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EILI5/Dumb Questions/Q&A thread Anonymous 12012

Anons ask, anons answer.

Ask anything.

Anonymous 12013


If I put a glass screen protector over my phone camera, does it change the camera's quality or is it truly transparent so it doesn't make a difference? I can't test it out without removing the adhesive film. Thanks in advance

Anonymous 12014

I wanna make this skirt, and I am kinda new to sewing in general.
I want to be able to wear it now and also when I go back to my former weight (10cm less of waist), so how should I measure the waistband?

Anonymous 12017

Don't worry, you won't notice a difference even though front cameras are typically worse than the back camera. Plus the glass coating is already covering the lens. Even highly professional cameras use glass filters on top of the lens, sometimes several ones stacked (Neutral Density or Polarization filters), which yes, when scratched or dirty can mess with the image quality, but as long as you keep your phone decently clean, you won't notice at all and may actually save yourself the heartbreak of getting a scratch or a crack right above the lens.

Anonymous 12022

'explain like i'm 5' aka short, easy explanations

Anonymous 12029


Thanks, anon! You gave me the courage to put the screen protection and even though a teeny tiny speck of dirt (? i suppose) got stuck in it, it feels way better now. I have a bad experience with shattered screens so this feels nice and safer.

Anonymous 12046

How did you feel the need to make this thread?

Anonymous 12047




Just like I feel any other needs. I just feel it. I can't explain how.

Unless you mean why?

Anonymous 12048

Why did you feel this thread was necessary?

Anonymous 12051



Because I and others have questions that sometimes Google can't answer. Like yours right there.

Why are you so bothered?

Anonymous 12057

It means op is from reddit and desperately needs to go back. I agree, this thread is garbage and the weeb little girl picture makes it creepy.

Anonymous 12060



Huh in my eyes this thread is quite useful for those questions that are quite daily or just too narrow for a new thread.

No need to be so butthurt about it…

Anonymous 12061



Creepy? I just thought it was a cute drawing cause I like baked sweet potatos. If I knew it would trigger people I would've used other drawing, jeez.

And I am not even an avid reddit user, I once googled a question, got directed to that subreddit and liked the idea behind it. Kinda like the dumb questions thread on CGL.

Why does every thread gets infighting now?

Anonymous 12062

I liked the idea, anon. I don't really use reddit, but I am aware of some of their subreddits and I think the ideas behind them are good. I'm not sure why people are getting so antsy over every little thing nowadays, too.

Anonymous 12063

Stop shit stirring and ignore what you don't like. I don't see the word "moderator" in your name so why is anyone else supposed to care about you opinion on this thread? (I guess that's a pretty Q&A set up right there).

Anonymous 12066


Lad, even if the op was from reddit (which she is not as she said), CC was advertised on reddit once so like, maybe chill with the gatekeeping or something? Why does it bother you so much? Need to talk about it?

The idea behind this thread isn't bad, just because the format is popular in reddit/started there does not mean a chan board cannot adapt it to its userbase. It's a fun idea after all.

Anonymous 12074

[gay noises stop].…

is it true that eating meat makes body hair grow faster?

Anonymous 12076

Making a thread that doesn't seem to have an apparent focus on any particular topic, coupled with the sole intent of making others fill it in is quite against imageboard/forum culture. At least get the ball rolling by asking a question yourself that exemplifies the standard you expect. Maybe something will come from it, but for now your thread is bad and you should feel bad.

Anonymous 12079

Anonymous 12082

No? What kind of fake ass science have you been reading?

Anonymous 12083

Can't watch the video right now, but does it say anywhere how many centimetres the elastic back will add? You should probably make it for your former (and future) waist I guess…

I'm new to sewing and when I was faced with this dilemma I just used my future smaller measurements and used the finished thing as motivation to lose weight lol

Anonymous 12095

I have a ton of old plants that I don't know the name of anymore and I already killed a few with too much/little water/sun. Does anyone know of a page or something where I can identify and find information like that on all of them?

Anonymous 12099

Idk how well it works because i haven't played around too much with it, but there's an android (maybe ios too?) app called PictureThis from Dana Technology, where you point your camera at a plant and the app identifies it!

Anonymous 12100

Also maybe post here and we can help! I love house plants. Otherwise if the app fails there's also /r/whatsthisplant.

Anonymous 12102

Which is more tourist-friendly: Taiwan or Hong Kong?

Anonymous 12113

Hong Kong cause EVERYBODY speaks english. And its fucking awesome. its my second most fave city in the world, next to Tokyo!

Anonymous 12122


I've used the app, it worked the one time I needed it to. Hopefully it works for you as well.

Anonymous 12130


Care to explain why it's one of your favorite places in more depth, anon? If it's not too bothersome, of course. Thanks!

Anonymous 12131

agree, hong kong cool. glorious weaboo brit asia.

Anonymous 12135

Hong Kong is my favorite place ever lol…glad to hear someone else likes it :)

Not the same anon, but I used to live there and am currently trying to move back (forever). It's amazing. Lots of stuff to do. Mountains, jungle, ocean, beaches, islands. Great public transit, nice people, lots of food. And again…lots to do.

Anonymous 12141

Why doesn't our swallow reflex work on gum?

Anonymous 12142


because gum sticks on the throat u dumbboo

Anonymous 12147

Because of the same reasons that anon >>12135 stated. The food is DELICIOUS and so cheap. The only thing that sucks a bit is that the apartments are suuuuper expensive…worth it tho.
Also Hong Kong Disney is half empty most of the days and its awesome to go there without having to deal with most mainland chinese (thank you disney shanghai for taking the burden).

Cant explain much but the vibe of it reminds me a bit of New York.

Anonymous 12153

Did you live in Hong Kong with a work/WH visa or were you a citizen? I'd love to move to Hong Kong permanently but can't see it happening in my current situation.

Anonymous 12154

effective way of getting across i'm a dumbass without seeming mean about it

I'm a dumbboo who still doesn't get it, I don't know that much about the anatomy inside of a mouth. Is it simply that a piece of gum is too big? I feel like chewy low grade gummis that feel like a hard gel are as hard to chew and can be as big. When I look this up online, all I get are articles on what happens when humans decide to ingest gum. But why don't we naturally just swallow it? Because we know you're not supposed to swallow gum? Because a standard sized piece is too big to trigger the reflex?

Anonymous 12163

Is it possible for hair to "get" white instead of already just being white since the beginning?

I have a lot of white hairs, some at full lenght. And some are even black at the roots? How?

And is there even a possibility of reverting that?

Anonymous 12168

not for long, they're building a bridge rn and soon it will be flooded with mainlanders. my fiance and i are moving there once he's done with college and hopefully will get a nice place. his family lives in kowloon near tst and we plan on moving near discovory bay.

Anonymous 12169

don't forget all the japanese imported shit. hong kong. pompom purin cafe, laforet, list goes on.

Anonymous 12170

Hope you have a nice job/ lots of money to afford a nice place in a nice area!

Anonymous 12174


What is the name of this type of fucking pattern? I look everywhere as "checkered" or even "plaid" and can't find anything like this.

Anonymous 12175


Anonymous 12180

If I had to guess I'd say it's because it doesn't feel like food. Ever notice how we don't really chew and then swallow it all at once? We swallow little by little as we chew, progressively. We can't do that with gum because it doesn't break down no matter how much we chew, so the body probably doesn't identify it as edible. (had a similar experience eating octopus, it took a long time to chew and I had to manually swallow it because it wouldn't break down. I don't recommend eating that either.)

Since we're on the topic of gum: why isn't it biodegradable? I've made gum dissolve a couple times by chewing on it for too long (over 12 hours lol) so it doesn't seem like something that should stay on the ecosystem very long. Or is it biodegradable and I'm mixing it up with plastic?

Anonymous 12182

Is there a place to ask someone to follow a private account for you on insta and screenshot what they post? I'm in the process of creating a fake one right now and building followers, but it's taking too long. Lol I know this sounds cyber stalkery but whatever, the chick has thousands of followers.

Anonymous 12183

I have a legit looking throwaway account and don't mind doing it if you tell me. (put it in the email field maybe if you don't want it showing up on google)


Wow really? Should I contact you over discord (don't have one yet), since I'm not sure if it's ok to post the pics here? Not sure if you meant to put the person's account name in the email spot or something else (I'm dumb, sorry). Thanks in advance.

Anonymous 12188

sage for samefag but here is my discord if anyone is interested in contacting me: erased#6237. Assuming this is ok to post

Anonymous 12193

I sent you a friend request.

Anonymous 12224


i've had cats. i've met friends cats. i've even made friends with a feral cat. i like em. so, my sister has a male cat who is about 1 year old. when the cat was little (before getting neutred) he was super agressive and hurt everyone. now he has calm down and gets along with people. even for a while with me.

but completely out of nowhere the cat has decided that he hates me. everytime he sees me he hisses or runs away. i'm not even touching him or doing anything he just gets mad when he sees me it lowkey hurts my feelings ;-; how do i make him stop hissing at me for no reason i want to be his friend. i've never had this problem with a cat before i think maybe he's just agressive or not very friendly? or maybe he senses that i'm evil i don't know but i don't like it anons! help me make friends with my sister's cat. when he was little i babysat him and fed him and now he takes any chance to hiss at me/hurt me/run away like i did something wrong and i don't know why. please forgive me mr cat i want your love

Anonymous 12232

Do you have any other pets at home? Cats will get like that if they smell another strange animal on you. Whatever it is, it probably has to do with scent - does your sister's house have a specific scent he might be used to that you could emulate?

Anonymous 12245

some don't and some do, but they all should.

Anonymous 12248



ohhhhhh, i actually live with my own female cat! maybe the scent of a different cat is making him scared. ahh, that does make sense! when he was little i could sleep with him, pet, feed him and everything. but nowadays he doesn't let me get near him. and now that you mention it, it did start around the time i got my new kitten…

maybe i could use my sisters hair gel or her perfume? she's out of town rn and i'm trying to watch after the cat. hopefully taking a shower before seeing the cat/wearing my sisters perfume or something can help? because that poor guy seems super stressed out and lonely i really want to help.

thank you anon!

Anonymous 12251

Okay this sounds like weird pet mumbo jumbo, but I'd bet this works pretty well. Does your sister have a used hoodie around? Try wearing or rubbing it on some of your clothes before you go over there. Using some of her perfume might work well, too.

Glad to help!

Anonymous 12254


Anyone know what these type of boxes are called and where I can buy them?
Thanks in advance!

Anonymous 12255

Given that you don't see TP holders next to urinals I'm gonna say its a firm no

Hat boxes?

Anonymous 12256


Thanks! Now I'll try to find an equivalent for my own language…


I guess publically, most don't, they just "shake it off", which is gross. Gladly, some use the cabinets and not only the urinals to also pee and can wipe afterwards. At home, I guess most do.

Anonymous 12261

these are hatboxes.

Anonymous 12262

nah they don't, they can't anyway the pee usually disappears or stays under the foreskin like with it being in our labia. we can't even get all the pee when we wipe.

Anonymous 12269

Thanks! I would've never known, I've never bought a hat in my life
(Or at least ones that come in these boxes)

Anonymous 12275

>implying all men have foreskin

Some of them do wipe the peehole.

Anonymous 12276

Wouldn't that hurt?

Anyway my stupid question is: how do I make long flights go faster? I've got one in 3 hours…

Anonymous 12279

They don't wipe vigorously, mostly just dab until dry.

Did you bring things to do? Music, book, hand held vidya? Or if you will arrive morning local time, I would just find a way to knock out with sleepy anti-nausea meds (because takeoff and landing usually gives me intense motion sickness).

Anonymous 12299

Nyquil or some sleeping pill.

Or if you are like me and dont like to sleep in flights, just entertain yourself with the movies onboard.

Anonymous 12310

What's it like to basically have no muscle? Do you get tired by things like standing or walking too long??

I have a body type that basically builds muscle just by my existing, so I'm really curious about this.

Anonymous 12318

Theres a "famous" lady that goes around holding talks about her disease…which i cant remember right now but its either "she cant make muscles" or "she cant have fat".

