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Anonymous 11950

Tell about the worst problems you encounter on other imageboards

Anonymous 11951


I know this website was created by lolcow users for lolcow users but I need to get this off my chest:
lolcow is really unorganized: the boards are filled with 2+ years old threads that NEVER get deleted and just pile up for no reason, not only that but moderation sometimes just makes bad decisions (I feel like crystal cafe mods are more concise with their bans/thread management).

Now, the thing about other boards: 4chan's and 8chan's biggest problems are the leakage of /pol/tars into other boards and the overall spam that doesn't get filtered by mods because either there's too many posts or the mods are straight out incompetent.

I know I keep complaining about people from /pol/ here but I actually don't consider myself left-leaning at all (I feel like I'm more in-between) but imo before and after the election they really managed to make 4chan unbearable to browse and I believe many unbiased people were pressured to act like idiots just to 'fit in' during that period.

Anonymous 11956

Screenshot (905).p…

what this guy said.

and an effect of /pol/ leakage is that these people go to random places and cause a havoc for their own amusement, without taking into consideration that they are harming the quality of the website.

if you didn't know, /pol/tards tend to purposefully start flamewars because it is what they consider "fun". they love to go into different websites to spread around or "shill" as they refer to it as, their /pol/ culture. I especially noticed this today on mewch. if anyone here goes to mewch, you should know that mewch today was unbearable! and then, someone found out that, some random person promoted mewch on 8gag's /b/ board. everything started to make a lot of sense after that. I remember speaking to one of them in a thread, we were arguing over who was in the right here. I was telling him that mewch was always a comfy imageboard, and he tells me
>no! mewch is a freespeech heaven! we're allowed to call ourselves niggerfaggots all day, and if you don't like it, fuck off!

even if that were true (which its not) how is that fun? how is everyone calling themselves niggerfaggots all day entertaining? I mean, maybe if I were 12 years old, but I'm not, though I can't say the same for most of /pol/.

but anyways, all of that is bad and all, but something I hate even more about /pol/ is that, whenever you complain about /pol/, /pol/ users always reply with
>triggered sjw lefty cuck soyboy! you need to get redpilled normie!
its as if, they don't know how to respond back, so they just shout these buzzwords to avoid the argument and call out all his buddies to help him circlejerk.

Anonymous 11968


I ate a permaban on 4chan /ck/ of all places

Anonymous 11972

lolcow is way more than disorganized. they don't even delete badly made threads. just lock them and let them sit there. and with the new culture of "sage everything", nothing gets bumped up so all the old, unused, dead, and/or locked threads just sit around floating at the first few pages.

Anonymous 12070


not permaban worthy but that was a really autistic and uncessary shit to say. not surprised you got a ban. but yeah it should have been a short ban or a warning… altough it is /ck/, why would you say that at all lmao. they probably permabanned you cause they thought you were a shitty outsider troll. and you probably are.

its not some containment board, ck is sfw and super chill so mods are not going to care for that /b/ type posting.


not that anon, but god i hate that "sage everything" shit too! most of the people on flakes NEVER have any milk, people just enjoy discussing how annoying the flakes are. they are not and will never be onion levels of messy. so why enforce a rule like that? all the threads are filled with saged posts because there isn't anything note worthy to discuss. if its a big cow, yes, saging could help navigate the thread. but with smaller less diabolical cows, most of the fun is just nitpicking and nothing else.

also when they put threads on autosage just because they don't like the cows that are being discussed. or when onion threads got so uptight that users started using tempcow and the main threads were abandoned. just weird modding in general, but i still use the site a lot so i guess i don't care that much.

Anonymous 12325

>Go against the hivemind at lolcow
>Get banned
Mod there truly cannot handle an opposing viewpoint, even if it's backed by facts.

Anonymous 12327

you too? welcome to the club.

Anonymous 12328

>still going on lolcow

the only worthwhile gossip is entertainment industry but they make people sign ndas these days

Anonymous 12364

The circular arguments, robots, debating the same topic 100 times.

What did you say?

