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Anonymous 113145

>thinking about a game
>game appears as an advertisement

>thinking about an animal

>start seeing memes of this animal on twitter

>wish i could see a really, really specific piece of art again

>the art is a thread topic on 4chan the next day

i keep seeing things when i think about them. i don't know why this is. and this happens to me a lot, i recall when i was thinking of whether or not i actually wanted to attend university for computer science, i stumbled across a sweater that proclaimed: "i'm a programmer :D" at goodwill.

is this just coincidence? is it law of attraction at work? does anyone else go through this? because it's driving me a little nuts.

Anonymous 113147

A. It is coincidence
B. Everything is falling into place and you should follow the signs.

I'd say go with B., just in case.

Anonymous 113148

I hate this shit

Anonymous 113150

I heard from a tv program that it could be a case of false memories. You think the thought of X precedes seeing X irl, but actually it’s the other way around. It’s easy to disprove/confirm if you just make a note the moment you think about something

Anonymous 113162

Google's data harvesting and advertising technologies are getting out of hand

Anonymous 113166

Cosmic AI

Anonymous 113172


Anonymous 113173

>>113172 hes so sexy who is he

Anonymous 113177

It's called the Baader-Meinhof effect, or the frequency illusion. Basically when a new or freshly relevant concept is on your mind, you're just more aware of it and attuned to noticing it.

Anonymous 113178

You might be schizophrenic

Anonymous 113183

Coincidences have nothing to do with schizophrenia. Do you know what schizophrenia even is?

Anonymous 113188

Seeing meaning in unrelated things and making up connections where they don't exist is a symptom of schizophrenia. It's called apophenia.

Anonymous 113191

I have similar shit but only with people. A couple of times people I lost contact with dropped into my life when I thought of them intensely, and there is one person in my life whose entire presence feels fated. There are coincidences that brought us together and he has so many traits in common with a character/story I wrote back in 2017-18.
It doesn't mean much of course. I have yet to manifest a bf/gf so even if it's true it's useless.
Isn't the human brain prone to making connections anyway? Most cultures have superstitions so that would mean most people are schizophrenic or OCD.

Anonymous 113266

william knight

Anonymous 113611

>Most cultures have superstitions so that would mean most people are schizophrenic or OCD.

Most people don't have these illnesses, but most people have traits associated to these illnesses, but in homeopathical quantity, keeping them on the "sane" side.

Anonymous 113612

(nta) From what I understand it generally has to be marked by significant distress to qualify for mental illnesses. If you believe in something weird but it doesn't bother you or it actually increases your quality of life, it isn't considered a problem.

Anonymous 113613

This is not the case with schizophrenia actually. They might be ok with their beliefs and be 100% convinced they are true. What marks it as a mental illness is how irrational and socially disconnected they are (ie not part of an established folklore or cultural practice).

Anonymous 113668

The fact that you're in this thread means you're energetically aligned with him and his message

Anonymous 113776

If you were thinking about milk and then milk related stuff happened, like someone poured you a glass of milk, or you went into the countryside and seen dairy cows, then that is just you noticing milk because milk is on your mind and these things would had happened regardless. That is a factor and it is something to consider always. But if you are thinking about something that doesn't have a high probability and then it happens not long after, or again and again and again, then it no longer is a coincidence, it is synchronicity. I have experienced this myself multiple times. Infact I deliberately brought it on once. I wanted to test it out so I thought of some random, very specific scenario that was not impossible but unlikely and I forced myself to believe that it was going to happen some how, and in 5 minutes it happened. I had that much faith it was going to happen I was not even surprised or shocked or freaked out when it did happen

I cannot convince anyone that it is real, only personal experience will so I am not going to argue it. But I know it is a thing. I don't understand it and I don't know how it functions or it's limits but I know it is real

Anonymous 113804

>Seeing meaning in unrelated things and making up connections where they don't exist is a symptom of schizophrenia. It's called apophenia.
And there's an objective standards that decide what connections "actually exist"? Schizophrenia can only be evaluated within a cultural context.

>(nta) From what I understand it generally has to be marked by significant distress to qualify for mental illnesses
Close. Distress is certainly one criteria, but the main concept is "decreases life quality". i.e. Terry Davis may or may not have felt okay about being homeless, but regardless of that, it was negatively affecting his life quality and may have resulted in his death.

It should be stated though that giving treatment to someone who doesn't feel distress about their situation will almost irrevocably fail on all counts however.

This, if enough people in your society believe Law of Attraction exists you are by definition not schizophrenic for believing it exists.

Anonymous 113805

Does it matter if it's Law of Attraction or not? What matters is if it's actually working and you can use it. If it is in fact working I would start affirming shit you want into existence. No guarantees it works, but you're the one whose noticed the pattern, so now it's your choice, do you enable what may or may not exist? There's no retreating from this knowledge.

Anonymous 113809

funny how paranormal things like that only happen when it doesn't matter, why don't try winning the lottery by thinking about it alot?

Anonymous 113811

Eh, as far as the more famous people who believe this shit it even works like that. Not lottery winning, more, unrealistic things coming to fruition. Suppose it should be possible to will a lottery win into existence, but turns it it's far easier to will other sources of income instead.

Anonymous 113829

I want to say B too. Just let these things happen, keep a good mindset, and roll with whatever happens next.

Anonymous 113830

taking a shower prevents this

Anonymous 114837

Please think of world peace.

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