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Pinkpill Thread #5 Anonymous 113030

Vent your frustration about males and the degenerate things that they do here.

>>108911 previous salty bread

Anonymous 113056

Yeah, the "not all men" thing the anon mentioned. I came across that in real life. Some time ago I had a coworker who was forward with his intention of wanting to go out with me, because I asked, of which I then rejected him. He kept on insisting that I'm "thinking negatively" and kept pushing that he wants me. Somewhere in our conversation, I brought up about how I'm tired that a lot of men creep on me, and he made this faggy hurt face and said that I have to realize that not all men are like that. (I'm trying to keep my cool in typing this, by the way). But then afterwards he told me about how his dick gets hard when he's around me and he links his hand around mine. The former I told him that that's inappropriate and dropped the conversation, the latter I loudly chastised him in front of others.
God, for fuck's sake. Thankfully one of my friends calmed me down otherwise I'd be without a job rn for starting a fight. He (the friend) also told him to lay off.
I'm so fucking mad. I just want to work, for fuck's fucking sake. I'm a rugmuncher and I don't give a shit about all these men at work trying to court me. And one of them asked me if I was not married like he seriously cannot believe that. And I asked why. He said he don't want to be messing with another man's wife just in case. Just our refusal isn't enough it seems.

I'd like to add that I just hate that they mostly have to worry about being lied to or cheated on but we have to deal with worse in general.

Anonymous 113057

reminds me of
"I want all the confidence of a mediocre straight white man"

Anonymous 113063

It is all men, it's wild that anons are so sheltered.

Anonymous 113068

this right here

Anonymous 113076

Anyhow this isn't the thread to cape for men and consider there FeElInGs so pink pill about them down bellow

Anonymous 113087


I had a female friend who is an angel and pretty much made friends with many people. she often emotionally supported men. Without fail, she was pinkpilled not by me but the fact that almost all of them turned out to want sex from her despite saying they just wanted to be friends or really liking her friendship (btw many of them shared her interests/passions this wasn't random), including all the married men. She was someone who believed people just needed to be listened to. Now she deeply dislikes men. She might die a virgin (she's a Christian who wanted a family and wanted to wait till marriage). She also had abusive older brothers + a bad father so…the fact she even was open was a miracle.

Anonymous 113088

99.9% of what men care about is optics and maintaining sexual access to women.
They don't give a shit about women being violated and that's the crux of "all men are like that." I find it funny that in your story you are being completely transparent about your frustration and being gaslit because it's a microcosm for how society treats the experiences of women like you.

Anonymous 113094

I'm sorry about your friend nonita. I think there was nothing concrete that necessarily pink pilled but even then I can't muster up anything stronger then mild disdain but I can see how an experience like that would fuck up your friend

Anonymous 113097

Nta, anon go outside.

Anonymous 113098

Samefag that sounds harsh, sorry, my inner voice meant it kindly, love you anon just do go outside

Anonymous 113099

I really can't with the pandemic and I rather not be around men if I can avoid it. I've seen enough lol

Anonymous 113105

That's good enough for me kek carry on

Anonymous 113107

I guess I kinda refuse to be mad at men very strongly because if I was to get mad at every men and the shitty things they'd do I would rage myself into an aneurysm and they really aren't worth the effort.

Anonymous 113108

You made me Google "rugmuncher"

Anonymous 113112

eh, like, it's not about being mad though? my friend got very distant towards men, yes, she might dislike them in general but the energy is more like apathy. she no longer talks to them whilst before she talked freely; she also just doesn't trust them much.
she used to believe in marriage and morals and etc., but after finding out every single married man she met wanted to cheat, with many also posturing about how much they care about their wives, made it into a "what's the point?" situation for her. She's very much aware "not all men" but her energies have essentially flocked elsewhere. she hasn't mentioned them at all in weeks.

Anonymous 113119

I understand the apathy but also how someone may feel angry towards men or very bitter, there all pretty reasonable reactions and doesn't mean I don't care enough to at least point out double standards and shit when I see them.
Copy pasting what? I haven't responded with apathy towards no Anon in here, I was just saying I don't like men a whole lot and I am as a whole very meh when they act decent enough.

Anonymous 113120

Anyhow in a somewhat slightly uplifting anecdotes, does anyone love when there friend is also pretty pink pilled and isn't afraid to Bash men in? I grew up around a lot of male apologists from tradwomen to pick mes to Lib fems who couldn't see " put yourself first " even if it hit them in the face, so this friend of mine is a breath of fresh air lmao.

Anonymous 113121

oh, you're prob responding to the deleted comment. I was mostly referring to the apparently few - now nuked - anons responding in the same way to people's experiences (between "not all men are like that" and "so? It's not a big deal"). but realized y'all probably aren't the same person. with you it was more like…ok you have this very sweet girl who keeps on being backstabbed by dozens of men, including married ones, lying to her then turning around and trying to make moves on her, and you said that you don't understand how that's pinkpilling nor concrete whatsoever.

I think a person's personal situation matters. Like, my friend wasn't quite a Pickme (she obviously hates men being degenerates in a bad way) but she absolutely assumed most men were decent people.

Anonymous 113124

That anon was definely not me or there may have been a misunderstanding lol. I totally get it why she was pink pilled

Anonymous 113125

I think I just saw real necrophilia. Well, maybe not real, but it was still so fucked up that I question whether men are humans or not. It was a pic of a beheaded woman's body & 2 men were fucking it.

Yes, I still doubt it's real. I don't care about guro or ero guro either. It's still fucked up, that there are moids out there fapping to it.

And you can't make any excuses for this, it doesn't make any evolutionary or psychological sense to be aroused by that. And if you point it out men will just screech "not all men" because they don't care about those freaks existing and not being locked up away from women and children, they care about their image and their chances of getting laid.

Anonymous 113126

I think the chance that anyone who comes here to defend men is a moid is 90%. There's no reason for a woman to come here and defend them honestly. Even if they simp for men, they're free to ignore this post. Inb4 "ok I get it, you're ignorant and you don't want your mind changed, you're the female version of incel, this is an echo-chamber" garbage.

Anonymous 113132


unironic question, are men really that obsessed with youth? to get it out of the way, yes, I assume so. I have seen a lot pretty much proving it isn't just another creepy internet man thing. Science to women basically saying they got the most attention from men when they were teens…it says a lot.

it's really hard to wrap my head around bc, like…ok I can accept being uglier over time. It's just the fact that men seem to base women's value off of it in mostly unknowable subconscious ways is just…if taken at face value makes relations with men into a huge joke and waste of time unless you can solicit some quantifiable gain from it.

Like, the men (i.e., redpillers, incels, etc.) that attack women with it on the internet are like "haha! checkmate, bitches! you better settle for that 1/10 loser because your face will literally melt off in a few months!" When the logical takeaway isn't that. It's that I kind of look down on those men? They care about something that has almost no baring on reality and even the most virginal of wives will lose within a few years.

Anonymous 113135

i feel like a lot of acts of necrophilia are a mix of opportunism and a way for men to "make their mark" - that even after death, they can still violate us. makes me sick

Anonymous 113136

I hate incels so fucking much, CC
Wish they would just fuck off

When men are listened to and shown kindness and compassion, they feel dafe to open up about their true intentions.

Anonymous 113141

kek, I mean safe

Anonymous 113149

I can sort of get it since it's not like I think super old moids look any better and I like youthful features on my partner. I just wouldn't give her shit for aging and would most likely love other things about her other then her appearance because I'm not some jerkass dick.

Anonymous 113161


I love a man with commitment

Anonymous 113168

Anonymous 113184

JCS on Youtube did an interesting video on this guy but it was deleted for some reason.

Anonymous 113189

Anonymous 113228


it's the overwhelming, overall reality that males do not respect their partners and the near total lack of tenderness towards women for me.

women will routinely, naturally look on the males in their life with rosy, glowing eyes. I was born this way and can remember this being my natural state as a child and teenager. this may sound New Age but it's not - it was like I had a gentle love for them collectively. the masculine essence and their general company, readily assuming the best of them and feeling such fondness induced by them.

then to grow up and see how ready they are to always accuse a woman, to view her with such disdain. deriving such enjoyment to speak of hatred of women. casual, bonding time for them. I would bask in merely being around them, for I loved them so, and now I know that that is a one-way street. they do not feel the same.
if it had only been the ones I have been with… but it is not. I see proof of what I'm talking about all the time, outside of myself. I wish I did not see it but I have and now I can't close my eyes.

I have realized they do not deserve women. we love them so and this is how we are treated. and that is why my heart has been broken all over again. I thought my relationships had just not worked out but no, it's beyond that. it would be a mercy if it was solely restricted to that level but the flow of love is not a balance.

call me whatever you like but for me this combined with how they maim and kill us is what is unforgivable for me.

Anonymous 113236

Pinkpilled post anon, well put. I feel most of us can connect with that. Men only care about the "psychological torture" of other men, and don't give a fuck about the physical pain of women or the endless psychological and emotional bullshit we go through living under a male supremacist society with such ancient roots that men look back to in order to say "hey this is a good thing!" just because their retard greedy ancestors managed to oppress successfully due to absolute lack of any empathy or logical or critical reasoning. They have no foresight, and only care about the pain inside other men's minds. Absolute freaks of nature so used to being parasites to their own domineering social structure that they can't even comprehend how unnatural and incredibly bad life is for people they exploit because, like we all know, they do not care because they have no reason to care. We care because we have basic human emotions. I am so disheartened by what I see every day. Fucking hell anons please learn to be self-reliant and make things for yourselves. Stop perpetuating this social structure by being complicit in the horrors that society relies on. Ffs.

Anonymous 113243

I have simply lost interest in being with them. they don't see me as a nuanced living being. there is no point to it, then. no point to lay my mind along theirs, no point to try to appeal to them, no point to seek connection when they cannot respect anything they mate with.

male approval, what does it matter? they'll fuck anything and no matter what they're fucking or how or when it's worthless to them despite their unending chase of it. they'll fuck a hole in a park bench, they'll fuck a woman and both are on the same level for them.
the appeal for the male gaze/eye has evaporated for me.

can they even love? I know they can feel some fondness but it's the point where I am genuinely wondering if they can even love.
not that it matters because - surprise! - one will never matter all that much to them.

Anonymous 113244

man, it's rough you guys feel like this. but then again, i guess that's what this thread's about

Anonymous 113245

Feeling or direct observation?

Anonymous 113247

Imagine if that anon turns out to be from fucking Norway or some shit lol

Anonymous 113248

I can relate to that feeling of love and admiration and now I pretty much don't really care and hate being forced to care when I really don't

Anonymous 113250

want to reply to say not norway but yes europe, I have female relatives from all over the world though and speak with them a lot, things like the system of fear over women that enforces a nightfall curfew on us every night is pretty universal in "modern" regions, to be entirely frank, and anyone thinking that should be normal is probably deserving of a hug and a cup of tea as they outline how and why they came to be so complacent

Anonymous 113251

also just want to add since I dont post much ITT that I don't feel anyone should be focusing on hate, but should instead be learning and teaching eachother skills to be more self-reliant. Im seeing this being said more and more IRL and it's giving me a small amount of hope that more women want to be fully self-sufficient and stop supporting and perpetuating the things that work against them.

Anonymous 113252

I just shot the first developed European country that came to mind to be mildly snarky over an anon implying you need to live in a literal shit hole to feel abysmal towards men-

Anyone is hurt whenever your loved ones enforce patriarchal bullshit on You? From my old therapists to my own sister they seem to make it their duty to nit pick my appearance knowing full well in my heart that had I been born with a junk I would have probably have been considered a remarkably well groomed young man. Especially if it's things like shaving and make up and feeling thorn in at least lasering my body hair to be left alone. How much is pressure and how much is me being pragmatic I'm not sure either ways i feel disappointed that the women I come across had to be made to feel ugly for something they can't fucking control and have to constantly remove.
I'm biased because I'm sexually attracted to women and get emotional around them easy but any person who only loves the barbiefied version of women can't claim to love women sincerely. Body hair on a beautiful woman doesn't take away from her attraction and it's not like a woman I consider not as attractive is suddenly going to turn into miss universe by becoming baby smooth down there.

Just a random rant that I thought yesterday as I was made to shave for some random family function.

Anonymous 113253

I legit had a therapist make my legs not being waxed to high heavens a personal moral failing; you can't make this shit up-

Anonymous 113256

What the fuck. Why can't moids separate even a professional job from their preferences. What even was his reasoning?

Anonymous 113257

"I have been harassed, betrayed, and dehumanized by all men in my life and it makes me distrust them for entirely logical reasons"
"I'm sorry you FEEL that way uwu"

Anonymous 113259

Nah worse it wasn't a moid, it was a fucking woman

Anonymous 113260

And her reasoning was like any other reasoning I've seen being said: " It's not proper! It's ugly! It's sloppy!" And rinse and repeat.

Anonymous 113261

I would've threatened to kms over that because fuck that

Anonymous 113267

I'm not your therapist, but that would cause them to be alarmed and probably wouldn't get any sort of positive result for you in a therapy situation, other than you receiving actual therapy for what you have just said, kek

Advisably just lodge a complaint higher up the chain if possible and move on without a scene. That's just my take though, maybe my life would be more entertaining if I did threaten to ksm once in a while for the craic joke

Anonymous 113269

samefag to say I've been in similiar situations for past career things, had to once shave my armpits in a closet with other women tutting at me, and making comments, but it was on the command of the male boss ofc kek. It was ridiculous. I could name several other things like this but you don't really process how bad it feels in that moment until later on in the evening. I'm not sure, even given an hour, I could find the words to express to those people how truly fucked up the situations felt. It's only the tip of the iceberg. It should be obvious, how do you find the words for the truth when everyone in a room is complacent in undermining it.

Anonymous 113270

If anyone finds it a relief I'm no longer seeing that therapist. But yeah while I wouldn't threaten suicide it did enrage me how this therapist questioned all my aesthetic choices like wanting short hair for the convenience ( I chopped all of my hair off after 2 years of no cutting do to the pandemic and I've never looked more felt better so fuck her)

Anonymous 113272

Yeah I don't blame you in the spot you just feel ashamed and even flabbergasted that you have to explain the simple concept of bodily autonomy to a bunch of simple minded normies

Anonymous 113276


I find the whole "society is to blame for the influx of horrible men hilarious for these reasons. Men have to be conditioned and fed endless bits of external validation and reward just to not be a horrible person. "Oh, it's honorable to be x and y." In societies where male desires have the most power and womens' independence is scorned (more systematically), you also often see stuff like child marriage/raped being normalized and guess what? Men are to blame for it. You can shit on societies for being awful but there's a point where literally it's just male desires being galvanized and enabled.

What they see as sexism against men is usually just a system of checks and balances meant to compensate for male degeneracy, or else society would suffer–and they love blaming women for not soothing men adequately.
I find it kind of iconic in the last thread we had a random "woman" basically insinuate women being separatist from men causes more school shooters, because they're so desperate to use women/sex to control men.

Anonymous 113277

If a man wants to be shit he'll just find an excuse for it with or without any women

Anonymous 113280

Wanted to show y'all this amazing poem that was made in the 1600s by a nun that was considered a national treasure with her literary output until being censored by a salty man in power:

You foolish men who lay
the guilt on women,
not seeing you're the cause
of the very thing you blame;

if you invite their disdain
with measureless desire
why wish they well behave
if you incite to ill.

You fight their stubbornness,
then, weightily,
you say it was their lightness
when it was your guile.

In all your crazy shows
you act just like a child
who plays the bogeyman
of which he's then afraid.

With foolish arrogance
you hope to find a Thais
in her you court, but a Lucretia
when you've possessed her.

What kind of mind is odder
than his who mists
a mirror and then complains
that it's not clear.

Their favour and disdain
you hold in equal state,
if they mistreat, you complain,
you mock if they treat you well.

No woman wins esteem of you:
the most modest is ungrateful
if she refuses to admit you;
yet if she does, she's loose.

You always are so foolish
your censure is unfair;
one you blame for cruelty
the other for being easy.

What must be her temper
who offends when she's
ungrateful and wearies
when compliant?

But with the anger and the grief
that your pleasure tells
good luck to her who doesn't love you
and you go on and complain.

Your lover's moans give wings
to women's liberty:
and having made them bad,
you want to find them good.

Who has embraced
the greater blame in passion?
She who, solicited, falls,
or he who, fallen, pleads?

Who is more to blame,
though either should do wrong?
She who sins for pay
or he who pays to sin?

Why be outraged at the guilt
that is of your own doing?
Have them as you make them
or make them what you will.

Leave off your wooing
and then, with greater cause,
you can blame the passion
of her who comes to court?

Patent is your arrogance
that fights with many weapons
since in promise and insistence
you join world, flesh and devil.

Anonymous 113281

thanks for posting this nona! her name is sor juana inés de la cruz, for anyone curious.

Anonymous 113284

Somehow this random Spanish nun is still more based then the average woman

Anonymous 113289

this. I really wish things would go more towards men learning how to be happy without porn/sex/etc.

you can't reason with people that find women having self-worth or standards morally wrong.

Anonymous 113291

Agree full heartily

Anonymous 113306


Holy crap, imagine a therapist saying this shit. "Hey, you are gross because you don't meet my expectations." To someone in a vulnerable state, wow.

Anonymous 113307


Timeless male abhorration. I imagine there are more examples of poetry lost in time, in some journal, waiting to be related to at literally any point in the human race.

Anonymous 113312

incredible how applicable it is.

"one you blame for cruelty
the other for being easy."
I notice some of the girls that get the most hate are the most eager to please or listen to what men want. Many are nice asf. It's like they can't understand "sluts" are often acting the way they wish women acted–they just can't handle the consequences of it.
it's a needed reminder that other women can be against us too.

