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niche interests/ hyperfixations Anonymous 118191

post about your weirdly specific, obscure hyperfixations

Anonymous 118192

obscure silent films

Anonymous 118194

Napoleon Bonaparte

Anonymous 118196


Gore/guro, self harm (I like to talk about my self harm habits or listen to someone talking about them), some anime, certain corners of tumblr, specific art styles (picrel is an example)

Anonymous 118197

harsh noise

Anonymous 118199


Anonymous 118200



Anonymous 118201

Ur mom


Flaming Carrot

Anonymous 118202

adult otome games and Japanese female-oriented straight anime porn


Anonymous 118204

This is the worst starter pack i’ve ever seen

Anonymous 118206

barbie dolls and neo noir films

Anonymous 118211

Interesting, please enlighten me with some recommendations

Anonymous 118248


rollercoasters(types, manufacturers etc.), dead malls/urban exploration, casio loopy(failed gamesystem for girls), shojo beat magazines/shojo manga magazines in general, japanese fashion magazines/furoku(extra free stuff included with magazines in japan), japanese city pop music

Anonymous 118253

idk if it counts as niche but lolita, gyaru, and a few other jfashions
even more than the fashion itself I'm obsessed with the subculture surrounding it plus how it's changed over time and online spaces for it (like for lolita the old livejournal blogs, and all the drama, etc)
also obsessed with old internet nostalgia and drama, lolcows, imageboard subculture - basically typical terminally online stuff but from back in the good old days before it was commonplace to be an internet addict lol

Anonymous 118258

It’s a game made by a single dev in a small country, only found through a certain foreign language thread in an already niche interest forum, and has an active community of around 20 ppl, and I’m the only woman, so I’d doxx myself if I did tell you that.

Anonymous 118262

umm drop some recs please??

Anonymous 118272

Proto-indo-europeans, I actually learn PIE phrases and words in my spare time, but no one cares to know about how greek gods are descended from the PIE pantheon.

Anonymous 118273

Martin?? I loved that movie since 2018

Anonymous 118274

Or tbh now that I think about it, it's just more etymology and stuff in general

Anonymous 118282

>no one cares to know about how greek gods are descended from the PIE pantheon
i do! that sounds super interesting nona

Anonymous 118283

do you happen to think you are getting gangstalked by any chance?

Anonymous 118287

doesn't she like harsh noise wall though?

Anonymous 118324

2000s glitter graphics, I still make them a lot and actually almost got banned for posting them too much here which made me not come back here for several months. Then I found somewhere to post them and came back.

Anonymous 118347

I'm the one who storytimed that Sonic/Marvin the Martian/Kingdom Hearts DeviantArt comic and I feel like that sums up my hyperfixations

Anonymous 118367


Birds and birding/birdwatching.

Anonymous 118390

I obsessively browse occult threads in anonymous boards just to see the absurdities they come up with. It's become a hobby to me.
Other than that, silent film era actresses. I love reading their biographies for some reason.

Anonymous 118479


I am obsessed by pinnipeds. You asked for it OP. Now I have to post a seal picture. Sorry.

Anonymous 118483

I love you, Seal-anon.

Anonymous 118486


this warms my slow pulsing heart heart accomodated for long diving time, there, another seal being cute somewhere in China

Anonymous 118489

displeased sea lio…

what in the HELL is this monstruosity ?

Anonymous 118514


medieval armor

Anonymous 118579


I used to be the same, I was browsing r9k everyday. But it was unhealthy. A bit like digital self harm? So I stopped and focused on feline animals and seals.

Anonymous 118580

Keep that up. A lot cuter than r9k dwellers.

Anonymous 118612

Cool, I used to have a folder full of reference pics of armor parts to draw my OCs, but I lost it when my hard drive died :') I forgot what most of the parts are called

Anonymous 118655

Ufology and ariel pink band

Anonymous 118692



Fragrance. Absinthe. The Real Housewives. The psychology of folk tales (e.g., archetypes, Joseph Cambell and Jungian shit).

Anonymous 118696


Ohh, UFOs. What are you most interested in? Abduction stories scare the shit of me. I definitely recommend the book The Intimate Alien for an incredible analysis of what the alien abduction phenomenon might symbolize from an anthropo/sociological perspective.

Anonymous 118739

The Borgias and western films, especially spaghetti westerns

Anonymous 118889

i also love making knight ocs nona!

Anonymous 118916



Here's the summary!

Anonymous 118944

Colonial puritan history, especially laws, customs, and naming conventions

Anonymous 118963


I am such a fan of soviet trams and commie blocks, but not in a doomer way - seeing all the soviet architecture makes me so elated, i could talk about it all day long. I got a drone for my bday just so i could film my favorite apartment complex nearby, made an attempt to take my peers to an excursion there and i am planning to get a tattoo of it.. I even somehow managed to procrastinate productively with my interest: instead of finishing my assignments for uni, i would build paper models of trams, draw the apartment complex, crochet a commie block sweater, knit a tram scarf etc. Even my philosophy project for the end of semester was about the philosophy of soviet housing. And well, almost nobody seems to share my hobby, maybe some 30-50 y.o men on domofoto or transphoto etc. I kinda tried to get myself involved into some urbanist party on Twitter or something, but they are much more into getting rid of the commie blocks..

Anonymous 118964

tell me you have autism without telling me you have autism

Anonymous 118965

you want to get a tattoo of an apartment building you are in love with? do you also want to marry it?

Anonymous 118966

hello? baza department?

