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Autism in girls vs guys Anonymous 123639

Has anyone else noticed that autistic girls are nicer? I don't have autism or aspergers, but I have met several and made friends with some of them, and even though they had difficulty socializing, they were generally good people with a lot of empathy.

I have met many other guys with autism because it is more common in men and many of them were total creeps, they were also arrogant, and became aggressive when things didn't go their way. I have also seen some of them get girlfriends because they learned masking very well, but when their partners saw their true personality, and left them after a few months they would get angry blaming it on women. Worst of all, they have so much pride that they hate to admit they have a problem, they have a horrible obsession with fitting in.

Anonymous 123643

Girls, particularly those who are undiagnosed, are under a lot more social pressure to mask when growing up. If they don’t, they will be totally excluded and every little thing they do mocked. Boys, on the other hand, get away with things because “boys will be boys”. They can also bond over sports more where social interactions don’t matter as much.

Anonymous 123645

That's because women on overage have better emotional inteligence. One of autism's biggest factors is not recognizing the other people's emotions/feelings and not reading well facial expressions even when communicating fate to face.
Also we have bigger sympathy and empathy for the people around us than men, and since we aren't as aggressive as them we have a lot easier time around people even if we suffer from a mental disorder/illness.
I have been in class with an autistic girl, she didn't show much emotions and she was very bad at communicating but she wasn't violent and aggressive.
I've never had a contact with a boy with autism but I've noticed that boys with mental disorders can explode if you're not carefull around them.
(Sorry id there are mistakes, english is not my native launguage.)

Anonymous 123649

I have recently read this scientific paper on autism in women, since this thread is about this topic i thought I'd dump it for those who might be curious: http://psychiatriapolska.pl/uploads/images/PP_4_2019/ENGver737Rynkiewicz_PsychiatrPol2019v53i4.pdf

Anonymous 123752

>Has anyone else noticed that autistic girls are nicer?

Neurotypical girls are also nicer than neurotypical guys so why would that be a surprise?

Anonymous 123870

> it is more common in men
It's hard to know that, since it's very underdiagnosed in women/girls

Anonymous 123883

>>Girls, particularly those who are undiagnosed, are under a lot more social pressure to mask when growing up. If they don’t, they will be totally excluded and every little thing they do mocked.

What do you mean mask? I don't know if I'm autistic but I USED to relate to this. Also this is the central reason why marriage and relationships with men are a joke to me. I cannot live in the same house with their hypocrisy. Most of society and social expectations are a joke to me too.
Still you can actually get away with doing whatever the absolute hell you want, if you're not a pushover or easily manipulated by crab bucket people.

That is what most of society is, crab bucket cretins. If you think of them as under your foot, for being that way, and ignore them, they will be. They can't really doing anything about it but bitch and whine that you aren't playing by the rules of their suffocation game. Ultimately it just turns into a bitchfest over their jealousy. They just come out and say it to your face. All because you don't do what they want, or play by any rules. They'll honestly give their power away all day long, in obession. And if you're actually a pretty descent person who just focuses on their own thing, it makes them even more mad.

If you stick it out, its always like this, no matter where you go. No matter what you do. I'm not saying be a full blown psycho. You should be able to communicate really well and especially about what you want, but holy fuck. Its definitely in your best interest to at least pretend to be a nihilist psycho, because they wont stop until you behave like a toned down handmaiden all the time.

I really recommend it to anyone who isn't spineless. Its really priceless. I don't really know if I'm autistic but I really related to that first statement when I was 15 because that's when I realized all people were full of shit. People became a joke to me when I realized that.

Anonymous 123983

Autistic girls behave like guys

Anonymous 123986

>What do you mean mask?
It means pretending to be normal with regards to emotions, interests, etc.

Anonymous 123997

in my opinion autist girls are just fucking annoying

also at this point i believe the word "autism" just turned into a buzzword for every "quirky" girl to use to describe their personality and to avoid responsibility

Anonymous 124029

stop trying to make friends with underage girls anon

Anonymous 124062

How do you know if you're an autist really though? I do solitude really well and obsess over writing and thats it. I don't want to get married or have children. I really don't have a hard time socializing though? I'm just bored by conversation 90% of the time and want to leave.

