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Friend finder testimonials Anonymous 119378

How has everyone's experience with the friend finder thread been? Is it worth it? Have you made friends from it? Have you encountered any male creeps (or even female creeps)? If the answer to the last question is yes, feel free to name and shame them so others will know who to avoid.

Anonymous 119395

I've outed moids contacting me before but admin deleted the posts (don't remember why but her reason is somewhere in the thread if you care to look it up). In hindsight I'm not sure if it's even useful outing males because then can literally just create the next identity and try again.

Personally I didn't end up with any lasting chats. It was my fault on a handful of them (taking too long to reply) but mostly I got ghosted and then there were one or two anons who think replying with one-word answers is chatting.

Anonymous 119401

neutral. met a very intelligent, fun person i clicked with but she deleted me (rightfully so) as i basically ghosted her because life happened. another one was pretty witty and smart too, and we had a lot in common. things fizzled out sadly, but i like her a lot still.
some were moids and i reported them, most were likely real girls but the convos were very boring. it was surprising actually, as i added people that sounded very interesting from their posts. i don't blame them though, as i know how easily stale chats can turn, so they probably were indeed nice people to have conversations with but things just didn't blossom.
my conclusion is that i can only keep online friends when in a small server, unfortunately.

Anonymous 119419

I've only added one person from those threads and yes, she's female. Good experience btw, even though I can only reply every few days.
But I'm interested in the proportion of troons who lurk this site. Has anyone in that thread been cafished by one of them?

Anonymous 119516

not good, no one likes me.

Anonymous 119518

I'm on another site and they've recently found out about crystal cafe.
I saw a post there talking about a guy who went to a friend finder thread here, tried contacting people at first, then saw people complaining about men trying to use it to date.
He said he then deleted the friend request, realizing how dumb it would be for him to like assume that he would be special for it and stopped coming here.

Good on him for self awareness atleast, i hope that that sort of viewpoint of it from moids is really more common

Anonymous 119533

I want to make friends that aren't moids but I'm afraid of posting in the friend finder threads on here and lc along with adding people because I know there's moids both lurking and posting in the threads
kinda related to the topic - is voice verification accurate? is it easy to tell if someone's using a voice changer?

Anonymous 119534

Unless they are a master with an already femme voice using incredibly good software you'll know. If uncertain look online for male to female voice tutorials and you'll know what to listen for. It's not just a pitch thing since women with huskier or deeper voices still sound nothing like men usually.

With that said, when it's in regards to somebody's identity on the internet you can never be 100% sure until you've met them in person and obviously that's not going to happen in a lot of cases. You're just going to have to take a risk if you want to add people online since like I said you can never really be sure.

T. Has dealt with this shit too much

Anonymous 119535

what site?

Anonymous 119536


Anonymous 119569


this the guy?

Anonymous 119589

LOL yeah

Like I said, good on him for recognizing and stopping, I hope that self awareness is more common.

Anonymous 119591

It's been better since they got rid of the goose, but it's still a shithole

Anonymous 119595


Idk, I like messing with people so I like making misogynists argue with me and causing flame wars, even though I know it's counter productive.

You have an account on there and wanna friend eachother on there maybe?

Anonymous 119596

The first person to message me was a racist moid. I think most of them were, they were even honest when asked if theyre male or female.

Anonymous 119597

Same. It was kinda fun at first but people just stop replying.

Anonymous 119599


Yo dawg, I heard you like posts talking about people talking about your posts about a post of someone posting on here
So I put a post about posting about your most posting about someone posting about posting on here

Anonymous 119608


no one added me

Anonymous 119613

That moid was going to but respected you too much

Anonymous 119642

some moid hit me up saying he wanted to get comfortable speaking w women but seemed pretty sociable. also told me they gathered discord tags from here and put them on 4chan, he was nice though. we vc'd for a minute (i agreed bc i have trouble socializing thru vc as well) only held onto the conversation cos we liked the same online multiplayer.

Anonymous 119668

>they gathered discord tags from here and put them on 4chan

Anonymous 119675

holy shit is this f*nnyj-nk of all places? i though they were too retarded to even know what 4chinz was

Anonymous 119681

>they gathered discord tags from here and put them on 4chan
Why are 4chanoids like this

Anonymous 119686

Friend finder thread was a bad idea

Anonymous 119753

I've added one person from the old friend finder thread. I enjoyed talking with her and we clicked, but we talked less and less. I ended up deleting her as we had stopped talking for months.
I've added anons from lc as well, honestly they were all cool and I didn't really have any bad experiences with them. It's just hard to keep up chats as we both stop logging on as often.

Anonymous 119927

i had a similar experience, but on a friend finding subreddit. i was friends with what i believed to be a girl for over a year (don't judge me), but when i finally convinced "her" to get into VC on discord, he came clean and i was really upset. when i asked him why he lied he said that i was the only person that he found to have multiple niche interests in common and he just wanted to talk about them, he didn't think we would actually become long term friends.

Anonymous 120075

it was really hit or miss for me. i didn't make any longterm friends but i met some cool people who were fun to chat with for a bit. i also got ghosted a couple times and got added by some weirdo moids lol

Anonymous 131312

not mentally ill b…

I see the friend finder thread got nuked. Too bad I missed the drama.