Anonymous 118979

not sure how niche it is, but i enjoy looking at dead corners of the internet. this includes websites that don't receive much traffic, or old blogs. my current interest is finding old youtube channels of random people, and going through the channels they are subscribed to. they are usually subbed to their friends channels. i look at the plans that they made but never went through with, such as making more videos. i also look at the comments they leave each other. all these accounts have been essentially abandoned for like 10 years, and i wonder what those people are up to now. i like the empty feeling it gives me, not quite depression, but it doesn't really feel good either. it's like recoiling from a bad smell, but then being compelled to take another sniff.

Anonymous 119018

I also like so-called "commie blocks" and brutalism, anon. The hate they get is completely undeserved but almost no one understands.
I think your hobby is pretty cool.

Anonymous 119031

i like the aesthetic, but i wouldn't want to live around it.

Anonymous 119096

Yes. Still better than moids

Anonymous 119115

thats really cool, have you fallen into any rabbit hole you found particularly interesting in the process? i once became obsessed with obsolete blogs about serial experiments lain and it was an experience lol

Anonymous 119118

like crystal.cafe?

Anonymous 119177

>The hate they get is completely undeserved
>t. never lived in one

Anonymous 119182

brvtalism is 20/10 but >>119177 is right, it's easy for your neighbours to do petty (turning music on very loud and if the walls are thin, gets annoying really quick; loud stomping, talking (the worst is a straight couple arguing or even domestic violence happening, horrifying and sick) etc etc) or even horrific stuff if you're being gang stalked (the gov agencies pay your neighbours to install psychotronic devices and either the agency members or paid trained agents living on a wage from that operate them. check out the gang stalking thread for more.)

Anonymous 119200


Yay! Two napoleonfags itt already

Anonymous 119204

>have you fallen into any rabbit hole you found particularly interesting in the process?
yes, i found a rather lengthy personal drama that an individual was going through in their life that spanned several years and multiple websites. it was like watching a soap opera, i was fascinated by them and the manner they were living their life. once they went offline, or made new accounts or whatever, i made the mistake of reaching out to them at one point to ask if things ever got resolved and they were sort of confused as to who i was and why i cared, and it caused them to delete almost everything. i still regret that last part.

Anonymous 119361

I also love these things, especially niche or indie perfume.

Anonymous 119362

Lol same. I love ancient and medieval history and languages that do not have to do with the Roman empire. I even majored in linguistics.

Anonymous 119930

Folk tales/lore, the more obscure the better. It doesn't matter the culture they are from, although I have a soft spot for Slavic ones. It's hard to find really rare ones because people who tell them are old and those countries only recently got internet probably. There are some dedicated websites for more obscure stuff, but those are hard to find because they usually arent in English and they are just older websites that don't come up in searches. I wish to one day write an epic adventure story with similar vibes and elements to old European folk tales.

Anonymous 120024

>be into obscure thing since age 5 or 6
>incapable of finding anyone else who actually likes it as an interest, just information about it existing
>no clubs, subreddits, any kind of group whatsoever
>it's just considered a thing that exists. not something to be into
>one day find a discord server dedicated to it
>holy shit!
>lurk for a while
>tfw it's full of trannies and discussion is extremely permeated with shit like mods declaring new genders
>watch as 13 year old boy who joins is bullied and subsequently groomed into saying he's a girl
I don't want to say what it is, because I'm paranoid that someone will be able to identify me by it. but damn

Anonymous 120032

god i hate discord for this. i wonder what your interest could possibly be if that is the crowd that also enjoys it.

Anonymous 120043

It's a niche field of mathematics
The only other people I've seen who are into it are like 3 old men who are professors

Anonymous 120130

Nuclear radiation, nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons. Anything involving highly radioactive materials and nuclear reactions. The sheer power, the god-like hubris, of humanity's ability to harness literal atoms, the building blocks of our universe, and use them for both mass energy generation and mass destruction… the gravity and magnificence of such an accomplishment is unutterable.

I mostly just watch YouTube videos on nuclear science and read particle physics textbooks. It makes me sound smart but people don't really care about hearing it besides the surface-level novelty of the subject. I don't know nearly everything about the field, not by any means, but I just want to talk about the intricacies of nuclear reactor designs with somebody. It makes me so happy.

Anonymous 120132

>niche field of mathematics
>since age 5
When I was 5, I couldn't count to a hundred.

Anonymous 121273


Inferno. Suspiria is better but I liked this one too.

Anonymous 121279


This is going to sound completely autistic but right now it is seeking out silk clothes in “rare” colors. Steel greys with hints of blue and green, corals, bluey deep turquoise, light creamy golds, sagey minty pale greens, etc etc

Pic related, Gucci has some nice ones though I wouldn’t wear them altogether like this.

Anonymous 121280

Some more colours because I’m feeling extra autistic: plumy 90s raisin, pale lightest pink, versace orange, deep forest green, high definition purple, soft pale blue. These are just the ones I can been obsessing over today and I will find more soon.

Anonymous 121341


I love that. You're so cool.

I'm really into mohair stuffed animals from the 60s-70s right now. Here is one I have, she's a blonde monkey by Schuco.

Anonymous 121359

It wasn't like I understood the details kek, a 5 year old could be amazed seeing a spaceship and have no knowledge of it. I just saw visuals relating to it and thought they were the coolest thing ever

Anonymous 121361


Anonymous 121454

chuck e cheese, little shop of horrors, dolls, and animation

Anonymous 121455

she looks so friendly

Anonymous 122647

I have a weird love for chapstick. Every time I go to the dollar store I have to stop myself from buying more. I already have enough to last me a few years with heavy use.

