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Anonymous 11443

What chans do you visit?

I got caught into a rangeban at Krautchan, and 4chan is too bothersome with all of those captchas, this makes a viable alternative

Anonymous 11521

Just 4chan and operatorchan because /k/ on 4chan sucks.

Anonymous 11802


pic related was what I ate a permaban for. I had been banned a lot over the 4+ years I posted to 4chan on

Anonymous 12190

arisu, lain, 8ch, and . . . that's pretty much it. i've been trying to find more, but it's difficult scoping out quality places.

Anonymous 12194


4ch (/mu/, /a/, /wg/, /fa/, /b/, sometimes /g/ - too bad it's pretty much advertising: the board)

8ch (/a/, /cuteboys/ - sometimes I just go there to cringe at some fugly anons but sometimes I kinda like some of them)

lainchan and arisuchan - feels/dreams threads

Anonymous 12205

Used to go to 4chan since approx 2007…. was even a tripfag on /fa/ for a while. Now I just come here, 4chan has gotten worse over the years, I guess the turning point for me was 1 year or so before moot sold it.

Anonymous 12226

What tripfag were you?

Anonymous 12407


I frequent lolcow, arisuchan, lainchan, 4chan for /g/ and /ck/ because it's pretty funny and of course crystal cafe

Anonymous 12529

I completely forgot about that site. They've certainly added a lot more boards since the last time I went there.

Anonymous 12556

mewch and lainchan and sometimes 4chan when im really bored

Anonymous 13537

Meowch is fucking annoying with their spamming everywhere and pandering to any audience they can get (case in point, they recently opened an /int/ and styled it to look like Krautchan after KC closed)

Also using a real girl as their mascot and being obsessed with her. No thanks. Camwhore religions are so 2005.

I use

>crystal.cafe best waifu

>4chan (/r9k, /x/, /cgl/, /wsr/)
>8ch (some minor boards)

Anonymous 13538

I have to say the best imageboard experience so far was definitely crystal.cafe. It's slow, but the threads are a lot more readable and have a really high quality overall compared to other chans.

Anonymous 13579

That can be construed as racist.

Anonymous 13588

No shit, it says it in the ban reason list. Imageboards are not for you, friendo.

Anonymous 13684

dead board.

Anonymous 13712

What about lain/arisuchan? Never heard of those but I'd like to know what are they about
I see. So where have all the homeless /int/fugees gone now?

Anonymous 13732

>I see. So where have all the homeless /int/fugees gone now?


Anonymous 13742

Fucking loser lmao

Anonymous 13752

Only a part and in my opinion much of the idiotic part of the Bernds.
Others are at Ernstchan, some at 8chan I think.

Anonymous 13765

Ernstchan is getting boring because the rampant mod is deleting threads left and right and banning everyone, so much that I do not feel comfortable even going there.

Anonymous 13766

Ernstchan only exists since some people didn't like krautchan. So it's pretty different than kc and they wanna keep it that way.

Anonymous 13767

4chan and hispachan

Anonymous 13842

Nothing says loser like not being able to read and coming back to respond to 6 day old posts.

Anonymous 16526

I have these phases where I get really interested in chan/img board culture, but have yet to really find a place as nice as this one.

Other comfy but not as trafficked boards:
https://sushigirl.us (URL/theme is sort of cringy, but it isn't crazy toxic so I'll take what I can get)

Especially since I'm not particularly into the themes of lain, uboa, or arisu chan.

Anonymous 16615

>if things don't improve soon I'm going to have to start living IRL
Jesus Christ, anon. Don't be so drastic.

Anonymous 16641


>4chan - /v/ and /vg/ , sometimes /r9k/ and /gif/ too
>8chan - /hgg/ once or twice every few months (using it to check up on some text based games i discovered few years ago that turned out to be pretty cool)
Other than that I was also temporarily banned a few times for shitposting but that wasn't so bad, at least it gave me time to do other stuff than waste most of the day reading threads.

Anonymous 16650

this is the only chan I visit because I am sick of dealing with boys

Anonymous 16660

Just 4chan /sci/ and /fa/

Anonymous 16720

Another more chill one is dreamchan, though it is more dead than here.
Also intriguing is Tea, but I don't see myself getting into it due to the time element (could set an alarm, but having a reminder to check a board seems pointless).


