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Anonymous 116379

Do you have a nickname?

Anonymous 116382


Anonymous 116405


Chick or chicky

Anonymous 116803

that girl

Anonymous 116814


Anonymous 117014

My boyfriend calls me his “ Butt Pillow “ because he likes to rest his head on my butt after sex

Anonymous 117015

In middle school everyone called me sourpuss

Anonymous 119391

A couple of people have called me a short version of my name that I had never even thought about. Unfortunately they were both guys with whom I've had unfortunate/awkward relationships and now we're not friends anymore.

And since I have practically no friends and don't socialize most of the time, I don't have a nickname. although I used to be called by my husbando's name online.

Anonymous 119651

family and eventually friends have called me "poops" or "poopy" my entire life. i have always fucking hated it and i feel like this doesnt even sound fkn believable

Anonymous 119718

Is English your family's native language because that's a horrible nickname. Especially for a child.

Anonymous 120432


I'm not sure why but whenever I shitpost on 4chan's /b/ people call me animaterr.

Anonymous 120436


Anonymous 120437

Anonymous 120457

My family calls me "Tita" and I've had a couple of nicknames but none of those lasted too long

Anonymous 121395

yes and i hate it.

Anonymous 133682

Everyone that I have ever known has at some point called me a retard so I'm assuming that's it.

Anonymous 133689

Common nickname for a common name. Now that I'm an adult I like to go by my full name. But my family and coworkers all call me by my nickname. When I had friends theh also called my by my nickname.

When I was little my grandma gave me a nickname that I hated but now I like it and kind of wish it had stuck!

Anonymous 133690


I can't stop laughing. That's awful. Is it based on your name?

Anonymous 133718

Yes, and I am going to hurt everyone who has ever referred to me by it.

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