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Weird extinct animals you like. Anonymous 119974

What are some strange dead animals that you like? I really like mimetaster, I can't believe such a handsome creature ever existed.

Anonymous 119977

Sometimes I think of all the giant predators that used to exist and get a little scared lol. I think they're all incredibly cool but they make me uneasy too.

Anonymous 119987


I feel dread looking at it for some reason. It’s so alien.

Anonymous 119988


Oh nevermind. I noticed he has little eyes at the top of his antennas and that makes him a little less scary. I like Anomalocarises also.

Anonymous 119989


You may not think Dinkleosteus weird, but instead of actual teeth they used giant sharp plates like a guillotine. I love it.

Anonymous 119997

Basic answer, I know. But what a charmer

Anonymous 120073


Anonymous 120074


Hilarious song choice and also, what a cute.

Anonymous 120084


I don't think I've ever seen anything more deserving of a crop.

Anonymous 120091

IRL chocobo racing…

I like terrorbirds because I want to ride them like chocobos but I know it would never be possible because it would tear me apart

Anonymous 120095

Birds are dinosaurs though

Anonymous 120329


Are insects allowed?
Undulopsychopsis is a friend.
Silky Lacewing is the modern cousin.

Anonymous 120339


I will never not be upset that I will never get to see a real dodo. It sounds stupid, but sometimes it makes me cry to think about. I cope by playing Zoo Tycoon 2 and making huge dodo sanctuaries.

Anonymous 120340


I saw this in the homepage, and I had to come here to say:
God I love this game so much it's unreal. And I played it as an adult.

Also same. Thinking about all the animals that went extinct so recently that there are even photos of them makes me sad. And lots of species go extinct every year.
I guess one of the ones that makes me the saddest is the thylacine. People keep reporting sightings, it's like a cryptid.

Anonymous 120343

Based fellow ZT2fag. I want to believe they are still alive. There is hope.

Anonymous 120380

If it's dead, it's allowed.

Anonymous 120381

It's sad that we have killed so many amazing animals.
>>120339 It makes me really mad that so many people believe the lies that they died because they were "stupid". Humans destroyed their natural habitat, and brought many new predators on their land such as cats and dogs.
Imagine if aliens took all the resources from our planet and then said that we died because we were morons.

Anonymous 120386

I know right? They weren’t stupid. They were just friendly and fearless because they had no need for predator-evading behavior.

Anonymous 120446

Oh there are people still playing this game. It's a shame you can't do lots of goofy shit especially with dinosaurs and there are a miniscule amount of decorations. That's why the game becomes stale so fast.

Anonymous 120460

I don’t know, with all the expansion packs, the game never got old to me. I would sometimes not even make a zoo, just terraform and make gardens, or make the whole world a coral reef. In first person mode, you can jump and there’s a way to run really fast, so I was basically practicing B-hopping before I knew what that was. Sometimes I would just watch the animals live their lives and narrate what happened like it was some drama like Meerkat Manor. The campaign is pretty hard and took a while to beat, same with the challenges. There are some fun secret Easter eggs, like I managed to perfect the method to create Killer Penguins and filled an entire zoo with just them. And this is all just in the vanilla game. There is an entire modding community for it out there! I wish I knew how many total hours I spent playing as a kid.

Anonymous 120478

Mods, anon, mods.

Anonymous 120716

Which ones? because I tried installing a bunch of mods and it really didn't change the game for me. Sure there were more animals and some deco but most deco I found was shit, and I didn't find any mods that give more animal interactions with humans
It has the same effect on me as sims does. I play it for 4 days straight coming up with new ideas or designs and then it just gets boring for a month.

Anonymous 121078

Giant Sloth. Chilling and eating avocados all day sounds awesome.

Anonymous 121080

caribbean monk sea…

Rest in peace sweet princes, you were too pure for this world

Anonymous 121081

japanse sea lions.…

you too, sweet pinnipeds

Anonymous 122530

Dickinsonia specie…

The Ediacaran period is one of my absolute favourites because of how strange the animals were during it's time.

