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Anonymous 114424

Is moving to Japan a stupid idea?

I hate how much violent crime happens in this country. I hate how I don't feel safe walking around in the streets, and how common theft is here in the USA.

I hate how expensive it is to live in this country, while Japan is fairly inexpensive. It seems like a comfortable place to live. I also have some passing interest in the culture, although not to some autistic weeb level.

Anonymous 114425

You speak and read Japanese? They are pretty nationalistic, it depends on where you live. Though you're wrong, its pretty expensive to live there. Everything is imported, so its pricey.

Anonymous 114426

Not a single tree in view. Christ, why people want to move there?

Anonymous 114427


I could learn I suppose. I'm a college student in California and I've been thinking about moving to Japan quite a bit recently, maybe after college. Of course I would try living there for a couple months first.

>its expensive to live there

there is no possible way it compares to california

Anonymous 114434

Most of the cost comes from living near Tokyo, on the other hand, opportunities for employment outside Tokyo are probably scarce for foreigners.

Anonymous 114435

isn't japanese culture somewhat conservative (maybe not in the american republican way but still traditional) and distrusting of outsiders? the only immigrants who moved to japan and got by well despite being american were already fluent, i would try to see of you can handle learning the language before considering to move

Anonymous 114437

Maybe you could reach out to someone whose lived there a while already ? Get some perspective.. what kind of work do you do though out of curiosity ? The culture shock would just be so massive. Work culture there can be really toxic. You've heard of people dying from overwork yes? Would you bring a partner or spouse? how do you visualize that working out?

Anonymous 114448

>distrusting of outsiders
I don't get why this is brought up every time someone considers moving to Japan. They're generally welcoming and nice towards you if you don't behave like a rude and loud retard but that probably goes for any country in this world.

No, it's not a stupid idea. But you should familiarize yourself with any possible downsides first.

For example, some people who moved to Japan find it annoying to get curious stares or attention (both positive/neutral and sometimes negative) for looking like a foreigner. Since you're looking for a safe, comfortable place, you might see this as a disadvantage.

Anonymous 114467

Why do USA people really think they live a bad life? Have they ever being to an actual 3rd world country to know what really is not feeling safe?

Anonymous 114468

> the only immigrants who moved to japan and got by well despite being american were already fluent

This. All the people who move to Japan without speaking Japanese end up in the gaijin bubble. Trust me, I’ve been there. Don’t move until you are at least N2 and comfortable speaking at that level. Even then, it’s not going to be easy. No one will hire you as anything but a English teacher clown without that. You’ll hate it and there is a big chance you’ll fall into prostitution, even if you think you are ugly. Or have a shitty boyfriend because he’s the only Japanese guy you know who speaks English.

If you really want to go there, take the time to learn Japanese so you can do it right. Have some long holidays there too and try out different areas.

Ffiw, Japan is only really safe to men. There are plenty of perverts out there but no one ever talks about that.

Anonymous 114515


If you really loved and respected Japan you wouldn't try to live there.

Anonymous 114518

>When someone failed to put the garbage out, signs were put out. Everyone thought it was me. The next day signs were put out in English only. Eventually they found it was a Japanese guy who was away in business so didn’t put his trash out. I never got an apology from management. The buildings frequently have signs out saying if they see a foreigner to report it to management.
>Sometimes, due to old plumbing the pipes in our building would make a loud banging sound. Some Japanese lady decided to have a shower at 2am. The residents woke up and the police were called. The residents blamed the local Italian man as he was well built and had weights, so they assumed he was working out, or me because I had loud shoes. Eventually the police found the culprit. The man who blamed me and the Italian man never apologised and made sure to avoid us in the future.
>Japanese maintenance requests were answered immediately. Mine were ignored. I spent the whole summer without air conditioning.
>At night I played on my PlayStation with my headset on. One of the neighbours knocked on my door and said I was being too loud. The next day the neighbours were partying until 2am.
>I am a foreigner who has lived in Japan all my life. One day my teacher offered us some sushi. I refused as I didn’t like sushi. My teacher rudely responded “You’re just not used to the Japanese flavour huh.” It sounds stupid but I’m just as Japanese as everyone else, just because I was a foreigner I was singled out.
>I find it incredibly dangerous when the Japanese started lumping you together with a large group of people.

Anonymous 114520

Funny, that sounds exactly like when I lived in Germany, in an apartment complex filled with mostly boomers.

They'd complain about the pettiest shit, and would threaten to call the police over improper trash disposal.

Anonymous 114527

Moving to Japan won't fix your problems.

Anonymous 114528

nta but what does this mean?

Anonymous 114529

I don't think it's that comfortable to live in a country with massive culture shock, overworking culture where you don't know anyone and don't have family or loves ones within reach. You will always remain the outsider. Also Japan is pretty sexist and has a lot of gender equality, keep that in mind. You're just trading problems for different problems really.

Anonymous 114533

Go and do it and then tell us if it's a good place to live as a foreigner. If you're so ready to leave your country, you obviously don't need to ask on an imageboard. Look up what you need to move there and do it.

Anonymous 114534

It means that >muh (fellow) gaijin are gonna ruin glorioius Nippon culture with non-Japanese blood and I won't be able to consoom it anymore

Anonymous 114535

"Hm, what were the social conditions that lead to abuse, again? Let's see. Isolation, dependence on a single or few invidivuals, lack of a social support network, no reliable income, being homeless"

"Now, what should I do to avoid violance and abuse? I know, I'll move to a different country where I don't know anyone, don't speak the language, no employment opportunities!"

Genius idea OP.

