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Anonymous 117462

I started to gain an interest in manifesting and I'm wondering if anyone had any results with it?

does manifesting work?
what are your methods?
any results

Anonymous 117463

That shit doesn’t work lol

Anonymous 117464

Your subconscious guides your actions towards your goals, this happens in the background and you are not as in control of what you do as you might think

That's what I believe people mean by "manifesting", it's limited to your own actions and behavior. Also your subconscious is "stronger" or more knowledgeable than you about how to reach these goals

It's like some Freudian shit idk never read any of that stuff

Anonymous 117467

I think it works in the sense that it makes you think clearly about what you want in life, think about how that could happen, and makes you more aware of potential opportunities to get what you want.

For example, instead of just repeating “I hate my job”, you will think about what job you want, what qualifications you need, and you keep your eyes open for opportunities to break into the field or talk to someone who knows about that field.

There’s nothing magical about it but it can produce good results if you can consistent with it.

I like to make mindmaps setting out all the steps and do lots of research. I’ve seen people make collages to stick on their walls which is nice and means you see it everyday. You could do something in Pinterest and just keep the tab open.

Anonymous 117468

that's really interesting i never thought abt it like that before so its mostly and subconscious thing?
wdym exactly by "mindmaps" ? I'm started to write down what I want in life everyday in a journal if u mean that

Anonymous 117483

If you want something a lot, and you work towards making it happen, it can happen. Isn’t this what manifesting is? Unless it’s like, i want to win the lottery, i guess.

Anonymous 117484

Manifesting is more like believing it's a law that you attract what you believe in. ("I believe I have a lot of money" and as a result the universe will change to meet that believe) You could also see it as a "If I believe, I will put in action and therefore it happens" but that's not manifesting if you strictly go by the definition of the law of attraction theory.

I read The Secret but came to the conclusion I don't believe in the law of attraction personally.

Anonymous 117485

Mindmaps are diagrams like this. Put what you want in the middle and then ideas how to get there in the branches.

Anonymous 117487

Manifesting is watching retarded youtube videos to make your waist thinner or your lips bigger, according to twitter I think.

It may work like a placebo for things that you can actually change I guess, like making you more determined in achieving them, like getting a good job, etc. But not for making you taller or anything like that lol

Anonymous 117489


Forgot pic

Anonymous 117497

>does manifesting work

No. Sorry.

Anonymous 117503

I spent 3 months manifesting a relationship with someone who disliked me and actively avoided me (cringe I know). Believe it or not it worked, to the point where it's kind of jarring to think back on. Sometimes I feel like I manifest other smaller things and I generally carry the mindset with me.
I don't really care if it's "real" or anything because believing in this crap only has positive effects for me. Does it really matter if it's a placebo if it works for you? I'd always been autisticly obsessed with being as rational and objective as possible but honestly now I think people can really benefit from some spirituality. A little bit of schizoposting as a treat can be nice.
Actually I feel like manifestation/LoA has major similarities with stuff like cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness, which are widely accepted. That stuff never worked for me but reframing it in this sort of mystical way helps me relate better to the core ideas (CBT always felt too normie-centric to me) and I'm generally a lot more optimistic and satisfied with life these days. I'm not nearly as neurotic as I used to be and it feels good.

Anonymous 117507

One time I tried manifesting a sandwich. After 10 minutes of trying I realized the power was in me all along.

Needless to say, I called my friend and asked if they wanted to go get some hoagies for lunch. They said 👍.

Anonymous 117511

were you like "im going to get in a relationship with them" in your head or did u write it down everyday? i got interested in this since my friends said it worked and I think just having something to believe in for me atm will help me I feel like my mental is just broken asf rn

Anonymous 117684


try it

Anonymous 117693

With the way I did it, I didn't think
>I'm going to have x
>I want x
or stuff like that. I made a point of grasping the belief of "I already have x"
The methods I used were mostly based off of Neville Goddard's work which you can find online for free. In summary I believed that I already had my desire in my subconscious mind and that I just had to wait for it to appear in the real world. Like if you already looked into your future and planted something there, so you'll somehow get there even if you don't know what happens in between.
That doesn't mean literally do nothing to get to your goals or act inappropriately, it just means you should let go of worries and just accept that it'll be good in the end.

Anonymous 117710

It works for me even if it sounds crazy.

Look into neville goddard, and I hate to point you to 4chan but the /x/ board has a /loa/ general that goes into it.

Basically, come up with a first person scene that implies you already have what you want. Then loop it until you fall asleep.

Basically you must truly believe you have that thing, and only then will it "manifest".

Anonymous 117715

I wish I had your belief.

Anonymous 117717

Search for Neville Goddard's Ladder Experiment and try that.

You basically visualise climbing a ladder for a few days and then actually end up doing/manifesting it. It doesn't have to be a ladder, could be anything, but it has to be something rare, and you can't force it (i.e going out to find a ladder on purpose).

Anonymous 117718

The Secret

They all are the same thing. You BELIEVE and it comes.

Anonymous 117723

This is how I view manifestation.
It's all a mindset really.

I "manifest" by writing things down or creating collages of pictures or phrases that relate to my future or inspire me.
I found that some things I wrote down about six months ago did come true, and I was able to shape my life into what I wanted it to be.
Those thoughts and pictures were lingering in the back of my mind and I think that helped me go forward into getting what I wanted out of life.

I think the energy you put into things is the energy you will get out; about three years ago I was in a really bad place mentally which put me into a negative mindset. Nothing was going my way and I pretty much hated life. Now I've shifted my ways of thinking and more things are slowly working out for me.

Anonymous 117726

I thought this was all a bunch of bullshit until I did this experiment. I didn't climb the ladders out of spite, because it's all a bunch of bullshit. In fact, the light bulb in one of my rooms is still out almost a year later because I refuse to give this shit credibility.

Anonymous 117728

Lmao, I have never climbed a ladder. I did the experiment, 2 days later my dad brings out this huge ladder and asks me to help.

I am generally a huge skeptic but that is what made me a believer. Which is why I always tell anons to do the experiment if they want to truly get into manifestation

Anonymous 117730

Okay, I'll give it a shot. But something that isn't a ladder because I go up to the attic regularly. What should I try to manifest? nta

Anonymous 117732

I've heard of people trying it with a baseball

Anonymous 117733

If "manifesting" worked, poor people wouldn't be poor any more. Sick people could heal themselves. We would literally have no issues in the world. I think it's rude to even believe in it because it implies that anyone with problems just isn't "trying" hard enough.

Anonymous 117737

Manifesting isn't easy, it's not just writing some affirmations or praying a few times. This is why many people achieve nothing in manifestation.

Read Reality Transurfing if you're interested in this.

Anonymous 117738

Yeah, exactly as I said. So poor people aren't trying hard enough to "imagine" themselves out of poverty.

Anonymous 117741

More like their bad situation makes them more and more negative.

If you want a yes or no, yes.

Anonymous 117775

It's a decent mixture of pseudo science and narcissism. Any time I think about it I easily see it being in some kind of editorial about the 2010's-2020's as a "look at what those apes thought back then!" type of thing.

Anonymous 117860

It's exactly narcissism, thinking the universe works for you. Silly bakas.

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