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Have you ever regretted being kind to a person before knowing them better/them offending you? Anonymous 111543

I fucking regret being friendly to that ugly hag, who has made me fail an exam today. I wasn't aware that she was such an asshole so I was friendly with her. Now I am so bitter about it, she has literally ruined all my chemistry academic record and yet I still gave her comfort and respect she didn't deserve. Have something like this ever happened to your before? I am certainly not the only petty person here. Pic unrelated. (Posting second time because of the typo in the title)

Anonymous 111550

uh. what even happened? what did she do to you?

Anonymous 111553

I have been trolled. I've basically answered everything correctly but she didn't like the way I've solved the problems so she started nitpicking and gave me a C- as the result. All my previous marks were A-B's and now it's RIP, because some rando has came and substituted our ill professor.

Anonymous 111557

I regret not being nicer when I had the chance

Anonymous 111558

Anyway. I have been thinking about this for a long time, this is why I am so mad at the first place - not because of this hag and "C-" but because she made me experience the same problem I have been experiencing for so long. Is this even a good idea to be friendly by default? Most people are disappointing. An example would be me trying to reconnect with my mom only to find out that she is a raging homophobe. Maybe disdain and disrespect as a default, that could be changed into respect and adoration with time, would be better? It would mean that only actions defy a human's value - if you don't know them their value equals 0. The problem here is that such an approach is unmerciful and doesn't give a stranger a chance to prove themselves in your eyes, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy: they get that you associate them with dirt, so they start to act accordingly. Hell, I am probably just burned out at this point, can't even deal with humans anymore. Everytime I try to connect with someone it always fails due to them making me feel unsafe and defensive. Fuck this shit, it's better to be emotionally repressed and cruel than endlessly being on alert and dealing with jerks only to one day be lucky enough to befriend some random idiots.

Anonymous 111560

idk what to tell you, you going after a nitpicky teacher and calling her an ugly hag over her grading style is already extreme and makes you look super entitled towards people acting in super specific ways after being "nice" to them.

If it doesn't come naturally to you: don't do it. You aren't going to find authentic people the way you are now.

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