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Anonymous 120815

What are your irl friends like?

Anonymous 120819

they stopped talking to me once we all graduated from uni, i'm literally friendless now

Anonymous 120821

one is a hyper tiktok girl with anxiety and depression, the other is a racist autistic tradwife. i love em both tho

Anonymous 120822

>irl friends
gtfo normalfag
>hyper tiktok girl with anxiety and depression
So every obnoxious normie bitch in the world rn?
>racist autistic tradwife
So a raging pickme?
This is why I don't make friends

Anonymous 120824

salty u have nobody to love

Anonymous 120825

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎

Anonymous 120829

This, her friends sound insufferable.

Anonymous 120830

all my irl friends are women. one likes ghibli films and art, and is very introverted and we go on walks together sometimes. one is very normie and social media obsessed, and doesn't really have any hobbies but we have some deep conversations sometimes and i give her a lot of advice. another i was really close to in high school and we don't have any similar interests, she loves kpop and kdramas which i know nothing about but we get along because we have really similar senses of humour and are both rather mellow. i've known them from a young age and i'm really glad i've stayed in contact with them

Anonymous 120837

she’s a very creative, thoughtful, and gentle person. very loved by everyone who meets her, and I’m sure there are at least 5 people who consider her their best friend because of how great she is to be around. I moved to a different country so I rarely see her anymore. we don’t talk much online, but when we do I’m reminded of why I love her so much.

Anonymous 120840


>irl friends

Anonymous 120852


I'd tell you if I had any.

Husband is nice though.


I love them to pieces, but every time we're on lockdown and start online classes, I won't message or call them.
Guess I'm just a shitty friend because even when I'm scared we'll drift apart, I don't miss them because they are as dumb as me when it comes to relationships.
I've somehow come to terms we'll stop talking once we graduate from uni. I don't have the energy to keep friendships if I can't see them face to face

Anonymous 120855

Why did you post a picture of me, op?

Anonymous 120871

I have had a friend since I was a kid and she's very cute, funny, and very easy to talk to, but I've been really dumb and not returning her calls. I keep thinking I'm not the same person I used to be so I'm doing her a favor in not talking to her. It's so dumb of me.

Anonymous 120872

overweight femcel that sadly isn't good in english enough to be a cc poster

Anonymous 120897

I don't have any, they all ditched me as soon as we graduated high school and I haven't been able to make new friends since

Anonymous 121064

Like another anon mentioned, i too have an autistic, schizophrenic tradewife, British empire nationalist friend, she's also kinda racist and antisemitic but she became my friend during the era in which i was redpailled too, even though I'm your average (-4;-2) now, we're still close friends
Another is 5 years older than me, works in the art field, artsy, cheerful, amazing photographer, always sends me cat videos to cheer me up, coaches me through my veganism attempts, loves nature and protecting wild life and is very informed on that stuff.
The other is sadly terminally ill, also, she's a catholic christian whatever, northern Irish, 12 years older than me,generally amazing to hang around with and talk to, although her physical and mental state keeps deteriorating (MS, COPB, cancer, a multitude of other illnesses that she doesn't talk about) i just wish to make her last days with us less lonely, and more cheerful, as much as one could through a screen.
The other is a uni dropout, former astronomy student, incredibly smart but burnt out, writes her own novels now, and plays genshin impact 100% of the time, from Honduras, age unknown although i have the faintest idea she said it 24 or something, also pronouns unknown but biofem so there's that.
The others are typical people, but these guys are my closest friends, we talk all day everyday, we've been around each other for longer than some of my irl friendships have lasted, and i genuinely love them all,, even the racist one who hates my religion.

Anonymous 121071

i hate everyone. especially after my best friend turned out to be someone I don't know. she lied to me forever. god she is now so tedious and bored and boring with a baby and everything now. her life is over, she doesn't do anything she genuinely enjoys.. the things that made her interesting and fun faded away. I do not understand how people pull such complete 180s in their personalities and settle down to be handmaidens

another one of my friends had a heart attack from meth! he now has brain damage because he was without oxygen for 14 minutes. this makes me really sad.

another is a tranny now, which makes ZERO sense. He never displayed any of the signs. He wasn't even gay! he's just doing it to be with this other tranny, to have a relationship. it disturbs me and turns my understanding of the world upside down.

my other uni friends are all over the country, or in other countries. we don't really keep in touch anymore. what's the point of you can't go out and do things? I guess I never really had real friendships. im not good at getting close to anybody accept for a select few. my one best friend really let me down though. now I don't think I want friendship.

