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showerthoughts Anonymous 11307

Showerthoughts thread, post any random things you're thinking about

Anonymous 11310

I remembered the existence of the Nickelodeon straight to TV Fred movie the other day, it used to get advertised a lot. I still don't know who Fred is.

Anonymous 11327

Quitting this imageboard/a couple websites. I pretty much have no social media so I tend to come here a lot. I'd like to do it less and less than stop soon to focus more on studying for a possible master's degree.

Anonymous 11330

>>11327 good luck anon!! I think it's good you want to focus on education. Remember we're always here if you need to vent anonymously though <3

Anonymous 11629


I wish crystal.cafe was more active. It's so cozy here, from the layout to the users. Just dead as heck.
I think I'll try and advertise this place in the lowkey way suggested in one of the meta threads.
Wish me luck!

Anonymous 11630

i was talking to a friend who works in the industry and i was so impressed. come to found out she got so far up by smartly escorting herself / other girls and having sex with powerful men to the point of getting them to want to marry her.

im sad. if i want to be in the music industry do i have to do this shit?

Anonymous 11631

Good luck, anon!

>im sad. if i want to be in the music industry do i have to do this shit?

You need to ask other people in the industry to find out but I doubt that. I am sure it's a shitty industry but I don't think everyone had to ~sell their souls~ to get where they are. And the escorting thing.. if you're willing to do that for fame it says a lot about your moral standards. Also the fact she also made other women do it too is not only disgusting but also illegal iirc.

Anonymous 11634

coughkill mencough

Anonymous 11637

I wish I was sexier.

Anonymous 11638

A friend introduced me and I'm glad that it's slower. Any website that's quick to update with content has an angrier userbase generally, so i'm cool with chill people taking it easy. Good luck with your advertising, anon.

Anonymous 11658

have you seen the in-fighting and complaining here? most people here are already angry especially because of the origin site of almost everybody here.

Anonymous 11659

There's hardly any infighting tbh. and any drama usually dies out within hours

Anonymous 11660


Well, let's hope those remain thoughts, then
It would be unjust to a lot of people

Anonymous 11872

can't tell if i'm lazy or depressed.

Anonymous 13029


i'm on spring break, and determined to be productive. shit is going to get DONE.

Anonymous 13050


If you kill a murderer, the number of murderers in the world stays the same.

Anonymous 13054


I should be studying.
I have too many pictures and I know I'm not gonna use all of them, I don't know why I still download them.

Anonymous 13083

not if u kill 2 murderers

Anonymous 13084


Anonymous 13150

Or even more.
Had to think about Death Note.

Anonymous 13158

All the old paintings on the tombs, they do the sand dance. Don't you know? If they move too quick they're falling down like a domino. All the bazaar men by the Nile, they got the money on a bet… Gold crocodiles. They snap their teeth on your cigarette.

Anonymous 13237

Were you watching Jojo recently? That song got stuck in my head, too.

Anonymous 13298


Sometimes I fear some shit I say will end up being IRL foreshadowing, especially when I say bad stuff

Anonymous 13310

Like this post?

Anonymous 13316

giphy (1) - Copy.g…



Anonymous 13340

I had a really cool idea for a time travelling "explanation" to use in fiction, but I don't write sci-fi (and haven't read much of it either). I don't want to explain it to anyone because I want to use it myself, but it's nearly impossible. It's bugging me a lot.

Anonymous 13348

Publish an incredibly short story using it, license it and hope someone buys it.

Anonymous 13350

Fucking same, I even try and avoid thinking and saying certian things to try not to jinx it

Anonymous 13371



is there an equivallent of a rain dance for space debris? there's a chinese satellite expected to crash somewhere around my area and I really hope it falls on me.

Anonymous 13444


I just want to wish my fellow miners a happy Easter. Hope you are all eating yummy things.

Anonymous 13533

Diabetes kinda sounds like a name a Greek god would have

Anonymous 13534

and diabeetus sounds Roman

Anonymous 13699

If the fertilized egg of identical twins didn't split, who of those two would have been born? Or would it be an entirely different person?

Anonymous 13701

I have no idea if that's true but it's common for pregnant women to have twins until they start fusing again. A lot of twins have a right handed child and a left handed child, and supposedly if you see someone who's left handed they most likely absorbed their twin in the womb (could also be the case for right handed people though). There's the case of a little girl in India who had 2 healthy arms and 2 fucked up ones, same for the legs, and it was because she didn't fully absorbed her twin sister in the womb when the mother was pregnant. I've been told there are other similar cases and sometimes it's pretty gorey. So I guess maybe they wouldn't be a different person but there just would be only one of the potential twins? Who knows.

