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Anonymous 121835

>sugar free
>Contains: fructose, lactose, Maltose, dextrose, glucose

Why the FUCK is this legal, I legitimately think that any company that does this should be shut down and most of their employees imprisoned

Anonymous 121853

bc capitalism moment

Anonymous 121930

Why the fuck should the employees be imprisoned

Anonymous 121944

Because they need money to survive, duh.

Anonymous 121951

aiding and abetting it
like how in a conspiracy for murder, everyone in the conspiracy is charged for the crimes that every conspirator commits equally

Anonymous 121965


Anonymous 121969

Americans, everyone

Anonymous 121971

Because your country prioritizes big companies making money over the health of the individual citizens.

Anonymous 122001

What good is the FDA anyway? They did some helpful things at the beginning of the 20th century and now they get paid for things they did 100 years ago and take bribes from big food.

Anonymous 133322

Accessory to fraud
And how in conspiracy laws, any crimes committed by one member are generally applied to every member who agreed to it

Anonymous 133356

I feel like by now we should be able to discern that "sugar-free" does not actually mean sugar-free or any of the amazing wonders the labels provide us with. Pure fruit and vegetables are all we can rely on at this point. I'm far from an absolute purist; I buy Chobani Greek Yogurt that is supposedly 0% sugar and has tons of protein but I don't believe any of it. This is just what living in America is right now in this period of time.

Anonymous 134048

carbs are sugar, sugar is carbs. even lettuce and broccoli have at least 2g of carbs per serving. you guys are overreacting.

Anonymous 134072

Not all carbs are created equal.

Anonymous 134114

I hate having to check the label on a jar of pickles to make sure there's no sugar in it. Fucking PICKLES.

Anonymous 134117

im not from the us, but doesnt "sugar free/0% sugar" just means that they didnt added any extra sugar? or at least, over here… almost everything got sugar after all, on higher or lower amounts.

like, if theyre selling a sugar free cake it just means it got flour, eggs, milk n that jazz except for the usual extra spoons of sugar.

Anonymous 134118

You're retarded, sorry. Most of the employees don't give a shit, they just want a salary.

Anonymous 134120

on another note, sugar isnt bad, you just have to make sure to burn it all afterwards by exercising; all food gives us calories (energy) and we gain weight by not using that energy food give us, in most cases its just a matter of balancing what you eat and how much you move around

Anonymous 134131

For me it is a flavor thing, I don't want any of that crap in certain foods. Like peanut butter doesn't need sugar and should not be sweet but Americans are addicted to it so they have to put it in everything

Anonymous 134133

Refined sugar is bad because it spikes your insulin and can cause diabetes even if you're skinny.

Anonymous 134135

yeah i was mostly referring to that, natural sugar itself isnt bad, extra/refined is the most harmful one

Anonymous 134136

Natural sugar will give you diabetes too if you’re consuming too much. The reason it’s better for you is because it’s accompanied by vitamins and fiber.

Anonymous 134161

"Look, I only deliver the orphans to the orphan grinder, I just do it for a paycheck, I don't really know or care what goes on afterwards"

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