Anonymous 113327

different anon but I've had a therapist who was a Christian and she told my parents that she couldn't help me because I told her I'm an atheist (she asked me first)
lmao some fucking therapists I swear

Anonymous 113335

I had a weird revelation that I'm actually not really attracted to men. I'm attracted to the mere disembodied idea of men. I find their voices and what they say probably the sole thing that is kind of irresistible to me. Their desires are like a muddy, cyanide-laced pool full of sickly voyeuristic eyes most of the time. Porn makes men so much more unattractive to me. And, yes, I know, it's unrealistic to ask for a man that abstains. A lot of men just lie about it too tbh.

Anonymous 113336

I really relate to this. Though there were a few men I really genuinely liked they were rare and they were FAR AWAY from the mainstream clichés you associate with guys and masculinity nowadays.

Anonymous 113337

They're all kind of like that when you actually get to know them. Its not obvious at first, which is why people say "not all men" but when you really get to know them to their core, they're all like this.

Honestly being single is so much more heavenly and I don't know why anyone would waste their life living with a man. Unless he was one of the supremely rare ones, but why would I wait around for that? Or feel down on myself that I can't find something thats already really rare?

Anonymous 113338

Well he won't get any porn in prison. I hope he kills himself in there. What a waste of space.

Anonymous 113341

>You foolish men who lay
This is Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz! basada
>was considered a national treasure with her literary output until being censored by a salty man in power
I didn't know about this, could you please tell more details?

Anonymous 113342

I laugh when they try likening soft romance novels to being "porn for women." Sure? But at least it's less soulless, less exploitative, and has more sensuality. Obviously still low-tier entertainment, but it isn't built for instant gratification, unlike porn.
Tbh I feel like one I liked a long time ago that was a bit like a masculine cliche I had never seen in reality: boisterous/fun, kind, and a leader. He ended up starting a charity. Volunteered all his free time away and spent massive amounts of time supporting others. A himbo? Idk.
He had a very derpy attitude regarding other dudes though–on par with my nice friend that blocks out negative information about men to unsafe extents. He once let a guy borrow 500$ and the guy avoided him afterwards. He just laughed it off. I knew him for 2 years. Never changed.

Anonymous 113343

What do you guys think of the idea that porn for women (whether you include romance novels or only pictures/drawings) is superior to porn for men? I agree btw. Because this
>less soulless, less exploitative, and has more sensuality
is usually true, in my experience.

Anonymous 113344

It's better because it focuses on building relationships and not pure sexual acts. Even the acts are less degrading that are solely featured in art and quick one shots. You can tell what was made by a woman and what was made by a man by what is depicted.

Anonymous 113345

this is the opposite of true. I have listened to lengthy interviews of male prison guards who say pornography is a fucking epidemic. Prison turns most men into hyperviolent gooners. They all have giant stacks of porn in their iron-bar coom hovels.

Anonymous 113346


Think it comes down to books having a way different visceral effect on the human mind than porn.
It's like getting a delicious, balanced dinner after a marathon v. taking one step, crumbling, and having the internet basically throw a dollar burger onto your cock to fuck.

Also tbh I'm sure porn also makes men more sensitive to feeling the need to "perform" without really paying attention to what gives their partner pleasure. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of men develop issues with their penis because they keep comparing it to to pornstar dick.

Anonymous 113347

>I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of men develop issues with their penis because they keep comparing it to to pornstar dick.

Oh they absolutely do. I was undercover on a moid discord server and they all talked about how porn ruins their perception of their dick/dick size. But of course their stupid scrotey takeaway was that porn was turning women into sizequeens and giving us unrealistic standards, the irony being completely lost on them.

Anonymous 113348

honestly men are the worst memes. Like, wow.

Anonymous 113352

I have more bones to pick with that shit head therapist but this is the one most relevant to the thread and an example of a woman being a pick me handmaiden for no Fucking reason. If I ever am in the position of being around a young girl I will never shame her for the mere physical act of growing body hair.

Anonymous 113362

Holy based

Anonymous 113382

18 Times Humanity …

I can't get over how many men appear to believe women have easy-mode because so many men are desperate for sex. Their inability to acknowledge that male attention is of no value in 99.99% of cases and that it's like mass-produced trash with no depth or quality; biological contagions. Getting access to a man has no value and oftentimes is a net negative. Any sex is often worse than none for women.

Also, most men are unattractive and it's weird how they cope otherwise and act like it's an issue of women having high standards. As a bi woman I'm attracted to way, way, way more women despite having a preference for men–because women take care of themselves more and are way more likely to have SOMETHING going on. Hell, a model woman has crushed on me + asked me out while the pickings of men all look like silly putty. Even a cool fashion/hair style does something for me but almost all men lack one.

The beauty of this is that even if you can't get a good, stable guy being alone is very viable. It's like men can't accept that massive amounts of men weren't meant to be picked–not necessarily just because they look bad but because they are only a physical and emotional burden that probably devalues most of what goes into a real partnership. Seeing them act like it's some moral failing on the part of women is so dumb and literally gives away that think any woman is a net positive for a loser to date…that isn't even true in all cases either.

Anonymous 113383

And yes I know there's a difference between incels and normal-ish men. It's just I see sentiments like this littered all over the place, with men acting like them fucking something is a compliment (despite devaluing women that fuck).

Anonymous 113401

>any person who only loves the barbiefied version of women can't claim to love women sincerely.
this, this, this.
notice how there are nearly no males whatsoever that actually are attracted to the natural female form!

Anonymous 113402

>Their favour and disdain
>you hold in equal state,
>if they mistreat, you complain,
>you mock if they treat you well.

>No woman wins esteem of you:

>the most modest is ungrateful
>if she refuses to admit you;
>yet if she does, she's loose.

>Who is more to blame,

>though either should do wrong?
>She who sins for pay
>or he who pays to sin?

kill shot lines. written in the 1600s… great, more proof.

Anonymous 113407


I have an actual incel for a brother and unironically he has dropped most incel talking points. It's unbelievable seeing the way his brain operates.

>chokes kid (yes I called the cops and got evidence of it, the rest of my family are fucked up enablers)

>days later bitches about women not liking nice guys like him

Anonymous 113409

That's not really what I was touching on? Like, I was talking about the dumb hypocrisy involved.

>body count

But in statistics men usually have a bit more (the gap significantly closes after factoring out the most promiscuous people tho).

Anonymous 113411

why do men think you not wanting them means you want them to die? weird behavior.

Anonymous 113412

There shouldn't be so much men existing in the first place. You only need this much men to be able to impregnate multiple women. When The entire population is 50-50 or even ~51-49 due to female infanticide of course women will get even pickier, but that's not acounting for countries/places where women don't really have a choice to pick something, this includes legally/culturally and when all your options are just shit

Anonymous 113413

They don't just turn into those kinds of animals, they always had the potential to get worse, some things just allow that to happen faster

Anonymous 113426

>Women and children together came to 8,000 and were quickly divided up among us, bringing a smile to Muslim faces at their lamentations. How many well-guarded women were profaned, how many queens were ruled, and nubile girls married, and noble women given away, and miserly women forced to yield themselves, and women who had been kept hidden stripped of their modesty, and serious women made ridiculous, and women kept in private now set in public, and free women occupied, and precious ones used for hard work, and pretty things put to the test, and virgins dishonoured and proud women deflowered, and lovely women’s red lips kissed, and dark women prostrated, and untamed ones tamed, and happy ones made to weep! How many noblemen took them as concubines! How many ardent men blazed for one of them, and celibates were satisfied by them, and thirsty men sated by them, and turbulent men able to give vent to their passion! How many lovely women were the exclusive property of one man! How many great ladies were sold at low prices, and close ones set at a distance, and lofty ones abased, and savage ones captured, and those accustomed to thrones dragged down!
This is what saracen scrotes did to women 900 years ago.
This is what even western scrotes would do to women today, if they could.
They never change.

Anonymous 113427

think about it. in human reproduction what is the ultimate end?
>for scrotes: ejaculation
>for women: creating and birthing a new life
the ultimate thing that comes out of a male is semen in reproducing. in women, that ultimate thing is a child.

the pinnacle of passing their genes on is coming. there is no further input from the male that is required. in fact, one can harvest viable semen from a male corpse and use it in a successful pregnancy. try anything like that with a female corpse - can't work.

in part I think this is why they are so fixated on sex besides testosterone working on them. they cannot stand women disapproving of them, I think it gives them existential fear.
>scrote: the lower life forms don't approve of me, what will Chad think of my prowess?!
>scrote: the females won't accept me and my semen - I can't be a part of the vast group of males not good enough to be chosen or have a family!

Anonymous 113434

Anonymous 113436

Fucked up to think that this was every siege in history, every raid, every march of an army from one place to another, anywhere groups of men, especially armed, would go, women and children would be raped and oftentimes murdered. I remember reading about how gangrape, like 'running a train' on a woman, would be a bonding exercise for soldiers, like hazing at a fraternity it would make them 'one of us', complicit in their horrifying crimes they would be a true soldier. Scrote biology hasn't changed at all, this is still who they are, only the thinnest of veils of 'civilization' conceals it.

Anonymous 113437

It’s so nice to see people acknowledging this, I feel like it rarely gets discussed. It’s such a mindfuck to me, tbh. I keep myself healthy and clean, but the fact that I get pretty hairy (good old pakistani genetics) means that I’m pretty much repulsive to all men. The first time a boy asked me “ew, why are your arms so hairy?” I was in elementary school. I felt like I was hiding a dark secret. So much misery and shame over something as inconsequential and natural as HAIR!

Anonymous 113447

how do you think men cope with being objectively useless and terrible? I guess they don't, considering the suicide and transition rates

Anonymous 113448


ok this is going to sound bad but…confession. one of the only reasons why I don't vote for a certain political group in my country is that it's extremely anti-abortion; get raped? Good luck with that!

it's bizarre seeing so many misogynistic men that really do devalue mothers/childcare or think single mothers are bitches that deserve to be lynched obsessively act like they suddenly care about children too.

Anonymous 113449

ngl, it's super demoralizing, especially after you see how porn affects mens' brains. imagine instead of being rehabilitated, massive amounts of men leave prison with porn addictions.

Anonymous 113451

god i relate to you. i started growing hair on my arms at the age of 10 and was often called a monkey/gorilla by boys because of it in grade school. i wore nothing but long sleeves through high school, even on the hottest of days.
just as i began to feel less anxious about it, my first boyfriend in college told me he was embarrassed to be seen with me when i hadn't shaved my arms once.
it makes me feel so unwomanly, disgusting, and shameful when it's just hair. i've grown more comfortable over the years, but there are times i'm still obsessive over how hairy i can be just because of how moids are so fucking WEIRD with their standards of beauty

Anonymous 113453

Word. Their primitive tendencies to hurt us haven’t certainly gone anywhere. They’re just waiting to resurface the moment SHTF. We’re always the first to suffer in such situations. And it’s not even some distant apocalyptic scenario: it’s very much present and alive, every night in urban areas.

Anonymous 113454

How can heterosexual men and heterosexual women have on average, different numbers of opposite sex lifetime partners? If a man would have sex, his count increases by 1 and likewise the woman's count increases by 1. If a women has sex with a man likewise, both their lifetime partner counts increase by 1. Who would even write a survey for this? Do sociologists have no brain?

Anonymous 113455

I think what was being gotten across is that the most promiscuous people are skewing the data a lot?

Anonymous 113458

Ugh I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with this insane bullshit too. That bit about feeling unwomanly-I literally thought I had been born a boy and butchered at birth, that’s how disgusted I felt when I looked at my hairy legs or arms or back. Now I obviously know that’s stupid and there’s nothing masculine about having hair, but society inundates us with images of perfectly smooth hairless women. Fuck your scummy boyfriend who dared to make you feel bad about the body you were born in; I had it too, where a boyfriend asked me why my upper thighs were bumpy, “no way girls grow hair there, don’t tell me you shaved them.” At the age of 23 I’m finally learning that men are disgusting and I should not care at all what they think, please remind yourself of that too

Anonymous 113465

I'm sorry to tell you this but there might be no way out of inceldom for your brother. At least, I never see "reformed" incels (other than some MtFs who transition just to get laid lmao). Even if an incel eventually gets a gf and sex, he will still think like an incel and go back to his old ways when their relationship is over.

Anonymous 113469

Because of their nature. They think you’re rejecting them from the gene pool and reminding them of their own disposability, which turns them insane and bitter.

Anonymous 113472

My arms are sort of in the hairy but I was luckily never picked on it. Just legs and pits and sometimes crotch.
I had a classmate with really hairy arms and I view it pretty neutrally? The thing it stood out was the growth pattern and how dark it was but I never felt grossed out by it so the weird A-loginess around body hair never failed to befundle me AND the therapist giving me shit for it just hurted me

Anonymous 113485

anons…I don't think I'll ever get over how deeply men hate women past a certain age. men really aren't attracted to real women.

They're drawn to an extremely fleeting, eternally depreciating femininity that you either have to be blessed with via amazing genes or ruthlessly maintain…either ways though it runs out eventually. and yes imo it's way more shallow than caring about a man's actions/abilities. it's even a tiny bit more shallow than caring about height which at least stays forever (even if it's still pretty shallow).

it's pretty normal for a guy to just see a middle-aged woman as subhuman; even if he doesn't say so, he acts as if it's so. men only stay with old women out of familial obligation or convenience usually, not love. imagine dating someone whose love linearly grows colder the older you get.

it's depressing, but whatever.

Anonymous 113487

gave up hope a loooong time ago. the way his mind works is so intrinsically twisted that even 10 years of rehabilitation wouldn't fix him. I can't even speak a word to him now. do I feel bad about dehumanizing him so much? kind of. why? because I sometimes think people like that become worse when people think the worse of them.

Anonymous 113503

I'm sorry anon I hope you get over the mental block to have your best life without some dumbass scrote getting in the way.

Anonymous 113505

the issue is no matter what she does or what we do we are stuck on the planet with all of these life forms.

Anonymous 113511

just saw a group of pro-life men go crazy over the idea that if men got pregnant, they'd abort more than women. They were so hellbent on proving women were the only ones capable of it (one acted like there'd be the exact name number of abortions, go figures).

Anonymous 113519

I'm aware but I'm a spiteful bitch so I rather not have the thought dragging me down.

Anonymous 113528

why can't men accept most of them are literally just unattractive and will never have a woman want to throw herself on him?

Anonymous 113535

here's a reading / translation that keeps a better rhyming scheme.

Anonymous 113540


>men: complain about women criticizing men
>also men: admit to being literally what women criticize them for
>somehow still men: mental gymnastics their way into implying this means women should dedicate themselves to eternal servitude when in reality the logical option, if a woman listened to such a man, is separatism
>leading to hundreds of millions of less women being available to function as married cock sleeves, which in turn just makes much more men kill themselves

Anonymous 113541

and to clarify I don't know if some men really commit suicide bc no pussy/gf, that's mostly hyperbole. I assume they were societal rejects incapable of connecting to even other men on deep, emotional levels to begin with.

Anonymous 113542


women also hard understand

Anonymous 113543


shh, it'll be ok, Mr. Caveman, I love you long time.

Anonymous 113556


Male gets trolled and angry over Lisa Simpson's thanksgiving centerpiece

Anonymous 113557


>dislike men
>be called a Pickme bc of the way I look despite not wearing makeup or cute clothes

Anonymous 113559

you’re obvs leaving something out.

Anonymous 113560

it was a picture of myself someone uploaded to something like facebook and I looked at it and the person was like "wow, that girl in the coat looks like a Pickme" or something. happened earlier this week but still quite weirded out because there's really no context.

looking that way is an insult tbh.

Anonymous 113561

Do you have long hair? If you have long hair you'll still be seen as feminine, and some may interpret that as you being a pickme. Or you have feminine/childish features which also may lead to that conclusion. Not that it's your fault, after that term got leaked into mainstream people started using it for any dumb reason without caring what it really means

Anonymous 113562


also yes I've seen it happen before for other girls, like "have you gotten picked" and stuff like that on the internet even if the only context is a picture.

Anonymous 113563

>girl who's not super feminine (which obviously means she spends a lot of time with men)? She must be a pickme!!
So fucking tired of this shit

Anonymous 113569

actually I've seen it in many cases at this point.
super feminine/cute girl? pickme
tomboyish cool looking but still not manly girl? pickme
modest more classic looking girl? pickme

it's interesting.

Anonymous 113571

men are the real sluts tbh.

Anonymous 113578

maaaaaybe keep it to the pretend-to-be-a-moid thread.

Anonymous 113580

oh, I'm the OP of that thread. I'm bi. I have a preference for men but find way more women attractive on a visceral basis. I prefer getting to know someone first and I might like them later, but there's just way more blatantly interesting looking women and there's way more - if I magically thought having casual sex was ok - I find attractive.

It's objectively true that women put in more effort into their looks on average and it's interesting seeing the denial of it.

Anonymous 113584

He literally can't even compute that it's possible to grow attracted to someone for reasons other than looking hot and that this has more meaning than literally wanting to fuck any woman at first glance. There's so many connections just not being made.
There's statistically more male narcissists+overconfidence among men.

Anonymous 113585

Anonymous 113640

I mean, while it is sexist and racist, it's really not 90% of what they say about women there tbh. If it was more accurate most of them would be "damaged roastie" or different versions of insane feminist and 10x more hateful.

Anonymous 113641

I think the fact that 3 of the "women" on the list are men, and 2 of them are inanimate objects should show this image is just supposed to be a joke, or a game. You reply to the image, and the last two digits of your post determine which girl/boy/object you get.

Anonymous 113643

meant, not met.
yeah it's still parody but absolutely still fucked up.
confession tho, I at least found it funny-ish.