What boards do you like on 420? I've checked it out before, but the ads and clutter turned me off (they have so many categories, but not a lot of quality).

Anonymous 16723

no sorry, the best we can do is keep this one clean and comfy honestly. Lolcow is way too gossipy for me so I don't use it.

You should check out the discord of this place though, it's really nice

Anonymous 16727

Theme as in overall vibe, not the literal look of it.

Anonymous 16732

lolcow (ot + g only)
i love reading through the advice threads and lifestyle blogs there. it's interesting getting some various perspectives.

4chan, but only a few generals.

i've started lurking on sushi…and that time based board ( tea ) is fun to lurk occasionally too when i remember it exists.

Anonymous 16756

There's a girl only board on 8chan, but I can't recall the name atm.

Anonymous 16760

/girltalk/ is the last one I recall

Anonymous 32586


I'm sorry to necro this, but it seems mildly related to my issue, and it just didn't seem appropriate to make a whole new thread just for my own problem.

Does anyone here know how 4chan's ban system works?

I argued too much, most likely made a mod upset, and I got a ban with a nonsensical reason for it ("ban evasion" even though I was never banned in the first place). Not only have I seen and heard of people getting banned for personally offending mods with that same ban reason given, I remember trying to appeal a ban like that which was meant for somebody else (some idiot "derpybooru" poster) and getting denied, so I figured appealing would be useless. I tried switching my IP, but then I got "error: ban evasion".

I also noticed all my 4chan posts that were made from this specific device are gone, including posts from 37 days ago on slow boards that were completely innocent. I know for a fact that I didn't have the exact same IP for all those posts, so my final conclusion is that 4chan is now issuing bans by device or MAC address.

Is that possible? Can websites see your MAC address? Has anyone else had experiences like that? I'm obviously banned, so I can't take this up with them or on /qa/. Any help is appreciated.

Anonymous 32594

Sounds pretty weird, what board did you piss off a mod on?
I've only ever gotten banned once (only for one day) for asking for sauce on /a/ in a manga thread because I didn't feel like including "no results came up in any of the reverse image searchers". There isn't really much you can do, enjoy your month vacation.

Anonymous 32603


Anonymous 32636

Mostly oldschool English IBs that are still up, 4taba, 2ch.hk, Futaba Channel and textboards/txtchan if those count. Also captcha solvers exist, OP

Anonymous 32674

You can't send MAC addresses through HTTP if using TCP/IP (which is what you use to connect to 4chan) so I don't think it's that. Probably cookies or browser header like the other miner said.

Anonymous 32846

I've never been banned from anywhere… I don't get the appeal of being edgy. Racist anon-chan made me wince. Why would you say something like that to anyone? Ever, under any circumstances?

Is it frustration over feeling powerless IRL or just plain maliciousness and cruelty?

Anonymous 32848

It's mostly banter, also some people like to make people mad. I thinks it comes from their somewhat sadistic personality

Anonymous 32849

I still find myself going back to 4chan, even though that place is complete and utter shit even compared to what it was years ago. The whole "boomer vs. zoomer" meme is getting so tiring, I hope the mods filter it eventually.

Oh by the way has anyone noticed that posts have "Like" buttons now, as of literally today? Just great. Like/Dislike buttons are the worst thing to ever grace social media, imo.

Anonymous 32850

Did you forget that today is April Fools?

Anonymous 32851

Oh shit, you’re right lol. Silly me.

Anonymous 32855

I hate 4chan on April Fools. The joke is funny for an hour or so but then the site gets flooded with posting the same joke over and over, while the threads you came to see get buried.
I'm taking a vacation from it today.

Anonymous 32856


I know the feeling.
I still go to 4chan all the time, simply because even with how awful it's become, things like reddit are worse.
I chafe under constant self-censorship and names and post counts and everything. I hate it.
Spoiled by way too much time on chans I guess.

But man, 4chan has really been plumbing new depths lately on abject awfulness. Even boards like /tg/ are getting swarmed with pol shittery. It's really quite heartbreaking.

