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Pink pill #8 Anonymous 121299

Last thread hitted the bump limit. >>117636

Anonymous 121301

You noticed how men get protected and coddled all the time? Mens' mental health talks about how apparently no one listens or cares about men, whereas women get listened to and cared about. Well that is absolute BS, I'm sorry.

Look how triggered guys always get when women dare to bring up the facts, and refuse to play the pickme cool girl. And look how many women join in on the mollycoddling. I'm sure many of you have seen this play out, both online and IRL.

There was this post once on FB about how "men walk around claiming their great because they don't hit women but then psychologically and emotionally beat their gfs or wives down", and a tongue in cheek harmless joke about men that singer Lily Allen posted once. The sort of responses males gave to those 2 things was absolutely eyeroll-worthy.

They're literally like small children. They can't handle any criticism about the reality of their sex, nor the tables being turned. This sort of thing happens EVERYWHERE online. Women are silenced and men come out on top. Like yesterday with The Neurodiverse Woman on FB blocking me because I brought up about Joe James The Autistic Photographer's gross, nasty treatment of women who don't find his sexist jokes funny. She claimed he was her friend, and she didn't want any negative things said.

Look at the comments both men and women leave on the Daily Mail, it is always victim blamey shamey judgemental critical stuff towards women. Meanwhile, abusive men like Marilyn Manson and Kayne West etc get off the hook. And don't even remind me of people like the Plymouth shooter getting sympathy…

I'm sure a lot of you here have witnessed or experienced this protecting men phenomena. Why are they almost always treated like poor innocent souls who know no better? And why do so many get triggered with the facts about males and their ways/violence etc? It's ridiculous.

Anonymous 121339

>For example, conventional wisdom dictates that housewives are more likely to be victims of violence than working wives. But research indicates that the opposite is true—housewives are especially safe from violence. Why? It seems that husbands are not threatened by their nonworking housewives. In contrast, as noted before, women who earn more than their husbands are often more at risk of violence.

Anonymous 121347

Can’t help but to wonder how many celebrity scrotes with a female fanbase have been pedos. From Elvis to Ed Sheeran, from The Beatles to One Direction.
I don’t trust any of them, especially not now with the Epstein scandal.

Anonymous 121350

It even rears its ugly head in this very thread from time to time.
They always assume that women are lying or exaggerating in their criticism of moids. Who knows why.
Maybe they don’t want to face the fact, that what they were taught was a lie, and moids actually are pretty fucking evil.
In any case, I’m sick of the fact that they think they’re entitled to our time and effort to spoonfeed them proofs and sauces.
I’m here to shittalk them, not to debate them. I’m not going to convince them to become male feminists or trannies, because even they are just wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Moids are a lost cause, and should be treated as such.

Anonymous 121381

God I hate famous people.

Anonymous 121420

Grown men liking 16 year olds IS paedophilia. Most people realise 16 year olds are children as soon as they get to like, 20. Adults have literally nothing in common with them.

Anonymous 121427


Anonymous 121429

Famous people aren't any more terrible than the general population; you just know when they are terrible, if it comes to light. Most men are despicable people in some way. They are usually aware enough of social norms to hide it in a crowd, but in private male gatherings and online they will reveal how they truly feel. Society at large goes to great lengths to prevent distributing information that exposes that the problem is not just "a few bad seeds" but men in general. If women point out the issues they face because of men in a way that does not denigrate other women, they will be harassed, silenced, or even killed. This is why we frequently hear things like, "be careful not to lead men on" (where it is implied that even existing in the presence of a man or speaking to him is somehow is making yourself sexually available to him) instead of things like "living in a society with men is disadvantageous and dangerous for women." Men cannot take culpability, and rely on women martyring themselves trying to be "one of the good women." The truth about it is we don't have to be languid and docile. Framing the terrors we face at the hands of men as an inevitability will only ensure that it is. Women have progressively managed to reclaim some degree of self-sufficiency, but we are not all the way there yet. Mostly because we are restricted by governments. But I am hopeful that someday there will be an entity of some kind, whether it's a town or a city, that is composed entirely of, by, and for women. It will happen when women realize that they are not as powerless as they once believed, and then we will claim what is rightfully ours.

Anonymous 121430

I don't think most of us think of it as a personal failing, it's a huge fucking hassle to plan your life around avoiding being raped and we all know whose fault it is

Anonymous 121432

I think what the post implies is that having to deal with men takes a large toll on women, to the point where they will not be functioning well, and then they will not immediately associate that much of their particular problem is the result of stress that men cause, and instead attribute their problems to personal failings.

Anonymous 121433

We need to simply stop being in relationships with them why the fuck is it so hard to fathom? Fantasy is so much better :l

Anonymous 121435

It goes beyond not having relationships with them. Men make women's lives hell from every angle. Having male bosses, coworkers, landlords, or even being around them in public is harmful to women. And the way things are, these interactions with men are unavoidable, unless you never leave your house. And more and more women are choosing to opt out of society entirely. I think in large part that's due to exposure to men.

Anonymous 121437

They're not just famous, they're powerful (rich), so they can do whatever the fuck they want.

Anonymous 121463


a lot of the weirdass shit a lot of men…and most misogynists do and say comes down to this:
being obsessed with a very small part of what women do and are…and either have apathy or disdain for 90 percent of what a relationship actually entails.

the misogynists show the worst side of it–

>acting like it's pure evil to care about things that are extremely logical and relevant to a longterm relationship

>fixation on looks and sex, body counts, etc., all related to access, while ignoring most of the things women do to add value to a relationship (go look up "starter wife") which can drastically improve a mans' life
>having triggers tied into women being too accessible or not accessible. failed males flip out when a woman or girl has a standard that excludes them, so, as a coping mechanism, they invent something to "fix" it. their favorite is "she must be fat" or "haha you'll hit the wall at 21 anyway!!"
>extreme hypocrisy about moral standards. many groups have hypocrisy in them, that is true, but the level of hypocrisy is, like…if you, as a feminist, criticized rape and then said, "I worship women who rape men." srs.
>completely delusional views about what makes a man good. y'know, not compassion or empathy or how a man behaves under times of stress…but literal desperation for a hole to fuck, yep
>defiance of reality itself, with a goal of deleting any wrong all men have every done to a woman all while demonizing women mostly for things that men either do or are as much or more than women

it's why so many of their weird talking points revolve around something extremely specific and mostly unrelated to morality, but are said as if it demonizes a woman and is all-encompassing. like a cute guy? hah, you're pure evil!

while obviously with "average" men this is less of an issue, it's still very common for men to prioritize mate novelty/dopamine highs. so, even if we do see some men settling down, a lot of them still have a massive issue with being motivated to seek out other women (whether or not it's mental or physical)…all going back to gaining access. think about stuff like "post nut clarity" among "bad sex is like pizza, it's still pizza." women on average, simply, humanize men more than men humanize women and that's pretty much it. the men that claim the opposite usually think a lot of men arbitrarily wanting to use you like a fleshlight means they humanize you…when it's really the opposite.

Anonymous 121499

I love how the biggest grievance most men have with the average woman is that she ignores him or finds him undesirable. Sorry, it's not my responsibility to validate you. They criticise our indifference to them as if they themselves personally care about and empathise with every single man on the face of the planet, when the reality is that most of them couldn't care less about the experiences of the average man (or woman) at all.

Anonymous 121502

Right lmao. Imagine saying "not wanting to have sex with men is literally the same as men raping women" and meaning it. As if men are owed attraction and women aren't owed autonomy and safety.

Anonymous 121505

I understand completely why men feel upset over being terminally sexually unwanted. However I don't give a shit. Most men are too stupid and solipsistic to actually take measures to be more desirable. They just hang around and whine in their skid marked briefs and cargo shorts, wondering why women aren't flinging themselves at him. It's entitlement and lack of empathy. They see sex as a resource they aren't allowed access to and that's the full extent of it.

On top of that it's just pathetic to base your life's worth around being sexually tantalizing to the most people possible. Get a fucking hobby, live your dream. Am i supposed to respect a person whose only purpose in life is being a coom chimp?

The male mode of being is pathetic and annoying, i don't care if they're programmed that way.

Anonymous 121506

>most men would risk their life to save a random woman,
Absolutely untrue.
You have nice guy syndrome. 99% of women can see right through males who think they deserve sex because they're so sweet and put upon.

Anonymous 121507

Exactly this. The entitlement is just shocking. And they talk about women exercising their autonomy as if it's a sin.

Anonymous 121508

I have empathized with and humanized many men. The majority of their trauma revolves around being rejected by their highschool crushes. It's so irritating. Most men have no idea what it's like to actually suffer. They're all some flavor of incel and only feel sorry for how dry their dicks are.

Anonymous 121509

Do men who think women have it better because they're able to be used as a fleshlight actually believe what they say, or is it all to convince women that letting guys fuck them means they care? They can't be that unempathetic and stupid, right…

Anonymous 121510

It's not just literal rape that men inflict on women. It's essentially constant psychological torture
Male society encourages women to self doubt, have low self esteem, and train themselves to be deferential to others. We are forced to view ourselves as objects and value ourselves on how much we please men. We are responsible for the actions of men. We have to coddle them and appease them to make sure they don't chimp out. We simultaneously have to ride a fine line between serving male interest and keeping ourselves "pure" because too much serving means you're damaged goods. It's constant mixed messaging and causes a lot of mental strain and anguish. Women are also discouraged from helping one another, lest they be heckled as bitter and jealous by men.

It's not just how society enforces women to be servile and objectified, it's also the real life strain that involves being around males, not just rape. As a woman you are constantly having to navigate male behavior in a way that makes him the least likely to cause you harm. Every male, all the time. You never know if your rejection will cause him to retaliate. You never know if you're enticing him just by standing around and existing. You always have to be vigilant and aware of male attention. It's a burden, not a privilege like you coombrained chimps think it is. To us, sex and sexual attention isn't like pizza, it's not always good even if it's bad. It's always potentially dangerous and life-threatening. Where is your "empathy"?

Anonymous 121511

Its because males lack empathy outright. I literally mean the inability to fully imagine a life in someone else's shoes, and all that it implies. The most you're going to get is like, a robotic understanding of how the pieces fit together. Sometimes they understand women's life "logically and conceptually" they'll never empathize with or understand how our life experience would make us think and feel. They always default to imagining how we could serve their needs within our own framework.

It's how they know women are constantly burdened and abused by men but can't understand why that makes us "bitter". Why can't we just get over ourselves and understand incels need their dicks wet? And they ironically say that because we aren't pandering to men, we are the ones who lack empathy.

Males are all autistic, it's how male brains work. The inability to empathize with others and the extreme linear thinking. It's.so autistic and annoying. You'll never make a breakthrough. Just leave them sexless and seething

Anonymous 121513



Anonymous 121514

Yep, we're so often told we're objects that we literally objectify ourselves at times. I've read a lot about how women often see themselves in a third-person view because we are so subconsciously aware of how we're being viewed because the male gaze is so pervasive.

Anonymous 121516

As soon as you see this picture you know you're talking to a retarded guy

Anonymous 121518

>Being never seen as a sexual being, imagine going your entire life being completely ignored by men sexually, being denied sex for years on end, being constantly looked upon with mild disgust or annoyance when you attempt to show interest to a man.
Men really cannot imagine unattractive women existing. Unattractive women can even get "sex" - from a man who will call her disgusting to her face and fuck her like he's fucking a sheep. Men cannot understand sex from a woman's perspective and never will, because they completely lack empathy. This is also why they're "held to higher standards" - people of all times have always known that men are terrible "people".

Anonymous 121520

life on "easy mode" means having mediocre sex with horny sociopaths.
never change in how narrow your knowledge of the world is, moids.

Anonymous 121526

if you're the logical sex why are you surprised people are disagreeing with you on a website with strongly opposing views?
doesn't seem very rational high iq to me.. :00

Anonymous 121529

Hey buddy don’t use the r word mate

Anonymous 121540

I don't get why males say women have life on easy mode compared to them. It comes across as extremely insensitive, myopic, and reflects poorly on their philosophy.

They say women have life on easy mode because we have sex on demand.
They say men have a hard life because they are expected to (and encouraged to) achieve things in life.

So they think infinite shitty dick is the best thing in the world, so much so they are resentful towards us for getting it? They are also lazy and entitled pieces of shit, that they think living a fulfilling life and being seen as a full human being is such a burden. So they are jealous we are seen as sex objects, and being humanized is so hard because you are expected not to be a lazy piece of coomer shit all day?

I wish we could trade places in society. I'd love to be encouraged by everyone to succeed in life and not be judged and pursued as if i were walking fleshlight. God, men are so detestable. They literally do not deserve any good graces, they make it painfully clear.

Anonymous 121542

Moids seem to be in a constant state of frustration and disbelief that women aren't magnetized towards their dicks, cleaning their hovels, being mommy therapist, and cooking meals for them all day.

It makes sense when you realize they are all low IQ narcissists. I mean, he thinks he's the hottest shit in the world so why don't you stupid women get with the program?

Anonymous 121546

Most moids apparently aren't bothered by the "pressure" enough since 90% of them are ambitionless coomers and consumers.
Also women don't get treated like princesses. Male attention crude, dehumanizing, unwanted, and often dangerous. It doesn't add any value to your life, it just makes you feel disgusting and less than human.

I wish you cornfed males would stop pretending you are war hardened soldiers expected to provide for a whole village. The only bad thing that ever happened to you was being too lonely and horny.

Anonymous 121548

I mean just think about the emo/hardcore scene

Anonymous 121550

this is just incel fantasy. You have absolutely no idea what it's like to be a woman, because of your autistic moidbrain. You have a severe lack of empathy and very high levels of narcissism. You have a neurotic preoccupation with procuring sex, and project your reproductive anxiety onto women as resentment and jealousy.

Anyways when are you gonna transition? You sound just like a bitter trancel.

Anonymous 121551

>you will always get free stuff
>unlimited male attention and on-demand sex
>men have to pay for dates
Oh no, not 30 dollars.
>never have to make the first move and face rejection after rejection
Idk if it's too foreign for you to understand, but women are not preoccupied with worrying about securing sex and dates
>you will get special treatment in court
Not true.
>you have "girls nights" where you get free drinks
5 dollar rebate for misogyny, what a steal.
>you can ask for help without being seen as a weakling
This is subjective, besides what you mean to say is women are already seen as weak and helpless, it's the normal.
>you can say whatever you want and express yourself however you want
Absolutely fucking not
>you are not expected to risk your life in dangerous situations
Neither are you.
>you are not expected to let "men and children" leave a sinking ship before you
This is a myth, and propaganda men gave used to promote the idea that women are so taken care if that we don't need rights.
>you are A LOT less likely to be murdered
Who is doing the murdering?
>you have an entire education system tailored to you by female teachers
Moids aren't preforming as well and suddenly there's a conspiracy
>will always be attractive to most men with minimal effort
Again, worthless male attention.
>you won't get drafted to die in some shitty trench
You won't either.
>you will always get child custody
90% of males willingly give up their children without ever going to court. In the instances where they do, they are favored over the mothers even if they have been abusive.
>you will get free child support, even if you cheated
So you think it's good for society for fathers to invest 0 in their children if they don't want to?
Obviously not.
>you can never be seen as an actual failure, or be expected to have a successful career
Women are seen, by default, as lesser humans. If the norm is that we are born failures, you don't become a failure later on.

Anonymous 121552


It really must make you seethe that you want sex so bad while women have to shoot down propositions.
Imagine basically confessing you entire life revolves around wanting to coom. Males are worthless and redundant. If 95% of you died the world would be a better place.

Anonymous 121553

men love acting like they're going to be drafted and die in war. please, no one is recruiting a vidya-addicted faggot with painted nails and an anime pillow, and if they did I'd say my prayers before trusting you to defend my country. today's expectations for men are low as dirt

Anonymous 121554

Moids will never get drafted again, not with how modern wars are waged. We gave a surplus if useless bitter moids. I wish they would be drafted to go die but they'll just have to drag out their useless lives as die alone when they're old.

Anonymous 121556

Moid detected, your whinning is rejected.

Anonymous 121557

>you will always get free stuff
Life is not a fantasy. Nobody gets free stuff no matter a woman or a man. No man is magically going to pop up and give a woman what she needs. Most coom chimps like you only give women free stuff if the woman let's them degrade and humiliate her body. If you sell your body and well being it's not free stuff and many women are forced to do it againts their will, because they come from bad places.
>unlimited male attention and on-demand sex
>men have to pay for dates
If a woman asks today for the man to pay she gets dragged in the mud. Also in theold times men were expected to pay for thedates because women weren't allowed to have jobs at high well paying positions, go study basic history.
>never have to make the first move and face rejection after rejection
A man never has to realize again and again that most women arearound him just to have sex with him. Also for the overage looking woman dating is hard just as the men's.
>you will get special treatment in court
If you're refering to women serving shorter years in prison it's because women don't do the same sisgusting crimes as men, because women have higher standarts and don't go murdering and raping.
>you have "girls nights" where you get free drinks
A lot of men give free drinks and put things into them like sleeping pills, or prder stronger alcohol without the woman knowing, so that they can rape her.
>you can ask for help without being seen as a weakling
It's because of the entirety of human history women were always seen as weak. They use our existance as an insult to men. Blame the people from the male sex for this.
>you can say whatever you want and express yourself however you want
Do you know howmany women got canceled by incels and men?
>you are not expected to risk your life in dangerous situations
And nor are you.
>you are not expected to let "men and children" leave a sinking ship before you
This rule was created before women were given rights, so blame the men, not the women.
>you are A LOT less likely to be murdered
The biggest percent of reasons about mothers death during pregnancy is murder, also a lot of women get murdered by their partner or some rapist who killed them so that they won't speak up. Also a lot of men are killed by other men, also the bigger percentage of murderers are men. Again, blame the male sex.
>you have an entire education system tailored to you by female teachers
Not true, the majority of teachers at university are men. Also, just because your coom chimp brain can't focus don't blame the education system. A lot of great male scientists spend their education on their seats.
>will always be attractive to most men with minimal effort
Male attention is pointless and gross. Most men just want to humiliate, abuse, torture, rape, degrade, dehumanize women. The reason they have low standarts for us is because they have low standarts for themselves. Most men have below overage hygine.
>you won't get drafted to die in some shitty trench
Nobody wants your bod, go seethe.
>you will always get child custody
This system was implemented because males thought it was a woman's job to take care of thechild. They builded this entire system claiming that women should be doing the child care and now you're seeing the effects of this system. Also this rule wa smade before women were given rights, so again, go blame the male sex.
>you will get free child support, even if you cheated
That's because most fathers don't fight enough for their children.
If people cared about women's issues, why didn't nobody went to help the women who were left by their scared husbands from the taliban? Why are there still countries who don't give women full human rights? Why is there victim blaming? Why is there still forced marriage, human traficking, rape, and doctors ignoring the demands of female patients?
>you can never be seen as an actual failure, or be expected to have a successful career
This trope was created before women werw given rights, because the female sex was seen only as an incubator that needs a man to work for it to feed it and the baby. This sick distorted rule was created by males so go blame them. Most of the issues you listed are created by men, so go study basic history or just go in a corner to jerk off like the animal you are.

Anonymous 121558

Forgot to mention
>unlimited male attention and on-demand sex
Again, male attention is an unneeded and disgusting pervesion. Males are always ready for sex because their brains only know how to hump. Most women have high standarts to filter out the animals, so it's fine. Don't worry there will never be an annoying lady to demand sex from you!

Anonymous 121559

Isn't it interesting how so many failed males can't stop going on and on about how getting free sex as if it's the best thing ever…
…yet can't stop in 100s of talking points talking about how bad it is for a woman to partake? Acting like it's a massive negative?

They're hypocrites that can't even acknowledge the consequences of what they themselves say. It's like they can't accept that, to women, it'd be really retarded to at all respect the mass produced, disgusting and soulless nature of 99.9% of male attention.

Anonymous 121561

>MRAs: can't stop bitching about child custody and how it makes men such victims

>men: most willingly give up child custody, others get it but then often don't bother with visiting their child nor nurturing said child


Anonymous 121562

I can't believe there's still insane men that think random men are actually like this. It's like they live in some sort of bizarre fantasy world.

There's actual disaster statistics on this btw. Most ship wrecks have the "myth" of men saving women when in reality it's actually way more likely for men to survive and not go out of their way to save others…
…there's very, very few exceptions, like in one how THE CAPTAIN THREATENED HIS MEN WITH A GUN TO HELP THE CHILDREN AND WOMEN. You can guarantee there's a lot of dumbass males that will look at the 1 in a million story of a male actually doing something heroic for a woman for once and then they will start screeching about how all men are heroes that would do the same. It's nuts.

