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pink pill #9 Anonymous 123844

vent about society, men, etc.

picrel is a joke plz don't get within 10000 miles of a male. it's ok to slap him from that distance though.

Anonymous 123872

So I got a job recently that is mainly moid dominated. There is one female supervisor and two other women who work in the area I'm in. All three are middle-aged, probably between late 40s-early 60s. It's funny how immediately I felt a solidarity with them and how the supervisor was kind to me, telling me the job is easy and honestly not much to worry about so long as I follow protocol, etc.

My trainer is this dude who was basically over-inflating how difficult the job is. It's honestly such a fucking simple job that I feel like I've barely worked. A pea-brained idiot could do it. He was going on and on how stupid the dudes act with each other and I can imagine some dumbass dude fucking a job up this easy. I can't believe moids really think they're doing something special and their gonna hurt my poor little girl feelings or something. So dumb. Pay is good though, so I don't care.

Anonymous 123879

I'm tired of how normalised BDSM/abuse porn is, while romance books where the male characters threats the female one with respect are looked down upon.
Most porn has psysical violence againts women, degrading them, humiliating them, calling them disgusting slurs and even dehumanizing them, and yet, it has been so normalised into our society, that even the statistics showing 80% of men consume porn on a habit is not shocking.
I've noticed online and in real life women who like romance books are bashed.

Anonymous 123894


Anonymous 123895


Anonymous 123903


Why don't men dress like this anymore? Moids are so lazy and useless, we might aswell only give NEETbux to the ones who at least make the effort to look nice.

Anonymous 124005

I wonder what the boys I knew in highschool are like now?
I had been dreading the time their hahaha penis jokes would change into the cliched locker-room talk about what degrading things they would do to women's bodies when they were older, but I went NEET before I got to witness it.

Anonymous 124007

would love to see men like that

Anonymous 124383

there is a incel site I found where moids are sharing pictures of little girls in sexualized poses wearing barely any clothes and the subhuman moids are talking about how hot they think it is
some of the pics could be considered cp/csam so is there a way to get the site taken down by the host? I reported it to cloudflare and so far nothing

Anonymous 124384

Just report it to the FBI or the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Anonymous 124385

I reported to cybertipline which I think sends reports to the fbi

Anonymous 124386

>Be a moid
>Watch porn
>Get addicted to porn
>Find OnlyFans
>Spend all your money on a random cam-girl
>Ignore and don't acknowledge your own faults
>I'm abused and exploited by a random cam-girl :'((

Anonymous 124387


Anonymous 124388


Anonymous 124389


Anonymous 124390


Anonymous 124391

male sexuality = male greed (or at least as it manifests in greater society)
people have rebranded it as being a need because that too is an inevitable symptom of it.

Anonymous 124403

Scrotes are mentally children, and cannot take accountability for their actions so they instead blame women for their personal failings.

Anonymous 124547

It’s like slavemasters saying that they’re being abused because their hands get sore from whipping slaves, and that they’re exploited because they have to give their slaves food. Peak moid hypocrisy right there.

Anonymous 124626

Wait til he hears about all sex trafficked underage girls from 3d world countries, oh wait, he doesn't give a shit lol. Orrr that most women doing onlyfans don't last long cause its even less reliable than working at mcdonalds.

Anonymous 124627

When you can't deny that moids are rapey anymore you have to excuse it somehow.

Anonymous 124628

moder nfashion is so fucking boring

Anonymous 124634


Anonymous 124653

million ants.png

Anonymous 124753

Seeing all the scrotes shitposting about Ukrainean sex slaves made me realize that scrotes want women to be an extension of themselves, not full persons, and then it all clicked.
Is what scrotes want, because they’d get to have you under full control more easily. They get off to the power trip it provides, and because they want to feel special by getting to be the first one to influence her thoughts, persona, appearance, status. It all makes sense now.

Anonymous 124793

ok so i know this is about incels on 4chan and im getting pissed about ppl extrapolating 4chan incel energy onto men as a whole. the ones on 4chan are barely human, we all know that. i dont like reading pink pills about low hanging fruit, i like reading pink pills about the everyman, the nuclear superdad, bc these are the men that go outside and mingle with us every day

Anonymous 124794

this is one of the better complaints I've seen here, tho tbh I think what I've slowly realized is that it's not completely compartmentalizable. the attitudes on sites like that often carry over in some way or another to a lot of regular men. they just tend to hide it around women and then become more honest when other men are around–which is why male-dominated industries are almost without fail misogynistic in the, idk…laughing about women being raped way. the same is true in many, many countries as well. it's pretty much the norm for bands of men in real life to see women being victimized like a joke. oftentimes, all it takes is circumstances for a man to sound like a monster.