I was added by some males, which I did not mind in itself, but they all were either boring, annoying, or retarded. I was added by many more females also. Some of them ghosted me, and I removed lots because our conversations either died, went comatose, or were plain stale and boring.

I had plenty of fun conversations that went on for a long time as well. I sometimes chat with some women from here to this day.

I attract odd and unbalanced people everywhere I go, but the ratio of unstable to stable individuals messaging me from this board was way higher than with any other. Makes me think the joke that only insane women would post on imageboards is accurate.

Anonymous 131333

I wish it would come back. I want more miner friends.

Anonymous 131509

There must be something wrong with me. No one ever adds me and then the people I do add sound interesting but then the conversation dies or they ghost me or I get one word responses . Maybe I am really boring or too anti social to make online friends which is strange because when I was a teen I had a lot of online friends and chatted with them everyday. None of our conversations ever died
I joined a server here too but it’s filled with zoomers and I feel a generational disconnect. Also conversations on there are instant messaging single sentences without any substantial topics, just things about favorite foods and colors and unentertaining Topics like that
I wish I could travel back to the early 2010s when I was a teenager making friends online, gaming and vcing everyday after school. I have a nostalgia for online friendships but I guess for them to form you need it to be organic and not forced where you list out interests, hobbies, personality traits etc. & add people base on shallow qualities.. sorta like a dating app but for friends, and those are their perceived notions of themselves. What they say they are doesn’t always necessarily mean they are like that, it’s only a projected image of what they want to be
Anyway sorry for ranting, I feel nostalgic but I know online friendships keep you from making friends irl so maybe it’s for the best I don’t return to my nostalgia

Anonymous 131537


I had the exact same issue as you, and I miss having hour-long conversations about dumb weebshit with my friends after school. It was so easy back then, just join a forum and befriend anyone who replies to your posts.
I do, too, think friendships are based not on a list of hobbies, but rather who you are as a person, your world view, and your wants.
I'm a feminist, and my beliefs align best with radical feminism and gender critical views.
I'm tired of the misanthropic, cynic outlook many people seem to have these days. I'd like to chat with a friend who's as hopeful as I am, and who shares my same love for humanity, animals, and the planet Earth.
I'm not so into anime these days, but I still play video games and check out manga once in a while. I've been reading and writing a lot these days.
My other interests include: world-building, character design, art movements, media analysis, and feminist theory.

If you'd like to talk, my email is [email protected]. I posted this same e-mail on another alt-chan, so if you see it, that's me. I know this will do next to nothing, but I'm not looking for males. Don't contact me, I will not entertain you.

Anonymous 131548

I think I'm too boring because all of my convos died out… I just don't want to come across as off-putting

Anonymous 131557

Based off of this post alone you sound nice and interesting anon I'm sure you can make online friends if you so wish!
>I miss having hour-long conversations about dumb weebshit with my friends after school. It was so easy back then, just join a forum and befriend anyone who replies to your posts.
This was the life. I'm not sure if it was easier back then because of how the internet was or because it's easier to make friends when you're a kid. I miss it and I want it back.
I'm also tired of cynics, why do I feel like it's becoming more common lately?

Anonymous 131577

I have noticed the mean vibe everyone gives off these days. No fun allowed, we must take ourselves seriously all the time! Caring is pathetic, irony at all costs!
It's tiresome. I want the internet to be fun again.

Anonymous 131589

most of the people i've met through the friend finder thread have usually been.. not worthwhile people, obv.

Most of them are, of course, typical 4chan moids that have no idea how to socialise, are just very combative and snarky with 0 social skills, one of them has BPD and i've known them for little less than 2 weeks and whenever i can't respond bc life/work they go off at me over nothing, so they're done. It sucks.

Anonymous 131682

>I think I'm too boring because all of my convos died out… I just don't want to come across as off-putting
One of the most off-putting traits a person can have is being afraid to come off as off-putting. This way, they end up milquetoast and boring, like a lowest common denominator film. Just burself.

>No fun allowed, we must take ourselves seriously all the time! Caring is pathetic, irony at all costs!
Do you not see how these two sentences are contradictory? Ironyposting is fun to those who ironypost. Ironyposting is the opposite of seriousposting.

Anonymous 235710

Did the thread got nuked? I've been absent from CC for a lot of time and I was actually looking for the thread to see what was my mail account because I don't remember the adress fml

Anonymous 235711

are you really that handicapped that you can't ctrl+f in the catalog?

Old one >>>/b/225196
New one >>>/b/218051

Anonymous 236366

Like many others here, it ended with ghosting after about a month or so.
If I ever decide to throw my hat into the ring and try again, then I'm gonna specify that you don't gotta have full blown conversations with me via DMs. Hopefully that way, nonas will feel more inclined to drop in and text something, instead of letting it go cold after a few weeks.

Anonymous 236376

I did try to find it and came up with that old thread made 5 years ago but that's not the one I was looking for, there was some other thread made about 2-3 years ago, aggro-chan.

Anonymous 236607

Nobody has messaged me, I guess I'm not interesting

Anonymous 236636

I had about a dozen people message me which was more than I was expecting and only one retarded moid. Lots of ghosting because we didn’t click but I made one amazing friend who feels like a kindred spirit, and one I’ve met up with irl because they somehow lived close by to me. So it’s been pretty positive for me.

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