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how to make money if you are a hikikomori Anonymous 113883

Im a 20 y.o social freak autistic depressed woman, I never worked before, spent the last 4 years locked up in my house
How can I raise money without falling into prostitution? also im not from USA so working at a mcdonalds or things like that arent an option

Anonymous 113884

grind money
a friend grinds eve online with 32 clients simultaneously and gets about 10 bucks an hour, might not be much for us but it's good a pay since xhe lives in a 3rd world country
other than that try some handicraft like crochet or smth and sell on local buy/sell groups

Anonymous 113885

thank you have you any advice in grinding money?

Anonymous 113886

Marry a rich moid

Anonymous 113888

I would but first I have to get out of my house
(also im ugly as fuck)

Anonymous 113894

learn to draw, git gud at it, buy a cheap second hand wacom, and take commissions from furries

Anonymous 113913

It will take a decade for people to find your art desirable/worth purchasing, unless you have lots of luck and desperate degenerate furries/otakus will flock to give you dollars because no one else wants t draw porn for them

Anonymous 113915

Audio transcription work, doing paid surveys, selling hair or marrow, taking part in pharmaceutical testing.

Anonymous 113918

nta just sharing my experience, I've tried signing up for transcription work before, but they never got back to me. I assume there's a lot of people doing it.
I did paid survey stuff for a while and the lame part was that a lot of surveys would end up saying you aren't their desired demographic and not give you anything for your time; I assume you should lie and say you have a phd and regularly consoom product instead of being honest like I was. I did get 5 bucks before I quit a few days later.
I didn't know you could sell hair and I found this out of curiosity
Apparently I can shave my head if I ever desperately need 624 USD

Anonymous 113922

Learn a skill like coding, graphic design stuff, art, whatever. Make social media pages and a website for it. Then work for people around your community or your family.

Anonymous 113938

you can try software engineerign for websites, or dropshipping stupid shit that people will buy

Anonymous 114057

For the surveys, I once saw someone on Reddit who claimed to work for those types of companies say that you should pick African American male as your demographic because they're the group who takes surveys the least, so you won't get kicked off as much. White females are the ones who take the most surveys so never indicate that as your demographic or you'll keep getting filtered.

Anonymous 114061

hm, how smart is something like UX design?
here's what I'd like:
>can learn at least the functional basics within a year (can spend a lot of time on it)
>can easily seek out or create work opportunities
>can work 100% online
>at least a tiny element of creativity to it
think the one thing I'm intimidated by is marketing but tbh the idea of being able to define my own success is a juicy one.

Anonymous 114068

thats great for a long term? but what about in a short term? like Im kinda desesperate lol

Anonymous 114069

May I take this as a friendly opportunity to advertise 4chan.org/biz which is unironically the best board on the planet for discussing crypto currency where rich moids share how they do nothing but neet on their 5, 6, 7, 8 or even 9 figure portfolios. If you have no bullshit tolerance, 99% of the threads are shit however 1% of the threads are literal diamond encrusted golden trinkets if you have a good bullshit filter you will navigate yourself to the correct threads take the advice and start killing it. Tip: start with the portfolio discussion threads, (insert coin) general threads and 300+ reply threads and navigate your way down to 0 reply threads to get a full understanding of the crypto world

Anonymous 114093

Please, majority of furry artist get payed chump change. Reminds me of an artist named “racist uncle” now disabledfetus who fakes how much money she makes off degenerate art. Women like this must of been molested to draw for the bottom of the barrel men for pennies.

Anonymous 114105

amazon mechanical turk, rat race rebellion

just click as many of the options as you can so you get offered more. try around with different settings for the ones that don't let you have multiple options

Anonymous 114110

>For the surveys, I once saw someone on Reddit who claimed to work for those types of companies say that you should pick African American male
>just click as many of the options as you can so you get offered more. try around with different settings for the ones that don't let you have multiple options
Well, I guess it's time for me to make my donut steel serveysona.

Anonymous 114131

true, but it's an income in some way that isn't directly prostitution. pandering to niches that aren't necessarily sexual (memes, aesthetics, etc) are a key strategy, though, i've known commission artist that refuse to stoop to being degenerate play into these trends and get noticed. but it's still selling your soul either way

Anonymous 114151

I know someone who does furry commissions but not sexual stuff. You'd be surprised how much some people put their fursona on a pedestal, lots of them just want to hoard any and all images that simply depict the character.
LGBT rights and fandoms are popular topics and you can build a following through tags. If you come up with an interesting YCH you can also be kind of lazy with commissions.
I'm not going to pretend this person is making big enough bucks to replace a real job, but it's a solid amount of spending money for a hikki.