Anonymous 114539

It's a stupid idea if you don't understand what you're getting into to begin with. Start with something like the JET program, but realize you're going to end up in a circle with unironic weebs and yellow fever trash.

If you want a job that's not teaching English - and you'll need one if you want to do anything with your life - you'll need to be fluent or near-fluent. Good luck with this fucking abomination of a language. Even then, the language used in a business environment is very different from what you'd learn in class.

You'll get attention for being a foreigner. If you're not Asian, you'll get treated as a perpetual outsider. If you're Asian but not Japanese, have fun. Asians all hate each other. I remember some minor celebrity had to write a public apology because he didn't reveal that his parents were Chinese.

Anonymous 114541

this but unironically.

Anonymous 114548

>Asians all hate each other.
Is this true?

Anonymous 114549

on an individual basis, no, but on a political/historical one, yeah

Anonymous 114551

In my personal experience it depends. Western-born Asians usually don't care and younger people are more likely to be open as well. I've known many who were fond of the other cultures because of entertainment (anime, kpop, etc.) or for shopping
Generally the older someone is and the more time they've spent in their respective nation, the more they might have prejudices. One of my grandmothers can be aggressive talking about Japanese people because of political conflict when she was younger. She likes to consume media where the antagonists are Japanese and call them slurs. Like >>114549 says I don't think she cares so much about individual modern Japanese, just has bitter impressions of the nation's history.
This is in regards to East Asians since we're discussing Japan. I've heard a fair amount of sentiment from East Asians thinking Southeast Asians are poor/dirty though; if your skin is brown many people will view it negatively

Anonymous 114559

It's an exaggeration. All the Asians I know are major weebs and love Kpop, kek. They don't care about the past like boomers do.

Anonymous 114563

Americans be like
>I'll move to another country and complain about the locals strange foreign ways

Anonymous 114575

AYRT. It's an oversimplification, but I think people don't realize how deep the bad blood runs because East Asians in the West usually get along pretty well. It's mostly a politics/nationalism thing so it's largely confined to hatred of the country and not the people or culture, but it still often boils over into negative stereotypes about the people there. Many internet slapfights quickly devolve into racial slurs. Doesn't help that right-wing groups often push narratives about other ethnic groups stealing their jobs or diluting their culture.

And that doesn't even go into how East Asians look down upon Southeast Asians for being uncivilized and dirty.

Anonymous 114576

I typed AYRT and then changed who I was replying to, sorry. I'm the person who wrote >>114539.

Anonymous 114580

OP didn’t say that.
>stealing jobs
>diluting culture
that is exactly what mass immigration leads to, though.

Anonymous 114585

It would probably be much easier to move out of California, out of the city and to a small town, preferably in a red state.

That would solve the majority of your problems.

Anonymous 114637

The problem isn't with me the problem is with the USA. Cities in the USA are disgusting and rural areas are even worse. Civility in the United States depends strongly on race relations, and it honestly feels like the media is trying to push the US further over the edge every day.

Anonymous 114648

All the good safe white countries out there and you want to move to one of the most socially racist ones with one of the most difficult languages to learn.
Are you retarded, OP? Maybe you should stay in the US.

Anonymous 114731

try ignoring the news for one day, OP
maybe get some prozac
are all Americans like this?

Anonymous 114746

There are quite a few trees (at least 20) in this image. They are more difficult to spot as it is winter and they have no leaves on them.

Anonymous 114757

>are all Americans like this?
I’m also in Cali like OP and I feel the same. This state is getting worse every year. I don’t want to move to Japan though. Just a safer state.

Anonymous 114768


If you're white, you won't be treated very well as a foreigner who didn't grow up there. It's very hard to get housing and a good, long term job as a foreigner. Also, the work/school culture in Japan is insane. Like expecting overtime and not having a personal life.

I'm planning on leaving the US too, but planning on trying to get a job in a North European country instead. Same advantages of Japan and much easier to learn the language as an English speaker. Countries I'm thinking about are Switzerland and Norway, so I'm learning German and Norweigan. German is good because it's widely spoken in Europe, and Norweigan is also good because it shares like 60% of the language with Swedish and Danish so also flexible.

Norway has the highest happiness rating in the world, and I know 2 people who live in Norway that have talked to me about what it's like. The education system is way better than America's, so I don't have to worry about my kids being suicidal going to school like most Americans are. But that goes for most Euro countries.

I also am majoring in a degree that let's me work internationally, which is partly why I chose it.

Anonymous 114802

What is your degree in?

Anonymous 115071

>if you're white

I am Indian

I honestly believe that both the USA and Japan treat indians around the same ngl. Especially in cities like Tokyo. It's the only Japanese city I've spent a good amount of time in so it's my point of comparison with the US.

I'd also consider moving somewhere like Singapore or Portugal. My brother wants to move to Portugal because they have crypto friendly tax laws apparently lol.

Anonymous 115072

>Moving to Switzerland
As far as I was aware immigration to Switzerland requires a large amount of capital and was rather difficult, did this change when I wasn't paying attention?

Anonymous 115079

>My brother wants to move to Portugal because they have crypto friendly tax laws apparently lol.
I wouldn't bet to move for just that, how long before the EU decides to limit that shit?

Also how are you all talking about migrating like it's nothing? I know moving within the EU is easy as an EU citizen but outside that? You all be talking about moving like it's window shopping countries.

Anonymous 115125

>My brother wants to move to Portugal because they have crypto friendly tax laws apparently lol.

Portugal has friendly tax laws in general, they're trying to balance "getting high income expats" and "not getting the rest of the EU mad at them".

Anonymous 115139

You cant move anymore, get fucked weeb

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