Anonymous 12321


This woman?

Anonymous 12322

Can you make kimchi in plastic (acrylic) containers?

Anonymous 12323

Yeah, but it's going to stain the shit out of it if it's clear or white.

Anonymous 12332



Oh, okay, thanks anon! Guess that wouldn't be a problem for me, considering I'd only use it for kimchi. My main concern was about exploding or not being a good environment for fermentation and such.

I've done kimchi before but always storaged it in glass containers, but then I saw a nice air tight plastic one.

Anonymous 12369

do i have to be a cosplayer/lolita to work at a maid cafe or can i just be a rando 6/10 girl who needs a job and shit? lol. theres only one maid cafe where i live so i want to believe they're lax with this type of stuff? do they usually just give you one of those maid costume things or am i supossed to spend $$$$ in lolita clothes just to work there? (cuz i can't afford that, i ain't got no money, that's why i'm looking for a job in the first place omg)

Anonymous 12379

If you need a job and money why be so selective and look for one at a maid cafe? Go to a normal cafe and ask for a job there, sister.

Anonymous 12381

Do garlic cloves ever go off? I've had some in my cupboard for months now and they still look fine, not brown or smelly or anything

Anonymous 12386

When they do go bad, they go soft and rot, so you should be fine.

Anonymous 12401



third world country, amiga. this isn't the first place i've been looking for AT ALL. being a college student with no experience basically means you're useless unless you drop out. cuz college drop outs are considered way more valuable becuse that way you work more and get paid less. so all those entry level jobs you're suggesting want dropouts here and not college students/people with degrees. making it hard for me because anything above that wants experience that i don't have because i'm a college student that's going to get her degree soon. so i just want money and experience but i'm having a hard time.

so yeah i just imagined that since theres only one maid cafe in town they would just take whatever half cute girl in her 20s and wouldn't ask for much from me other than being decent looking. that's why i was sort of interested.i know a lot of the lurkers here into lolita/cosplay stuff so i thought i'd ask if i needed to have all that expensive lolita and cosplay stuff…so there you go anon… thanks i guess… tl;dr not every country has tons of job opportunities. this is one that interested me but i don't know a lot about lolita cafes. again, theres only ONE in my entire town. i was just asking a simple question dog why r u being so mean to me lemme ask my dumb questions

Anonymous 12410

I was being rude to you because I didn't know if you needed to get a grip or not. I'm from what people would call a third world too and I've seen people being way too selective to get a job when they definitely need one.

Anonymous 12445

well, it probably doesn't hurt to be a cosplayer/lolita considering the type of customer that business model attracts, but it depends on whether it's a functioning business or whether it's the weeby owner's harem fantasy. a real maid cafe would most likely supply you with a uniform (or allow you to buy one at a discounted rate) while the latter usually expects you to come up with your own.
i'd really only apply there if it's been around for a few years and has an established reputation because, at least in the states, those maid cafes never seem to stick around for long and usually look like really shitty environments to work in. but if you're wanting to make decent tips from the neckbeards, you'll need to cultivate a following of regulars instead of just relying on being half-cute and female. think of it like a gig at hooters; you're not just a waitress, you're a ~model~ and ~entertainer~. it won't necessarily be any easier than being a server at a normal restaurant.
also try applying at some retail stores. that's where i got my first part-time job when i was in college.

lolita clothing=/=maid uniform, btw.

Anonymous 12454


Why do men on the internet believe that a moderately attractive girl in a bar can readily get 20 or 30 guys who will do anything for her, in order to sniff her butt?

And who also believe that women can get power drunk with their attractiveness and obtain stuff that no man can obtain with the same level of effort?

Anonymous 12456

because they have never been out

Anonymous 12459

they're retarded

it really depends on the area and how she looks like too.
there are certain body language, dress, even physical features that men perceive to be more approachable, not necessarily more attractive.

Anonymous 12464


Can someone explain to a relative newfag how stamina rose → lolcow

Anonymous 12465

Some trolls from wherever started posting about how lolcow queen PixyTeri was molesting and taking lewds of some child she was babysitting. Another poster (PTNR), who was trolling PT for milk/info had recalled her babysitting at some point, so a lot of anons started freaking out. Many posts about contacting authorities later, SR Admin jumped ship and baleeted the site.

At the time, there was some lolcow crossover with Unichan (an imageboard obsessed with Boxxy and others). A long time friend and whiteknight of June (shoe0nhead) took the opportunity to create lolcow.farm as a honeypot to lure Unichan posters to LC, in order to figure out which of June's friends were shittalking her on anon by comparing their post IPs with their skype/facebook IPs.

Anonymous 12475

The men you describe are the same ones that couldn't make it with the town bike in high school. Clueless and incapable of self-criticism, their ideas of dating are not based in reality whatsoever. It's just memes that get telephone gamed between bitter virgins who don't have much real life experience to dispell them.
I mean, this is the demographic appealed to by the sex industry. Maybe they just don't have any sexual experience beyond paying to cum, and think that the entire world does the same thing in a different way.

Anonymous 12478

How do I meet my favorite celebrity?

I want my rl husbando to notice me so we can fugg

Anonymous 12479

> Go to LA
> Work at a Starbucks near wherever the celebrities live
> Bone apple teeth

Anonymous 12483

Is sexting a problem in modern society?

Anonymous 12493


Why would it be? People've been trading dirty letters since the dawn of time. James Joyce's sex letters to one of his love interests is dauting, btw. Fart fetish.

Anonymous 12497

Anonymous 12498

what if they're a musician
how do i get able to see them at the afterparty


Anonymous 12499

yes, it is just making people more demented and selfish plus lots of people have problems with the law when they send n00ds to someone who ends up wanting revenge in the end. it spreads like wildfire.

Anonymous 12503

okay explain moi what is the shitposting board (if any) and if none why is there no shitposting board or if i'm allowed to shitpost on /b/
hi, /lit/!

Anonymous 12504


do i really need to see a doctor before choosing a birth control pill? i had my hormones checked a year and a half ago and everything was normal. i don't need prescription to get them here.

Anonymous 12509


I guess you can, but I wouldn't recommend it.
If you are getting it solely for birth control, i'd recommend a copper IUD. Much safer and believe it or not, less damaging for your body. But then you'd need a doctor's appoiment.

Anonymous 12510

Not if there are clinics that offer it, go ahead. The only warning would be to pay attention to your body and don't be afraid to change the type you use if it really isn't working out.

That is a reasonable suggestion, but for starting out it may seem daunting, also insertion requires a doctor. Anon should read up on the pros/cons of all BC methods to choose what works best for them.

Anonymous 12511

bouncers and roadies are pigs. Show them your tits, they'll take you to where you need to go. I never tried it, but I had a former friend who got to meet Dave Draiman (spellcheck) that way.

and there used to be like, a groupie version of old school dontdatehimgirl. I don't remember the URL, but it was where I learned that Trent Reznor likes getting toyed in the ass. I suppose it's worth a little digging, but I can't find it. Maybe you can figure out what your crush likes, and just how nasty his road crew is.

Anonymous 12527

What do ~normal~ men think of female virginity, deep down?

On one hand I have difficulty putting my faith in the rhetoric that every single guy secretly see the complete lack of prior sexual experience as the ideal, as it's paraded mostly by incels, but on the other hand I also can't help but see the possibility that guys who claim that they largely don't care about a woman's sexual experience, or even see virginity as a slightly negative thing are concealing their true thoughts to avoid social ostracism, or to obtain women's approval.

Anonymous 12533

Most normie men don't think less of you if you're not a virgin anymore, but virginity is kind of a nice bonus from what I have seen. The only way most men may think less of you regarding sex is if you're the typical slut, etc. Most also won't think you're a weird freak if you're older and virgin as long as you give a good reason for being one, like not finding someone you actually wanted to be with. It makes them feel a bit more special. The only normie men I know who didn't care about me being a virgin not even a tiny bit were the men who just wanted to fugg and would rather me be an experienced bitch.

Anonymous 12536

Do you have any anecdotes to back up your claims? I mean, I'm kind of over mere theories at this point.

Anonymous 12543

I answered based on things my exes/guys I got involved with told me. I lost my virginity in my 20s. I don't have any interesting stories to share though.

Anonymous 12546

Hey all. How does one survive without an AC in the summer? I'm looking for sublets right now and the only place that appealed to me has none. I've always had AC so I don't know how to deal with no AC. I live in the Humid Continental (Köppen) climate zone fyi.

Anonymous 12572

Box fans are god-tier. Experiment with a couple ways of setting them up, though. I've notice that sometimes you want the fan sending outside air in, and sometimes you want it sending inside air out.
When you open windows, the windows that face each other are the most important. Air will go in one window and out the other, and that cross breeze works the best for getting hot air out of there.
We would also lay down blankets on all of our upholstered furniture so the sweat wouldn't soak into the fabric. That stuff stinks up really quick if you let it.
Try to avoid using the oven and stove. It's just extra heat, microwaves and outdoor grills don't have that problem.

Anonymous 12573

Girls who aren't virgins and are very outgoing might look intimidating and bossy, therefore becoming girlfriends who want to boss the guy around and take him to parties and be overly social and stuff.

Anonymous 12584

>admin-sama was whiteknight of june in disguise

somehow i don't buy this. why would he have been so invested in the drama of the other lolcows if all he was looking for were ip addresses to harvest? plus the shoe0nhead thread didn't exist until way after the creation of lolcow, the main threads were usually about well-known weeb cows like VA/her mom, Kiki/Dakota, Pixyteri, etc.
if i was trying to figure out who was shittalking my pal on Unichan by comparing IPs, one of the first threads I would have made would have been a thread about said pal in order to bait people into posting. where'd you get this theory from?

Anonymous 12586

Why does every active website or forum have a lot of shifty, shitty people?

And if it's active and good, why does it die out while the shit remains?

Anonymous 12589

Check the most recent June thread.

>why would he have been so invested in the drama of the other lolcows if all he was looking for were ip addresses to harvest?

I never found him to feel "invested" about any lolcow. The whole air about the creation of lolcow as "I see your old site is gone. I have experience. here's a site". He has always seemed a bit detached and nonchalant about all the cows, which is what made him a decent admin in the first place. Though, it was through his nonchalance that the site got fucked up in the first place (questionable decisions like what was /snow/flakey and not and etc.).

>one of the first threads I would have made would have been a thread about said pal in order to bait people into posting

you sound lame and obvious. Shoe back then was nothing more than an attention whore from some backwater Boxxy chan. her threads were literally "her boobs are fake. no they aren't where's your proof. she looks like boxxy".

I don't care if you believe it.

Anonymous 12642


how do i use 's?
's shows possession for a single thing, yes?
and s' for multiple.
so, the girls' shoes would be, multiple girls have shoes.
and, the girl's shoes would be, only one girl, yes?
but when would i use es?
i feel super dumb for asking this, i've been living in the states all my life.

Anonymous 12644

Anonymous 12650


don't "kek" at me you walnut.

Anonymous 12651

he definitely took an interest in kiki, to the point of hiring an artist to create content for the big 'reveal' thread that she had been the source of the rampant sperging and taylor-r.-hate.

>shoe back then was nothing more than an attention whore from some backwater boxxy chan

which makes it all the more difficult to believe your tinfoil-hat theory that he made the entire site specifically to earn her favor or whatever and why i was asking if there was evidence of this.

Anonymous 12654

What does ねちゃいましたね mean

Anonymous 12656

es is for plural non-possessive for certain nouns.

Anonymous 12657


not 100% sure, but sounds like "just slept"

Anonymous 12658


What >>12657 said
ねる is the verb, afaik "shita" indicates past tense. The final ね is a speech/tone indicator that doesn't have semantic meaning.

What exactly that means depends on context though.

Anonymous 12665

That makes total sense due to the context! Thank you.

Anonymous 12667

It means "I accidentally fell asleep"

Anonymous 12670

Is the "incel" phenomenon only restricted to males? By they way, does the word "incel" have any actual purpose, since prostitution is largely common?