Anonymous 124063

>How do you know if you're an autist really though?
Not by browsing message boards, that's for sure. People like to diagnose themselves and others with autism based on very random singular things which is silly, possibly harmful.
Want to really find out? Go to an actual doctor.

Anonymous 124066

But then I have to shuck out tons of cash, for something I most likely won't be diagnosed with? I am high functioning. How about this, Dear people who have been professionally diagnosed, what did they say convinced them you had the tism?

Anonymous 124067

Wow this is a great perspective thanks anon.

Anonymous 124314

I've not been formally diagnosed with autism but I have been formally diagnosed with ADHD and the psychiatrist told me at the time that I should get an autism assessment too. In the notes for my ADHD assessment he said something like my emotions were unchanging, which I'm guessing was the big giveaway as it's not an ADHD thing.

Anonymous 124338


I get this ad every time I go on Facebook. Does that mean I'm autistic?

Anonymous 124430

ND women are cats
>happy to spend most of their time alone
>have their own ways of doing things
>very picky about food
>sleep a lot
>always exploring new things
>seem to just annoy some people for no reason

NT women are dogs
>need constant reassurance
>need someone to follow
>forms strong bonds with others
>looks for attention from whoever enters the room
>eats nearly anything
>makes noise a lot

Neither is bad but they are different.

Anonymous 124433


>eats nearly anything
>makes noise a lot

Anonymous 124442

My aunt called me autistic, does that count? T_T

Anonymous 124506

I think it's a really good image except for these few points:

>Difficulty making and keeping friends

Women are way worse at friendship because we don't have a hunt-fueled primitive ease for bonding as males do.

>Difficulty moderating feelings when frustrated

>Conversation is restricted to limited topics of interest
That's just everyone.

Anonymous 124629

>Women are way worse at friendship because we don't have a hunt-fueled primitive ease for bonding as males do.
Nah. We just have less things we can bond over and we don't bond over abusing others most of the time.

Anonymous 124701

The one autistic guy I know of (distant family member) is actually relatively nice. Ironically, he expresses himself pretty well, is sensitive, warm, etc. His neurotypical extroverted brother on the other hand is regularly triggered by other people's boundaries or needs. I.e., his autistic brother wants to be alone sometime sometimes sets him off and makes him claim he's sociopathic and evil and that no normal person wants to be alone sometimes.
It's just an anecdote, not really indicative at all of autistics anyway.

Also I'm pretty sure half of the women people here claim are autistic are really just odd or less inhibited, or less caught up with cohering to social norms.

Anonymous 124965

It's a mixed bag really. Some autists are really cool, some are horrible. My mother used to bring me to an autism thing where parents would bring their autist children to a meet up and go on trips. For the most part I didn't like it because of the other children. There were definitely more asshole boys there but I can't tell if it is because there were just more boys there in general or because they tended to be worse. But there were some girls like that too that were horrible or annoying and selfish. I mean, some of them were nice but annoying, but they didn't mean to be. I got on with the girls there better anyways but there were not many people there at all I liked girl or boy. Then when I went to secondary school there was a surprising amount of spergs there and they were all really nice, and mostly they were guys. I got on well with them and made a good friend who was a guy. I think it was all high functioning spergs/aspergers and that's why I liked them. No retards

Anonymous 124966

>a hunt-fueled primitive ease for bonding as males do

Isn't this just hackneyed evolutionary psychology BS which isn't even consistent with what we know about early hominids or modern hunter gatherer societies?

Anonymous 124974

Just put hunt-fueled infront of everything relating to males and it explains what ever you want it to explain
Hunting has nothing to do with making friends It makes no sense

Men are simple, so things are less complicated, so they make friends easier. Women are more socially complex, so there is more effort needed, more that can go wrong, more drama, more to account for

Anonymous 125588

Why is this so accurate though

Anonymous 127620

does this in original or translated? If translated, do you have the original file?

Anonymous 127623

Anonymous 129732


Thank you for sharing! I got diagnosed in my adult years and enjoy reading these kind of studies, it was an interesting read.
Any others here who got misdiagnosed earlier or just diagnosed later in life?

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