Anonymous 122654

Fashion dolls, specifically Rainbow High and customizing them. My house is a graveyard of eyeless, naked dolls in the middle of customizing. It's creepy and cringy as fuck, pretty sure one friend ghosted me after seeing it. I also have a big ass Barbie-scale dollhouse I decorate.

Also recently Animal Crossing. It's not niche, but like with everything, I went balls deep into it. For a couple months I played it 50+ hours a week. Kept me from killing myself tbh.

Fuck you why can't I attach a pic

Anonymous 122656

OH, because of cp prevention. Nice.

Anonymous 122659

metaphysics. i like searching up for clues on how the spiritual (presumable) building blocks of reality operate, as i'm looking for ways to hack it.
i also like to collect screencaps of old internet as long as they have in some way a dreamy feeling to them and/or they're pink and girly. they also need to give me a specific sense of unsettlingness, longingness and melancholy.

Anonymous 122825

I'm going to see and hopefully ride on some lovely 1950 replica trams in a few months, I wish I could attach an image and show you!! They also have an honest to god steam train and recreations of Edwardian / 1934 style buses you can ride on, I'm giddy with excitement. They also have lots of old motorcars on display (the ones where you had to wind up the engine before driving are the ones I'm most excited to see) but obviously you can't ride around in those. I could spend my whole visit on the transport alone I'm sure. The drivers and conductors dress in proper period clothing and I already know I'm going to sit at the end so I can bombard them with questions lol

Anonymous 122826

Play Sachi no Tenbin lol
Right now I have Onedari ShareMate though I haven't had time to play it

Anonymous 122883

I'm in the same niche, to me it feels like winning in debate but without the work. Whenever the say "all women think" and then some bullshit I can just instantly be like "am woman and i dont" in my head and I feel like I just destroyed a degenerate incel. It's really dumb but it makes me happy.

Anonymous 122884

Hey I'm also super interested in soviet architecture. Admittedly i'm mostly into abandoned factories and dilapidated housing blocks in Slovakia so its not exactly the same thing but I still think Khrushchyovkas are super cool, if you're looking for someone who isnt a 30 yr old man to talk to about that kind of thing I can drop my discord and I'd be cool to talk :)

Anonymous 122886

I love your post anon

Anonymous 122895

I've been obsessed with this film series called violent shit. its really low budget and awfully made but i think the killer is something else

Anonymous 122903

shit meme, incredibly dull, boring and complicated, a meme should go straight to the point, just a picture and 2 lines at maximum

Anonymous 122922

Idk if it’s niche but I really love those villainess/isekai manhwas, a lot of them are repetitive and poorly written but I still have fun reading them. They’re stupid and comforting. There’s a subreddit for them but I don’t really go there because they always end up treating them as if they’re meant to be realistic and serious and complain when they’re obviously not. I don’t know how some of them have read so many and still complain when they’re exactly what they look like.

Anonymous 122951

I won't add you because I don't really share that hobby but I still think your interest is pretty cool.

Are you sure you're not actually making yourself feel worse deep down and developing internalized misogyny from doing that? Sorry anon but I'd suggest you and >>118495 stop watching that crap.

>I don’t know how some of them have read so many and still complain when they’re exactly what they look like.
True, I just complain without reading them, much easier.
>a lot of them are repetitive and poorly written
>They’re stupid and comforting
If it makes you happy and you acknowledge its flaws, it's alright.

Anonymous 122956

Lmao thank you, I don't understand the reason but appreciate it anyways lol

Anonymous 122967

Based German gore enjoyer

Anonymous 122976

>otome games
tell me some I want to play

Anonymous 122977

you have a promising future

Anonymous 122978

i read about insects every day

Anonymous 123005

I have recently been reading about aquatic life every day. The ecosystems are so strange and every manner of creature so completely different from what we normally experience that it truly feels like an alien world and it keeps bringing me in. I used to be terrified of sea creatures, but this is like exposure therapy in a lot of ways.

Anonymous 123010

All of them. You have to play all of them.

Anonymous 123027

If you want a general otome recommendation, play Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side (preferably all of them but if you have to choose just one, play 3 on either DS or PSP since it's the most polished, only the first 3 have a translation patch; more info in the otome thread at /media/)
If you want an adult otome game recommendation, I've already done that >>122826
Onedari ShareMate as far as I'm aware is about a woman who has to choose two roommates and there's lots of threesome sex scenes with different character combinations. The art looks like a mix between modern and 2000s style. Though this one and Sachi no Tenbin (which is sort of like a soap opera) are only in Japanese. People also say that Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari is the best adult otome game, but I haven't played it, also it has an English release but it's a shitty censored mobile port. Another one that I've seen getting paise that I haven't played is Jooubachi no Oubou.
These are practically all the R18 ones that have an English translation:
(I don't recommend the ones released by MangaGamer, Horny Magical Princess and Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, those have somewhat shitty art, and are weirdly focused on the protagonist, especially the former, and generally aren't very good as otome games)

Anonymous 123277

Have you ever tried HEMA/kendo stuff? It's fun

Anonymous 123288

do you speak fluent japanese? how do you find these games?

