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Anonymous 115394

Nooo I just lost my food stamps!!! Apparently we make too much money but I still feel poor as shit.
Worse than anything is they said that I’ll lose my Medicaid in May most likely!! I don’t know what will happen after that.
Have any of you poorfag anons had this happen?

Anonymous 115396

Therre were times this year where didn't eat for two or more in a row for about 4 - 5 months because we didn't have much money, I also remember days where I could watch mukbangs just to satisfy my hunger without eating anything. It was painfull to watch all of my classmates eating what I ate in 2 days just in one lunch break. I lost so much kilograms (around 3 - 4) that my period stopped for entire 2 months (I got it back but it has became really irregular and heavy). I was coping by telling myself that atleast I got compliments on my physique, but because I was constantly hungry and my weight was falling drastically I was constantly sleepy, tired, in a bad mood, always feeling sad. I'm under the healthy weight with around 10 kilograms currently, I'm trying to atleast lift it up with 5 kilos because of threats to my health.
It was really emberassing having to choose between pads or food in a store with a lot of people infront of me.
I never had a need of medicaid because most of the time I am able of affording my medical care with savings, and all the medical care I need is mostly deltal but I rarely need a dentist because I have good dental care.

Just keep in mind that if you have trusted friends, family members, savings, regular income you'll most likely be able to survive untill you get back on your feet.

Good luck, hope everything gets better!

Anonymous 115399

Anon , I don’t know how to tell you this but I’m just a lazy POS, I am able to work more I just suck.
I’m really sorry to hear about your situation though, I’m glad you’re doing better now

Anonymous 115401

You’re supposed to lie to them and say you’re borderline homeless and shit

Anonymous 115404

This. Don't feel guilty about lying, the system is quite literally against you (working class people, especially the poor), so you're forced to do whatever it takes to survive. That includes lying about your income.

Anonymous 115405


But can’t they find out?
They can see my boyfriends paychecks online without me even sending them.
I have a small personal business (which is why I’m so poor) but I keep really accurate accounting and pay all my taxes cause I wanna buy a house someday…

Anonymous 115428

Redo your budget, cook more inexpensive meals. And if you're really desperate there's always a food bank.

Anonymous 115446

>feel poor
Do you feel poor as shit or are you poor a shit? Big difference. Recently I read an article about people making 100k a year still struggling to make ends meet because of their spending habits, so I'm going to take anyone who says they're poor without elaborating with a grain of salt

Anonymous 115452

Me and my partners combined income is only like 37k and we have a kid..

Anonymous 115453

Why have a child if you're in a poor financial position? Did you lose a lot of income unexpectedly?

Anonymous 115454

It wasn’t planned, obviously, can we not bring that up?? It’s not something I can really change now kek

Anonymous 115458

Have you looked at your expenses and see if anything can be dropped? Subscriptions to spotify or netflix etc. maybe or taking the bike or walking for certain trips instead of going by car etc. Buying cheaper food and smarter? Food bank if you really have to.

Anonymous 115463

>They can see my boyfriends paychecks online without me even sending them.
since you are not legally married, you can just pull the income from yourself and say you do not share food with anyone other than your baby

also these people who work for the govt in this area don't give a fuck. they're just wagies who are trying to get through their day
you don't have to worry about them opening a high tech investigation on you for this situation
you can get fucked over by lying about your income tho, i've heard abt people getting bills in the mail after tax season asking for the money back lol

Anonymous 115502

Poor? My parents raised us on less than that as a family of six (4 kids).

Anonymous 115506

So did mine but that was in the 90s, plz adjust for inflation

Anonymous 115509

nta and my parents were able to buy a house when they were in their early 20s and sustain a family with 2 kids on a single income. Things change anon, you can't take your family's situation from like two decades ago and expect it to apply 1:1 in today's economy.

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