Anonymous 124800

Yeah it's fucked up. I know how many of them already are screeching that more moids will die young in a war because pootin. Then they turn around and say shit like this.

They ignore that moids are the cause of most of wars as it's seen in real time, they cause all of this suffering, and then they get mad that we feel more empathy towards all the female refugees than the men who have to fight in a war.

Anonymous 124806

Truth truth truth.…

Honestly this makes me scared because I'm in Bulgaria and it's quite close to Ukraine. Thankfully there are anons calling out how disgusting that is, but it still makes me scared. I wish men would not be so cruel… They always whine about how men go to die in war but if you look up most of anti-war protest organizations you'll see it's women who are running them. Also the rule of the draft was created way before women had rights so it's not the female's population fault. Men always whine about having to go to war, but do nothing to stop the draft or stop the war acts. It's was almost always women who stood up in protests againts the war forces.
Also almost 100% of wars are created by men so…

Anonymous 124808

fight club.png

This is completely true. Didn't they discover that senator (might have been a representative) was the creator and moderater of the blackpill subreddit and regularly posted about women are subhuman? That man makes the laws that affect your life. So even if you don't think people in 4chan are your everyday men, the reality might be much worse.

Anonymous 124811


Anonymous 124859

There is no rational, biological reason for the existence of so many men in this modern world, especially after so much mechanization, their only "value" which would be brute force is worth nothing. We simply do not advance as a species and as a society due to men and their catastrophic impositions over women.

Anonymous 124865


Anonymous 124866

Women get raped by soldiers as a war tactic, forcing women to have the child of their oppressors and giving their enemy more power.

Anonymous 124868

The thing is a lot of Onlyfans accounts are actually managed and controlled by males. For example like on Belle Delphine's page it's the boyfriend running it. I can't find it now but I remember a few months ago there was a video circulating of an actual pimp bragging about running the Onlyfans pages of his victims.

Males basically see us as pets. Your dog/cat is cute and nice to have around now but if they started being able to talk, voice opinions and wanted to make all their own decisions you probably wouldn't take them seriously or want them anymore. That's how they see us.

Well in the US they just tried to expand the draft to include women last year, but it was the Republicans (the party favoured by males) who shut it down.

Anonymous 124869

This would be solved if wannabe mommies would stop birthing boys.

Anonymous 124870

>Well in the US they just tried to expand the draft to include women last year, but it was the Republicans (the party favoured by males) who shut it down
Top kek.
They whine about being drafted and yet they cry out when they also start accepting women, because they think that "it will weaken the army". If them getting drafted is a no, and women getting drafted is another no for them, why don't they simply refuse to go to war? There have been such protest acts that worked quite well, instead of whinning they should act. Also it's funny how men cry about getting drafted into the war, while it's mainly women protesting againts the war, kek.

Anonymous 124874

Top kek x2. It's such an amazing microcosm of how hypocritical the male victimhood committee often is.

Anonymous 124875

Take the worst of every subset of human and you get dangerously wrong opinions

Anonymous 124878

>The thing is a lot of Onlyfans accounts are actually managed and controlled by males.
Same with "independent" escorts. There's always a man behind the scenes making money, or at the very least having a strong influence over her for his own gain.

Anonymous 124879

Anonymous 124880

coping ukrainian moid?

Anonymous 124884

Issue is there is 100x more wrong opinion holding men than women. Women are less violent and tard rage-y overall.

Anonymous 124885

>Men: Reee that women don't deserve rights and men suffer most because of war.
>War raged by men.
>>Men: Rage when women are allowed to join the army because it makes it 'weak'.
>Republican men in US vote women not to be part of draft.

Anonymous 124886

I wish only men were hurt in wars waged by men. Even non-soldier women are raped and murdered by invading forces during war time. It was so bad in WWII, the Russian army became known for it.

Anonymous 124888

Scrotes are only pro-war when they want to pretend that the average non-army moid has some inherent valour and value because of that so they suffer more and women should be their mommy bang maid and that that means men are just better. They're betting on that war never happening. Even when women do join the army they rage because they think it makes the army look weaker. They just want women to not expect equal and fair treatment. They want men to be seen as superior for simply being born male.

Anonymous 124889

But they literally are though. Republican men ree about men being superior/suffering more because of the draft (it's the trad male party), while voting against putting women in the draft. It's a cope to pretend otherwise. Look at Jordan Peterson, he is against women being in the army at all, yet his followers who agree with that point also ree men are more repressed because men are drafted.

