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Psychedelics Anonymous 109726

Has anyone here had experience with psychedelics, LSD, shrooms or other?
Good trips, bad trips, I want to hear all about them.

Anonymous 109786

I've done shrooms twice. The first time was a normal-to-light dose and a lot of fun. You really do see an extraordinary array of colors. The second time, I didn't get high and several hours later drank a bunch and ended up puking my guts out.

Anonymous 109789

Might be a thread on /x/ for this. I drop acid often. Shrooms are easier since it's less intense and lasts shorter. I've only had one bad trip and I was mostly just bummed about the state of my life. My suggestion is don't trip when you're in a bad spot and obviously make sure you're in a comfortable place. I suspect shrooms and acid will be legal in the US within our lifetimes

Anonymous 109790

I expect shrooms will be, but acid has a bit of a reputation at this point, and I doubt people will get over it soon.

Anonymous 109792

There's little difference. When the boomers die we can start to fix the waking nightmare they turned this country into.

Anonymous 109886

have you ever tried anything else like DMT?

Anonymous 111014

I've done acid twice. I did it in the most retarded way both times: with a stranger in another state in a town I'd never been to before.

The first time was like I literally just went to hell. The guy I did it with didn't bother me at all when I was sober. When I was tripping I wanted to kill him so bad and was convinced we couldn't exist in the same plane of existence without him cursing me. I couldn't get over hating him even months after tripping. I had a vision of me and him trapped in Salem, West Virginia in a river during wintertime. We were chained to the bottom. He had given up but I was struggling to get loose. I left him behind in the vision because I knew if I tried to get him loose he would make me meet the same fate as him. I saw really intense shapes and colors, like a holographic pink flamingo sign all over the ceiling and a naked woman with flashing rainbow limbs.

The second time I did it was ok. It was a much lower dosage. The people I was with just kind of made me vaguely uncomfortable and I hid from them. I saw a lot of geometric lines and stuff just kind of warbled around. I had two visions – in one I was a daisy that kept trying to root myself but I couldn't, and the wind kept blowing me around. I wanted to be rooted so bad but every time I took place I was uplifted again. In the second vision I saw the people I was with. I was in a boat navigating a dark swamp. I shone a flashlight up a cypress tree and saw my friends. They were angry ghosts chained to the tree and were extremely angry. They were stuck together and none of them wanted to be there.

Anonymous 111019

Lots of mushrooms. I never get visuals. Just crazy psychological roller coaster experiences. Full of realizations. I want to get my hands on DMT but yeah right… Like thats going to happen. I don't trust buying off the deep web and there's none of it around here.

Anonymous 111021

I've only ever done acid, no other psychedelics (just stimulants who sometimes had a bit of a psychedelic effect), but I really like it, it might be my favorite recreational drug. I usually do only 50ug, that's the comfiest spot for me. The max I've done was 100ug, so I'm not experienced with any high doses.

50ug to me feels like how you imagine being stoned feels when you've never smoked weed. Or like a reaaaally soft dose of MDMA. Like all giggly and creative and fascinated by stuff without the sort of "heavy"/"sticky" feeling that weed actually gives you. Low dose acid feels more clear/clean and energetic, if that makes sense, and only somewhat mushy. I've had pretty strong visuals on 50ug some days, and none at all other days. Never been prone to like "mindfuck" trips or convincing myself it's some crazy spiritual experience. For me LSD is just fun and comfy with no hangover oder negative bodily effects (doesn't mean it's 100% safe ofc).

Oh and I should add that I've only done 1p-LSD (a prodrug to LSD), but that metabolizes into LSD in the body afaik (it did in rats at least) so it should basically be the same.

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