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Names? Anonymous 121226

Has anyone here ever changed their name, simply because you didn't like your own? Not for gender identity purposes.

I like my first name, but hate my middle name and don't identify with it. I'd love to change it, only reason I'm chickening out is because my mother would be hurt.

Is it cringey to change your own name for basically aesthetic reasons?

Anonymous 121227

>changing name for ((aesthetic))
get off my board zoomer

Anonymous 121229

I have but not for aesthetic reasons but for anonymity
Though if you want to go for it, even though your parents gave you the name, the name is yours so you can change it if you want

Anonymous 121232

Unless it's hyphenated, how often do you use your middle name? I don't think many people 'identify' with their middle name as such, it's kind of just there.
I changed my name legally because my birth name is intentionally-misspelled-to-be-quirky white trash nonsense, and I wanted a more normal name. I almost wish I changed my surname as well, because I don't like being affiliated with my parents, but I don't mind it.

Anonymous 121237

>not "identifying" with a name
identity isn't even real.

Anonymous 121247

My sister and I have the same middle name and it's our Indian dad's first name lol. Probably not gonne change it tho

Anonymous 121250

so by that merit names are meaningless and you should changes username when you feel bored

Anonymous 121269

>extremely common first name
>extremely common surname
>no middle name
I guess it's cool for anonymity but I don't particularly like my name. Nothing about it is "me" to me, I remember as a kid I felt super disconnected from it, like I was larping with a fake name.
I've heard normies say "the sweetest sound to someone is their own name" and that just isn't true for me. I hate hearing it, unless it's from my partner, because as sad as it sounds I've grown to associate it as a loser's name or some kind of mocking insult due to years of bullying.
My first name is decently cute I guess and I've changed my mind on changing it, but I can't wait to change my surname. I hate it so much, and I hate that people can discern my parents' nationality from it, because I don't like them nor their country. Can't stand when people assume I'm part of a foreign culture upon learning my name.

Anonymous 121287

I'm one of those annoying types who needs to be "different" all the time. My name is a common classic. In theory I should hate it, but I love it and don't want to be named anything else. It just…fits and I don't really know why.

Middle name isn't terrible, but very trendy for its generation. Don't like it at all and would love for it to be something else.

But there's something really offputting about naming…yourself. There's no real logic behind this, but it feels like a name is SUPPOSED to be a gift, never chosen by the bearer. I understand it's different if it's for reasons like escaping abuse. I guess I just feel like names lose their significance if people change them "just because" like a username.

Anonymous 121288

>Is it cringey to change your own name for basically aesthetic reasons?
Cringe isn't real, grow up and do whatever you want

Anonymous 121389

it doesn't imply you "should" do anything whatsoever. you can, but there is no reason to relate boredom to a name, as doing anything can relieve boredom. you're also implying boredom is the primary concern. i am simply pointing out that not "identifying" with a name doesn't mean anything.

Anonymous 121484

If whether you identify with it or not doesn't mean anything, why not change it?

Anonymous 121485

I've wanted to change my nickname a few times (going to camp, starting high school, starting college, starting work) but I always chicken out. My name is common so there are a lot of nicknames to choose from. Lately I've come to like my full name. But I live in Asia right nosand my full name is intimidating/hard to pronounce.

Anonymous 122821

My name is kind of rare and I've gone my entire life having people mispronounce it, almost to the point of it being comedic.
Lately I've been going by my middle name (school, any new people I meet, any job I have) and I've considered legally changing my first name to my middle name but it's a pain in the ass in my state so I haven't done it yet

Anonymous 122822

I went by 2 different names in high school, then another after that, then another, etc etc. I was one of those cringe alt kids who would change their name anytime they got into a new show/book/music/whatever.
It wasn’t until recently that I realized how immature that was… you don’t choose your name, your name isn’t an accessory, and if you treat it like one it looses it’s meaning.

Anonymous 122824

I have a classic first name and a dated middle name too. I don't like them that much. My surname is the worst though. Nothing really wrong with the sound, it's just very common and feels more working class. I would prefer a more class ambiguous one. All three of my names are long which is pain for filling out forms with limited space, especially as I struggle to write small and neatly.

I've always wanted to change my whole name, especially as I'm not in contact with any of my family, but I'd feel a bit silly asking my bf and employers to start calling me something else.

I resent my parents for not picking a special name for me. Not something that everyone would get wrong but special enough that I wouldn't have ended up at one point in class with 3 other girls with the same name. I don't know why you would be fine with your child not feeling a bit special.

These days I like the anonymity of having a common name, though there used to be an article that would show up for my name in my area regarding a woman being fired for something awful. Another one for a woman getting married. As I'm not on social media, I have to wonder if anyone ever thought they were me as no photos were included.

Anonymous 122841

I literally start going by another name when i'm bored. A few people still call me by my birth name and it's whatever but i love introducing myself with new names to new people. I jump social groups a lot so it's cool

Anonymous 122847

So what's funny is, ultra-popular trendy names (Jessica in the 90s, Jennifer in the 70s) came about BECAUSE the parents thought they were choosing a unique name! When my mom picked Ashley as one of my names, she just always loved it and had never known anyone else named Ashley. Turns out everyone around her felt similarly and boom, little Ashleys everywhere you looked.

Now that we have the internet with quick access to name records/trends, it's easier to choose a unique name for your kid than it used to be.

A name change can seem silly and drastic, but it depends on how you go about it. My opinion is that you need to have a specific name you sincerely WANT to go by before you make any leaps. And you have to love it more than you dread the process of changing it.

Anonymous 122848

I’m so sad. I have always wanted to name my daughter Arya but then Game of thrones became big and now it’ll be associated with that and ppl will think I named her after a character from that awful book and tv series

Anonymous 122852

I wanted to change my second name for a long time now because I was heavily bullied/made fun of for it.

Anonymous 122853

>Just stop feeling x bro

Anonymous 122873

kek I'm changing my surname legally this month. I might fix my first name while I'm there, since it's hyphenated to "Anon-Anon" and I just go by "Anon" usually.

My name is already really bad. I have a seven word full name, (counting hyphenated words as one word) not joking. (anon anon anon anon anon anon anon) and I identify with the whole thing, if I just had one middle name I'd be a different person. No one knows though, I just say "Anon (Surname)" usually, but beneath that, there is an ocean of names and histories to honour.

Anonymous 122875

Samefag, to add insult to injury, the name change will be to add another name to the list because I'm double-barrelling my surname to match my mother's maiden name (at her request, she's divorced so it makes sense she'd want that, I didn't even question it)

Anonymous 122880

I changed my name for basically no reason when I was in middle school, I really really hated my old name and was bullied for it, but I dont like the new one that much since i basically chose it at random. If I could go back I would choose something cuter but I feel like changing my name twice is really pushing it. I like that its harder to find anything about me online now.

Anonymous 122916

Anonymous 122917

A little bit cringe. Like if you want to name someone, have a kid. It's one of the few perks to dedicating your life to another human being. This entire person will only be known as the words you bestow.

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