Anonymous 113644

These things are a dime a dozen but really sucks they’re just a caricature of what they think women are like, at least the women they see and talk about who exist on the internet

Anonymous 113645


>point out double standard/hypocrisy that is very common among a group of men in sterile way; actually wanted feedback
>get dogpiled by men verbally abusing me
>tfw literally clarified beforehand I only meant a certain portion yet these men literally assume I am a psycho that was meaning all men and that I'm a retard?????
>repeatedly say 100x worse things about women as a group
>every single person actually on my side and pointing out that the double standard was common was called a fugly landwhale roastie
>ironically most of what they said about me was actually factually untrue but they acted like these lies they made up devalued my opinion/words completely and they were extremely gleeful about it

>literally not one man acknowledged 90% of what was in my actual point was. I even say "dudes, I meant…I don't mean to say you're all like that…" actually politely and it got tumbleweeds

tbh I feel like I am a dumbass because once in a rare while I want to really just pick apart a guy's mind and stuff like this usually happens. Makes me wonder about the future of gender relations/discourse. Yes, it was just the internet but sometimes I feel like this insane vitriol is just gonna get worse and spread more.

>>113528 is already read by men weird guys as meaning "you think most men should die and are unworthy of love!!" yet I regularly see infinitely worse things from them like "kill yourself if you're over 25". it's like how each time they see a woman say "I like tall guys" they think it's literal abuse and evil. it's nuts.

I can't tell if it's just the masses of mentally ill men on the internet or literally that men have extremely bad reading comprehension.

Anonymous 113646

like I said it's still way more nice than what they actually say about women there usually….even though the implications of that are extremely fucked up.

Anonymous 113663


those doofuses will roll for anything. usually they'll roll for gfs/waifus like that image, but sometimes they'll roll for what way they should jerk off, if they should eat their own cum, what their situation would be in an apocalypse scenario, their setup in a video game like picrel. sometimes the rolls are actually fun, like the scenario/fantasy world ones, but most of them are coomer shit

Anonymous 113674

I know it's totally not the point of this thread but let me roll because I'm thinking of starting another Skyrim playthrough.

Anonymous 113683

Anonymous 113685

admittedly I'm a broken record and I end up just making some high-speed/agility magic (conjuring, enchantment, and alteration) dabbling sneaky warrior with no shield and nothing ever stops me.

Anonymous 113697

why is it that men seem incapable of registering they can be "slutty"? like, literally a lot of the reasons they slate it's bad for women is applicable to men too.

it's really insane to watch sometime, like, a man can sleep with 100 women he thinks is a slut, refusing to use a condom, and get a STD or some get pregnant, then blame them for it.

Anonymous 113703

First tomboys, now autism. What completely non sexual thing are e-moids going to fetishize next?
Madonna whore complex. Men want pure virgins because they're raised to think that women that aren't 100% pure are baphomet himself.

Anonymous 113704

I swear men are all mentally fucking ill and everything they do is project

Anonymous 113705

seeing men react now to women openly disliking men who sleep around is so funny, they get so confused and frustrated

Anonymous 113707


it's kind of interesting with those types, like…men actually victimize other men way more than women do men. they literally seem incapable of understanding that men do other men dirty all the time?

makes me wonder how men raped by other men are treated in such communities.

Anonymous 113708

omg and now it's even a thing apparently that some lie and say they don't use porn to basic questions "do you watch porn"?
imagine how much disdain they must have for a woman to lie about such a thing to lead someone not compatible with them on.

Anonymous 113710


Anonymous 113727

it's weird how much the art style looks like a woman's (specifically a woman who spent too much time in the eddsworld fandom). i kind of like it for how silly it is

Anonymous 113730

lol samefagging because i read the rest of the image and she puts herself on the bottom row. it's very nlog-y obviously but it's sweet

Anonymous 113750

I think you misunderstand how men think of other men. "Niceness" and such positive qualities are not taken into account when evaluating each other. They care about power and hierarchy instead. Like, even sexists who think men are superior, don't think its because they are kinder and empathetic, they think so because men are more powerful. They see other men who are strangers as potential threats and aggressors. And they think that's normal.
Why do you think toxic masculinity is a thing? Men, deep down, truly believe that might makes right, and the weak and bullied in some way deserve it, even if it's themselves who are abused.
Moids accuse women of being social brained and conformist, but they are blind to their own strict subconscious adherence to the male dominance hierarchy.

Anonymous 113759

>rants about male hierarchy
>does a 180 and completely invalidates rant and calls anon a "beta cuck"
You are not the same anon as >>113727, right? Because that is laughable. You gotta get your narrative straight

Anonymous 113760

I'm assuming you're a girl, but those are different anons?

Anonymous 113761

And I don't know if they are different that is what I'm asking

Anonymous 113763

I'm just making a zoological observation, I'm indifferent to intra-male social issues, can't relate.
Regarding toxic masculinity, I'm all for dismantling the part that negatively affects women. Other than that, they can start enslaving each other for all I care.

Also, I see no contradiction. I insult them with their own terms because it is more effective, and highlights the fact that buyi g I to the hierarch makes them vulnerable. The only way to not be insulted from being called a beta is to agree that toxic masculinity is bad.

Anonymous 113764

For example, insulting a neo-nazi white supremacist by questioning their "racial purity", calling them a 56% mutt, etc., gets under their skin and they might just start questioning whether basing their self worth and identity on something so stupid is a good idea.
A taste of their own medicine, if you will.

Anonymous 113765

Idk, there's a few of us here.
Assuming that's the same one…idk, like…she was trying to really put down someone that is a extreme, violating creep that is technically a "beta cuck" to the standards set by the "patriarchy." So she basically just used her dissection as a weapon.
She would be a hypocrite if she was speaking from a place of compassion: "oooh, I care about the men in this system." But she's not. And she doesn't mind turning around and using it against men.

Anonymous 113766

I see. I think how males govern their social hierarchies is based and don't see a problem with it. But not meant for females. Men are men and women are women, different creatures. It just works

Anonymous 113767

Sure, they should stop bitching about the very system they perpetuate, though. They bought into the hierarchy thing, and ended up at the bottom of it. Not women's fault.

It's like how libertarians support capitalist hierarchy despite being poor, because they dream of one day becoming rich. They don't want the bullying to stop, they just want to be the one bullying.

Anonymous 113770

I don't know if I would say they "bought into it", it is more like it is apart of what they are. So when they find themselves at the bottom of it they complain, and sure, everyone wants to complain when they get the short end of the stick, but such is life. Sucks. They just have to come to terms with it or do what ever they can do about it instead of getting bitter, like the men at the top behave and not just lament

Anonymous 113778

I cannot stand this.

I grew up as a tomboy that was so tom sometimes people thought I was a boy. I was sporty. guess what?
the little boys called me "he-she" and "it." I got bullied by older boys and, in general, people looked down on me.

now they want to pretend they ever liked tomboys. it's just a new(er) fun way for them to attempt to vandalize a female.
>I'll take a tomboy and have her gain weight and bear my children then watch as her body never snaps back!

Anonymous 113779

instead the question should be:
>"what kind of porn(ography) do you watch?"
it prompts an answer more.

once you see it you realize they project, project, project. they're out of control about it, like a wildfire.

Anonymous 113783



Anonymous 113784

giphy (1).gif

>small "contradiction" devalidates entire criticism and makes you a massive hypocrite
ngl, I feel like this type of thing is pasted all over gender discourse/reactions to feminism and men tend to obsessively ignore all complexities involved.

I saw one going on and on about how He-Man is proof feminists are retarded hypocrites because it shows men are "objectified" too or something (no it wasn't parody)…say anything about men or womens' experiences and literally they refuse to at all mull it over. So many seem to just want to delete any validation/justification women have for the negative experiences they go through and I think it's really all over the place.
It's insane because I never attested that men don't go through things? It's just experiences between the genders are very different.

Maybe girls are onto something when they resort to actual hyperbole because that's the only thing that ever seems to stick.

Anonymous 113785

liberal feminism is a joke because it's all overcompensation. so many girls seem incapable of at all realizing the mental and physical burden of sex and the lack of payoff.
really boils down to an excuse to appease a male then pretend the validation from it is empowerment.

Anonymous 113787

sex is overrated. it doesn't feel like anything down there when he sticks it in. i dont understand how women can have mindblowing orgasms screaming their heads off when the clitoris is where all the nerve endings are, not the internal vaginal walls. makes you think that women are doing a performance to appease their man and make him feel like a sex god and boost his ego. vibrators > dicks

Anonymous 113788

Some people can cum from penetration though

Anonymous 113789


>when the clitoris is where all the nerve endings are, not the internal vaginal walls

this is how

Anonymous 113790

it's an infamous thing were heterosexual women are significantly less like to cum in sex, while heavy porn users are usually much worse at it. very few women cum from penetration and often lie about it too (because sometimes telling the truth fucks men up). women experience way more risks than men, too, risks men don't give a shit about tbh.

speaking as someone who has cum from penetration……..with toys. it feels amazing if I'm super aroused, but feels like nothing and uncomfortable 99.9% of the time. I can't imagine a real guy staying hard long enough unless he's a sex god.

Anonymous 113791

I dono if I would say lasting long makes you a sex god. Some guys just beat off so much and so hard that a vagina just isn't as tight as their hand and then they can't cum from sex snd have to finish themselves by jacking off its super awkward.

Anonymous 113792

unfortunately my standards for sex god are sub-zero based off what I've heard from other women.

Anonymous 113794


It's moidbrain all the way down

Anonymous 113795

This doesn't seem like fap material to me and the Sonic fanart is signed "Jenny".
Making fun of autists seems very mean spirited but maybe that's just me.

Anonymous 113796


Anonymous 113798

I am autistic

Anonymous 113803

Pretty shit take.


As far as I can tell it's that early icons of Animism based worship are just early human porn inspired by cavemoid coomers? As if the fact an autist nowadays jerks his dick to Sonic means the Ancient Egyptians were furries too.

Anonymous 113807

I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm saying it's retarded and a shit take. Especially given that only the most autistic of males are even into the shit you fucking posted, probably the first type of guys to get fucking killed back in the day. It's a 100% shit fucking take given from sheltered post-modern worldview of how easy being alive and making shit like that is. Fuck off.

Anonymous 113810

>Genpop males have been jerking off to religious icons since recorded history, publicly even. Do you expect me to think that it's impossible that the scrotes who made these misogynistic religions weren't jerking off to the gods they invented?
Some retarded scrote is jerking off to the statue != the statues were made to be jerked off too

>Also apparently these dregs were not killed off because their offspring are thriving.

Not from anyone who survived long enough to make idols to worship. Your concept is flawed any, shaministc religious traditions are started by schizos, not autists. Cave autists at best would be figuring out how to make fire not starting fucking fertility cuilts.
>At least 80% of males are pure shit and their shit genes came from somewhere.
All manner of dregs are surviving, that's what modern healthcare is all about. They weren't killed off entirely, just the point they'd effectively never reach any point of actual meaning should they even manage to stay alive. This is more a complaint about modern dysgenics in the healthcare system than anything else really.

Anonymous 113816

The concept of eugenics is a bit silly. If something reproduces successfully then it is viable evolutionarily. How it makes people feel is largely irrelevant.

Anonymous 113817


this conversation is unironically metal as fuck

Anonymous 113818

I guess we agree to disagree then because if you think that anything is less dysgenic than modern healthcare you're operating at such a low level of awareness I can't even have a meaningful conversation with you. Would explain your obsession with autistic pervert obsessions though.

>The concept of eugenics is a bit silly.
In that "it would work" sense or that "it would be immoral" sense? Because you need only look at dogs (or literally anything humanity has cultivated for domestic use) and you'll get your answer as far as whether or not eugenics works.

>How it makes people feel is largely irrelevant.

In regards to eugenics or in regards to things that aren't good at surviving (without human intervention) being dysgenic.

I will concede the in the longest of sense concerning the problem that yes all dysgenic things would face a swift collapse as soon as the materials propping them up (current healthcare system) were gone, yes, they would stop existing and thus prove their lack of viability, but, tehchnically, in the sort term it is viable to be a zika water-brain retard babyies because society can currently support useless zika water-brain retards babies.

Anonymous 113819

Eugenics will work in producing outcomes people want yes. You could selectively breed humans to be taller have blonde hair or whatever else. The problem is what people want is not always going to coincide with what is best for survival. With overpopulation for example, we might need people to become smaller and suddenly midgets are best. But oh no we got rid of them all, because people wanted their kids to be 6'6 ubermensch. Bit of a silly example I know, but the point is just that evolution is always happening. So just let it happen, we do not need to guide it.

Anonymous 113825

>Thousands of years of failed males holding half of the population captive to uplift their inferior genes needs to be addressed

That's my main dispute with what you are saying. Evolutionarily speaking the fact that they reproduced is the threshold for success. You calling them inferior is just you ascribing your personal values for what you want in a man onto evolution. Nevermind the fact that the same proportion of women would necessarily have the same ancestors as these inferior males and would therefore give birth to inferior males as well.

>Basically, allowing for women to be hypergamous again and bottleneck the XYs. We are already seeing the process beginning in westernized countries. The proportion of left behind men/incels will only increase as women are free to reject them.

So your suggestion is to have the top percentage of men impregnate all of the women? If this is your suggestion its not what is currently happening. The actual data shows that people in general are having less and less children or going childless. Not that there are only a larger percentage of men not reproducing. Men who get with multiple women sexually actively try not to impregnate them most of the time. The closest thing to what you are suggesting would be the sperm donation process, which is an avenue through which successful men are having a disproportionate genetic impact.

Anonymous 113826

The rise of settled societies and the conceptualization of private property actually led to less men passing their genes down, so the opposite of what you suggest. I don't know what you're smoking if you think that property = more equal distribution. Before property, in general most research seems to suggest that men limiting women's access to other men (intrasexual competition) is the reason why men pass down their genes at a lesser rate, rather than "women's pickiness".

Anonymous 113827

I've been reading some commentaries on Descartes' philosophy, and apparently one of his beliefs was that animals can't feel pain, or rather, consciously process the pain as "suffering", because they don't have souls. They exhibit external signs of experiencing pain, but that's just an evolutionary advantageous bio-mechanical reaction that has no conscious experience behind it.

I thought about it, and realized that this could easily apply to moids. Moids can't feel pain. And aren't really human, because they have impaired emotional cognitive abilities, such as not having empathy, having a small emotional "palette" (the only thing they feel is anger, hornyness, and indignation). These experiences are essential for fully conceptualizing suffering, and understanding it.

So next time you see a scrote acting upset, or exhibiting """emotions""", just know that they are merely mimicking the outward characteristics of emotions, but on the inside, they are empty.

The only thing I disagree with is that we shouldn't deliberately cause harm to regular animals, as they are either harmless, or just following their nature without ill intentions. Moids, on the other hand, are intelligent enough to cause deliberate harm in an organized and global manner.

Anonymous 113831

I hate seeing young girls; literal babies at that acting like there femcels for being kissless virgins as if it was so uncommon for their age or if the approval of some moid would fix them.
It's one thing to complain about how society treats unconventional looking women it's another to wallow in it or make it about a ducking actors.
watching a few people on the Femcel thread complain about being so ugly they don't get harassed by coomers made me want to A-Log at the pissbabies

Anonymous 113832

*fucking moids ( Idk what happened to my auto)

Anonymous 113834

Am a troon for being mad at young girls demeaning themselves now?

Anonymous 113835

I actually believe animals have more of "a soul" then scrotes. Very few animals are as actively malicious as them

Anonymous 113836

That's true. If you look at any mammal in the eyes, you can glean that there's something behind them. Like, you can read their emotions.
Not so with scrotes. It's like looking a lizard in the eyes. They don't have the mammalian social brains and are all secretly sociopaths.

The ancient Greeks thought that human reproduction was logically impossible, because how can a female give birth to a male, when they are diametrically opposed entities? So their idea was that women merely incubate the sperm, essentially cloning themselves. And women were just "undeveloped" men who didn't come out right.

Maybe part of it true. What if moids are actually skinwalking alien lizard people who infiltrated and enslaved the human race (women)? And they reproduce by injecting their vile parasitic larva into the poor victims, like wasps do.
You have to admit it makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous 113837

In sci-fi may be; I still think there probably a mutation from our gene that managed to reproduce because it's adequate, not fantastic. Nature can function on good enough or thought that we'd be able to breed with the best rather then just the shitheads

Anonymous 113839

Lmao anon this is the best tinfoil ITT

Anonymous 113841

deep sigh so there is this internet friend guy whom I talked to for about a year, and we were like pals but he was making inappropriate compliments even tho I told him I hated being called cute, and at some point it just detonated my ass and I blocked him on the messenger, right

Well he remembered he had my contact on another messenger and sent me texts about being sorry and wishing that I find happiness so on and so forth, I ignored them lol

and now he shot me another message saying happy birthday even tho it's not the day yet

why do men have to be like this

Anonymous 113842

I'm sorry you had a moid like that but I commend you for cutting contact with him.

Anonymous 113850

What makes you think the female mate selection has anything to do with fitness? In the modern world some scwarny nerd with aspergers, IQ of 140 and an engineering degree is more useful than a traditionally attractive male.

Gene editing is going to happen and this caveman-style mate selection is no longer going to be a thing. Of course you should be happy about this, because most human conflict is really just sexual conflict. Not breeding with "inferior" won't help because incels will (as they always have in the past) tear down the society once the sexual disparity gets bad enough.

Anonymous 113865


to be fair, if a secure guy has a lot of traits that make him easily able to adapt to society, chances are there's some genetic link to it, which is fitness. insecure, weak men that can't adapt often just have worse genes.

