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adorable stuff that happened to you recently ? Anonymous 11578

>just got out of class, on bus
>kid across from me is staring for some reason
>wink at kid
>they wink back
>i give them a thumbs up & they go all smiley
>then waddle over to give me a piece of candy (a small snicker)
that was probably the purest interaction i've had in a while. hope they have a nice day.

Anonymous 11582

Something kinda similar happened to me a few months ago:

>sitting in the front of a bus

>very grumpy and tired from shit day at work
>mother with four young children, including baby in a stroller, gets on
>they sit right beside me
>thinking oh fuck, if one of these things starts crying I'm gonna lose it
>little kids are kinda hyper and babbling for a while
>trying not to be annoyed because I'm a grumpy piece of shit
>the little girl sitting next to me suddenly leans her head on my shoulder and falls asleep
>stays in that position for about 15 minutes until her family gets off
>people sitting across from us are giggling at how cute it is

It was easily one of the cutest things to happen to me in a while and my day got a little better after that.

Anonymous 11587

During a big thunderstorm my cat ran in and huddled at my feet, trying to get warm. When I tried to leave he looked up and meowed plaintively.

I love my cat.

Anonymous 11648

My friend has a really cute nose and they were talking and I realised they had a bit of cookie on their nose and gsdkjgksdgkhsg it was so cute and adorable I could of smothered them

Anonymous 11772

>Trip to Tokyo
>It starts raining and I don't have an umbrella
>I look like a drenched cat
>A super cute girl gives me her umbrella
>She insists I take it and walks away in the rain

She was so incredibly kind I'm almost going to cry

Anonymous 11870

did you get her number??

Anonymous 11871

cute stories like this always make me feel bad for the japanese. they're taught to be super sweet and friendly and neighborly, but their adult life is so soul sucking…

Anonymous 11874

>be me
>at work, retail fitting room escort
>doing my general NPC dialogue
>escort a mom and her son (maybe three years old) into the fitting rooms
>go back to desk
>suddenly hear something behind me
>turn around
>kid has crawled out from underneath the fitting room door while his mom was changing shirts
>looks like he's on the verge of tears
>kneel down, ask him if he's okay
>little kid toddles forward and buries his face in my shoulder, crying
>i put my arms around him and try to soothe him as best as i can
>use a super gentle voice
>basically talking to him like i talk to my cat
>mom comes hurrying out of the fitting room apologizing.
>the little boy is in a thick sweater and apparently he was getting hot and cranky under the fitting room lights.
>tell her it's okay, if he wants to stay out here then i'll keep an eye on him.
>not sure if i could actually detach him, kid was hanging onto me like a barnacle
>mom goes back in, comes out after a bit
>when she comes to take her child he starts to cry again when he has to let go of me
>we talk to him about where they're going next (the children's museum) and get him excited to go play
>mom tells me that i must have a really good aura (okay.jpg)
>wave them off, little boy waves back

inb4 'are you sure the mom wasn't a child abuser', they looked like a perfectly normal mother and son and he was happy to go with her after we reminded him that he could come back and visit me.

Anonymous 11876

this happened yesterday
>get off work thirty minutes early, hurrah!
>time to go grocery shopping
>grocery store is in a really poor part of town but they have super good prices and is close to my apartment
>still wary there because i've had some weird experiences there with dudes trying to pick me up in the parking lot
>get to store, walking back to milk aisle.
>pass a big black dude on his cell phone who gives me a 'how you doing, beautiful'
>politely chirp back 'hello' and keep moving
>get my milk, head towards the juice aisle
>same guy comes out of another aisle: 'hey, can i ask you a question?'
>'yeah, what's up?'
>'are you from (name of city we're in)?'
>'no, i'm from (hometown state)'
>don't want to say that I've lived here for the better part of seven years because i assume his next question is going to be for my phone number or something and i already have a boyfriend.
>instead he says that he could tell because i seem to radiate peacefulness (our city is known for its crime rates/poverty)
>tell him that's the nicest compliment i can think of (it's true)
>we both laugh and move on smiling.

made my whole day 110% better.

Anonymous 12733

i love this thread

>going grocery shopping

>just walking around, looking
>walking past a mother with her son on her arm
>feels sticky fingers on my cheek
>startled, i stop dead in my tracks and realizes that the kid is gently stroking my cheek
>mother apologizes when she sees my confusion
>kid is beaming
>i laugh and think about it for a week

Anonymous 12742

that's adorable!
encounters like this make me excited to be a mother one day. i know it's not all cute moments, but when they do happen, it's heart-melting

Anonymous 124370


>Visit a store to grab some soda and snacks
>Owner is an old guy with bad vision, spends a lot of time sorting through cash for change
>His cat walks by and lets me pet her
>I hold her and kiss her nose, she's very calm and loving
>Purring the whole time
That kitty made my day, after 4 lectures and a long day in uni, that was sort of exactly what I needed
On another occasion,
>Medical internship setting
>In a group with 11 others trying to figure out how to get to the rhumatology center in this 8-story building
>A cute toddle, about 3-4 starts following us around
>Waves at us, peek-a-boo's, fills that grim place with laughter
Fella was truly Godsent, everyone was in a bad mood cuz we were running late and the place was labyrinthine and confusing, but that lil dude brightened up our mood like magic
This one is more personal but
>Recently started dating my crush
>Absolute best person ive ever had in my life
>Dream about him almost everyday
>One time dreamt about us getting married
I'm not big on marriages but that caused me a whole week of feeling extra sappy

Anonymous 124625


Loved reading your stories

>be me

>lost all of my friends because of long distance/ghosting habits
>meet a girl in my language class
>very nice, good vibes, we start talking a bit
>she quickly suggests grabbing lunch together someday
>someone is actually interested in me (wow.jpeg)
>we do and spend the entire afternoon together
>feels so good to have a girl friend
>make plans for lunch the next week
>day comes and i have an unrelated nervous breakdown
>spend hours crying and wanting to die curled up in bed
>fuck i had plans
>3 missed calls, 1 text
>'i don’t understand anon, i thought we were meeting?'
>fuck fuck fuck
>extreme guilt sets in, i actually stood up my new friend
>send her a text hours later to apologize
>she answers
>'don’t worry anon! i hope you are feeling better now and that whatever happened is gonna get resolved soon. if you ever need someone to talk to, please know that i’m here! kisses'
>she proceeds to then send me her notes for the class i missed
>miss the following class, she does it again and checks on me
>'hope everything’s ok and most importantly, that we’ll get to meet soon!'
>think i really made a friend

Don’t know if the story itself is adorable but that girl surely is and I’m so glad to have met someone like her. I really felt like she wouldn’t be interested in someone like me and wouldn’t want to hang out again, especially after stooding her up. I’ll try to be a better friend now.

Anonymous 124702


Do you best anon, you've got a good friend that seems to cherish you, she sounds like a genuinely kind and sweet person, don't be too harsh on yourself and take it easy. Be natural and considerate and i hope things go the best route for you :))

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