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What is your favourite dinosaur? Anonymous 115180

Mine is Panoplosaurus.

Anonymous 115182

Archaeopteryx, I think. I guess it used to be triceratops, but nowadays I can't say I have a "favorite" dinosaur, I just love reading about them all.

Anonymous 115184


hehehe ancient birb

Anonymous 115188


Anyone else remember this card from the dinosaurs Top Trumps pack? Used to scare the shit out of me.

Anonymous 115190


Utah Raptor is the best the Raptor and it pisses me off to this day that the state dinosaur of Utah is the Allosaurus.

Anonymous 115193

The one with 500 teeth

Anonymous 115194


I know it's cringe, but I love this weird Frankenstein dinosaur.

Anonymous 115197


Back when dinosaurs were my autistic obsession as a small child to the point where i learned the names of 160 different dinos, my favorite used to be Charcarodontosaurus because i thought it was big, awesome, and it also used to be from my country.
I pretty much stopped liking them when i was about 9, but recently rewatching that planet dinosaurs episode from 10 years ago brought back a lot of memories.

Anonymous 115207

Stegosaurus. Not posting a pic because if you don’t know it already, you don’t belong in this thread.

Anonymous 115623


Carnotaurus, love his lil horns and how speedy he is

Anonymous 115690


parasaurolophus, loved them ever since i saw the cute little chibi one in dinosaur king as a kid
picrel, baby

Anonymous 115782


no clue what dino this is but got this shirt from my dad's elderly friend and it's my favorite shirt so whatever dinosaur this is.

Anonymous 115783


Anonymous 115784

Screenshot 2021-12…

found the shirt online and yes!

Anonymous 115785

Its head looks quite bird-like
Cute gift btw

Anonymous 115789

My multiple re-watches of the original Jurassic Park have finally been useful for something.

Anonymous 115790

Speaking of Jurassic Park, one day I noticed that a LOT of people at my uni were wearing the same JP t-shirt. What the fuck? Is there some Jurassic Park-related event on a specific day of the year? Or had a new Jurassic World movie just come out?

Anonymous 115792

Maybe just a free promotion? When I was a fresher at uni, some nightclub gave out hoodies with “JAM” written on them and they were everywhere. Even 4 randoms in one row in a lecture hall all wearing them.

Anonymous 116274


It's hard to say because most of them are just pure speculation but I really like a lot of Herrerasaurus depictions

Anonymous 116275

Yes. I was 9 and I thought I just learnt something I wasn't supposed to know. Then I read a book about dinosaurs and it had it's facts wrong and then I knew not to trust everything I read

Anonymous 119417

Reminder that birbs are modern dinosaurs

Anonymous 119420

I think Triceratops are cute. I love the dinosaur segment from Fantasia.

Anonymous 119432

Yeah this one's my fave for sure, good taste anon. Noot noot

Anonymous 120661

turtle sex.jpg

Turtles and tortoises first appeared 200 million years ago and have changed very little over all these millions of years. So, there were essentially the same cute little turtles hanging out with the dinosaurs as hang out with us now. I just think that's neat.

Anonymous 120680

Kinda strange when you think about it.

>shark and alligator

Slow moving shelled reptile. Only one species can fully retract themselves into their shell. Unchanged for millions of years. I wonder what gives them the advantage.

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