Anonymous 12673

i disagree. there are definitely female incels, but they don't form communities because they generally hate everyone and view the world as sluts and assholes. think like tomoko from watamote, those girls do definitely exist, but no one knows about them. they also pose as males within incel communities.

Anonymous 12678

Okay, I'm gonna fess up and admit I joined an incel community briefly, but they were all too retarded to make conversation.

Anonymous 12748

What does it mean if a person has the means to move out from their parents house but just… doesn't.

Anonymous 12811

-They're lazy
-Enjoy living with their family
-Are too comfortable with the situation to change
-They would feel sad alone
-Live in a country where that is socially acceptable

One or more of these.

Anonymous 12813

You know what I hate? People who act condescending and passive aggressive during a debate (calling you an idiot, being a dickhead) for no good reason and you call them out for it, then there's always a second person jumping in going like "LELL NO U UR JUST GETTING SO OFFENDED" like they're trying to gaslight you. Why does this always happen?

Anonymous 12814

A lot of people are absolutely unable to have a civil conversation/debate these days. If they manage to rail you up, to them that means they've won because pissing you off somehow means your arguments are invalid. Just stay faaar away from people like that.

Anonymous 12821

It's because usually people don't have enough facts to back up their arguments and are too lazy to research what they "believe in", so they resort to name calling and being petty in hopes that it will tire out the other party and thus they will "win" the argument.
It's childish and retarded, but some people believe that just because the other person stopped talking or got mad because they got tired of their shit, they were right and "won".

Anonymous 12834

All good reasons. Would like to add 2 more:
Saving money to buy their own place
Need to take care of elderly/disabled family members

Anonymous 12836


How do I into politics if I know less than the average normalfag about that subject?

Anonymous 12837

Start reading about it and following the news

Anonymous 12838

Which one is better: Android or iPhone?

And is Mac better than Windows?

Anonymous 12849

You should do yourself a favor and not learn about it altogether. It's bullshit, fearmongering and conspiracy. Sounds like you're not really interested in it and want to "learn" for other reasons to begin with so why bother trying to get into something like that.

Anonymous 12903


I need an ELI5 irl. I have a car that I've owned for about 3 years now and I'm too scared to open it up, but I think I need to put more oil or water or something inside it. I'm scared I'll put the dishwasher fluid in the wrong hole and bork my car up though.

Anonymous 12905

Anonymous 12908

Why do people judge others by looks subconsciously but don't want to admit it even though there have been studies proving it? Is it because they'll seem shallow and bigoted if they admit it? Or they think they're more enlightened than the masse?

And why won't my cat scratch her scratching post instead of the furniture? It's driving me crazy.

It's all a matter of the uses you plan for your phone/computer and what you're already used to. I hate iPhones because of how you have to access the settings and the places where the "keys" are placed on the screen, the layout, but that's because I only got to use my sister's iPhone 4 some years ago and I'm more used to Android. I like how you have more buttons on Android phones and the fact that you can add a memory card, among other things.

Anonymous 12922

don't cars come with instruction manuals (idk I don't drive). I'm sure you can look up the make and model of your car and find an instructional video online somewhere.

Anonymous 12923

Haven't you been doing the regular maintenance for it? Unless you barely drive anywhere you must've had an oil change by now right? If you haven't, you really should take it in to an auto shop. They'll look over all that stuff for you. But if you can't afford it you should definitely look up the model/year of the car and watch some youtube videos on maintenance.

Anonymous 13008


everyone judges people, but other people like to pretend they don't to virtue signal cause judging is apparently a negative thing. i think that (it being negative) should stop.

also make the scratch post more inviting with catnip, and make your furniture un-inviting by putting tinfoil on the places the cat scratches to freak it out, then it'll stop.

Anonymous 13082

Two questions:

1. My boyfriend of ~4 months frequently tells me he likes me a lot. Some context: I'm very insecure (he's very handsome and intelligent, like disgustingly so), we broke up for a very short time then got back together (trying to overcompensate for that perood??) and he said that from his psychoanalysis as a kid that he is most likely on the spectrum (so he doesn't know when to stop?). Why would he say that a lot? A similar thing happened to me with a scumbag and he ended up fucking another girl when we were supposed to hang out. I know my boyfriend isn't like him but I can't help but wonder.

2. Has anyone been accepted into a masters program with a completely different undergrad program and mediocre marks? I don't like what I have studied to do, but I don't want to do another bachelor's degree… so I thought a masters would be a good option… but oh! My marks… my marks! Is there any hope??

Anonymous 13086

>I hate iPhones because of how you have to access the settings and the places where the "keys" are placed on the screen, the layout
This. Figuring out how to use an iPhone is awful and confusing. My mom used to own an iPhone 5 and she would come to me a lot for her old people/technology problems. Recently she got an android and she agrees that they are far more intuitive and easier to handle.

Anonymous 13087

>a completely different undergrad program
How different? I've seen it happen many times, at least where I live it's not as much your grad grades that matter but your masters project. I think it's hard if they're not connected at all, but if you manage to find a link it's not impossible (for example, I've seen people with english degrees getting into bio masters because language acquisition is a neurological process, so they're linked)

Anonymous 13088

I'm currently studying undergrad mathematics and I would like to study urban planning for my masters.

Anonymous 13089

I don't know much about urban planning, but doesn't it involve some degree of math? (I know architecture does)

You should be able to find something… I think

Anonymous 13091

Even with mediocre marks? My gpa is just at 70% lol

Anonymous 13094

If you really want to do this grad program, look into extra things you could do to make your application more appealing. Internship or volunteering in urban planning related positions, or take relevant classes if you're still in school. Doing relevant work will probably be more important, but it depends on the program. Find out more by contacting the institutions that you're interested in to see what their requirements are. Probably not a whole new degree, but just classes that are relevant prerequisites or related to core studies of the program.

Anonymous 13096


Can I eat any type of fish raw? As in, is it safe?
For example sardines, herrings, catfish…

Anonymous 13114

No, they may have parasites. Why would you want to have any type of fish raw anyway?

Anonymous 13133

technically yes. lake/river fish have a higher likelihood of bacteria though. ocean fish have less, and farmed fish have basically none. fresh frozen or fresh is the safest. also there's not much you can do to prevent bacteria if the fish has it. vinegaring doesn't really do anything for it, neither does parboiling.

Anonymous 13134

also, just to add make sure it's a fish fish. things like shellfish etc need to be handled very carefully, but things that are 'fish' only need to be fresh or fresh frozen (as in day caught) from a fish market or from a trustworthy store that sells 'sushi fish'. polite sage.

Anonymous 13135

Is anyone else having trouble connecting to the farm? The fuck is going on?

Anonymous 13136


The site has been down for almost 20 hours now. It's their shitty host. Not the first time it happens, btw. Not even the tempcow is available anymore.

Anonymous 13137

Damn, new host when?
And did mods ever give a proper explanation for taking away temp?

Anonymous 13138

nope. they won't explain anything. they just keep saying it's "their discretion" so fuck us i guess.

Anonymous 13142


Have you ever eaten sushi, anon? lol It's not a new concept. I honestly prefer raw fish, I mean, I like it prepared in anyway, but for me, the flavor and texture really comes out when it's raw. I feel like a lot of fish that I bake or fry and such ended up being "samey". The taste is delicious, ofc, but it isn't as distinct as when it is raw.


Thank you so much for this complete answer, anon! One of the current season fishes that I really like is actually a river one (Tilapia), but I am almost sure it's farmed. (especially because their native river is always compromised by droughts, which really sucks)
I also really like flounder, so I am glad to hear sea fish are safer in general.

Another dumb question, is it because of the salt?

I've eaten raw fish for a long time, but I am just now learning about new fishes than the ones I always consumed raw (salmon, tuna, st. peter's fish, trout, etc) and looking for fresher and cheaper seasonal fish. As I said, I do prefer them raw (in general), and it's also easier to prep it.

Anonymous 13146

yep it is because of the salt basically. a lot of bacteria is transported to bodies of water via rain, but many cannot survive in the harsh salt waters. also the chances of fish having bacteria in the ocean is lowered because of the sheer number of creatures.

Anonymous 13149



More than a whole day down. gg admins

Anonymous 13164

if all types of fish were appropriate to be eaten raw, don't you think the Japanese would usually do that? You don't have to get salty for no reason.

Anonymous 13168

…they do. obviously fish that they can't get fresh in their country isn't eaten raw, idiot. they also eat chicken raw lol. you're the weirdo who doesn't know about sushi.

Anonymous 13170

>you're the weirdo who doesn't know about sushi.
only a handful of places eat chicken raw and that's seen as risky by some people. Your raging Asian boner is showing so calm down.

Anonymous 13173


I wasn't salty at all lol Sorry if it came across as that. I just thought it was weird because sushi is everywhere and you were baffled that someone would eat raw fish. Kinda like if you asked me why would I want to eat raw vegetables.

Anonymous 13178

as long as you can be sure the source of the meat is very particular about keeping the animals clean, you can eat every meat raw without problems.

not eating certain meats raw is a matter of culture, and if the culture doesn't eat the meat raw they don't put in the extra money and resources to ensure pathogens and stuff doesn't get to the animals.

Anonymous 13180

Do you use "an" before a pronounced vowel (one which is not written down) or a written one?
Ex: an MC(an emcee) vs a MC(a emcee)

Anonymous 13184

Pronounced vowel. Hence why it is "an hour" but not "an hospital".

An MC would be the correct usage.

I'm curious though, if you pronounce "herb" with an "h" sound, is it "an herb" or "a herb"? I don't pronounce the "h", so for me it is "an herb".

Anonymous 13200


Anonymous 13208

Yes, I know.

I'm American, so it is "an herb". Do UK English speakers say "a herb" because of the pronounced "h"? Was my question.

Anonymous 13209

that anon just wants to bitch it seems.

Anonymous 13212

Brit lass here, "a herb" is correct. Never really understood why you dropped the H across the pond

Anonymous 13216

Fun fact, "herb" is a loanword from French so the original pronunciation was "erb". You Brits actually added the 'h' sounds to stuff lol

Anonymous 13226

Are recruitment agencies worth it if you're just looking for summer work in an office etc?

Anonymous 13227

I guess I should ask this in /nsfw/ but I consider it a dumb question so I'm gonna ask it here
just bought my first dildo, its made of jelly. i plan on "breaking" my own hymen to facilitate things when I start my proper sex life. is this a good choice of material or it doesn't really matter?

Anonymous 13232

you must be female and over 18 to post

jelly material is toxic so you really should have researched more before purchasing, and if you think the hymen exists/is something that needs to be broken then you should research more about the female body

Anonymous 13234


But anon, the hymen do exist and it can be "broken". The thing is; this shouldn't matter nor be determinent of a woman's value, and that's the problem with it.

I think it's a good idea that she tries to break the membrane by herself since a lot of men just simply don't care. It's better than cleaning bloody sheets later.

The material doesn't matter (I can't say if jelly is toxic or not for I don't know), the important thing is that you're very wet (or have tons of lube) and, mostly important, very relaxed. It should be quick once you are ready, it's a very thin membrane after all. Some women don't even have it at all and some have just a small "thread". There should not be blood if you do things slowly, at least not enough to stain anything.

However this will not "facilitate" things when you are with a partner. It's all very situational. If you are stressed out with a partner, it will hurt with or without your hymen, because it's truly such a puny part of the female body.

Anonymous 13235

for the sex toy material thing: http://dangerouslilly.com/2010/10/yes-jelly-sex-toys-can-be-dangerous/

as for hymens ive never had anything to 'break' and no i dont ride horses so i find all the hype around it bullshit, if they exist then they are not supposed to be torn, foreplay is important for the first time so its wet and stretchy down there, of course you will bleed if he shoves it in dry and starts pounding like a jackhammer

Anonymous 13236

and you need to stop being a cunt for no reason, learn what the use of " " means and keep in mind this thread is for dumb questions.

Thank you for your post and for the link, I still can return the dildo since it's still in the packaging and I have the receipt.

Anonymous 13256

Are you a literal tranny or something? How is someone that knowledgeable about dildos that retarded about the female body?

