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Is blacked.com propaganda? Anonymous 12296

Is blacked anti white propaganda or just another porn site?
I'm sure we've all noticed how much it's been spammed in the last couple years on 4ch and whatnot. It's really creepy how well produced it is and the way it's made.

Also notice how the title itself is anti black in a sense (as if getting "blacked" is dirty and negative) but also anti white as an attack.
Also they use girls that are clearly prettier than most porn stars, as if they're spoiling something pretty.

idk the political orientations of this board but that's what it seems to me.

Anonymous 12297

If anything it's anti black propaganda because the reasons you mentioned. Pretty much reduces black guys into some kind of sex animals; and it's supposed to be NOT intellectually threatening to a white guy. SO he can just cuck imagine that shes getting fucked by something that isn't exactly human so he can mentally reassure himself it's just primal sex and she would never leave him for it.

Almost all black porn exploits like that.

Anonymous 12301

Anonymous 12304

it's clearly a completely different creation compared to something like My Daughter Fucks Hood Niggas For 5$ In The Backyard 13

Anonymous 12305


Hello /pol/
I think you're in the wrong website.

Anyways, supposing this isn't some sperg that I'm talking to, why are white people so insecure? I mean like, most people that I know are kinda racist when it comes to dating anyways (most of them wouldn't date a black person). Even though I don't like this kind of porn I just see it as a niche thing that has grown recently because I think most men prob don't care who's fucking they just want to see porn but I'm not really sure, never talked to them about that.

Anonymous 12306

You have a really innocent view of things

Anonymous 12307

Not everything is a conspiracy. Stop believing everything /pol/ tells you.

Anonymous 12308

Even if you agree it's not a conspiracy, acting like guys watch interracial porn just because they want any porn is really innocently retarded

Anonymous 12309

That's like comparing something like Brazzers (? idk any high production porn companies) to School Girl Teen gets Anally WRECKED in Truck Stop HillBilly Glory Hole Orgy 12. If people like the format, they're going to really like (and pay for) a high quality version of it.

It's probably just a high production form of what is the same basic format for all BBC and white blonde girl porn. It just seems like some kind of propaganda because insecure nerds keep spamming the site and the meme everywhere. They probably spam it because of the production values and quality of the actresses.

Anonymous 12314

>the sensibility in this thread
Just beautiful.
A thread like this would've taken a completely different turn over on 4fun.

Anonymous 12315

this. they do this in h-manga as well. japan is pretty racist, so it's a similar idea. i also think it's seen as degrading, the types of men that watch think their woman are beautiful and pure but get off on watching them be defiled by "gross" "lesser" humans.

Anonymous 12316


Not really. It's the same idea with better lighting and a nicer set.

Anonymous 12319

Think about this: why would the white farm owner complain if the slaves work harder after a good night of sex? More money for him, more cotton to be sold, and if the nigs complain about the work load, it's off to being slashed

Anonymous 12320



I'd imagine a lot of the men viewing the site are black guys who like white girls. Most porn is about pure sex. I'd say the reason the girls look better is because they might have a professional makeup artist who makes them look more natural (that's what a lot of guys like, so it makes sense to go for the "naturally pretty look").

Of course 4chan viewers are probably white guys with a cuck fetish…but I doubt they represent a strong user base on the site.

Overall, I don't think it's racist. Getting "blacked" doesn't sound dirty or negative to me, but more comical. But probably depends on who is watching.

>>Off-topic, but the sites got a great photographer. I'd love to have him or her take my portrait photo for my CV.

>>Pic related would make a great profile photo on LinkedIn.

Anonymous 12324

ah, innocence!

Anonymous 12329

white dudes weren't as cuckified 300 years ago as they are now, so no, they wouldn't be ok with their wives getting nutted in by another man, especially not a non white man. you're thinking from a soyboy 21st century perspective.

Anonymous 12335


Yeah… If anything they were the ones raping and getting black women pregnant.

At most, a unhappy landlady would have her way with a slave in secret. But not that common tbh. Not worthy risking everything getting pregnant with a black baby

Anonymous 12336

I always found the whole interracial deal more anti-black.
Like, some kind of psyop to get the African Americans to assimilate and thusly simplify race relations in the US.
The government was always scared shitless of black nationalism and white nationalism to a lesser degree. Maybe if everyone gets opened up to the idea of fucking each other we'll stop fighting. There's worse things my tax dollars could be going to.
I don't really get into black guys though. Idris Elba is alright looking I guess. Method Man was cute back in the day. That's about it for me.