Anonymous 12368

Worst problem? I'd say misogyny, tbh. Anything else I can stand - circlejerk, hivemind, anything. But the moment men start saying that
>pretending to be a male is being neutral and not revealing your gender
>being neutral is necessary, otherwise immature men will autistically screech because they are triggered by women existing
>if you don't pretend to be male 100% convincingly 100% of the time, you're an attention whore

I've been on imageboards for over ten years now and I used to accept it at first, but now it's the number one problem for me. /pol/ comes second.

Anonymous 12371

God, that bothers me a lot too.

I don't get how being a male is "neutral". How does that make sense? Females are HALF of the population.

Anonymous 12372

I've been frequenting /co/ for years, every now and then we have those "fill in x chart for yourself" threads that reveal that the board is around 40% female. Every. fucking. time. male anons go crazy over the amount of female anons, and in general whenever a woman identifies herself as one they'll still get the whole "hurr no women on the internet" shtick. I don't get it. Anyways I'd stop frequenting the most autistic board on 4chan if cartoons weren't literally my only interest.

Anonymous 12373

It feels like they're bothered because they're attracted

Anonymous 12374

Misogyny. It's the shit that keeps on shitting. Amazing how things never seem to really get better in this aspect, no matter how else the internet changes. Woman-bashing is eternal like september.

Honorable mention: IRC. It distracts staff from their boards, attracts asskissers like flies, and overall serves no purpose. There is nothing IRC has to offer for users and staff that other methods of internet communication don't do better.
But IRC has that meme appeal. Because it has been around for like 30 years and makes talking to people difficult and annoying, people think it makes you cool and an oldfag. It's a tradition in the vein of circumcision, or incest among royalty.
Some sites aren't bad about it, but the shining examples of cancer, like Krautchan's IRC, are enough to make you wonder why anyone wants to be associated with this nonsense at all.

Anonymous 12378

It's because there will never be a shortage of men who are bad with women and thus retardedly and subhumanly jealous of their existence in general. It's such a weak and pathetic trait I couldn't imagine hating someone because they aren't available romantically or sexually to me, but it's whatever.

Anonymous 12406

I guess the rules and moderation will be different because LC is a dramaboard though

Anonymous 16595

I second, third, etc. all the misogyny posts. I lurked hard on /b/ in early high school (2006-2008) and it sort of fucked me up in a number of ways. I liked feeling "sneaky" as a girl lurker and seeing what I thought was how men "really thought about things". Which then influenced how I saw all of my close male friends and my boyfriend at the time. Like, ok cool, they are all monsters? Scary.

It also fucked me up to see the gore and CP shit that I will never un-see. Fuck. One day I noticed how truly shitty I felt after lurking and decided to never look at it again.

I still look at /mu/ occasionally, but that's it.

Anonymous 16596


Anonymous 16603

Cockmongler mongles cock, anon. He would be very disappointed to come here. Most of the time, at least.
Don't make this only about politics.

Anonymous 16612

>robots who convince them the world is conspiring against them, that the only reason no one will date them is because they're short or too nice or whatever
Unless you're browsing 4/pol/, which is total trash and never worth reading in the slightest, most /pol/lacks are usually butting heads with those volcel types. They're really holding onto white survival, after the 8 board went full chaos about a month ago. White women threads tend to start with arguments between people desiring families and guys who genuinely think having a robotic wife isn't a massive sign of mental instability.
>it used to be if you wanted to interact with people you would have to go out into the real world and people would tell you how retarded you're being if you said something delusional
lolno They'd just ignore you and go to work. Now they do give a shit, and that is fucking horrible.
>I'm not sure if we as a society are going to come out of this unscathed
We shouldn't.
>so many people just want to find someone who thinks exactly like them to reinforce how right their mode of thinking is
I think actively shutting down and illegalising people who don't think how a select minority of the world demands is much, much worse.

Anonymous 16627

Anon, how did you get over the "this is how all men think" mindset, if you have?
I feel permanently polluted by the paranoia that all men see me as a lesser being, and that most are pedophiles/have regular rape fantasies.