>gene editing

it'd just create difference divisions in society, at least for a very long time until the tech falls out of corporations' hands and becomes open-source to the masses.

now, I will give you this: chances are some sort of mini lobotomy pill will probably be created that will basically kill inceldom from the mind out anyway. or maybe communism wins out and we get a weird dys-utopia where everyone is the same, and looks no longer matter because it's been stamped out of our genome and we become featureless amorphous prehensile creatures. idk. some sort of weird shit. depends on how much human nature itself can be altered.

>not breeding will incels won't help

nor will breeding with them, lol. they literally spam all day why women sleeping with an "incel" tier man isn't real.

Anonymous 113867

total simp, ignore and move on

Anonymous 113876

I find this disturbing but true, women are in denial of men seeing them like an object to consume tbh.

"What? If I am offered a burger, I eat it." "Pizza is pizza. It's still pizza even if it's bad."

When I've pointed this out I've seen men 1. agree with me and say that's pretty much it
and 2. outraged, angry men reeing about being exceptions to the rule and seeing their many female friends as sisters.

Anonymous 113877

I don't think that's simp behavior per se. I've seen a lot of men just arbitrarily become fixated on a woman as soon as he loses access to her and it rarely has to do with simping as even if he regains access, he'd default to the prior behavior that made him lose access to begin with.

Anonymous 113879


>weird men: obsessed with firsts/virginity
>also men: usually doesn't give a shit about his child's first birthday part and the many other wonderful firsts in a relationship not related to sex/feeling complete ownership over someone, of which there are 100s, even ones with people that have had a prior partner
>still acts like it's about special experiences when it really is about ownership/feeling special

Anonymous 113880

in other words, why misogynists/redpillers brag about how little shits they give for a woman's actions, character, etc., outside of subservience and chastity, acting like the only means of a woman having value to them is being a blank slate to write upon.

Anonymous 113881

weird male topic for today since the topic of incels came up:

what do you think they'd think about girl, a goddess of altruism, that actually behaved like a charity drive for incels to have sex with? would it change if she was stacy? my guess is that they'd just be bitter about it, but most would partake.

Anonymous 113882

What incels really hate is to be at the bottom of the male status heriarchy. They want society to value them, no just a hot woman giving sex.
They are just hungry of power, since they hold none, while other man "swim in pussy" and woman "can get as much sex as they want".

Anonymous 113887

this, so much.

it comes down to them wanting and desiring something out of women that women can't actually give them, especially not forever.

Anonymous 113895

the male partners she's been with are terrible (they're all terrible but some are worse than others) and/or PIV is not for her/her body. some do not care for PIV, some do.
for me, it feels good. doesn't make me come, but it is distinctly pleasurable.

what I notice in her post here is there is no evaluation on the ones she is with; they sound awful, like they're just jackhammering into her. and she doesn't even stop to think what if the problem lies outside of herself…

Anonymous 113896

perhaps related but how men seem to think nearly all women's crying is an act… I have heard that FTMs have a difficult time crying once they take hormones but for men to assume women's bodies operate the same and so that means all tears are some kind of trick…

what does that say about when men are sad, upset, crying?

Anonymous 113897

well, they would call her a whore/slut/toilet. and not even be grateful for her.

Anonymous 113898

idk, it doesn't change the fact that your male partners don't give a shit about making you cum. feel free to @ me if they, after cumming, make sure they get off each time.
how are her male partners worse than yours? because they tried. hard and seemed apologetic.
and it's pretty normal for women to not feel that much.

also, what you responded to, the screencap…it showcases no particularly extreme assholery. men acting like that is extremely common.

>outside of herself


Anonymous 113901


All males need power, some just get it more easily, incels are no different obviously. It's always power and to be seen a strong but they won't admit that and continue with their "hurr durr women don't understand men but we sure do know everything about women and every reasons for all of their thoughts and actions"

Anonymous 113902

It depends on how you view it. It's only irrelevant if you think it's irrelevant. Evolution doesn't have "goals" to pursue or a mind of it's own, so humans can kinda get ahold of it. Eugenics don't have to be about who can successfully reproduce, but rather who is more useful for humanity as a whole.

Anonymous 113903


And then they claim women don't understand how men's minds work. An average radfem knows how male mind operates more than an incel who obsesses over this shit constantly but still can't even get close. It's because they miss the 1st step to understanding women, is to see them as people

Anonymous 113904

Women who call everyone pickme prob have internalized misogyny, so they think no matter what a girl does she does it to for men/attention

Anonymous 113909

Key word being "some"

Anonymous 113911

Block him before he gets actually salty and decides to send you his dick and get the satisfaction of 'revenge'

Anonymous 113912

Well yes, they can't. It's a one sided friendship, where you see the guy as a friend and he sees you as a potential girlfriend.

Anonymous 113921

z (2).jpg

I'm tired when men use the argument that they build the civilisation, that they invented everything, that there were more men leaders that women, while they completely ignore the fact that up to 1890 something years women didn't have human rights in almost 90% in the whole world. They ignore the fact women were forced to stay at home, could not own a house or have their own bank account, were treated as living incubators and they weren't recognised as human beings. Weren't allowed to vote, to cantidate for leaders, the female education was denied for a long time, and then men say - oh well we're just simply better!
If you builded the civilisation you must know it's history and when you use such stupid arguments it shows that you know nothing on the matter.

(Sorry if there a mistakes, english is not my native launguage.)

Anonymous 113923

I'm in a middle ground as I only use the term for actual dick panderers or apologists but I also know they come in every flavor or size

Anonymous 113925

Ultimately facing a man you want to get forces you to become a pickme, doing stuff to entice and trap him.

Anonymous 113960

I like girls so I feel that's not an immediate concern to me. Also I came to know a lesbian who's GF kept making excuses for her creepy moid friend who clearly creeped on her so even " Pick mes" can come in lesbian flavoring.

Anonymous 113971

The use of the word falls apart if you start applying it to women who aren't interested in men sexually. It defeats the entire point of the label rendering it meaningless.

Anonymous 113991

They like to talk big shit about knowing things like that and being smart but I guarantee you the average moid has little to no knowledge on actual history besides surface level bullshit and even that's scarce kek.

Anonymous 114024


Can they cry any harder? "Not liking men is sexist as fuck"

Anonymous 114039

None the less idk what else to call this woman's GF. But yeah in general most women who are into women don't tend to be " pickmes" or overly apologetic towards men

Anonymous 114046

this is why I don't care when men claim they are lonely or don't get emotional support, so many are extremely depraved and it feels like "MRAs" and other such men refuse to acknowledge it.
it's straight up dumb to be friends with most guys.

srsly. imagine getting to know a lukewarm sardine with no friends, emotionally supporting him, giving him morale, etc. and then imagine him getting salty about you having a life outside of him. and then ultimately feeling way worse about himself and bitter?? so the point in humanizing him is wasted, because he was incapable of humanizing her enough to only care about the friendship.

there are so many stories of guys whose lives are a wasteland that parasitically attach to a girl that has a much fuller life than them.
oh, bonus points if he thinks she's actually in his league.

Anonymous 114048

yes, that's why regular guys say 100000s of jokes about how much they don't actually like women, often much more brutal than "I don't like women."

Anonymous 114103

we're essentially agreeing with each other.

>outside of herself

meaning, the problem lies outside of herself - the men that collectively care so little about the pleasure and safety of their female partners.

Anonymous 114109

is it me, or insecure men are usually worse than secure ones?

Anonymous 114113

the guy who tried to rape me (and then turned it around to pretend like i was the one who wanted to fuck and he rejected me) just sent me a follow request on instagram and i don't know what to do and i don't know how men can be so disgusting as to have the nerve to try and follow me as if it's nothing when he knows what he did.

Anonymous 114117

unfortunately the only thing you can do is pretend it didn't happen and continue living your life. if he messages? ignore him. feel free to have the satisfaction of knowing he'll never get closure nor access from you.

Anonymous 114118

They don't want to be punched down by others for what they are.

Men actually have the capability to be friends but unless they're mosly asexual, often times their inner creep has to be reduced to tiny bits (like, if he's really horny he gets pussy to satiate his inner creep from somewhere else, such as a steady girlfriend).

Anonymous 114126

i honestly believe that "asexual" and "male" are an oxymoron. i don't think asexuality is a healthy or even natural thing in 99% of self-identified cases but i've never met a male who was legitimately asexual, and i'm not really sure if it's possible unless they have some kind of mental defect health issue that affects puberty

Anonymous 114127


yeah, I agree. it's rather disappointing bc for all my roasts, some men really are cool to hang around but 90%+ sexualize their female friends and they're pretty much a second away from being down to clown in bed. they seem incapable of actually framing girls as just friends and sticking to it.

I remember a while ago seeing a guy that just sounded amazing and was a DnD nerd like me. cute jokes, same exact favorite book series as me, etc.

a friend of mine ended up wanting to make a point to me. he got a girl to go talk to him and literally within 1 minute got a TIMESTAMPED DICK PIC FROM HIM. the whole thing was sent to me as a streamed speedrun type thing.
to be fair though I actually assumed he was like that (because he's a guy), lol.

Anonymous 114129

oh if it wasn't clear, the dude just took a new pic of his cock because a complete stranger asked him to.

Anonymous 114130

eh, I think that's a bad take too though.

I've met a lot of asexual-like girls that were at complete peace with it and happier on average.

Anonymous 114136

fair, i've personally never met someone who was legitimately asexual in my life, male or female, but the male ones were obviously more covertly perverted.

Anonymous 114140

Again, it would not be too difficult for him to remain a friend, IF he had an outlet for his innate thirst of pussy (be it a 0.1 or a 10 on the scale…), such as a girlfriend or prostitutes… pussy for satiating sexual cravings and needs and friend for satiating emotional needs, social interaction, chit chat, etc.

Anonymous 114141

remain? there was no friendship made. just don't want be buddies with a guy that'd make things sexual given any opportunity to do so.

Anonymous 114144

See this thread. Watch how they make excuses for their vile desires.

Anonymous 114157

ion wanna read it

Anonymous 114160

when will women learn that they're usually better off without most men?

I keep seeing ones have extremely basic criteria that boils down to him being kind and secure, yet without fail they're called out for asking too much. No one even seems to say that men don't care because they aren't affected by questionable women that much, while in the meantime if a guy is the average, lazy, fake nice guy, etc., maybe being with him is in fact way, way worse than being alone. many get pregnant with such men and usually their entire lives are destroyed, and tbh it's not even worth it.

it feels like romance propaganda has to be pumped into womens' subconscious just to keep them giving the benefit of the doubt to men.

Anonymous 114162


Someone just posted this "female delusion calculator" website on one of my chat rooms. I put in dating criteria that I thought was pretty reasonable but less than a tenth of a percent of guys even qualify. I like how they think that's an indictment of women and not men.

Igotstandardsbro (dot) com for anyone curious.

Anonymous 114163

and then they act like it's some sort of moral corruption, because they think love is a charity drive for hobos–as if they'd feel ok with dating a girl that'd open her legs to most other men.

Anonymous 114168


lol, I put in my height, my race, lack of obesity, and my income and I got 3.7%. yes, I'm extremely delusional, these are impossible standards to aspire to.

Anonymous 114171

6ft, 25-30, 150k, obv not married or obese.

Anonymous 114172

lol, omg, is this the same anon?
150k + 6ft is a lot. I feel like maybe just wanting one would be ok.

Anonymous 114173

>indictment of men
also, imo we shouldn't hold stuff like not being tall enough against men (not that you should date short guys if you don't like short guys).

Anonymous 114174

Guys who make 150k at age 25 are going to be very rare. I know people that age with masters degrees in engineering making 80k. The thing is most people with the potential to make that money will have just finished school, so they will be in an entry level position. If you limit it to that amoubt of money and that age I guess its only entrepeneurs.

Anonymous 114175

good point. like I said it's so unrealistic that I wonder if OP is a troll.
150k is a number that maybe you'd be able to get if you just sugar babied it up. but certainly not in a young tall guy.

Anonymous 114177

A guy at 30 has had 12 years to get it together. I have friends whose husbands make that in construction and mining, let alone the doctors and software developers. It's a lot but not THAT much.

Anonymous 114179

Yeah at 30 there will be more, but most of those well put together guys will also be married, because if they can manage their financial life they can manage their love life. I focused on the lower age group, because those are more likely still single.

Anonymous 114180

idk, still doesn't change that it's a very small amount of men overall. same with "over 6 feet."

did you find success yourself? what would be difference between 100k and 150k? imo if it was easy for you then it'd make a lot more sense to ask for.

Anonymous 114181

Depends on where you are. In San Francisco, 150k/year is an entry-level position in software development for someone with a bachelor's degree.

Anonymous 114182

FWIW I've had almost that amount of time to "get it together" and I don't make nearly as much. It's one thing to say that this would be my ideal partner, but I can't even fathom the self esteem required to have this as part of my actual criteria. As in, rejecting any man who earns less than that. But maybe that's just the result of a lifetime of being undesirable. Anyway, my criteria includes being a decent, empathetic and level headed human being, which is probably as rare as a 6 foot tall 25 year old earning that much.

Anonymous 114183

Yeah you are right. If you live somewhere where rent is sacraficing your first born son you can get higher wages XD.

Anonymous 114185

>if you have basic character/honor/morality standards you exclude almost all men
yep that was my point. on the upside at least it gives you a lot more time to focus on yourself rather than sifting through men.

Anonymous 114186

unironically I'd probably get some sort of trailer and live in it if I had a 150k job in an area with insane rent, saving it up, and then leaving. it'd be a horrible way to live but that's a nuts amount of money.

Anonymous 114187

As long as you don't get bothered by vagrants that would probably be a fun way to live when you are young

Anonymous 114189

I got 35.4% (should be a little higher since I'm open to 2 races but it only lets you pick 1 or 3) but in practice I'm attracted to very few men because I have other, more specific tastes. So I feel like this score is completely meaningless
Also tfw it'd be 20% higher if I was okay with obesity. Why are so many people fat

Anonymous 114190

That's like the bare minimum required to own a house in any suburb of a metropolitan area in the United States (which, for the record, don't have trailer parks, that's rural). I expect every decent person will make that at some point in their career if they're actually trying. Would be hard to raise a family in a trailer. $150k is solidly middle class.

Anonymous 114191


>That's like the bare minimum

Anonymous 114193

That includes broke ass single people, losers, and retired people. The median household income that has one or more children under 18 is almost $100k

Anonymous 114194

If you're talking about finding a partner people who are already married with children are irrelevant. That was the point of the conversation lol.

Anonymous 114196

30 is prime time baby making. A man should absolutely be making 6 figures if he wants a family at that age, more if he lives near a big city.

Income data is mostly nonsense. Only half the population works a from time job. Wages vs household income are a big difference. Income changes drastically over time. The top 10% of earners is like half of all dads who have ever worked ever. Most families get there at some point in their life.

Anonymous 114197

>It only seems like a lot of money when you compare it to the huge majority of people who don't make that much!
Uhh, yes? That's the entire point of averages. That'd be like saying being a millionaire isn't rare if you exclude all people who only have $999,999 or less.
Also retired people don't earn a wage, so they aren't a part of that statistic.
Also also first you said 150k was the bare minimum now suddenly you're saying 100k is the median.
Also also also let's not forget you just mentioned household income, which usually means two working people. If 100k is average for a household that means each person is making 50k individually, and this whole argument started with you saying it's perfectly reasonable to expect a single 25-year-old man to make 150k on his own.

Anonymous 114198

At some point in the future not when they started dating their future wife they didn't

Anonymous 114199

uh, I wasn't talking about raising a family or whatever, just being on my own and sacrificing quality of life in order to save up. it wasn't an actual plan?
yes, and the other person is acting like 150k is the bare minimum despite families (often including two incomes) barely scratching 80k.

Anonymous 114200

Yeah, when looking at the whole US. I don't want to live in the middle of nowhere. $150k should be like the top third of guys in any city worth living in. That's reasonable.

Anonymous 114201

How much do you make?

Anonymous 114202

so basically, a city with the highest inflation rates possible is the best city to live in?

ngl, I still feel like you're a troll. I really doubt you live in a city like that making 100k+ per year to afford it; to even remotely pull off what you want to do, you'd have to prowl the internet for potential specimens where it's way easier for men to lie. so you're basically acting like something you yourself can't even achieve is perfectly reasonable.

Anonymous 114203

It's very telling that her rant about how anyone who isn't making $150,000 a year by 25 or else they're a "broke ass loser" was instantly stopped by asking how much she makes.

Anonymous 114208


Stop replying to the moid who's only posting outrageous expectations so he can screencap his own posts and repost them while denigrating women.

Anonymous 114209

>feminists (well, rad fems) for many years: porn negatively influences relationships/brains, here's what neuroscientists have found
>men: dumb insecure hag landwhale retard bitches
>therapist: ye porn negatively influences relationships/brains but let me pussyfoot around it as much as possible and pretending no one really knows how it affects the brain–then actually drops hard information about how it affects the brain
>also therapist: oh but let me clarify! it's not necessarily negative! yes, we just adapt to it! we don't stop technology and the human race advancing just because there's some consequences! we just learn about ourselves and it's fine!
>men in chat: spamming sex jokes and busting, talking like 10 year olds
>a small amount of men: yes! we need to bring attention to how damaging this is

it's interesting how basic-male caterers like this youtuber act, you can tell he's blunting himself heavily.
…not that he isn't doing good…he probably is.
oh. think the one poignant point he made - if not a complete joke - is about the "waifu revolution" where AIs/VR will replace real intimacy for many.

