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remembering optimism Anonymous 123687

trying to cultivate the optimism again. i used to be good at this, have not been practicing for a while though.

just thinking about nice stuff helps i think. i imagine a situation i would like and then i have another place where i can default to in case i get lost in thoughts that aren't all that nice. just to breathe for a second.

i do worry that this might create an alternate reality i could end up desecrating as a hideout from actual reality but i do appreciate the breather and there is no shortage of me worrying. if something is bound to happen in the future that i would better be ready for, i am probably already worrying about it anyways so i should be safe for a few seconds.

every time i remember to do that, this little feeling of success and hope appears and reminds me that all i have to do is remember this from time to time.

i have this little post-it note in the shower. says "say 5 things you are thankful for". every time i take a shower i do this. if i can keep it up for a while, this should become a habit. i would remember throughout the day to ask myself what is good, giving ultimate fertilizer to my mental health.

Anonymous 124416

Moebius? good taste. I think you are right on with your shower idea, I believe gratitude has been proven to improve mood. What really helps me is actually sort of a nihilistic outlook - everything is pointless so why not make the best of it, why not try, why not enjoy. I also like to remind myself that no matter how bad things get, there are certain things that will always be free/available and be comforting.

Anonymous 124441

I love his ligne claire style

Anonymous 126631

Optimism is everything. People who call it toxic positivity to think about, and work through solutions are pretty much just stubborn pessimists who don't want to admit it.

Anonymous 126632

And that is coming from someone who is always cranky, hates everything. Positivity is a road, its not "oh everythings great and why aren't you happy what's wrong with you" its just being open to good developments, seeing them, pursuing them, reaping the reward of having been open to them in the first place.

If you don't take advantage of it you're insane. Its like there's liquid gold under the surface of everything you do. Most things are shitty, and most people are trash, but you can find openings no matter what the hell is going on. Everybody will fiercely disagree and push stubbornly towards their downfall, disbelieving everything.

But oh my god its like having liquid gold in your brain, if you routinely know how to find that crack in reality anywhere.

Anonymous 126642


“Gratitude is not just a switch to turn on when things go well; it is also a light that shines in the darkness.” – a quote that I once read that resonated with me. It's cheesy, yes, but it's true.
Especially the last few years I've found a lot of hope and strength in so-called tragic optimism.

Anonymous 218521

Optimism is really intuition as well. When you can hear the pleasant guidance of stillness it makes virtually everything else peaceful too.

Anonymous 218596

Neither optimism or pessismism work. What people need is realism. However, even pessimism is still closer to that than optimism when you look at how rapidly unfuckable the problems in the world are getting. Living in optimism at this point would be an even higher delusion reserved only for those who don't have to witness these problems, like out of touch rich people. Pessimism can at least point shit out for people rather than make things up. One of my favorite comedians, George Carlin, was one cynical bastard but it also made his material extremely socially critical. Idealists only give rise to dictators. Cynicists just want to see some balance.

Anonymous 218694

What is really the difference between cynicism and pessimism? They can both close you off to seeing alternatives. Cynicism is a looping concious habit a few houses down from 'survival/fear mode' in the exact same way pessimism is.

Usually evertime i talked to a self declared realist, it was usually a diehard capitalist moid, who eventually ratted himself out, defending the natural order of screwing everything and everyone over for the sake of his bottom line. They never tell you this to your face they always pretend to feed you this "social commentary" that ends up being some ruthless moid philosophy, for moids, by moids, "take heart, be comforted by the fact everything will burn down."

But in the end you can always tell they were total sadists sometimes and they authored the chaos from the start.

Realism can be good for certain periods of life though, i CAN agree with that. But "realists" can also shield themselves from risk too much. Life requires healthy amounts of risk and positive expectations, from previous success, which motivate you to take on more, and not get mired in "sunken details"

To be perfectly honest realists can just as easily get everyone sucked into a dead end holes with them, if they lead with a certain aversion to good expectations, in bad faith, or flat out 'survivalist mode' expectations. Which my god who doesn't fqll into that dead wnd expectation nowadays? Someone who doesn't is exceedingly rare and valuable.

..that 'survivalist' quality of life fucking sucks though. Holy f its awful. Its always living for scraps, because you dont know how to build calculated momentum around something you already know how to do, or something you've worked on for ages. It's not hard to reach momentum if you build something long enough, it's just inevitable.

And not knowing how to get in someone's brain, while they're building something doesnt mean you understand that activities worth lmao. A lot of people get caught up in themselves, their "realism". They will get stuck in survival/fear mode at having to try something alien, witness someone do something that rattles them. You see outsider perpective cynicism/ realism far more often nowadays. America has really gone south in that respect

But why would you trust someone ruled by fear over someone whose been doing a thing forever and who ISNT ruled by either cynicism, fear or uncalculated optimism? Sometimes there is no normalcy with which to build on and you have to start from the ground up. There is no normal to speak of. There is literally no other way because dogshit, dug you into a hole so deep you have to claw yourself a way out.

Usually that scenario would drive dogshit realists to madness. That is their weakness. But it is pivotal and necessary in many realms of existence. And in so many companies that is literally all you're expected to do at your job. "Stop reinventing the fucking wheel"

I mean if you aren't basic as fuck. Because realism and cynicism are basic af.

What looks scary to you is normal to some people. There is no way to gauge cynicism most of all if its ruled by fear. Because fear is completely useless if you have to make it up as you go along. Fear and realism can't get in touch with the rhythm and intuition needed to feel things out deep inside a wild new territory. They would just crack and fall apart 5 seconds in. Naturally I'd put it on a lower tier, I just would sorry.

Cynicism, fear, "realism", can too easily be caste as basic bitch af. It is all too common. Absolutely everywhere now. In your eyes in your nose in your lungs. The country practically runs on basic bitch af now and it's a sad state of affairs.

Anonymous 218739


I’m really enjoying the high quality posts that have started this thread off strong

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