I remember a very awesome source including dozens upon dozens of such statistics, events, etc., basically outright proving it's a myth that men "save" women. That, men were actually more likely to solely care about themselves in such situations.
Moreover there was also data on how women and children suffer and die more from disasters significantly way more than men.

Guess what men said about it? "Why do you dumbasses think anyone would ever help someone else? Kek entitled bitches." You can guarantee the next second these same men would have went back to acting like men sacrifice themselves for women.

Anonymous 121563

So, in other words, what's actually going on is that creeps see examples of men actually doing altruistic and cool things as two things:

a RULE…and, paradoxically, an error. So you will notice them taking issue each time a male seems to do anything that doesn't get a very robotic, transactional reward (i.e., sex)…and then pretend it's the schema of how all women are treated (it's not) and ignore the 100s of other times it didn't happen. Why? Because they lack the heart to understand what it's like to actually do a good thing for another person. Their understanding of women is basically ripped out of god fuckin' Mario, where Mario always saves Princess Peach.

Trust me. Some men have done very cool things on behalf of others but this is still a very small minority…and it's still a minority that would have the agency to save someone at the risk of his own life.

Anonymous 121565

holy shit ahahah you completely destroyed his points. i love you anonette

Anonymous 121566

>men are protected and coddled all the time
they have the energy of people that'd prefer watching teen rape porn than hug or help their suicidal male friend or find resources for him, but then would, after he commits suicide, use it as a talking point to gotcha the "feminazis" with. they often only care about the suffering of other men if they can weaponize it. very few of these men actually have ever gone out of their way to actually be prosocial, yet feel entitled to being treated as if they are altruistic and warm.

imagine being an isolated misogynist male and having access to millions upon millions of men that are basically your hivemind and will agree with everything you say, but having 0 faith in their ability to make you less lonely or support you. yikes.

Anonymous 121571

The funniest thing when men spout lists like this is that every single problem on this list is… caused by men.

If men were actually putting pussy on a pedestal so hard that it makes their lives worse, maybe they should stop lmao.

Anonymous 121572

It's the finest wine when what they play the victim about to use against women is literal male-on-male violence.

Anonymous 121573

Y'all seem to think men are a bunch of rapey psychopaths, and incels think women are a bunch of manipulative psychopaths.
I really need to stop coming to a site where this is the most active discussion.

Anonymous 121575

I post here a lot…because it's the only place ever I vent about men, I don't do so with my irl friends, and I don't think that men are all rapey psychopaths. I use words like "most" or "some" a lot…even though I assume people will think I'm referring to all men, lol.

I do think women in general tend to compartmentalize "bad v. good" men too much, though, which is a massive issue.

I remember knowing a man hater (a bigger one than me) that ended up finding what she thought was a nice guy and pulled a 180 about men. She became a "sweetheart." Two months in he was exhibiting very simple, lite red flags, ones that are easy to shrug off if you're someone with low standards and they're being done by an otherwise nice guy, that I pointed out as being an issue because they seemed related to something that was more likely to be done by a guy…and she basically dismissed them entirely. And let me insist: they weren't "nasty" things, just suspicious.

A week later it turned out the extremely specific bad thing I had said was very likely…happened. The "I should have listened to you!" wasn't satisfying. I felt like shit because I thought I could have maybe worded it differently to convince her earlier.

That's often how the cookie crumbles in these situations. A lot of our rhetoric comes down to addressing the fact that a lot of the time, it's usually regular men that end up fucking women over, and often in a way that men just do more, rather than some particularly fucked up male.

Anonymous 121588

Killer whale.gif

I was also thinking about this. A lot of men use their friends suicide as an argument point to how "cruel" the world is to men. I'm always thinking that they knew their friend had problems, but instead of them helping him out or trying to get him out of the deep they simply focus on their problems and continue on. I trully despise it when men talk about te suicides of people they know just to prove a point, it shows how little respect they have for others if it doesn't serve them.
Also it's funny that men always repeat like parrots how women are evil, heartless creatures who simply want to use others, while men make up the majority of statistics for murder, rape, theft. Also there is a statistic showing that men are way more likely to leave a sick partner.
It's scary to be a woman in this world, but atleast I'm not a coom chimp.

Anonymous 121589

I meant friend's, not friends, sorry for the mistake.

Anonymous 121591

>Women complain how men treat them.
>That’s totally the same as incel rapists who want to own and see women as a sex object to mistreat at will, think age of consent is too high, etc.
Dilate tranny moid.

Anonymous 121594


You know the minimum amount of women who should be hired is 5 right? There can be 20 - 30 female cantidates and only the best ones will get the job. Your argument doesn't make sense. Also there are almost zero only female businesses compared to the only male ones, and most fields are dominated by men. Didn't you men the ones who complained that not enough women are in the building, producing and constructing industries and that it all falls on the man's shoulders? Now when there are rules that will make it that men can have a break you're suddently offended.
Also no human being on this planet lives a life on easy mode. Go jerk off in a corner like the animal you are or go get some basic human sense.

Anonymous 121595

Stop comitting 90% of violent crimes and hurting your fellow men, coomp chimp.

Anonymous 121596

It's funny to see how men always complain about how women are irrational, and then delete their post because of criticism. The irony.

Anonymous 121597

Samefagging but forgot to mention - it wasn't even criticism it was facts. If you can't accept facts then think about what you did with your life.

Anonymous 121599

It’s always best for the job until its not men, then they ree. Look at that all female african anti-poaching team or whatever the fuck that was formed since women are less corrupt. Men wouldn’t let women attend university, vote, own property, open their own bank account, etc until women campaigned and protested. Suddenly they do better because they aren’t autistic ADHD retards and it’s a conspiracy kek. Men can construct society to wholly benefit them and chimp out when it backfires.

Anonymous 121600

It's the mods who delee them, not us. I have no problem with criticism, if I can give criticism I should know how to get and handle it.

Anonymous 121602

I'm here because I'm tired of male dominated online spaces.

Anonymous 121604

It seems like men can't be in an online space and not make jokes degrading women it's tiring. Most male dominated spaces are filled with coomers who just talk whatever bad things they want about women.

Anonymous 121606

>Men aren’t afraid of criticism.
>Chimps out when criticised.
>Majority incel male sites have no women/normie posting rules.
Cope, seethe, dilate.

Men be like
>Who cares that one sex majory abuses the other, men are sad sometimes (sometimes because of other mens actions).

Anonymous 121609

I’m here because most spaces that are anonymous are male dominated, and degrade women and constantly ree about being superiour as a cope for being a failson. Men are just retards, even reddit is retarded and like 80% male, the againsthatesubs people who post cp to take down subs are men. Wouldn’t have to have separate spaces if you weren’t retarded when given anonymity.

Anonymous 121610

Men aren't banned, just the ones who can't shut up about being a man.

Anonymous 121612

You’re not really arguing. You say x y z points. Anons explain how you’re wrong, and ree just repeating your same points rather than why anons points are wrong.

To men, male subjective point of view is objective truth, and womens subjective point of view is muddled by their bias of being woman. Somehow they do not think men can be bias by being men, even when womens subjective views are backed up by stats, then it’s cucked science, even when science/gov works to add male statistics to womens records ala troons. They, like troons, identify as correct kek.

Anonymous 121615


Lol. I find it so disingenuous and hypocritical how the "male victimhood" is so heavily preoccupied on work.

Let's get this out of the way: much of this is being shilled by men that not only don't care, but often have a disdain for WOMEN WORKING HARD AND ANYTHING WOMEN DO. So, essentially, they want to claim victimhood for something they can't even begin to RESPECT in 50% of the population and 100% refuse to see.

Diving in…

Memes based around hating career women are extremely common in redpiller circles. They usually find some bullshitty rationalization like this. Like "haha, she wants to get a safety nest egg to better care for her children and her eggs will dry up by 30! She's so retarded! She should have dated a jobless old loser when she was 16 and had babies with him! He will magically become a billionaire and even when she looks like an old hag and he can fuck any 10/10, he'll remain faithful because of her devotion!" Basically, they hate women that, naturally, don't want to be impoverished and earn their own money.

Acting like it's a good thing to give 0 fucks what your partner does with their life or actions or really agency outside of extremely shallow things. Which is just ridiculous and seems unhealthy.

Extreme hatred of single mothers, who are considered disgusting parasitic monsters by the majority of these men. Going by statistics, single moms are among the most hard working (in the "amount of hours worked") way, often very poor, don't usually get any or much child support, etc.
Objectively, the average single mom works harder than the average single man. You can say this or that against it, but the data won't add up.
The very, very few safety nets related to these women are necessary. Why? Because it's extremely bad for the children if they were born homeless and into complete poverty…and also bad for society.
This doesn't mean it isn't common for these women to have to work hard.

Denial of the fact that in many countries, there's more women working than men. Even if you consider the RARE cases and areas and businesses where affirmative action applies, there's little data showing that women are just way, way worse or less hard working workers than men.

Obsession with extremely rare exceptions to the rule. I.e., cases where a woman actually finds a company that is forced to hire more women (usually this is unnecessary) and there's so few potentials they have to apparently hire a bad candidate and keeps on hurting the business, but can't be fired because of sexual discrimination laws.
This is maybe a 1 in a 10000 type of special scenario. Women are fired all the time. Yet, despite being an extremely specific scenario, these retards think it applies to every single woman who works.
You can also be a female and struggle with finding work. That's just it.

Inability to see motherhood, support, helping others, taking care of the home, family affairs, etc, as having any value despite it having objective value. The real reason why men are benefited by a relationship is rarely just because of sex. A lot of women support and help their partners grow, but once he does, it's highly likely for her to be divorced and changed out for a younger woman. Women also help men maintain social connections more than the other way around.

Denial of history, where housewives are often beaten and abused and cheated on (just like working wives) and have almost no ability to leave…and how through history, women working too, often at extreme slave wages. There were many jobs that had injuries and casualties too. Grunt work wasn't just for men.

Ignoring the hundreds of millions of men who have safety nets and able to bum life/neet. They act like doing this is solely a female thing when it really isn't. Also ignoring that affirmative action also can apply to different races of men too…and how someone can still struggle with finding a job. I.e., even where it applies, it's easy for a more qualified female to get a job than you.

Never acknowledging the idea of a woman being able to get away with not working is slowly fading away.
There's a lot of two parent families who have both parents working that can barely scrape by.

So. Yeah. Essentially…they're being triggered about safety nets that rarely apply to most women, but are set off by because they at all exist. And just because they exist in any capacity, they think they automatically destroy any chance of all women ever suffering or having to work hard ever, which is…odd.

Anonymous 121619

Wake me up when those male-dominated spaces don't have an incredibly misogynistic bias that causes the few women posting there to develop internalized misogynism and hate herself simply for being female.

Anonymous 121621

Kek did you make this in excel? You literally just posted some guys shit and nothing from a scientific source as fact. You really do just identify as correct lmao.
>Starts with muh feminists.
I’m sure this will be a truly truth baring and riveting info source kek.


Not true, but even by your logic, who would be paying women to exist? The men right? Gee, wish men would treat each other better.

Reminds me when Sargon said the pay gap wasn’t real, did some research and was like “Well, it is real, but totally justified.”

Is this all coping so you can pretend you have a justifiable reason to troon out and it totally wasn’t degen coom fetish related?

Anonymous 121623

Yep I'm sure that has nothing to do with the millennia of men in power benefitting only men and silencing women who try to do something about it
I'm sure this stopped happening in a couple of years and now there is no patriarchy because it disappeared completely

Anonymous 121624

>The problem is you interpret anything that contradicts your narrative as misogynistic
Meanwhile you interpret anything that you don't like as "the fault of feminists". Curious.

Anonymous 121626

>cry all you want.
>Cries in thread about men being expected to be responsible, taking no responsibility.
Y chromosome moment.

Anonymous 121630

Male-dominated websites are actual echo-chambers, despite "allowing women". The bullying that a woman with dissenting opinions gets there is brutal. That's why so many female posters on 4chan have NLOG syndrome, because they have been conditioned to attack any woman who doesn't think like a misogynistic man, including themselves (while most of the moids in the same site don't respect her any more for doing so, as they fundamentally loathe her for being female and will still treat her like a subhuman if they find out she's a woman, in different ways than they treat other men).
In many male-dominated spaces, despite """allowing women""", it's still taboo for a woman to reveal her sex. That's an obvious fact that anyone can see, but moids choose to ignore. It's taboo because moids only see women either as potential sexual partners or as subhuman animals who are still somehow responsible for their (the moids') misery (for not giving them attention). So when a woman reveals the fact that she's a woman there'll usually be two reactions: desperate creeps will make embarrassing, annoying requests to date/fuck (sometimes this turns into stalking), and the more overt misogynists will call her an attention whore and start making misogynistic comments directed at her every time they know that the woman is present. Both are degrading.
Because moids are free to talk about male-only things such as their dicks, how much they want to fuck women, etc. but the moment a woman makes it obvious (even indirectly or by accident) that she was born with a vagina, she's an "attention whore" who "deserves" to be bullied. In such communities, it is an unspoken rule that you must not talk about something as basic and natural and important to your sense of identity as your sex, but ONLY if you are not male, lest you suffer the consequences. If you're a moid it's fine though, because that's what those male-dominated spaces are: echo-chambers.

And that's why the women who tolerate being in those communities turn into misogynists and hate themselves.

Anonymous 121631

Oh my god. I remember on 4chan I saw an entire thread of guys shitting on a male for being raped and being left with PTSD and a disability from the assault. Note: it was by another male.

They kept talking about what a pussy and fag he was and how he deserved to be murdered. Why? Because he was speaking out against rape.
I was so horrified that…I don't know what came over me but I immediately said it was wrong of them.

They immediately descended on me and started screeching about how I'm a retarded SJW. Mind you, I didn't write some essay, I didn't drop talking points. I just said it was wrong of them and that man wasn't asking to be raped.

Male dominated spaces are just…full of monsters. I realized something really depressing too…that they don't even really care about victimized men at all unless a woman is involved. Really changed my perspective on the supposed "community" of them.

Anonymous 121632

It’s the shit abusers do, take away any safety net so I can treat women like shit so they can’t leave/punish them for leaving me. When men do rarely go for custody, sometimes they want it to just make the woman suffer ala when abusive moids are given custody and use it to stick it to their ex by mistreating the kid or using them as an excuse to get close to them.

Anonymous 121633

Yes, scrotes will find ways to defend men even if they end up victim-blaming other men as a result. But the moment a woman is involved, no matter what, the woman automatically is at fault in their eyes, even she was the victim.

Anonymous 121634

Kek incels.is banned a guy for being raped by his dad because they though he’s a chad since he had sex. Demented.

Anonymous 121641

+ they literally just want to pay less tax, since they resent paying for something that they will likely never need/use. If that’s how it worked, woman shouldn’t pay prison/mostly male used institutions/services. My country has a gov funded male abuse survivor service. Should I be triggered about paying for it since it doesn’t directly benefit me kek?

Anonymous 121642

Anonymous 121644

Luckily I didn't read more than a couple of screencaps so it's still kinda funny to me.
LMAO @ the pick-mes with usernames such as "titties_growin" and "FuccYourFeelings". If they're even women.

Anonymous 121645


yep, it's definitely a troon.

Anonymous 121647

This is fantastic.

Just gonna quote the bottom text in case someone didn't scroll all the way there:

>this is so funny, here you see hordes of men leaving hundreds of comments ranting about how gross women’s leg/armpit hair is & how a woman not shaving is on par with “not showering” or “not wiping your ass”…. And then women read all this and still roll in to the comments to say:

>“I am a woman and I LOVE shaving! No offense to gross hairy women but I personally just feel shitty if I go too long without a shave or wax… but that’s just ME and my individual preference :) there’s no social influence playing into my choice at all.”

>and everyone who commented walks away thinking they just disproved the argument that women shaving is a damaging socially conditioned behavior? insanity

Anonymous 121648

Whenever I see a reddit name/flair with a reference to sex acts/sexuality, I know it’s a troon.

Anonymous 121649

It's funny because everything you say applies to a fantasy that only an extremely attractive and outgoing woman can capitalize on. And even then, attractive women are targets for male depravity so there are definitely risks and downsides involved too.

Funny how males say women don't have empathy when they can't even conceptualize non-sexy women as existing humans with their own lives and struggles.

Anonymous 121650

Lmao when they'll all say "no one takes men's mental health seriously"

Anonymous 121651

Troons reinforcing harmful gender roles for women and speaking for all women in a misogynistic way, episode #3902135

Anonymous 121653

They think someone buying a woman something in exchange for the chance at sexual interest is free, or being used as bait for more moids to come to a bar using ladies drink free night, but don’t realise women drink less than men, and women are the product being sold/put at risk to gain more male customers. Literally none of this is free because something is expected in exchange, they just can’t say it out loud since prostitution is illegal and you don’t want women to know that they are the product being sold because they would be against. Plus a lot of free drinks are turned away due to expectation of sex/attention it comes with, as well as the risk it has been drugged. What about the ugly women who are not purchased drinks?

Anonymous 121654


these replies tho

Anonymous 121658


Anonymous 121659

Which LJ comm is this?

Anonymous 121671

They would only risk their lives if it meant they'd get a chance to coom in a woman, or if it's their job and they have to do it to earn money.

Anonymous 121692

Genuinely, why is it a problem if their behavior is socially influenced?

Anonymous 121696


Anonymous 121717


i feel like a light switch went off in my head recently. growing up in the weeb community where perversion and pornography addiction is normal i took a lot of this as par for the course. thats changed. i find it repulsive now. even the jokes. because the jokes are couched in reality. joking about depictions of 10 year old girls being 1000 year old vampires so its ok to make them your waifu. joking about hentai as if its funny. joking about watching hentai of said little girls. the DONT LEWD THE LOLI shit. simping for obvious cosplay thirst traps. complete and utter slavery to porn. feeding off of each other because theyre all secretly unhappy with their compulsive masturbation but are too pathetic to change. theres even a freaking manga about this guy addicted to jerking off who cums on his classmates school uniforms and it got way popular. i hope they all troon out and chemically castrate themselves. i still like anime but i will no longer date someone whos super into it because its so often a thinly veiled safe space for pedophiles and cumbrains to commiserate.

Anonymous 121744

I havent read that manga but ive heard good things about it

Anonymous 121830

Yeeeeeeep. This. Honestly I always had the side of me that really always wanted to see men being into cutesy things as an entirely platonic and innocent thing. That was ruined, lol.

I find that when men joke about fucked up stuff 9 times out of 10, they really don't care about it or think about it a lot. It's such a ginormous red flag that I find it kind of crazy there's so many women and girls that overlook it.

Anonymous 121870


I didn't want to make a thread about this so I'll ask here.
Is it me or there are way too many new threads? I feel like the CrystalCafe is crumbiling - men openly making threads and replying, unneeded threads that just spam up the entire board, trolls and bait everywhere.
People on this site weeks ago used to be so kind and loving, but now on this site is pro-nazi threads, people being rude to eachother, racism and anger everywhere.
I feel as if it's becoming a man's board and it scares me. Anybody feel the same way?

Anonymous 121874

i mean i liked it when i read it, but the point i was making is that ive finally acknowledged the very real, very virulent strain of carnal slavery prevalent in moids that is necessary for such a story to reach acclaim in a moid-dominated community. there is no such thing as true fantasy. every fictional world contains an element of reality, being the point at which said world intersects with readers and draws them in. the fact that this manga is so popular reflects its relatability to some extent, and to be able to relate to a story whose core is about a kid so enslaved to lust hes become a social recluse is telling. yeah, its poignant, but its poignant because its a narrowly veiled underdog fulfillment fantasy shared by many men. the fantasy of escaping the shackles of their porn addiction and low social status. and as always its easier to indulge in a relatable fantasy than to face reality head on.


about the same time as you flipped on your cunt switch

Anonymous 121875

no, you're not imagining things. and tbh if it gets worse, we'll have the satisfaction that the orbiting micropeened porn zombies are walking proofs of the pinkpill. can't even stay away from women for 1 second; they will be screeching on CC when they're 90 still, perpetually stuck in their Matrix of obsession.

Anonymous 121878

tards from that one wojak board have been talking about raiding this place for the sake of drama. They even got some greasy redditor to try and DDOS here.

Anonymous 121879

soijak.party has been trying to raid us for awhile now if that's the wojak board you're talking about
most of them are underaged and don't know how to use proxies nor can afford vpns lol it's pretty pathetic

Anonymous 121881

Literally all of that is just stuff that happened today, you're probably worrying too much.

Anonymous 121883

I think it's because this place doesn't have enough mods/janitors awake at different hours, if more miners were willing to dedicate a small bit of our time to being moderation staff it'll mean raids and male posters are dealt with quicker

Anonymous 121902

I lift for 2D.jpg

I swear to christ, the board that picrel came from and another blue one are becoming goldmines for genuine incels.

