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pros of being ugly. Anonymous 11528

>don't have to worry about creepy guys
>can behave as i want without worrying about being pretty
>less pressure to get together with someone

Anonymous 11532

>less pressure to get together with someone
I wish. There is always pressure from everyone around to find someone and marry no matter what.

People might be less likely to approach/bother in public, but not sure creepy ones will stay away even then.

Also, hate to sound cliche, but beauty is really subjective. So even if you ran into a few who consider you ugly, it doesn't mean you actually really are.

Anonymous 11533

Being less likely to base your self-worth on something as transient as beauty. Could really take a toll on you as you age.

Anonymous 11534

Being less likely to base your self-worth on something as transient as beauty. Could really take a toll on you as you age.

Anonymous 11535

Being less likely to base your self-worth on something as transient as beauty. Could really take a toll on you as you age.

Anonymous 11536

Being less likely to base your self-worth on something as transient as beauty. Could really take a toll on you as you age.

Anonymous 11537

Being less likely to base your self-worth on something as transient as beauty. Could really take a toll on you as you age.

Anonymous 11538

Being less likely to base your self-worth on something as transient as beauty. Could really take a toll on you as you age.

Anonymous 11539

Are you having internet issues lol? Your posts get spammed.

Anonymous 11541


To be honest, old women with beautiful bone structure are still better off than old women who were always ugly. They look more graceful and people still treat them better.

Anonymous 11543

>beauty is really subjective
This, this, this! OP, I doubt you're seriously deformed and assume you just have insecurity issues like almost everybody in the world. I bet someone's thought that you are cute once, maybe even yourself when you looked in the mirror on a good day.

I think my one of my coworkers is really beautiful with great bone structure, full lips, and almond shaped eyes. But then I was talking to another coworker of mine and I said, "isn't she so pretty?" and to my surprise, my coworker bounced back gave a look of disgust and replied "no not really. something about the mouth area on her lol". I was shocked. I still don't notice what she's talking about with her mouth area and it made me realize beauty is totally, 100% subjective. There will always be someone to think you're ugly and others that will think you're the hottest thing in the world. I myself like ugly-cute guys if that makes sense.

I know this is sort of off topic and hugbox-y but hopefully this helps someone feel better about however they think they look. Dysmorphia is a thing. Don't form an obsession, letting worrying about being beautiful take over your life.

Anonymous 11547


>can eat whatever I want because I'm not going to look good no matter how much I stay healthy

Anonymous 11549

Sorry folks. I tried submitting it and it didn't appear to go through (got a cloudflare error), refreshed a few times then gave up. Came back to find this lol

Anonymous 11550

My point is self-worth. It's better to base it on something that you can develop and control than something that will eventually diminish and you won't be able to do anything about it.

Anonymous 11552


Click the little arrow in the left of your post number and then another click on "Delete"

>>can behave as i want without worrying about being pretty

There are plenty examples of not-so-attractive women that are extremely femenine in their way of behaving, don't give up anon

Anonymous 11555

That one doesn't work for me. I'm still really careful about what I eat and about my weight so that I can say "well, at least I'm not fat".

Anonymous 11560


Yes, beauty of subjective. But this doesn't mean that statistically ugly people don't exist. Beggars can't be choosers, if only 1 in 1000 men will find you attractive then you either sit and wait for the chance in literally millions or go with those who are interested but at least available.

Anonymous 11564

>less pressure to get together with someone
Eh, not really. I don't know about you guys but relatives here are always asking… always pressuring.
For the rest I can agree. There are many factors in play wheter one will approach you (not to hit on, but to ask directions etc), though, I think.
Or I'm just ugly as fuck and everyone prefers to talk to my friends, lmao.

Anonymous 11565

>Don't have to worry about creepy guys

Lol no. The creepy/asshole ones are the only ones we get to deal with. It may not be frequent, but there's always predators on the prowl. Our only interaction is with men who want to hurt us.

Anonymous 11570

I'd delete it if I still had my old password.

Anonymous 11586

Serial killers always go for the beautiful women

you're going to be alright anon

Also not cat-calling for you

Anonymous 11588

I don't know because I am beautiful :>

Anonymous 11602

Surely you get a lot of lecherous comments online in private message inboxes

Anonymous 11720

What about the normal, non-serial killers? ;)

Anonymous 12653

>not worry about creepy guys
>what are "pics you shouldn't share" and "ugly girls you would smash" threads on 4chan
You're not entirely safe. They do it out of taking the piss on ugly women and theb escalated on private discords.

Anonymous 12662

People thinking you look tired, sick or unhygienic even though that not the case.
People giving you compliments that don't sound geniune at all because they're either making fun of you or they feel bad for you for your looks.

Anonymous 13458

Oh my, if this isn't my life

Anonymous 13469

I guess my pro is that guys don't befriend me just for the possibility of getting into my pants later. Actually, guys generally don't seem to care for me at all. I've been ignored by even the thirstiest guys who would hit on every girl who comes into our old social group.

Kind of sucks, but it is overall less stressful.