Anonymous 123325

Most wrong post I have ever read
I don't know how backwards your opinion can be, but TMGS is not a good game to start with. It's a grindy stat raising game with boring SoL interactions. It doesn't represent 90% of otome games and giving JP only recs to a random people is pointless, even on an imageboard most people aren't gonna speak enough JP to play a game
Choudoku and some other adult games are written in 3rd person instead of POV, may be a dealbreaker for some

Jooubachi gets praise for being a wacky as shit game, it's not very sexy or beautifully drawn, however it wins for having strong BDSM themes most otoge don't, with a sadist MC. It's still a ridiculous game and difficult to enjoy seriously

FLML is a great game with great art, what the fuck are you talking about? They're the perfect equivalent of a quick fix for R18 that male VNs get. FLML doesn't overly sexualie the mc or anything like that. it's 100% femgaze and really funny. It's a decent otome but it's not going to have cute budding romance because the focus is sex. If you don't want that…don't play R18.

Best recs for a person newly getting into it:
Collar x Malice (a classic at this point, medium length. Highest rated game on vndb.)
Olympia Soiree (cute as hell MC with great personality, newly released, but it's long)
Hakuouki if you are a helpless weeb, love samurai and long haired boys. But it's over 50h long.
And if you'd rather start with a free game, try cinderella phenomenon. It's one of the most polished english indie game on itch, and 100% free. But most english releases suck ass

Anonymous 123326

his history is interesting and funny at the same time, he really messed up when he chose to go all the way to Moscow and winter came

Anonymous 123340

I read a short biography on him and he was super interesting. I might get that one a lot of people recommend sometime.

Anonymous 125506

Same here! Do you have any recs?

Anonymous 125511

central Asian / caucasian food and culture, heisei / showa era japan, Hunter S Thompson, sharks, anything to do with cowboys, the architecture of houses in my city, G1 Transformers, classic country music, and Cheburashka / Soviet Cartoons.

Oh, and languages, specifically Kyrgyz, Russian and Ukrainian.

Anonymous 125898

I've never met another person who was as interested in Central Asia as me before! I also like classic country music.

I like these too. My favorite thing about them is when the author clearly knows nothing about Europe and just copy pastes the plot of some historical K-drama into 18th(?) century Europe. It's like lolita, reverse orientalism.

Anonymous 125902

The villainess reverses the hourglass
Father, I don’t want to get married
I will change the genre
I Didn't Mean to Seduce the Male Lead
Your throne (technically not isekai but it’s in the same ballpark with a ‘villainess’ mc)
Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Anonymous 125970

maybe not a super niche interest on here but im obsessed with female killers who target men, even if it was just attempted murder. i used to be more interested in male killers who targeted women but after hearing so many stories about men killing solely because they were horny and angry i got tired. women seem to have more complex reasons for committing crimes or at the very least a life outside of wanting to kill men.

Anonymous 126156


Lately i've been obsessed with stopmotion movies. I'm planning on creating a claymation shortfilm one day.

Anonymous 126157

aaah, classic dark toon. love it.
fine taste indeed

Anonymous 126182

are you me three years ago

Anonymous 129412

Hey anon, I have no idea if you still visit this board but just wanted to say that you and your interest is great. I like brutalist architecture too, really enjoy taking photos and looking at those kinds of things (I live in Eastern Europe so most buildings are like that), maybe we could get in contact and maybe exchange some photographs (an apartment complex filmed from a drone sounds like it'd produce super cool photos).
My email is "brutalismarchenjoyer @ airmail . cc" (remove the spaces and quotes ofc), I don't use discord (the interface is total shit and privacy is abysmal even though I'm not a privacy schizo) but we may figure something out if email is inconvenient for you. I don't mind if other lovers of brutalist architecture email me as well.

Anonymous 129437

i looove obscure folk tales,have you ever checked out the folk tale project on youtube?i found it while looking for lesser known american myths ill leave a link here if you're interested

do you have an websites you can recomend for discovering niche folk tales?

Anonymous 129465

That's cool, nona. I've made some stop-motion animation. It can be hellishly frustrating. But, once you get in the zone you can spend hours, sometimes days just fiddling with all the little pieces. The end result always feels so passionate. You really do pour blood, sweat, and tears into it.

Anonymous 129469


I enjoy studying folklore/myths too. From just finding obscure folk stories to getting into the archetypal symbolism of it all. Nice to see a few others share this niche. In general just like studying the occult and the meta of the supernatural.

Another thing to go along with this is finding aesthetically pleasing books on these topics. I just tend to hate mass market paperbacks and digital format. I guess I like the idea of feeling like I'm reading some tome of knowledge rather then flipping through some cheap paper back edition with an ugly cover. It can get expensive though and I'm not exactly a rare book collector since it doesn't have to be first edition, old or particularly a rare book; just a design choice that fits the context of the information within.

Anonymous 129536

I have literally no relation to it and I don't know anyone who's from there but I'm fucking obsessed with the culture of Georgia (the country in the Caucasus, not the place in the USA.) I'm going to see if I can find an English translation of The Knight In The Panther Skin.

Anonymous 129625

I've been listening to yugoslavian war songs for ten years now.

Anonymous 129636


Just the generic animal-based hyperfixation, but I specially love reptiles and bugs. I keep and raise beetles, mantids and other exotic pets.

Anonymous 129668


Not fluent but I'm learning and can play an average Japanese game with a dictionary. I found them by lurking /blog/, reading some otome blogs, browsing the Japanese net and using the VNDB.