Anonymous 13702



Holy shit, im left handed

Anonymous 13713

Me too, cannibal high five?

Anonymous 13714

>and supposedly if you see someone who's left handed they most likely absorbed their twin in the womb

One of the stupidest things Ive ever heard.

Anonymous 13715

Damn I wish I were you
Oh God I regret having read that. This seriously freaked me out, anon, put a damn spoiler next time
I agree. Here's an even dumber theory: what if the monozygotic twins develop different main hands just like they develop different personalities, because of their drive to distiguish themselves as individuals. If they do that at all

Anonymous 13716

Identical twin here.
That'd be an entirely different person with roughly the same genetics.
No. First of all, the claim that all sets of identical twins have a left handed twin and a right handed twin is false. Most identical twins have the same dominant hands because they are developed side by side. Mirror imaged identical twins are different because they are developed facing each other, hence why they have opposite dominant hands. A lot of other stuff is flipped, too - for example, my dental records are similar to my twin's, but flipped (I'm a mirror imaged twin) . It's not a choice (well, I suppose if there was one twin that want to distinguish themselves better that they could try being left handed, but I doubt that's common. There are much easier ways of achieving that goal, anyway).

Anonymous 13717

Samefag as >>13716
In that case the egg was already split, though so they were two separate entities - it's just one became absorbed.

Anonymous 13718

Do y’all ever think this while showering? What it would be like to teleport from shower to shower to experience other cool showers?

Anonymous 13719

Samefag don’t mind me I’m high kek

Anonymous 13720

They're called hotels, anon

Anonymous 13721

Why do you oldies sage when samefagging?

Anonymous 13722

Guns are the upgraded versions of bow&arrows.

Anonymous 13723

Boy I wish I could stay in a hotel but work.

Anonymous 13724

Fuck I can’t unsee it.

Anonymous 14420

I really do love C.C.

My posts are never cool enough to warrant attention (i guess) but seeing anons interact here warms my heart. There's rarely any baiting (and if it does exist, it's normally done in a humorous way or at LEAST you can tell by reading that the baiter isn't trying to be malicious), the layout is super cozy, I adore the banners………………this place is just lovely.

I WISH the KPOP thread was more active though. And the site in general. Ha.

Anonymous 14428

Oh I wish it was more active too, anon. We need more cute banners <3

Anonymous 14948

>internet connection so slow rabb.it lags
it was fun while it lasted

Anonymous 15014

i thought of these little things today and yesterday while riding my bike

>wasted my day again frozen taquitoville

>olive garden: when you're here you're famiglia famous pizza restaurant

>big boobs; rip tubes

Anonymous 17104

never gonna understand why people who can't afford kids have kids. wish we had more restrictions on who could and could not have children.

Anonymous 17109

Holy crackers, anon. What's got you thinking like that?

Anonymous 17110

Not that anon but I feel the same way just from experience. There are way too many shitty parents out there.

Anonymous 17111

>rich people can't be shitty parents
Again, what the hell?

Anonymous 17113

Fuck i hate this match wtf

Anonymous 17115

Today's showerthought: Holy shit, I think so rapidly, it's exhausting. I usually drown out all my "extra" thoughts with music/podcasts/TV so without any external stimulation my mind goes haywire.

Anonymous 17117

It sounds like you live a very manic life. What happens when you "go haywire"?

Anonymous 17119

They can, but theoretically they have less to fuck up.

Anonymous 17120

So, because of that we should very slowly genocide the poor. Sounds like a good way to raise up a generation of deceptive, greedy people.

Anonymous 17139


Not so manic, just anxious! "Haywire" just means having lots of thoughts in succession and not much mental peace.

Anonymous 17141

Have you been like this for a long time?

Anonymous 17168

Today while vacuuming i realised that before vacuums were invented there were no carpets only rugs because it would be impossible to clean a carpet without a vacuum. Of course this is completely logical but I just never thought of it like that (that happens to me often)

Anonymous 17203

cc makes me paranoid
i'll scroll through the threads in /feels/ and half of those 'reee no bf' posts or where they're whining about the most generic relationship shit makes me think men are just larping as women
especially after that incident with maev and steve (the guy behind steve was well…male)
it makes me a bit angry that there could possibly be men stealthing this chan

Anonymous 17204

>> maev and steve
Fill me in?