Anonymous 125343

Beauty really isn't subjective to men. Even studies show that men generally find the same attributes attractive on women (while women do in fact have a more taste). Of course, there will be that 0.01% who have some fringe fetish for bbws or something. But for 99% of men, it's the same thing.


Anonymous 125347

any other ugly miners have family make rude comments about your looks? mine does and it's kind of annoying, it's not like I can magically change my unfortunate genetics lol

Anonymous 125348

I might be less visible compared to a really beautiful girl, but I'm seen more for my personality and general internal attributes. That's actually how I found out I'm ugly lmao, female relatives always being complimented for being pretty or skinny while for me only my intellectual achievements being brought up.
I know "pretty on the insidee" is a meme, but honestly I wouldn't enjoy the opposite situation.

Anonymous 125354

this. it usually goes, like…men market men being able to fuck anyone as having value and meaning. in reality almost all of them have types that encompass the same 10% of girls (specific race, body type, age, etc.) that they then act like is the "default" female. it'd be whatever if not for the fact they pretend men would love/value anyone, when it's more that men are willing to settle temporarily even when it means leading someone on.

also I find the "beauty is subjective" to be a marketing trick.
corporations want to keep women chasing beauty overall and being convinced that anyone can reach a certain amount of beauty (often requiring 1000$s and endless upkeep).
it's why sometimes it's deceptively "average" good looking models that get paid more than hyper beautiful models. it's because people see those "average" models and find it to be relatable and obtainable when in reality they aren't actually, and are actually extremely genetically gifted.

Anonymous 125356

i have a question for the 'ugly' anons of this thread
how many of you are in shape?
because that's at least one thing you can control, and i've found that men will oftentimes overlook an 'ugly' face as long as it's associated with an attractive body
also sometimes as you lose weight/gain muscle it can end up affecting your facial proportions so you might be prettier than you think you are.

Anonymous 125378

>just be a butterface, men will love and value you and find you adorable!
lol, this is so dishonest. men generally prefer face over body in terms of finding longterm mates.

I spent my youth fat (bc of my family) and lost weight. I experienced 0 difference with how I was treated by men. I even was screamed at that I was ugly by a rando.

Anonymous 125447


Ive never been over BMI20 in my life, my lowest being 16.5 and in all those states i looked awful, even when i limited my food intake acne would still ruin my face and my self esteem for all my teenage years, and yes it sucked.
I am not the most in shape rn, i am 163cm tall and i weigh 55kgs. But im overeating because school stress, this summer i was 50kgs, very toned, flat stomach, slim legs, etc.. but looking at my face in the mirror would still make me so depressed.
I used to walk around with a blanket over my head at home because i couldn't stand letting other people see me, and in summer when it got too warm to sleep with sheets over my head id make sure to wake up at 6-7 am everyday so that no one in my family would see me without my being aware of it.
I am practically the only one in my class who still wears COVID masks rn, i am vaccinated and everything and my country isn't even reporting daily cases anymore because the numbers are so low, but i genuinely cannot stand the idea that people can look at me and perceive me from different directions and at any time without my consent.
What im doing rn is just hiding my face until this phase end, but im worried i won't stop thinking im the ugliest person I've ever known like, ever. That i will die thinking this. And the older i get the worse it gets.
And not to derail this thread too much, but the perks are: i don't get catcalled in the street, sometimes it makes me a bit jealous when i am walking around and a much prettier girl in my vicinity gets catcalled while i am completely ignored, but that's a 0.1 second reflex and then i get filled with hatred towards moids for feeling so entitled to "flirt" with girls on the run like that lmao
Aside from that, i dont have to worry about what i wear because no matter, i will always look bland. My outfits are so lazy and unmatched and it doesn't make a difference even if they were to be runway-worthy.

Anonymous 125451

Normal BMI (21). It has been proven through various studies that for moids smaller = better, with no real lower limit. I'm not about to lose weight for no reason just to appease men.

Anonymous 125452

ive never been over 100 lbs and yes i am still ugly and a khhv

Anonymous 125458

I weigh 100 lbs but I'm underdeveloped. Basically no boobs and short as fuck. Nothing can be done about that. I envy women with normal adult proportions.

Anonymous 125464

I'm scared to ask but, how tall are you

Anonymous 125466

5 ft :(

Anonymous 125468

We're the same BMI (im 20lbs heavier though)

Anonymous 125473

I saw a lot of stories from older women about how they used to be treated better by the general public when they were younger and how upset they were at the change in treatment. When you're ugly you're already used to that treatment since childhood so there's no shock or anything to adjust to.

Anonymous 125474

>>I don't know because I am beautiful :>

But you still have to put up with moid attention, stalking, etc, and you're stuck in that role, plus now you can't offend anybody. You have to pretend everywhere you go. you never get a moments peace. Especially if you work at a place like I do.

There really isn't any difference op. Women get treated like shit no matter what they look like honestly.

Anonymous 125475

It is a complete myth that you get treated better. You're just as easily treated like you're stupid, treated like you have no personality apart from your face, or people simply won't leave you alone when you want then to leave you the f alone.