Anonymous 121074

This was how I felt, but I tried to make friends anyway. I can't say I really succeeded since it makes me feel even more unlike myself and .. like im cheating at something. I will always be an outsider. I hate too many things about normal society. I often feel like I have to fake like im enjoying it. Going in to participate and make friendships doesn't make you feel any different, you still feel alone.

Anonymous 121075

besides my gf the only friend i've ever had (and still have) is a guy i met when i was going to a private christian middle school. he had a crush on me and would try to hug me nearly everytime he saw me. then we started hanging around each other for some reason and after i had left the school we swapped contact info and started talking more and realized we were both similarly autistic.

its been almost ten years and now he's gay and a /k/ and /o/ poster. i don't think i can picture myself becoming friends with anyone else in the near future, let alone a man.

Anonymous 121216

I have struggled for many years to make and keep friendships with other women. I realized it was because I was looking for friendship in the wrong places.

Previously the few friends I had were male, hard to even call them friends because their end goal always was wanting to date me. Those experiences led me to isolate myself. Thankfully within the past 2-3 years I've found some friendships I treasure.

My closest friend is a sweet, autistic, mommy's girl, librarian I met at the local Uni's brony club years ago. We were the only two girls, my friend introduced us and we instantly clicked. She is the friend I dreamed about having when I was a preteen. We have lunches together, do crafts together, we're into the same types of media.

My other close friend is my childhood best friend, her parents were very religious and controlling when we were growing up which led to us growing apart. As kids we were inseparable always playing outside together, and playing pokemon on our ds's. After uni we reunited by chance and have been close ever since. Being around her makes me feel like a kid again.

My other friend is like a big sister to me, I met her through my ex-roommate and we clicked instantly. We bonded over the same MMO obsessions and love for animals. She is a very considerate individual and is almost like a Mom in the way she gives me advice/looks out for me, I have learned a lot of positive things from her and I am really grateful to know her, and the other girls I am friends with.

Anonymous 121218

Normies/surface-level geeks
Most of them are really nice
The males aren't bad
I don't have many female friends but the only ones I can think of are either a woman who likes video games and mythology and is married, and a more normie one who's kind of an asshole
Other than that I don't remember many of my friends.

Anonymous 121231

I only have one friend at the moment, though I am trying, and she's painfully stupid. Thinks there is some value to horoscopes, didn't know that fish need oxygen, no clue what photosynthesis is for etc.
Recently, she was unsure what 25/5 is.

She also has a crush on me and keeps bringing it up despite the fact that she knows I am straight. I always try to make her feel accepted and talk to her about girls she likes if she wants to.
But if I dare to say I find a man attractive (even fictional characters) she'll start whining that "she's jealous" and act like I've wronged her.
I've tried to politely tell her that that's creepy and she's overstepping boundaries, but she doesn't comprehend what I say. If I was more straight-forward, she would act depressed and victimized until I talked her out of it again.

I wish I had other friends. Someone that likes science like I do and has similar hobbies.

Anonymous 121246

My only friends are all people I've known from highschool, we don't talk much like once or twice a month but that's enough social interaction for me tbh, I meet up with them no more than 3 times a year with the exception of one girl that lives near my house, they're all very capable smart women and I really look up to them. One is a complete normie like she doesn't know the internet at all and is a very straightforward village girl, she never had much problems in her life and has a loving family and a similarly normie bf, what I really admire about her is how she knows exactly how to act in any situation it comes so naturally to her, we don't have literally anything on common but being with her was never boring and awkward, though she's like really normal and hypersocial lol and has a lot of friends and stuff to do so she's usually busy but always tries to be there when something happens. Another one is also normie but in the sense all her culture comes from Instagram, she's also an introvert and prefers staying by herself but very assertive and a real woman of action kind of lady, 2 years older than me, also she has a really deep voice. I love her a lot. She's the only one who keeps calling me every week to see what I'm up to. I was like a trio with these two in my after school classes, really odd group lol we stood out