This attitude of thinking we're missing out is hilarious. Highest form of cope.

Anonymous 121906

Moids invent circumcision and blame women for it. Most circumcision pushers and defenders are boomer moids, not young women on image boards.

Anonymous 121907

I think the pedo count is higher than normal lately. It didn't feel like there was so many lolicons online in 2019-2020 and now in late 2021-2022 it seems they are more obnoxiously vocal now than ever.

One of the Discord servers my friend and I first joined together got nuked last year because pedos were sharing actual CP details through it. They tried to have a second one but it also was deleted, likely because of the same bullshit.

Every self-proclaimed lolicon I've seen IRL/IRL pics of has looked about exactly what you would expect, so it's not that hard to even filter them if you still care to date scrotes.

Anonymous 121909

>improve yourself only for yourself
Right! Which is why lifting for fictional women is especially mentally unwell. Once again proving that men have gotten so weak and
self-loathing they still have to linger on the fictional idea of a woman rather than put self-care into his body, for the love of himself.

Anonymous 121912

You if ore the majority of human history where men enslaved women and abused them however they liked?
The reason women have rights now is because the elites no longer need to pander to the incel underclass to keep society functional.

Anonymous 121915

Infant genital mutilation in general is a retarded concept and whatever backwater pedophile that came up with it deserves to live in the deepest pits of the very hell his religions warn against.

>men are protecting you from being even worse than they already are!

Gee willikers, thanks!

Anonymous 121918

I don't think you understand how patriarchy functions, and how the elite class uses failedmales in society. Women being allowed equal rights is not an act of charity from the elites, it was a pragmatic decision.
And btw all men are misogynists. I don't care what class they're from.

Anonymous 121920

Since when has democracy functioned as intended? When do the elites ever heed the will of the people?
Apparently democracy only works when women are allowed to vote.

Anonymous 121922

>they did it because they understood women were a much easier demographic to manipulate and control
Because that's absolutely something a good man would do and allow, wouldn't it? And when it turned out women can't be "manipulated" anymore, that's something a good man gets outraged about, riiight?

Anonymous 121924

Males we're bribed with pussy to be docile. You and other misogynists admit this all the time. I don't know where you get the idea that all men are free thinker, philosophers and pioneers. Probably just mood narcissism and solipsism again.

Anonymous 121926

The reason why female genital mutilation is banned in western countries and male genital mutilation isn't is because the latter is a western tradition and it's profitable (baby foreskin is used to make beauty products and such) That's why circumcision is so common in the US but not in other western countries, because the US is the world center of capitalism, and it's a hellhole


He was saying that this imageboard doesn't allow men to post because we're "afraid of criticism" and that "brave" and """""intelligent""""" men allow women to post in their websites "because they're not afraid of criticism", completely ignoring the fact that any male-dominated place is bound to be a toxic cesspool of misogyny that brainwashes the female minority into hating themselves and other women through harassment for daring to have been born female or worse, saying something that upsets the angry male virgins.
I forgot to ask that retard: which one is more vile? A place that forbids unwanted visitors from posting to allow its intended audience to post without having to hide their sex (such as CC), or a place that allows unwanted visitors to post but silences them through bullying and destroys their self-esteem (such as many other imageboards and other online forums)?

Anonymous 121927

I'm a late joiner into the argument here, but look no further than the Jack Wright v. Sienna Mae drama if you want to see a man being mollycoddled for being raped by a Stacey-type. Everyone and their dog has been jumping on demonizing her since she was already unfaithful in previous relationships, while Jack has been showered in praises for coming out about it.

Also, this isn't the terfposting thread, but 75% of trans issues are for MtFs over FtMs, and trying to accommodate effeminate men who would rather pretend they're us than wear their gender with pride and redefine it like tomboys have redefined femininity.

The biggest evidence of all that men are coddled is that we have to anonymously speak out about our grievances with men, lest we be thrown more hatred and violence our way. Men pat each other on the backs for their bullshit, especially if they're both degenerates and they seek validation from each other.

Anonymous 121929

>He was saying that this imageboard doesn't allow men to post because we're "afraid of criticism" and that "brave" and """""intelligent""""" men allow women to post in their websites "because they're not afraid of criticism", completely ignoring the fact that any male-dominated place is bound to be a toxic cesspool of misogyny that brainwashes the female minority into hating themselves and other women through harassment for daring to have been born female or worse, saying something that upsets the angry male virgins.
God yeah, because it's totally miners that spam up those same imageboards and our own with s*yjak spam images, not angry no-life loser men who are bothered and feel challenged by a space they aren't welcome in.

And even in men's only forums, women don't raid them like scrotes raid this place. TERFing again but it's also the same bullshit on why troons and sickos want to be in the women's room far more than fujos or ayydens want to be in the men's room.

Anonymous 121931


Reminder to my fellow miners:

each time you see a creepy insectoid male bugging you…remember that he's showing you why so many men kill themselves so much and struggle with making basic connections with other people that don't have to do with sex or posturing. many grew up rotting their prefrontal cortex with porn and addiction, and are incapable of at all functioning otherwise or doing stuff on behalf of people out of good will, not hope for personal gain. their sexual entitlement has lead them to neurotically policing women like the deranged twitter SJW mobs they hate so much.

they will never hug their suicidal friend or help him. they'd prefer watching teen rape porn and bragging about it. they'd prefer gotcha'ing completely random women they should really just not give a shit about and avoid with the suffering of men they completely refuse to support or help themselves.

Remember, the clownery.

Anonymous 121932

Because it's misinformation being socially pushed. A few of those posts are almost on the iceberg tip of awareness that hair on male legs isn't seen as "dirty" but somehow, even though women's body hair is actualy thinner and finer than men's, is somehow viewed as "dirty".

If you regularly care for your hygiene, the hair on your body is as clean as you clean it. If you don't regularly care for your body, your whole body is unclean.

This is why I think it's fair to push on men the expectation to shave themselves as well. If men want to be hairy and still consider themselves "clean", they should believe that hairy women are clean too. Probably even more clean than them. Men by far have worse odors and don't put in enough hygienic care for themselves, especially throughout the lockdowns.

Anonymous 121933

>Men are the logical sex, unable to be manipulated, valient heroes, teachers of reason, responsible.
>Commit 90% of violent crimes.
>"Women just seduce me and that's why I don't have to take responsibility for my autonomy."
>Having father doesn't magically create good people or most people would be good in western world since most people have fathers. Miners who are pinkpilled have fathers and see first hand how retarded a belief that is.
>Troon out.
>Cover for each others depravity encase they want to do it/it's beneficial to their goal.
>Complain they were tricked and it's everyone elses fault they are failsons.

Anonymous 121936

/r9k/ is a failson echo chamber of retards who have already ruined themselves and still want to coddle each other and be homos. Gays are actually some of the most venomous misogynists that exist.

Anonymous 121937

>He was saying that this imageboard doesn't allow men to post because we're "afraid of criticism" and that "brave" and """""intelligent""""" men allow women to post in their websites "because they're not afraid of criticism"
The criticism he is talking about I assume is the "I want to rape women lolz" "Here's my dick lolz" posts right?

Anonymous 121940

>Ever heard the saying "truth does not fear investigation"? If you were truly so confident in all of your radical feminist, anti-male beliefs you'd be comfortable posting them to places where people can scrutinize and express their disagreement with your beliefs
I used to do that literally all the time, got tired of hearing the same response from moids. Men rarely argue in good faith, you tend to notice that when you live in a country that condemns even the most liberal feminism viewpoints, most of the time they just try to troll you, I argued about feminism with lots of different men, it's always the same responses. They never even considered that radical feminism just might be right about some things, they always think that every radfem point is wrong and shutdown everything with a pre-calculated response.

What's the point of repeating the same things to men over and over again, what's the point of being polite and forgiving to men when they don't even want to give up their pwecious porn?
Most radfems used to be accommodating to men, used to explain our views in polite form, you just don't listen.

Anonymous 121947

This is a containment thread for man-hating, in case you weren't aware, retard.

The actual reason we have a female-only imageboard is to not have moid retards such as yourself ruin discussions with your degeneracy, or force your generic male opinions on us. We want to talk to other women about stuff without having scrotes interrupt us and discredit our opinions like they always do everywhere else.

You stepped into this containment thread for misandry willingly and pretend like the whole site was made solely for the purpose of creating this thread, completely ignoring the rest of the site and its purpose.

> The only recourse the posters there would have against you, is to post whatever they want back. They are not "silencing you" by expressing disagreement.

By expressing disagreement all at the same time they are indeed discouraging you from publicly disagreeing with them. Since you're a scrote and have never had to experience being female on a male-dominated website, and since you lack empathy, you're unable to understand how that would affect someone. Keep in mind that we disagree on a lot of things, not just misandry; for example, >>121631 or every time a woman doesn't agree that media depicting women like sex objects most of the time is wrong, or even just when it comes to girls liking cute anime boys and moids react like things aimed at girls and women are automatically inferior for the sole fact that they're made for women and it doesn't appeal to men. When the whole community that you belong to is against your opinion you have no choice but to shut up, and don't pretend it doesn't happen or that you have never relied on other members of a community disagreeing with a dissenter that you don't like so that they'll shut up. And when the whole community that you belong to fundamentally hates you for what you are and cannot change about yourself, you end up hating yourself (another example would be non-white moids on /pol/).

>If you were truly so confident in all of your radical feminist, anti-male beliefs you'd be comfortable posting them to places where people can scrutinize and express their disagreement with your beliefs, because your confident that nothing they can say would prove you wrong.

The things that are said in this thread are not politically correct. Posting them non-anonymously on a more mainstream or """""neutral""""" site would get you banned, fired from your job or doxed, etc. And indeed, these opinions are posted by other people in other sites "where people can scrutinize and express their disagreement" so even there you're wrong. Every now and then I see them even on 4chan. The reason we use this website is not because we're "afraid of criticism" but because we're sick of you scrotes dominating every single discusion, being openly misogynistic and shitting everything up in other ways, and because we're tired of being degraded for being female. The existence of this thread is merely a natural side-effect of having a bunch of women who have spend a lot of time on male-dominated communities that were already full of social outcasts with politically incorrect opinions to begin with.

Anonymous 121953

>coddle each other and be homos
They don't even coddle each other. They just bitch into the void and hate on women together. Whenever one of them is suffering and seeking help, he gets heckled.
As for the homo thing, they're all prison gay porn addicts.

Anonymous 121954

>pretend like the whole site was made solely for the purpose of creating this thread
He's a narcisistic male so yes, that is what he genuinely believes.

Anonymous 121968

Is it /fit/? I hate this place so much. Haven't checked it in a long time, and I don't think of doing so.
This place ia full of incels who become obsessed with their insecurities and then blame women for their problems.

Anonymous 121970

Incels telling each other that women hate them for not being fit enough or having perfect genes, and then blaming women for it. Classic.

Anonymous 121973

I hate how men sexualise and degrade women and then repeat as if they're parrots "Well women sexualise themselves all the time! Why is it wrong when we do it?"
First off all, very few numbers of women sexualise themselves - mostly celebrities or big female influencers.
Most women who are sexualised don't want it and it's againts their will
Also I hate how men use a small statistic to degrade us.
And when we point out that the majority of rapes and murders are done by men they suddently freak out.

Anonymous 121974

Literally 99% of all rapists are men, and that statistic takes into account male victims, too. What are we supposed to do for male victims? It's up to men to stop perpetuating sexual violence against women and themselves.

Anonymous 122010

>containment thread
>dozens of losers come here moaning in agony about how it's a containment thread

Anonymous 122012

They also conveniently ignore that this is essentially just a vent thread, by posting here we're not looking to have a debate (even if some of us do have debates on this stuff with other people on other sites), we just want to scream into the void about all the shit we hate about men.

Anonymous 122013

I find it funny that misogynists (or the manosphere in general) essentially imply men are sex monsters that give 0 fucks about anything else in most of their male victimhood talking points. It's like bragging about how men fuck chicken sandwiches and then trying to gaslight said chicken sandwich that being seen as and used as an object to consume is the ultimate privilege.

A lot of the time, it comes down to being Super Saiyan Simps on the behalf of other men. It's actually morally hilarious and fucked up to blindly want to fuck anything…but if you're a spineless male and trying to appease the hivemind, what do you do? You artificially inflate the value of the disgusting, obsessive, neurotic, mass-produced and porn-addicted male sexuality that is extremely common among men.

And then what do you do to cinch this? You disparage the object of entitlement (women) for participating in it at all (having sex), while bullying it into…participating. Because, again, apparently, men are chronically depressed and kill themselves because they don't get sex. It's just a "need". Yep. Nothing wrong with beating into vulnerable males how they should hate themselves if they don't fuck every "slut" or have a trad broodmare they'll probably cheat on. Lol.

I find it super funny how obsessed failed males are with egoistically inflating the value of their deranged sexuality.

Anonymous 122014

Oh. And let me add, the "just don't be fat and you literally have nothing to worry about" is a talking point for a reason. Why? Because it's a way to pretend women have complete accountability and responsibility for being abused, shit on, cheated on, murdered, etc. It's a cheap mechanic for the intellectually lazy to explain away the sins of men.

Funnily enough…the same men often imply that they'd take a fat 16 year old over a fit 35 year old, or cheat on the latter more. Or that men hate women over 25.
Aging is…irrecovable and 99% out of your control (you can take care of yourself and kind of slow it down).
So, yes, it's a "they want to eat their cake and to have it too" situation.

Anonymous 122070

It's actually one of the video game discussion places, which makes him mentioning lifting all the more funny. High chance that he's actually just fat and trying to lose pounds. But yeah most /fit/ posters are vain and/or overly aggressive.

Anonymous 122199


>scrote invades female-only website
>projects this onto every other poster in here
>either pretends like it's true because he says so, or actually believes that women are incapable of existing on an anonymous imageboard without posting their tits as proof of their biological sex
This is just "there's no females on the internet" with extra steps. And just like that idiotic saying, it's irritating. Especially because they know they're lying, that's why they keep coming here after all.
BTW I think people here should stop asking and replying to "how to identify male posters" questions (if you really want to share advice on how to spot them, keep it between you and your voice-verified Discord friends). Most female posters would be able to identify a male who's not familiar with the site and is unaware of what makes posts look obviously male.

Anonymous 122200

If everyone on this site was male the pink pill threads would be empty. Men are incapable of admitting they're morons lmao

Anonymous 122202

why is it they can't resist posting pepe, wojak, or nazi/hitler images? even before admitting to be male this outs them instantly

Anonymous 122206

A long time ago on 4Chan, some male posters were saying that when women wear tampons they get aroused. I replied to them that saying women feel sexual satisfaction from getting tampons inside of them is like saying men get erections from prostate exams.
They all discredited my opinion, and I was drowned with Tits Or Gtfo.
It's like they're trying to protect their delusions.

Anonymous 122210

The handful of men who show up here just say this in an attempt for women to feel uncomfortable and for us to censor ourselves in the fear that men are all around us. Like you said, it's very easy to identify the men most of the time.

Anonymous 122262

hah, as someone who stupidly (curiosity killed the cat) this is just it.
…co-ed nonpolitically correct spaces are a dumpster fire and I find it funny that someone honestly thinks it's where someone goes to not be a "coward" is a posturing ape.

let me get this straight: the value of debating or arguing about gender issues is chilling in Shrek's toilet. almost no one's mind will be changed.

while not all are like this…a shit ton of men involved are dead-ends.

>"b-but men being drafted" (despite the laws and wars related to this being done by men, kek, so basically something horrible men did to men is now used to solely dunk on feminists, not, y'know, the men in power…the level of cock-simpery is amazing)

>double standards about almost everything and them only finding most things wrong if it's done by a woman; the level of hypocrisy is like if a feminist said rape was bad and then said it's ok if a male is raped

>pretty much selective sociopaths; i.e., wishing murder and abuse and rape on women for the heinous crime of ever liking a cute guy, among other retarded baby shit

>much of men who think they have a victimhood because they can't get their dick wet and are so egoistic, they think they wouldn't be horrible to date (they would)

>bragging about how they ignore 99.99999% of what women do or how hard they work while screeching about how women never do anything

>shilling ways of manipulating, lying to, and generally deceiving women while talking about how much women love bad boys after teaching men how to fool women into believing they're decent

>acting like women are every character flaw ever more than men despite most having research and statistics disproving them or showing men are more likely to have said flaw

literally, there is no arguing with people that just hate you and are incapable of perceiving you as a human being.

Anonymous 122264

Vanessa Gillings D…

I trully despise it when men call women "femoids", "foids", "females" and other dehumanizing words.
I've seen it in all sociel media platforms and internet places, it becomes unbearable.
They always have bad things to say about women, talk about us as if we're lesser than human and invalidate our opinions, experiences, feeling and emotions, because most men deem our views as wrong and biased from their delusions that we get our worldview from the simple fact we're women, and not because we experience it like how "men do".
I hate it when they state that women don't know suffering. Most women from developing countries have to cover their entire bodies in extreme heat, girls can't go to school or a forced out of it because they menstruate, women are the main statistic in human trafficking, most men don't need to have the mentality of prey animals when they get out of their home to be safe out of rape, the male population doesn't have to worry about losing their human rights just because some men came in their country and said so (referencing the taliban takeover of kabul and women left to fight alone in afganistan for their rights).
Suffering is part of life, no human being can escape it, and at some point we'll all grief the same way as the others do.
Even if men do so many things I find disgusting, and sometimes I'm starting to doubt about how trustworthy is the male population, I refuse to call them "moids" or use any of the dreadful terms they use, because I don't want to play in their evil game and I don't want to get myself down on their low, hideous animalistic levels, because I know we women, can do way better than this.
Stay strong sisters!

Anonymous 122266


question, do men pair bond from sex? I know. Literally there's science about this. Of course on paper they do.
But I hear stuff like "post nut clarity" or men acting like sex is meaningless to them (despite also acting like it's a need). I'm aware they're more prone to fixating on mate novelty and being more motivated to chase new mates. but, still. isn't pair bonding a thing? Isn't there men that get more attached after sex?

based, but saying you're against "moid" here is awkward, considering how common it is.

Anonymous 122269

>but saying you're against "moid" here is awkward, considering how common it is.
I know, but it hurts me to see fellow sisters to adapt this barbaric launguage. Why don't we create our own terms?

Anonymous 122270

Yeah, it's extremely bewildering to me…like y'all have no idea. It's because there's so much gaslighting from men about this - especially weird internet men - that it's ridiculous. There's so many that act like men suddenly lose all desire to chase after women if they get sex from one. You will even hear such rhetoric from boomers. A lot of women are told that if they just do X or Y, men won't cheat or lust after other women.
Or that desperation will make men lose all interest in chasing other women…like…wut?????
They always imply the only thing that keeps men from not humping literally everything is a lack of opportunity and it's really sick how they then act like any woman that thinks otherwise is dumb/asking for something bad to happen to her.

The existence of porn happened bc it literally appeals to this sensibility, tricking the brain that it's getting a novel new mate over and over again. Literally, there is no one woman that exists that could immediately nuke a mans' addiction to novelty.
It's not some "need."
Yeah, I try not using moid that often, I just overlook it because it feels like a "punching up" sort of thing. For every time it's said, any permeutation of foid/femoid, etc., is probably said 1000s of times. Probably makes me a hypocrite. It just is something that is so much less extreme than the "it's funny when a woman is raped/murdered" that I have seen endlessly from male circles.

IMO, I think in general women actually humanize men more than men humanize women. The fact that a lot of men act like men being obsessed with womens' holes is the same as humanizing them sums things up.

Anonymous 122272

>It just is something that is so much less extreme than the "it's funny when a woman is raped/murdered" that I have seen endlessly from male circles.
True, I also feel this way. I've seen so many jokes where the woman's suffering is the punchline it makes me sad.
>IMO, I think in general women actually humanize men more than men humanize women.
It's the truth. Since men are more easily led by their animalistic urges that also takes a very negative effect on their intelligence and emotional intelligence.

Anonymous 122294

I think early experience fixes their "type" but that's it. The same effect can be achieved from porn exposure as well (see how many paraphilias are developed in childhood). But to think they can love just a single woman simply because she was there first? No. Male "love" is just obsessive fixation on superficial characteristics. A woman, which is an object to him, can be swapped out at any time. I think the only reason he may feel bad if/when she leaves us because he doesn't have complete control over her anymore. If males could have it their way, they'd sleep with infinity women but the "discard pile" would be untouchable to other men, since they're marked as his conquests and possessions.

Anonymous 122308


moids are truly retarded, imagine spending a whole thread generalizing and insulting women only to then claim to not be a misogynist
nobody is buying it

Anonymous 122309


This happened a while back but some scrote lectured me on why yuri is "for women, by women" to debunk me saying yuri is cringe because it's made for the male gaze.