Anonymous 13259

Why are you calling the other anon names? She's not entirely wrong. All hymens have holes (y'know, for periods and stuff). During sex the hymen doesn't actually break, the existing hole stretches. It can be a slow, not so painful stretch; or it can be stupid fast and painful if your partner is an ass. That said, it does depend on your own anatomy - sometimes it's easier, some women have the hymen more "rigid", some might even require a surgery.

Anonymous 13260

Holy shit why everybody got so upset about ONE simple question? The anons above me need to RELAX.

To answer your question: it doesn't really matter.

Anonymous 13265

Are YOU a literal tranny or something? my vagina is offended by your stupidity, my opnions on hymens come from careful research, if becoming an OB-GYN didnt take so fucking long i might have tried becoming one
im sorry, just when i hear about 'hymen breaking' it makes me think of teen girls who wouldnt know any better

Anonymous 13266

>my opnions on hymens come from careful research
you should stop researching about hymens for a little and research the use of "". There is a reason why I used "" in my original post, which I suggest you should read again. The only thing offensive here is your own stupitidy.

Anonymous 13267

I did it myself because I was terrified of it happening for the first time during sex. Buy a bottle of lube and use your fingers, that's what I did. It'll probably hurt the first few times but it'll hurt a lot less than some inconsiderate, inexperienced guy shoving something bigger up there dry. Just take your time and be gentle, there's no reason why it should hurt too much or for you to bleed.

>if you think the hymen exists
You should do more research about the female body before coming here and trying to larp as a woman and tell women what to do with their lives. Sick fuck.

Anonymous 13269

Is it bad if I use normal face moisturizer also on my eyes?

Anonymous 13271


I don't know if it's bad or not but I going to guess that it is, since the skin around the eyes is really sensitive and thin. I think there are products for your eyes, pic related is something I use but not on a regular basis.

Anonymous 13274

eat shit cunt

fuck whys it so hard for people to believe im a woman? guess im the only woman born without a hymen since everyone feels so strongly about its existence fucking hell

Anonymous 13275

What does it feel like to buzz your hair?

Anonymous 13277

emotionally or physically? lol, it felt freeing for me because i didnt feel stressed about making it look perfect everyday anymore but of course people will make assumptions since 'why would a woman not want her hair?'
physically its fun to run your hand through it. at some point maybe 2cm it can hurt when you bend the hair a different way
if you leave it to grow out at all the same length it can look like you have a mullet since the hair on top sticks up but the hair on the back just grows straight down which sucks lmao

Anonymous 13278

I guess more of running the buzzer through your hair. It looks kind of comfy, but at the same time it's a sharpish blade right?

Anonymous 13281

i dont remember it much, i think when its going through long hair it felt bad like tugging sensation, when its shorter it feels better you mostly feel the guard thingy (for setting the length) running through your hair

nothing is more comfy than running actual fingers through your hair though so you arent missing much

Anonymous 13282

>>13271 Thank you for the recommendation, the packaging is so cute!

Anonymous 13288

Another anon with currently buzzed hair. It was scary at first because the shortest I've had my hair as a teen and beyond was a bob, but I've always wanted to go bald or very close to it. I just went to a hair salon and asked them to buzz it; it felt really good!
I feel like women get too caught up with the archaic and arbitrary definitons of femininity, especially my mother, who thinks I look like a lesbian lol..
I learned how to define my own femininity, as cheesy as that sounds, and it made me more confident in my looks because I had to – I had no hair to hide behind, and that was a very cool learning experience.
I would recommend it for all women who have been thinking about it! It's just hair after all.

Anonymous 13338

How do I know for sure my interest in girls was just a phase?

Anonymous 13339

Do you still fantasise about them? Does looking at a lewd girl get you off? If so not a phase.

Anonymous 13341

No for both

Anonymous 13345

Congrats straighty.

Anonymous 13346


Nowadays, it seems like the most used tactic to denigrate a youtube channel is to talk crap about its titles. "Oh so clickbait, very out of context, such caps lock, wowzers11".
I'm not gonna ask why do people find that persuading, most of those who use this "piece of insight" are just parroting someone else just as some other anon rightfully observed in another thread, and the others are following. It's almost as if they have a 6th sense designated to detect when has their once "flavorite" channel decreased in popularity, moment when they turn their backs to it and start shittalking.
But why has this trend started? Who are they parroting? Don't be too hard on me pls, I'm not rly in touch with the "bigbois" of youtube, pewdiepie, the pauls or drama channels and their history. What made people accept (as a fact) that clickbait=shit content?

Anonymous 13746

Ok, here we go.
Is there any youtube video, book, movie, documentary, series or anything similar that can teach me about people from the real world?
t. friendless hikkineet

Anonymous 13747

How do you mean? As in how they act and things?

Anonymous 13749

Y-yea, how they act, why they act how they act, when they are not acting how they are supposed to act.

Anonymous 13750

and more

Anonymous 13773

Why is vanity sizing so ridiculous now?

I bought a pair of high waisted jeans that fit very comfortably, a little loose and it's waist size is 23 inches. I lol'd and measured myself and I have a 26 inch waist. before the humblebrag accusations, I'm 5' so this is not an impressive measurement It's one thing to change a size L to an M, but lying about the actual measurement?


Anonymous 13841

Sizes have gotten ridiculous. They keep getting bigger and bigger no matter where you go if you just need to grab a fast fashion item and aren't above average weight or tall, forget about it unless you buy from high end shops to get a 300 dollar solid black tank top that will fit you properly. The struggle is real.

Where did this humblebrag meme come from by the way? I keep seeing it now even if there's literally no bragging going on.

Anonymous 13845

Hey ladies guy here

I was wondering if a girl I know has been crushing on me. She tends to ignore me and talk to my friends. She is pretty outspoken, except when it's around me. She also seems kinda scared of me.

This shit has been bugging me for a while. Soon she'll be moving to Chicago so whatever but still…(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 13847


Can somebody give me a quick rundown on this Reiko guy?

Anonymous 13856

Anons are probably traumatized by lolcow users. Both the humblebraggers and the "everything is a humble brag reee" anons have been insufferable lately.

Anonymous 13858


Here's the quick rundown on this Reiko#3333 guy
>Christian XXX bows to Reiko#3333
>In contact with /a/liens
>Possess psychic-like manipulation
>Controls Robot9001 with iron but fair thighs
>Own castles & banks on Skywars
>Direct descendants of Franklin D. Rooosevelt
>Will bankroll the first transsexual colonies on Mars (Reikosburg will be be the first city)
>Own 99% of HRT research facilities on Earth
>First babies born from an artificial will in all likelihood be Reiko#3333 babies (male)
>Reiko#3333 said to have 215+ harem members, such charisma on Earth has only existed deep in Bulgarian discords & Australia
>Ancient Roman graffiti tell of an Angel who will descend upon Earth and will bring an era of pink pills & Estrogen progress never seen before.
>They own Soylent R&D labs around the world
>You likely have soy inside you right now
>Reiko#3333 are in regular communication with Bailey Jay & Tira, forwarding the word of HRT to RGTOW.
>(Who do you think set up the meeting between the /ARC/ MAIN & RGTOW command (First meeting between the two organisations in over 8 months) and arranged the /ARC/ MAIN leader's first trip to Rhode Island in history literally a few days later to the Reiko#3333 apartment in Delmarva?)
>They learned fluent Swedish in under a week
>Discord servers entrust their Reddit gold reserves with Reiko#3333. There's no reddit gold in r/nintendo, only r/Traptopia
>Reiko#3333 is about 7 decades old, from the space-time reference point of the base human currently accepted by our society
>In reality, he is a timeless being existing in all points of time and space from the big bang to the end of the universe. We don't know his ultimate plans yet. We hope he's a benevolent being(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 13872

Sizes have always been ridiculous, it's just easier and easier to notice I guess. How things are going to fit can depend on the brand, the cute of the clothes and other arbitrary criteria. I feel like the worst is definitely when sizes are indicated with XS to XL, those letters are way to vague to be able to know what fits.

And the humble bragging accusations on lolcow come from the fact that supposedly, a bunch of anons on threads I've hid (so hence the "supposedly") are legit humblebragging with posts like "I hate my body so much because I'm conventionally good-looking, petite with huge tits and ass and I get compliments all the time". And because of that, whenever someone will describe their body in a thread or post where it's relevant to ask for advice or something, they'll be accused of humblebragging and shitting on fat women or something. There's a weird logic behind it, and anons are confused as to who is showing off and who isn't since it's an anon imageboard. And people are too stupid to ignore the anons who actually humblebrag so it's has gotten worse and entire threads are getting derailed.

Anonymous 13890

Are you all American? It's really hard to find plus size or XL in my country unless you really look for it.

Anonymous 13895


Anonymous 13907


It's one thing to rebrand the sizes XL -> L size, since 'extra large' and 'large' are just arbitrary descriptors, I was mostly shocked that they had jeans with ~26 inch waist size listed as 23, as if inches aren't a real unit of measurement anymore with a standard length. If that's a generally normal practice to shave off a few numbers from the measurement, than my b. I normally just try on several things in different sizes and go with whichever fits best, since there's too much variation.

Anonymous 13908

Nope, French here. I mostly find things that are at least size 38 up to 46 or 48 easily (so basically size M to XL I'd say), but I can barely find anything my size in stores. I know I should buy clothes online because of this shit but I'd be too lazy to return the clothes if they don't fit me because I'm a lazy idiot. I go shopping often enough and yet I still don't have any decent formal clothes for in case I have a job interview, it's that bad, and it's getting worse from my point of view.

Anonymous 13930

Why don't more white guys actively pursue white latinas and non muslim white levant women when they give the excuse of white girls being sluts when they go for east/southeast asian women? it doesnt make sense to me.

Anonymous 13932


Is it possible for me to be stronger than a lot of skinny guys (think 5'7"-5'11" and 100-130 lbs with little muscle)? I've done a lot of searching online and some answers seem fetish-y (guys fantasizing about all women being amazons, which is fine but not solving anything) and others may be fueled by male ego ("even the strongest woman is weaker than ALL men").

Variables to consider: I have a wide frame and ~130 lbs of lean mass starting out and am planning to take lifting more seriously.

Asking because I dream of having a delicate bf.

Anonymous 13934

It's just an excuse for them to keep being fetishists. They don't go for white Latinas or white Muslims because they look white, obviously.

Anonymous 13940

No white guy I ask this question to ever gives a genuine response. Black men who actively pursue mixed race and latina women are far more honest. Really the white guys sneakiness and dishonesty about it makes me annoyed.

Anonymous 13941


My boyfriend is 5'10 and he is between 120 -130 lbs, he can only bench press like 55 lb because he got his shoulder injured like 2 years ago and I can easily Lift more than him, he lost interest in going to the gym (I think it is because he doesn't feel comfortable around guys who bench press 120+ and his shoulder hurts) now days he does a lot of cardio and is more career oriented, I feel like I have to be stronger to protect him and he seems like he doesn't care if his woman con lift more than him so I will be strong for him

Anonymous 13942

I'm pretty sure you won't find a gentle bf among the angry weak manlets who get insecure about their strength but among average people I suppose.
Unless you want to cocoon a weak maggot bf in which case yea, ofc you can do this if you force yourself enough

Anonymous 13945

That sounds pretty conclusive, thanks! I also think it's really cute that you want to be strong for him that sounds ideal.

Thank you for your concern, but I'm somewhat optimistic that I can find a nice and thin guy. In combination with knowing that the aforementioned strongwoman fetishists are out there, I've known at least a few normie men at my job that are happy and secure in being weaker and smaller than other men. But ofc I've never had a 1v1 fight/lifting competition with them either so I was wondering if I, as a woman, could reach a point where I could easily outdo such men.

