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Online Shopping Anonymous 119203

where do you spend your neetbux online (or just window shop)?
i like looking at sticker packs on etsy…

Anonymous 119292

I used to buy stuff that was related to the hobby I was most interested in at the time such as stamps, headphones, model airplanes, rare books, etc. But now I've stopped doing that because I realized I tend to change interest in hobbies quickly so while I still appreciate those purchases it's not as much as when I bought them. I now save for more useful things like electornics and exercise equipment. I don't get NEETbux but I am NEET and do some online things like surveys to get spending money.

Anonymous 119646

aliexpress one cent new user deals. i make a bunch of new accounts and rack up a cost of a few cents for some cool shit. got a nice mousepad, some thigh highs and other accessories. shipping to us takes about a month but worth imo for paying literal cents.

Anonymous 120643

i have an addiction to buying high quality matcha from japan and other miscellaneous loose leaf teas. also i like clothes from yesstyle or other clothing websites like nothinbasichere

Anonymous 120650

So you never get in trouble or get your order cancelled for shipping to the same address? Do you change the names or something at least?

Anonymous 120689

where does everyone buy their clothes online? amazon is overpriced and a garbage company but i have no idea where else to look besides aliexpress. sometimes I spend hours looking at lolita fashion sites but I cant buy anything because I'm too poor, rip

Anonymous 120707

I hate you for introducing me to nothinbasichere I spent two hours gazing longingly at their items… What an obnoxious name though

Anonymous 120708

i spent a solid minute trying to figure out what "nothingbasichere" actually said.. i thought maybe it was no thin and then a french word or something until i actually went to the site

Anonymous 120748


hehe… yeah the name is kinda cringe and a lot of their stuff is way too flashy for me but their quality is really nice and the skirts are the literal best. for the skirts, you can customize the length, there's an adjustable sliding waistband, AND there's….drumroll… a big hidden POCKET! for black friday this was my order, highly recommend

Anonymous 120800


extremely adorable website… thank you for this…
this is genius. im always afraid the one cent deals are scams though lawl and i feel strangely guilty supporting fast fashion but… maybe if something piques my interest! i shall definitely look at this….

ah adorable

Anonymous 120838

question though- this site is legit? it seems almost too good to be true!

Anonymous 120859


yep, can confirm its real, my order arrived as expected although it does take a really long time to ship and get here. i found this website from another girl and all her orders have been fine too, but also very long shipping time.

Anonymous 120866

question, is it me or etsy is mostly resellers? I wanted some stickers from etsy too and…found something kind of disturbing.

i.e., a 6 pack was 5$ on etsy while…I found a 50 pack with some of the same stickers on aliexpress for 2$.
I don't know if they're just reusing designs or what. moreover, I found pins
and I checked the comments and pictures and it turned out to be the exact quality as the Etsy seller selling them too.

NOTE: I don't mind paying more for independent products from artists. I just don't know what's being stolen anymore or resold.

Anonymous 120892

This is just a taobao reseller. I recognize lots of the clothing. Really high markup too, wow.

Anonymous 120941

It’s difficult buying from taobao, having google translate on doesn’t help with the credit card/online purchase part of buying online.

Anonymous 120945

Just use a shopping service. It's not hard.

Anonymous 120950

Can you post some more advice on how to do this? Reddit says they keep your credit card info and will just cancel your order.

Anonymous 120967

Shopping service like what?

Anonymous 121070


could you name the taobao store(s) or explain your method on how to buy from there?

Anonymous 121086

Spreenow and 42agent are both reasonably priced and reliable for shopping services. They also have user guides.

You can use this spreadsheet to find shops

There are sections for seifuku, larme, otome, and other stuff.

I don't know exactly which stores most of it is from, but any time you see a site like this with tonnes of different Asian models and no consistent photography style, it's all just from Taobao.

If you like this stuff, I do know these stores would carry things similar:

Anonymous 121217

Secondhand sites, Mercari and ebay but sometimes I'll buy from Depop too. You gotta be careful with Depop though because some people are assholes

Anonymous 121466

I get my stuff from the goodwill or salvation army. Sometimes if you make a donation, they'll give you a coupon. I got 20% off one item once and got a winter coat for about $15. I get something from the clearance rack at Kohls after I return something to Amazon who gives me a $5 coupon off one item.

Anonymous 121486

I like giving daddy bezos my hard earned coin. But when I can be arsed to wait, AliExpress.

Anonymous 121500

-lacemarket for the cute japanese dresses
-aliexpress for craft supplies
- ebay for books and sometimes old stuff
- kare design for animal themed furniture

Anonymous 122592

i live in USA and my taobao account got frozen so i tried calling all of their customer support lines to unfreeze it, but every line just didn't connect to anything. maybe i will try to contact them online or something but taobao is so inaccessible to foreigners and its annoying. thank you very much for the information though, if i ever end up getting a working account again i will be sure to use these links

Anonymous 122966

windowshopping this site is fun. never bought anything for myself, but it's a great place to buy gifts for nieces and nephews or people who like cute/kawaii stuff.


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