Anonymous 32860

you know, it's funny, i saw a post in 4chan that summed it up perfectly:

it's like you have a group of friends back in high school and you have your inside jokes which are totally nonsensical to anyone outside the group. then one day a few kids want to join your group and they start repeating your in-jokes even though they don't know where they come from.

eventually you graduate high school and the 10 year old in-jokes have kind of gotten deformed over time and nobody knows where they came from or what they mean but they're trying so hard to live up to the "idea" of where the joke came from.

i don't blame people who see 4chan now for feeling that it's awful. it wasn't always so bad, i think the real downturn happened in the last 5 years, and honestly i think it came from a reddit r/4chan idea that "4chan is for le epic shitpost xDDD" because even boards that used to at least take their subject matter seriously (take /mu/ in its infinite pretension back in 2011) now are just shitposting dumps.

it's sad :(

Anonymous 32865


Too right, it's really sad!
4chan's never exactly been a nice place, but it was at least once a fun and interesting place. Or it could be.
Now, it seems every other thread is about either hating black people, hating women, hating gays, or all three.
And the ones that arent specifically about it, end up going that way anyway.
There's this picture people keep posting in /tg/ lately about how tabletop and ccgs and everything are getting 'colonised'.
It starts with two nerds enjoying their game. Then a different kind of nerd joins and its fine.
Then another of him joins and its a split.
Then a chad joins, and then gasp a girl. And the group is ruined and the original nerds are pushed out.
And it's just painful to watch when the exact thing they complain about is happening on the fucking board, but the people coming in and knocking everything over to claim its 'theirs' are the pol brigade.
And then they scream about how the site has always been right-wing.

It's tragic.
Moreso becuase after so long spent on 4chan, I just cannot really get to grips with 'normal' websites anymore.
4chan ruined me, and now everyone else ruined 4chan and I have nowhere else to go.
Thank god for the cafe, honestly.

Anonymous 32867

4chan is blocked on all the ISPs right now in Australia, and honestly I don't enjoy the site enough currently to bother going around the DNS even though its super simple.

Right now all I use is Crystal cafe, and the danger/u/ forums.

Anonymous 32869

I'm not from Australia so I'm curious about how you Aussies see the ban on chan sites that hosted shooter related material. Justified? Unjustified? Don't care? Was this a popular or unpopular action that your government took?

Anonymous 32872

I don't care but it's just damage control that doesn't really solve anything or help anyone.

Anonymous 32878

The mods should have self-policed and deleted shooter-related threads.

They didn't, and now they're facing the consequences.

Considering the circumstances, the government did what it had to do to prevent more shootings; those manchildren have no ground to complain about how unfair the adult world is when they should have known better.

Anonymous 32885



That makes sense. I'm not very funny or skilled at the bantz.

Anonymous 32887


Anonymous 32902


The general population sees it as good, I mean you just have to look at the images saying "All 4chan users should be on a watchlist" and though its an extreme opinion, most people who haven't visited the site believe that kind of stuff from the way news treat 4chan.
Also EncyclopediaDramatica & Kiwifarms were taken down in the ban.
It happened mainly because one ISP decided to block it, and then the rest followed suit due to not wanting to "be the ISP that hosted the shooting footage". It's only banned "temporarily" by ISPs not the government.

It will be interesting when the goveerment here realizes how easy DNS blocking is to bypass, hopefully not soon.

Anonymous 32913


Now you reminded me why don't we partner with wizchan? It'd be perfect.

Anonymous 32929

and same on 4ch +/a
Honestly I just do not like other boards since I find them just not interesting.

Anonymous 32936

NTA but IIRC it mentioned something along lines of "wizchan is down"; I glanced at it while on break at work. There was a little drama a while-back involving wizchan raid I guess.

Anonymous 33032

This place and sushi, that’s it. I’m trying to limit my internet usage overall, I also sperg out too much and blog a lot, so I cringe whenever I come across something I wrote on a board I use to frequent.

