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Anonymous 113430

How will you spend your time when the internet gets knocked out?

Anonymous 113431

that's why you save your favourite threads in the cloud retard

Anonymous 113432

By doing something actually productive for once, I guess.

Anonymous 113433

not funny

Anonymous 113435

What I did before the internets and what I do when the internets goes out for whatever reason now: reading

Anonymous 113440

Imagine how much men will improve when they can only masturbate to magazines and their imaginations again

Anonymous 113446


Anonymous 113463

being happy knowing that all the embarassing posts i made when i was 8 are gone

Anonymous 113466

Maybe getting an actual job tbh.

Anonymous 113470

As long as it doesn't fry my hard-drives, i don't care.

Anonymous 113567

Something broken from the start can't improve

Anonymous 113568

How long does it last though? If it's one day I'd probably go outside and buy something to eat and draw for the rest of the day, but there's probably gonna a shitton of people outside too, which is a problem

Anonymous 113600

Something like that would probably fry all engine starters, which would kill 5-6 billion people

Anonymous 113625

They’ll use this to squash bitcoiners. You wait.

Good lass.

Anonymous 113637


Anonymous 113651


Read. Art. Walk. Get my life back.

Anonymous 113656

Reading. I've been letting my backlog grow in preparation

Anonymous 113861

Get a couple of horses and start living the Red Dead Redemption life with my husband out in the mountains. Find a plot of land and homestead and probably be happier than I ever have been with the internet.

Anonymous 113872

If this happens I will prey to the Sun as my new god. Based Sun taking out degenerate internet and restoring the mentally retarded to functional behaviour.

Anonymous 113900

read Star Wars books (the ones from the 90's) and probably start farming

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