Anonymous 122538

Imagine being such a perfect lifeform that you have aliasing on your wings

Anonymous 122545

Edicaran era.jpg

Actually it's not wings, it's a part of their bodies.

Anonymous 125917


Actually, dunkleosteus looks so alien because a lot of paleoartists reconstruct it with it's bones as a shield. This doesn't change the fact that they use their plates instead of teeth.

Anonymous 125921

This image makes me feel dread for some reason. It’s surreal that these were living creatures

Anonymous 125923


These were one of earth's first animals so it's not so strange to me. They existed before 570 to - 550 million years ago.

Anonymous 125928


And these don't freak you out?

Anonymous 125966

for some reason they don't.

Anonymous 126311


My ancestor :)

Anonymous 126335


I love love love love love brachiopods, especially the stuffs in the Spinocyrtia genus. Alot of Mucrospirifer and punctospirifer as well. Just love how neatly they close, like how it all lines up right, and then they fact they look like little moths makes my heart warm. Always loved mollusks and these are just the loveliest little prehistoric clam guys.

Anonymous 126392

Aw his little head. What a SWEETIE

Anonymous 126403

>the fact they look like little moths makes my heart warm
When I looked at the picture the first second I thought it was a moth haha. Then I realised what it was.

Anonymous 126404

….ok normally I don't ask questions like this but how is this evolutionarily viable at all? how did this even evolve??? how can it eat enough with its tiny head to sustain its massive body????

don't get me wrong it's adorable but just how???????????

Anonymous 126409


Anonymous 128095

mammoth in a cube.…

I just rememered that this is the first armored fish haha.
Also did you know of the mammoth cube.

Anonymous 128194


Virions are one of my favorite species. Pic related is a beautiful specimen.

Fun fact - virions can survive cold temperatures.

Perhaps virions can be dormant in space.

It is highly plausible interstellar virions created life on earth. Maybe we have to thank virus harboring comets from supernovae for terrestrial life.


Anonymous 128196

Eugene and Eugenia…

Having both mouthes to eat bacteria, and chloroplasts for photosynthesis. Even the name sounds like a cute alien, "Euglenoids". They can exhibit parasitic behavior as well.

Anonymous 128198

These aren't extinct despite being relatives of 600,000,000 old specimens.

Anonymous 128260


thank you for showing me the mammoth cube

Anonymous 132802


im actually kinda obsessed with dodos, idk why but theyre just so cool to me

Anonymous 132905

Same! They're so cute! What happened to them is so revolting. They would probably still be in this world if shitmans hadn't interfered. Dodos were so lucky not to have to deal with predators, but that luck ended up cursing them.

Anonymous 132927


i really love the thylacine, i'm so sad it went extinct very recently (1936). i hate people. fucking hunters. humans are so disgusting.

Anonymous 132974


This is actually very "standard" in a way. When humans used to reach new landmasses or islands, megafauna suffered greatly, you can read more here:https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2018/04/in-a-few-centuries-cows-could-be-the-largest-land-animals-left/558323/. As harsh as it sounds, hunting other species to extinction (to eat them of course, modern loss of species is another very different topic) is something that seems to be in our nature.

I mean, giraffes have probably even worse head to body ratios.

Anonymous 133403



Anonymous 133410

don't like that

Anonymous 133412


Tullimonstrum, also known as the Tully monster. It's a funky looking fossil, so far only found in the Mazon Creek fossil beds of Illinois.

Anonymous 147921


>Prehistoric Auroch Skull with Embedded Neolithic Axehead from Cambridgeshire (3370 to 2800BCE), ‘The World Of Stonehenge’ Exhibition, The British Museum

Aurochs fascinate me. Huge fucking cows! They only went extinct in the 17th century – a blink in historical terms. So close and yet so far.

Anonymous 147923

Soo much beauty wiped out by man. But hey, this quarter’s profits are up by 4 pennies so its worth it!

Anonymous 147925

Mens egotistical desire to control and subjugate nature rather than coexist harmoniously alongside it is the reason we don’t have as many cool animals anymore and also why our planet is on fire.

Anonymous 147940

You get me…

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