And then picrel exists and it's a girl overreacting to being kissed and touched like she's a touch-starved moid lol. None of this is reasonable. It's such a stereotype of the extreme, unrealistic submissive behavior moids themselves are attracted to in order to make themselves feel "special" and "dominant".
The same chodes that angrily cry and screech "SLUT" and "WHORE" at women who enjoy feeling sexy.

Anonymous 122319

There is this new guy at my job who makes a point to use the women's restroom out of all four of the restrooms we have on the first floor. Two of them are unisex. One is the men's restroom. This little shit sprays his fucking cologne all over it, no doubt his piss too. I don't want our one neat bathroom to smell like his piss! He's contrary about everything, hypersensitive and awkward.. he rambles incoherently like he's never thought out what he's about to say in his life.. and he still has the gall to impose his scroty shit on you. He doesn't listen when he's given instruction about the job. And when he's being trained he contradicts everything. He gets defensive. Awkward af and I'm at the end of my rope. My boss has said he wants to get rid of him and I don't blame him, but I need days off for the next two months. We have to at least wait until I'm done with that… Can I report the creepiness with the women's bathroom as sexual harassment? How can I make this guy's life hell?

I give him no reactions and ignore his miniscule behavior since it's been on display. Since he hates taking instruction I just ignore him and let things blow up in his face so he looks and feels like an idiot for now. But I kinda wanna kick it up a notch because I'm sick of the bathroom shit. Still I don't want blowback at all, I can't stand having conversation with him I don't want to get pulled into interaction I regret. Help :l

Anonymous 122320

Cover the bathroom walls with yaoi.

Anonymous 122321

Quality post.
Ironically, you will be accused of being a "moid" if you disagree with using the term. Guess the "two wrongs make a right" mentality is hard to overcome for most anons here

Anonymous 122322

Trust me if it were my own bathroom I would.

Anonymous 122323

Literally just go to HR and complain there is a man in the women's room and that he has 3 other bathrooms he can use. They should put a stop to it. If he keeps doing it, definitely a fireable offence.

Anonymous 122330

You really think it's something a person could get fired over though? In a way I don't want to Fast track his getting fired I just want him to stop. Boss already wants him gone, but without him I get no days off.

Anonymous 122332

It’s awful how they watch lewd Tiktok videos of underage girls, basically cp, and also call them degoratory terms for existing.
Sun on the sky should hurry up and burn the earth already.

Anonymous 122347

why are the men with terrible genes always obsessed with having offspring?

Anonymous 122354

I like this attitude, when someone is able to realise that they have shit genes they should know better than to breed their ugly spawn

Anonymous 122355

It's your employer's problem if they're understaffed, not yours. You legally still get time off. Nothing they can do about that.

Your work can choose to make it a fireable offence. If it's an office rule and he breaks it, he can be fired. It's as simple as that.

They know they're failed males so they want to have children to live vicariously through them as a second attempt at being successful.

Anonymous 122357

>They know they're failed males so they want to have children to live vicariously through them as a second attempt at being successful.

Thankfully the warp speed vaccines should have sterilised most of the human feces by now

Anonymous 122358

Anon… men who are obsessed with carrying on their genes are super suspicious of vaccines and are anti-vax for a reason. They’re scared of any chance of being infertile and enjoy the victim hood complex that anti-vax brings them

Anonymous 122359

So you're saying that you've taken it

Good riddance, your mongrel lineage of defeat and rape has been cancelled, what a happy day

Anonymous 122363

It's a defense mechanism to pretend their criticisms actually come from a sounder place. It's a dumbass bid to raise the status of their egoistic hatred.
You can guarantee this loser watches teen rape porn and bitches about female hypergamy.

Look, I dislike men but holy shit, abused and raped? Why would I wish that on anyone?

Anonymous 122366

I was initially against using it when I first started using this site, but eventually I gave up and started saying it too.

Anonymous 122368


>Only look good at a specific age if they have a specific body type and follow a specific fashion style
Scrotes are embarassing. Women can look cute even if we're old, fat or tomboys. Meanwhile the male equivalent of those things are hideous.

Anonymous 122370


Anonymous 122374

You are not immune to propaganda

Anonymous 122393

I used to be more aware of this, and slowly but surely I forgot.

Anonymous 122398

>complains moid is propaganda
>while cp is currently being posted by men on cc

Anonymous 122414

As I mentioned earlier, two wrongs don't make a right.

Anonymous 122416

I’m lesbian, but I’m always amazed how unsexy straight sex seems. I spend a lot of time in anime/game fandoms, and have unwittingly seen a dozen of those porn clips.
Like holy shit, they just push with their organs up and down, as if they’re fucking a sheep or a tree stump. I cannot call that motion sexy, or even erotic.
Yet that’s the endgame for them, truly, the peak of passion. They’re not even being humorous or ironic about it. They’re genuinely into it and build mysticism around it. 10 seconds of hands-free masturbation. In and out. And touching her body outside of tits doesn’t happen. They don’t even touch the clit. Like… seriously? She wouldn’t be even wet, let alone moaning like that.
I just roll over and laugh.

Anonymous 122423

Eh, I rarely use it myself, but, honestly…think. In the realm of insults it's extremely meh–I have 0 issue with it being used in context to describe shitty males, I don't know what to tell you, I consider it akin to "asshole" but more gendered.
The thing I agree with is that its origin are fucked up and we should probably just make up another term…getting away from incel stuff? Always a plus.

I noted the CP being posted on CC by men because…yes, two wrongs don't make a right, but I did it because insults are not some cardinal sin and in the scheme of things, a word is just a word. Yes, it's ok if you don't like the term, though, your heart breaking over it? IDK, sis.
"Foid" is something I never liked seeing though what actually makes an impression on me is all the other things

Anonymous 122458

You're not going down on their level by mirroring some of their behavior.

Anonymous 122489

Vanessa Gillings D…

Ok, my mind is changed. After seeing the CP raid in /b/, I believe that men should be called "moids" and other alternatives of the slangs they use againts women. I hate these coom chimps. I'm sorry.

Anonymous 122493

I detest this actually, because being passively mild, doesn't make you look superior, it's like repeatedly taking ill treatment and laying down for it. The worst thing is that you're their joke in the end, and they see that. I don't think it's healthy because you may pretend to be ok with it now but it starts to eat away at your subconscious,define you and color your existence in this eroding way. Using words that sharpen the impact of your presence have the opposite effect. To call this "hideous and animalistic" is really locking yourself in there and it does nothing for you.

Anonymous 122503

It's not used in context to refer to shitty males though, it's the norm to use it instead of "man", the same way incels use "foid" instead of "woman".

>a word is just a word

You wouldn't think the same way about the n-word, would you? Words are powerful things.

How are we better than them if we act just like them?

Anonymous 122515

If I had a button to destroy all males i the world i would actually press it, no hesitation.

Anonymous 122519

I would too, but I'll leave only the submissive pretty ones that actually respect and see women as human beings (if such males actually exist…)

Anonymous 122524

NTA but same

Anonymous 122525

>How are we better than them if we act just like them?

How do we act just like them? There are not miners going to places like wizardchan, soy, etc. and spamming cp and gore like they do here and lc. The fact of the matter is we do not act the same.

Anonymous 122533

Lolll, you know you can just use it in contexts meant to shit on bad men.

Anonymous 122534



Guess what. "Moid" isn't the n-word and I find it funny that you think there's some sort of special, heinous historical context to moid that you compare it to that. There's not. That's it. It's even used in more casual contexts.

>Just like them

Tell us, how is it that we're acting like them? Because, apparently, using anything that sounds like their shady words is wrong and makes us mirror them because 99.99% of the other stuff we say or do doesn't matter in this context. Are we not to disparage them at all, because apparently the virtuesignalling police will hunt us down? Is it that we're all little angels that never, ever do the many, many…many things that men do worse, more…but we're immediately "acting like a male" and "stooping down to their level" the one instance we do?
No, I'm here to tell you that it's all posturing. Women are held to higher moral standards and that's why it seems like a word without historical cruelty carries so much weight to us. Use it, don't, etc., I don't care. Wake me up when it's on the lips of 1000s of women that wish rape and murder on men and would wish a nuclear bomb on a man that says he likes tall women.

I post a pepe cuz I wish to stoop down to mens' level. So naughty.

Anonymous 122536

You can but why

Anonymous 122537

They are still useful to do shitty work hmm

Anonymous 122541

>Wake me up when it's on the lips of 1000s of women that wish rape and murder on men and would wish a nuclear bomb on a man that says he likes tall women.

Listen you can have fun rolling around in the dirt with incels all you want but don't tell me it's not hypocritical to despise them and still use their lingo.

Anonymous 122544

I don't like saying "moid". My point is that I won't police women on a IB over it.

This is what I mean. Some of y'all are still hyper-obsessed with appearances and it really shows.
One second it's "stooping to their exact level", and then the next, hypocrisy. Ah yes, hypocrisy, one of the 7 mortal sins. We're breaking incel copyright laws by just saying "moid".

The normies now saying "Chad" that hate incels are retarded hypocrites, right? Lol, ok.

Anonymous 122561

Ah, sorry, I was being sarcastic so that's probably why.
For example the Chad thing is a reference to how there's incel lingo now being used by all types of people, including some that probably dislike incels. Accusing someone of being a hypocrite over it is very weird to me.

Anonymous 122564

Ok, that's a good point. I'm personally used to incels saying it in extremely fucked up contexts but it's still way easier to laugh off than foid.

Anonymous 122566

btw, is scrote just better to use then if the problem is being too incel sounding? I never use it because it's such a nasty sounding word.

Anonymous 122611

I've noticed a lot of men use women for free therapy + the sex they get, while providing absolutely nothing, while the woman has to be able to get along with their mental unstability.

Anonymous 122623

not really so much of a pinkpill and I assume this will be completely ignored. but I wanted to talk about a distant male relative of mine that acts like an incel - let's call him Dick - and is unbelievably fucked up…and another, his brother, Ted, who is autistic and introverted but is warm and enthusiastic in general. I'm in disbelief of how ridiculous the whole situation is.

Dick is a narcissistic (in the way that he can't stop bragging about how he was popular in middle school) extrovert and feels violated each time Ted is reserved. he has spewed incel talking points a lot, which Ted has expressed worry over. "He's saying stuff that I've seen in Elliot Roger's manifesto, what the fuck." '

I'm thankfully not around him often, but I remember when Dick snapped him ranting about how women love bad boys and hate good men like him. I remember him screaming abuses at Ted and I stepped in to defend Ted desperately. Dick looked at me and said, "I hope you burn in hell, you bitch. I bet you have slept with dozens of men". Not really worded like that but same talking points.

Not so fun fact: Dick has slept with random women casually and got a STD that fucked him up. I am a virgin.

Anonymous 122624

One time he got a weapon and tried breaking into Ted's room while screaming "I AM JUST DEFENDING MYSELF!" among other things. Countless fights spring up from Dick being triggered about not having complete access to Ted 24/7, and then rationalizes it as being some sort of fight against the "evil" that is Ted, and how Dick is just doing a good thing when he berates Ted or tries destroying the boundaries Ted himself clearly communicated.

Ted has explained his autism and his OCCASIONAL reserved behavior amazingly well, how he's trying to be better, how he and Dick can work together to treat one another better…
…it all has flew completely over Dick's head.
Ted has trauma from the past attacks that makes him defensive when Dick starts pressuring him with rude questions, that Dick can't stop bitching is completely retarded, crazy, and unfounded and that he's just a "nice guy." One in the over dozen times Dick started a fight did Ted fight back and he can't stop going on and on about how no one holds Ted accountable over it. Not one time did Ted try harassing him in his room or anything like that.

The real ironic twist is how Ted actually tries the hardest to soothe Dick and be his friend. They hang out hours a week. Laugh together. Etc. "The truth is, Dick, I find you to be a very funny and cool guy."
Also, Dick is obese and 5"3 and Ted is 6"0, and could easily kill Dick yet lives in fear of him. Dick is alt-right and Ted is a leftist.
And that Ted earns his own money with an independent business while Dick lives on welfare.

Each time I see an incel on the internet, I imagine they're probably more like Dick than Ted despite both technically being socially awkward.

Anonymous 122633

I despise how men gatekeep the 50% of the population that does not have a meat stick between their legs.
I saw a post about a thread for "manga that women will never get" and he posted an image of Berserk.
I love berserk, and I hold it dearly next to my heart, I cried many times reading it, related and felt the emotions of Guts, Casca, sometimes Griffith. I was inspired by the art of Kentarou Miura, and supridsed how well he captures the theme of sexual trauma, losing your hopes and losing people important to you.
I can keep on going for the reasons I adore Berserk, but now I can't, it makes me sad that the coom chimps don't recognize us as humans that can understand complex literature.

Anonymous 122641

It's males who don't get Berserk. They think it's about some angry Chad who is based and manly and cool, who has a feud against an evil faggot who wants to have sex with him. It's not that at all. All the characters are very complex in a way that few men seem to understand.

It's even more ironic considering Miura himself considers Berserk a Shoujo/joisei manga, but with a grimdark aesthetic.

Anonymous 122661

>complex literature
shiggy diggy

Anonymous 122662

There is no intrinsic merit/demerit to a certain medium. Any work can be deep or shallow regardless of how it tells its story.

Anonymous 122663

now I'm interested in Berserk

Anonymous 122664

the art is amazing and so is the character development and story but if you decide to read it there's a lot of rape scenes and violence just a heads up, it's a pretty dark manga

Anonymous 122665

While I agree with all you've said, there's also plenty of material in Berserk that is undeniably very appealing to men. The characters are complex beings with multifaceted personalities, sure, but it's also a story with features that males love, like fighting, gore, vengeance, anger, stoicism, physical training etc. so obviously they think it's ONLY about that.

The funniest part, though, is that usually everyone agrees the Golden Age is the best part of Berserk and it's not a coincidence that it's the section of the story with the most emotion and the least fighting.

Anonymous 122682

Tbh, the Berserk fan community has a subset of mega incels/misogynists that feel like it's just one big power and status fantasy.

Kenmura himself has said he's taken inspiration from shoujo manga–such as Rose of Versailles, and added a lot of surprising elegance and romantic elements to the work. IMO it starts getting blatantly obvious later in the story, with the art style getting way more delicate.

Kenmura even said manga for men is more contrived and calculated, especially to pander for sales, and expressed that in that regard, he relates more to shoujo…implying he literally thinks manga for women is more likely to be genuine.

Call it a generalization or no, imagine saying Berserk is the essential "wahman don't get this" manga is hilarious in context.

Anonymous 122685

The berserk incels have become such a problem they're now a meme on /fit/.

Anonymous 122686

2011 /v/ memes to discredit the idea that berserk isn't just a jerk off power fantasy

Anonymous 122688

>I can keep on going for the reasons I adore Berserk, but now I can't, it makes me sad that the coom chimps don't recognize us as humans that can understand complex literature.
>manga is complex literature
>not liking things because of what scrotes are doing
>gushing over a glorified picture book
I feel like a scrote wrote this as a parody or it's a troon LARP.

Anonymous 122692

Have you read Berserk?

Anonymous 122695

Yes. Not complex literature. Complex art at times, not complex literature.

Anonymous 122698


In fact, thinking about it more, I realize that if purely caring about the "complexity" of the work. The overarching structure of One Piece is probably closer to "complex literature" than anything Berserk does. There are not plot hooks and payoffs separated by hundreds of chapters, unlike OP. Granted, the character's are less "deep", but then we're going to have go down a rabbit hole of "is complexity in the characters or BETWEEN the characters?".

Anonymous 122702

I don't think it's a good thing either. "Complex" is a category, not a compliment. If she didn't mean complex as in complex, she should use a different adjective.

Almost as stupid as scrotes using "adult" and "violent" as synonyms for "good".

Anonymous 122706

"complex" is still more similar to something like saying "deep" or "meaningful", they're way closer to being synonyms than "adult" to "good", so it's weird you used that example.

Anonymous 122707

"Deep" is almost as bad as "complex". "Meaningful" is probably the closest synonym to good though, that's a good starting point.

Anonymous 122709

One thing that perplexes me about mens' obsession, especially that of creepy incels or redpillers, with youth is that…objectively bad for society and pretty much everyone, and makes almost no pragmatic sense, yet they seem extremely prideful about it. Why?

Anonymous 122710

Because they don't think it's objectively bad for society. We can talk about why they don't think it is bad, but the reasoning behind "Why are they not ashamed of being so completely wrong?" is pretty straight forward.

Anonymous 122713

It's a cope. Men on average age more poorly then women with bad hygiene practices, porn addiction rotting their brains, and unhealthy eating habits. They're only saving grace is their higher fat burning/metabolism in their teens/20s, but once they hit the wall at 35, with male patterned baldness setting in, they look like shit trolls or ogres by the time they're 40. Whereas women, regardless of looks, tend to care more about their health and wellbeing, are more likely to achieve their goals and still raise a family if that's what's important to them. The only time the obsession with youth negatively affects women is if we focus on beauty more then overall health into middle-old age in general. It's why men tend to prefer younger women, because their lack of life experiences and vulnerability makes them prime targets for their internal narcissism. I genuinely don't believe it has anything to do with looks. Women who are 30+ who are healthy and attractive for it have gained enough life experience to realize what they what and usually won't put up with shit from any moid unless he's worth his salt.

Anonymous 122714

>links to a single post
Such an argument woah. This definitely proves that women commit just as much crime as moi- whoops I mean men do haha.

Anonymous 122715

>I saw a post about a thread for "manga that women will never get" and he posted an image of Berserk.
He's so speshul for liking one of the most popular manga ever lmao. All they need to do is post gross hentai manga or that metamorphosis manga that was a meme with moids some time ago. That's what women truly will never understand

Anonymous 122716

>Tbh, the Berserk fan community has a subset of mega incels/misogynists that feel like it's just one big power and status fantasy.
I can name a few things that have the same subset of dumbass moids who screech "REEE WOMEN AND NORMIES WILL NEVER GET IT" while the creator of said thing carried a completely different message in his/her head.

Anonymous 122717

No, they understand it's bad but they don't care when they THEMSELVES do it.
Most men would flip out if their own daughters/family members were harassed by pedo incels. They also understand how destructive male sexuality is outright when they see women as damaged/tainted when they are influenced by other men.
Their morality is simply self-serving and narcissistic. They want to be accommodated but don't want the same accomodations granted to anyone else. It's just how the male brain works. They want infinite women, infinite power, infinite resources but feel threatened and annoyed by other men trying to meet the same end (and of course women are just objects with varying levels of value they assign)

Men don't actually follow any belief systems, all of their philosophy and political theories are just mind games. They are all just selfish coomers when you peel away the layers.

Anonymous 122718

Even that's not true. I understand male monkey brains and their need to coom and destroy. It's incredibly disgusting and detestable, but simple.
It's men who can't seem to figure out anything outside of the surface level. It pairs with their autistic thought pattern, where they think incredibly linearly and can't keep track of subtext or emotion.

I was thinking earlier today about how this is the exact reason males don't consider women to be human. It's their autism. They can't empathize or theorize a world from another perspective. They can only understand other men with similar life experience, so they just assume women can't be human.

I see this problem pop up in many different ways. Obviously the dehumanization and objectification of women (they do this with animals and children too, but they're especially neurotic when it comes to women), never believing women, mansplaining, saying we're "so confusing and illogical", etc.

When men say "women don't understand X" what they're actually saying is "I can't understand how women (a incomprehensible, non-human object) could understand X"

Anonymous 122736

How can I live feeling peaceful, while being aware of how violent and hateful scrotes are against us? I feel like my fear and despise for them is making me mentally exhausted and bitter. I try not to interact with XY, but I still feel like this

Anonymous 122740

Slight disagree about the "moids all want to destroy" thing. Many do though in general it's often an indirect consequence of them just pursuing what they want to do carelessly, and often done by otherwise normal seeming guys that don't have particularly evil proclivities.
Many can't even understand how porn alters their brain chemistry or view of women and sex because they just don't care, galvanized by a lack of prosocial behavior and empathy, among other things, because they refuse to challenge that which they desire.

It's like that classic story of a guy that marries his high school sweetheart happily…
…then years in, he starts losing interest in his family, watches porn and plays games all day, etc., pretty much neglecting his child and wife. Destruction might not be on his mind, but him doing what he wants causes harm to others.

It's something that I wish women and girls would understand. So much compartmentalization between good and bad men, when most are on a spectrum of shadiness at best.

