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Anonymous 122161

why do my parents want me to go to college so badly? they constantly tell me how smart i am but i’m just not. i had horrible grades for all of hs and failed 3 classes in the 2 years i was in college. it’s just not for me. i did the easy half of it and i can’t finish and they just don’t seem to get it. i’m legitimately not smart enough and they can’t just get that.

Anonymous 122163

Boomers still think college is worth a damn. I can't tell you how many people with masters I know that're still stuck working entry jobs. Only take college classes if you actually NEED to.

Anonymous 122175

Your parents are projecting onto you. Either they didn't get to go to college and they want to live vicariously through you or their egos are so big they can't accept that you would be doing badly in school.

What kind of work do you want to go into, anon?

Anonymous 122189

Hahaha same
But actually being smart and getting good grades aren't necssarily related. You might have ADHD or some other problem that fucks up your ability to commit to certain tasks.
probably because they want you to have better chances of getting a good job

Anonymous 122203

Anonymous 122222

Anonymous 122242

There's a lot you learn by attending university that isn't just maths and literature. There are opportunities, through universities, to do things like travel, have access to the the uni's resources, network with interesting people you wouldn't normally meet if you never attended uni. You really will come out of uni with broader perspectives.

Anonymous 122256

Oh, so it's not that you're not smart, it's that you're lazy. Got it.

Anonymous 122278

no more jobs.gif

Been working for almost 10 years now and I want none jobs either too anon

Anonymous 122999

>they constantly tell me how smart i am but i’m just not
i get this too. i know im not smart but they always say this. its frustrating because i dont want to argue with my parents.

Anonymous 123002

it's like when my parents call me a computer genius for telling them their passwords lol.

Anonymous 123016

probably just means no career paths fit her interests, esp college wise

Anonymous 123043

what about people whose only insterests are sleeping, eating, masturbating and consuming media?

Anonymous 123060

I ended up finding a (freelancing) job that appealed to what I find satisfying and sometimes I even enjoy doing. The successes often feel amazing owing to how I made them myself and isn't guaranteed. Most importantly: it is extremely realistic with who I am (an awkward shut-in). I still want to branch out to more creative stuff.

I tried college and it was a massive waste of time, and left me in a bit of debt and a few emotional scars (because some parts of it I really adored but then failed horribly at, took me years just to recover). It would have been more helpful if there was something like college but focused more on meaningful challenges and building resilience, as well as promoting creativity (which is actually shown to be extremely relevant to success).

Anonymous 123064

They need to work on finding a career that's pleasant enough to do for the rest of their lives without having every minute of it. It's entirely possible.

Hell, it may even surprise them with how pleasant it actually is. It certainly did me.

The problem with all this school shit is that it wants you to pick something without actually having tried anything.

Anonymous 123124

There's your problem.

Anonymous 123144

Unfortunately not an option. You either earn a living or starve/freeze to death. So now you have to make a choice about what thing you can see yourself being able to stomach doing for the next 40 years. I chose something that makes me proud of my work. And don't worry about picking wrong the first time. You can completely retool up to twice before life starts to get hard.

Anonymous 123145

why only twice

Anonymous 123147

Did you think this was profound when you posted it?

Anonymous 123255

It becomes financially/physically difficult impossible after twice. Say you want to be a warehouse supervisor. You graduate high school, get hired, and you pay your dues by working a low paying job while learning the ropes and getting forklift certified. But after five years, you're not getting where you hoped and you're really not satisfied. So you decide you want to be a counselor. You spend $30K getting your bachelor's and then another $37K getting your master's and you get into the field. It pays well but after a couple of years you find yourself unfilled. But now you've got a $700 monthly student loan payment due each month so you can't intern to get a foot in the door anymore and you have to pick something more reliable so your options are more limited. But you decide to be a manager of some retail store. You use your previous experience, get hired as an assistant manager and within six months work yourself into manager.
At this point, if you wanted to completely retool, you'd be pretty screwed. You're thirty four and $67K in debt. There are ways to work around it, but it gets increasingly difficult. Now, to be fair, this is a complete retooling. If you were a nurse, and then you wanted to become a doctor, that would be way easier and something you could do after two screw ups.

Anonymous 123260

what career are you enrolled in anon? just curious

Anonymous 123294

interesting bikini choice
and it depends on what your passion is. If you're not feeling it, then it will be hard to balance academics and whatever else you want to do
at least if you're not in too much debt you're in better shape than someone who went to college and still did nothing

Anonymous 123304

this is a great illustration

Anonymous 123305

my parents pursuaded me to go to college and i am the exaxt same. im literally retarded yet they think im smart because i can write an essay. i dropped out of uni but im going towards a different kind of career since it doesnt require college. if youre smart and want to do a career that requires a degree i really encourage you to go though

Anonymous 126407


Honestly, same. And I don't care/have no motivation to keep trying with it. But I dont know what else to do

Anonymous 126408

got to keep progressing nona

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