Anonymous 13950


Anon fighting and lifting is totally different I asked my boyfriend these questions
Q : "can a woman lift more than a man?"
A : " yes, women can endure more pain than men in general so they can train harder and apply more strength than men before they break down"
Q : "can a woman win a 1 v 1 fight against a man of the same weight?"
A : " fighting is more than just brute Force, it depends on skill and women can easily develop fighting skills"
Q : " so are men stronger than men ?"
A : " like in general ? I guess a woman can easily become stronger, faster, and more skilled than your average guy and with more effort they can surpass men in general if they have enough discipline they can lift so much more (specially with their lower body) "
Q : " why are some guys so insecure around stronger women?"
A : " just like some women don't like men who are too muscular guys don't like girls who are too muscular, and even more when gender roles are so defined, but we are in the 21th and some girls take protein powder or even inject roids so … I think we should just accept the fact that anyone can be stronger than you"

Anonymous 13951

sounds like he knows exactly what to say to make you happy

Anonymous 13952

I'd say give him the benefit of the doubt.

Regardless, she's trained him well, you should give her some props for that.

Anonymous 14006

is this place just like a female r9k?
because it seems like both have similar distaste for the opposite gender and dont socialize much

Anonymous 14007

he tricks confused guys into joining his trap discord then say they need to send a picture of themselves in skirts to get into the group and once they do they get blackmailed into taking hrt

Anonymous 14017

>Females have a higher pain tolerance than men and can train harder/longer
I'm majoring in kinesiology and that is without a doubt untrue, it's quite the opposite.
>Sounds like he knows what to say to keep you happy
Yes. It also sounds like he has compromised his sense of truth to appease you.

Anonymous 14032

>don't socialize much
I've never gotten that idea around here, a lot of people have boyfriends and seem to be more on the verge of living a comfortable, at least semi-successful life than the people from /r9k/. I could just be biased, though.

It's hard not to when they raid CC simply for the fact we're "roasties" or whatever. I don't think the "hate" the users have here rivals the hate men seem to have for women on other boards. I'm not able to vent about men in any other place, so I assume that a lot of the "hate" is just because most people are discouraged from expressing it elsewhere.

Anonymous 14308

I rarely use fb so I'm not sure how certain things work. I just private messaged someone who responded to a post in a group I made, then I deleted the original post thinking it would help keep the group tidy but I forgot that fb used to do that thing where it would hide messages from people who are not your friends on fb and make them hard to see unless you explicitly change the settings or check your 'other' inbox.

Does fb still do this? Is there a chance my message might be overlooked or will it definitely send them a notification?

Anonymous 14314

It will send a notification. FB is shit.

Anonymous 14316


Will scalp massages and coconut oil help my hair grow faster?

Anonymous 14328


Have any of you ever met anyone you found on tinder? What's it like?

Anonymous 14333

I dont know about that but Biotin pills will.

Not Tinder but met a guy off of craigslist(many years ago). He was hot in the pic but in person meh. Also he was suuuuuuper short (and I'm kinda tall-ish).
And before I get called superficial, fuck yes I am. It's natural instinct.

Anonymous 14349

I met a guy from a nearby college for a date. Sucked cause he was really boring and we had no chemistry. I deleted the app a little while after that.

Anonymous 14351

Had one awkward date and uninstalled.

Anonymous 14357

I have had a few dates that didn't go anywhere, but out of that dates i made some friends and it's a fun experience

Anonymous 16557


i just wanna say thanks to this anon for helping me. my sister cats did warm up to me with time. the cat died tonight after getting poisoned by a neighbor. i'm heartbroken and i'll miss that little guy dearly. he was a really sweet cat. he wasn't agressive, just shy. he actually met my cat and they became friends quickly and played together. very sad with the way this ended.

Anonymous 16561

saged because i just wanted to point out how cute this was ;A; qt "walnut" anon where art tho?

Anonymous 16566

Rip ):

Anonymous 16569

whats the nicest way to cuddle a dog

Anonymous 16572

Not getting your limbs in his way, at all, and just laying next to him when he sleeps.

Anonymous 16622

Because there is a limit to how long a car can run before there is a high incidence of mechanical failure, which requires expensive maintenance. So cars of reliable brands have a reputation of being able to function despite high mileage/use, but still have more risk of breaking down.

Your butthole has nerve endings like your mouth. Spice affects that too.

Anonymous 16623

Personal favorite is with their back against your belly, arm under their head

Anonymous 16718

Your original request wasn't clear, did you mean the "real" world as opposed to internet socializing?
All media to some extent teaches you something about the "real" world, regardless of whether it is scripted or candid.
(What part of the "real" world are you most intrested in? It sounds like you want something to help you integrate into it, but I don't want to assume)

Anonymous 16724

I just didn't respond because I don't know :(

Anonymous 16726

I think you can start reading some basic psychology articles on how people act in general, then go deeper from there.

I think "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie can help you with the theory of what/how people respond to things.

Good luck.

Anonymous 16728

you can join the discord if you want, anon. I am there.

Anonymous 16733

Wanna be mine? Somewhere off discord
cause im sort of a frenless hikki too

Anonymous 16735

>anon slips back into hiki stasis for a month
Please don't go!

Anonymous 16743

Hm. I guess would start why you are a hikki in the first place. Then list out potential dreams/goals for yourself, ie. Making friends, etc. I'm not sure. Maybe if you already know the reason(s), why are you in that situation? Are you scared of X, Y or Z happening, or not happening?

Considering I've never been a hikki nor a neet, and that I don't know you, I could easily say "hey go get a job at the supermarket as a cashier" but I don't like telling people what to do because I don't like to assume. (But I do think jobs are a good way to gain some financial independence and learn about people as well.)

Sorry, anon, if that wasn't helpful.

Anonymous 16754

>''sex? ;)''
>''hey babygirl wanna take me for a ride?''
uninstalled and never used it again. my entire area only seems to be filled with people looking for casual sex

Anonymous 16761

You can do it, anon. Believe it. Get out there, and interact with so many people, that you learn those social skills.

Anonymous 16763

You have no rep. This isn't grade school. You have nothing to lose! Get out there and crash course that frontal cortex!

Anonymous 16768


I've always wanted to know: Do gay men who aren't out yet feel uncomfortable when women have a crush on them?

I already consulted Google but couldn't find anything.

Anonymous 16771

Depends on the specific flaws, I think.
You don't need to hide or deny that those are facets of your person, but it's also probably true that most people would see it as red flag that someone lays out all their baggage very early on.

Discussing beyond the surface level (interests, background, general getting to know a person questions), like asking about values and weaknesses might help. Like asking someone their opinion or impression of topics related to your flaws, without going "so this hypothetical person that is not-me, who has trust issues, what do you think?" Maybe incorporating some discussion point like a current event or type of media that features that aspect you want to test?

It's a balancing act for sure, good luck anon.

Anonymous 16772

This seems like something that is up to the individual.

Do people generally feel uncomfortable if someone they aren't interested in sexually and/or romantically has a crush on them?

Anonymous 16777


More than uncomfortable I would say awkward. Uncomfy would fit more when a girl who is crushing is a close friend .

Anonymous 16780

You just add the genitive s (that’s its name) to the end of the word. There’s no rule that distinguishes ’s from s’; that’s overcomplicating things. The reason why it’s sometimes ’s and sometimes s’ is that some words end in -s by default. For example:

the shoes of the girl - the girl’s shoes
the shoes of the girlS (plural) - the girls’s shoes (also plural)

Now, "girls’s" looks terribly retarded, so the convention is to stick with "girls’".
For names it’s a little bit different, there’s disagreement on how to do it properly. A lot of people, me included, would refer to the shoes of James as "James’ shoes". However, there is a considerable amount of people that are spastic enough to complain that "James’" was indicating that it’s a plural stem word (like "girls") and go for "James’s" instead. Afaik both versions are perfectly correct, though. So just use s’ whenever the word ends in s and you’re good.

"-es" never is a possession marker.

Anonymous 16781


khajiit has answers, if you have coin, yes?

Anonymous 16791

sheath those claws khajiit

Anonymous 16793

>>16781 I love you

Anonymous 16834

Yeah, my question was too general. I was only wondering because some male celebrities have tons of female fans who crush on them but they're thought to be secretly gay.


I personally would feel flattered when a girl had a crush on me, even though I'm generally not sexually attracted to girls, and thought maybe some gay guys would have a similar reaction.

Anonymous 16837


what is it wrong, nordling?
khajiit make good offer, fair and simple, no?

this one feel warm, when your words hear, khajiit thank you traveler

Anonymous 16840


At that level, people in the public know that they have a lot of people that have crushes on them, but they probably don't try to think about it since it would be overwhelming. Not because straight girls like a gay or closeted person, but because there's that disconnect between fans liking the persona they project vs. them as a person?

And even on the individual level, it depends like >>16776 who said they wouldn't be comfortable with such a thing, and you finding it flattering.

May I have pets for coin Khajiit?

Anonymous 16853

That’s pretty easy tbh. For each of these words, there’s the proper Latin plural that follows the rules of the Latin grammar and the English plural formed by adding an -s or -es. In technical writing, you always stick to the Latin plural, otherwise, you use the English plural. That’s why guitarists use plectrums, not plectra. That means that you’re totally fine talking about the cactuses that decorate your window and that you can tell the obnoxious know-it-all faggot that tries to correct it to cacti to fuck off since using the register of a scientific paper is considered inappropriate in a casual conversation. That’d be like saying felines instead of cats.

Anonymous 16959

Is pineapple a citrus?
I've never been sure and too embarrassed to ask

Anonymous 16964

No, citruses all have a similar composition, they all have a thick skin and inside several juicy partitions, when you cut up a lemon, grapefruit or orange they are all the same. A pineapple is completely different. I hope my eloquent explanation helped you.

Anonymous 16974

Thank you!
I never knew that's what made a citrus a citrus.

Anonymous 17021

i don't understand

Anonymous 17048


I know this sounds like a /x/ meme, but I'm serious. I just saw a headshot suicide video and deeply realised that my head is just a skull, my body is just bones and organs etc and now I feel that they exist, especially my skull. It's very uncomfortable. Is there a word for that feeling and how to reduce it?

Anonymous 17049

I mean I physically feel that they exist.

Anonymous 17051

Now, on a youtube video about the Bjork Stalker.

Anonymous 17053

The muslim with the keltec? All you need to do is let the thought go. Shock content like that is a one-timer. If it persists, then there's probably something else that needs looking to.

Anonymous 17059

Omg that guy was terrifying but also very sad !!

Anonymous 17063

Is it necessary to be using a proxy in this era of the internet?

Anonymous 17084

What is the girl in the op eating? Ice cream? A hot potato?

Anonymous 17134

When I saw a documentary on him on youtube I couldn't get him out of my head. It scared the fuck out of me. Has always been too pussy to watch the suicide scene. I know it'll scar me for life if I do. I hate death.

Anonymous 17135


H-How do you become noticed on the youtubes

Anonymous 17136

Put on a lot of makeup, wear a low-cut top. Make a lewd thumbnail, and have the actual video just he you talking to the screen about pop culture. Please don't actually do this to yourself. Have some respect.

Anonymous 17137

nevermind :(

Anonymous 17142

I think so, yes. He was very upset about Bjork's black bf and had an unintentional funny monologue about him.
The thought didn't let me go until I went to sleep lol, so you're right.

He really was but at least he didn't hurt more people with his bomb. It's crazy how all of it could've been easily prevented.

The suicide scene is not bad, you don't see any blood or gore, just him painted in red and heavy breathing, trying to push himself to doing it and then falling off his chair. The sound after it was what got me. It sounded like flowing water and people in the comments discussed if it was brain fluid, blood or urine. Then I touched my skull thinking that there is a brain swimming in it and got that feel.

Anonymous 17143

Oh I'm not trying to whore myself out or anything, I just wanted to know what more I could do. I really just started like a week ago and I just wanted to see if I'm doing everything correctly.

Anonymous 17144

Yikes that still sounds scary.. He seemed so lonely.

Anonymous 17147

Can a psychologist you saw for 6 months attach a diagnosis to your record without you being present, based entirely off of someone else's testimony 5 months after you quit seeing her?

Anonymous 17149

That sounds very unprofessional so I guess not and you could take legal action. Did that happen to you?

Anonymous 17156


I'm afraid it could happen to me. I am just not sure how it works, but if it can happen I am in a position for it to happen. I just wonder if it's illegal for her to do so.