Anonymous 122741

>I feel like my fear and despise for them is making me mentally exhausted and bitter.
That's because it is, and it is because you do this.
>I try not to interact with XY, but I still feel like this
You are actively making your life revolve around your fear of them. You feel like garbage because your center of control is outside yourself. Your center of control is outside yourself because you don't trust in your own abilities/resources to help you. Don't pick fights, but if you're heading out cowering in fear from what moids can do to you you are actively making your life worse.

Anonymous 122749

Eh, I figured. I guess I'm more interested in what actually causes such dissonance.

Anonymous 122752

That's not cognitive dissonance. To have dissonance the moid would have to hold the belief "the younger a woman is the more valuable she is" along with something else contradictory, I don't know "woman are all worthless". There we go that's one. That would be cognitive dissonance, hell even a common one for scrotes. By definition though anyone needs at least two contradictory beliefs to be in dissonance.

And then you realize that literally every human has cognitive dissonance, but we don't talk about that.

Anonymous 122754

originally I was talking about the disharmony between their beliefs and how they package them and reality itself. to my understanding "dissonance" is a good word for it or a lack of harmony. I also was referring to many things besides that that fit your definition, including the reference you gave. It's just I don't want to sit there and list out everything.

Anonymous 122775

iirc, in Berserk members of both sexes get raped because they live in a crapsack world

Anonymous 122776

One part of it is really bad. Anons who have read Berserk will know. I still enjoyed it as a woman but I see why it would not sit right with you.>>122769

Anonymous 122780

I think the rape content fits the extremely dark world the manga is set in, and I don't think it's portrayed in a pornographic way at all.

As a matter of fact, consequences of such acts on an individual are explored deeply.

Anonymous 122784

Why do scrotes project so much lmao
It's pathetic how obvious they are too

Anonymous 122785

Do you believe it's possibe to get rid of or to decrease sexism? How? I think it's hopeless because women always fall for manipulation tactics. Now that women are more aware of sexism, men found a way of not being held accountable by saying that they don't identify as males

Anonymous 122801

Them not identifying as males is still a bit rarer than many men weaponizing their insecurities or mental health issues (i.e., "I cheated cuz I was depressed!") to get away with shit.

Anyway, honestly, I honestly doubt things are going to get better…technology and porn is making a ton of men more entitled and obsessed with women as objects (yes, even more than before, god forbid). The effect porn has on the brain is akin to making it greedier, and it also damages the part of the brain related to discipline and decision-making. So, we get a ton of males seeing what isn't immoral inherently as being immoral and hateful…rationalizing it as the proper response when it really is like a dog getting vicious because someone touched its toy.

When VR starts being able to emulate sexual pleasure with 14 year old waifus I'm sure millions of more incels will be made that can't stop crying about how evil women are for not wanting their zombie asses, kek.

The problem with misogyny is that it's often the hatred of women not being completely altruistic or appeasing mens' greed or entitlement and inherent inability to perceive women as human beings, despite there being plenty of evidence (studies to observable reality) of women being more altruistic than men on average. It's why most misogynistic talking points boil down to hating women for things that men either do as much or more than women.

Anonymous 122802

Has anyone noticed how conditional male humanity is? Like face to face the vast majority of them are pretty decent humans and as long as you are influencing them all the misogynistic shit they have seems to vanish. But the moment you stop doing it, they start devolving into their default seething hateful self. It's like they can only be a functional member of society only as long as a woman is attached to them and guides them. Also another thing that makes them lose their humanity is working in a group/socializing with other males. Individually they all can be different in their sexism and have limits on it, but when they unite with each other their biases seems to interfere with each other to the point of creating the vulgar patchwork narrative of "man good woman bad", which makes the collective misogyny level go over 9000 far exceeding the one that you would expect just by summing up the levels of their individual nastiness. Seems like to be adequate they are required to be separated from each other and to have a very deep relationship with their female caretaker, otherwise they turn into shit.

Anonymous 122823

They spew conditional things all the time too. "Oh, he only cheated because she gained 5 pounds, it's her fault." Or "men cheat because they just don't get enough sex from their wives" (btw I tried researching the subject and this isn't anywhere near the top cause of men cheating). I've even seen boomer males, men that didn't grow up baked by internet misogyny, say such things a lot. Wouldn't be surprised if some dumbasses said stuff like this while also claiming male love is unconditional, kek.

Anonymous 122831

>When VR starts being able to emulate sexual pleasure with 14 year old waifus I'm sure millions

Anon I… It's already happening…

Anonymous 122833

Berserk is honestly very silly.Its too grimdark to take seriously. Think extra edgy Conan the barbarian. There is a lot of rape. All 3 leading characters were raped at some point 2 of which are male. But I think there are a lot more instances where someone tries to rape Casca, whereas Guts was just raped 1 time as a child.

Anonymous 122842

Wasn't he like a child sex slave for some extended period of time? I got the impression it was an ongoing thing.

Anonymous 122843

No he was adopted by a mercenary as a child who found him still alive in his pregnant mothers corpse. Said mercenary taught him how to fight father figure etc. But then as a child a big black guy in their mercenary band was sexually attracted to him and paid his adoptive father money to be allowed to rape Guts. Guts later kills them both. Like I said very edgy.

Anonymous 122844

Yeah but I thought Gambino sold him to the rapist on multiple occasions.

Anonymous 122846

I find it interesting that the hatred for Casca in various male Berserk communities infinitely outweighs that of Gambino, a father figure that literally betrayed Guts and gave him lifelong trauma.

Anonymous 122849

I never even knew people hated Casca. Whats the reasoning?

Anonymous 122850

Mles are the exact reason why we can't post images here anymore. Women do not make CP and gore spambots to fuck with mle-only spaces.

Way to go for eternally proving /pinkpill/ right, scrotes.

Anonymous 122855

>scrote doesn't know that those systems aren't foolproof
way to make a fool out of yourself, moid

Anonymous 122856

>doing and posting abuse of children is less of a problem than a website without a filter
please never have kids i beg you never ever start a family okay

Anonymous 122857

How spineless and cock-sucking misogynists are is very interesting tbh. Take a fucked up thing a male does and invent a way for it to reflect poorly on a woman.
It's like robotic, soulless clockwork.

Anonymous 122859

Women gain less from relationships than men on average and suffer most of the worst risks, particularly in deep, emotional ways, and that's the real reason why men can be so careless once they get into one and hyperfixate on greedy or dumb minutiae (getting an endless stream of novelty-ful sex, whining about wives gaining 5 pounds, and complaining about spending some money). And it's also applicable to women with otherwise decent men.

That's why people have to apologize for the immoral behavior among men or shill romanticism to women…because otherwise, female separatism would become more of a norm.

Anonymous 122860

It's already increasingly becoming the norm, honestly. And birthrates everywhere are plummetting because god knows that's a death sentence. Women are starting to get it

Anonymous 122871

You're right. it comes down to having a child being like signing up for a job that'll take 10000s of hours with only abstract payoffs, and society not actually valuing it accordingly or what it actually entails.

Anonymous 122878

The things the govt will do just to try making women give birth more is hilarious, and kind of disgusting

Anonymous 122891

In France right now they are giving families 10 000 for every kid they have.
Imagine getting only 10 000 for giving birth to a child, marrying a scrote moid beat and rape you for the rest of your life, and probably raking all the money too.
They should give 500 000 000 to the mother and making a test for the moid to see if he doesn't have tendencies to beat, rape or to be pedophilic. That will be the minimum for me to accept the deal.

Anonymous 122892

>not in a pornographic way

I think I disagree. You are right in the sense that it is shown as part of the awful world and the trauma is explored more maturely than most manga, but even with all that the women are shown in a 'sexy' way more often during rape. when Guts or whoever else got raped, it was more focused on his face, his fear, etc but when a woman is raped whether she is a main character or not her body is shown a lot more. i still think berserk is a major step up from a lot of anime/manga though, and i still definitely enjoy it

Anonymous 122896

>They should give 500 000 000 to the mother and making a test for the moid to see if he doesn't have tendencies to beat, rape or to be pedophilic. That will be the minimum for me to accept the deal.
That's still not worth it. Pregnant and post-partum women are treated terribly by society. Convinced not to pain meds, expected to run a household immediately after abdominal surgery, given life long trauma, treated like a piece of meat, etc etc.

The medical establishment needs to have a huge overhaul about how women are treated if they want women to have more kids. The fact that they are just throwing money at the women means they don't understand the issue at all.

Anonymous 122901

The medical system is just one spike in the iron maiden. There's just no a real support system around potential mothers, and I'd wager the majority of men either have apathy or disdain towards motherhood and are incapable of actually being generous and nurturing fathers and husbands.

Anonymous 122902

I mean, most of the "women should be mothers" males are of the ones that also like saying "go make a sandwich kek" because they actually see housework/taking care of the family as being subhuman and worthy of no respect.

Anonymous 122911

I find it very interesting the male victimhood crowd keeps on going on about family court, when it's actually a thing that men regularly give up custody, and that abusers actually regularly manipulate the courts into giving them custody.

Family court lawyers note it's usually the STABLE seeming person that get the kids. Hysteria is a no-no, actually.

So, basically, charismatic sociopaths or apathetics and not emotional people have an advantage in family court–the former of which men are more likely to be. Mothers who want to actually alienate the father actually get shafted by many courts as that's considered a red flag–even in cases where she claims abuse. Women report that some of their exes demanded time only to completely ignore their children.

Don't get me wrong, a small amount of men are probably wronged by the courts and some panels will favor women (mostly bc they know women tend to care more about their children kek), but it's so disingenuous and retarded that MRAs use it to gotcha women, as if the law solely wrongs men in such situations.

Anonymous 122915

men demand time and then pass the kids off on some other woman in their life

Anonymous 122920

back to twitter twittershitter

Anonymous 122923

Just found out a man I know was arrested for CP. He had a great career, a wife, and kids. Daughters.
I can't imagine how his wife feels. You think you know a man…

Anonymous 122925

That and the daughters are probably going to be traumatized for life.
This is pretty much it. Tbh, the more I see and learn, the more I realize the metric tons of cope and reaffirmations and (short-lived) incentives needed to actually maintain relations between men and women.

Anonymous 122928

Daily reminder that men live life on easy mode and much of what ails men, particularly the "losers" of society, is because men aren't prosocial and design their entire lives around an obsession with teen girls and sex in a unsustainable way that's destined to destroy them from the inside out, while refusing to make real, supportive connections with other men or encourage a way of living that focuses on self-actualization and independence, not depravity and sex.

So, when some men act traumatized from some women liking tall men, or not getting sex, he has nothing actually horrific to worry about and has a mentally ill sexual obsession. Many, particularly incels, are so privileged that a small slight to their ego or not getting access to a woman they feel entitled to is the worst things to them. This looks bad, so…they have to pretend their victimhood has status.
They'll whine about affirmative action and being homeless when it's been years since they even turned into a resume and they mooch off their parents. They'll brag about ignoring all the hard work women do and make fun of career women, then bitch about women never doing anything and only men ever doing anything. They'll whine about family courts while ignoring the reality of male apathy towards children. It's all a game to them; all red herrings to distract from them being the human equivalent of a dead end. The men that do suffer horrible things don't readily go around saying it 100s of times on the internet and harass women with them.

Ultimately, most male internet creeps and misogynists are the type that'd prefer jacking off to teens than support their suicidal male friends. And, after a friend kills himself, they'll use his suicide as a gotcha against feminists and to blame women and society for not sucking his friend off before it was too late. He will never take accountability because he values his ego more than other men.

Anonymous 122934

It's not just "ugly" women, it also happens when you don't dress femininely or don't wear makeup and all that stuff.

Anonymous 122937

Yep. Men say 100xs more fucked up stuff and in more quantity about womens' looks than the other way around. Incels make literal systems designed around objectifying people.

It doesn't matter if someone will fuck you if they find you embarrassing to date or show off to their family/friends, or will find you ugly in a few years or after a few pounds.
It doesn't matter if you spend all day looking at hotties and cooming to hotties, much like how many men do.

All it takes for a cowardly moid to screech is a woman ignoring them; to them, it's is as bad as saying an ugly woman is garbage. In the meantime when they're middle-aged with their loving wife, they will start cooming to young girls, whose validation and sexuality are the only things they think will cure their loneliness.

Anonymous 122938

It's because the modern male is mentally ill, with brain damage from compulsive porn use that perpetually makes them obsessed with women and incapable of making honest connections not based in extreme transactionality and dopamine-highs. They rot their brains from extreme entitlement to the point where their entire ego and soul is conditional to being able to coom inside a woman while they whine about how it's just about ~connection.~

In the meantime, they call women that sleep with all kinds of men sluts and evil. Women that essentially do what is technically a public service according to the rhetoric of incels.
It's all because they actually are just hypocrites that actually yearn for this:
not having to do shit and having women lose all their intellectual faculties and want to throw themselves on them…and only them, which is something that is both shallow and both unsustainable.
They don't understand the idea of being able to grow attracted to someone because they're incapable of being drawn to someone's character or actions unless they're sexual in nature.

That is why so many incels end up actually finding someone that likes them, but they still find a way to complain or trade up for a new, younger model once they actually gain confidence, perpetually obsessed with finding new mates so they can feel "desired." More than, y'know, anything real. They're obsessed with the fevered highs of teenage summer love, ignoring the spectrum of love there is, including that of their fellow man.

You can find men that say this constantly in incel circles, kek.
They play the victim because what they care about is the egoism related to gaining access to a "female." But guess what? When you objectify someone so much that you date them because they just have the correct parts…a relationship like that will combust sometime because it'll feel empty.

"What? She used me for my friendship!" "She used me for a free meal because she didn't open up her pussy to me on the dinner table!"

Guess what? Women just have more to fear when they aren't their partner's type.
Men are more likely to cheat because of looks and grow significantly more likely to cheat the older their wife gets.
Mens' happiness is more tied to the LOOKS of their partner, youth included.
Mens' treatment of their spouses is more tied to how she looks.
Men spend far more time coomsuming hot people and paying for hot people (onlyfans).

It's just men are so neurotically obsessed with the idea that a man blindly being able to fuck anything means something, when in reality it's nihilistic animalism, and they're obsessed with a high that is retarded and irrational to wish for indefinitely.

Anonymous 122939

is this why the pornstars they destroy their dicks to are caked on make-up and full of surgery?

Anonymous 122940

Kek, by "tomboy" he means a 15 year old girl with a baseball cap.

Anonymous 122941

why do men have such simplistic ways of looking at the world, is this some kind of anime brainrot or what, jfc
as if "tomboys" cant also wear make-up, or as if there aren't feminine girls who dont use make-up lmao
men will always prefer make-up because well done make-up can look natural while simultaneously enhancing your features and making you look prettier, and who wouldn't prefer a prettier version of you?
the reason they don't like make-up is because their scrote brain is traumatized by those viral asian make-up videos where the girl completley transforms with and without make-up and they are scared of being "manipulated" by women who present as more attractive than they are failing to realize that:
1 you cant pull off that degree of transformation irl, it falls apart and looks bad and obvious without the camera and filters
2 the average girl doesnt have the time to go around getting ready like that, the skills to pull that off effectively and the money to buy all those products and props
3 its okay for them to manipulate us with empty promised and sweet nothings and pua tactics but some foundation is a no-no
moids are something else lmao!

Anonymous 122943

when they say they don't like make-up, it's usually because they're thinking of the small minority of girls that look very feminine without any on, not really the average woman.

Anonymous 122945

Or they're talking about the "natural makeup" look and not realizing the woman is indeed wearing it

Anonymous 122946

when they say they don't like makeup they usually have a variety of reasons for it

Anonymous 122949

true; other than what has been noted it comes down to virtuesignalling a lot of the time and a way of patting themselves on the back without earning it.

makeup=fake, deceptive, disingenuous, etc.
liking what's natural?=authentic, real, realistic

it's a low-effort scapegoat to pretend you're into what's realistic and real.
a lot of real women have scars, hair, wrinkles, pockmarks, etc.
in any space where males post pictures of attractive girls, most of them will be wearing shit ton of make-up and will have almost no "natural" flaws visible of the aforementioned variety, and look nearly like dolls. nearly perfect looking girls will be seen as mediocre if they have an apparently flaw.

in the meantime, hordes of men, including mediocre and taken men, follow women on IG that have had several procedures done and put astronomical amounts of effort and money into their look as well as a shit ton of frauding to obtain a standard that 99.9% of women can't naturally look like.
it's almost becoming unrealistic to have a standard excluding parasites like that because it's just so common among men.

if a man honestly finds a woman with black circles, acne scars, etc., more attractive without good concealer on…if he prefers a woman to wear no make-up even if it's the type that makes her look much younger…that he just profoundly prefers what's real…if he still feels the same when showing her off…that's fine, y'know? but is this usually the case? no.

Anonymous 122959

Its not that they prefer no makeup as a look its that they want to know how attractive people are without it so they can discriminate based on looks even more.

Anonymous 122963

men are obsessed with women being dishonest.
they think paying for a first date is being used for money and they want to make sure girls aren't "gold diggers", make-up is the end of the world for them and they have that joke of taking the girl at the beach for the first date to see how she looks without it, they constantly bring the retarded what aboutism of women lying about being raped etc.
it's because men are the ones who do nothing but lie and manipulate women for sex and the emotional and practical benefits of a relationship, while deep down being garbage subhumans who live off virtue signalling and thus demanding a honesty they don't have whatsoever

Anonymous 122974

This is total truth. Good to see other women are starting to realise it.

Anonymous 122979

>a message to all male and female(male) lurkers
anger is a man’s maladaptive coping strategy for being a worthless human. if you’re angry at women it’s because you should have killed yourself a long time ago

Anonymous 122981

i've never seen men as human. i'm not saying this to be edgy, i'm completely honest. can anyone relate?

Anonymous 122986

Man… this reminded me of some online male acquaintances. They were bitching about how society doesn't like it when women are sad (as in mental health shit), and how nobody cares if men are sad. So I was like, "Well YOU care, it's up to you to go see a therapist." This one other guy chimed in and was like, "Well no, because if I tell them I think about killing myself and I have guns, they'll sic the cops on me." LIKE MOTHERFUCKER, WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN? God I hate guys who are too fucking pussy to go to a therapist but will happily bitch about society being the problem online. Like fuck off.

Anonymous 122987

It’s because they refuse to accept anything might be wrong with them. They view their depression as the result of the rest of the world not meeting their standards, thus everyone is to blame but them. Going to therapy would be accepting that they might be responsible for their problems, which most men are unwilling to do.

Anonymous 122989

One thing I noticed is that such men are way more obsessed with the status of male suffering than actual male suffering and it really shows.

Anonymous 122992

Retarded take since men and woman are not as equally loveable/treat each other poorly. Accepting men's treatment means continuing to receive it. 'JuSt BeKiNd' is a tranny take.

Anonymous 122994

Tbh loving all randoms is kind of weird to me even ignoring the gender thing. Love isn't really communistic by nature.

Anonymous 122995

Based as fuck but you really should be there for your friend… just in case he you need him to decide you’re “aright” and “one of the good ones”

Anonymous 122996

Yeah, they're just trying to win the oppression olympics. They don't give a shit about other people's suffering (unless it's a moid with the exact same problem as him perhaps), they only care about their own suffering and then proceed to do nothing about it.

Anonymous 122997

I think it's more I ignore them, imo a good strategy all around.
Maybe if I (have to) talk to one I vaguely humanize him but no more than a pittance required to be polite.
guys like that are really touch with reality. Apparently the therapist magically knows about the guns even if he doesn't tell them and can immediately sick the cops on him? Lol wut.

Anonymous 123017

silly rant time, lol. I don't want to bug my friends with this.

when dumb internet creeps claim that men get traumatized by being desired and that it's a valid male victimhood talking point, what they actually mean is that men get obsessed with gaining access to women and how egoistically satisfying it is, and they give almost no fucks about what most of a relationship actually is or the fact that men make more of a piss about looks during the duration of a relationship than women do.

>boomers literally saying getting old or fat justifies men divorcing/cheating on their partners

>fuck boys that literally act like they're gonna die if they can't fuck (aka, basically incel-minded with a neurotic fixation on sex except with more opportunities)
>endless songs of old men fantasizing about their teen loves and getting massive hang-ups over the "one that got away" even when they didn't EVEN KNOW HER, and even when they have a doting wife
>men regularly preferring porn over fucking their wives and having trouble getting it up with her
>men following millions of porn stars, models, paying onlyfans shit, etc., despite being in a relationship with someone who wants them
>ex-incels bragging about how they fucked an unattractive woman that really desired them for "practice", but claiming she doesn't count. these males are usually unattractive but are still capable of having sex
>practice gfs/starter gfs being a common thing for unattractive males
>shitting on ugly women that desire ugly men and claiming these women don't actually like them

It's not about being desired. It's about the relentless fixation on novelty and the near unobtainable high that is someone immediately thinking you're a 10/10 or getting hung up on people you can't have, instead of wanting to actually build something meaningful with someone you choose to be with (a concept in which they often have disdain for, because, to them, it's only logical to grow to dislike your wife because she gets older instead of closer).