Anonymous 114211

that's why I said "you sound like a larper" to them.
just for the record (and this is even to the weirdass lurkers here): yes, it's actually a thing where robot men plan stuff like this…i.e., make outrageous posts about women having unrealistic standards and then screencap it. I've seen them even planning it together. There's even statistics on men being nearly twice as likely to larp for the sake of self-harm.

Anonymous 114216

>where AIs/VR will replace real intimacy for many
Tbh, I unironically see that as the only way for me to find happiness.
I’m not scrote, I’m just extremely undesirable, love-starved, and tired of trying.

Anonymous 114219

I won't fault you for this so much, like, it's mostly my pet peeve when people have an addiction to that kind of stuff yet insist on dragging real people into their lives. There's a lot of manipulative men that act like the onus is on women to "fix" men and set them right. It's really dumb.

I'd only warn against making yourself too fixated on the idea of intimacy/sex because you end up creating more of an expectation for something you can't actually have. It's a red flag that you say "only way to find happiness", which makes me suspect your life is kind of shitty otherwise. But. Ye, this is PP, so whatever.

Anonymous 114221

that guy is annoying. he just tells his audience what they want to hear so he can get them to pay for his therapy service

imagine going to Harvard and then having nothing better to do with your life than livestreams for incels

Anonymous 114222

jfc, I was trying to be nice (despite my sass) but it really did look like his chat was full of 4channer-tier incels and I almost couldn't believe it. it looked like almost none of them were following him in any meaningful capacity.

Anonymous 114229

Most 4chan types are aware that porn is bad for them but use it compulsively anyway, because they are addicts and social recluses. Its normal guys who use it in moderation that say there is no harm.

Anonymous 114233

idk, I feel like I've seen the sentiment that it really doesn't cause that much damage is way more common.

I say so because I've barely seen any men, redpiller, incel, 4channer…to normie…remotely acknowledge that porn, especially excessive use, influences how they make or see relationships.

Anonymous 114234

They don't consider it from the women's perspective, or in regards to thing like how wanting to cum on the face is from porn, but threads about how not watching it or not masturbating will somehow turn them into the ubermensch are very common.

Anonymous 114235

Was reading about male serial killers (not a fangirl, faaaaaar from it, I like reading about how they're caught), I'm really convinced that men are far more unhinged than women, and are much more prone to slipping through the cracks when it comes to mental illness, child abuse, etc. I don't know if it's a genetic thing, or each man's personality, or a societal thing, but people should be MUCH more vigilant about fucking weird guys wandering around trying to talk to children.

Anonymous 114240


90% of the time i see men say negative things about porn, it's always about the effects of addiction and not ethical issues with filmed porn in general. they only have issues when it affects them in the form of PIED (porn induced erectile dysfunction), premature/delayed ejaculation, when masturbation takes over their life, etc. when some men are aware of ethical issues with porn, they usually act wishy-washy about it in my experience, in the liberal "pornhub is bad because it has stolen content but onlyfans is a better alternative" way

Anonymous 114244


No matter hpw much I lower my standarts in this test it always says: Aspiring can lady.

Anonymous 114245

This thread traumatized me. They even insult others with a different opinion.

Anonymous 114250

The moment I realised men are degenerates happened when I was about 12. I was taking a train to school everyday, because I lived quite far from it. I was casually reading a book and I had a strong feeling of someone staring at me. Well, of course I was right, because the moment I took my eyes of that book I saw this disgusting male (I would say he was 30?) jacking off, looking straight into my eyes. I know, this story isn't even that extreme, but I had that awful image of his unwashed dick for months in my head.
Of course, that wasn't the last time I've witnessed this sort of behaviour in a train, but it was the first time I've realised how disgusting men are. Pretty simple story, i'm sure it happened to a lot of us.

Anonymous 114260

The height you have is 75th percentile so….

Anonymous 114263

I assume the website is calibrated for the US
>only 25% of men are 5' 11" tall
So 25%
>66% of men are not obese
so 16.5% now
That's your hard ceiling assuming no other factors. I imagine a little under half of men that age range are married, so 10%~ is pretty accurate.

Anonymous 114264

It is not even a shithole, it is the capital of the country I live in. And of course, his dick was out and there were quite a lot of people in the train too. Everyone ignored his behaviour, even though everyone knew how disgusting it was.

Anonymous 114269

care to elaborate? im interested

Anonymous 114292

When I lived in Brooklyn I regularly saw people jerking off and doing heroin on the train.

Anonymous 114295

>all this money obsession
just GIVING ammo to the enemy

Anonymous 114296

most normal man in america

Anonymous 114312

I mean, the problem is that half of the time it's a male larper.

>ammo to the enemy

Annnd, the problem is at this point most things would count as such. We see it as "ammo" because, tbh, let's be honest, creepy internet men deep-mine for as much hate porn SCs from women pretty much constantly.

Anonymous 114313

While that is fairly common for moids in general, for moids on the internet even moreso and for moids on anonymous imageboards especially, /his/ particularly stands out as a paramount example of passiveagressiveness, sudden outbursts of autistic rage and gratuitous insults over nothing. Not kidding, I have seen innocuous 3-word posts get flooded by chains of insults on that board. It's perhaps one of the worst ones on 4chins right after /r9k/

Anonymous 114315

i know some people will reply something like "i have an asexual friend who is normal, not all of them are like that" or "i'm asexual and not like that" but my experience with asexuals in general is usually that they have a stunted sexuality development, either from abuse (sex-repulsion, i've talked to people who are terrified by the thought of having sex but love erotic roleplaying because their bodies aren't involved) or being put on medication at a young age (i had a friend at school who was on prozac during his teenage years and identifies as "demisexual" as an adults, he isn't the only one since i've talked to people who were put on medications before puberty and grew up not experiencing feelings) like the image of an asexual would be to most person is a person who doesn't have sex, but then i've known asexuals with libidos, asexuals who enjoy porn (they consume it to almost coomer levels), enjoy sex but don't feel invested in who they have sex with (they just enjoy the stimulation), asexuals who have fetishes (normal sex doesn't appeal but bondage or fantasy like vore does) etc. i see gender critical terf types complain about the non-binary trend and how vague it is but i personally see the asexual thing as the sexuality counterpart, even if it was around earlier

a lot of male asexuals in my experience deal have either the stunted development combined with the porn/fetish stuff, there was one guy i knew who identified as asexual because he didn't want to have sex that involved his penis, but he was very into feet. i've also run into profiles asexual men on dating apps (one was a TIM who identifed as "sensual aroace"), which is a technique i've heard of men doing to try to gain trust with women, because if a guy is self-proclaimed not a horndog then he's probably, safe, right?

Anonymous 114316

history and nationalism for moids is tribal warfare and war same as gang bangers>>114313

Anonymous 114318

It's not even just nationalism, it's religious, ideological, political and pseudo-philosophical shitflinging, so 10 times worse at least

Anonymous 114320

history and nationalism for moids is tribal warfare and war same as gang bangers>>114313
All of it is the same to gang up and win over other moids. religion is a lie to fight over into a my dick (religion) is bigger than yours or can control women better>>114318

Anonymous 114322

Which race did you exclude?

Anonymous 114324

im ace myself, but i definitely see what you're talking about. the only ace people ive seen self identify online have either been traumatized women, or trans people. i've never seen a "normal" man try to claim to be asexual (though you see a lot of "i dont want sex until im comfortable in the relationship </3" which ends up being 4 days anyway).

i guess to me its just interesting to see who else is out there and how the representation for us is to people who aren't ace/aro. thanks 4 the input nona

Anonymous 114326

I've known a guy since childhood and I he's basically legitimately asexual. I have never heard him express any sort of sexual interest in all these years and he always got visibly uncomfortable whenever someone else would make a dirty joke or something. He was super disillusioned with how all the teens in our friend group were getting horny kek
But he has Asperger's (or something similar, idr) and it's obvious; he is mainly interested in stuff like Pokemon and Beyblades and is generally very childish for someone in his mid 20s. So not exactly normal but yeah, I think there are some rare autistic types who are just too enveloped in their interests to care about sex. Those are the only people I'd consider true asexuals, I find the whole "I watch porn and have sex and write smut fantasies but I'm totally asexual teehee!" type to be suspicious.

Anonymous 114329

Black, I'm Asian
not to racebait but upon further thought, I think it's a bit hypocritical that some men who would criticize women for being "too picky" according to that test also hate when they race mix. Either I'm scrutinized in various ways for engaging in wmaf or I'm being too picky because there are almost no men of my own race where I live. And I can't "go back to my own country" because I was never a part of it and I don't have any basis of being allowed to immigrate there, especially since I'd be illiterate

Anonymous 114330

you're not wrong. a lot of the internet-misogynists have a huge preference for a certain race and age group.
they get around the fact that they actually crush on an extremely small percentage of women by the idea that they'd fuck more than what they actually like.

Anonymous 114338

I think that website was already discussed in some other, older thread. It's made by I think incels, which is not to be trusted. Because why the fuck as a woman would you trust anything made/said by an incel

Anonymous 114339


Nah. If they do shit like this they're most likely doing it to harm women. Not self harm if they want to hurt others be it for amusement or potentailly recruiting more moids into their pathetic cult

Anonymous 114387


being able to relate to this stereotypical woman psychology makes me feel bad about myself

men just don't want to know about our bad feelings like we want to know about theirs
they can't respect us unless we just go away and suffer in silence like they do
to them it is disgusting and unworthy of respect to look after people's feelings the way women instinctively do
that is a really painful thing to realise
that what you want to do and are good at is unwanted on a basic psychological level

Anonymous 114406

What occurred to me is that moids and women are fundamentally incompatible on a psychological level. We have completely different way of analyzing reality, different values, different emotional ranges, etc.
We might as well be different species. After being subjugated by moids for thousands of years, the meager amounts of freedom and independence we've gained have only highlighted this fact. In fact, the whole incel movement is a direct response to women gaining a little bit of independence and having actual choices in how to manage their romantic life.
The more independence we get, the more obvious it becomes that moids and women can't live in the same society.
EXCEPT, if we get rid of toxic male sexuality.

Hear me out, here's what I propose. I think all males should be castrated as soon as soon as they reach puberty. Before that, a sample of their semen should be extracted with a needle, and put in a globally accessible (by females only), female run sperm bank. It should have a website and a phone app for convenience.

There will never be any more rape, or violence (male sexuality is closely tied with violence), no more cheating, and men won't have power over women. In fact, it will be the opposite. If a woman were to marry a (now castrated) male, she'd have access to his vial in the sperm bank. She could of course use it to make a child, but If he misbehaved or hurt her in any way, she could request the sperm bank to destroy the vial, ending his only chance at passing on his genes. That would sure make them obedient.

Me, personally, I'd just hold my finger to the "destroy vial" button while talking to any male, looking them straight in the eyes lol.
Maybe somedays if I get bored, I'd open up profiles of random men and click on the "destroy" button for half an hour. Actually, they should make it a feature, like one of those rhythm tap games, where every tap destroys a random sperm vial lol.

Anonymous 114410

>castrating all men
Kek inb4 an incel screencaps this and claims this is the feminist agenda

Anonymous 114411


It should be.

Anonymous 114414

butthurt moid

you all think your cocks and sperm is the most valuable thing on earth but it's worthless at best and actively destructive at worst

Anonymous 114415

boy howdy you should hear how women are actually treated today all over the globe if that got you to post lmao

Anonymous 114417

earlier in this thread someone posted a link where hundreds of moids in just a few hours in one thread on 4chan said raping children is based

but moids think some hyperbolic post about sperm bank destruct buttons means she deserves to die. I wish males had the ability to view the world objectively, without their narcissism/0 empathy/coom filter.

Anonymous 114421

It's what finally gets them because they are quite literally obsessed with their own sperm.
Women, to them, are just a means to an end, of spreading their sperm.
Why do you think they are so vocal on women-only issues like abortion? They care very deeply about their sperm.

Hell, they even started a no-fap movement because they felt bad about wasting all that sperm.

People say some men are coombrains, when in fact ALL men are cumbrains, and are restrained by society into acting vaguely human.

Anonymous 114422

>Hell, they even started a no-fap movement because they felt bad about wasting all that sperm.

It's funny moids get into nofap for 'semen retention' pseudoscience, literally because they are so coombrained they think their cum is sacred and their cum-retained musk will attract more women…. they are so embarrassing.

Anonymous 114428

Men still leak cum or ejaculate in their sleep if they don't masturbate for a long period of time. Also, did you know that the quality of sperm decreases every time they cum? Christ, now i understand why men are so violent and misogynistic. must be hard living in denial pretending you're the valuable sex here…

Anonymous 114446


many, many, many months ago I was an idiot who called out some 4channers making fun of a guy being raped (yes, it happened).
and dozens told me that I deserve to be raped, beaten, and lynchmobbed. yes. that was when I last slipped (and have avoided 4chan ever since).

Anonymous 114451

I know where you're coming from but at some point you gotta like stop a train of thought also this sounds kinda too… yeah..

Anonymous 114453

Idk, I think that's the anon that regularly drops hyperbolic bio-solutions to the Men-ace and at this point I kind of just let it go. Why? Because there's no way any of it can work, plus it's glorious how it always baits men (honestly any man who lurks here is a massive creep; I'd feel guiltier about it if it was actual regular guys seeing it).

Anonymous 114459

Well, it's either that, or we execute all men except the bare minimum number of the genetically fit ones, just enough to prevent inbreeding. Then quadruple amputate them, and keep them hooked up to life support machines permanently, to extract semen if needed.
But I thought that would be a bit too cruel, so I decided against it. I'm not a monster.

That is, unless none of the proposed solutions will work. Then, sadly, this would have to be the last resort solution. The FINAL solution, so to say, hehe

Anonymous 114460

>What occurred to me is that moids and women are fundamentally incompatible on a psychological level.
It's because men and women approach life differently that them getting together leads to something great than themselves. Yes, on the one hand, there can never be true understanding, on the other hand, there doesn't need to be. Didn't read the rest of the post because too long.

Anonymous 114461

>something greater
this is usually not true except in rare cases. most guys would immediately dump their partners for a 10/10 if there was no monetary or social consequence.

Anonymous 114464

As a lesbian my viewpoint might be flawed, as I mostly know gay men, but I think that so much of the bitterness between straight people could be removed, if everyone aknowledged that males are incapable of monogamy.
That’s why they need porn and/or masturbation. And that’s why they lose sexual interest in their partners the more time goes on, no matter how attractive. And that’s why they cheat on those attractive partners. And that’s why orgasming is their priority and utmost need. It’s very visible in the gay male scene.
Not necessarily a bad thing, just very alien to women, who need love and long-term commitment.
Men need to move on and fuck as many partners as possible. To them, being stuck with just 1 partner forever, would be like eating just 1 food forever.
The society should aknowledge this asymmetry between the sexes, and abort/lobotomize 90% of the future males (to avoid sexless/almost sexless men, who cannot satisfy their urges to move from partner to partner), from becoming a bigger problem.

Anonymous 114474

As entertaining as these are, tbh it's too funky, even for me.

IMO, men are actually becoming more "polygamous" and entitled to sexual novelty because of porn.
It's why so many sex lives in marriage drastically improve when men quit.

Anonymous 114479

Porn is how people are learning about sex and the problem is porn = blowjob followed by jackhammering and cumming in the girls eyeball.

Anonymous 114483

i know men are shit either way but i saw some interesting tumblr blogs of gay men who agree with TERFs and try to practice those beliefs; they don't watch or approve of porn, they don't support TIFs or TIMs (gay men who become TIMs get some sympathy when they don't prey on straight men at least), they avoid hookups or at the very least avoid sleeping around with older men, they don't participate in things like bondage or drugs, etc. those men seem somewhat healthier in their lifestyle but then they also talk about being alienated by the wider gay community. i know some people might say they're just suppressing their true nature for feminist approval, but i've also seen conservative gay men who don't care about that kind of thing have similar sentiments about hookups and whatnot. they're not the majority but they're interesting to consider

Anonymous 114487

so many men have mommy issues because mother is the one female they are not supposed to copulate with and any limits on their sexuality makes them seethe.

Anonymous 114488


lmfao, there is this moid on youtube who does a show daily about how awful modern women are for a bunch of incels.


This is so ridiculous I can't believe its a thing, they actually watch this garbage

Anonymous 114489

What do you think are the chances he actually looks like his avatar?

Anonymous 114492

Its pretty common. Complaining about women used to be one of the meat and potatoes of u tube when it was a smaller platform without mega corporations and stuff like that on it

Anonymous 114511

None. It's impossible for incels and incelish content creators to look attractive. All the guys I've seen that look like this weren't flaunting their misogyny right and left and making it into their personality. Even when those type of faggots are trying to become more attractive, they do it from a man's perspective, which is almost the opposite of a cute long haired elfy guy.

Anonymous 114512


There is a channel called MGTOW moments. In his channels the person collects random MGTOW videos from TikTok made from men who complain about women and repeat like parrots ''She belongs to the streets! Ca-Caw! She belongs to the streets!''. It also has videos created by juvenile men talking about how women are always dating multiple partners, how they will steal your money (even if the most expensive thing the man has is a PS4) and sperm (even if they have already broken their penis from jerking off or killed most of their sperm by unhealthy life choices).
Yet even if almost his entire contenct is surrounded by such negative videos about women, allmost all of the oictures on the videos are beautifful women showing off their butt or breasts.

This shows that no matter how much men despise the female population, they can't control their animalistic instincts and still desire the female body and prettiness, and this makes them seethe, because it shows how inferiour they are compared to women.

Men always beat themselfs in the chest about how much better they are than women and yet they say: ''B-but w-w-w-women are trying to control us w-with their s-sexual powers! They are trying to control us by making us be led by our desires!''
If men were really so much better than women they would never let be led by their sexual urges. Women have the real control and they are going insane from it.