Anonymous 12338


tbh i also agree that the fetishization aspect of interracial porn is pretty anti black, but has nothing to do with the slave period? I mean, kinda, but not that direct
It's more post Jim Crow era shit, the casual racism and misoginy that was seeing "your woman" (a white one) being "degraded" by fucking some sub-human, bestial, sex driven thing, the black man. Add a bit of cuckold fetish into the mix and you got my wife added in the title later.

Sorry if I didn't explain it very well. ESL and yaddayadda.

Anonymous 12339

I used to autistically "study" this because it use to boggle my mind why I kept seeing it everywhere on the internet and yeah, this is definitely a post Jim Crow thing.

In the past, the racial fetishization meme was centered around white men and pretty much every non-white women, tbh, because of colonization. It was a conquest fantasy based on power and humiliation.
It's why there's so many (multigenerationally mixed) children descended European Y genes scattered throughout the former colonial countries (All of United States, South America, Africa, Asia, whatever). To some extent, yes it was propaganda. Propaganda against non-white people. That's why in addition to the "one-drop rule" (which was mostly in English colonies, whatever), the concept of "breeding out the bad blood" was drilled into the people's heads. They wanted them to be bred out so they could effectively erase the population and develop an oppressive social hierarchy based on how white you looked and were. It's an effective system based on white supremacy.

Yes, this "meme" has shifted to pretty much white women and non-white guys. It started to happen after the 1940s.

It has everything to do with the current state of the world, which I don't feel like getting into.And yes, I do think white men these days are more cucked and affeminate tbh, but that's a general observation.

Things change. It's interesting but nowhere near as weird individuals online pretend it is. It's not objective and serious as it looks.
Obsessing over it is literally autistic. Just live your life.

Anonymous 12340

SHIT i mean former colonies. Whatever.

Anonymous 12341


Yes. That didn't happen only on English colonies though - It happened here in Brazil as well, and they brought a lot of European (mostly Italian because poor and Portuguese because of course) here to white wash the population as well. Didn't work so well considering we had the biggest slave system (and the last one to be abolished, mind you. Fucking 1888), and also, I believe a few more amerindian natives. But mostly black, though. Even nowadays, after more than 130 of mixing races, I believe people that consider themselves to be black are about 40~50% of the population. Way more than the US, if you ask me.

And also totally unrelated, but we also have the biggest Japanese colony outside of Japan. Makes me wonder if it has some correlation with past Portugal x Japan trades and stuff.

I wish it wasn't so obsessed over and fetishized as well. Like, it still wows some to see to people from two different ethnic backgrounds fucking. Shit, mang.

Anonymous 12343

Knowing white girls get off on this shit is pretty demoralizing, but hey, the propaganda's working. You should see German women in 2018. There is legitimately zero future for white people. That's what happens when your genes are recessive and you give women power over the future of your society. But then I remember it's actual cuckolds who started all this, whom I hadn't even heard of until /pol/.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 12344

Oops, I meant ODR was mostly a rule in English colonies. Portuguese, French, and Spanish colonies were more lenient on the concept of race.

Anonymous 12345

Lol shut up, white women race mix the least, having sex =/= giving birth.

Anonymous 12346

You should really get out of /pol/.

Anonymous 12347


>Pic related would make a great profile photo on LinkedIn.

Thank you for this laugh, nonnie

Anonymous 12348

I can't stand /pol/, I'm saying it's they who helped put blacked out there and girls are eating it up, so I'd say it's white people's death warrant tbqh.

>having sex for lols =/= giving birth to white babies
That's the point.

Anonymous 12349

When I say "sex for lols" I'm saying sex with blacks or w/e that anon was implying

Anonymous 12350

Do you even have babies? Or are you like Lauren where you bitch at people to have Whyte babies but aren't breeding yourself.

Anonymous 12351

Most regular-functioning people don't visit pol then again, the average white person is a fucking weirdo nerd these days so who knows.

Anonymous 12352

That's some harsh edge.

Anonymous 12353

Well it's the truth. Too many of the reddit / 4chan personalities leak into real life.

Anonymous 12354

Should this thread go in /nsfw/?

Anonymous 12355

this thread is a mess. interracial porn made for white men with freaky racist cuck fetishes are very different from porn made for black dudes who are into white girls. that site is obviously the former.

Anonymous 12357

nobody's posting porn in it so I think we're good

Anonymous 12358

>4chan presents


Anonymous 12360

The white men in blacked videos are effeminate soyboys, the plots revolve around the woman cheating on her bf/husband who acts like a pushover. Some videos are literally cuckoldry.

BLACKED is blatant propaganda and anyone who doesn't see it is either a leftist bitch or a retard.