To incels, it's shallow and impossible to grow more attracted to someone–and only not shallow if you immediately want to fuck a 1/10 male. Because, they can't understand any mode of connecting to people not born in wanting to fuck them immediately.

Moreover, you're considered a "slut" if you at all express your sexuality in any brazen way so they're hypocrites.
It's pretty much a given a male values you less if you immediately put out, including if said male is ugly, kek. They will bash you if you want to wait. They will bash you if you don't, but holy shit, they desperately want you to put out to them.

Claiming 90% of men never are desired while this is a load of bullshit. It's just that they want women to be "slutty" and irrational towards them, and them alone, while shitting on any woman that ever actually feels that way, including towards ugly men or…even themselves. They don't want a woman to slowly fall in love with them. They want a college frat girl to jump on their cock or some random tinder girl to…which, as per the cycle, they'd shit on as well.

Anonymous 123018

also if it's not obvious, I'm referring to the propaganda that men are starved for desire/attention, which is often said the most by incredibly hypocritical men unaware of how most men don't fall in love with a woman because she's down for anal and desperately wants him or whatever.

Anonymous 123020

I'm not surprised so many men love Elon Musk, a man who advocated for experiments relating to drilling holes in monkey's skulls and torturing them to death (some maimed themselves and pretty much suffered to death) in the name of the advancement of science, and probably did countless similar things behind closed doors.

Anonymous 123024

I'm trying to pinkpill people on another forum I go to, I need easily readable and digestible memes about it

Anonymous 123028

honest question, why do so many women hate radfems? is it because other girls bullied them as a kid or something?

Anonymous 123031

a lot of people see radfem ideology as too depressing / 'blackpill'-y for them to be able to engage with it properly. also some women simply don't agree with it

Anonymous 123032

I swear to God if Roe vs Wade gets overturned it would just become plain disgusting to have sex or be in a relationship at all, with any man. It wouldn't matter who.

I loathe feeling "saved philosophically" by "good" men who "don't believe in it" in a situation like that. Who pretend they don't get something out of society taking away a basic female right like that. Everything would feel so profoundly wrong I just ew I could not. No matter what guy I was with it would feel disgusting, like becoming even less of a being, for him to take advantage of.

It would be pickme behavior on steroids, to want anything to do with a relationship in that kind of society, where you don't have the basic right to terminating a pregnancy. I couldn't respect anyone who says they "could" either. It would be pickme behavior on steroids.

Anonymous 123033

Because they've been brainwashed to oppose everything that doesn't conform to the mainstream liberal worldview.

Anonymous 123034

most feminists before never actually wanted to make men feel terrible. when men started playing the victim over having some criticisms levied as common among men (which, lol, many are) it was pretty much over. few feminists ever wanted to be lumped in with the spiteful and envious cat lady demographic mostly imagined up by males, which women think now rests more on radfems.
a lot go out of their way to hate in order to separate themselves, or stifle themselves to virtuesignal.

radfem pushes a deterministic mode of seeing male depravity for what it is…and pretty much crushing the idea that if you consent, any sex is empowering which tanks liberal feminist sentiment…which has the ability to open some pretty deep wounds that a lot of women really don't want to feel anymore–suddenly that guy that was kind to you and treated you well and you had a magical night with…actually was just a fuckboy that fed you a script and then ghosted you and never sent you another text, alongside other things (idk though I've never had casual sex). a lot of women are, temporarily, actually better off not soaking up radfem sentiment, I'm sure.

it entails a pragmatic strictness of perceiving the opposite gender, and its flaws, that is commonly shamed, shat on, and crushed if it's found ever in a woman. much like how in reality, a woman having actual boundaries is actually constantly shit on and pressured, or painted as entitled and stuck up…but then on paper people encourage them.

Anonymous 123035

Ngl I wish that thing where women stopped having sex in response caught on and there'd be so much solidarity among women that ones from all sides of the political spectrum signed up.
The watch dog big brother shit is dystopian.

I'd suspect mass chaos to erupt, revealing how truly depraved and fucked up the priorities of millions of men are, which I'm sure would pinkpill a lot more women.

Anonymous 123036

Unpopular opinion- terminating a pregnancy is pretty much murder. We like to pretend it isn't with semantics, technicalities, and nobody wants to really think about it as 'taking a life'. That said, I do feel women should be allowed to do it.

I guess I'm just pointing out I can see why it would be something certain people would be against.

Anonymous 123037

there's a point where it gets ridiculous and is about subjectivity though. i.e., I'd feel bad if a woman had a miscarriage a month in on her behalf, but not so much the fetus (because it probably is incapable of experiencing pain or sentience); almost no one viscerally sees it as a person dying and that's pretty much it.

Anonymous 123038

If something can't feel pain, you don't care if it dies? I'm not being facetious or sarcastic. I'd really like to know how your side thinks.

Like say, a vegetable in the hospital in a coma. Somebody comes in and just smothers them with a pillow. Outside of that being deeply illegal- you wouldn't feel anything?

Anonymous 123039

No. I mean it's kinda sad I guess but it's like a plant dying to me. Mostly because it's none of my business and it's a fetus. People die everyday and kids are harrowingly neglected everyday. They live through brutality and wars all over the world. There are enough to worry about and I'd rather be concerned about living beings. I feel worse for the living. I don't think parents should bring children into the world just because people are going to moralize and get in a person's business. There are enough world problems without neglected children, abused children, whose parents only kept them because they were "morally pressured". Tbf I don't think it has anything to do with morals, unless you refuse to use birth control, and have tons of sex and abortions.
But who can afford to do that?? When people talk about that as something women actually do i roll my eyes. Who the fuck could afford that many abortions ???

Anonymous 123040

Honestly overpopulation and environmental collapse make me way more depressed. Most people are shills. Baby's grow up to be them. No definitely not. Is it a kitten that died? Oh my god yes, so sad.

Anonymous 123041

>If something can't feel pain, you don't care if it dies?
Unless it's endangered species, no. Do you? Do you eat meat? Do you kill insects when they get in your way?

Anonymous 123044

Depending on the development stage they don't have developed pain receptors or concept of mind.

Anonymous 123051

You're just some scrote obsessed with passing on the genes though you don't actually care about a cluster of cells that has no consciousness or memories.

Anonymous 123054

Thank you for your thoughtful answer. Very interesting.

Anonymous 123055

Huh? This makes little sense as comparison because we are talking about two completely different situations. I'd feel worse for the person they'd use to be and now how they're a literal empty shell, which is already a huge tragedy. But at that point…what I am feeling horrible about is the mere idea of a person.

Also tbh I see you dropping the murder thing here as being in bad faith.

Anonymous 123056

Haha what the fuck are you talking about retard? I'm >>123041 how did anything that I've said is fucked up? I asked questions based on the assumption that fetuses are living beings but dont feel pain, and went from there.

Anonymous 123059

tbh, it is a very scrote preoccupation, more than you guys would believe. the same men often virtuesignal about it but then actively attack the idea of parenthood…having to expend resources for parenthood…and usually are far less likely to actually nurture the living child, because they value the status/idea of a child more than a real, breathing, thinking child.

probably a small amount actually genuinely care about children and babies in the way they want to make more support programs to insure even ones born to families that didn't want them can thrive.

Anonymous 123066

I guess that's where we differ. I feel sad for the children even if they haven't been born yet. And I'd feel sad for the comatose people too. Meh.

I agree that those issues are depressing. However why can't both things be upsetting? Abortion and overpopulation, simultaneously, bum me the fuck out.

Anon. Why can't you just admit that it's fucked up for something to die? I said I agree with abortion. That doesn't mean I don't think it's pretty bizarre that people aren't willing to admit that they have taken lives. It goes beyond refusing to admit it- they won't even acknowledge the fetus was alive. We all sit around talking in technicalities. 'It didn't have this many fingers, so it's okay'. I don't like that.

Anonymous 123068

>Also tbh I see you dropping the murder thing here as being in bad faith.

Pro-choice people often seem heartless to me. I'm pro-choice too. I believe women should have the right to choose. But I guess if the majority of the people on my side started thinking of their fetuses as actual human beings, they'd no longer be pro-choice.

So it goes.

Anonymous 123069

This is also bad faith.
>comes into a space like this
>assumes most pro choicers are heartless already
>pretty much came here just to virtuesignal

Anonymous 123072

It's virtue signaling to give an opinion? I'm sorry, if you like a good echo chamber, then I guess just ignore opinions that don't match up with yours dude.

Anonymous 123074

Pretty sure this is a male.

Anonymous 123075

Being transparent, I find the abuse, maiming of, and murder of feeling babies and children infinitely more fucked up and horrifying than unfeeling cells being nuked. There is no explaining this to people that care about humanity more as an idea than humanity in its actual visceral functioning and sentience. Who think the suffering of a feeling person is equal to early abortion. Human existence isn't some monolith where every existence or resemblance of an existence is equal. If a baby was born without a brain I'd feel worse for the mother rather than pretend a shell is human and feel bad for it.

Some of you guys really need to learn to stop blindly caring about everything.

Anonymous 123076

Moreover…if someone kept on feeling bad or worse for said shell while ignoring the mother having to live with the trauma, or think both deserve the same empathy, I'd find that person cold because they don't give weight to what a human soul actually means.

Anonymous 123077

And hhem…thirdly, while I find both horrifying, no, I don't think murder and turning off a vegetable's life support is the same at all, people are allowed to feel as they want about it but it's disingenuous and slimy as fuck to suggest someone is heartless if they genuinely don't feel it's the same.

Anonymous 123078

So, ultimately, this leads to a bunch of pro lifers that essentially fixate on the ultimate gotcha that is any abortion is murder and condemn those who disagree as unfeeling.

There's a lot of misogynistic creeps that pretty much frame it all as murder for the explicit purpose of demonizing women as well. I've even seen pro choice males love this; a total have their cake and eat it too situation. Reminds me of scrotes that sent death threats to a woman that was relieved after her abortion.

It's best to keep this in mind when talking about this subject.
Women who honestly think it's murder…OK, as long as you don't shit on women who get abortions.

Anonymous 123080

Yep definitely still a male.

Oh also I've never had an abortion. Stop being a pretentious dumbass and pretending women that haven't speak for those that have.

Anonymous 123082

I already pinned you as a hypocritical leftist male with incel tendencies that pretty much sees this all as an opportunity to virtuesignal and pat your own ego and police women.

Anonymous 123084

Kek, nothing was said about praising or approving.
Schizo incel.

Anonymous 123085

We all know about the pink tax that makes women and girls pay more for feminine versions of things, such as razors.

But what should men be forced to pay more for?

e.g. Airline tickets. The average woman weighs about 10 kg less than the average man, yet women are charged for their suitcases being just 1 kg overweight.

Anonymous 123088

>male: harasses women
>also male: you are entitled if you don't grin and bear it
Ngl its creepy how some incels think

Anonymous 123089

Idk, are we talking about it just for fun? Imo a gendered tax against men would make them riot in the streets.

Kind of unrelated but reminds me of the hotel that repeatedly had single men being mega creeps and pests and ruining business that finally banned them from staying. men kept crying about it all across the world.

Anonymous 123092

It'd be silly to go into a distinctly male space (like a mgtow one idk), drop an opinion I know will be received poorly flatly, and just grin and cackle about anyone that reacts proving male entitlement. Correct? It isn't sus at all with the intention someone would have with doing such a thing?
Apparently that is all it takes to out people as entitled, so, ok.

Anonymous 123093

>Reeee, harassment not real.
Proving fragile maleness, real Y chromosome moment. Are you like a troon an identify as a good person the way troons identify as women. Your as right about your 'opinions' (read faggy narcissism) as troons are about being real women, as in, not at all kek.

Anonymous 123094

Accept that you're a homosexual. Moids compete for other moids, not women. You're literally just a fag.

Anonymous 123095

Men are 90% of violent criminals, like murderers and rapists. They have to pretend abortion is murder to justify why they aren't evil due to their actual adult and living human murder rate.

Anonymous 123096

>Reees about echo chambers
>Bans women from referring to real women on every male dominated site
Kek, moids.

Anonymous 123097

Btw…isn't people that say stuff like looks don't matter sometimes annoying? Imagine someone that spammed that on purpose in an incel space while not really actually caring about the subject or making people feel better, with the deliberate intent to be provocative. I'd actually understand them being annoyed and bothered. Or feeling harassed. Or roll their eyes at the reddit-tier "it's just an opinion, stop wanting to be praised all the time."

It's just disingenuous.

Anonymous 123099

>Do you kill insects when they get in your way?
buddhist detected

Anonymous 123108

Well if I don't know how to read, would you be so kind as to explain what you wanted to say?
I mean if you think abortion is murder and every life is sacred, stop being a hypocrite and don't kill insects or eat meat.

Anonymous 123109

>Anon. Why can't you just admit that it's fucked up for something to die?
Why death in itself, a natural and inevitable process a fucked up thing? Torturing someone and killing them yes it is fucked up, but stopping existing isn't. And again the question wasn't that, it was

>If something can't feel pain, you don't care if it dies?

This specific question is different from "Do you not care if anything dies"?

Anonymous 123112

It's kind of interesting that men see fetuses as human, but not women.

Anonymous 123120

>of level of consciousness
NTA, is not having a consciousness a level of consciousness or no?

Anonymous 123121

Because in scrotes’ minds women are just passive containers for their sperm. All they see is their precious seed being terminated, they don’t even care that it’s 50% her eggcells too.
I say she should have, not equal, but even MORE say what happens to this cluster of cells, as her body does all the work to sustain it. And no, cooming is not work.

Anonymous 123122


Anonymous 123123

Whats the distinction

Anonymous 123125

nta, I feel like if you have to ask it's a lost cause.

Anonymous 123126

The Karen meme is mysogynistic and is used to silence any woman who speaks out or stands up for herself.

Anonymous 123193

If my brain stops working completely in what way am I still myself

Anonymous 123197

oh nm, I thought you were referring to the other part. sorry about the snippiness.
Uhhh, not sure if that was the argument being made by that exact person or were they just asking questions?

Also btw I don't remember the whole conversation but the topic was a confirmed vegetable initially, right? Does someone who is confirmed braindead normally make a recovery? Is that what you're getting across? Yeah I'm confused, lol.

Anonymous 123205

I don't have anything to contribute to this, so here's a (you)
Based miner.

Anonymous 123206

While I do have a response I was so deeply ick'd out by the trolls just swarming in yesterday that I'd rather avoid the subject of abortion as it seems to be bait for them. Clarification, you might actually genuinely care about babies/children/mothers, therefore aren't disingenuous, but yeah.

Oh. Also, the coma thing was ridiculous to bring up to begin with in this entire discussion because it's entirely different with different emotional implications.

Anonymous 123208

Hear me out but underprivileged groups have always had terms for entitled people, it didn't start with Karen. You can speak up and not be called a Karen if your statements are reasonable and not presented in a hostile manner. Basically just be a decent person. If you are afraid of being called a Karen it's probably because you are one

Anonymous 123210

Anyway, if I ever get pregnant against my will, I will happily get an abortion. Seethe!

Anonymous 123211

What is considered "hostile" for women is pretty much anything that isn't deadpan. In an ideal world women wouldn't have to fear speaking up but the reality is both men and women see an angry woman, even one who is reasonable, as hysterical and crazy.

Anonymous 123213

eh, that anon is onto something. it has metamorphized into a catch-all to put down women in a lot of different situations, especially unattractive women. the ways I've seen it used have been shocking–massive hate subs on reddit surrounding "karens" have sprung up on reddit full of what obviously is closet misogynists eager to finally have the badge of political correctness. other male-dominated circles drinking it up. sometimes it's used in the initial intended way.
though sometimes it gives vibes that it's not starting to make some women and girls more afraid of being outspoken…as if they weren't already more so than men (who honestly are more likely to exhibit such behavior; they're considered douches but it's not gendered like "Karen" is).

I've seen CC be called a bunch of Karens over, idk…being TERFs too?
kek, I bet 100s of male lurkers just coomed themselves from you admitting this.

Anonymous 123220

I'm sorry that has been your experience but that has never happened to me.
I'm talking about real life, not reddit. People are dumb on the internet you can't take that behavior seriously

Anonymous 123223

Then how do you live everyday? People..animals …plants die daily.I think you have no choice but to set priorities…. pick your negative fixations…if you can't distinguish the suffering from wars .. violence that effect live people and children… and death to a completely unselfaware / unconscious cluster of cells….how do you manage ?? It's kind of childish and it stifles progress to say people who have abortions are just evil, because it's not that black and white.

Also overpopulation can sort itself out if the birthrate keeps declining exactly the way it is

You have no choice but to let go of things that you have no control over anyway, you can't be sad about everything.

Anonymous 123225

But they're not the same as people who are already alive, who have lived. Who have friends, families… have lived long enough to have goals, memories, strong bonds with people etc.

Also there are too many people who have no business having babies. The only reason they got pregnant was because they were ignorant and or idiotic. Idiocracy is a real thing
and it's more disturbing to me than clusters of cells being aborted.

That and I'm no strongly child free, myself. If I suddenly got pregnant it would be disgusting to me and i would quickly end the whole nightmare.

There are worse worse problems in the end world than people ending their pregnancies because they don't want them. If anything I think it's a public good and a necessary evil.

I hate this logic. Its your heightened emotional response to something that's none of your business.
There's nothing more righteous about you, just the wild rage you enjoy throwing around over something that isn't your business.

Anonymous 123226

Baha right behind you. Seeeethe.

Anonymous 123228

>fries an egg for breakfast
>>nona what are you doing? that egg was fertilized, you just killed a chicken you monster

Anonymous 123229

Can confirm.
Last summer, I were sitting on my car with my mom at a traffic stop, did literally nothing, and some guy yelled at his friend to stop browsing his phone and come over, so that ”those Karens won’t drive over you”.
It’s just a pseudo-woke term for unattractive women.

Anonymous 123230

>says that anons comparison is invalid
>makes an invalid comparison
A person who previously had the ability to think and is capable of recovering it on their own != a braindead embryo that can only develop this ability (well the potential for it) only in its mother's womb jsyk

Anonymous 123232

Yep, it's starting to get a pet peeve that people honestly think the internet has 0 bearing on reality.

If you aren't cute you're substantially more likely to be called a Karen these days. I've seen it used a few times irl and in most cases it was by men being ageist/lookist asf.

Anonymous 123236

Not those miners, but after reading this entire thread
>thinks a bunch of cancer cells are equal to a comatose person
>acts like an obvious scrote in every single post
>miners realize that arguing with you is a waste of time
>”i won tips fedora
It’s like playing chess with a pigeon.

Anonymous 123238

I'm not really surprised so many women are afraid of having even basic wants because the dating market is such a shitshow.

There's women that have gotten death threats over having a basic standard like "only guys that brush twice a day!" on their tinder profile, often from delusionally entitled men also claiming women never get reproached over anything and this lines the landscape more then, idk, 500 pound women that require a hot billionaire. In the meantime bi/lesbian women don't usually blow up over not meeting someone's standards.
Do a lot of men like it when women date men they dislike or something? Do they dislike women being honest with what is a dealbreaker instead of dishonest?

Anonymous 123241

Scrotes think that a woman should be grateful for any man that would fuck her, because in their minds, scrotes are superior.
And when she has standards, she implies that there are scrotes lower in value that she is. That enrages them, because how dare she not worship them unconditionally.
Honestly, many of those scrotes have hidden homosexual tendencies, and it subtly manifests this way.

Anonymous 123243

>be me
>have to suddenly be limited in movement and in great pain 24/7
>so that your own body could drain itself
>to sustain some random comatose person for months
>permanently altering your body
>risking your own life
>that person might also die at any moment for no reason, uncontrollably, taking your life with theirs
>when they wake up, you have to go through slow genital torture or else you both die
>and getting absolutely nothing in return
>that person also hates you for not sticking around to wipe their ass and give them money during the recovery phase
Yes, they can fuck right off.

Anonymous 123245

Not those anons but with the shitstorm that happened with the scrotes squealing about the subject of abortion, etc., people are tired of it and opportunistic virtuesignallers and devil's advocates, and semantics fetishists, kek. Were you the anon crying about "guiltless abortion?" and repeating many of the same talking points the admitted male trolls brought up? And you expect people to not side-eye you? ok.

Also before that wasn't the main point most anons were making about the subject days ago. >>123038 was the person that started the comparison–and then some people made their own similar comparisons in reaction, etc. Play dumb games, win dumb prizes.