Anonymous 16631

I don't care about gore, it's easy enough to not look, but the cp is fucking horrific and i didn't see anything "that bad" but bad enough that it noticeably affected me. The pedophiles who talk shit about child love and how if only feminism never happened they be swimming in toddler pussy genuinely make me homicidal. They are so deluded they think that before the laws people just went around fucking kids with no consequences, it's totally false because parents or communities took it upon themselves to kill the person therefore laws weren't necessary. I no longer go on /b/ except very rarely

Anonymous 16635

Stay away from imageboards. It's unique to them, the pedophiles and rapey types go there because it protects them with anonymity and proxy use. Most of the guys running their mouths so aggresively there have been rejected sexually or fear being rejected and need to say "hurrr I'm a male I have more neurons stupid girls never do nuffin" to feel better about accomplishing nothing. You need to learn to not take what's said there so seriously if you're going to stay. It's guys venting about their circumstances.

Anonymous 16637

I meant stay away from male dominated imageboards, and if you go then stay away from the more venomous boards.

Anonymous 16638

I just don't like all the porn and lewd stuff on even the sfw boards. It's not possible to talk about how much you like a certain anime girl without everyone posting about what they think their sweaty gym shorts smell like, etc. Das nasty, I don't need that.

Anonymous 16640

>now [normal people] do give a shit and that is fucking horrible
how? the nutjobs who have these delusions need to have their views challenged, not reinforced. nobody's ~making it illegal~ to spout those views, they're usually just telling the person who voices them that they're objectionable.
also i feel like that's part of the reason why we're seeing so many violent extremists in the news lately; instead of feeling impotent because they're ignored or shut down by the majority of society, these guys now feel like they've got an army of people who agree with them and therefore acting on their beliefs is justified because they're not the only ones who believe in these kind of conspiracy theories; therefore there must be truth to it.

Anonymous 16659

>nobody's ~making it illegal~ to spout those views
The US is not the only country in the world.

Anonymous 16664

Alright, so what opinions are you specifically talking about and where is it illegal to voice them? Because from the previous context it sounded like that anon was talking about MRAs or Elliot Rodger types or something.

Anonymous 16667

Everywhere else. You'll either get lynched, or courted, and then lynched. When it's that oppressed, you've got to understand why it's just growing as an abscess to society and tipping it all over, whether you believe it or not.

Anonymous 16671

Again, what opinions are you talking about specifically, and can you provide evidence of said public lynchings as a direct result of a person holding /pol/-tier opinions? Not acting on those opinions in a way that harms others (this also includes calls for violent action by others) but merely stating them.

Anonymous 16686

Everyone's hoping for a certain Tommy's tortuous death, in prison, and that's after he was unrightfully courted. A grandma in germany made cookies that looked like a certain windmill, hunted down and courted. South Africans on a daily basis are hunted and courted for simply existing, and that isn't mentioning what will happen if they dared to say anything wrongful. The only place that seems to have any excuse for letting anyone get away with this sort of expression is America, and everybody wants it fully overturned for the same type of laws everyone else has.

Anonymous 16747

If it comes from experience, you're entitled to feel that way and truthfully aren't expected to find out whether they think like that by associating with them anymore.

Anonymous 16774

the first time I ever went on 4chan in general was also back the late 2000's. can't remember what board i visited, but i saws some shit i wish i never saw & immediately after never went back.

last year i recently started going on 4chan again to check stuff out of curiosity. i wasn't a scarred as i was the first time i went on, but i was very annoyed. everything on there revolves are men's fragile white masculinity. an innocent thread about someone's favorite type of ketchup will turn into an argument about how much they hate jews and blacks or whatever. i realized it was fucking stupid and not worth my time, so i left again.

seeing stuff on 4chan didn't make me have trust issues with males in anyway. but it's such a huge and busy forum that i constantly wonder what kind of people i interact with an a daily basis that might be into the kind of shit on there. as someone else said there's a real hive mind present in that corner of the web.


i agree with your first paragraph so much. when i started going back on i was wondering if all the excessive racist, sexist shit i was seeing was just ~edgelord trolls. but also everyone on there seems super delusional, so i can't tell what's trolling and what's not.