My other 2 friends met because of me and got along better with each other then they did with me lol, but then also fought and didn't talk for a year so it's kind of weird between us now even when they've made up, both of them are queer neoliberal feminists pretending to be radical revolutionaries one is really into fashion and the other one is really into having sex and doing drugs, they still share a lot of my sense of humor and we're all close to each other's parents so it's like family. I really lucked out with friends I think, I can't believe there are actually people out there who like me and give a shit about me, I went complete hikky neet femcel for two years and lost contact with almost everyone, but these were the only people who stuck around till I got better

Anonymous 121281


My friends are a collection of cool and weird people who have stuck around in my life. I love them all

Anonymous 121282

I don't have any

Anonymous 121291

>racist autistic tradwife
you're friends with lauren southern?

Anonymous 121385

i dont have any.

Anonymous 121687

boring af.

Anonymous 121688

I feel this. All mine do is drink and show me memes I sent them 2 months ago. Eh I'm pretty boring too.

Anonymous 121945

I only have 1 irl friend but we've known each other for more than 7 years. I can tell her 99% of things in my life and she wouldn't judge, and vice versa. i think everyone should have a friend like this, I just got lucky that we've grown up together and share 99% of our opinions and our tempers don't collide with each other.

Anonymous 121949


Anonymous 121950

Love you too

Anonymous 122570


I’ve made three friends in the past few years. One of them was a Jamaican anime nerd but she dropped out of college.
We still see eachother from time to time but it feels awkward texting.
The other two was this super sweet theater girl who was really into astrology, but she moved back to her hometown and she’s not the texting or FaceTime type, and an aspiring actress who I thought was chill until she out of the blue told me she didn’t want to hang out anymore.
I still keep in contact with my guy friend from high school but I can’t talk girl problems with him, and he’s taking all online classes so I can’t talk about the college experience either.

Anonymous 122571

>Thinks there is some value to horoscopes, didn't know that fish need oxygen, no clue what photosynthesis is for etc.
Recently, she was unsure what 25/5 is.

Queen behavior honestly

Anonymous 122603


I'll be your friend :')

Anonymous 130634

I think they're nice

Anonymous 130636

One had a heart attack thanks to meth, he was without oxygen for 14 mins and sustained brain damage

One had a baby and completely changed. I don't feel like I know this person anymore.

One is addicted to fantanyl and …he's still a musician but wow

I don't want to think about it. :( I'm so upset today I want to cry.

Anonymous 131234

>your irl friends
my what?

Anonymous 131254

Anonymous 131277

Go to insta or tiktok, normie. NT's ruin everything

Anonymous 133676

>irl friends
It's over.

Anonymous 134186

same, but I also stopped talking to them, so there's blame to go around.

Anonymous 134200

They have all become insane, one way or another.

Anonymous 134201

And who needs that !!

Anonymous 134205

Normie, nice, and into basic nerd shit (Nintendo, anime). Mostly have female friends and only one male friend who's dating one of my female friends. They all moved out after college though so now I kind of have no IRL friends.

Anonymous 134216

I ghosted all of them

Anonymous 134361

She's a sex obsessed alcoholic with a questionable taste in men. I love her very much and I cherish the time we spend together.

Anonymous 134381

We all liked anime and bonded over it, was great. Now Kpop and K-dramas kidnapped my friends, it's all they talk about and I'm left out.

Anonymous 134386

very lovely and all gay and/or autistic/adhd/some similar variant of mentally ill. i love dem.
also thinking about it… i don't have a single male friend irl. I have male "acquaintances" irl but that's it… maybe the secret blessing of going to an all girls school but curious nonetheless as even my friends have male friends outside of school.

