113493

Talk to myself more than I talk to other people
But as if there was an audience
But that audience actually consists of just me
And I do this for so long that I become lost in my monologues and forget to do shit I intend to do
All of this late at night and even until morning sometimes

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