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are you afraid of stalkers/ ever been stalked? Anonymous 110742

Anonymous 110750

That's kinda sweet. I'm probably the worst offender in online stalking though

Anonymous 110753


Being stalked is one of my biggest fears, actually. I live a double life, so it would get very bad if someone stalked me and found out things that they weren’t supposed to, or contacted people I know from elsewhere.

Luckily it hasn’t happened; I’m very careful about the information I give to people on both irl and online.

Anonymous 110755

Yes, I was stalked for a year, and once posted about it in /x/. It was fucking terrifying. To be honest I'd have to sit and find the words to describe how profoundly negative the experience was, and knowing how much worse it is for other people makes me literally, not figuratively, shiver. Vote separatism today.

Anonymous 110759


>Yes, I was stalked for a year, and once posted about it in /x/.
of all the places, what made you go there?

Anonymous 110760

My bad should have clarified that it was on this site kek (I don't use 4chan, it was on the x board here)

Anonymous 110811


>OP's pic
It obviously went to the trash as one of the cleaners of the train saw it as such given how dirty, messy, and shitty it smells.
>OP's prompt
Closest thing is being stalked online by HR of a company related to security and stuff. They probably paid FBI a grand or two for a background check despite not being hired by them, lol.
(Someone post that one picture of 4chan anons being complete ghost to federal agencies despite being simple NEETs.)
>That's kinda sweet.
Say what?

Anonymous 110816


this is gonna sound bad but I met a few people off of 4chan years back. I only briefly spoke to them (I.e., two weeks) then I hit a massive depressive spiral and essentially ghosted all of them by accident. my reasoning? that I was doing them a favor.

months later I got a DM on facebook from one of those guys that literally figured out all my real-life information based off my discord and hacking me…the guy in particular had talked on and on about a girl that had stopped talking to him overtime (she stopped talking to the whole friends group) about 5 years ago and he had an obsessive hang up on that.
and I got so fuckin spooked that I faded him–before I had the others.

maybe I deserve it but holy shit I can't believe so many people have the capacity to stalk another human being.
I don't even look at the posts of the people I used to know online.

Anonymous 110836


Anonymous 110837

I interviewed a guy at a job I was working and then he stalked me for months, would find my social media accounts and bombard me with messages there and tell me how he had seen me around town and what I was doing, etc. I saw him outside of my work a bunch, so I literally ended up quitting that job because of it as son as I could, and he eventually would park outside my house for hours at a time. I tried to go to the police about him, but they didn't do shit. He was eventually arrested because he was caught preparing to shoot up a mall. Glad to be alive.

Anonymous 110848

yes, i am being stalked and it fucking sucks. the worst is, i can't even hide at home because they installed stalking equipment in fake neighbours' apartments and even tried to make me walk into them (of course i didn't because i'm not that retarded).

Anonymous 110863

The thing I hate the most about being stalked/fixated on/harassed my moids is just how little support you'll get, especially from other moids.
Before I learned to NEVER tell men your trauma, I remember telling one about a stalker I had, and he just… didn't think it was a big deal? It's like he was waiting for me to get to the bad part, but it never game.
Just "Oh well, it doesn't seem that bad".
They never understand the psychological trauma and never feeling safe, having your security subject to the whims of a psycho. But it's ok since despite tormenting me for years they never attacked me physically.
God, I hate moids. Nothing good comes from moids. Either they are obsessed with you and want to ruin you or they are indifferent and passive.

the other thing is the trust issues. Absolutely any moid you interact with can become a psycho stalker and you have 0 control over it. If they want to, they'll do it. Once it starts there's little recourse. The police don't care, and even if they did they can't do anything. In fact your stalker can gossip about you, lie, and call you a "whore" to rally other moids into their corner. When that girl was killed and left in a ditch by her moid a month or so ago, before when he talked to the male police officers he was just joking about how hysterical and emotional she was and the police agree with him and say shit like "haha bro my wife is the same, women, amirite??"
How are you supposed to not be afraid of every man? it's such a risk. I hate them.

Anonymous 110971

I am in your ceiling

Anonymous 110979

tbh it's because many of them are so privileged they don't begin to understand trauma or how someone can experience it. they literally see you like a chair and like any stones thrown at you or creeps that try sitting are you are just harmless.

Anonymous 111185

I have been stalked as a kid. Even before I became a teenager, I think. There was some weird guy, possibly autistic, who would show up on my street and try to talk to me. He then disappeared somewhere.
The first time we met, he offered his hand when I was getting out of a bus. I took it, but he would not let go and tried to kiss me. I told him that he was a moron and that I was a kid, wrenched my hand out, and went home.

Anonymous 114356

weird, I always had the opposite experience. Rather than being indifferent they're overly protective. Maybe it's just the way you communicate it, anon, but more likely your choice of company.

Anonymous 114363

eh, have you ever been called cute? usually boils down to a girl having a babyish face.

Anonymous 114385

Nta but if that's why men are generally gentle with me then that's incredibly cursed and awful.
May be the sweet spot though, since on topic for the thread I've never been properly creeped on. Just a couple clingy dudes which is doable. I attribute it to my size and masc energy/voice, even with the baby face.

Sorry you ladies always go through this. Men can be depressing.

Anonymous 115589

I'm being stalked on my college campus but I'm too chickenshit to do anything about it. I'm just waiting for the semester to end so I wont have to be in the same class as this guy and hopefully he stops.

Anonymous 115590

I am in the same boat as you anon but I'm getting stalked by multiple people in uni (I'm sure they're getting paid to do it). Sometimes they even interact with me (with the intent of making me look awkward/do embarrassing things), does your stalker do that?

Anonymous 115668

i have been stalked by an ugly girl. i want to be stalked by deranged man or cute girl, she knew this and created a fucking chinese sanrio girl alter ego

Anonymous 115687

I was stalked by a pathologically lying, attention seeking teenager once years ago. Statcounter showed consistent visits every day from where I knew they lived, pages and pages long. It got to the point where I swear they were sitting on my page and just refreshing.

They did the same to someone close to me except they went through all of that person's selfies (i'm talking 10+ pages on an old blog) and sent them nasty messages. Just generally a shit person.

Unfortunately because they were a minor, everyone raced to defend them and mock me for being too scared of them and letting them manipulate me like the traumatized underdeveloped idiot I was (therapy helps, folks) Both me and the other person subjected to their behavior deleted our blogs. I never went back but the other person tried to, and the creep sent them another message after 2 years so they closed their blog for good.

We're both happier and breathing easier, No incidents since

Another time I wasn't necessarily stalked as heavily but this girl became obsessed with me for no reason and declared she was in love w me after 2 weeks of knowing me. It made me super uncomfortable and I told her straight up I wasn't interested bc I didn't want anyone to think I had strung her along somehow

She would often make things for me, or paint pictures of my face, or even make characters that were very obviously "inspired" by me. This went on for a while but eventually when I just kept telling her no and didn't pay attention to her attempts at flattery she got over it.

I don't really know why it happened. She said that she could get anyone she wanted and I was the first person to say no, apparently, and that made her want me more. It made me feel really gross and objectified. She wasn't a bad person though, she was really nice and really cool, and her art was good. Wherever she is now I hope she's happier!

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