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Anonymous 109754

do you know any unattractive girl/handsome guy couple?
how are they like? what do people say about them? why is the guy settling looks-wise in your opinion?

Anonymous 109755

I know one yes, the girl looks really identical to the one in your pic and is my friend, while the dude is a 5'10" brown guy (north african) who's quite handsome.
They both really like humanities and if i'm not mistaken they started talking at a history elective course in gymnasium.
Girl is as i said a friend since childhood, she is quite nerdy and spends her day playing shit like total war and paradox games. She is also really clumsy. Met her back in elementary.
The guy is really quiet and kindof socially awkard. He is well articulated and verbose, but he sometimes stutters. I suspect that he may be a sperg in all honesty, although his social skills are a tad bit above average if he truly is on the spectrum.

Anonymous 109768

I don't, but I see so much reverse (hideous man/beautiful woman) couples it's nauseating.

Anonymous 109797

You might find Gloria Shuri and her husband interesting OP.

Anonymous 109801


Same. Like what the fuck. If Adriana fucking Lima married this creature, what hope is there for below average girls like me?

Anonymous 109805

I don't know any personally but when I worked at a restaurant for a little while, I saw a lot of them. There were many normie average popular guy types with fat girlfriends on dates, whereas a lot of the stacy-type girls would come with their friends instead of with a boyfriend. It actually really surprised me and I wondered why it was such a huge trend since I kept noticing it over the course of weeks.

Anonymous 110596

yes my old room mate.. holy fuck it was beyond words. truly beyond words how good looking he was.

Anonymous 110599

It's not an uncommon thing. As >>109805 mentioned it's usually a fat girl.

Many guys, even some very attractive guys, are shy/insecure/awkward and also passive. If a woman takes the initiative (up to the point of asking him out) this type of guy may just go along with it out of inertia.

Anonymous 110607

And holy fuck a lot of stacy's settle for ugly fucking guys. I'm just normal not ugly or really beautiful but I would never settle for the kinds of guys they go for. I mean.. It really reveals things

Anonymous 110608

Its like stacy's live in an alternate universe of their own, where they can only experience catcalls, stalking.. abuse.. and it gives them LOW self-esteem in the long run so they settle way below what they deserve. Does anyone see this besides me? I have been seeing a pattern there for a long time. If you are that pretty and can't get a decent looking guy wtf is the problem? I think they must be gaslit to hell personally. Girls like that endure hell and aim really low because of it.

Anonymous 110610

But I've seen this a lot in my friends in college especially. They would be really pretty and always obsess over and talk about the sleaziest guys. I would try to give them perspective but usually I'd give up, they wouldn't listen to me. Okay there were some asian girls I knew, who were also pretty and paired really beautifully with her asian boyfriend. Hooboy that was a nice looking couple :ooo

Anonymous 110624

>I have been seeing a pattern there for a long time.
same thing and it's quite a bit suspicious. maybe the stacies get paid by either that uggo man or his mother to go on dates with them. but then again sometimes i see the same couples in various parts of the town and it's infuriating even.

>I think they must be gaslit to hell personally.

or this, they got programmed by media propagating the idea of "the ugly guy gets the hot girl in the end" or similar stuff while the same media tells us to be pretty and work on our appearance to get anyone to like us. this explains eating disorders and why so little moids have them but every 10th anorexic woman dies either of suicide or cachexia.

Anonymous 110639

And maybe they are sexually abused when they're young so it destroys their self esteem as well. All these kinds of things in varying degrees though. I'm not trying to paint anyone any one way. But when you're really pretty you're pretty much a walking target for predation. I've seen it on pretty women's / girls faces a million times. This resigned attitude. Even if they appear happy its like .. resignation that I don't know how to describe…towards everything from another dimension. Its really subtle but it colors everything they do. Focused in this happy but resigned direction. To laugh at sleazy jokes or just ignore questionable behavior naively… They act all happy and then the sleazebag happens. I think being pretty is a curse in many ways. It means you have to start off at universally likeable, so you never want to make mistakes. So you never learn how to be harsh, and be comfortable not giving a fuck. But holy shit when you are trying to be universally pleasing you have a tendency to try to not offend and it traps you with things you don't like.

Well these things fall on a spectrum. But I don't see how being pretty can possibly be a blessing unless you also know how to be a complete asshole when you need to be. I don't want people to pick up the hunch they can easily prey upon me because it was done to me before or interact with the sleazy or even harsh men in the world in this resigned way. I'm not trying to knock anyone or any group in particular just.. wow that mentality deserves its own discussion. We all pine over pretty looks but it doesn't deliver MOST of the women I've known to much better situations. Yeah there are smart ones that have it made and they really exist. But holy fuck most guys take advantage of the fact that you're pretty. They can smell how easy you are to pump and dump. Whyyy is it always like this with pretty girls? They put up with the most garbage. And guys can sense profoundly when a woman thinks if she could just go a little further, in this people pleasing way, she can get what she wants. So they milk it. They take advantage of it deeply, ontop of all the other
"empathic" roles she thinks benefits her . Being nurturing being passive doing tons of emotional labor. The guys will also sense when women are capable of getting a lot of attention from other guys so they pump and dump there as well. Even when you're obviously really sweet! Often they don't even truly like the sweet personality, because they want nothing to do with that kind of selflessness. It makes them feel guilty so they turn off to it. They just use her. I think its pretty sad, but also so fucking obvious. Its so so so fucking obvious. If you fall for these kinds of traps I think you must be blind.