Anonymous 135437


I only have like, one female fren irl
don't really hang out with anybody I know these days, most of the time I'm to scared and miserable to like, do things
my moid frens look almost uncanilly like Bigsby and Sickboy trainspotting

Anonymous 135813


Anonymous 136145


I don't think I actually like any of them. We just sort of fell in together either via work, school, or some other forced time together. They're all enabling alcoholics I never feel really comfortable openning up to. I feel like I'm drowning around them more and more. Maybe I'm just depressed. One moved away and is getting married. One is probably about to get married. One is a anesthesiologist in Chicago who texts us the night she gets into town asking if we want to go to a club in an hour. One has two doctors as parents and just lives off renting houses her parents buy her. And, here's me, being handed the latest new, overpriced sour by my alcoholic friend in a gentrification chic tap and pour realizing with every sip I'm just poisoning myself some more.

Anonymous 136746


I wish they would stop liking me. Why? What did I do? Hate me. Hate me like I hate myself. They're so nice, and it sickens me. What cruel world would stop me from drowning?

Anonymous 137484

>They're all enabling alcoholics I never feel really comfortable openning up to
Have you ever open up to anyone?

Anonymous 137508

I alienated them all by being a shitty avoidant person

Anonymous 137550


I attended a math-focus highschool that had almost no girls in it, and out of the few that were in it two moved cities just as I started befriending them, so I never really had a female friend. I have these 3 sort of male friends, but my friendship with each of them only goes as far as the fact all of us like hiking so I go hiking or just walking around the city with one of them like once a month (each).

Share literally no interest with them though, most of our conversations are just one person monologueing as the other going "ahh" "haha yeah" "I see" and then the places swap. With one of them I bonded over the fact we were both movies buffs, but he only watches action schlock now and I dont watch anything anymore.

This made me think that I have literally never met anyone irl who had similar interests as me. I actually feel cheated cause I am quite outgoing, confident, friendly etc but have never had any real friends cause I just never meet people with whom I have something to talk about (irl at least).

Anonymous 137571

This hits home. Not that I am a bad person or boring or asocial etc., it is just so hard to find a right person. I only happen to have one friend, and we aren't even close. I would have some guys to talk to at uni, maybe walk to the subway together, but nothing more. It seems that there's not enough women within my interests, and i am studying in a male-dominated field, but I sure can't make friends with moids. They will either admit that they are, in fact, stupid and i won't get any enjoyment from our meaningless conversations (all my male peers in uni spend their free time gaming, and have no hobbies and interests whatsoever), or if they are at the same level or above me in intelligence/erudition, they will make sure to put me down and brag, brag, brag…

Anonymous 137574


My irl friends are just my family
I always tell myself I'll inevitably meet someone new that's totally on my wavelength and we'll be great friends but it still hasn't happened
I must never give up though

Anonymous 137583


>all my male peers in uni spend their free time gaming, and have no hobbies and interests whatsoever
this tbh, all men in my HS were either addicted to video games, or were fuckboys, or had no hobbies whatsoever (or a mix of the three). I think it was partially my fault since I later found out that I do not really care for math and, well, people in a math-focused school will have math-related hobbies, but still you would have expected someone normal to have been there but literally not a soul. Same thing in the uni I shortly attended (male dominated too), all of the men were useless and there were barely any women there and idk I just did not click with the like one or two I talked to.
I spent basically all of my teenage years hating myself for being unlikable cause I had no friends but it is only now that I realize that for me it was one of those rare cases where the environment was actually at fault more so than me.

Anonymous 137796


I open up to therapists and people on anonymous image boards. The only times I try to open up to people in real life, they think I'm a weirdo or use it as ammunition to hurt me later. My family thinks I spend my time watching paint dry. I told my Dad once I was depressed, went to a hospital for it where they took my phone for a week, and came out to find he thought I had killed myself.

I'm used to always lying to people to the point it doesn't even bother me in the slightest. I guess I get the friends I deserve, because there's never been a single, genuine connection. It's always just sitting quietly while people use me as some sort of object to use. A friend slept at my house this weekend. I spent an hour crying on my couch, and she never noticed. I just let her talk and agreed with everything.

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