Anonymous 114526

tbh it's like men are extremely desperate to find shit to hate about women, like, this is such petty, TMZ, baby-tier shit.

Anonymous 114552

>women just want to use men for free drinks at a bar!
compared to… domestic violence, sexual assault, murder. it's absolutely insane something so petty enrages them to this extent when we face being assaulted being at the wrong time/wrong place.

Anonymous 114554

Trans-identified male
It's "trans woman" without referring to them as women

Anonymous 114617

>adding "use" to anything
tbh, I see throwing that onto anything a very manipulative thing to do and I see it all the time when misogynists are trying to demonize extremely petty, small things in order to pretend women do as much bad things as men despite statistics showing the opposite. a while back I saw a guy say "women use men for their friendship! those nice guys just want to fuck!" as if it was some sort of crazy martyr shit and those guys were victims.

Anonymous 114618

I don't know how you guys manage to go through such filth. I feel like I became a creep-expert after just weeks years ago of on/off examining male spaces and also scarred for life.

Anonymous 114622

oceanic pole of in…

greetings from the oceanic pole of inaccessibility Point Nemo.

Anonymous 114657

i agree that men naturally want to have as many partners as possible, but i think to some degree the same can be said for women. i think men fail to reflect on what having so many partners, or watching so many different people, does to their psyche as a whole. many men would call a woman who sleeps around unstable, and yet fail to recognize that they are doing the same damage to themselves. hence why as >>114483 mentions, some men are able to reflect upon why this behavior is harmful and avoid it altogether. i also think that pron desensitizes men to their own partners which just ends up encouraging adultery.
sometimes i wonder if not holding men accountable for their actions, boiling them down to coom brains, and not acknowledging that they actively choose their degenerate lifestyle does more harm than good. yes, women should avoid men, and yes, men are disgusting. but they are not slaves to their sexual desires, they are just addicts looking for people to enable their bad habits. they will do anything to get their fix, no matter how much it negatively impacts every other person in their lives.
the few men that are capable of reflecting on the negative impacts of porn can never be honest about their findings, because men will always choose other men as their target audiences and have no choice but to coddle their feelings lest they turn on him. nothing like unwanted knowledge to make a moid scurry the other way.
and then moids will complain that women have unrealistic standards from their romance books that they use to cope with the lovelessness of 99% of heterosexual relationships.
one of the worst parts about it is that if you are in a male-dominated space and have no choice but to interact with men, its incredibly difficult to form and maintain some semblance of a friend group because if you chastise a moid for being inappropriate, the other moids in the group will choose him over you.
in general i'd say absolutely, because oftentimes the insecure ones are insecure because they have been coddled for a lot of their life into believing that they are the best at everything and born to triumph, and when they reach an age where such delusions can no longer be maintained, their egos crumble upon themselves. such juxtaposition between their inner feelings of superiority and their outward propensity for failure creates a hotbed for degrading others.
and its why they are so prone to committing mass shootings, it places them in a position where they control the lives and wellbeing of other people
they are so honest about how disposable they view us as, sometimes i wonder how straight relationships can still exist

Anonymous 114660


This moid told a women that he hopes she gets raped and murdered because she said something he didn't like. God I hate men so much.

Anonymous 114661

Men are genuinely insane and can't be trusted in polite society.

Anonymous 114662

>grr why are all women whores why isn't anyone a virgin. Why are you a whore?
>"I'm a virgin"

Anonymous 114665

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he's raped a woman or a girl or is a pedophile.

Anonymous 114667

and the thing is being a pick me gets you nowhere. these men that you're groveling for will just use and abuse you and then move on to the next barely legal girl they find.

Anonymous 114677

I feel it really really strongly that men steal everything from the vast majority of young women, when their mind is still developing. Misogyny / femininity reinforce deep crippling self-loathing in them, which OBLITERATES their ability to use the full extent of their intellect, have healthy habits, feel accomplishment and high, which are the only real long-lasting goodness you get out of life.
Even if you were to say you're fine, I know a ton of women who do, and still diminish themselves little by little everyday, to appease others. They lose track of how much they did it, live less and less everyday, until they've become lowkey emotional labor handmaidens. They look and act fine but their existence and high on life (which I should say is what truly makes you good at everything, able to see solutions, get on a roll) is so diminished. ←this is what men take advantage of, and strive to take away from women, but they won't talk about it.

Even really pretty women start questioning themselves, self-censoring good qualities etc for approval. It shows. Looks promise you nothing. Maybe its even better to go through a slightly over weight phase to get your mind off of that lie. Love is just temporary too. It doesn't keep promises, the way you can to yourself. To get stuck in the downward spiral of self-loathing, or looks obsession is giving yourself over to what they want. Control over your mind, to push your buttons, and make you feel how they want, so you will do what they want.

If you do not feel the kind of high you get from building, health, intellect, creativity you're living such a diminished existence. Needing a relationship is mostly crippling. Even FANTASY is superior to the garbagebin for yourself that is love from 90% of men. Since the pickings are so slim though… why would you even get hung up on having something most women can't?

Though I don't think you have to give up on love, it can always just come second to last lol…
That unphased "male" kind of high is the only thing that makes things enjoyable and easy, which is what makes you better. Nobody talks about, because talking about it would be dangerous. Its the only thing that makes good habits and existence easy. You can't if you are bogged down in insecurity or the habit of constantly censoring yourself, watering yourself down, hating yourself. If you have bad habits and everythings hard to you, its mostly because you don't know how to enjoy them or take the easy way, until your existence sustains a high.

From what I've seen, I'm convinced men routinely live to steal this from women, without their knowing. How the FUCK this isn't a huge conversation blows my mind.

So I can't even pretend to be a part of society where female self-loathing have influence or impact on me.

Seeing women wallow in self-laothing makes me sick. They act exactly the way men want them to. Resigning to exactly what men want from them. It boggles my mind that they start off so ignorant to the fact. How do you NOT grow up noticing this blaring fact?? How is it not completely obvious?? I mean its right in front of our face from the time we are 12. We see the difference in our existences So why?

EVERYTHING of yours is destroyed when you place importance on men, what they think, say, impose on you.
Love is one big contaminated game you can't win no matter how you look. I know perfect women. Beautiful, sweet, generous, smart who are used and treated like dogs. Britney Spears herself, was treated like a dog, Janet Jackson was treated like a dog. None of it promises you anything so what is the point?

It doesn't matter what you do, if you walk around and talk with a diminished mind, hyper-focusing on what is inferior about you, they have you exactly the way they want you. You can't possibly know what you're missing. Its a sign you were probably assimilated into "femininity" and ruined from the start. I don't know how in the hell I'm the only one I really hear talking about this.

Anonymous 114680

No lie i did notice that in many ways my self esteem improved once i figured out i liked women better then men- it's still a WIP because of ( non male) related traumas and me wanting to improve my general health ( more for the sake of doing things i have wanted to like dancing ballet and or doing yoga with looks being secondary to me i think)- but it's freaky how that was enough to boost up my morale other then finding my spirituality and a large female community online, so i do think you have a somewhat good point; living off the approval of men makes you miserable on the long run and at times makes so bitter you fling your shit at women and girls around you ( at least that's how i explain the POS women i had in my life. I still hold them accountable for making me feel bad about myself and my womanhood even if i know the root of their issues is done by men/ societal shit)

Anonymous 114685

Their next response is "b-but men also suffer from those things! look, men kill themselves more often, get killed more often and get raped more often" but they can't examine the statistics they use in their favor.

Anonymous 114688

if you find out your the type that daydreams ideas goals solutions to problems or art ideas things that you care about or anything of high value to yourself or anything you care about and only to forget them the next hours or day. WRITE THEM DOWN.

Anonymous 114715

>love is temporary
it's insane seeing people act like the romantic form of it the greatest certainty in the world…when it really is like growing attached to something that's basically a rental of oxytocin and rental and then having it able to be snatched away from you at any time.

Anonymous 114716

you're right. looks are a trap. I was a victim of my insecurities so I know how these things can consume you. Didn't fret about my looks for most of my youth–then, the fact that most of the bullying and mistreatment I went through being caused by the way I look hit me like a wrecking ball. and even before then, in any interaction, I saw myself leering back. always self-conscious, skittish.
it really didn't help that I was actually a truly embarrassing person and the ugliest in the school. I made the alt kids look normal.

the sick part is that for the past few years I suffered I…knew all of what you said. what it really was about. I saw how it twists up other women and makes them neurotically seek out any bit of catharsis or certainty they can from it. driving their self-concept around the way they look, while other women are enemies like >>113253 and making sure the status quo is enforced.

Anonymous 114732

What happened to Amanda Todd fucks me up and I know it's happened to countless other girls- and no one gives a shit.
Hundreds, thousands of pedo moids coaxing children/teen girls into sexting and posting nudes, then spreading them as revenge porn and blackmail used for more incriminating pictures. These girls aren't fully aware of the depravity and soullessness of scrotes (I blame libfems and moids pretending like men and women are the exact same with their only being a few "bad apples" that exist for both sexes equally), and just like the positive attention and validation.
Men offer seemingly endless rewards for becoming a sex object, but once you give in and do what they want, they punish you harshly. Males in your age group talk about it, you see it in the media, online, from other girls, everything is encouraging these girls to perform humiliating acts of femininity and self-loathing in order to be valued as people. All girls are sent the message to be perfect pornstar sex dolls while simultaneously having to remain pure and chaste. It's a line you can never ride and moids will always hate you, use you, exploit you, hurt you. She ended her own life not only because of the scrotes who blackmailed her but because of the larger scrote support system which even made the blackmail possible- that every scrote will continue the torment with insults, shaming, or at best withdrawal. Every male brain operates on the same programming. They may never go as far as blackmailing children, but they'll enable it. Even the police did absolutely nothing to help her, to find the men responsible and punish them.

Hell, the documentary I was watching on her was foul. Flashing pictures of her barely-censored leaked nudes and videos of young girls dancing in their underwear. The scrote reporter blaming the "budding, exploratory sexuality" inspiring girls to seek old men, and old men being "lured" by their provocations. Absolutely vile. This girl gets 0 sympathy from males and I feel like so many women don't talk about this because 1. they know it will fall on deaf ears and 2. they probably experienced similar and don't want to open old wounds/make themselves a target.

Anonymous 114750


Male sexuality is an oppressive shadow that envelops this earth.
Everything it touches it eats, destroys, and spits out. It inspires these males to see through endless atrocities to satiate themselves. Males, who could otherwise potentially become fully human, are essentially automatons who act only in service to their sexual urges. Everything they do is inspired by their sexualities, nothing else seems to matter to them. Their motivations, goals, and achievements are never more than 2 steps away from the goal of procuring sex. They lose all motivation to self-actualize unless they have objects (women) to consume. Sexless males are almost completely emotionally, and often physically, catatonic, excluding the random bursts of capricious violence created through years of stewing in bitter resentment. When they do play at philosophy, their sex-obsession, neurotic indignation and covetousness of their targets (women) seeps into nearly every on of their "novel" ideas.

Imagine a world without male sexuality. Imagine a world where no one is classified as an object to use and discard. Imagine a world where half the population could exist as humans instead of dick-propelled, violent robots. How freeing would that be? How much would the quality of life improve for all of humanity?

I again realize just how bad things are, just how truly enslaved and weak the male mind is when I see their attempts at emotionally resonating with others through humor aka relatable memes. Showcasing how their minds are in complete service to their desire to coom, that they truly believe reach some form of enlightenment or purification by simply not jerking off to hentai for periods longer than 48 hours. I can't imagine living like that. I can't imagine a reality where my existence as a person is secondary to my existence as a sperm excretor.
MRAtubers another example of the same phenomenon. They cannot help themselves but to surrender to their sexual desires, even when actively hating the targets of said desire. Misogyny itself and their performance of it is centered around the analysis of women's sexual appeal and sexual value. Women (sex targets) are an obsession for them that even understanding and objecting to their desires exhibit same exact patterns of obsession.

Anonymous 114752

to any German-speaking nonas the ZEIT Gyncast episode on the clitoris is very good

Anonymous 114753


tfw religion was essentially invented to artificially encourage men to not doom spiral into extreme depravity

Anonymous 114758


i work in tech and every time my team has to talk with clients (who are always all male) the clients always acknowledge my male coworkers and pretend i dont exist. i hate this fucking industry but i love having a desk job.

Anonymous 114771

Religion was invented to harness male depravity in a controlled way. It still depends on the suffering of women's as a servile class to moids in order to pacify them into being reasonably compliant.

Anonymous 114773

>It still depends on the suffering of women's as a servile class to moids in order to pacify them into being reasonably compliant.

That doesn't seem the case for religions across the board. Buddhist monks aim to get rid of desires as it is seen as a root cause of suffering. They're not promised some servile wife or a harem of women throughout or at the end of it.

Anonymous 114774

Buddhist think that women are incomplete beings incapable of reaching enlightenment/transcendence and have to be reborn as males to do so. A woman is basically a cursed being living in purgatory, worthy of all the contempt that comes along with it.
Semites are busy with the tedium of micromanaging women's domestic life and their subservience to males in a more literal sense, but eastern religions are just another flavor of misogynist. They treated women like shit because they view us as subhuman and think our existence is (at best) transient and inconsequential, or the manifestation of some sort of divine punishment (of which they will aid as it suits them).

Anonymous 114786

That sucks. One of my friends is studying biomedical engineering and one of the guys she was working on a project with refused to shake her hand or look in her direction, because he's a muslim.

Anonymous 114788

Buddhism is a way to placate undesirable men. In all the cultures that have buddhism it is seldom the dominate religion, because it is meant for the losers of the society to become volcel monks. So the normal Raj is a hindu and gets a wife and his loser brother Sandeep becomes a buddhist monk.

Anonymous 114789

Yeah I witness it very often. It's also very easy an common to look for "leaks" or things like that, basically compiled folders of girls/women sending their nudes to someone or being unknowingly recorded while drunk, and getting probably blackmailed using those files (and by blackmailed I mean they threaten them to send those pictures to their family/friends if they don't do x, they do x and still leak those pictures)

Anonymous 114790

Not dating moids =/= free from patriarchy. Kind of a 1st world take.

Anonymous 114796

The Dalai Lama has repeatedly said to forget the sexist problems presented by Buddhism, on multiple occasions. His opinion is that it is there to improve the lives of everyone.

Anonymous 114797

Maybe it is, but if you can, you should think that way, regardless of what isn't possible in other places.

Anonymous 114811

I guess so. The best thing you can do for women is to not trap yourself with a male and birth children from him

Anonymous 114815

Yet they still treat women really badly and tell them that their bodies are inferior and they should hope to be reincarnated as men.

Anonymous 114820

Yeah let's just forget that women are inferior in yet another religion/cult. Buddhists are parasites.

Anonymous 114826

Most religions project undesirable male traits onto women and Buddhism isn't any different. They portray women as degenerates who only care about having sex with men, whilst also making it out that women "trick" males into finding them attractive. This is pretty much males projecting their own insatiable sexuality onto women. The reality is that males are the ones who are chained down by their own desires, doomed to live their lives as glorified sperm dispensers.

Anonymous 114838

> glorified sperm dispensers

Anonymous 114844

will men ever admit porn usage is both bad for them and women?
I keep on being exhausted at the new neuroscience that eternally seems to come out about its usage and I gather that it really is actually worse than other past-times.

video attached is the typical spiel on how it affects the brain bc you know 99.99% of men don't care about the sex trafficking, nonconsentual videos, or revenge porn that like their favorite porn lists.

Anonymous 114846

i hate how shit like nofap and no nut november focuses more on the sexual issues that come from watching porn and not the issues of porn itself

Anonymous 114853

getting "islam is a feminist religion" vibes

Anonymous 114854

>They portray women as degenerates who only care about having sex with men
This is something all "philosophical" scrotes say for some reason. I browsed /pol/ and the majority of them there think women are all superwhores and will destroy society by sleeping around with infinite men, which is why we need to be oppressed and kept in line. So weird how they will say and believe this while also saying women are too picky/prudish/"hypergamous".
>whilst also making it out that women "trick" males into finding them attractive
Males are incapable of admitting that they have any defects. Rather than being born an incomplete, cumbrained XY, they think there's a huge conspiracy where women are mind controlling them into obsessing over sex with us. Which honestly begs the question as to why we would even if we could. Who wants to live in a world with male sexuality a la >>114750

Anonymous 114855

Males only care about their pp feels so porn is a contentious thing for them. They have to calculate how much pp feel good from immediate gratification compared to how much pp break over time.

They honest to god think of it like a math equation. Most men formulate some general porn-consumption baseline to maximize pleasure and negate drawbacks in the most efficient way. 1-2x a week is what they say is "normal" usually, but it's all a coomculation.

Anonymous 114859

>half the moids in western countries are misogynistic incel chuds
>the other half are tranny worshiping soys
Just cancel moiddom already, it's past its expiration date.

Anonymous 114862

funny thing about that, I've seen guys like that also say society will be destroyed if women are too difficult and refuse to give men sex because ~sex is a need~.
they then go on about "looksmatches" and monogamy with yours, but fact is most guys wouldn't want to treat their mediocre or ugly pair as if she's wife-material (and men are actually happier being looks hypergamous and less happy if they're not on average, it's actually studied). and, I noticed it becoming more and more normal for men to spam "femcel" about any woman that doesn't put out. go fuckin' figures, kek.

it's also interesting because, like…you can tell that they genuinely think women have a monopoly on any remotely abstract negative quality, even if most studies on such qualities mostly show this: that either it's equal between the genders, or men have them more often.
for example, narcissism and overconfidence is something men are more likely to have…but misogynists are often obsessed with women all being narcissistic? ok.
ngl, it's like they're very desperate to demonize women and create a no-win situation for them.
be a literal trad wife? they will instantly want you to die once you hit 30 and then become a brood-mare husk.