Anonymous 124890

Women also fought in world war 2 kek. Look at female fighter pilots and snipers. Even the ones working in the temp hospitals had to fight when invading forces came to the camp.

Anonymous 124892

Also women in the military are hurt by men on their own side, the rate of rape/sexual assault and harassment is very high. As a NEET I've considered joining to escape NEETdom but those stats made me scared and deterred me.

Anonymous 124898

Okay scrote. Nooo, you can't point out their hypocrisy. Nooo. Kek, rhetorical easy way out, you mean acknowledging the hypocrisy of the men who commonly believe in both those opinions at the same time. One always comes with the other in the modern trad scrote.

Anonymous 124915


Eh, it's like how JP is anti casual sex and it's a given most of his male followers would pretty much indefinitely fuck around given opportunity to do so, regardless of how much damage it causes to other people or society. Why? They're men. That's it. It's an inevitability that seems to loom everywhere and a resistance to, simply, acknowledging male sexuality can be damaging.
I'm not sure if doing what they feel in that case just rational (more sex = the better) or hypocritical or what. And I'm sure it's not all of them. But the point usually is that the way such men use rhetoric is incredibly ruthless and very weaponized–that JP's "ideology" in itself tends to be yet another device rather than implemented as an actual code of morals by such men.

Sure, radfems always had an optics issue, but let's be honest, that was in the shitter as soon as many people painted radfems as morbidly obese land walruses…consciously attach this to any rad-fem sentiment. Or most things similar to that. It's also like how a lot of women end up succumbing because they're terrified of being lumped in as bitter. The fud is everywhere.

Lemme put this in perspective for you. We're in a literal male hate containment thread, half of us probably are hyperbolic just for the heck of it or maybe to trigger random male creepers, but we still experience a lot of policing from one another or complete randoms most of whom really just don't have awareness of the irony of it all.

Anonymous 124937

So many women seem to think men are genuinely clueless when it comes to a lot of issues. They think men just can't help being forgetful, oblivious, or "accidentally" offensive.

This is all bullshit.

They use this apparent "helplessness" to their advantage. They play dumb constantly, and then women happily explain it away using a series of delusional lies. Men don't even have to come up with excuses, women will literally delude and gaslight themselves and save men the hassle.

Men are capable of holding down full-time jobs. They wouldn't be able to do that if they were really as bumbling and clueless as some women claim.

Men don't constantly offend and exploit their bosses, larger men, other authority figures, etc. It's clearly something they can control seeing as they never behave in a bumbling, clueless, offensive manner around anyone who could actually impact their lives negatively.

They have tricked so many women into mommying and protecting them. Women make constant excuses for men and then wonder why they feel so overburdened, stressed out, burnt out, etc. It's because they're literally taking on both roles in the relationship at the same time—they've become their own psychological abuser via delusional excuses for their Nigel's behavior.

I'm not crazy about FDS, but one thing I absolutely love about it is "if he wanted to, he would."

No truer words have ever been spoken. Men are deliberate with their laziness and obliviousness. They know if they act stupid, their girlfriend will pick up the slack. It's because she has self respect and doesn't want to live in a chaotic pigsty. She actually wants to maintain positive relationships with their friends and family, so she takes on the burden of memorizing birthdays, buying gifts, organizing parties (because "men are just SOOO bad at it, teehee").

But look at anything men actually care about. They will sit hyper-focused at their desks for 12+ hours attempting to get some stupid Steam Achievement for whatever game they're currently obsessed with. They will go to elaborate lengths to hide side chicks, porn, and weird shit like fake vagina sex toys from their girlfriends. They will rent storage lockers their partners don't know about to store all their weird shit, they will pay the bill on time each month (but for some crazy reason they claim they can't remember to pay the actual house bills on time).

If men want to do something, they do it. If they don't want to do something, they don't do it. They play clueless and stupid, pretending to bumble around like a helpless child that can't take care of itself. Women's female socialization button gets pushed when we see this behavior, we immediately leap into action and begin the mommying and excuse making.

We do this because the reality that men actually hate us and don't give a shit about our comfort, dignity, or well-being is too much to bear. It's easier to lie to ourselves and pretend they're truly oblivious about what they're doing—but they aren't, they're fully aware of what they're doing.

If men wanted to, they would.

link to the original post:

Anonymous 124941


>The bikini as we know it today was created by Louis Réard, a French automobile engineer and clothing designer.

>Made out of a scant 30 inches of fabric, Réard promoted his creation as “smaller than the world’s smallest bathing suit.” Réard called his creation the bikini, named after the Bikini Atoll.