>I don't know how backwards your opinion can be, but TMGS is not a good game to start with
It's quite literally how I and others started with the genre.
>It's a grindy stat raising game with boring SoL interactions
You might not personally like that, but others do enjoy the "boring SoL interactions", not everyone wants some epic and complex fantasy plot every time. I also recommended that one because I want more people to play it and the same recs are always given anyway
>giving JP only recs
Most adult otome are untranslated so there's not much I can do, and TMGS is translated
>FLML is a great game with great art, what the fuck are you talking about?
I'm sorry, I can't stand the wonky art (pic related), maybe it's just me who's autistically obsessed with finding flaws, but I think in general the art feels kinda weird. Also, the dicks are very weird-looking, which is a turn-off sometimes. It's also not 100% femgaze, maybe about 60-70%, in some CGs the boys have no nipples
Nice recs tho, but I specifically mentioned adult otome in my first post which is why my all-ages recs are so lackluster also TMGS deserves more love

Anonymous 129675

Highly recommend finding acquaintances with similar interests who speak it natively and chatting in the language with them, after a while the grammar and vocabulary slowly becomes second nature to you… or third nature to start things off lol. Works for any language I'd think…

Anonymous 129677

lol unlikely for japanese beyond basics. it's not a language you can just casually pick up and is literally the hardest language for native english speakers to learn

Anonymous 129679

I didn't say 'casually' anywhere and didn't want to imply it. Of course you need to be ready to study, but what I mean is that the machine will struggle to work if you don't keep it regularly oiled, and friendly convos with natives is a nice way. When you don't practice by applying yer skillz, you tend to forget stuff quickly. But it's just one method I suppose, since nanon likes otome I'm sure they already get plenty of good practice by reading a lot haha

Anonymous 129693


It was already mentioned but R18 otome games and also TL/Smut manga. I do enjoy regular otome games, but man there are hardly any R18 otome in English. I also enjoy Ball Jointed Dolls and hope to get my first one soon.

Anonymous 129700

Is it harder than chinese?

Anonymous 129714

It's easier but still though.

Anonymous 129717

I know there's Duolingo events that are Zoom meetings hosted by people who speak the language(s) you're interestd in. There's always at least a couple of people hosting Japanese speaking events, usually one for beginners and another for advanced learners. The problem is that I'm not willing to install Zoom on my PC, lol. At least not right now.
I could just go back to taking Japanese classes at my uni again, but I don't think I need to do that right now (also I can't afford it). I can already grasp most common Japanese grammar easily, the problem for me is memorizing new vocabulary but reading a lot of Japanese text and forcing myself to look things up, such as in VNs, helps. I'm also translating an anime from English to another language while using the original Japanese dialogue for reference, so that's improving my vocabulary too.
I'd also been learning Japanese casually since high school, but like I said, I started taking actual Japanese lessons in real life when I was in uni and made a lot of progress that way.
I have two X chromosomes thank you very much (as everyone who posts here should).

>literally the hardest language for native english speakers to learn
Well thank fuck I'm not a native English speaker, then.

Anonymous 129743

That sounds very cool, hope your translation goes well! Although I should've said I had in mind online interaction on places like twitter, where you can find natives with similar interests by just using the search bar. That interaction is visual and helps with vocab, grammar, in a way that reading a lot might too, but for some people they might prefer having a real live person rather than reading text. I'm just throwing it out there because not a lot of people think about it, including me for a long time, but I noticed it helps memorising stuff. Oh and by the way, do you know the website jisho? It's a dictionary where the more common words come with example sentences so you can see which particles to use, which context, etc.
Oh and sorry, I don't know how it is in your native language but in English some of us have a bad, sloppy habit of using they in place of he/she… SHE* ^^

Anonymous 129744

Japanese being ultra had is a meme and this mostly comes from the amount of kanji and the pronunciation for English speakers. But in terms of understanding it, it is not that hard.
And if you just want to understand weeb stuff and don't care about producing output it's even simpler

Anonymous 129745

kanji is easy, it's more about being able to speak properly. if you just want to understand manga or whatever that is easy. if you want to sound somewhat coherent when talking about more complex topics then that is pretty hard

Anonymous 129753

its from Tusk, a horror movie.
Highly recommended. Very funny and fucked up and just strange.
Kevin Smith (Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob) directed it.

Anonymous 129763

Unfathomably based

Anonymous 130020

it's not obscure but lately I've been fixated on bloodborne lore
I've never actually played the game, only watched playthroughs, and I've been watching bloodborne lore videos and reading about it so much
I think I need to play through the entire game so I can stop obsessing over it

Anonymous 130040

Me too! The lore and aesthetic of the game are fantastic, and it’s oddly relaxing to have other people explain the story and watch other people play it! I’m currently waiting for the artbook to be delivered too

Anonymous 130134

I'd buy the artbook too if I had the money to spare, I love looking through artbooks for games I'm obsessed with
enjoy the book nona!

Anonymous 130704

im so intrigued

Anonymous 130745

got any recommendations anon?

Anonymous 130775

Same here! I played a lot of the dark souls games when I was a teen but bloodborne is the one that really stuck with me.

Have been trying but failing to get into elden ring.

Anonymous 134199


A bed made of grass

Anonymous 135019

I love you.

Anonymous 135021

That would attract bugs and worms

Anonymous 135034

not sure is conlang or not

Anonymous 135035

post some of the most aesthetic sounds words.

Anonymous 135036

late 18th century academic works from London

Anonymous 135060


You might take the prize for unusual interests I've seen. Is there a particular academic subject (like chemistry or archeology) or academic "movement" at this time that interests you? Or are you interested in any academic publications from London during this time? How do you find these books and research papers? In modern or republished anthologies of works from the period, or do you go to archives in-person to examine them?