Anonymous 16787

>can't remember what board i visited
It was /b/. Everyone came to see /b/. Your reaction is definitely good proof that was the case. Something tells me you came around after /new/ since you weren't too hot for the antisemitism.

Anonymous 16826

It sure as hell was insensitive, unlike now where you'll get questioned for saying double nigger or AIDS pool.

Anonymous 16835

what, are they edgy now? i don't really think "ahaha niggers aids" is funny, but i didn't know they had changed so much.

Anonymous 16836

i meant less edgy.

Anonymous 16841

Before it was just silly, but now things are definitely more politically charged. "Hmm. Oh geez. Wow." Is more the common response now, thanks to the site's more inclusive administration.

Anonymous 16846

>now they'll say 'nigger' because rarg dirty subhumans praise trump
They don't really praise Trump anymore, though.

Anonymous 16851

You still go to 4chan?

Anonymous 16852

They're either
>chill and dead
>active and shitty

Anonymous 16856


Same, I've been homeless since too and CC is the closest thing to my new krautchan. It's slower, but that's okay.

Anonymous 16859


I just had to leave and stop looking at it. That way the fucked up shit I looked at earlier that day didn't impact my thoughts while I was chilling with dude friends.

I also started making friendships with men that didn't center around anime, fandoms, etc. I think then the friendships felt like I really knew them as people…and not secret sociopaths trolls.

Anonymous 16860


>I don't get how being a male is "neutral". How does that make sense? Females are HALF of the population.

probably a holdover from the days when the internet population was 99% male.

Anonymous 16862

Why would you ever go back there? It's been untouchable after so many times of fuckery with the mods. No amount of traffic makes it any good, when only the quiet boards are any good.

Anonymous 16863

That has never been true. Even when the internet was known for being a boy's club, there have been girls who didn't bother to speak out against it since the harassment wasn't worth it. It still isn't, but things have changed slowly. Another side effect is the reactionary backlash where everything from academia to the internet is not like "the good ol' days" anymore.

It's from the tendency of language and culture to frame things that way.

Anonymous 16879

Cheese Pizza, A. Wyatt Mann, and gore threads were always there. That's pretty much all of /b/ and a bit of /new/.

Anonymous 16882

>project lolita
>hunting pedos

Anonymous 16927


Misogyny, pedophilic reasoning, disgusting memes etc. Some boards are not as bad and should move somewhere else.


Endless pettiness, no one is ever good enough appearance wise, they are always fat/anorexic/saggy/looking old, etc. There's no in between and average women are deemed as monsters physically wise just because of their shitty personalities. If someone is outed as "worse", than suddenly the person was criticized to no end before turns into a saint (happened to Venus angelic, and several people related to Onision). Shows shallowness and how easy it is to change people's mindset. I only go there to see if my favorite e-celebs are dead and lurk kf every now and then though I'd never post there.

Anonymous 16928

They should really start DELETING old threads or make a board to archive them. The post limit is high as fuck too, something like over 1k posts. Maybe threads in snow could have a smaller post limit, like 500. After that the thread would be locked and sent to the cemetery or something.

Anonymous 16930

i thought that was what cream/manure was for? i guess they mustve gotten rid of those things, havent been on there for a while

Anonymous 16945

Yeah they got rid of manure ages ago, probably almost two years.

Anonymous 20099

>some random person promoted wizardchan on 8gag's /b/ board. everything started to make a lot of sense after that. I remember speaking to one of them in a thread, we were arguing over who was in the right here. I was telling him that wizardchan was always a comfy imageboard, and he tells me
>no! wizardchan is a freespeech heaven! we're allowed to call ourselves niggerfaggots all day, and if you don't like it, fuck off!

This was 100% the wizardchan admin, he's shilling his shitty site everywhere and used to claim c.c and wizardchan were merging until he got b&. Now he's recruiting tranny /pol/ tripfags as mods for his girls' club board. I run into him all the time in girls only Discords even though he's a male. Their pinned thread on the girl board is an invitation for instamodels to share their social media. It's a joke.