>In planning the debut of his new swimsuit, Réard had trouble finding a professional model who would wear the two-piece. So he turned to Micheline Bernardini, an exotic dancer at the Casino de Paris. As an allusion to the headlines that he knew his swimsuit would generate, he printed newspaper type across the suit that Bernardini modeled on July 5 at the Piscine Molitor.

>The bikini was a hit, especially among men, and Bernardini received some 50,000 fan letters.

Anonymous 124942

>specially among men
sis hav u seen baewatch. its trunks men wear

Anonymous 124956

Obviously, it was a 'hit for men' in regards of them looking at. Not wearing.

Anonymous 124964

kek anon

Anonymous 124990


Anonymous 124991

Men be like.jpg

Anonymous 125020

>A thermobaric bomb has been spotted on a Russian truck. These bombs are used in enclosed spaces, and suck the oxygen out of them - including out of human lungs.
can men stop. can they just fucking stop.*
*i know there are female weapons manufacturers and female soldiers and this weapon isn't anything new and russia aren't unique for using them. but i'm just so fucking tired

Anonymous 125022

I'm sure science fiction has done this to death, but I really have to wonder what international conflict would look like between matriarchal societies.

Anonymous 125032


>I really have to wonder what international conflict would look like between matriarchal societies.
As we all know we women have greater sympathy/empathy than men, and we think more before acting. It's shown men are more physical and if something doesn't go their way they start acting with violence and this is very well reflected in their ways of dealing with war.
They have created monstrous killing weapons, guns, bombs, explosives etc; and most men are not afraid of using them, they have no problem wiping out thousands and thousands of people - they can't put themselves in their shoes, can't imagine the grief and suffering of their families, can't imagine the unborn and newborn babies who will die, they don't care about the small boys who will have to go and die on the battlefield and the girls who will die in factories from starvation and the bad work place or have been sex trafficked.
But we women are not like them - it's true there were female leaders in wars but if you know basic history you'll see we battle in a way more different ways. Compared to all the killing machines men have created we have made inventions that help save life:
>The fire escape stairs by Anna Connelly.
>The life raft by Maria Beasely.
>The fire proof material Geobond by Patricia Billings.
>Call Waiting and Caller ID by Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson
>The Home Security System by Marie Van Brittan Brown
>The feeding tube by Bessie Virginia Blount, who made it so that WW2 amputee veterans could eat more easily by biting down the tube that provided the food.
The list goes on, but as you see, we women care for each other - even the moids.
An international conflict in a Matriarchy would be solved with diplomacy, more communication between the leaders, less people dying and less dreadfull weapons used. We would provide better circumstances for our soldiers, better medical care and better save places and spots for our citicens. Also if we lived in a matriarchy we would not abuse men and strip them out of their human rights for most of history unlike how they did with us, because we understand human suffering and we are more intelligent.

Anonymous 125034


What you're about to read is not written by me, and it was written in an answer to the image posted. I found it on /r9k/.
This happened after 9/11. This is where “burka p0rn” was born. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, men experience everything through their penis. Whether they feel angry, sad, confused, curious, it all has to be metabolized through their dick. This is why gay, tranny, and ebony p0rn are the most searched in the Bible Belt. It’s not that those guys are secretly gay anymore than they are secretly black. But this is the only way they have to explore and try and understand things that are different than their normal life-through their dick. It’s also about wanting to conquer. Men sexualize everything because they feel like they can fuck the enemy to death then and be the victor. You see this all the time. Whenever there’s a war, propaganda is spread about the enemy men and some sort of inverted version of that is applied sexually to the enemy women. And as soon as men get back from the battlefield, they’re falling all over themselves to assault some local woman (e.g. WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan). Men just don’t feel the victory is complete until they have had sex, whether that means paying a local pro or r@ping some innocent civilians woman or girl. You saw the other day, Russian soldiers are already trying to talk to Ukrainian women on dating apps. That’s the real battlefield for them. The great thing about this is I no longer fear men. I still take safety precautions, but how can you be afraid of such a degenerate, inbred creature? Their whole existence is shaped by a little flap of skin between their legs, and I do mean little. It’s pathetic.

Anonymous 125038

Good god I love this post, this is exactly how I Feel, and how I've always felt, so I've isolated a LOT as a result of it. I cannot unsee a lot of things, or unlearn a lot of things. Whether or not there are really amazing men, which I know there are rare ones, I still don't want to learn I'm wrong. I would rather just live for fantasy.

Most of all..I don't understand how most modern educated women, who are made completely aware of the domestic slavery, limited options, the buying and selling of wives in ancient cultures.. still treat men like they've NOT got some insane hidden agenda. How is it possible to think this way???

