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2022 goals Anonymous 115600

share your rules for next here, here's mine
hi miners, what are your goals for 2022?
how will you work towards it?
here's my list
-lose weight
-move away from home
-journal more
-save money
-read one book a month
-be okay being alone
-less caffeine

Anonymous 115614

I really have to lose weight and get my BMI back to the normal range in 2022. Honestly I'm overweight and it's become uncomfortable just to exist. I'm constantly aware of my weight especially around my stomach.

Anonymous 115624

I don't really have goals that are specifically for 2022, it's more of a "continue the goals I've already set", they're mostly long-term goals spanning the next 5+ years.

Anonymous 115626

I've become aware of the fact that the majority of people my age are overweight, and while I should try to lose weight, it's not an urgent concern. My original resolution for 2021 was to watch the news less and help people more. I don't think I've helped people much but I have read less news and that has improved my mental health immensely

Anonymous 115631

those are all really good goals
mine are:
work out often
improve my art
study foreign language a few hours a week
read more books
eat healthier

Anonymous 115633


-Read more
-Start Journaling
-Healthier eating
-Fitness: 1 meter hips, mine is only 91cm for now
-Find coding job.

Anonymous 115637


My plan for this year was to get slight abs but then my back got fucked so I left that dream behind. Did lose more weight though and have accepted that I'm just going to have to be lanky and not buff from now on. I'll miss my biceps but life changes.
Anyway. 2022.
>spend Valentine's with a partner for the first time
>learn to bike
>finish my classes and graduate (delay now thanks to injury)
>learn to swim
>learn to knit
>get into painting when I can draw again
That's it.

Anonymous 115646

>Lose 100lbs
>Get out of debt
>Make one irl friend

Not getting my hopes up

Anonymous 115647

>draw more, finish pieces and post them online
>get at least 1 commission
>get a job
>buy new boots
>learn programming
>maybe go to uni again

Anonymous 115661

Acquire land

Anonymous 115674

>make more friends
>Find a full-time job that's within my field
>maybe get a new car
>Start looking seriously into moving either to the PNW or to another country altogether

Anonymous 115714

Keep my new job
Put money on the side
Gain muscles
New tattoo or permanent hair removal

I would also like to finally buy a flat, getting pretty tired of being a renter. But I don't know if I'll be able to it this year.

Anonymous 115715

Hey, that a perfect goal for next year, getting better and being patient with yourself

Anonymous 115728

Don't fucking move here, were full.

Anonymous 115738

-lose weight
-save up enough money to go on a short vacation
-get my gpa up
-actually write or draw or make something for myself instead of for school

Anonymous 115739


Anonymous 115741

Reading your replies to this thread make me so happy. I hope all of you accomplish the wishes you have.

Anonymous 115817

You too anon, we can all do it

Anonymous 115840

Fuck off I'm in the American south and we're full, too.

Anonymous 115842

here's mine.

-get leaner
-improve artwork
-read atleast 6 books, learn 25 deep engrish words
-improve singing skills
-make atleast 1 singing cover with guitar
-improve grades. get into good uni
- start a journal
-start being mentally healthy. stop self destructing

Anonymous 115865


Have bountiful harvest every month
Win local livestock shows
Try beekeeping
Get married by the end of winter
Make my dead grandfather proud

Anonymous 115892

1.find 1 or 2 roommates to share a cheap but homely apartment with

2.start investing

3.work hard at the gym again

4.start intermittment fasting

5.get therapy and start building a healthy identity

6.control my acne through diet changes and skincare

7.get better at my new job

8.improve relationhsip with my family

I'm currently working on 1, 3 and 7, if i'm lucky the therapist will let me start number 5 before the end of the year.
I'll be visiting a few apartments on saturday. I've bought some chicken to meal prep on sunday.
It's been a really tough year but I'll make it. Happiness comes to me in small victories, still a bit shy. Life's good.

Happy holidays frens :)

Anonymous 115998

>Move out of my sister's house so I don't have to deal with her annoying live in boyfriend.
>Try to become more ambidextrous
>Meditate every day
>Learn to sew

Anonymous 116111

Finally muster up the courage to kill myself

Anonymous 116113

Giving up is not courageous anon. The fact that you've made it this far is commendable and I know you can go further.

Anonymous 116123


>Better eating habits
>Lose weight
>Get more comfortable driving
>Get ears pierced
>Stop picking skin
>Have 55k in assets
>Cut back on diet coke
>Stay at my job for long-term
>Move out maybe

Basically this if my mento illness has other plans

Anonymous 116137

Lose weight
Try to finally make friends at uni
Finish my remaining courses and thesis
Regain self esteem
Actually practice drawing
Be happy

I really hope I'll manage to achieve those, if I don't my esteem will be completly fucked.

Anonymous 116148

honestly ive been thinking of rotting for another year but i want to do something productive.

my list

>go back to learning french after losing all motivation to learn it

>make some new friends
>get a job
>get diagnosed with whatever the fuck is wrong with me, hopefully my mum doesn't try to call mental health a hoax and get my appointment cancelled again though.

Anonymous 116156


ok, to be serious, because i'm turning 23 next year:

- graduate uni. god forbid anything happen to keep me from doing it, but 2022 should be my last year.
- read one book a month; op i'm stealing your idea.
- actually draw. i want to move past scribbles like picrel.
- program/code something new every month.
- eat healthier.
- study a little jpn every day.

optional goals:

- get a job. nothing too wild, just something to pad my current savings with.
- learn how to drive. school's still online because of the pandemic so i have no real need to, but still.

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