Anonymous 125477

question is "lookism doesn't exist it's a complete myth" a weird talking point of a subset of radfems or something? There's various studies showing that looks are actually influence how people see and treat you in differing ways. On average, ugly people are actually, ironically, seen as less intelligent on average (contrary to the myth of the "ugly nerd"). Obviously this depends on who you're talking to. And obviously my point isn't that you can't argue that it doesn't matter either ways because much of it is a harmful social construct and doesn't have real meaning. You can also say that the different treatment when you're young/cute is in itself, in the big picture, a bad thing. But literally "all women are treated like shit and completely equally" is really an…odd sentiment all around. Nevermind how it ignores stuff like racism or men that humanize certain kinds of women over others.
Likewise, older women aren't imagining things when they feel more ignored, etc. They are often more ignored. That's it. Doesn't need to be a bad thing.

Anonymous 125999

Yeah but there is nothing gained from having everything handed to you either. People who do become so listless, unchallenged bored and boring.

The world isn't black and white, you can also just have a spine in life, and you'll go further than people who don't, you stumble into things a ton of people don't. There are multiple qualities driving a person's success. You are best off having to learn to get things on your own and I'm sorry but it's just just as much a burden to be a wallflower people underestimate or ftreat you like meat to stalk and talk down to all over creation, just because you look the part.

Anonymous 126000

Attractive people love to pretend that their lives are super hard lmao.

Anonymous 126003

>don’t have to worry about anyone missing you when you’re dead

Anonymous 126024

>Blend into the background in most settings
>if anyone looks at you, they'll quickly look away because you're either an object of pity or third hand embarrassment.
>A body so boney, lanky and completely lacking in sex appeal that only a chris-chan level desperate loser autist or a huge disgusting pig would want to mate with you.
>bulletproof ego hardened from years of bullying and unfair treatment.

That 6'1, boyish body, pointy chin and huge buck teeth. The best of hAPa descent. I am a goddess!

Anonymous 126025

Does being attractive make your life automatically easy?

Anonymous 126027

NTA, but not in my opinion, it does bring its own problems but also much more benefits, enough to make a woman that was attractive barging into this thread to argue otherwise annoying.

Anonymous 126034

they live easier lives generally but “automatically easy” is an exaggeration

Anonymous 126047

Any benefits to being attractive go out the window if you're poor. Except if you're so stunning that a modeling agency is willing to snatch you up. Which is stupid rare, most attractive people are not model tier beautiful, obviously. So thats why I never got the "who has it harder" arguments.

Anonymous 126048

It will be harder for an ugly person to get out of poverty.

Anonymous 126050

Depends how poor we're talking, a lot if not most will never get out of poverty no matter their looks. I'd also like to mention that "sleeping with your boss" or whatever that cliche is is not a benefit nor is it the "easy way".

Anonymous 126065

This isn't true though. There's some statistics on beauty factoring into whether or not someone gets hired and it can depend highly on the job as well. Likewise, the social benefits of being more readily accepted (y'all can argue all you want, it's a thing) in social groups stands as well as well as people seeing you more positively on average. Moreover, such women could probably marry up significantly more than other women (there's also statistics on this happening with poor hot women). Even being pretty good looking would help a lot. Maybe this isn't a plus but it significantly helps a person's social and financial mobility, at least speaking in averages.

The idea that the halo effect instantly is cancelled if you're poor is really just…odd and derail-y and, I'll be honest. It reeks of cope.
Why, yes, this all isn't all-encompassing and it usually can't be a cheatcode to just win at life and obviously people shouldn't see it as the end-all of everything, but straight up acting like looks don't impact how people perceive you in a visceral basis you can probably be affected by is pretty random.

Anonymous 126068

Many deformed people have spoken their story and it impacts every avenue of their life in usually horrible ways, unless they're gritty as hell.
It'd also be kinda classist to act like someone like this has a similar life to someone else if they were both impoverished by default. It'd imply people can only be as happy as their social position and don't have a life outside of poverty, so, ok.

>>126034 is right according to, well, most research on the subject and I find it really weird that people are so hellbent on pretending ugly people don't have it, on average, worse.

I mean…South Korea is a system heavily influenced by lookism, even to the extent many job reviews require seeing a picture of the candidate and parents offering plastic surgery to their kids on their 18th b-day, etc. this shit is creeping up on the world and is only going to get worse.

Anonymous 126093

Yeah I'm still ugly (bmi 16,8) because my face is just soo asymmetrical. One eye is placed a bit higher that the other, one cheek is wider that the other, and I have a slightly bent nose… Why the hell is my face like this T_T
still got a nice bf doe so there's hope for you girls

Anonymous 126103

>Why the hell is my face like this
Everyone’s face is asymmetrical. Symmetrical faces actually look weird.

Anonymous 126111

NTA but I've seen this online.

It hasn't stopped people IRL from telling me the two sides of my face look like drastically different people and that it's uncanny (totally unsolictedly).
Some people do imagine it to be worse than what it is, sure, but a minority are really that asymmetrical
I also have crooked teeth, needed nose surgery to breathe better, and a crooked jaw so it checks out.

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