Anonymous 114218

sadly it takes a long time to get good at drawing

Anonymous 114241

i think if you have free time and read/study enough books the results can be surprising, i used to follow beginner artists and it was amazing how some would go from copying cartoons to developing their own style in a year. i personally see art as more of a trial-and-error learned skill than a "natural gift" (with some exceptions like those child prodigies who can draw realistic portraits in pencil at 12, those are rare), but i understand the prospect of study can be discourging for a lot of people

Anonymous 114271

If you don't mind getting a little weird you could always try findom. I have a few guys I've been domming for a while, I usually make a few hundred bucks a month so it's nothing life changing but it definitely helps. Some of them like me to act mean, others like me to act sweet, it varies. I've been leaning more towards the sweeter side of things so if you want to try it out I wouldn't mind giving you the contact details for some of the more degenerate ones. They're good boys, just a bit damaged.

Anonymous 114272

if you’re legit drop the contact

Anonymous 114276

Do you have a throwaway email address or something? They're okay with me helping them to find new dommes I just don't think they'd appreciate their shit being posted in public.

Anonymous 114286

I spoke to one of them, he doesn't want his Discord posted but his email is [email protected]

Anonymous 114289

how does amazon mechanical turk/rat race rebellion works? like what do you have to do

Anonymous 114290

Just google them and sign up. Mechanical Turk is by Amazon and you transcriptions and other stuff. Rat Race Rebellion is a lot of random online jobs. I’ve never used either myself but I see them come up a lot.

Similar is r/beermoney and fiverr.

There’s also a subreddit on Reddit where you can offer random services for money. One woman got a lot of work rating incel’s dating profiles. If you can think of something unique you might be able to make some money.

Anonymous 114293

Where do you find them? Every OF girl these days is calling herself a “findomme” to get $$ so I feel like all the guys into this fetish must be “taken” already and hard to find.

Anonymous 114294

I find them on 4ch for the most part but I've met a couple through Discord too. I think a lot of the guys find OF girls and other content sellers less appealing? I guess there's something more personal about doing it with a regular girl rather than a professional. Some guys like multiple dommes too. Every one I've met has been different.

Anonymous 117612

sell drugs

Anonymous 117623

How does that even work? Do you just chat with them or through voice chat? Do they ask for pics? I'm starting to get a bit desperate to get out of my shithole and money is a problem. I don't think I could do voice chat because of my broken English, but at this point I would be willing to do anything that doesn't involve selling lewd pics. I don't mind veryfing and all that if it's needed, I just can't talk in English

Anonymous 117624

If only I didn't have to show them my face/body, I'd gladly scam those rich pornsick retards.
Actually I don't know how it works. Same as >>117623, are pics/video necessary or is it just voice chat? Even so, I don't want my voice to be recorded and used against me later.

Anonymous 125558


a long time ago, I read an article about how writing short erotic novels set in very niche genres is extremely lucrative.

I think the author wrote something like time-traveling sibling incest novels. Said the kind of people who buy this stuff are steady customers and the quality only has to be passable because there's so little competition

Anonymous 125890

I know it's been a while so you might not see this, but do you find them on /soc/? All of the guys I see on 4ch interested in femdom specifically say no findom.

Anonymous 125895

Sell health insurance lol

Anonymous 126270

i dont think that work in my country unless you have experience/formal education in that which ofc i dont

Anonymous 130719

Maybe money through youtube. You don´t have to show your face obv.
Showing your interest and maybe earn money by that.

Anonymous 131046

Call center

Anonymous 137846

Why? Ugly and average women marrying scrotes for their money is asking to be dependent and expose yourself for abuse.

Anonymous 137847

as for paypigs i shit talked males on 4chan before and i got a swarm of submissive guys into findom and humiliation wanting to send me money. make domineering sounding posts, not necessarily misandric actually, the best strategy is to be degrading but mantaining some sort of stereotypically feminine appeal and you'll definitely gain attention. the pornsick moids new obsession is the "onee san" type.
also i didnt go through with accepting the money because i have a boyfriend and because i didnt know how the legal specifics of this thing work (you should sign a contract with them to not get potentially in trouble in the future? or something of that kind) so i dont how safe, effective or genuine the thing is. some guys did seem very eager and honest though

Anonymous 138144

sell your blood, resell nudes from threads on /b/, set up keyloggers on library computers, ebeg, pretend you're a tranny and post on twitter that you're raising funds to transition

Anonymous 138155

Going on my second year of neeting. what mental diagnosis do I need to apply for disability in the us

Anonymous 138281

You could try onlyfans. You don't have to show nudity but advertising yourself is hard af.

Anonymous 138400

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