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Anonymous 123497

One of the best tactics for wasting men's time when arguing with them online is called gish galloping.
It's actually something I learned FROM men since it's their favored thing to use.

It's when you bring up so many arguements in passing, with just enough detail to make it part of the conversation that it overwhelms them.
It makes it so they feel like they have to address every one of the points in full or else they'll be at a disadvantage.
If they choose to focus on a specific arguement and not giving each one attention, press the idea of "You just ignored one of the core points, it's because you know you don't have any valid arguements."
It's a bit susceptible to if they say you're moving the goal posts and then cutting off the convo, but because men use the tactic as their main way of "debating" I think it's fair game and they almost always fall on it.

Note that this isn't a way to win arguements, and it doesn't change anyone's mind.
It generally makes you look dumb, so it works best on anonymous boards or place where you don't really have to care about your reputation(it's the internet, arguably that's everywhere.)
But just as a way to make men mad and waste their time, it works well.

Remember: its always morally correct to troll moids

Anonymous 123500

Arguing with dumb moids only to make them mad is pretty low IQ too and a bigger waste of your own time.
The only winning move is not to play.

Anonymous 123637

its funny to troll them though

Anonymous 123680

You sound mentally ill and I mean that. Whose time are you actually wasting?

Anonymous 123810

as opposed to the abundance of productivity we spend posting on here

Anonymous 124373

why am I not that bitter
what am I doing wrong

Anonymous 124377

>she can't address multiple points at once
that's not a male strategy to put you at a disadvantage, lmao. only a brainlet can't identify the core of a discussion/argument. not every point matters and you can even ignore most of what they bring up if you want.

Anonymous 124396

live laugh love

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