Anonymous 20101

is this a new wordfilter? kek
Agree the site is shit though, it's just a place for desperate men to orbit girls whose photos they spam and men are allowed to post and even namefag.

Anonymous 20108

>he's recruiting tranny /pol/ tripfags as mods for his girls' club board


Anonymous 20110

Screenshot at Aug …

Anonymous 20111

I know it's dated from July 30th but they seem to remake this post every other day with a new image, the text has been unchanged. It's creepy

Anonymous 20112

Screenshot at Aug …

They stole our ban message too, what the fuck.

Anonymous 20114

That's gonna be such a shit hole

Anonymous 20115

It already is.

Anonymous 20116

>girls are very cute!
>we welcome all startup instagram models

How thirsty can you be?

Anonymous 20119

>startup instagram models shilling their social media

that's exactly what i want from a board by girls, for girls! someone there clearly understands what makes a girl board good. it's totally not a man farming for waifus.

Anonymous 20120


Literally two days ago.

Anonymous 20121

>mods are faggots
>namefagging all over the place
>"containment threads" that will just invite more idiots to sperg
>trannies posting selfies ITT

wow great

Anonymous 20122

it's what you'd expect of some 13 year old guy trying to convince girls to come to his clubhouse

Anonymous 20123

I thought you were joking when you said their mods are faggots, but they are faggots. Kek.

Anonymous 20124

>standard theme is called "fapchan"
very welcoming

Anonymous 20125

>2/3 featured links are porn sites


wizardchan is fucking desperate and panders to any audience they can get. After Krautchan closed down, they opened an /int/ styled to look like KC /int/ including the colorscheme. I wouldn't touch that site with a ten foot pole tbh

Anonymous 20126

I just checked and wow it's a feeder fetish site linked in the navbar, lmao

Anonymous 20127

why are they desperate? too many wizards killing themselves now so the site is slowing down? ironically i was there yesterday (didn't post). /dep/ is comfy in a twisted way.

Anonymous 20128

sorry we're not talking about wizardchan, that seems to be a wordfilter because of the ad spam the owner did here (?) we're talking about m e w c h d o t n e t

Anonymous 20129

OHHHHH. thanks for clarifying it. Me.w.ch really is terrible lul

Anonymous 20130

Wizchan is truly bottom barrel. Not even the worst of the Krautchan successor boards view them in a positive light.

Anonymous 20131

why did they close it?

Anonymous 20132

Krautchan? AFAIK there was mod drama and someone was threatening to dox the admin.

Anonymous 20135

Oh okay that's bad, so that is understandable. At least nothing of value was lost.

Anonymous 20136

just the incessant nastiness and pessimism especially if you're a woman

By the way, I'm a new mod on wizardchan's /g/ board and I'm going to ban all the trans people. You're welcome. Hope u guys give it a second chance.

Anonymous 20150

You address the trannies but not the blatant copying like >>20112? ok

Anonymous 20155

How are you going to ban them mew.ch mod? they're like 99% of your userbase?

Anonymous 20204

it's a nice format and pisses off boys, who gives a f if it's copying

they really arent, and im doing my best to bring more in. if i have to ban everyone on that site to get rid of the trannies there then i will. chillax with the anger, its just a board.

Anonymous 20205

I'm talking about the ban message, and we do give a f so your attitude really won't get us to "give you a second chance" if you won't even stop ripping off the site you're trying to skim users from

Anonymous 20206


>please give us another chance

>attentionwhoring on here so badly admin had to filter your url
>"its just a board"
>"who gives a fuck"

it's a no from me

Anonymous 20207


Piss off with your advertising, nobody wants you here.

Anonymous 20209

i'm going to level with you here since you're getting attacked, but you're really not doing yourself a favor by coming here in the middle of all this critique to advertise your board and talk about all these changes you're going to make, when you won't even do anything about your admin copying our board. that's just really bad form and comes across as petty as hell. you have no reason to copy us, just come up with your own stuff. users will be more inclined to check you out and give you a chance if you improve your board instead of making it look like a poor man's crystal.cafe.