It's sad to see that even on such a far corner of the internet most ladies are this brainwashed.

Stop being whores. Make white babies.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 12361

You spread your legs, bitch. I see you're just bitching at people while having no babies of your own.

Meanwhile we'll do whatever.

Anonymous Moderator 12362

Ladies, stop taking the bait and just report and ignore.

Anonymous 12366

rei wat.jpg


Oh, yeah. You are totally right, I miss read it lol i guess they had to be, because we had too much non whites here.

I know this was (male) bait, but how the fuck are the dudes from blacked "soy boys"? lmao they are literally the strong, "thug" type, with face tattoos and whatnot?
Funny when a poltard don't even know it's own buzzwords.

Anonymous 12367

read what s(he) said
"the 'WHITE' men in blacked videos"
the topic is the intro to the videos, there's always some beta white guy that's acting like a pushover towards his wife/gf before the black guy fucks her

Anonymous 12370

giphy (13).gif


Aahh my bad then, I am blind

Anonymous 12471

>anything that's remotely inacceptable to talk about irl belongs on 4chan
Why do you hate fun?

Anonymous 12524

Have you even looked at the front page of /nsfw/ currently? I think this thread would fit right in there.

Anonymous 13398


Its porn fam the guys are these to be a living dildo. Do you want a backstory about how the guy is putting himself through law school and wants to work for the NAACP after he graduates?

Anonymous 13685

Above and beyond the internal differences in porn, all of these studios and videos fit the same group. Usually it's you know whom behind the camera. It's the ultimate subversion and it's 100% better to use your mind.

Anonymous 13902

All porn is brain rotting garbage. I think this specific type is gaining popularity with some people because they're racist and have inferiority complexes. Like adult baby shit and Max Hardcore, it's scratching an "itch" for a subset of mentally sick weirdos.
If you want to blame your own hang-ups on "them" and act like they're performing some brainwashing magic or spreading propaganda to get you to keep coming back to something obviously unhealthy and twisted, that's rather silly, but your prerogative.

Anonymous 13992

Honestly, I think would be paranoid to think of the recent rise in masochistic fetish websites as anything other than simple money grabbing.

The advent of social media paired with the emancipation of women saw a drastic rise in male self hatred.

The unmaking of age old norms often leaves young men with a sense of directionlessness while the overexposure to success stories through social media tends to promote insecurity and inferiority complexes. Men are simpler creatures in a way that they have a tendency to rationalize the world in simple terms.

"I'm not handsome enough, i'm not proficient enough in the bedroom, i'm simply biologically inferior"
Many tend to deal with these thoughts by repressing them until they start to rise up again as "fetishized taboos"

I'm also of the opinion that women are facing a similar challenge since the inception of social media but it shows differently.

It's probably safe to say that self hatred and insecurity is on a rise across all genders and all races…

Anonymous 14563

>she would never leave him for it
You better leave her if she ever does go for it

Anonymous 14567

preach, anon. Porn is damaging for everyone involved, from the actors (mentally, emotionally, physically) to the consumers (mentally, emotionally, physically to some extent and damaging to some kinds of romantic relationships). the only people TRULY gaining from it are the guys behind it.

Anonymous 14718

More like anti black propaganda since it sexualizes our bodies, blech!

Anonymous 14730

>getting POZZED doesn't sound dirty or negative to me

Anonymous 14731

Even though I'll occasionally watch porn myself, it is definitely damaging to society as a whole. Its denigrating to us and gives men a really unhealthy view of what sex is and what it shouldn't be. I feel like if porn focused more on both partners experiencing pleasure and reaching a climax it wouldn't be so bad, but that's just not the case.

Anonymous 14756

I would say it's just another porn site that has flourished because of propaganda. I highly doubt Blacked is influential enough to change a large amount of the population's mind on anything really. It didn't create what you see today, it's just a product of it. Maybe people who are anti-white like that site more, but I don't think it was their intentions to push anything. Just like any business they are in it for the money first.

Anonymous 15310

>have 2 major imageboards with at least one dedicated political board
>need to post about this here

It's definetly a dedicated fetish site. I don't know how that might be propaganda though. And I am not going to click on that or watch any blacked porn to find out. The only propaganda here is the damage your do to yourself watching all that filth.

Anonymous 16047

it's gradual conditioning more than changing someone's mind

Anonymous 17833

Everything is propaganda, whether intentional or not. An artist always imbues his/her work with their own ideas/memes.

Anonymous 26269

it makes money out of controversy is what it is.

Anonymous 26270

jfc, stop bumping this dead meme of a thread. kys you stupid /pol/fags, everyone hates you.

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