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Anonymous 113157

You get a superpower.
1. What is it?
2. How are you going to use it?

Anonymous 113163

Being able to survive without basic neccesities (water, food and shelter). I just think that would be awesome because it'd provide so much freedom.

Anonymous 113164

This but to a massive level
Imagine no one needing anything from no one and everybody working and interacting out of pure joy and convinience

Anonymous 113174


>>113163 my dream life

Anonymous 113175

Don't know if this counts but I would just want to be BE Dr Manhattan
>No physically necessities such as air
>Can transform yourself and objects by will
> Can teleport at will
> Can see and mentally be in the future / be omnipresent
>Simply invincible

Anonymous 113176

And I would use these powers selfishly to go to different planets and explore
If I get bored I'd go to different powerful secret societies/think tanks and listen without their knowledge
I'd also just go around fixing buildings

Anonymous 113185

The ability to have perfect bowel movements everyday.

To have perfect bowel movements everyday. You think I jest- I have very uncomfortable poops. I could eat healthier, but fuck taking responsibility for my health tbqhf

Anonymous 113214

Super power: create stuff from scratch like the creative mode in minecraft

i'll build emerald caslte

Anonymous 113215

I want the power to force people to eat healthier and to take responsibility for their own health. I'm going to use my power on >>113185 first.

Anonymous 113216


I'll dive in front of your accountability beam before it hits the other anon and save 100s of dollars on therapy! My evil plan is flawless.

Super speed/time control.
Slowing down time and having faster perception are pretty much the same thing, so either one works.

Anonymous 113217

1. fly

Anonymous 113233

based flier

Anonymous 113235

Refill or empty anything. Get creative.

Anonymous 113328

1. The power to turn anything I envision into a drawing, any sound I imagine into music, and any scenario I come up with into prose with a snap of my fingers.
2. I'd finally realize some of the ideas I've had for years but am too lazy and incompetent to get anywhere with.

Anonymous 113366

1) Necromancy. I can raise the dead and depending on the amount of power/energy put into the spell, I can make them anything from a mindless rotting obedient zombie, to a completely lifelike person that requires my magic to exist.
2) I raise vast armies and create a new world order of communism. The living no longer have to work, instead all food and shelter are created by vast undead hordes while the living live in leisure.

Anonymous 113375


Absolute control over all my body to the point of perfect regeneration of cells, achieving a sort of immortality.
I once answered this question with just “immorality”, but was criticized with the old existential angsty shit about living for eternity and suffering the demise of everything. Blah blah blah. Silly moods believe such immortality exists. All is change.
And I would be a very different person at age 500.

Anonymous 113378

Control time. I'd use it to go back and do so many things right this time.

Anonymous 113406

Immortality without aging, so that I can take my time without being constantly rushed

Anonymous 113415

I want the ability to transform bodies.

First, I'm going to make myself a little taller. Then, I'm going to take requests, starting with everyone on this website. You want it, you got it. You don't even have to pay me or pretend to be my friend. I'll give you your ideal bodies for free.

Anonymous 113418

My first thought was that you would singlehandedly crush the plastic surgery industry
then I realized you'd probably get a lot of requests from troons trying to become anime catgirls
but ultimately I think the biggest societal impact would be the miners that want to become world-consuming dragons

Anonymous 133680

1. the ability to sleep forever
2. sleep forever

Anonymous 133714

1. Immunity to biological degradation (disease, injury, aging) that can be selectively passed on to others.
2. Reap the much-lengthened lifelong benefits of not being sick, injured or decrepit while my pets enjoy the same, maybe healing others as I go if it won't be too disruptive.

Anonymous 133717

It's called dying, anon. A real superpower would be something like:
>the ability to make everyone sleep forever
>make everyone sleep forever

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