Please inform me about mysterious 1700s London academia. Any links to scans of examples would also be appreciated, if possible.

Anonymous 135129

the battle of Brun…

ah, a woman of good taste i see

Anonymous 135135

It's a jungian thing, isn't it?

Anonymous 135251

Any academic publications but I find political works the most fascinating. The similarities between that time and today are uncanny. I usually find them by searching through google scholar.

Anonymous 135252

I enjoy combing through old academic works in general. I just find those in particular to be the most interesting. Also forgive me but I meant to say late 1800s instead of 1700s centuries are so confusing sometimes.

Anonymous 135272

the hippocampus
AGI doomsday even though I personally don't believe it's near

Anonymous 135276

>AGI doomsday
anon are you me

Anonymous 135282

I might be! Alternatively I'm just a fellow miner with the same niche interests who would like to be frens

Anonymous 135346

s-same, you could write me at [email protected] if you weren't joking about being frens… check your spam for replies though if you're on gmail

Anonymous 136102

I'm a sucker for dark fairytales, especially Brother Grimm ones. If Tim Burton made a Cinderella movie I would watch it everyday

Anonymous 136103

How can one believe in qualia when any quale is immediately replaced by the memory of a quale which, by definition, cannot be a quale?

Anonymous 136340

>believing in them
You don't have to believe in them, that's your choice. But you will experience them every infinitesimal moment of every day for the rest of your life
Even as you're finishing up with one of them it begins to feel like a memory, so it's elusive. Like it's transitioning into memory space.
Fascinating topic, I'd love to hear more thoughts on it

Anonymous 136354

(I am assuming you're >>135272) Have you received my response to your email?

Anonymous 136744

I'm another person. I hope they do though :)

Anonymous 136750


Anonymous 136938

For me it's mallsoft and malls in general. As a kid I got obsessed with one of the local malls. It had beautiful gold fixtures and a golden elevator, very shiny floor tiles, a fountain, lots of plants and beautiful statues. I found it so luxurious and dreamy. I've tried to apply for jobs there but none of them would have me. I wish I was a ghost haunting beautiful shopping malls. I wish I worked at a frozen yoghurt shop in a mall food court in the 80s.

Anonymous 138553

cooking. finding new things to cook. how many people could post a recipe here?

Anonymous 138570

My post was deleted for some reason, but I did.

Anonymous 138573

i know of a good place to find some recipes. It's this cooking channel on youtube called tasting history with max miller, which is all about historical foods, most of which are pretty good.

Anonymous 138640

Wonderful music taste and thanks for sharing

Anonymous 138670


I'm working my way through this list, reading the articles and following the links in each article's References and External links section. If there are some decent documentaries about the site on YouTube (so, not like those Top 5 Most Mysterious Places In The World videos with thumbnails of photoshopped giant skeletons), I'll also watch those.

Anonymous 138686




I have a fixation with media that lets me live vicariously as an animal. (Warrior Cats, Wolf Quest, etc)

I think it comes from trauma from male violence. Growing up, I was taught that people generally keep a safe distance from wild animals, because they can injure you or worse. At the same time, I was taught to watch myself, as I have a target on my back just for being female, since there are countless males that will seek out women and girls to hurt them. So much of my life has been shaped by the threat of male violence. I know I’m being captain obvious here about the dangers of men, but yeah. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences. Other women might handle it by getting big on true crime to stay on top, and… well, this is how I handle it.

Obviously, there are many ways I have it better as a human, and overall, it’s likely better that I’m one, but I hate being reminded over and over again how weak and vulnerable I am. I’m envious of big cats for their speed and strength, and their sheer ability to scare the shit out of grown men into giving them the space they deserve… and small cats, even though they’re at a physical disadvantage, most men still leave them alone just because they’re of no interest to them.

There are a few men that still mess with these animals, just because there will always be a few men who will do anything, but it’s dwarfed by the epidemic of male violence against women and girls.

Anonymous 143234

>>118367 Pukeko! I live in New Zealand and see these babies everywhere!!!

Anonymous 143236

Anonymous 143539

You just kick them, they are not that big or strong definitely never give them your back, cats are opportunistic even house cats, they putt out their moves when nobody is watching them.

Anonymous 144212


i will share my top 3 unrelatable and better hidden interests:

one is occult shit of all kinds. i browse schizo forums, anonymous supernatural forums, abandoned wicca blogs, reddit conspiracy theories, youtube subliminal and spells videos, gangstalking discord servers.
can't talk about it as an interest bc the people tend to be into only 1-2 of these, and completely serious about it.

stemming from this is watching cringe naturalist, hippie, return-to-monke type of vloggers. i like their interest in nature and the fact that they are ignorant too because it makes me laugh. i unironically like the witch vloggers too but i am not religious.

another is my childhood collection of certain small figurine toys, and from that my autistic interest in figurines that have their texture. i don't play with them much other than for storyboarding but i take them out of a box and line them up regularly lol it's nice to have a collection of small, nostalgic items.

Anonymous 144406

Do you want to live in a dystopia? I mean trains autism is pretty cool but liking commie blocks? what the fuck is wrong with you?

Anonymous 144437

some nerdy girl on cc being fascinated by buildings = WANTS DYSTOPIA!!

good thought process there nona!

Anonymous 144469

If I knew you irl, I would spit in your face. I genuinely, deeply wish from the bottom of my heart that you get to live caged in a tiny apartment in one of these dreadful rotting shitbricks for the rest of your life.