Anonymous 20211

>hello everyone i'm a mew mod and i will make changes to the board so please give us a try!!
>ok please stop copying us
>no fucking way i will copy you as much as i want chillax ur anger lmao it's just a board lol xD u mad bro?

Anonymous 20214


im a new mod and yes it is only a ban message. no one is trying to skim users. I am a regular on crystalcafe I've got no interest in taking your userbase, I just want to explain that I'm going to improve the board.
I don't feel that this board is being 'copied' or whatever ahaa, you guys are just being silly, you say "copying" as if you own the rights to the ban message when it's just a fun message and a good way to piss off men who get banned. I think you're kind of missing the point big time. It's not an advert. Stop being retards.

Anonymous 20217



look im not sure what drama you guys have had with mew.ch in the past but I'm not interested in it, I'm just interested in helping to make more places where girls can talk about their experiences and feelings without being attacked by dudes. Part of that requires feedback. But you seem to be hung up on 'omg they copied our ban message'. Please grow up. We're all on the same team here.

Anonymous 20218

the point is that your admin came here for a long time posting shit like "i heard we're merging with mew! we should start migrating there!" and now users are clicking and the first thing they see are phrases copied from here and pinned threads thirsting for startup models. maybe it's just a ban message and a movie quote, but due to your admin's behavior it's clear that he copied it from here which is petty and sad. if you want to be a good and welcoming mod, your board should be able to exist without taking elements from our site, especially if it's something so simple. get at least a tiny bit of creativity ffs.

Anonymous 20219

> your admin came here for a long time posting shit like "i heard we're merging with mew! we should start migrating there!" and now users are clicking and the first thing they see are phrases copied from here and pinned threads thirsting for startup models

THIS THIS THIS so much. I remember every other thread having shill posts by your admin and he even made threads in /meta/ despite the no advertisement rule. This is why we're wary of skimming - because he literally spread lies that we were merging to get users to post there! If you want us to start coming over, you need to fix that shit and start by at least not copying our phrases you dimwit.

If you want to set yourself apart, do your own thing, otherwise why would we need to use another board in addition to c.c?

Anonymous 20220



well im sorry that that happened but I really have nothing to do with it, I actually removed the startup models sticky and it's a lot more concrete rules now. I'm really trying to improve the place pls dont get angry.

Also, I was the one who made the ban message because I admire the way this board deals with guys who try to post here and ruin the time of girls who come here to post… if it really bothers you guys that much I'm happy to choose something else but I didn't mean to be disrespectful in any way. It was precisely the opposite. I wasn't really thinking of creativity when we barely have any places to call our side of the internet anyway.

TL;DR I will change the ban message if it bothers you that much. I really am new and didn't mean to cause any offence.

Have nice day

Anonymous 20221

Calling out copying is not "don't take our IP bro," it's pointing out how unoriginal it is to both advertise on a board to leech users and content, a tactic that said board has done notoriously.

More like their board sucks ass, and we don't want it in general, but the cherry on top is they also borrowed?
Their idea of "how do we advertise more?" gets responses like "girls don't like imageboards, they are all camwhores who only do instagram/snapchat" speaks volumes about who actually spends time there.

Anonymous 20222


i am sorry, i didnt know anything about the history of mew.ch, dont keep up to date on chan politics. I understand why you are angry now. I feel this is just a big misunderstanding on my part and for that I'm sorry. I just want to make a pleasant place similar to crystalcafe because I admire this board a lot.

Anonymous 20224

why are you even so stubborn about having to use our silly board meme? What's so hard about using any other ban message? You're just coming off as extremely immature and unable to take criticism.

>dont keep up to date on chan politics

Then why are you a mod there? As the ancient saying goes: lurk moar. You didn't do mew.ch a favor here. At all. I won't be using a board moderated by such a passive-aggressive and uninformed person.

Anonymous 20225

>i didnt know anything about the history of mew.ch

so you're a newfag there but already a mod? sorry but that just reinforces the impression that it's just a way for the admin to talk to girls. i'm out.

Anonymous 20226

im not stubborn about it, i just said I'll change it. I really liked the ban message is all.

I'm a mod there because I mod a girls only discord server and that's how the site owner found me.