Anonymous 33038


I know what 4chan and /b/ was like a decade ago, because I've wasted over half my life on that goddamn website.
4chan has never been right-wing, it just didnt care if you called someone a nigger. And to be honest, nor do I.
I'm just annoyed that /tg/, my fucking home board, has reached a point where just about every other thread seems to be whining about women or blacks or gays. /pol/ are all over the shop shitposting all day long. And if its not them, you can bet its r9k-level retards screaming about evil roasties.
It just gets incredibly tiresome.

But you wanna try and pretend to be some sort of ultra-elite-oldfag, go right ahead anon.

Anonymous 33053


>vile racism

Anonymous 33059


Newfriend pls…

Anonymous 33065


Anyone who feels the need to say they’re an oldfag, debate or defend they’re self-proclaimed oldfag title, or how they’ve been on 4chinz for ~sooo long~ is just playing into the “I’m an oldfag! I be been here since 2010! The OG /b/ was soooo much better even though I never actually saw the site until 7 years after it’s conception ” meme and it immediately raises a red flag. Embarrassing circlejerk. Especially if you say “I’ve been on there since 2011!” Aka “I came during the summer once years after the site was made, when it started being mentioned in national news and was sick of being called a newfag, so as soon as I got a few years in I started claiming I was an oldfag bc I earned it after all the time I’ve spent there!” Esp if you debate about “this is what old 4chan was like!” “4chan used to never talk about so-and-so!” ….when you weren’t on there anywhere near the OG years, so how would you know? How would you know about the early political leaning of the site and boards if you didn’t even see the site until 2012? That’s not the “original old 4chan”. It’s like a bunch of newfags larping as oldfags with a dash of un-earned elitism, defensiveness, self convincing, and a sprinkle of ~muh old chan culture~ trying desperately to escape the newfag title. Real oldfags don’t feel the need to tell others or brag about how long they’ve been on the site. They literally don’t care and will most likely make fun of you for caring so much. It’s like these faux post-2007 “oldfags” incorrectly believe thats how actual oldfags talk and try to assimilate.

Protip: being an oldfag doesn’t mean you’ve been on 4chin for an extended period of years, even if you’ve been on for 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 years. oldfag refers to anons who were present during the first few years of the site, if you were not posting on the site BEFORE 2007 you’re not an oldfag, and can never be no matter how many years pass or how long you post. Just like you can never join generation X if you were born years after generation X, you can’t just wait for a few more years to be added on your belt and claim your from a different generation bc you think you’ve lived a longtime. You can’t change the past and you can’t time travel. If you posted after the oldfag era, but posted for a few years you’re just a longtime poster at best kek, it shouldn’t bruise your ego to just admit that jfc


if you care too much about your faux-oldfag title and/or posted after 2007 you’re not an oldfag, get over it



Anonymous 33076

No argument, then. You don't represent anything of tradition.

Anonymous 33434

If you used a public VPN or proxy most likely someone has used it before you and that person was doing something bad with it.4chan might actually not know it's you, but the fact that you are not using your real IP makes it kind of obvious what you're trying to do.Either find an obscure vpn/proxy service and/or try removing cookies like others have suggested.You may find it impossible without paying for a decent vpn.. 4chan isn't really worth it.Find a better chan.

Anonymous 39867

spot on. I started going on 4chan back in early 2004, and any time I see zoomers claiming to be an oldfag because they’ve been around since 2012 I roll my eyes, it was already garbage by 2010, let alone 2012.

Anonymous 39872

nobody fucking cares that your crusty old ass was posting on a shitty website 15 years ago
4chan doesn't matter. 4chan never produced anything of real value. 4chan was never able to match the cultural output even of its early broadband contemporaries. Whatever it did produce faded into fucking dust within a handful of years. The legacy of old 4chan is new 4chan, and new imageboards more generally. a legacy of piss and shit

Anonymous 39875

Not that same anon but you sound like you have a big misunderstanding of what 4chan is and the cultural impact it has made on the internet, regardless of how much it has changed.
/b/ was never good. No shit. Every oldfag knows this. But it carved its place into the history of the internet and for someone to deny this is oblivious.

>4chan was never able to match the cultural output even of its early broadband contemporaries.

Case in point.

also hoes mad

Anonymous 40117


Anonymous 70343

Bumping. I often lurk https://chakai.org/tea/.

Anonymous 70381


Anonymous 225904


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