Anonymous 144472

first two are based as hell

Anonymous 144480


I currently have a hyperfixation on this website about names and idk why. It’s gone on for like a month. I just like looking at the different types of names, their etymologies and how they change over time. It’s fun, but also really infuriating to see parents name their kids tacky modern shit like Ryder, Genesis, and whatever the fuck is in picrel. I just don’t get the appeal.

Anonymous 144482

I’m not pregnant btw, idk why I keep doing this

Anonymous 144487


Same! I also like looking at old/retro websites. It’s kind of why I wound up here. I tried to make an old looking website myself but it didn’t really go as planned. I should learn flexbox one of these days.

Anonymous 144490


Same here! I absolutely love baby names, they're my special interest. I love to learn about their etymologies/histories. I can easily tell e.g. a Basque name from a Spanish one. People often look at me like, how do you know this stuff?? I guess because I look like an uncultured Anglophone.

Anonymous 144861

Do you have any favorite names/names you find interesting? Currently mine are (no order):


Theo (but not with Thea lol)

Anonymous 144862

NTA but mine are:



…as you can see I'm not very inspired

Anonymous 144865


I almost put Aurora on mine but I put Angelina instead cuz I didn’t want to put too many.

I’m glad Aurora is kinda popular now because it feels like one of those names that should be. It’s nice. The French version is too.

Anonymous 144866

I actually know a few girls named Aurore. It's such a beautiful name and it definitely fits them. I kind of like the name Marc-Aurèle but it's a bit too much I think. Still, it wouldn't seem so out of place since hyphenated names are common where I live

Anonymous 144877

I’ve never met an Aurore, but I don’t live where there’s a lot of French people. Aurora is used to be too hippie and obscure for most people but now it’s pretty common for babies being born now.

Anonymous 144879

heritage post.jpg

i watch naruto and painstakingly curate a folder full of screenshots. im also working on translating all of the op/ed songs into english because i dont like some of the translations that float around. i love comparing the english versions and the japanese versions of the manga/anime as well and i will buy the same volume in both languages just to compare my own translation to the official translation. so fucking fun. i hyperfixate on naruto so much that i cannot relate to any of the normie fans anymore its bad. yes i am autistic.

Anonymous 144883

ty if you also hyperfixate on naruto i can share my folder of screenshots with you

Anonymous 144976

I love a lot of your choices, especially Cecilia and Dominic!
The names that interest me most tend to be the rare names of old saints and ancient or medieval names. The more obscure, the better. Like Cantanilla, Idalia, Enedina, Fiammetta, Hildegarde, Liliosa, Ombeline, Glaphyra, Myrophora. Anything mentioned here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Mulieribus_Claris#The_famous_women
Also French and Spanish names in general.
But if we're talking about names I could actually use for a child, I love Anastasia, Valentina, Evelina and Penelope, and Alexander, Raphael, Elias and Xavier.

Anonymous 145036

Fiammetta is pretty interesting. I think I saw it as a username on behind the name once.

Anonymous 145037


It is! I think it was made known by the Italian author Boccaccio originally (Fiammetta was the muse of Boccaccio, like Dante's Beatrice).

Anonymous 145043

I love that picture lol. I hate Khaleesi and I don’t know how it got popular.

Anonymous 145128

Fece collecting

Anonymous 145427

Have you read dagny / a love feast?

Anonymous 145429

Have you been to the temenos ?

Anonymous 145528

It was the title of one of the main characters from Game of Throne. She suddenly turns evil with no build-up in the show's shitty finale.

Anonymous 229588

kind of unrelated, but does anyone know how to develop any interests, get started in hobbies? I don't have any interests at all, let alone niche ones, or really any personality. I want to get into fandoms or hobbies or just be interested in something but I don't know how I would start. Also, do you think there's any way to do this offline, I'm trying to get off the internet. Sorry for being autistic

Anonymous 229599


Owning or building one of these. There are so many dead railroads where I live, but I wouldn't want to ride one by myself in the middle of nowhere. All I can do is watch videos of people on draisines or YouTube channels of people that jump in cargo trains illegally.
That and any kind of etymology

Anonymous 229650

For me, there's no set method to latching onto an interest/hobby/hyperfixation. It's a combo of being a turbo autist and coming across it at the right place and the right time.

Anonymous 229692


Anonymous 229695

You can try joining any local clubs or groups, or going to the library to read up on stuff. Maybe you can try learning a musical instrument. These days though it does feel like most interests and hobbies require some degree of being online, because of the communities. Personally I think youtube is pretty good, there are lots of passionate people on there that you can get inspired from.

Anonymous 229903

i love no trend's music to much. their sound (especially the vocals) is so satisfying. they're confrontational and noisy. it really appeals to all of the rage, confusion, and distress i try to hide. the lyrics often talk about self destruction and general misanthropy. how repetitive and monotonous life is and how nothing is fulfilling. and it's also got this energy. the feeling of wishing there was something in your life, wanting things to be fulfilling and matter, but it's unattainable. that's exactly how im feeling these past months so they're mostly what i've been listening to. their sound dramatically changes from album to album. their first line up changed because the got too popular within the punk scene. people started to think they were unique and cool for knowing them, and that wasn't the point of their music at all. it was to alienate punkers for thinking they were special. so everyone except for Jeff Mentges (the vocalist) left the band, and were soon replaced. I really miss Frank Price's (guitarist) contributions to the band, but it was probably for the best. It seemed he was done making music and moved on.