Anonymous 17205

who? what?

Anonymous 17206

the 'name my oc' thread
i know the creator of the thread is female ( aka me lol ) but the person that took the story over was a guy :/ all their posts were deleted but just 1 remained where they fessed up

also i guess 'incident' was a strong word to use.

Anonymous 17207


Anonymous 17208

Stop fearmongering. If that is true cc would be way more active, we don't have many people here because the men who bait / out themselves were permabanned

Anonymous 17211

possibly? more like they're probably a third of the userbase. But if you can't tell then it really doesn't matter

Anonymous 17220

search the catalog friendo

it does matter anon
guys who would larp as females are usually unsavory :// also i just don't want them here
why would they feel the need to post HERE when literally every other chan exists
makes my skin crawl

i'm just stating my opinions

Anonymous 27358

just realized i've always stayed up late in a futile attempt to keep the next day from coming

Anonymous 27368

>whining about most generic relationship shit
Women can't do this, apparently?

Anonymous 27642

Imo, the worst aspect about marijuana is that it can make boring things fun.

Anonymous 27667

i tried taking a good bath today but i didn't relax at all.. i don't know why i keep insisting on taking baths and thinking they're going to make me feel ~relaxed~ this time when they never do. i keep worrying about having to get up and that my tummy is fat because i look straight at it. am i the only? shower master race.

Anonymous 27669

Don't you have bubbles in your bath, anon?

Anonymous 27775


going through hangover

Anonymous 28314


Take BUBBLE BATHS. Use bath milk or something. Lavender smell is good and relaxing. Light a candle for max comfy and relaxation. If you can focus well enough, maybe read a book or magazine as well.

Anonymous 28392

Watching FMA:B for the first time, Arakawa seems like an extremely interesting person to me. Grew up on a farm, draws manga, has clearly done a ton of research about historical alchemy for FMA and has a big family (three kids). Sounds like she's living the good life.

Anonymous 28430

FMA:B is a masterpiece. I hope you enjoy the shit out of it. I haven't watched the live action yet because I know its terrible but Dean Fujioka as Roy Mustang makes me moist

Anonymous 28431

Watched Hereditary. Thought the main girl-actress was wearing a mask . But was I SURPRISED to learn not only is that her real face (poor girl tbh ) but that she also played Matilda in the theater.

Anonymous 28444


I am too a victim of anime picture hoarding.

Anonymous 28445

I want to thank you for posting that lovely anime picture. The snowman by her side is a wonderful artistic touch

Anonymous 28478

>lovely anime


Anonymous 28631


i as well am collector anon, i guess it just cant be heleped.
i have been trying to periodically go through my fotos and clean out the less than perf. ones…but still i have so many.
they just make me comfi i guess and i like looking at them wen im sad.
/cute is just my absolute fav i suppose.
mabey we can make a random /cute thread and share em!

Anonymous 28639

Toothbrushing thought:
Why aren't mods called baristas here?

Anonymous 28641


Clever anooooooooooooooooooooooooon

Anonymous 28656


this is pretty heckin cute idea tbh…. ^^^°^^^^°^^^

Anonymous 28659


just found out about this. Only reading about it doesn't hardly make sense, but take it from me. I'm very much a tomboy, almost my entire wardrobe is men's clothes. But every once in a few blue moons I dress all-out girly and then usually masturbate. Something about feeling so feminine, dressing so different from normal really turns me on. It practically feels like I'm cross-dressing, except I'm not a guy.

Anonymous 28660


Anonymous 28661

do you know what redundant means?

Anonymous 28692

Fuck, I used to be the same when I dressed in men's clothing all the time. And even now that I'm pretty feminine in presentation, I find that doing heavier makeup and wearing provocative clothing (mini skirts and tight shit) has the same effect.
I always just assumed I was a narc lol. Because I'm definitely dtf myself.
>inb4 we get called troons
No! I'm just self-centered!

Anonymous 29017


when i was younger i looked down on SoL and the like ( because they were utterly boring sludge & utter moeshit ) but since i'm older and pretty much friendless these are the series i seek out for . . . escapist purposes
i absolutely do wish my middle school and high school experiences hadn't been so uncomfortable and stifling. i'd give a lot to go back but be around a different set of people so i could have fun, but, eh.
Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu is the sauce for pic

Anonymous 29071

People complain that anime is becoming mainstream but I think it's a good thing - this way I'm a bit closer to being a "normie" without much effort.