Your hypothetical of a comatose person promised to recover still isn't equal. Why? Because that person has an established identity and personhood. Their mind is intact, and I'm not sure about comas but essentially there's a lot of intelligent brain activity going on in them (if it isn't brain dead), just significantly less alertness. This isn't equal to a fetus in very early development stages, whose brain is still…whatever it is.

Knowing this, your argument hinges off this:
the idea of something becoming a person = a person in a long, deep sleep that will wake up in a few weeks, someone with established personhood, history, experiences, connections, etc.
Or even a baby who still is more of a person than a fetus, whose primary mode of "personhood"…
is entirely decided by its mother…and then literal randos who mostly won't give a shit about it once it is born, apparently.

And just for the record I find it, in a morbidly funny way, disrespectful to human consciousness and existence to act like babies, people, children, etc., are equal to a 1st quarter term fetus. Very…ironically communistic, really.

Confession. I'd be upset if I had, say, a miscarriage a month in, but to the world, they would not feel viscerally like a baby was lost unless they projected the idea of personhood unto that "baby" (almost NO people will). And look. I'd feel bad at lack of empathy…however, I'd feel a bit nuts if I felt outraged at whether or not they felt a human life was lost. The world gives 0 fucks though–it gives more fucks in terms of deigning how a woman should feel about it herself…while then jumping back and painting it as an opinion after spending infinitely more time playing 3D chess inside a woman's body than insuring a baby and child can thrive.

Do the "abortion is murder" people make sure babies born to the poor mothers they forced to have them can thrive? Do they care about the societal crises that erupted from the increase of children being born to women that can't support them (many of which actually started with divorce laws being relaxed and massive amounts of men leaving their families)? If men got pregnant, would they abort less (no, lol, abortion would be universally legal).

There's so much devaluation of motherhood and all it entails, feelings included, in such conversations…aside from telling women if they don't feel traumatized from their abortion, they're fucked up, or other such dumb shit fake-woke males coom to. Yep, we're tired.

Anonymous 123246

Hah, oops, that post got thanos'd.

Anonymous 123261

As we got into the talk about abortion and pregnancy I wanted to say something: A lot abortion clinics don't report the cases where the child was concieved through rape. That's why the statistics about rape are so low. ─────────█▄██▄█
Here are some links abpout different clinics not reporting:

If you search: Abortion clinics sued for not reporting rape you'll get many other results.
Also not sure if it's legitimate information but I once read a comment by a woman claiming to be a nurse that stated a lot of abortion clinics don't report rape, because the chances of the victim to be a customer a second time are high.

Anonymous 123262

I wonder why we don't cook fertilized eggs

Anonymous 123281

and is murder always wrong?
but besides this sounds like the gotcha of the stereotypical hypocritical male who cries about abortion but will still gladly go hunting for "sports"

Anonymous 123315

Neurologically, violence and lust are the only two things that men are hardwired to feel, they're linked closely when they get overwhelmed.
It's also why they go for degrading sex comments whenever they get mad at you.

Im mad I cant post the image, but its of a post of a man saying he lost an arguement online and got so mad he ejaculated.

Anonymous 123317

Can you link it through imgur?

Anonymous 123318

Anonymous 123319

I don't remember where but it has been discussed before. Basically they can see themselves in place of the fetus because they were one once, but they're not women so they can't empathize with us.
Okay? Well this discussion belongs in the abortion thread anyway, I think there's one in /hb/
Kek, you've ever been on the internet. All you have to do to be called a karen is to be white and female and maybe middle aged. Women aren't allowed to be mean or assertive and we get called entitled for literally anything.
Internet is great it shows moids for who they really are.
One of my relatives has a small chicken farm, they sometimes cooked fertilized eggs, the taste doesn't change much.

Anonymous 123327

Not to sound doomer but tbh women are infinitely more likely to be cucks than men are.
It's just men whine about it proportionally more than women despite women having more reason to worry.

99% of mens' "looks" types only work with one condition: youth. Their preference excludes the majority of women. In going into a relationship with the average male, you're essentially signing up to be eternally compared to the model-like (bonus points if he insists they're not models) girls he sees on tiktok, onlyfans, instagram, and/or porn, alongside those he sees in real…a habit of which he'll likely keep through his entire life but then pretend the neuroscience on it doesn't exist and that it has 0 effect on him.

It's taboo to question this now in mainstream culture.

Anonymous 123329

Men are more worried about being cucks because they actually can. Women always know if a child is or isn't theres. Male sexual insecurity comes from a place of uncertainty. I know the word cuck has been morphed into both a fetish thing and just a catch all term for your spouse cheated. Just thinking in terms of the words origin.

Anonymous 123331

>they actually can
so being cheated on or your spouse constantly obsessing over other people, etc., doesn't matter unless child parenthood is involved? is this some sort of weird evopsych thing?

also this is just wrong otherwise. for women it also comes from a place of uncertainty, especially in the definition (unfaithfulness) I used it in.
while it isn't always carried through (actual cheating), women are more likely to sit by and have to watch or witness her husband consuming other women.
women are more way likely to be left for favor of younger, more attractive people too, which also can threaten her stability and her child's viability (which is "evopsych" relevant if apparently that's your thing).

Anonymous 123336

>they can see themselves in place of the fetus because they were one once
I don't believe this because males have no empathy for children even though they were once children.

I think it's much more simple and primitive. Monkey moids don't want to see their genes terminated before given a chance to thrive. Once his generic material is born he secured his legacy (producing children) and no longer gives a shit.

Anonymous 123339

Its not just hardcore bdsm porn that turns men into rapist. Its also fucking regulat porn that has the whole she says no but she really means yes type shit. Im not defending hardcore porn though. My worhless scrote ex (we had nothing in common I wasnt happy in the relationship I just wanted to prove that I could get a bf because I was a massive femcel. Yeah, its stupid but I was 17 and really insecure.) was vanilla; he so vanilla that he did not like that I dressed goth and, would try to do this really lame romantic foreplay that I did not like. But he was still a rapist who was brainwashed by porn despite being vanilla. When I told him "No" he thought I ment yes. I think his main reasoning for forcing me to have sex with him was he thought that life is like porn and no means yes. He was a narcissist who had trouble with the idea that a women could say no to him. This guy was really fucking stupid and lack the ability to think critically about things and to be introspective. He was one of those stupid people who thought that they are smart. He always believed he was right which is why I never agured with him. (He thought I never agured with him because I was like cool girl. But in actually I could not waste my energy aguring with someone I was planning to break up with). He was so shallow and stupid that he told me "it doesnt make sense that you enjoy self harm but not having sex with me" So because he was such a fucking idiot he could not understand concepts like having desrires you can not live out and fantasy vs reality and how porn effects the mind. The current guy Im dating; I actually want to date because I like him as person not just for the sake of dating. The guy I am currently dating is a smart guy he is cable of critcial thought introspection and notcing flaws in himself. He is not a narcistic he doesnt believe all women secrelty want to have sex with him. My current has ton of hardcore fetishes but actually understands boundaries he has not sexual abuse me hasnt made me feel uncomfortbale and does not act out his fetishes on me unless I want to. Like I do not think its just about porn I think it was to do with how shitty the person is. Porn definetly helps but if someone has a brain and empathy they can be self aware about it and not harm people. Im not trying to praise my current boyfriend for the bare minium he does so many great things for me outside of this. But after being in a sexually abuse relationship its nice to talk about and think about youre not in that situation anymore. I think the promblem is less porn and how many men lack empathy. Im so sick of guys saying "some girls like that" my current bf understands the real world is not that simple and his desires do not need be acted out if its going to cause harm.

Anonymous 123341

No offense though this might be a bad place to put such a thing as it boils down to kind of being pro-porn (even if you clarify otherwise) and pro-fetish. Are you looking for validation?
I do agree about it mostly being a men lacking empathy thing though. However, porn is a problem just judging by the effects it has in damaging the prefrontal cortex and the reward pathways of the brain (desensitization up the wazoo), as well as powering the human trafficking industry and making incel entitlement even worse.

Anonymous 123343

Marriage with a modern man just seems like a one-way ticket to constant emotional humiliation. Constant cuckoldry. I want nothing to do with it.

Anonymous 123345

I have an incel in my distant family that I really wish was just never born, and I feel bad about wishing it. He's such a textbook one that he might as well be an incel god and he's played the victim after trying to murder a child, breaking his friend's arm, torturing his kid autistic brother, and screeching about how women don't like nice guys like him despite objectively being the most "bad boy" guy I know of IRL. Every single incel point you can think of…he's probably said. Oh. He also wants guns. Kek.

Having a front row example of how entitled incels are really hasn't been a good experience, I wish the people he's wronged never met him. Likewise, he's capable of suffering and pain so he's also quite depressing to witness and despite how repulsed I am by him, I kind of understand why it is women are sometimes pushovers–because it's true, such men are pitiable. Once in a while they cry about being loved.
Me? I just want them to be happy by themselves and their hobbies. This is entirely possible. Men teaching one another to have stockholm syndrome towards the idea of gaining sexual access to women is retarded.

His autistic brother now is far more successful than him with more friend, too, so, thank god karma kind of exists sometime.

Anonymous 123350

Y chromies are parasites by nature. They often can never find fulfilment in life unless validated by women. These types of males are the product of generations of failed genes that should have been pruned a long time ago. He will never change, trust me. All anyone can do is wait for him to die alone with as little collateral damage as possible.

Anonymous 123373

Don't feel guilty, the ugly fact of life is that some people don't deserve to exist from all the harm they cause

Anonymous 123377

Its because the word cuckold comes from the cuckoo birds leaving eggs in the nests of other birds. Later it came to refer to men, yes men specifically, who like to watch other men sleep with their wives. The word being a synonym for being cheated on is a modern thing and only really became popular once the alt right turned into the new faggot in the 2010s.

Anonymous 123378

Oh! Makes sense, anon, based explanation.
I used it in the context I did bc I'm sick of males pretending women have nothing to fear from men being obsessed with mate novelty.

Anonymous 123418

Time for a real schizo topic lol

Imagine a world where women were more like men in one way:
essentially being, by default, sex-driven and essentially seeing sex with male men as being a win.
"what? bad pizza is still pizza."

Would men still act like getting access to a woman is everything because "sex is a need?" Would the incel epidemic not exist?

Anonymous 123419

well the main problem with that is that women tend to get pregnant more often so its more risky to have that attitude without ruining one's life, and then society collapses. the real answer is what if we toned down men's overall sex drive?

Anonymous 123420

what if we somehow used the legal system to tie sex to some kind of long-term commitment?

Anonymous 123421

you mean marriage? i mean you can try but then you'd just be a christian then

Anonymous 123422

Have you seen the video that was circulating lately about a man and a woman having a talk in omegle? I don't remember very clearly the conversation but the man asked a guestion of the sort "If we were the last people on earth, will you have a baby with me?" and after that the woman repliet with "No." The man responded with threatening her who will stop him if they were the only people if he wanted a child, and that it will be their duty to continue mankind and humanity even if she doesn't want to.
The said video became very popular in incel and red/black-pill communities and a lot of men agreed with what the guy answered even if his arguments made no sense.
First off, humanity can't be continued with only one mother and one father. If you try to create new mankind with only one pair of parents, genetic illness and disorders will ruin everything and we'll go extinct, or by the chance of some gruesome, dreadfull miracle humanity will be continued by the inbred, sick freaks that were created by not having enough lineages to prevent inbreeding and bad genetic materials.
And if by chance the only woman on earth the man is with is infertile? There won't be any reason for the man to want to have sexual relationship with her, unless it's to satisfy his disgusting and distorted sexual urges. I'm pretty sure that a lot of men in that situation would rape the woman no matter fertile or infertile.
Thus, this question is more about "If there's nobody to understand about the crime I did (except the victim of it), it's not a crime and I did nothing wrong" than "Will you procreate with me to continue humanity".
If I ever get asked this question I'll simply answer "What if I rip-off my uterus or I'm infertile? Would you still want to have sex with me?" If they answer "Yes." it's not about prolonging mankind, it's about them being able to have a woman's body whenever they want.
I can keep on writing about why this question is illogical and irrational, but I'm too tired to do it right now.

Anonymous 123423

>the woman repliet with
I meant "replied", sorry for making the mistake, I was typing fast and english is not my native launguage.

Anonymous 123426

say you were one of the last few 1000 people then and it was required to use all avalible genetic material to bring the population back to normal, would it be noble to have kids then, assuming the population pool was just large enough?

Anonymous 123427

In such situation I'll only share my genetic material if I find a guy that doesn't act like an animal and is smart/intelligent. And also considering that out of all 7 billion people are left only 1000 it seems as a noble thing to continue our species.

Anonymous 123428

If humanity ever got to such a point it was meant to die and selected out of the environment.

Anonymous 123430

in less than 1 billion years the sun will burn the surface to a crisp.
in about 4 billion years the sun will expand and erase what was left.
procreation doesn’t matter in the end.

Anonymous 123434

it’s comfy and/or brings me pleasure.
simple as.

Anonymous 123445

I'm not surprised the video is popular among incels. Incels give 0 shits about humanity; they want to insure broken sperm is proliferated. More than that though, that they can fuck. They constantly are so narcissistic they paint it as being king-shit and like they're doing a service to mankind in having sex, kek.

The woman in that video had more conviction and strength than he; the wannabe-rapist? Hiveminded creature.


If humanity's continued existence was the only point then that's basically an ouroburos of a thought that implies humans are incapable of independent happiness and fulfillment.

Anonymous 123487

Males are reproductively anxious, r-selective parasites. The incels are just hyper aware over this face, and realize that they must use coercive tactics to get even 1 crumb of pussy. You can only get laid if you're the last man on earth, and even then it's only through rape? Really speaks to how terrible your genetic material is.

The male attempts to propagate itself despite itself. It's a sad existence but I feel no pity for them whatsoever.

And by the way, males feel no duty to upholding humanity or have any philosophies about the sanctity of humanity. Betterment for humanity just means pandering to their r-selective tendencies, which means, for them to get laid. If men cared about humanity they wouldn't be impulsive, narcissistic, selfish, whiney coomchimps.

Anonymous 123488

Horrible idea. I'll tell you why, it's because the majority of males are irrelevant and in a society where women are 100% free to reject any male's proposition, the vast majority of them wouldn't ever have sex even once. What you'd get is a system of moids locking down and abusing just one woman, instead of a few moids having sex with multiple women. It's incel affirmative action and it's how marriage has functioned for the last millennia.

Anonymous 123582

I still don't feel safe after this spam, it just goes to show you that I'm right about these men, not only are they preying on literal children all day long, they can't even like let us in peace if we create a space where they are excluded, I just can't right now

Anonymous 123596

It is very telling how I've seen moids say that women invade their "spaces" (of course moids confuse male dominated hobbies with their male safe spaces) but when an actual female space for discution between women is created they're the ones chimping out and spamming retarded shit. Moids are animals.

Anonymous 123600

Honestly yeah you're right, comparing moids to animals is an insult to animals.

Anonymous 123602

Fuck off pedo, the age of consent should be 18 at least, but it should also reflect emotional maturity, if a women is 17 mentally but 25 physically, she should be protected from sexual predators. So sex that involves strong emotional manipulation should be punished as rape or child rape in some cases.

Anonymous 123605

these are the subhumans doing the spam

Anonymous 123613

I feel you ano and I have the same problem.
Most men only thoughs are around sex. That is all. They don't care with who or what they do it.
They have incredible problems if they don't get it ir have the feeling to miss out and they get dangerous. That is what I see most of the time.
Thatis why theycan save cp and use it. Nearly no woman could even look at themlet alone save those stuff. But men can do that, they are brutal and primitive, at least most of them. They can't feel anything for those who they traumatize with this stuff nor the actuall victims.
I had once a talk with a scrote who participated in the gore 9gag spamm attack. It went a little bit like that:
"Why did you guys do it in the first place?"
"To show them that they are nothing and for fun."
"But what about the ones who saw all these pictures?"
"What about them? We only hurt the site."
"I saw some of these pictures, I was deeply scared and unwell from it. I did nothing to you or anyone. so why hurt others? Why traumatize people who are younger than me, eho just wanted fun?"
He did not say anything after that, he looked deep in thoughts. Like he did never though about what for damage he did, not tothe site but to others, to innocent ones.
That is why I can't let go of the opinion that a huge percentage of men aren't capable of being nice for others, or do stuff for others, without them getting something.

It is a bad though but I still have it.

I hope all that rambling makes sense I am on the Phone right now.

Anonymous 123615

>moids think they're hot shit because they post gore and scat
>but women calling them subhuman causes them to have a massive meltdown
Kek kind of pathetic when you think about it

Anonymous 123625

scrotes are the most labile and salty creature I know. They always scream how cool and independent they are,that they don't need no woman ever, but break down crying because Bethany did not want to go to prom with them 20 years ago. So they have to hate every woman now.

the point stands.

Anonymous 123634

I refuse to accept opinions from a moid who joined a disgusting raid.
Seethe and masturbate in the corner like the subhuman animal you are.
Also inteligence is more important than looks in both sexes.

Anonymous 123641

>kohlchanner retard thinking he has "philosophical discussions" or "creates value"
The sheer hubris and lack of self-awareness exhibited by imageboard scrotes never ceases to amaze me

Anonymous 123652

obvious kc troll

Anonymous 123656

porn addiction rotting their brains

Anonymous 123690


They never respond to my evopsych and eugenicist talking points. I wish a scrote would.

Anonymous 123691


Anonymous 123692

Lol, based, but if this just happened imo you should lay off. Don't want inter-board wars.

Anonymous 123693


I saved it a while ago.

Anonymous 123694

could someone post the picrel? it is very cute

Anonymous 123695


>and there were laws to stop married women working in order to maintain this system
The system keeping women completely reliant on males for food/shelter, yes. This is extortion, not male generosity or selfless protection. Married women were beaten, raped, abused, and forced to sacrifice their bodies, dreams, and aspirations for any of their husband's demands. This was socially enforced, or at best, ignored.

This system is in place because the common XY is virtually worthless, and would be terminally rejected by women if left in his natural state. That means 0 chance of his genetic material passing down. In order to mitigate the existential threat of absolute rejection down to the gene level, males simply conspired to force women into becoming their birthing chattel. Women must be stripped of their rights and dignity so your average man has a chance of siring his inferior spawn. Why? Because males are only driven by their egos, no matter how objectively worthless they are. Males are unable to view themselves objectively, and even the detritus of the XY population thinks it's his right to impregnate infinity women. They want to pollute the world with more worthless trash, more copies of themselves to no end and for no greater purpose. They are animals, and the societies they create are the manifestation of their neurosis.

That's your beautiful and noble "tradition", tard. Incel affirmative action. Incels who should have died off generations ago, but continue swarm the planet like roaches and cause all of humanity grief.

Anonymous 123696

thank you so much!! so cute! and based post of course

Anonymous 123697


>Chads are universally desired by women because of their character and unapologetic preference for pubescent women

Not men projecting their intrasexual selective preferences onto women again. Only men bond by flaunting their disgusting fetishes.

Anonymous 123700

It comes down to them getting massive hang-ups on everything about accessing women to psychotic extents, so they end up obsessively projecting and dissecting it and trying to play 3D chess with crumbs in order to get across their agenda (i.e., Chad is popular because he's a pedo–a power play meant to make women look like the biggest hypocrites ever). Much of what they say is designed around an ends.
I wonder if guys on that forum really did play the male generosity/selfless protection card as being why marriage exists. Also, were they acting like the laws preventing women from living as human beings was a privilege? Kek. The delusion is off the charts.

Anonymous 123703

One interesting thing about moids is that they are extremely envious of women, even envious of their hateful projections of women. It may seem contradictory at first since all they do is hate on women for being their "inferiors".
However, males are parasites and would love nothing more than to be enslaved chattel with no identity outside of being an object to be consumed, a VALUABLE object, that is. When they say women live life on easy mode, it's because that's what they themselves perceive as an easy, hedonistic, and ideal life.

I often think this is why they have daddy/mommy issues and seek some surrogate father and mother figure throughout their adult lives (they even project this onto us). Always chasing internet daddies to latch on to, always looking for a girlfriend to coddle him and clean his messes.

You have to understand that males are failed at inception and on some subconscious level they process this. It manifests as weird sexual and identity related neurosis. They never seem to feel satisfied with just themselves as themselves. They seek to exploit, destroy, and consume others to feel less empty. Through their very small and sex-obsessed brains, they interpret being "valued" as being a valuable sexual object.
You'll oven hear them say that men are burdened to create an identity/value through their hard work and actions. They want to be rewarded simply for existing like they think women are. They don't value the humanity afforded to them for being seen as complex beings with their own narrative and motivations. They don't care that for women, being an object with an already assigned value would damage us in any way (mentally and physically usually through the actions of men). They just want to lay down, stop thinking, and have a bunch of people wanting to have sex with them. They're jealous and are too small minded to see any contention with their jealousy.