Anonymous 230237


I'm into non American stationery, mostly Japanese and German brands. I can go on and on about paper weight, fountain pen inks, etc.

I wish I had a pen pal so I can use my letter sets.

I have a passing interest in railways and rail travel. I wish the U.S. didn't abandon the train for the automobile.

Anonymous 230414

>Japanese brands
For me it's gotta be the uniball pens put out by Mitsubishi Pencil. They feel so nice to use, they're easy enough to get, and they're within my price-range.

First thing I always look at are the faulds. Good ones may look goofy, but boy do they make it possible to sit.

Anonymous 230439

Those aren't obscure you are just an edgelord.

Anonymous 230457


Lampreys, I really wanna have one as a pet someday

Anonymous 230955


I don't usually write with gel pens but Uni-ball makes the best white gel pen around. Only problem is that they dry out quickly if you aren't using them constantly.

My everyday pen is a Platnium Preppy with their Carbon Black ink. It might be babby's first fountain pen but any pen I use outside has to be under US $20. I'd freak if I lost a $100+ pen outdoors.

Anonymous 230972


I’ve always had an interest in cults, but something about the FLDS (and mormon theology in general) is just so enthralling.

Anonymous 230976

I find them fascinating as well. Did you watch the “Keep sweet” documentary? I think something about Utah and the west also really makes them interesting and the fact that they are the only branch of Christianity completely indigenous to the USA… if you can even describe them as Christian being that they essentially are polytheists who believe that God was once a normal man on another planet and any man can become a God. Before finding out that about them, I used to think they were just another Protestant sect.

Anonymous 230996

They should all be culled like rats. They sexual abuse their own children and marry them off when they're 10-13 to naSty filthy old men.

When in reality the old creepy LDS men should be taken to die on the mountain when they hit 46 because they're a leeching burden on the village by that age.

Anonymous 231067

this moid got a hair transplant recently have you seen it lmaoo. also hes kinda fashy. in one of the last videos i saw of him he was talking about how its 100% natural that a 20year old dates a 45yo male

Anonymous 231259

I jumped into the Zodiac Killer rabbithole and became obcessed with the entire case.
Too much time lost scrolling the many posts in the main forum and subreddit (and of course, the official police files) just to be frustated that we probably will never know who really was.
It is a very old cold case that was also very mystified over the years, the amount of misinformation is astonishing.

Anonymous 231303


I haven't seen it yet! I feel like it's common knowledge that mormon beliefs are weird, but most people don't realize the full extent of it. The Adam-God doctrine, although now discredited by the mainstream LDS church, is insane:
>According to the doctrine, Adam was once a mortal man who became resurrected and exalted. From another planet, he then came as Michael to form Earth. Adam then was given a physical body and a spouse, Eve, where they became mortal by eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. After bearing mortal children and establishing the human race, Adam and Eve returned to their heavenly thrones, where Adam serves as God and is the Heavenly Father of humankind. Later, Adam returned to the Earth to the ancient prophets and to become the literal father of Jesus.

Agreed. It's so bleak knowing what women and girls in the cult go through. Warren Jeffs especially deserves a painful death.

Anonymous 231393

being in prison in texas is pretty close to death. maybe even worse. he is an idiot for being a criminal in texas.

Anonymous 261060

>but no one cares
Not true - I'm obsessed with the PIE but I've only ever met two other such people irl :/

Anonymous 261084


Speculative evolution.
I've met only one person who is into it. We've been friends for 1,5 years, but few months ago she suddenly disappeared. I miss her both as friend and as hobby budy.

Anonymous 261418

I really enjoy conlanging, and am actually a little mad that Biblaridion(whom I'll presume you're aware of) has spend so much time doing spec bio, lol
so curse you!

was it an online friendship?

Anonymous 261447

I like conlanging as well, but I am too stupid to actually make my own conlang, so I just watch others' conlangs.
And of course I am aware of Bublaridion, surprisingly, I haven't watched his spec evo videos a lot.
And yes, it was an online friendship, but it was very intense one. I still wonder why she ended up ghosting me and whether she is alive as well, because I didn'know her irl name, only her country and city, so I can't even find her (or maybe I am, again, being too stupid for it)

Anonymous 261462

education and lifespan development. i've never met any other childless people who care about it. to make it even more bizarre, i don't want children of my own necessarily. i used to post on forums about it like welltrainedmind but even there it was too obvious i was a sperg.

Anonymous 261488


Normiesaw man thread (I've never watched it)

Anonymous 262998


The preppy is great, I use one all the time. It’s the pen I tell people to get when they ask me about fountain pens, bc they’re so cheap and soooo good. Someone’s not gonna balk at $3.50, ya know? But I do use my vanishing point out and about, but it has a special place to live in my bag, so I can make sure I don’t lose it…

My niche interest is ergo and steno keyboards. I know it’s weird. I just have little hands, and the first time I used a 40% board, I felt so comfortable. So it’s gotten out of hand since then… I learned how to solder to make my own board. I just ordered some pcbs for a custom keyboard that I measured out. It wasn’t easy, but I’m so looking forward to building it all out.

Steno is a little different. There’s a program called Plover which lets you use a normal keyboard to type like you would a steno keyboard. And there are some custom made boards which are for that hobby. Picrel, it’s called a georgi. I love/hate it because it seems perfect, but it’s huge because it was made by a troon with giant man mits. He also sells programmer socks. So I’m making a custom version of this layout that’s not designed for a linebacker.

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