Anonymous 114864

The thing is men don't hate promiscuous women. They hate promiscuous women who also like to be treated as human beings. Hence why most of them complain and project there lust onto women while also supporting pornography and wishing things like prostitution was legal.

Anonymous 114875

I literally cannot understand how anyone can be attracted to masculinity. The more obsessed a guy is with it, the more he uses it to power trip, and the lazier he is emotionally.

Anonymous 114885

Right? Femininity is such an aphrodisiac to me lol

Anonymous 114887

Wasn't it started for an association or something?

Anonymous 114889

I don't even really believe most women are attracted to it. I believe they say they are out of fear and that's it. I don't think women even learn how to feel real attraction most men. There are probably 10% that are really attractive, but most women never really feel that way, they just get in line for what they're shamed into, as usual.

Anonymous 114906

Given how men tend to age i buy it

Anonymous 114908

Only 10% of them age really well. That is a collossal myth.

Anonymous 114916

it's kind of sad bc this is actually a case of women not being as shallow as men. they grin and bear their husbands growing from strong to mole-rat like and weak.
instead of actually getting credit for it, though, men have narcissistically took it as "men age like wine." no, they either ignore it…or actually have more varied tastes than mens'.

I feel like a lot of men actually buy into it too and end up becoming that 1/10 mega-creep - probably married - scaring teen girls, instead of that suave gentleman they think they are in their head.
yep. when I point this out men act like I'm literally saying "most men can't be loved!" like. wut. the leap of logic there is legendary.

Anonymous 114956

what do you guys feel about Radiohead's Creep?

I dislike it, though also kind of relate to it–I have never crushed on such an angelic person and bemoaned not being on their level, sure, but feeling weird? yes.

Anonymous 114959

I always figured it was basically the incel anthem, except it's a bit too self-aware.

Anonymous 114960

Have any of you ever considered you might just be lesbians in denial?

Anonymous 114965

male hands typed this post

Anonymous 114969

>men: lose almost all attraction to women over 35
>some women: yeah, no, older guys just aren't that hot, most guys aren't that impressive either but I'm into some ones
>also men + Pickmes: oh sweatie you must be gay

Anonymous 114970

Or, surprise! Some women are into manly guys.
Tbf with me they're all fictional but stil.

Anonymous 114974

No need to be so defensive. I'm just saying there's only so many times the posters of these threads can go through the same song and dance of saying
>Ever notice how like 99% of men are super ugly?
>Omg yes! They're just objectively not attractive, women are so much more beautiful.
>Yeah the only man I find even remotely attractive are the super feminine ones. Weird.

Before you have to start wondering if there's something you're denying about yourself.

Anonymous 114977

honestly anon it's just true that women are better looking. they evolved dimorphically to be more attractive than men on average, they primarily attract a mate with their looks, women put more effort into their looks on average, etc. also literally >>114885 is probably gay.

I've only felt sexual attraction for guys (abet only under specific circumstances and cases), but I find women way easier to look at.

Anonymous 114989


Anonymous 115007

Regarding the porn discussion above, do you gals think it's better if moids watch illustrated pornography, like hentai, instead of live action porn? I still think it's gross and disgusting, but at least it doesn't hurt women IRL?
Honestly, all expressions of moid sexuality are toxic, no exceptions.

There were some disagreements about my suggestion of castrating all males, but how about adding male libido blockers into tap water? I think it's a decent compromise.

Anonymous 115017

Denial of what? I am bisexual lolol
Not that doesn't make any of the arguments less strong though

Anonymous 115018

Its more feasible but unless most female population turns gay or can reproduce on it's own neither scenario are unlikely to happen.

Anonymous 115073

We should adjust age of consent, so that the age of consent for women is 25, and age of consent for moids is 18. So that a moid who has sex with a girl below 25 can go to jail if the girl decides the relationship was abusive.

Rape/consent is all about power, and in today's patriarchal society, even 18 year old moids hold more power in society than mid 20s women. Age of consent should be changed to reflect this. Women need more control over their sex lives, and seeing how much middle aged men prey on young women, I think it's justified.

Anonymous 115075

Excuse me if I happen to be retarded, but the lack of ability to give consent (why age of consent laws exist) is supposed to be an example of someone is not in power concerning their situation. How does raising the age of consent show that woman have more power over their lifes as opposed to making the legal statement that they don't, in fact, do not and are incapable of exercising power over their life?

Anonymous 115076

Simple. If women don't have enough power in society de facto, it has to be compensated for de jure.

It's how laws work. Rich people have all the power in the world, but there are laws made to prevent them from abusing that power. I don't think it means that rich folk don't have power, it's a measure to limit their power.

Anonymous 115077

>Rich people have all the power in the world, but there are laws made to prevent them from abusing that power. I don't think it means that rich folk don't have power, it's a measure to limit their power.

What laws and limits are you referring to? Rich people still abuse their power by and large.

Anonymous 115083

Yeah i agree.
Also sorry i don't want to wait until I'm 25 to fuck and as someone whos gay and very unlikely to be predated upon by a woman, i would lowkey hate it

Anonymous 115084

Well, some hundreds of years ago rich people could own literal slaves, or have private armies, so I'd say laws are going something.


To me, laws are a practical matter. The "moral" or "cultural" perceptions surrounding laws are nothing but status quo prejudice. Saying that laws meant to protect women are infantilizing is like saying that laws meant to protect minorities are infantilizing.

In my opinion, the likes of DiCaprio and keemstar should go to prison just like Weinstein, because fundamentally they're doing the same thing: abusing their power to exploit young women.

You wouldn't have to wait though, moids will have to wait for you. You can do whatever you want, its just that if you are below 25, you can press charges against a moid you had sex with if you want.

Anonymous 115088

Hey everybody, those greedy people with all the power and money are totally gonna make laws to limit their money and power! Haha! They soooo won’t pass legislation that enables THEM! Haha!

Anonymous 115089

>Saying that laws meant to protect women are infantilizing is like saying that laws meant to protect minorities are infantilizing.
Sure, but just because you say a law is protecting woman doesn't mean it is not infantalizing them at the same time. Making the statement "Woman lack the ability to give consent until they are 25" implies that men gain the ability to consent earlier, implying that they gain higher cognitive abilities faster. Unless we're using definition of "consent" differently. What exactly do you think "consent" means such that a woman lacks the ability to give it until they are 25? Which, again, is what you are saying, de jure, that woman lack the ability to consent until they are 25.

Anonymous 115091

The rhetoric around consent being equivalent to maturity is nothing but a red herring. It's pure ideology, as Zizek would put it.
Laws are about power, nothing more, nothing less. For example, rapes are hard to prove, and thus under-reported. Making more robust laws to protect women against rape in no way implies that women have the responsibility or obligation to prevent rape, or that they're immature or whatever.

The law proposed would simply give women the leverage to employ the power of the state to punish men for abusing their power. If a woman wasn't abused by a moid, she has no reason to pursue legal action. If she was, she should have the right to punish the moid in question.

I find the whole argument ridiculous, to be honest. Is 40 year old men dating 20 year old women creepy and manipulative? Yes. So why should it be legally allowed? Fundamentally, abuse is about power, not "maturity". It's not a woman's responsibility to be "mature" enough to avoid predatory males, it's the males responsibility not to be predatory. And if they won't be responsibly of their own volition, the law should force them to be.

Anonymous 115095

Cute dino-bun but …

question, why do so many men have the audacity to think a woman that has 0 standards lands a guy with a heart of gold?

manosphere (and even some normie males) rhetoric around victim blaming is like…"well, a man with options is a monster because men are monsters, the only way you can find a good man is if he's forced into it because he has no power to choose anyone besides you (and he's only with you because you have a pussy–this guarantees he will worship you for a million years). Actual integrity and virtue doesn't exist among men, so just get the most passive, weakest guy you can."

the male they martyr as being the pinnacle of male goodness is the Orbiter; a guy that apparently never does anything out of compassion, definitely doesn't volunteer, etc., who is being nice to a woman he wants to fuck because…he wants to fuck her? they act like this guy will automatically worship her forever and treat her like a goddess forever, if she just chooses him.

it's really quite weird–considering I've known many women that actually did date their "orbiter" (not that they described them as such but it was obvious) and…it turned out they had their own set of issues in most cases, or even just secretly bad people. now, when these women reported having a better time, the men weren't insecure, bitter, or jealous, and generally well-adjusted, which…rules out most "nice guys."

Anonymous 115098

>The rhetoric around consent being equivalent to maturity is nothing but a red herring. It's pure ideology, as Zizek would put it.
Alright then, before I attempt to address anything else, define what consent is and why someone does or does not have the ability to give it at certain points in time. You're the own calling "age of consent" rhetoric, which is pretty fucking close to pedoshit for my fucking taste.

Anonymous 115100

We can argue about the semantics of law all day, but I don't really care about that tbh.
I have a very practical goal of giving women more power to leverage against abusive men, all the rest is secondary.
Social media shaming and twitter canceling won't do.

The question is, do you care more about optics, or do you care more about preventing abuse?

Anonymous 115102

NTA, I enjoy your pinkpills, though the problem with the "no time for optics" thing is that what you're suggesting can probably never be actualized.
it'd take a fundamental restructuring of society and the way (most) its people think for something like "increase the age of consent to 25" to fly that it seems silly to even entertain with any seriousness.

Anonymous 115106

Well, yeah. The system is rigged so that any real real world action is basically illegal, and legal, "due process" change will never, ever happen. It's all rigged.

Maybe we should take a page from the radical left playbook, and think about "direct action". In fact, just copy everything, and replace "bourgeoisie" with "moids".
Especially the parts about firing squads and guillotines, I really like those.

Anonymous 115108

>We can argue about the semantics of law all day, but I don't really care about that tbh.
I do, it's the only remotely interesting thing about this conversation. If it's just about being a power move with disregard to the underlying reason that's boring as hell.
>The question is, do you care more about optics, or do you care more about preventing abuse?
I give a shit about neither in full honesty, glad to see I'm not the only one possessed by ideology here though. I just want logically sound rhetoric. The rhetoric of power you're using is the same one Vaush uses to justify why when power imbalances are reduced, age of consent laws will disappear altogher. Which may or may not be true, but if your logic can be used to justify pedoshit I don't want anything to do with it.

Anonymous 115112

Well, this is the point of contention where our perspectives diverge.
I am not an egalitarian, I do not care about equality. I am a female supremacist.

Anonymous 115113

That is to say, I WANT a power imbalance.
In our favor.

Anonymous 115114

So…you find random opportunities to argue with people about things you don't care about? No wonder why you felt off in the other threads.

Anonymous 115116

>I am not an egalitarian
I'm not egalitarian either, if you want or believe that female superiority is correct than you shouldn't be changing age of consent laws, just remove all of men's right and keep them on the level of chattel. I can understand the arguments than, as any form of sex not initiated by the woman would automatically be considered rape. Simple as.

>you find random opportunities to argue with people about things you don't care about?

Anonymous 115127

how'd you get into the semantics stuff?
btw, thank you for being honest.

Anonymous 115128

dammit, I really hope you aren't a moid larper.

Anonymous 115129

>how'd you get into the semantics stuff?
I've never studied semantics, so I don't consider myself "into it". I just argue with people so one day maybe I can find something I care about and will be able to understand and defend it when I need to.

Anonymous 115131

Wasn't Tibet a Buddhist absolute monarchy before China annexed it? To me that just sounds like a cope, like when the pope says some "progressive" shit just to make the Catholic church look good

Anonymous 115134

Don't do that, it's a trap. You'll end up not caring about anything and becoming a cringey misanthrope.
Just choose something to care about and defend it after deciding your opinion like a normal person.

Anonymous 115135

OP for the IT complaint here. That's not disrespectful, just a religious boundary he has. If he said all of her work was useless or treated her like she doesnt exist that would be another thing. In Islam men can't touch or look at women that arent related to them, but they can still do group projects and stuff.

Anonymous 115136

Not sure if it's really about respect or lack thereof on an individual basis (of course faithfuls will follow along like sheep), more about how the religion itself is about dehumanizing women.

Anonymous 115138

do you have autism or are you just very technical-minded? you don't seem unintelligent, but the other anon was right about it being a bad precedent.

i.e., if you get something to believe in instead of it being organic, you will have taught yourself that your belief is something to prove, defend in a gladiatorial match…if instead of gladiators, it's about crunching down beliefs to their most measurable variables and then fighting with them–which isn't very a very healthy default.

Anonymous 115141


NSFW/NSFL warning

When women hate men they avoid men.
When men hate women they want to rape, beat, abuse and make us suffer. They enjoy making women suffer.

Males are parasitic and incomplete. Even when they hate women they are addicted to women, obsessively jerking off to women while seething and crying impotently. Is this how the "superior" sex behaves? Like a desperate, resentful leech with no host to latch onto?

There are no males are incabale of breaking free from their dependence and addiction to women (even gays/AGPs recreate the use/abuse "masculine/feminine" role dynamic). Just look at the males trying to talk down to these misogynists. They don't ever defend women, they just say "lol bro just b urself and you'll have a bitch to fuck too!!". 0 Empathy, narcissistic parasites.

Anonymous 115142

>You'll end up not caring about anything
You imply I haven't been in this state far before I started arguing with anyone about anything, I can't end up somewhere I already was, just stay there.
>and becoming a cringey misanthrope.
Eh, people are hard to deal with but I don't hate them abstractly for the fact they are human in and of that fact. I don't even really hate people, no, if there's anything my hate is aimed towards on a daily basis, it is myself occasionally, as it is paramount that I improve enough to reach the objective.
>Just choose something to care about and defend it after deciding your opinion like a normal person.
But I refuse.

>do you have autism or are you just very technical-minded?
I have allegedly been diagnosed as a three-year old with no paper trail to back this up as far as my Mother's records.
>you don't seem unintelligent, but the other anon was right about it being a bad precedent.
If I wasn't unintelligent would I have this problem? It seems to be quite the stupid problem to not know what you like, prefer, favor or agree with. Thus I must toil for that which others find simple. Hopefully being a fool in this respect is useful on some other level.

Anonymous 115143

Anonymous 115146

male hands typed this post

Anonymous 115147

Hey, there are actually women who FOR SOME FUCKING REASON are into abuse kinda shit. Have you seen how many girls are into yandere bishies?? What the fuck. And I doubt the cause is trauma in every case.

Anonymous 115148

yandere bishies are usually complex badboys and don't act like actual men. It's still shit when women like them, but it doesn't translate to irl.
Not even spineless tradthots/uber pickmes want to date basement-dwelling, low-iq, porn addicted misogynists.

Anonymous 115149

I used to be into fictional yanderes yet for the life of me couldn't understand liking bad boys IRL because they're absolutely disgusting to me. Like.. "stop talking to them and walk away + block them forever" disgusting. I have felt the most when around talking to cheerful, well-adjusted guys.

I realized that I was so drawn to yanderes because I had never once in my entire life felt genuinely desired or really at all prioritized by anyone.
That and you're right. They act nothing like IRL douches. Their obsession actually seems kinda hot whilst in reality it's super pathetic when someone is that obsessed with someone.

Anonymous 115150

>yandere bishies are usually complex badboys and don't act like actual men
They act like charismatic real-life psychopaths, though. With the whole "lock you up" thing and all. It's some kind of Stockholm Syndrome fetish.
But that's not something to be discussed in this thread, I think.

Anonymous 115153

idk anon, it's a contradiction because psychopaths are psychopaths, and not able to love in such a vulnerable way.

also, real life men like yanderes are extremely rare and I don't think the women that are apparently into abuse IRL idealize it or look for it…alternatively, they do, but project it onto men that aren't charismatic whatsoever and more garden variety abusive.

Anonymous 115155

why can't men be nice

Anonymous 115156

It's rare but they can be nice sometimes.
I think I've just been lucky to meet only guys who aren't into redpill/blackpill shit or any other flavor of misogynism. Though that doesn't mean some of them are not porn addicts.

Anonymous 115163

yeah it happens. rarely. I knew one very altruistic guy…we talking the majority of his free time being spent helping others in substantial ways. if you actually knew him for a few months it made sense why he behaved that way. downside? also the type of dude that literally laughed off another guy who borrowed 300$ from him and ghosted him. he easily could have been taken advantage of…but he was so successful and cheerful regardless so, ok.

think guys come across as less nice bc they are just less prosocial, which explains massive amounts of their antisocial behavior (which they then blame on society).

Anonymous 115169

probably genetics, they can only get you pregnant under 30

Anonymous 115185

>only get you pregnant under 30
scrote brainrot on full display

Anonymous 115186

Yeah; we do have menopause to worry about and a fertility window but getting pregnant in your 30s is more then possible, c'mon

Anonymous 115195

Have kids in your teens isn't really advised and actually pretty deadly ( and teens contrary to popular believe don't even seem to be as fertile or ready to pop kids as one would be led to believe), leaving the optimal age of conception to be anywhere between 22-35 if you are actually taking into account fertility peeks and physical to emotional maturity.

Having your first kid in your 40s is not advised but it's still possible ( though the ones who are able to have kids in this range and survive had at least one kid in their 20s or 30s-)

Men liking teen to very young girls is just coomer pedo shit and doesn't have to do with fertility or womanly health

Anonymous 115226

Anonymous 115227

It’s true moid brains are bigger but bigger brain doesn’t necessarily mean smarter. Whales aren’t smarter than us.

Anonymous 115228

how much is too much when criticizing other women? how do you approach sensitive topics? I keep seeing women bemoaning women putting other women down. sometimes I agree, but…then it turns out they're also referring to criticizing extremely bad decisions women make, or general trends among women that are, uh. Not good?