It's complicated. I see a psychologists for free through my ex's mom while we are still together, I quit seeing her and she told me I could always come back for help.

Me and ex breakup and he says I'm psychotic/sociopathic/manipulative to everyone he can etc etc, I tried to contact her and she ignored all of my attempts so I can only assume he is seeing her now and that she agrees with him.

I wonder if she has slapped some things to my name based on his testimony(a testimony that certainly neglects to mention he beat me up for nearly a year and gave me concussions on a few different occasions, but yeah I did terrible stuff as well).

I have been a rollercoaster the past 3 days and this thought occurred to me today. I think I should stay off CC until I am feeling normal again.

Anonymous 17161

I hope you're okay in tbe end, anon.

Anonymous 17583

Find a niche, unfortunately not many are left. I always subscribe to any bush walking channels.

Anonymous 19792

What kind of corners are you eating that don't completely fall apart if you start from the thin end?

Anonymous 20032

I'd picture it as a seashell.

Anonymous 20043

How do magnets work? Serious question.

Anonymous 20133

Okay, as a late teen, I used to run a LOT and I never really got my form checked. Now that I'm 24, I find that when I do barbell squats, I feel a lot of strain on the left knee while not feeling any on the right knee.
I'm 60% sure I have runner's knee. Now, how do I "fix" this so I can actually squat without any problems?

Anonymous 20137

First of all, have this checked (x-rays and stuff). But don't listen to doctors who immediately mention surgery, it should be the last resort. Go see an osteopath, maybe have some orthopedic soles made.

I hope you'll be fine soon anon!

Anonymous 20156

Thanks anon! My mom always told me to avoid doctors who prescribe surgery as a quick fix, as she herself has been in the hospital many times.

Another question for anons:
How the eff do you practice, in particular instruments? I was a piano prodigy at a young age, though not anymore. However instruments just came to me so I never had to practice as much as some of the students to sound good.
Now that I'm at an intermediate albeit out of practice mode, I don't know how to practice. When I do, I play the pieces over and over again but that rarely progresses me. Any tips?

Anonymous 22674

Can you feel it when a man nuts inside you without a condom?

t. Virgin

Anonymous 22678

no, but you can feel it drip out after

Anonymous 22679

Well you play the hands seperately, and whenever you find a bit that you can't just play down, you take that portion and play it over jd over to recognize patterns, and then practise that portion with both hands.

When you did that to all the difficult parts, you play it all at once again and notice where you get stuck and then combine the playing with a rhythm/pattern that appears to you bit by bit.

It often ends up as a series of "checkpoints" that are particularly nice to play, with elaborated steps in-between.

T. Practised right now <3

But I lost so much progress since I had lessons as a kid. What a shame.

Anonymous 22810

Why is every kid wearing a Metallica t-shirt?
>implying those faggots listen to metal

Anonymous 22812

How do I correct people without coming across as pretentious know-it-all?

I was such a kid and it was terrible and now I just never do that. When people, for instance, pronounce something wrong, I adapt their pronunciation when they're around in order not to "rustle their jimmies". But that can't be the idea.

Anonymous 22822

I usually question them in a way that leaves it open for them to correct me.
Like if I hear someone pronounce something the wrong way then I'll cock my head to the side and say something like, 'oh, I thought it was pronounced…[correct pronunciation]' and then continue with the conversation after allowing them to correct themselves (or me, if i was in the wrong). they'll usually admit that they didn't know how to say it. BUT, in some cases, you'll get people who will become really defensive, and in that case you've successfully gauged that they are not the type of person who likes to be questioned or feel 'criticized' and that you should handle further social interactions with that in mind.

Anonymous 22824

Oh thanks! That makes sense.
In the past I've received the feedback that apparently I'm really condescending when a topic arises that I have definite knowledge in. But then again, I suspect it came from a person like you said. No way to succeed in that case, huh…

Anonymous 22825

yeah, you can't really educate someone who is adamant that they're already an authority. in that case I usually just apologize and keep a humble attitude for the rest of the conversation, although that can be difficult to do when someone is woefully uninformed and/or a blithering idiot. but also those types of people like to feel like they've somehow gained the respect of others, so they'll love it if you can manage to appear wowed by or appreciative of their knowledge.

Anonymous 27134


Is there a term for a person who is dismissive of people who get offended about an issue he doesn't care about but when he himself is insulted/contradicted about an issue he does care about, he also feels offended and self-righteously so? I mean people who comment things like:

>people feel offended about everything these days haha

>lol people are so sensitive, I personally don't think this is offensive at all
>being offended doesn't make you right

But then turn around and post their own angry rants on social media about issues they feel strongly about and somehow that's considered okay in their opinion but when other people do the same, it's to be dismissed and mocked.

Anonymous 27135

A hypocrite?

Honestly, I'm not sure there's a beter term. I would get it if he just thought specific things were dumb to be offended by, but it sounds like he thinks the idea is dumb (probably to seem tough or cool) but then can't help but be upset when his own beliefs are attacked. I know someone like this too unfortunately…

Anonymous 34630

Do people think of you as retarded if your grammar is not perfect (even if your native language isn't English)? I've seen a few comments like that but on lc, so I'm not sure if they were just mean to the "cows" posted or if it's the standard.

Anonymous 34633

If your grammar isn't perfect in a non-native language, I don't think anybody should judge you for it.
But if it's your native language, then yeah, some people will think you're retarded but I doubt it's an imageboard thing.

Anonymous 34655

Nope, and you really shouldn't be bothered by anyone who uses lolcow unironically.

Anonymous 34656


Anonymous 34658

over a year late to reply to this but

it started on /fit/ as QTDDTOT, questions that don't deserve their own thread, you newfags

Anonymous 34679

Some people will think less of your intelligence or language skills, but they're usually just being rude (this happens more frequently online of course, but irl sometimes it happens).

Other people will just think it looks sloppy. In any sort of work-related writing (especially for external customers) it looks unprofessional. For example, I got an email from GOG marketing recently that had a subject line: "Stellaris up to 75% off for it's 3rd Anniversary". I looked at it and snickered at whoever the marketing person was that wrote that, it just looks unprofessional in this context.

Anonymous 49514


Pls help me identify these favicons

Anonymous 55683

Anonymous 67192

do you guys pay for pet insurance? is it worth it?

Anonymous 68298

do any of you have any coping methods for dealing with abandonment issues?

Anonymous 68299

not healthy ones. what kind of person is abandoning you? partner, sibling, parent, friend?

Anonymous 68300

parents, used to
but the fear lives on even now that everyone will eventually do it to me

Anonymous 68301

I've met two stutterers and neither was stupid even though that was the perception of them.
One is this cute grill I messed up trying to get to know. Some fillipino guy who was 54 was giving her a lot of attention and I tried to tell her he was sexually interested in her. She insisted he was her friend. Why would a 54 year old fillipino with a history of going after young, cute, white girls just want to be friends?
I got fired for "making up a sexual harassment claim" for reporting his creepy behavior. I got fired before this white nationalist I knew working there came back from vacation and I had him convinced before he left to beat his ass with me. We would have dragged him into the corner of the warehouse and dealt with his foreign ass. Girls like guys who protect them.
That young woman(22 years old) is practically a runaway. She moved away to escape a bad home situation and she needed that job. Every young woman that this fillipino has gone after has quit her job because of his escalating sexual harassment. The company refuses to fire him. She could end up homeless because of this guy and that pissed me off. I had a slim chance of dating her but I've seen what happens to homeless women and it isn't pretty. She will learn this lesson the hard way unfortunately.

Anonymous 68307


I have this and it makes relationships absolute hell sometimes. I frequently get an urge to ask for reassurance, try to indirectly steer the discussion to topics that let me gather more info on whether he's still committed, ruminate on my partner's feelings constantly when I'm on my own, blah blah blah. What I started doing in my current relationship is that whenever I get the urge to do some maladaptive type of reassurance-seeking or pointlessly dwell on how he's feeling, I instead do something to reinforce the positive traits I have that attracted him to me in the first place. Say he was charmed by my love for making quirky electronic music, and idk, my compassionate nature. When I'm feeling blue and neurotic about him abandoning me, I know what to do: I can work on a new track or channel my compassion into reaching out to a loved one or finding good places to donate a bit to. I don't need to tell him or anything although it's cool if it comes up, it will show through the kind of person I am.

While excessive prodding might give me more information and rumination feels appealing in the moment, it doesn't make it less likely that I will be abandoned (it will in fact even increase the chance, since I'm being annoying and becoming more boring). Focusing on developing my character and interests, on the other hand, actually increases how much he wants to stay with me, and more importantly lets me be an actual person instead of dependent on someone else. Even if something happens and things don't work out, I will have spent the time constructively. This also applies to friendships of course. No one will want to abandon the coolest version of you who has interesting things going on all the time.

Anonymous 68362

This thread seems like a total mess but I'm gonna post my question here: how do I become more of a mommy Dom? More nurturing and caring. Instead of being such a jaded bitch.

Anonymous 68959

Just be really nice to the moids and always smother them with attention. And treat them like children.

Anonymous 70901

Compassion and empathy. Feel how people feel, and then care about that. I'm not sure if you can really change for the better in this regard for real, but you can probably fake it I guess.

Anonymous 109153

Ok…hhem…is there an extension for this site that I can use to track replies on threads I've closed and stuff like that? I tried looking for one but found nothing.

Anonymous 109154

How do you take your coffee? And what's your favorite coffee to buy?

Anonymous 114457

Genuine dumbass question, how do people shave their public hair if they can't see down there?

I've tried using an electric razor but it always catches on my more sensitive skin and makes me bleed like crazy. I know shaving isn't very feminist of me but I'm sick of being smelly and gross. I'm too shy to go to an esthetician.

Anonymous 114462

uh, does it really smell if you shower daily?

Anonymous 114463

Either a latte, black, or cold brew. Depends on the weather and my mood. I'll make my own cold brew or use concentrates, and maybe add a splash of milk. For my black coffee, I'll buy some beans from the store, grind them, and put them into my coffee maker. Usually I'll just buy lattes from coffee shops lol

I just use a regular razor and sit down and look to the best of my ability, and use my hands to feel around and see if I missed a spot. Been doing it for years and know my body pretty well now so I don't really have a problem not being able to see.

Also smelly ?

Anonymous 114493

use a mirror

Anonymous 114509

Why would you treat grown men like children?? Stop ruining it for everyone else who has to deal with them jesus christ

Anonymous 114510

This is such BS if you smell its because there is something wrong with your PH down there. It has nothing to do with shaving either what the hell? its just your self-loathing that makes you think that way, probably the way you feel about the rest of your body, like so many other pickmes here, but stop saying it like it applies to everyone.

Also you can keep great hygiene without showering all the damn time. For some people it strips too much oil out of their skin and hair. You say feminism and then sound like you're honestly just brimming with internalized misogyny.

Anonymous 114556

Unfortunately, yes.

Thanks anons, I'm taking notes. I haven't heard of using baby oil before so I'll pick some up and report back, fingers crossed I don't make myself bleed again lol.


Anonymous 114557

It shouldn't smell if you're washing yourself regardless of whether or not you shave, have you considered seeing a gynecologist?
the other anon was aggressive about it but she's right that it could be a symptom of something and that body hair shouldn't really affect hygiene, it's just a matter of visual/tactile preference.

Anonymous 114558

I do have a doctor's appointment coming up soon, I'll try to bring it up then. I just assumed that was normal, the same my underarms? That's why I thought shaving downstairs would make me feel fresher.

Sorry. I'm kind of retarded, I grew up in a conservative environment where nobody really talks about these things.

Anonymous 114560

It's normal to have some sort of scent but it shouldn't be particularly unpleasant or strong. You definitely shouldn't need to do anything special like shaving or using scented products as long as you're showering enough. But yeah if you ask a doctor they can probably identify if it's healthy or unhealthy.

Anonymous 116716


Do any of you know what these are? They are on the inside of my winter coat and if I pull on them, the waist of the coat gets tighter. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with them though. Do I just let them hang?

Anonymous 116740

What's your trick to bagging an excelent used car? Aside from checking the VIN number.. engine, suspension, wear and tear.. checking for water damage… What is something you think one must absolutely know before buying a used car?