Anonymous 29081


I just found the world's cutest billionaire. Um, like hi.

Anonymous 29090


One of my friend's posed the question last night "would you want a clone that instantly diverges from you and has all the same memories and experiences as you up until the point they diverge" and of course we all said no.

Then I realised it would be impossible to figure out who was the clone and who was the original, and I know for a fact I wouldn't want to step out of my own life and give that up so I'd probably just have to fight them to the death.

My other friend said if that happened he'd happily step out of his own life and start a new one because "none of his friends or family would be hurt by it or know the difference" which I thought was weird of him.

Anonymous 29096

That is extremely rude. I would absolutely clone myself and she would be my best friend, and we would solve crimes together.

Anonymous 29097

I'd fuck my clone.
And because she'd remember typing this she'd be down.

Anonymous 29101

op here, I think it'd be super interesting to have a clone of yourself that's born after you. Essentially watching yourself grow up before your eyes. I know the clone would probably turn out at least a little different cos nature vs nurture and all that but it'd be fun to watch. I wouldn't wanna raise a clone tho cos fuck parenthood

Anonymous 29109

plus you could use her for an organ transplant donor if needed

Anonymous 29114


It'd be interesting to see yourself from an outside perspective to see how you truly look. I'd hope it would be a pleasant surprise tho

Anonymous 29120

I read somewhere they do research on how to clone individual organs but I don't remember much.

Anonymous 29246

Screen Shot 2018-1…

Is attraction to men who look or dress like women a form of homosexuality? Is this a gateway to lesbianism? Am I going to start dawdling about the purity of Carmilla's love and rallying against Christian cake shops?

Anonymous 29247


It's a complex subject with no simple answer.

I like the answer that any attraction to gender noncomformity/trans/crossdressing is different degrees of bisexual.

Anonymous 29254

I’d say no because you know the BENIS is hidden away somewhere. Crouching benis, hidden dragon.

Anonymous 30039

my chicken soup is way too spicy but i have to eat it all

Anonymous 52385

someone next door is like…barking like a dog

Anonymous 52394

lmao if they do it again record it and post it pls

Anonymous 52551


tomorrow. i am walking to a market that's about 15 minutes away and buying snacks.

Anonymous 52554

be safe in your journey, comrade

Anonymous 52556

What kind of snacks?

Anonymous 52603

I wish I could have your courage…

Anonymous 52686

why do i play with my tits so much

do you live in a bad part of your country or something

bought hot buffs and brownies


Anonymous 52729

"Diarrhea" sounds kinda cool if you think about it. I would totally name my daughter a "Diarrhea" If it wasn't about wet shit bursting from your asshole.

Anonymous 52731

A friend and I used to joke about how the word "diarrhea" sounded like the name of some majestic mythical creature, lol.

Anonymous 52754

I heard a story about two parents from a non-English speaking country who called their daughter the most beautiful sounding word in English that they could find. Diarrhoea.

Anonymous 52775

sometimes I think about what if I just disappeared one day? would my friends care?

Anonymous 52824

>do you live in a bad part of your country or something
Nope. Just general anxiety with agyrophobia (fear of crossing roads) unfortunately.

Anonymous 53107


>get cotton swab
>dip end in hydrogen peroxide
>tilt head
>put end in ear
>hear the fizzing and crackling
>swivel around, get the wax
>pull out swab
>put the dry end of the swab in
>dry up the wetness
you guys don't even know

Anonymous 53112

I'm afraid of putting swabs in my ears.
Too many stories of people injuring their eardrums.

Anonymous 54740

took a shower and i feel so much cleaner.

Anonymous 54741

i really want to staple myself omfg…the only thing stopping me is lack of stapler

Anonymous 54759

Yep, still fat.

Anonymous 54762

You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.
I'll bet you're beautiful <3

Anonymous 62576

sleep is dumb as hell man i don't like having to do it. if it were a choice that would cash but it ain't and so i suffer

Anonymous 65115

A birth certificate isn't just about a piece of paper. Its the experiences you felt in life. The impression on you leave on the people and the world.

Anonymous 65116

what? are you retarded?
a birth certificate is just an offical document verifying when you were born, it has no metaphorical meaning beyond that??? People live alternate lives under different names or are born in war torn countries and never get birth certificates, they are remembered purely as the impression they leave and these identities.