I've seen stuff like glowing up as much as possible now being intertwined deeply with empowerment, individualism and self care and it's…really disturbing? Not the it existing part but how now looking good is now associated so irrevocably with climbing up in life.

Anonymous 115229

*oh, I mentioned the 2nd part cuz it's a subject that I've seen women basically fighting tooth and bone over. i.e., someone criticizes beauty standards…other women complain that they're "putting women down" and "trying to control and police what women should be." etc.

it isn't extreme femininity I'm demonizing. it's the idea that women already have huge issues with self-esteem and self-consciousness and that normalization the extreme pursuit of beauty as a good is not good for women in general.

Anonymous 115230

We should be able to criticize women as much as men, especially when they make bad decisions that undermine the things we have fought for.
All of that "empowering" stuff is just keeping the status quo while shutting down criticism, so that women keep consooming.

Anonymous 115232

>We should be able to criticize women as much as men, especially when they make bad decisions that undermine the things we have fought for.
This exactly. If women can't criticise women that means only men will be able to criticise women which isn't a great situation.

Some women just don't want to face up to the consequences of their own poor decision making and try to use feminism as a defense.

It's all part of toxic positivity where saying anything remotely negative in any context is seen as bad. The world is not a 100% great positive place. Sometimes you need to be harsh, or at the very least, honest.

Anonymous 115233

average iq 4chan.j…

So is this not true anymore or what?

Anonymous 115239

With lit and sci being that high it definitely never was. Also x being ranked that low doesn't make sense - it's one of the few boards that can be actually enjoyable to browse. The sci/lit fag who made it probably got btfo'd here for his pseudointellectualism. Just like he was from cgl for being an obnoxious scrote.

Anonymous 115247

>[s4s] isn't ranked as the highest IQ board
Fake and gay.

Anonymous 115252

In fairness, it's very historical that dressing up nicely and having a lot of makeup on means you've moved up in life. Before mass media, you pretty much were the clothing you wore and the makeup you had on. We're just moving back to the olden days, before Victorians fucked everything up like they fucked up everything they ever touched.

Anonymous 115253

Fuck off, turdlet
No one deserves to be castrated.
We will achieve nothing if we sink to their level.

Anonymous 115255

I never got why they try using that method, because wouldn't women who constantly hear that come to the conclusion their husband would lose attraction to them once they turn 30 anyways, so what is even the point of getting married. And the "wife goggles" thing isn't true because they talk about fantasizing and leaving for younger women all the time. So it's all just a waste of time except for producing kids if that's what you want. If they want more marriage they should have kept pushing the bluepilled Disney eternal love fairy tales instead of threatening women about settling down before 30.

Anonymous 115261

>wouldn't women who constantly hear that come to the conclusion their husband would lose attraction to them once they turn 30 anyways?
Males are extremely narcisistic and see women as objects without agency, so no they never explore the idea of a woman coming to any obvious conclusions herself. It's all just threats born of bitter resentment, and a complete lack of empathy.

Anonymous 115263

Worse is i don't think most women are that stupid; there just in denial or a bit sheltered ( though i don't necessarily resent them for it since it's a bit beyond there control)

Anonymous 115264

NTA but playing nice has done wonders - right? get real.

Anonymous 115265

it can be denial or being sheltered but in my case I just loved them so much and had no idea until years had passed how much they hated women.

Anonymous 115266

it's late or it's early and again my heart is breaking all over once more because of how much hatred they have for us. all of my dreamy emotions were for nothing even though it was my natural way of being.

I feel like I'm going through an extended breakup but it's with all males as a whole. maybe this is not pinkpill material but it's as though I am grieving. there is no fix for this. what I like hates me.

Anonymous 115282

you're not completely wrong. I've noticed a trend among misogynists: hating women for things with pretty much no statistical/researched backing…or things men are technically more "guilty" of, but they ascribe as a feminine failing. They basically have to deep-mine for reasons to hate women otherwise (like having standards)…for things that, essentially, make women unavailable to them…or, remind them that women are human too.

It's why their ultimate form is extreme hypocrisy where they praise men for things they'd demonize women over. You can guarantee there's probably 100+ scrote lurkers right now in this thread pretty much drolling and moaning at finally finding anything 25% as bad as what's in half of threads in male-orientated imageboards.

Anonymous 115283

eh, doesn't that just add another layer of classism to it then? like "this doesn't matter for men, but women have to do this thing to their face in order to not look like common rabble."

Anonymous 115288

>Roe v. Wade
between the trans nonsense and now Roe v. Wade in the U.S. I think there will be a great swell of women that can no longer deny the gravity of being female and how inescapable the effects of being that are. pregnancy only occurs in women and no one can identify their way out of being of the female sex.
mass peak event when?

Anonymous 115289

this this this
it is so depressing to encounter men's senseless hatred of women
I want to befriend men, I want to enjoy life with our other halves, but they despise us

Anonymous 115300

i don’t feel like men are capable of love honestly. it’s like they only want to possess. whether it’s a wife girlfriend or daughter men just see us as property. every time i hear a moid whining about how he wants to ‘get’ a girlfriend i realized that it’s not about equal companionship it’s because he wants a) a sentient sex doll he can tote around like a trophy and/or b) respect from his peers. i wonder if they’re even attracted to us or just the high they get from other men’s attention?
also, i just wish more women would be honest with themselves about the actual nature of men. it feels like we’ve just developed mass stockholm syndrome towards moids, it’s not sacred knowledge that they’re disgusting but so many women acknowledge this and still try to spend their lives with one, why?

Anonymous 115301

What do you think about this?


Anonymous 115304

Moids fear, or at least detest vaginas when they’re not putting their penises in it, and also the rest of the reproductive system that does not direcly focus on their pleasure.
Can’t-find-the-clit meme is real, because they take pride in ignorance about your parts, after all, you’re ”just a woman”.
They talk about eating out as if they’d be forced to eat shit, and fall asleep during fingering because it’s so boring.
And even if you had NAMALT, he only wants to stimulate you to gain a sense of manly pride, or because he needs to get your vagina wet for his penis, your pleasure is secondary.
I don’t think it’s even ironic that they want to fuck your mouth or your anus, because those are the places that you get 0 pleasure, so he can get a power trip from making you to do such demeaning acts, it’s not even about his pleasure really, it’s about aknowledging his supposed superiority.
They come on your face to ”desecrate” you, like they’d do to a revered statue that they want to put to shame.
They ram it in your ass, because it hurts you and humiliates you.

Anonymous 115307

>also, i just wish more women would be honest with themselves about the actual nature of men. it feels like we’ve just developed mass stockholm syndrome towards moids, it’s not sacred knowledge that they’re disgusting but so many women acknowledge this and still try to spend their lives with one, why?
I get it but people, please - realize some women are not just lying to themselves or in denial.
you know how women will internalize blame generally or turn matters inward towards the self? it's not like I was totally blind to the risk of males but I thought it was me. there must be something wrong with me because of how I chose my boyfriends, something I'm doing wrong. that saying of, "if you smell shit everywhere you go check your shoes,"? yes, that. it's not like I was pasting over my feelings towards men to lie to myself. I genuinely thought the issue was not as bad as some said and that I was to fault, some character flaw in me making me attract badness into my life.
it is possible some women don't "wake up" until their middle to late 20s and not due to self-lies.

the fault lies with the men; it's not women's fault they were trained their entire lives to see the best in males.

Anonymous 115312

It's a topic worthy of a bigger discussion but apparently women are more likely to lie for the sake of others while men are more likely to lie for themselves.

Anonymous 115313

>"if you smell shit everywhere you go check your shoes"
I believe this is true in the sense that more women need to stop tolerating shitty male behavior
I don't believe it's a woman's fault for only having bad eggs, and totally agree with you that we are trained to see the best in men

once I raised my standards and stopped associating with men who didn't meet those standards, I stopped having so many nightmare experiences
men will not enter my life unless they agree with me (without convincing) with my beliefs about women, men, and gender, and will talk about it publicly with other people or else I know they'll treat me in a way I do not deserve to be treated
so far it has worked pretty well

these days I feel slightly less resentful towards men solely because I don't interact with awful men anymore but I still know that the type of men I hate didn't magically stop existing

Anonymous 115315


You don't know how much rage I have for the "j-just lower your standards" or "you were abused because you had standards!" male crowd because of stuff like your experiences. It's the women with little standards that get fucked over more. Why do so many men act like it's the opposite and women are fucked over if they have standards? smh

Anonymous 115321


>"you were abused because you had standards!"
that's hilarious because I was abused because I didn't have standards
not that I blame myself, but I definitely made excuses for men abusing me and didn't ever think I'd find men who weren't like that

we should not allow ourselves to be victims. we should have resist and have resilience in doing so
learning to have standards for the people I allow to be in my life, not just in regards to men or romance but women and friendships too, is one of the best things I've done for my mental health

Anonymous 115339

You know I legitimately hate 90% men for all the reasons we elaborate about here… And for years I would carry the discussion in favor of women, and listen to them endlessly, while never ever talking about myself, or my problems. Never asking for help.

but the older I get the more I realize how much I most hate women equally. All of the women's stories I read about online, twox, etc… are just too pathetic for me to endure. I mean women walk right into it over and over, and then drag their children into horrible scenarios right behind them.

I have lost my empathy for "woe is me" women who constantly expect you to listen and never give anything back. Don't give a shit to think twice about what I go through. I've seen it too many times, with women and they're just as bad, the way they practically give ALL of our keys away.

Why should I have empathy when they fucking walk into the same thing over and over again?? Why should I care and tell you poor you??? Yeah thats so sad? If you're that kind of woman all you should be hear about is how stupid you are. No I don't respect you for this shit. When you embrace an eating disorder to please men or flounce around deluding yourself that emotional slave-laboring will pay off when.. Its so insufferable to me, I think I've started to see what the big picture is really about.

I know it has nothing to do with women improving things, its just about selling out to the lowest common denominator.

I relate to none of the women I encounter most days these days and I don't try to. Trying to understand most women is like trying to understand someone that wants to believe lies.

I fucking hate hearing the whiny stories from bimbos. Hate hearing about their self-loathing and their misery, the way they demand you have sympathy for the millionth time. But at the same time they have no spine and their only real problem is being terrified of being hated by their boyfriend. Being singled out for being too this or too that. I've been through the kind a hell that gives you steel armor and never in my life have I ever talked about it or unloaded my bottomless problems and grief on anyone. (Mostly because nobody would listen to me, to begin with)

I hate most women because they groom men to be equally parasitic, shitheels who expect everything from you.

It makes me want to give up on everything related to relationships. There is too much shit out there because women are equally accountable for making men believe they're responsible for physical, sexual, and emotional slave-laboring. Most of the women I read posting online about their horrible situations are actually often just spineless. Which is the one thing everyone refuses to tell them. How pathetic they are, thinking giving things away one by one, will make people change their minds about using them.

People refuse to tell them they come across manipulatable.. having easy buttons to push (INSECURITY)… too generous and think that it will pay off in anyway. Why? Because they want them to be brainless bottomless caregivers, not expect respect. They have no concept of using their own backbone to earn respect from anyone, because they strive to be ultra feminized emotional slave labor doormats. They worship the script that sells them down the river, and try to call it empowering. I throw my hands up at all of it, most of all and especially relationships, because women continue to ruin it for me and themselves. I can't forgive them, because thats my existence. I know there are perfect men, I know they can exist, and I know what they should be but they're practically nonexistent and its inexcusable and disgusting. I can't forgive those women. I made up my mind somewhere and, I'm thinking of making this my main beef. Men can be "manipulated and coerced" to stop being stupid awful, and if not you can dump them on the side and make them desperate. Its really easy to expect respect and take no shit. Most women I know are completely pathetic in that capacity and good god. I just don't want to hear the excuses anymore.

((Why the FUCK would you wait for someone to tell you what you should get respect when they use your insecurity to manipulate you your entire life, and from the start? ))

Anonymous 115340

Ah, you're the idiot from /feels/.

Anonymous 115341

Maybe because you convinced yourself to be attracted to dumpy scrotes ? I know a lot of women who refuse to be attracted to men who do masculine and feminine really well… As if being that kind of sensitive is offputting. (Sounds more to me. like they think that's the only thing that's socially acceptable)

Heteronormative, know-it-all douches should be the very LAST on your list

At least in my experience, I see this kind of thing everywhere. Personally I don't know how that is attractive.

Anonymous 115343

I'm not sure maybe? Need context. If what I've just written is really idiotic then maybe respond to those parts thanks.

Anonymous 115345

Proof (for anyone else who might be reading this because this asshole obviously knows what I mean):
>Have any of you ever had a partner try and force non monogamy on you? How did you react?
>>>/feels/69810 (You)
>Like a non-bimbo OP. Get a fucking clue.
Sound familiar?

Another reply in the same thread:
>I don't know if this counts but one of my boyfriends, who was pornsick, at the end of our relationship he told me that he wanted a threesome. I either was simply weirded out and put off, or cried because he had been telling me a lot of disgusting shit recently.
>>>/feels/69808 (You)
>I would have left him in the dirt and just ghosted him on the spot if he was pornsick. What in christ ?? What is the fucking point????
That reply wasn't bad at all, to be honest. But then, immediately after:
>>>/feels/69809 (You)
>This makes me legitimately sick. It makes me hate all of you honestly. Its fucking pathetic, inexcusable.
Sounds quite similar to this >>115339 rant about hating "every woman except myself".

Finally, I know it's the same person in that thread because "she" made 4 posts in a row, literally one minute apart from each other, with exactly the same tone.

Anonymous 115346

I think I saw shit of that sort while browsing through recent 4chan archives. Yes, they are writing that crap to get off. It didn't seem to be with the intention to "trigger" AO3 users but they actually are into it (unsurprisingly)

Anonymous 115347

More importantly, why do you change the subject and refuse to respond to my post?

Anonymous 115349

What feminism need the most is to create stronger and confident women, but instead all I see is an endless defence of the right to be helpless and fragile.
Feminism is not directed to men, feminism is for women and it should be about giving women what they lack, what they need to overcome their sistematic opression.
Men won't change, ever. But we can, we can overcome out weakness.

Anonymous 115350

I didn't say I hated all women, I said I hated women who repeatedly got into abusive relationships and then continue to stick to the dicy script that got them there in the first place. Though yeah I get the impression this is most women, based on my previous relationships with women.

Anonymous 115351

>>but instead all I see is an endless defence of the right to be helpless and fragile.

Thank you this is exactly what I'm talking about.

Anonymous 115352

This is honestly the only thing left to discuss though. Whining about them makes you look like you let them get to you and it shows. WAY too much. I mean if we had real success here we'd only be talking about what we enjoy, laughing about everything, including men, and talking about only the perfect kinds of guys. We'd be completely ignoring the rest. We'd talk about aggressive strategies, and accomplishments and thats it.

Anonymous 115353

>I know there are perfect men, I know they can exist
what is this shit I'm reading?

>I fucking hate hearing the whiny stories from bimbos.

you just hate women, whatever you are.

Anonymous 115356

Kys scrote.

Anonymous 115359

What we need to be doing is making men smaller and weaker, or decrease their population. There's a few solutions like selective breeding, something men have been doing since forever (have daughters with fit strong males, feed said daughters rihjt, encourage working out etc), another solution could be a lab made virus or putting something in foods that only men eat idk im not in stem. Either way we should focus on decreasing their population/size/aggression and you know they will never change on their own

Anonymous 115361

What? Most of the women having bad experiences with men are normies.

Anonymous 115362

*I mean in general not necessarily on cc. It's pretty normal for women to be let down or start apologizing for bad behavior.

Anonymous 115366

that would be nice but it's not very feasible. pinkpill swole squads?

Anonymous 115376

They sound like misanthrope but this is still the wrong thread for that shit

Anonymous 115382

The worst thing about them is that they are all pedophiles and abusers. It would be nice if they all killed themselves off already but they've put establishments in place to prevent that. It's a shame really.

Anonymous 115407

anyone else feel like even though men stereotype women as talking “too much” men are actually the ones that never shut up? i was thinking about every person i’ve come across that just talks on and on at length and i realized they’re all guys. maybe it’s a stereotype cause men like to delude themselves with self-importance and think that everyone needs to hear their inner monologue while they just assume all female conversation is vapid. light complaint compared to everything else but i still wanted to rant about it
i think there are a bunch of other negative traits that are considered ‘feminine’ but i see way more in males than in women

Anonymous 115408

This has been studied and it showed that when women talk something like a third of the time, men perceive them as talking too much.

You might find this blog interesting, it's by a language academic and they cover things like this:


Anonymous 115413


NGL made me kek

Anonymous 115432

yes. everything is projection by them. they never shut the fuck up.

Anonymous 115434

It makes me not want to live to that age. Old women are invisible to the world.

Anonymous 115436

>>what is this shit I'm reading?
maybe you can't read.

>you just hate women, whatever you are.

Nope just the kind that stick to the female script prescribed by moids, who then stay in bad relationships and expect you to be sympathetic.

Anonymous 115437

Because I am sick of hearing about bad relationships, from women who refuse to leave them, or grow a backbone, it suddenly makes me a scrote?? What?? How the fuck do you figure??

Anonymous 115445

Um there are a generous amount of old people who have fun until they're 90. If you were invisible in old age it was probably due to your own insufferable self-loathing and watered down personality.

Don't paint all of them like you. No we sure as fuck WONT all shoulder the burden of your self-loathing and we never will. Rot in a hole for all i care. You are the problem.

Anonymous 117379

somehow this random spanish nun is still more based than every single moid iv'e ever met

Anonymous 117380


She wasn't Spanish, she was Mexican.

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