Anonymous 110646


>But holy shit when you are trying to be universally pleasing you have a tendency to try to not offend and it traps you with things you don't like.
this is also true for ugly women but i never see an unattractive woman with a conventionally attractive moid, i do see heterosexual couples almost equal in terms of looks but they're becoming much more rarer than the aforementioned attractive woman/ugly moid pairings. it's like they're all being replaced by ugly man/pretty woman couples, maybe due to increasing societal pressure on women to conform to unrealistic beauty standards (tiny anachan waist + big obesity class 1 butt and breasts) while in the past it was just being a skelly (very unhealthy but at least attainable without surgeries or photoshop). no such pressure on moids and the tranny menace (big troon?) imposing even stricter and more retarded gender roles instead of abolishing gender altogether.
in my experience, unattractive women tend to either be socially invisible (wallflowers) or doing their own thing or desperately trying to become a stacy by imitating all their typical behaviours, this includes the desire to be pleasing (it is imposed on all women no matter their attractiveness but stacies are much more expected to be either a "nice pretty girl next door" or "bad bitch" type).

>If you fall for these kinds of traps I think you must be blind.

i have to disagree with this though, they mostly just don't know better due to being praised for their looks only. parental pressure and abuse can make a woman really desperate to please, this includes endlessly chasing beauty standards (making a becky/stacy-lite in the process). and we all know parental abuse makes the child extremely susceptible to partner abuse and even chasing terrible men (i'll fix him!! type of stuff and so on)

Anonymous 110680

Cocker spotted

Anonymous 110688

I know one, short plump girl, buff handsome guy, and he absolutely adores her. She always seems apologetic of their relationship and herself and he's constantly reassuring her. I really don't believe that he's settling looks-wise because he doesn't seem to care that much about her looks at all. She's a genuinely good person with a kind heart and people say that she's deserved a guy like him for a long time.

Anonymous 110692

Well, speak for yourself then. Looks are more valued than status by both genders.

Anonymous 110715

really? no posters here have personal anecdotes? what happened to the mr peanutbutter poster

Anonymous 111002

I have literally never seen one. I have seen a LOT of the reverse though.

Anonymous 111061

>he doesn't seem to care that much about her looks
Or maybe he actually likes plump bodies on women.

Anonymous 111063

You're not imagining things. The "normal" and "average" of women and girls is now above average and often artificial in nature. Women on average put in more effort and etc.
When I see men talk about average obtainable chicks they usually are in the top 10-20% percentile of women or have very specific traits (i.e., are a certain age, race, etc). most women under 30 by default look better than most women to guys as well. To a young couple an onlooker might think they're similarly attractive but in reality the girl tends to actually be more attractive.
I.e., basically a normal-cute guy is actually more on par with a chubby cute girl than people think. Age is the normalizer here. Most men can't even peacock so their appeal wasn't their looks to begin with.

Anonymous 111065

This is what I was thinking when I saw this thread, well said.

Anonymous 111067

I'm convinced most "unattractive girl/handsome guy" couples are just a concept made up by people who haven't seen women without makeup, since that's all the examples I've seen, the opposite is much more common anyway

I've only seen about like 2-3 of these couples personally, all of them end abruptly and the dude does later bitch about how unattractive/fat she was. The issue with most fat fetishists is that they'll enter a relationship like this and then realize they don't actually like fat girls and then just give up, but that's also just any guy who treats women like porn category's and then drops then as soon as the next new category is in

Anonymous 111068

Desperate (and even many nondesperate) guys fucking anything then pretending this has value skews the facts involved tbh. I mean, there's a reason why it isn't really the most attractive women sleeping around the most on average. Men's opportunism with taking what they can get even if they don't value it kind of proves you can't trust first impressions. For women, it's way more risky to be with a man that settled for her while less so for the other way around.

A lot of people hyperfixate on men that seem to genuinely value an unconventional-looking partner…these cases are actually genuinely rare. Then, they become critical and start bashing him for being a delusional simp and etc. Which - with his status being threatened - he tends to blame his gf over.
Men that threaten the status quo are shamed over it.

Most couplings where a woman genuinely looks bad to even matter, he'd want to stay with her and not cheat on her even if a 10/10 threw herself at him (and not feel like a hero over it), nor once feel bad or threatened by other men side-eying them. Do the math with how common this actually is.

Anonymous 111069

>weird glasses girl and autistic lanky brown guy
God I wish that were me.
Gives me hope this is possible, thanks.

Anonymous 111071

You can do this anon. The world is your oyster!

Anonymous 111103

men have done this throughout history, at this point it's impossible to tell what they actually find attractive or unattractive, it's interesting because they will have objectively attractive girlfriends and then cheat with objectively unattractive as if that is what they are ~actually~ attracted to, but then when given the chance for a LTR with those girls they cheat too but instead they cheat and then bash the woman who is "unattractive"

men just get taught no discipline and will cheat or bash women just for the sake of doing it, including nitpicking women they are attracted too just because. Some of the most attractive women I ever known were also some of the most nitpicked women I known, from both men and women who are jealous of them

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