Anonymous 116755

Is it that bad to remove my PCOS tuft of chin hairs with a tape?
Shaving doesn’t help, I’m too sensitive to pluck them one by one, and would rather not waste money on huge wax strips just for a small yet dense area the size of my thumb.

Anonymous 116763


What's the appeal of horses?

No seriously. So many of my classmates in primary school where obsesed with horses. Magazines, posters, t-shirts… you name it!

Is it the feeling of "freedom"?
The satisfaction of controlling a mighty being?

Please tell me, I don't get it :c

Anonymous 116765

Probably because they're fun to ride, to take care of and because they're beautiful animals?

Anonymous 116791


it's because they have very big….

Anonymous 116804

But should I trust a dealership more than both of those things, or …? It depends on the dealership I know, but thats where I'm most likely to find a MANUAL transmission cargo van. And then you forgot about companies selling their own cars and utility vans. Those are really good, possibly even the best because you know for sure a company goes out of its way to have a regular upkeep procedure. Might even be a promise of low mileage at times, because they frequently swap out their cars. If its a school or a church, the vehicle will probably have the least mileage of all. The best thing is if you can find a manual car or truck, people are willing to sell it for a lot less because nobody wants to buy them.

Anonymous 116818

if your friend had a friend that you talked to once 6 months ago, would it be weird if they reached out to you again?

Anonymous 116839

Yes, it would unless you have a good reason for doing so.

Anonymous 116840

They're fancy drawstrings. Press down on the button on top of the silver things to move them along the cord (that way your jacket will stay tightened). You can just let them hang or if they bother you, you can tie them in bows or something so they don't get in the way.

It might be damaging to skin and tape might leave a residue that could cause acne. If you want a cheap alternative you could try sugaring or threading. If it's not making you break out or giving you skin issues, I don't think it would matter though.

Anonymous 116855

it's weird even if both of you regularly talk to the mutual friend?

Anonymous 116856

I buy big waxing strips meant for legs and cut them into tiny rectangles to wax my upper lip.

Anonymous 117765

>fancy drawstrings
Thank you anon!

Anonymous 118813

ok, first of all, yes, this is dumb. now with that is out of the way…

soooo, I never really cared that much about looks till in early college I heard a ton of insults about my looks.

I remember seeing the ID of myself and I looked so messed up, like a crack addict or something. This was at my fattest. I constantly felt unwell back then (was, like, 180 pounds and 5'6). I got to a slightly skinny weight for the first time in my entire life around 140, after living on my own for a while and I ended up getting so many comments about how old I look. There could be a random conversation and someone would make a jab at how old I looked. I got the "you look like someone's mom" comment constantly. People constantly disparaged me for looking like shit. I got "are you ill" comments from strangers. Apparently, losing weight didn't help.

So…it's been a few years and I have plateau'd at a slightly heavier 152. I workout more now. For some reason, I've gotten complete shock from people because they think I'm a high school. Again, in my area I'm very tall so it isn't that I'm petite.
I get this treatment from other people in their 20s too. Nurses slackjaw and say that I look 16 after seeing my birthday.
It has happened randomly 5 times in the past week…it's getting annoying.
I have never after the age of 16 been clocked as looking like a high schooler; people thought I was middle aged back then.

Is it possible that some people just look better at a very specific weight? What is happening? For so many years I had a dumb vain insecurity over looking old.
For some reason I just look kind of…cherubic now? Maybe not in a cute way. It's puzzling and I feel crazy. It wasn't like 140 was super skinny.

Anonymous 118825

>like a crack addict or something
>This was at my fattest

anon crack makes you really thin. In response to your question, your BMI went: 28.7, 22.7, 24.4

22 and 24 are both "healthy", so it's interesting that the lighter weight made you look older. I would say that being chubbier definitely does make you look younger, since teenagers normally put on a little weight to help with any final growth spurts/ general growth at the end of puberty. I'd say it's probably just fucked beauty standards that made people think you looked old (i.e. a healthy 20-something woman is old by virtue of being and looking over 20). The 'you look like someone's mum' comment could just be that a lot of 20 year olds are mums these days. It's always trippy to me that when I was a kid, I thought all mums were at least 30, but now I realise that they're only 30 by the time you're 8, which is also around the time I started thinking about that stuff. Idk, sorry for the ramble, enjoy looking young I guess, I sort of envy you but I can appreciate why it's confusing.

Anonymous 121263

Do I need to get an std test if I'm a virgin? I keep hearing people say EVERYONE should get tested but I don't understand how I could test positive. The only information I can find online is stuff that dodges the question by saying "well um technically there are different definitions of virgin that might not count oral or anal so yeah a virgin can get one," I'm trying to ask for the case that you have had ZERO sexual contact, counting all forms of sex
Other than that, I've heard that you can get one if you do drugs or kiss or get a blood transfusion or if your mom had one when you were born, and none of those apply to me either. So why do people keep indiscriminately urging everyone, including me, to get tested? Why is it encouraged for "all adults/teens" instead of "all people who have sex"

Anonymous 121270

I think they say "all adults/teens" instead of "all people who have sex" because there will be some people who say, "Well, technically, I've only done oral/anal…" and not get tested when they actually could have an STD. Because, you know, people are ignorant.

On the movie Precious, the mother insists she couldn't have AIDS because they "never did it up the ass." Just an example of how people are misinformed about the transmission of STDS.

Anonymous 121271

Actually curious about this too as a 0 sexual nor romantic contact person. I've always had very weird health issues and even got something that resembled herpes.

Anonymous 121274

What I mean is it's just easier to have a blanket sort of guidance rather than leave what counts as sex up to individuals.

Anonymous 121277

You can get STDs without having had sex. If you are planning to have sex or have symptoms then it is a good idea but not really needed otherwise.

Anonymous 121278

Ask the mutual friend to pass the message on.

Anonymous 122090

On the contrary politics affect your life; it s actually immoral to not now at least the basics of politics aka why left and why right

Anonymous 122091

Girl, your question is all over the place what do you even mean to ask? Why do channels do clickbaits? It attracts clicks duh
Why talking behind backs? Boys being boys
Understand their past and you will know the future
Look for history channels on youtube

Anonymous 122092


Is it worth it to instal tinder to date normalfags and try to get them into anime or do i have better chances irl?

Anonymous 122093

Stop trying to date people based on surface-level interests. Date people who have the same morals, life goals, and priorities as you. Sure, surface-level stuff helps to start a conversation, but it literally doesn't matter what TV shows you each like.

Anonymous 122181

I've posted before on CC about being on Bumble BFF but a lot of the ladies on there talked about anime on their profile. Maybe the dating side would be similar. I've heard shitty things about using tindr for dating vs hook ups, I would try a different app if you want a relationship. Maybe other anons can chime in about it

This is a good point but I think having similar taste in media allows you to explore those ideas in an accessible context. It also helps to make it easier to spend time together if you have similar interests or hobbies–you can bond over doing something you both enjoy

Anonymous 122738

hi anons…is it normal to feel your throat/lungs/burn hurt and burn for a day or days after you work out a little? I ran for 1 minute yesterday and did 10 jumping jacks and I'm still in pain. A sore throat drop helped a little today though the feeling is incredibly unpleasant, it's like I'm recovering from an illness.

I do have asthma though it's getting really dumb trying to exercise every day and have this happen. I also am not fat (I used to be).

does this feeling of being in pain at barely any exercise go away after keeping at it?
I expect to feel some kind of burn…but my legs, arms feel just fine. It's my lungs and throat.

Anonymous 122739

oh, another example is that it feels like how I felt after I ate a ghost pepper. no. really. it feels THAT bad.

Anonymous 122742

are you prone to acid reflux?

Anonymous 124552

I had an IUD, because the pills didn’t help with my intense and irregular periods. Now, I just heard that women have A-spot which is supposed to be located between our cervix and bladder.
I’m worried that I just irreparably damaged the cervix with IUD and thus, won’t ever get to try A-spot.
I’m also frustrated that I heard about the existence of the A-spot too late, because it’s probably too risky to stimulate it with the strings hanging out, right?
Does A-spot even exist?
I mean, G-spot makes sense, since it’s connected to the clitoris, but I don’t understand A-spot.
(I would like to stimulate mine, if it exists, because I’m lonely and need a distraction from this shit life.)

Anonymous 124565


A- spot doesn’t exist. G-spot isn’t a thing either. It’s all the clit, either directly or indirectly that is where females achieve orgasm.

Anonymous 124567

Anonymous 124807

dumb question. does anyone else seem to have a very weird reaction to certain hair/skincare/makeup products? I keep forgetting each time, but after using dry shampoo my eyes start looking very messed up/sunken and red…
and I feel ill/tired until I wash it out of my hair, then I gradually start feeling better. I keep on saying that I'm just insane and I'm imagining things because I know allergies exist but I can't imagine it getting so bad. especially from unscented products.

Anonymous 124809

does it come in an aerosol bottle? if so maybe it has something to do with the aerosol rather than the dry shampoo itself

Anonymous 124810

I believe so. Think the other part that throws me off is that I felt like hell for 2 days and realized that was the one thing different about my routine. Shouldn't it dissipate?

Anonymous 124812

That sounds exactly like a contact allergy. Allergies are really weird and some people live with food allergies for years because you can have only 6 cm of the small intestine be allergic to something while the rest of the body is fine with the same substance. You should discontinue and either give it away or better yet, throw it away.

Anonymous 126029


Late last night I was talking with my boyfriend and I told him how I wanted some more information about something he had mentioned so he tells me he would ask this "guy" he knew then paused and said, "well" "this girl", and continued on. Should I make anything of this? and if so, what?

Anonymous 126032


he's a very "there's only two genders" type of person so doesn't use gender neutral terms outside plural contexts.
>then correct himself and say 'girl' just in case you'd care if you ever found out
yeah I would definitely care. I called him dishonest before over a petty lie (which he still denies he lied at all about) and almost broke up with him over it.

so… I should be happy? idk how to feel, it sounds like this preventative measure is a good thing? but i'm not entirely sure

Anonymous 126035

Most guys I know have a collection of "guys" that they go to for different things. "My stock guy, my fitness guy, my mechanic guy, etc". Also, maybe he kinda buckets her as a "guy" friend. It sounds like he was just spewing words and then wanted to clarify for your sake and you took it in a crazy direction when he corrected his innocent mistake.

Anonymous 126036

I don't care if he talks to other women
>calling him out for a lie and then him denying he lied is just a man thing, I think
sounds about right to me, too
thank you ! i will

Anonymous 126057


I'd never lie about talking to other girls in such a fashion, m'lady

Anonymous 129616

I'm sorry but ever since I made the mistake and said "godpeed" instead of "godspeed" I solely see "godpeed" when I see it now. >_>

Anonymous 134882

Would making a aggie.io room thread here be worth it?

Anonymous 134885

I would join you but I lost my drawing pen. T_T

Anonymous 134886

nooo T_T

Anonymous 135356

Since I’m a lesbian (goldstar if it matters) I’m puzzled by one thing.
Is it true that straight women can become ”cock-drunk” and very much enjoy giving blowjobs and doing other degrading things? It doesn’t make any sense to me.
It’s like orgasming from seeing someone else eat chocolate, except it’s worse than that. You’re choking on a sweaty crusty skin tube, your eyes are watering, your mouth is full of bitter slime and pubic hairs, and your scrote talks to you like you’re a cheap prostitute. How can anyone enjoy that, let alone beg for it?

Anonymous 135359

It's about devotion and worship.
Think about yourself. Don't you fantasize about kissing a girl whole until you reach between her legs, rubbing your face against her, getting slimy as you watch/listen to her get more flustered, licking and sucking on her until she cums, smothering your face with her pussy and squishing you with her thighs? Wouldn't you get high/drunk thinking of how much you pleasured her and made her attached to you? It's just like that, except your partner is male and comes with some spoiled milk.
I‌ don't fantasize about this but my "crusty" moid does.