Anonymous 65120

No shit
I was making fun of instagramhoes #WOKE

Anonymous 68510


i know i literally just posted about this manga in a separate thread, but i'm unsure if i could say this anywhere else on the web without getting bullied so:

i love that chainsaw man has a femboy that deviates from standard femboy/trap tropes (e.g. being super plucky/hyper/positive or having a generic boring girl personality) and i also love the weird platonic relationship between two of the leads, denji and power.

if you're reading this and you ship them, that's great: but i adore relationships that are super close, but not necessarily romantic/sexual, and it's super surprising to see this in a shonen manga between a hot girl and a hot boy. they're just…really good friends, and it's neat. wish i had a friend to bathe with and cuddle.

Anonymous 68511

Did you also got upset when power dies, the second time? She dies so screen too, that's so messed up.
I can't wait for more chainsaw man I love that series.

Anonymous 68513


yes! it would've made me tear up but, i spent all my tears on aki & angel's deaths. i hope she's brought back somehow…along with everyone else, really. it's just too fucked to me that everyone dies and denji has to be unhappy.

i love it too, anon. i managed to binge the whole thing over a span of two days, which hasn't happened in a while.

Anonymous 69047

I used to think moids were evil and I am right,but my thought went towards a more uncomfortable when I realized that evil is the default state for most people regardless of sex or gender

I tried to get a boyfriend and saw that moids are horrid,but then I tried to make friends and realized most women are also horrible . So that means that most people are horrible .
If you ever meet someone truly decent ,dont let go of that person . I did once and I will never stop regretting it.

Anonymous 69052

Same. I wish it wasn't so slow, especially during these lockdown times

Anonymous 69173

I feel the same way. I realized this when I was sixteen and got my first job at a fast food place where both customers and coworkers treated me horribly. Then as I grew up and I realized not everyone was going to be as kind and accepting as my school teachers. It's also an even more difficult and uncomfortable idea to accept when you don't have any family to fall back on for that selfless kindness and warmth that you crave.

Anonymous 69197

I don't really hate men and I shouldn't let my past bad experiences embitter me. With that said, I should still keep whatever lessons I've learned from past relationships but I don't want to be too reserved if the next guy comes along. I want to feel loved just as I want to show him how much I do, too, in a very pure way.

Anonymous 80730

i am a fujo and i sometimes feel bad for loving the slender, femme uke x buff, masculine seme trope so much

Anonymous 80754

my town is shitty but it's the only town I can find in the world that has the same name, so it's kind of interesting. You can find tons of Parises and Berlins and Londons but only one of my shitty town's name.

Anonymous 80760

Embrace the degeneracy, anon.

Anonymous 80796

Is reading incest fanfic normal?

Anonymous 80797

No, but what are your favorites? Asking for a friend.

Anonymous 80829


i guess im a degenerate

Anonymous 80838

it probably isn't "normal" but it isn't morally wrong

Anonymous 80840

Yes? Why not? People read about all sorts of depraved things.

Anonymous 80894

I still think about the time I was sneaking glances at attractive guy who was smoking and when he found out, he blew smoke into my face.

Anonymous 80902

I read a book in the park and like 50 meters from me a cute guy did the same and I'm pretty sure he looked at me once. Hahahaha.

Anonymous 86452

Kaii to Otome to K…

I think I'm done with listening to male artists.

Anonymous 87478

I don't think I am as touch starved as I was 3 years ago. I am starting to better cope with being alone. It still is hard, and I still want to be held and adored, but I will wait. I dont hate men, but because I have never been with one the whole prospect of dating someone scares me, but I hope it will go well once when it happens. Also I can't believe there is 37 grams of sugar in a single icecream cookie. I ate half of one today and I had to take breaks because it was so sugary. Then I looked at the wrapper and it was 37 grams I almost vomited. I have the rest in my freezer but I might save it for something else. I also really want it to rain, this heat is killing me. Maybe the reason as to why I am not lonely is because I am starting to put more attention on other things, the icecream sandwich thing really bothered me.

Anonymous 87563


I wish I knew how to dress up in a cute way without being frumpy. I feel like in order for me to dress up in a way that compliments my body I have to wear tight clothing. Most tight clothes make me feel overwhelmed and exposed. I just wanna wear stupid cute sweaters and long sleeved shirts that are soft and light.

Anonymous 87570

i love that cat pic and i relate 100000%. i look crazy dumpy, not even just frumpy, when not in tight clothes but tight clothes are so awful.

Anonymous 87621

It's terrible! I wish I could dress all cutesy and comfy but I will just end up looking like a fridge kek, I'm still looking for ways to deal with this, but my options are just so limited it's not fair :(

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