It's not an advert, no one is asking you to use the board lol. You all need to chill tf out, you're not just passive aggressive you're just being outright aggressive and nasty. So much for sticking together.

Anonymous 20228

even if it's not an ad, the way you're behaving here makes me not want to post on a board moderated by you. if this is what you post like on a board you admire but have no power on, i don't want to know how you act when you're on a power trip.

Anonymous 20229

NTA but advice for your mod endeavors as someone else put it: Lurk moar.

Falling for the meme of "all girls gotta stick together all the time no matter way ~GURL POWA~"


Anonymous 20230

>I really liked the ban message is all.

So you were the one implementing it? Yikes. That's almost worse.

Anonymous 20231


>I mod a girls only discord server and that's how the site owner found me.

Anonymous 20232

i explained that i did it out of respect. I don't feel like this is a competition between our boards. Chill out my dudette

Anonymous 20233

>I did it out ofrespect
>it's a nice format and pisses off boys, who gives a f if it's copying

Anonymous 20234

i respect that it pisses off boys and that it's a nice format

plagiarism literally isnt real get over it, its called detournement u dumb capitalist

Anonymous 20235

Nobody was talking about plagiarism, stop being so fucking salty holy shit. >>20218 >>20219 already explained the issue. You're making matters worse. Honestly all I can say is that you should lurk more and make some good changes before you go around bragging about your mod status and dragging your board's image further through the mud. This is an all-around embarrassment for your board because you clearly have no idea how to behave as a spokesperson or moderator.

Anonymous 20236

Ok have fun on your little corner of that asswipe of a site.

(It's not good reappropriation when it's for the armpit of a board, you didn't do any culture jamming or hijacking sweetie)

Anonymous 20237


you keep using that word and it makes no sense in this context.

Anonymous 20239

im not bragging or trying to be a spokesman just confirming that i will make the board better (as i have already begun to) and there is no need to be upset

you be butthurt af end of discussion, you hysteric dumbasses can neck yourselves

Anonymous 20240


>I am a regular on crystalcafe
>you hysteric dumbasses can neck yourselves

Anonymous 20241


>im not bragging or trying to be a spokesman
>By the way, I'm a new mod on Mew.ch's /g/ board
>You're welcome.
>Part of that requires feedback.
>Hope u guys give it a second chance.
> just confirming that i will make the board better (as i have already begun to) and there is no need to be upset
>who gives a f
>its just a board
>I'm a mod there because I mod a girls only discord server
>no one is asking you to use the board
>im not sure what drama you guys have had with mew.ch in the past but I'm not interested in it
>i didnt know anything about the history of mew.ch
>dont keep up to date on chan politics.
>you hysteric dumbasses can neck yourselves

Anonymous 20242



tranny confirmed?

Anonymous 20245


Anonymous 20246

Anonymous 20248

Isn't CVNKA a mod in that new board too? Good luck to whoever posts there and allows that batshit crazy girl to see their IP and stuff <3

Anonymous 20258


cvnka/piety/chara is actually an AIS intersex.

xy sex determination chromosomes. Just saying.

Anonymous 20268

>CVNKA a mod in that new board
>see their IP and stuff


Anonymous 20269

Anonymous 20271

Not gunna lie, I'm impressed by the sheer level of neetdom it takes to be constantly refreshing the web browser for your own search results, only to respond "cvnka is my fren" everytime he's mentioned. Sad!

Anonymous 20300

this is false. pls dont spread false rumours

Anonymous 20301

Not sure if I'm allowed to post links but google Piety and lolcow

Anonymous 20324

I come from a very toxic board lol. It's like this: when someone doesn't agree with an opinion, they're accused of being butthurt or inferior. For example, if x says y if fat - are you ana-chan?? If y says z is too thin - are you a landwhale?? And I'm like… no, people just disagree sometimes.