I'm rambling at this point and not going to re-read.

Anonymous 123707

Celebrating the gradual sloughing off of the incel underclass and their artificially uplifted genes for the betterment of humanity. Why?
Seems like a better philosophy than "wanna cum in children because muh biology and society is oppressing me".

Anonymous 123708

She's mocking you. I thought males were supposed to have superior intellect?

Anonymous 123713

Monogamy is retarded and hypergamy is based. Stay mad about being born of inferior genes.

Anonymous 123715

Monogamy isn't sustainable in a world overpopulated with failedmales. Incel affirmative action can only work to benefit men for so long before it becomes a massive burden.

Anonymous 123716

Makes sense, though I think a lot of it is just comes down to classic ol' objectification. Men - especially creepy internet guys - brag about it all the time already so they already admit to it, but generally, men just don't care about or even conceptualize most of what women do, or at all ascribe any respect to it, and usually either praise or don't care when a woman is victimized by a male.

So after essentially not giving any shits for anything a woman feels or does…they then start seeing the rare times in which a woman actually appears to get something good for herself and they think it literally manifested out of the heavens. And THEN they envy/resent it, kek.

A shortcut to understanding the disdain for women is how much men hate single moms or how much "career women" are memed on by men, yet then turning around and acting like only men have to do anything.

Same energy as a guy that screeches about how women use men for free drinks and then whines "ugly entitled bitch" when a woman he offers a free drink refuses it politely. No connections made…and no care to. It's also similar to a woman accepting a drink and then men hating her over it because, to them, it immediately is a transaction they feel entitled to her reciprocating, or else she's using them. It ever being meant as a transaction rather than a gesture implies the actual issue here; that male disingenuousness and greedy intent is completely ignored by other men in favor of putting a costume of Male Goodness(tm) over it.
Sick but that's misogynist logic to you.

Anonymous 123718

We don't need to go back to the bronze age to keep incels irrelevant. We are already witnessing a dying off of childless males in the west and we are only advancing, technologically speaking. 30% of 18-30 males are virgins yet I don't see warlords reclaiming the streets. I see a lot of porn and funko figurines. Such a sad and sorry state too, considering moids love pretending that their dejected 'fighting aged males' will reclaim society. God it's so funny how pathetic you all are. Maybe if you didn't practice dysgenic breeding strategies there might be a chance for you, but there isn't.

Anonymous 123719

>doing the maths of an abstract hyperbole

Anonymous 123720

>If 95% of men are genetic trash, every woman can't get her own personal top 5% prince charming.

Don't you ejaculators produce millions of spermoids every squirt? Lmfao keep pretending like you have any value.

Anonymous 123723

I support a society of women where we use sperm banks and genetic engineering to advance our species. It's your retarded coombrain that interprets this as a "bronze age harm society" so your clown ass can pretend like you'd be one of the warlords lmfaooo

Anonymous 123724

Tbh, if hypergamy had worked as it should, eventually the majority of people would be intelligent, empathetic (some of it is actually genetic), resilient, and productive. And then hypergamy itself wouldn't even really exist–owing to how society would have less of a need to shoot out as many workhorses as possible to overcompensate and how it'd be much more viable to find an honest, not sex-obsessed male to date.

We wouldn't really have an incel epidemic either because men would be better adjusted and have healthy coping strategies for when they can't get sex, instead of endlessly battering and brainwashing one another to develop stockholm syndrome with the idea of getting sex…and we'd have more men honestly helping other men thrive and showing them how to live a good life without relentlessly chasing after skirts in the horizon.

Anonymous 123729

Reminder that half of the time when a male says women have it easy, he lives in his mom's basement and/or lives on welfare, and claiming that he has it hard is a means of protecting his own fragile micropeen ego.

Anonymous 123733

Given all that I've already done, I don't think that's possible. Most men will just never be part of the top 5%.

Anonymous 123736

No that's not how it works. If the entire population improves the perception of what is good and what is bad just shifts with it. Remember not too long ago in the past just being literate was impressive.

Anonymous 123738

I've noticed that there's pretty much 0 acknowledgment from incels…and Pickmes t b h, that there's millions of girls and women that have dated fairly unattractive, unsuccessful guys only to get burned by it. It's almost creepy because, see. Most of my friends have, in the longterm, been with a conventionally "meh" guy and really valued him and made excuses for him and other girls supported it. Oftentimes, it actually seemed like overcompensation because their care never really was acknowledged no matter how insecure he was.

Half of the time despite most of my friends being conventionally attractive (1 even models), it seems like a lot of these average or ugly men were…fixated on other women. I.e., one was 5"4 and kept whining about a blond cheerleader in the 9th grade that laughed at him when he asked her out. It started becoming a meme.

It's extremely common for unattractive men to actually be able to find someone in their 20s…and then when she gets old/has kids (around the 30s), for him to start chasing new pussy. See: practice gf/starter wife. They never stop being obsessed with women that don't want them, even when they find someone, and it's not about love/intimacy, but novelty and ego reaffirmation. They don't care about maintaining a connection as much. Bonus retard points if the cheating and leaving her for a teen is blamed is them not putting out enough, and extreme bonus retard points if the male that blames the woman has ever said women expire/hit the wall.
Why do you think they act like a woman asks to be abused/cheated on if she dates a man with opportunity? Because what is assumed is that men are incapable of true love unless forced into it.

The male victimhood rhetoric surrounding "love" is actually almost solely about soulless sexual access to someone as easily as possible. They're so full of themselves that they think the burst of dopamine/novelty hormones in a guy's head when they perceive a new mate is equal to love and intimacy. They even tell on themselves and constantly admit a woman opening her legs lowers her value, because deep inside, they think getting a man's love is actually a bad thing.

Why do you think there's women that get death threats over saying they have a standard of only guys that brush and floss twice a day? That ask for things ONLY THEY THEMSELVES BRING TO THE TABLE? It's because it's common among failedmales to become complete psychos over every single instance of a woman conclusively not wanting them…and essentially proving why it is women shouldn't even bother, because so many of them are like this.

Anonymous 123743

Most "incels" end up finding a gf eventually, especially when they have a real social life. A lot I saw around actually had already had gfs or sex but didn't count it. I.e., one said it must have just been his accent even though she never brought it up, kek. Another one claimed him having a tiny, skeleton frame was only cute at age 17 (he landed several Stacies) and he became an incel at 18 because a bony man is a true incel.

That's a whole other discussion, but since there's still plenty of completely disgusting, poor guys having gfs, the subject isn't really about whether or not it's possible…just more whether or not it's easy or probable in the immediate timeframe or the effort expended is better than instant gratification from porn. That's why there's so many fakecels lining the incel community. At least they're being more honest when they said it's about being genuinely desired…not just getting sex. Likewise, it's why "betabux" came into existence–to write off the instances of women dating ugly men, even though most of them are poor.

Anonymous 123747

I also brought up some of my friends' bfs because they often looked worse than the incels that revealed themselves, or on par with men incels said were truecel or at least about a 5/10. Most self-described incels are actually probably around this.
I notice that they tend to see a man as truecel, but then immediately think he's Chad (or being used) when he gets into a relationship. No in between. It must get very exhausting for truecels in the community.

Anonymous 123749

At this point I'm not sure what "incels" see as a success story as I've seem them demonize or ignore the prolific instances of unattractive men getting a woman.

Anonymous 123753

>unattractive men getting a woman
I literally don't know a single instance of this except for some older guys who are practically rapist tier.

Anonymous 123754

Well yeah, a guy who gets a gf is no longer an incel, by definition of the word "incel"…

Anonymous 123757

Not if they don't have sex though

Anonymous 123759

I don't know what to say about this because there's so many unattractive people in relationships–and there's certainly a lot of older couples are pretty much similarly blah looking. Do you live in Beverly Hills or something?

Anonymous 123760

And let me add, in studies, it's usually indicated that people often end up with their match (also ignore that men are happier when being looks hypergamous, lol). Average people, percentile wise, actually tend to be able to find someone.

Moreover, according to a lot of men, womens' peak desirability is when they're a teen or in their 20s. So if you're aiming for someone in this range and care about youth…there's an extremely high chance, as a male, you're actually being hypergamous if you like anyone in this age range.

Anonymous 123765

reminder that mens' happiness and satisfaction in their relationships are tied more towards the looks of their partner, so much so that their effort/engagement pretty much steeply declines according to how old his wife gets.

if a male insists only women resent being with an ugly male, it's projection in 99% of cases.

Anonymous 123766

I especially don't understand how these supposed right wing, terminally online Nazi moids have an issue with hypergamy.
Don't you support eugenics and genetic cleanliness? What interest do you have in propagating the genes of inferior males? Oh wait…
They're all liars and copers and pretend to be Nazis because they just want to be edgy and offensive online.

Anonymous 123767

Isn't it funny that when misogynistic moids realize trannies are incels like them they start supporting them? Y chromie solidarity.

Anonymous 123768

They're mostly interested in the victimhood status ascribed to the subject and creating a baby-tier reason to witch hunt women because almost all of the actual sins/immoral things philosophers have covered men statistically do more.
It is though. Incels are largely neurotic and mentally ill, often maladjusted and incapable of having happy connections with people not born in depravity or (hopes of) sex, which is actually the primarily error. It isn't actually not getting sex. Sex is related to the reward/dopamine centers of the brain and most of the "need" for it in men is egoism and greed and conditioning.

In general, if people were smarter, less mentally ill, more empathetic, less sex-motivated, incelness would be severely limited because even not getting sex would be ok.

Anonymous 123770

Posting about hypergamy and their lack of access to sex deeply, existentially wounds men in a way that shock images can't.

You are genetic waste and your existence is pointless, mundane suffering. There's no amount of public acts of seethe you can perform to bring women down to your level. I'd pity males if they weren't so disgusting. Sucks being a parasYte. Keep pretending you're better than us because you are more prone to chimp out. I'm still here on the winning team in 80% of the human genome.

Anonymous 123771

They act like old, incredibly unattractive couples can't honestly be into one another and love one another because, apparently, the only way you can love someone is if you passionately lust over them. Their entire victimhood surrounds associating being touched with being loved, and teen love as being the only real love…as if they wouldn't screech at a woman for leading them on if she wanted to cuddle with him and not go all the way.

Platonic love or love unfettered to lust doesn't exist to them, yet they think their love is worth something when it really is irrevocably twisted into disgusting male sexuality.

Anonymous 123773

Why are men so pathetic and disgusting nowadays? they get a nervous a 12 year old stares at them.

Anonymous 123780


I've experienced incel circles firsthand. They almost exclusively talked about sex and being desired and actively devalued relationships not born in sexual desire. They actively shit on women and girls for caring about almost everything in a relationship besides sex. The occasions of which they posted about anything remotely resembling intimacy were usually in context to a 18 year old, cute white girl, and often implied the only good thing grown women are is for being used.

There were countless examples brought up of ugly guys seemingly being adored by their women who were written off as simply being betabuxxed (even when they were poor).
Many were obsessed with porn and posted it constantly in public or admitted to being addicted to porn. They also constantly talked about sex. I saw this too btw. There were men into rape porn and stuff that loved to virtuesignal about how they just wanted someone that was genuinely in love with them and that sex didn't matter to them. Overcompensation, kek.

There was a 5"2 incel that actually found his looksmatch (well, she was actually not deformed like him…but whatever). He ended up leaking all of their DMs and intimate pictures of her (they had been together for 3 months) and admitted he only pretended to be with her and that she found her disgusting.
He reveled in showing this off to the other incels and seem beyond proud of himself.
The incels celebrated it and kissed his ass as a God.

There was proof of her actually being all over him and him acting thrilled and happy about it, but he/the incels didn't care.

Most incels were like that. They had disdain for the women and girls that ended up being into them.

Anonymous 123800

Arguing with scrotes, especially delusional incels, is useless and you're wasting your time.

Anonymous 123802

>Moids: ree I don't care about foid opinions!
>Comes to female imageboard to ree at women.
Men truly are the retard sex. Maybe that's why they embrace troons, they identify as logical and are as valid in their logic as men pretending to be women.

Anonymous 123804

It's more all over the place and hypocritical. I.e., a lot of redpillers in particular actively accuse troons of being pedos and using it as fuel to hate them more…while these men either support or ignore the blatant pedophilia in their own community.

Anonymous 123805

Male "logic" is basically just codeword for egoism. They rationalize anything that serves them and then claim themselves to be logical.

Anonymous 123807

Well they only seem to care about sexual abuse and pedophilia if it effects them in some way. They hate troons for "grooming young boys to be faggots" the same way they hate XYZ race/ethnic group/religion for sexual assault but only if they're doing it to "my women".

They don't give a shit if girls are raped usually, and don't give a shit about intertribal rape.

Anonymous 123808

There's actual pedophilia, and then there's "omg he preyed on a 22 year old child even though he's 25 ew ew ew gross"

Anonymous 123812

Kek, hello, strawman. I'm talking about under 18 shit. Usually 13-17. And usually over 20 for the male. Barely anyone in these situations cares that much about a 22 year old dating a 25 year old.

Anonymous 123813

It's really telling that whenever males react to the pinkpill thread it's just violent impulse, and if they do have a single point of contention it's about how we are critical of pedophilia

Anonymous 123845


Why don’t you listen? The more you reply, the more moid posts.

Anonymous 123847

I always laugh when males bring up the minority of sex crimes and such committed by women as if that were an epic own and as if men didn't commit the vast majority of sexual and violent crimes

Anonymous 123848

>males are le logical sex!!1!
>commit 99% of all violent crime

Anonymous 123855

think I had my venting fill today. I just have a very evil confession.
I cried like a baby when I heard a story about gamers visiting their male friend when he was dying and it was very awkward.

Anonymous 123901

How is that “evil” and wots it have to do with pinkpill?

Anonymous 123916

is porn a necessary evil? what will happen if all porn will be banned? the rape statistics will double down?

Anonymous 123931


Look up the stats; Porn is yet another trigger to turning men into perverts. It's also been linked to desensitization to rape and other sexual crimes/degeneracy.

Anonymous 123951

Do you ever think about how, from the moment you're born, you're at the mercy of your father, who ultimately determines whether you spend the beginning of your life thriving or suffering? And whether you thrive or suffer in childhood determines a lot of your adult life, and if you were neglected or poor or went without basic stuff, you're susceptible to falling into situations with more men who you're at the mercy of, too? And, unless they're lucky enough to escape this, a woman's life is a cycle of being bound to and dependent upon men who are selfish and negligent at best, and sadistic and deliberately abusive at worst? And almost every woman has suffered due to the lack of control over their own lives and bodies because of men, yet we're supposed to pretend men don't hold significant power over women? Don't you want to go ape shit?

Anonymous 123960


Anonymous 123961


Anonymous 123962


Anonymous 123963


Anonymous 123965

Scrotepstein’s partner in crime was recently murdered in french prison. Jean-Luc Brunel. Look it up.
I hate scrotes so goddamn much, especially pedophiles. I want them all flayed alive.
Yet media doesn’t care, and it makes me so furious.
This just proves that justice system has failed, when it comes to depraved scrotes going unchecked.
When they have the money that they collect from dodging taxes, they start raping babies and killing all the witnesses on WESTERN SOIL. This is not happening in fucking Uganda or Myanmar, but France. They just can act like monsters and face no consenquenses.
I hate them so goddamn much.

Anonymous 123966

Why do they do it?

Anonymous 123969

It's funny how moids always whine that women don't like when an abusive man uses her as an free psychologist. If the man uses the woman as an emotional trashcan then it becomes a problem. Most men use women as free therapists while contributing with nothing and only emotionally abusing their partner in the process.
A lot of men don't know how to share their emotionsin a healthy manner, and they always abuse or burst their anger on their gf/wife calling it "I'm just venting :((".
We have no problem with our male relatives, friends, partners etc sharing their emotions if they do it the right way, without having tantrums or anger outbursts.

Anonymous 123970

>coping this hard
The neighboring isle had a submarine port and received under 12yo children. So yes, they probably had brought babies in too. Fucking moron.

Anonymous 123971

Also moids should learn to heal and cure their psychological, mental or emotional trauma/stress/illness, before getting into a relationship.
Curing a sich person when you're not a specialist is extremely hard and it will get you hurted in the process.

Anonymous 123975

While I agree with what you said, I think that a relationship is important for helping you improve, you should not place all of it on your partner. Everything needs balance.

Anonymous 123976

Don’t bother with that scrote. And besides, they certainly don’t extend those expectations to ”fat chicks”.

Anonymous 123992

Good chance it's a male. They tend to ignore or approve of such behavior when they're around but then play dumb later if somebody on the outside is horrified of such behavior.

Anonymous 123994

I hate this shitty trend of overreacting to female character designs being changed to make them less overly sexualized

Anonymous 124350

How am I supposed to get lesbian from the original design? Is the green M&M just canonically gay?

Anonymous 124351

no, the poster just jumped from feminine to lipstick lesbian for no reason. if anything, the new design is more likely to be a lesbian

Anonymous 124376

God, I know it's retarded and not worth thinking about, but let me vent. I can't get over what incels, MGTOWs, etc. say to women that are scared of being mistreated essentially boils down to this analogy:

>find the most deformed male beggar you can. a beggar that thinks a chicken sandwich that's been sat on is a king's feast will long worship that sandwich and take care of it and remain faithful to it…long after it's been consumed…long after this beggar has stood up and gotten a job, a social life, confidence, etc., and now can access a real king's feast. He will blindly love that busted chicken sandwich out of its sacrifice for him alone

See the impossibility? Not only are women framed as creatures to be consumed out of need and seen as objects, they're told that this is a privilege and that the more desperate a guy is, the more resilience his love has (no lol)…while pretty much told the millions of body counts and traumas from this exact male greed towards accessing any women doesn't exist, or that women aren't allowed to adjust their standards/expectations based off the risks. The only thing male losers want women to do is to be easy and blindly irrational, essentially, abandoning all self-interest for favor of using their own bodies like charity drives.

Desperation as a means to commitment isn't sustainable; gfs/starter wives exist and women are constantly told they don't. There's so many ugly poor guys that actually do find someone but then vastly prefer the hot women - "gold diggers" - he only can access when he starts getting a life.
It happens like clockwork, clockwork that a lot of men actively keep women in the dark about in order to keep them accessible for failed males whose entire shtick is that they're nice only because of desperation and wanting sex.

These incels essentially claim that the only thing that stops men from being constantly cheating, wandering beasts is a lack of sexual opportunity, and that men being nice has 0 moral substance behind it…and that it is entirely conditional based off how much a male needs to fuck.
Yet, in spite of that, they claim these are truly good men. Sure. It's "rational", rational as a means to protect their egos optimally rather than a coherence to the logic of the world around them.

Want a snippet of a piece of similar propaganda you'll see all types of people say? "You'll die alone/become a cat lady."
Why is this said the most to women, who are statistically on average happier and more satisfied with singleness through their entire lives…and even when single, less likely to die without anyone that loves them (because they put the work into friendship more)? Cope. Men, especially maladjusted men, face the most risk of "dying alone" and being lonely when single. And bc of male egoism, they will ignore the various statistics pointing to how men prefer jacking off to teen porn than putting work into knowing people and blame society, kek.

Anonymous 124382

At's not retarted , this was a very well made short analysis and your worries are justifiable.

Anonymous 124670

Why ruminate over incels so much? It's really a small parcel of men. You would benefit from not visiting those sites if you cannot preserve your inner peace.

Anonymous 124676

Your argument is reasonable but it's a waste of time, incels hate women because they cannot fuck them easily/at all and that's it. Using logic with them is not gonna change the fact that they are sad losers trying to cope.

But I liked your last point, unrelated to the incel thing, about the cat lady stereotype because I have seen a lot of single/widow grandmas thriving and enjoying their lives without a husbandchild and kids to take care of, often doing various activities and spending time with friends. There are a few grandmas living alone in my building and they'll take tea together everyday, invite people over, go to reading clubs, do knitting, gardening…

Now that I think about it I have never seen old single moids living that kind of life. I'll keep that in mind when I feel angry at women-hating moids, I can take some solace in the fact that they'll probably end up dying alone, bitter and regretful.

Anonymous 124681

Pretty hilarious that moids build their whole lives around sex, and when they turn too old for that, they literally become no-life old nonces. And even then, they blame it on women.

Anonymous 124805

tbh I realize I don't mind if men want to obsess over hot women.
what annoys me is when they act like it's a privilege to be liked by a male when he's essentially open to fucking millions of other women with 0 real attachment or meaning at any given moment while spending 1000s of hours making his mind dependent on consuming women out of his league (waifus, porn, onlyfans, etc.). it's like saying the love of a humping robot means something. I get it, people settle but holy shit, men are so often much worse at it than women.

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