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PUA tactics Anonymous 111602

can we get a PUA tactics thread where we share the ones we know, including personal experiences?
protect yourselves against filth

Anonymous 111620


hm, sure. also >>111619 works but most tactics don't involve aggression.

Lemme say a few. Not all are PUA stuff but more redpiller stuff.

>fake-empowering women (yes you read that right)

A good example is a guy basically taking a girl back to his home and "respecting" her boundaries and acting disinterested in sex. Key factors: bringing her to a place where they're alone, pretending to not be after sex (he is), etc.
It sounds really dumb but this was in a PUA handbook so who knows. I think any way a guy can fake having options, self-respect, status (well, social acceptance), restraint, etc. is a PUA thing in general.
>hot and cold
showing affection/validation on some days and being stone cold on others, etc.
>dread game/negging
Kind of obvious but this can be a huge problem at any point in a relationship.
If a guy is trying to make you feel like you're not really good enough just leave. I don't care if you're literally 1/10 or a bad person, if a guy is trying to make you feel like you have no other options…if you should have no standards…that you aren't worth much…

Anonymous 111621

>guilt tripping/sob stories/fake vulnerability
This isn't really necessarily a PUA strategy but I see it be a common fuck or regular boy strat that is extremely undertalked about.
There's a difference between a guy being vulnerable and…telling a girl on the 2nd date his tragic back story. And it even can be common later in a relationship; i.e., a guy trying to get out of obligations habitually. Like a guy that plays games all day and drinks beer with his buddies, then refuses to care for the children because he has depression. Beware when a guy starts weaponizing his insecurities, etc.

I think the ultimate giveaway is this: is he subtly encouraging you to be more accessible/available/easy? Obviously all men try to do that but with far less manipulation. Tactics can change depending on the woman too.

And also it's annoying when people act like creeps like this are just all dumbasses. Sure. But some of this stuff can really sneak up on you–don't take for granted a guy is good/nice.

Anonymous 111673

awesome, thanks for sharing anon.


creating jealousy and insecurity in the girl by mentioning someone else, usually another woman, but it can be done with literally anything as long as it makes her feel "not enough" or threatened. for example he can actively show his preference for playing videogames instead of spending time with you.

>making dates last longer than they should

PUAs believe there is generally a minimum amount of hours before a girl is willing to sleep with them, so they very well might try to drag the duration of a date to create a fake intimacy and make you more willing to have sex with them.

>back-handed compliments

part of the negging game. they say something nice about you, that truly just hides a negative remark to make you feel bad about yourself. an example is the classic "you look beautiful today" which implies you normally aren't.

Anonymous 111725

oooh yeah I heard about triangulation. I think I've seen forms of this in a guy talking to another girl first and stuff like that.

reminds me
>making a girl feel a lot of emotions/excitement; i.e., taking her skydiving or something like that early on
This is because apparently this can mimic the feeling of feeling bonded to someone prematurely. Kind of like the fetishization of virgins. Does a girl really like a guy individually or is it just inexperience, therefore, lower standards?

Honestly I don't know how stuff like hiking fits in. Obviously it fits the "isolate her" red flag but it seems boring asf.

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