Anonymous 20351


>implying cc is that much different than lc

if only you knew how bad things really are

Anonymous 20375

What all the anons crying misogyny fail to understand is that one of the principles of imageboards at the time was the same as here:only one sex. They just didn't need to say it because chans were really niche. This had it's reasons but can be reduced imo to one which is percieving women as disruptive. Of course they have no idea we are still there and it can be argued that nowadays big boards like 4chan don't need that anymore. It also helps that neutrality in english is usually done with male pronouns. Anyway, saying misogyny and that shit it's pretty immature.

Anonymous 20376

Isn't perceiving women as disruptive a sign of misogyny? I understand if they want their own space (like us girls do, too) but that's different from perceiving women as annoying. These are two different things, one of which is misogynistic and I believe that's the one they prefer.

Anonymous 20378

Not really. Why should we state our sex other than for seeking attention? I have the theory no actual genders exist on the internet, people just asume. Males, being the original crowd and still the majority asume everyone is also a male but that doesn't transform all the posts into male posts.

Anonymous 20380

If you're female, you're a daddy's girl. Open your mouth wide and take daddy's big cock like the good girl you are.

If you're male, lol, of course. Stop pretending to be female cos you're 'trans' or whatever.

If European… lol, same as the last paragraph. Your continent is a century behind the United States and Canada, it's not your fault but your standards for gender equality are antiquated.

Anonymous 20382

You're talking about USA like it's some kind of heaven

Anonymous 20383

>Why should we state our sex other than for seeking attention?

It's not even necessary to state it, most of them (men) will nitpick every word to guess if it's a female behind the computer

Anonymous 20387


Who wants to bet every single one of these is the mew admin? They all sound exactly like the posts he made here. Every. Single. One.

Anonymous 20411

Two of the recent ones were written by me and I'm not an admin

Anonymous 20412

Are you the mod again? If so, same difference.

Anonymous 20413

can you fuck off from here?

Anonymous 20423

I finally realized who you are the other day when I saw this thread >>>/b/20309 on /r9k/ under your tripcode. You're posting a lot of requests for robots to talk to you. you post your girl server on soc all the time. and now you're shilling wizardchan too. posting a girl board and girl discord on r9k is the worst thing you could do if you want to get quality posters. how is that working out for you?

if you want to invite robots into your life and your girl board, that's your prerogative, but stop making absolute shit-tier bait threads here. you're not doing us a favor. what you do with your own board and discord is your choice. i also saw how you alluded to being the OP of this thread >>>/feels/9115 so between that one and the molestation thread i sincerely do not know if you're doing this to sabotage us by inciting drama or if you're just really socially awkward, but i'm asking you to stop, nicely.

Anonymous 20424

fuck off weird idiot

Anonymous 20426

I've never seen that thread before. I joined this site 2 days ago. Anyway, I won't come back on this board.

Anonymous 20427

That's not me

Anonymous 20430


Anonymous 20490

mewch.net mod.jpg

It's me again >>20423 and this time I'm bringing caps because I saw this thread
and I'm not surprised we get trolled so much when you keep posting shitty threads and perpetuating the idea that this is what c.c is like. If you insist on shitposting and tripfagging all over the place then at least bring the attention to your own board and not c.c because you're actively getting us raided with your moronic threads and behavior. Go be an autist on your own fucking board, you don't have to sabotage ours. It's simple: Next time, when someone asks if you post here, mention Mew and deal with the fallout yourself. Kthxbye

Anonymous 20497

KC died because the domain registrar (Godaddy) suddenly revoked the domain without warning. I never lurked IRC, but IRC screencaps showed Der General saying they just didn't care anymore and that they would let the site die. He also said that he wouldn't make any attempt to pass the site on to someone who did care, which was a dick move IMO.
Just a few months prior the site had been temporarily hidden after some shenanigans in Germany got them mentioned in a major newspaper. I suspect that influenced the decision.

Anonymous 20501


Indigo what the fuck are you doin? You are going to ruin yourself, don't mess with tripfags and stop trying to bring robots

Anonymous 20516

Indigo is ricebot, a known r9k tripfag.

Her face and nudes are leaked.

Anonymous 20518


Yikes, why are all tripfags so annoying and stupid and why the fuck can't they leave cc alone.
I'm glad she left the discord for this place. What a good riddance that was, hopefully she never comes back.

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