> You’re choking on a sweaty crusty skin tube

My pussy is sweaty and hairy too…so what. Just wash up if you're that conscious about genitalia. If you date a dirty moid that's on you tbh

>doing other degrading things

Degrading according to whom? Nothing is degrading if you are in love with your partner. It's degrading when you feel like he doesn't love you and you know he calls you slut/whore/etc in a disrespectful manner. It's not degrading when you're in a context and words like "slut" mean "needy/lustful/hungry for touch." The point is that those words are explicit/sexual so they help with the "high" of feeling lewd. I call my moid boyslut and he gets so flustered it's adorable.

Anonymous 135362

It's not that we enjoy doing it per say, it's more that we enjoy pleasing someone we love. There have been so many times I am compiling a grocery list while blowing him and viewing the whole thing as another boring chore instead of getting any sexual gratification off it.
There are also the more complex themes of what does it mean to be a social animal that requires approval from the tribe for survival (evolutionary wise) while being a modern woman who has been brainwashed from before birth to learn your place as a woman. Do I enjoy something because I enjoy it, or do I enjoy something because the patriarchy has rewired my brain to tell me I enjoy it? There's no true way to tell, but you can definitely gather hints from how mentally healthy a woman performing the action is. A woman who says she a free sexual being and proves this by taking home a new man every night yet has to be drunk to do it and is depressed and lifeless in her day to day life? She's either lying to us, or lying to herself. She doesn't want to do that, but she's been conditioned into believing that she has to, or else she will lose her place in the tribal hierarchy. Meanwhile a women who writes poems to little acclaim and some disgust at the subject matter yet takes walks daily and has a fulfilling social circle? That women is writing gross poems because she wants to.
So ultimately, we sexually please men while getting nothing in return rarely because it's sexually gratifying to us, and more frequently because we're either doing it as a form of self harm or as an act of service to someone we love.

Anonymous 135363

>Nothing is degrading if you are in love with your partner.
This is so not true.

Anonymous 135368

Always been true for me. Things like being called "slut" in a lewd context doesn't bother you when you know your moid and fully trust him.

Anonymous 135377

>Always been true for me.
>for me
Congrats on being naive and not being a statistic I guess?

Anonymous 135380

I get it, yeah.
Do you have moments when you personalize his cock to the extent you cannot think of anything else other than how to please just this cock, and how no other cocks in the world could satisfy you, and you memorize every little detail of it, and how it feels inside you, and how it responds to you, and being so high on it that you could almost force him to give it to you and fuck you with it, ignoring the rest of his body and personality (for that moment)? That kind of ”cock-drunk” I mean.
I see. But why would he want to be blown to scratch an itch, so to say? He probably sees that you’re not crazy about it (but not repulsed either). It’s one thing I don’t get about scrotes, though. I would enthusiastically eat a girl out every time, and would probably expect her to do the same.

Anonymous 135382

You sound like a convert lesbian tbh

Anonymous 135384

What’s that?

Anonymous 135386

It's pleasurable to them and evolution has guided them to seek out sexual satisfaction above all else so it quashes any reluctance in their brain. Meanwhile, their cultural arrogance over women makes them feel like we owe them sexual satisfaction because we are their girlfriends and wives.

You can take classes to become a lesbian? Sign me the fuck up.

Anonymous 135388

It means you’re either a straight girl who convinced herself that she’s a lesbian because of deeply instilled shame and guilt and that the company of men is degrading (which is fine, i get where youre coming from.) but your very detailed description of cocks here >>135380 doesn’t sound very lesbian to me. Lol.

Anonymous 135391

You mean, he doesn’t care that you don’t want it that much?>>135388
I just read /b/ everyday, and it’s the kind of ”cock-drunk” they write detailed fantasies about shrug

Anonymous 135419

4chan’s /b/ I mean.

Anonymous 135593

>You mean, he doesn’t care that you don’t want it that much?
I can't know for sure, I've never been a man, but from what I've observed and questioned, it seems men's views on your sexual pleasure fall into four categories.
1) He know you're not having fun and he doesn't care. This guy sucks and is most commonly found in high school, college, and one night stands. If he does manage to find a wife, they end up divorcing because him not caring about her orgasm is only a symptom of an overall douchey, non caring personality.
2) Thinks you're having fun. Self centered enough that he never bothered to learn to read women's body language so he thinks if you aren't saying no, that it's a silent yes. If you ask for change directly, he'll usually jump to it, but his brain telling him how awesome sex is translates into him thinking that you're also having a great time.
3) Insists you're having fun. This sex positive, liberal guy is super weird and thankfully, kinda rare. He goes to strip clubs and makes the strippers tell him how much they love doing this and how empowered they are before he gives them a dollar. If you say you don't want to try bondage, accuses you of being sexually constipated and uses feminist language to bully you into doing what he wants. This guy can be an iteration of guy number one, but more often he truly believes that you need to be freed from yourself in order to have fun and he's going to be your messiah.
4) Actually cares. This guy is usually the grown up version of number two. Having been around the block a couple of times, he realizes that sex is a dance and so know when you're out of step. He'll be pounding away, close to cumming, and realize you're no longer moaning and he'll stop immediately to find out what's wrong. When you say you're not feeling it, he shuts everything down and you two ending up cuddling and talking with no further mention of sex or his needs. Unfortunately, this guy is usually snatched off the dating market before 23 and doesn't reappear until the divorces start happening in your thirties, but now has a couple of kids in tow.

Anonymous 136150


Why does it feel like everyone online is mad almost all the time? Where are all the happy people?

Anonymous 136231

Get on reddit if you want happy people, just have to be wary of also sexist pieces of shit sometimes

Anonymous 136232

The r/witchesvspatriarchy sub is good. There are surprisingly a lot of good subs devoid of irritating moids. R/femalelivingspace r/pixelart r/literature r/gardening r/succulents r/sneks :D

Anonymous 136369

weren't those the same group of people who tried to place a curse on the Taliban, only for them to experience horrifying hallucinations? or am i thinking of something else?

Anonymous 141140

Local mosquitoes are getting too smart. They have began to squeeze themselves through the net, and prick me to fucking death in my sleep.
Yes, squeeze. After wandering around a bit, they just push themselves to the other side of the netting like it’s made of of wet noodles. Incredible.
It’s fine plastic mesh, and it was spesifically sold as a mosquito net. At this point, should I just make my own out of muslin or something?

Anonymous 141307

That ended up being a troll. I had screenshots, but it boiled down to "her" name was something offense towards women and before that one post, mostly posted on male oriented subreddits.

Anonymous 141590

It’s not that much of a good subreddit and I wouldn’t recommend it to someone that’s tired if angry people online

Anonymous 143522

This thread is still alive. How?

Anonymous 143563

are you new

Anonymous 143603


Question–has anyone had longterm fatigue managed to overcome it? I was a very slow kid but back then I was obese (up until I was in college, I'm the skinniest in my entire life at 23 BMI now). However, losing weight didn't at all help.

Today? I woke up with my eyes feeling like they are exploding and black circles around them and incredibly exhausted with horrible neck/head pain. This is normal for me.

Normally, I can't even go out for hour an hour without feeling dizzy and incapable of intelligent speech. I feel so wired and fucked up by the time I get home.

I know for a fact I can feel better because years ago after an extremely strange day+night, I slept in and woke up feeling amazing and everyone I knew immediately noticed I looked so much younger and fresher instead of like "death" (which I heard constantly from these same people). I also snapped some photos and they were right–I looked so much better with my forever sunken black circles 100% gone. In fact, my speech disability went away and I was able to speak well for once and think of stuff to say on the fly.

Some days are better than others and rarely I do have very short periods of time where I feel decent. I haven't woke up feeling refreshed since that one time, though.

I assume it's probably just all in my head but I do feel like shit and I am not sure what to do. Already got basic blood tests done. I had a iron, zinc, and D deficiency in spite of eating foods high in all 3 constantly and I've been supplementing.

I do a lot of walking and weight lifting.

Anonymous 143605

And yeah I've radically improved my diet, if that isn't obvious.

Anonymous 143622

You read if you saw that.

Anonymous 143626

He's a seething troon. He has been ugly crying while browsing this board for the past half an hour.

Anonymous 143656

How to get over a person from the past? It's been like 5 years

Anonymous 143663

That depends on many things. What kind of relationship did you have with this person? How did you part ways? The closer you were and the most violent your parting was, the harder it gets. But time does cure all.

Anonymous 145433


Gonna give this a really dumb bump; to recount "does anyone have the experience of conquering long-term fatigue issues–how did they do it?"

Anonymous 145442

I have chronic fatigue and experience a lot of the same issues that OP has. For me something that helped was just accepting that I have a disability. Chronic fatigue is a disability, and once you accept that you can begin to work your life around it and ask for accommodations. A method I use is the spoon method, where I wake up and estimate how many "spoons" I have for the day. If I have three spoons, two goes to working, and one might go to taking a walk or getting groceries. This helps me plan my life with my energy levels in mind.
For the record, I have tried every supplement recommended to me, have gotten a clinical sleep study done, and have been having this issue for years.

Anonymous 145452


In what way? Still trying to do things, workout, make money, etc.
I think even with it it's still very much possible to improve in small increments, though it is hard. Personally I'm trying to will myself into not deciding I just have CFS because I don't want to contribute unknowingly to small negative behaviors–I do agree about the time stuff and being realistic though. I've made optimizations to my life that have saved me time without skipping out on the important stuff.

Also I don't think there is anything really wrong with me. Just, sometimes I hate I had that one day I felt energetic and alive because it was so insanely different, that it was like waking up from a foggy years-long nightmare, and it made me think things could actually be better.
It'd suck if everyone just felt bad all the time and this is just life.

Anonymous 145453

erm, energy*.

Anonymous 160466

my nose has been hurting for days. what can help it?
I don't even understand why because it isn't like I'm sneezing.

not accepting "kys" as an answer because my nose is already killing me.

Anonymous 160473

(Sorry if you saw my original reply, I misread)
Is it sore or something? How long has it lasted?
If you can anon honestly I'd go to the doctor about it, that's odd.

Anonymous 160474

should i buy slippers off shein? should i use my actual card?

Anonymous 160483

Thank you

Anonymous 160514

Hmm, it's somewhat sore but it also feels sharp and is mostly on the right side. Now that I think about it has been hurting on and off, usually for days at a time.
Admittedly I'm a bit spooked because I did have surgery on it a few years ago–it was slightly deformed and hard to breathe through. It's just hard to believe it might be having trouble now after all this time.

I'm seeing the ENT in a month so I'll ask then.

Anonymous 160566

This definitely isn't in your head, this is a medical issue. The symptoms are vague enough that it could a bunch of things, but I can suggest where to start. The sleep fixing your issue sounds like it is a sleep issue. You may have something wrong with your nose, sinuses, or throat that is preventing you from sleeping deeply. It may be sleep apnea. If a doctor is too expensive at the moment, you can record yourself sleeping as well as download a sleep study app. Recording yourself will show how much you toss or get up, and the sleep study app might give you more details on which sleep levels you're reaching and for how long.

A vitamin deficiency might be the cause of your sleep issue. Try adding B12 and vitamin D and see if you see any improvement after a week.

If your healthcare is free, go see an ear, nose, and throat specialist and get referred for a sleep study.

Anonymous 160576

How to you get eyes on your twitter art starting on a brand new account? I get the impression that using hashtags is seen as outdated and lame on there these days, but idk any other way.

Anonymous 160578

Could it be your gut flora? How is your mood, do you feel depressed? Or does the mental fatigue stem from the chronic fatigue?

Anonymous 160597

You interact with people a lot. You like their stuff, or retweet something they've tweeted. Ask open ended questions to your audience so people can feel like there is a dialogue when you retweet something. Use trending topics to discuss your stuff. People will scroll through trending and see you. And make sure you're changing up your tweets. Each tweet should be personalized or you can get marked as spam for repeating the same thing every time.

Anonymous 160609

thanks nonney! very helopful advice

Anonymous 160626

do VPNs work well with IBs and stuff?

Anonymous 160731

Unless the site is actually blocked by your ISP there is no need to use VPNs. You're not going to get in trouble for posting on this site just because it's anonymous.

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