Anonymous 125040

Jesus fucking christ

Anonymous 125051


This movie is all you need to watch to understand men.

Anonymous 125052

Kek, you're being dramatic. The question was women overall and most posts aren't related to wishes to abuse men.

The irony of people trying to make a piss about this being a venting room about men is endless.

Anonymous 125053

Newfag lurk moar

Anonymous 125055

it's also why instead of "just go your own way", a lot of misogynists pretty much demand women to lower their standards to 0 and be as accessible and slavish as possible for men. not sus at all. =_=

Most assume that everything is fair and a lot of this stuff has gotten sneaky. The modern male probably doesn't care that much normally and tends to ignore most things women - including his supposed loved ones - do, and is often opportunistic about it. Just go look at how psychotic many police forces are. This is what group of men that feel like they have power thinks and functions like.

Anonymous 125070

One thing I don't understand is that "incels" seem to refuse to acknowledge it'd be completely and utterly retarded to make babies with them. Almost everything they give a shit about a relationship is, idk…hot summer teen love shit. They actively pretend the majority of what actually entails a relationship has no value or doesn't exist.

Seriously. Imagine making babies with someone who admits his victimhood and identity entirely revolves around how his cock is so undesirable. There is almost 0 chance of him having anything of value or intelligence to relay to this metaphorical depression-baby.

Me? I too am aware I shouldn't make babies. I would look down on a male for wanting to make a baby with me because he's obviously a degenerate. I know I'd try my hardest to care for said baby but I know I wouldn't be good at it and that my genes are shit. Why the fuck do incels have such a hard time accepting that women aren't being egoistic in avoiding them but, rather, rational?

Anonymous 125072

Good point, can some PC user screencap this?

Anonymous 125078

Yes but looking back down through history… especially paired with the violence men drag everyone into for their glory and ego….things were obviously based in sadism, keeping control, and vast inequality. I don't know how people pretend they aren't about these things…. especially given how fascist leaning males talk and behave.

Even today you can see the sadism in Porn, entitlement to sadistic opportunism (but then we're the ones that are cruel when we want NONdegenerate pieces of shit ?!), it's everywhere, and like you said the sneakyness pervades a lot. And I really believe the sadism goes hand in hand with some kind of fascism. Because It doesn't matter where you are, it's always the same.

You can't possibly know who's about what in "fair and equal modern society" though, due to men masking. Even masking their true beliefs and ambitions by making it half their personality to be "generous" (when it's manipulation, distraction away from their awful qualities)

you either have to embrace denial so you can be happy or fully reject, loathe and ignore them to live separate.

But I don't know how this is not more obvious. I never forget the vile things filthmongers do.

Beliefs reveal everything,a scrote is going to do in their daily lives, right down to lazy entitled habits,taking advantage of your naivete generosity and hard work.

You don't really need to filter for anything but beliefs. Cohabitation and playing nice with a sleazebag because you don't want to talk politics or be "divisive" Is the stupidest thing you can do. If you don't know a person completely and just aim to peacefully cohabitate, its setting yourself up for hell.

Anonymous 125081

Doubt so. Most posts calling for anything like that are emotion driven because the poster saw moids do some horrendous/stupid shit again.

Anonymous 125088

It's a good point but super generic. Most people know it'd be really dumb to make a baby with an incel but for some reason they struggle with associating this with regular desperate men that hope being nice will get him sex. There's so much that can be said about the subject–like, I honestly want undesirable type men to just learn how to be happy and thrive on their own without sex/romance…but so much of them act like they need sex or they'll shrivel up and die. It's nuts. Also, they pretend that love means nothing unless it's related to sex. It's fucked up.

Anonymous 125096

Pinkpill: a few outcast women on a Canadian basket weaving forum can have a thread to vent about men - alongside some obvious larpers - but people will still nitpick the worst in it to reflect on all women even though there's 1000s of more male-orientated forums on the internet that say as bad of things or worse even without a "woman hate containment thread" being involved.

Anonymous 125097

We all are already very much aware women are held to higher moral standards…so much so that a thread designated to be shitty about guys on a female-only forum still gets 100x more policing than the average male-orientated IB and all the vitriol there.

Anonymous 125122

It's not a blatant lie it's an opinion, just as valid as any other because matriarchy is purely hypothetical and has never existed on a scope that patriarchy did and does.

Anonymous 125124

That wasn't my point tho, I also don't really hate men that much, and I wasn't making a point about that society either.

Anonymous 125167

Oh no the poor rape monkeys would actually be forced to obey the law by threat of punishment :'(((

Anonymous 125206

There have been a good handful of men. But truly and honestly it doesn't matter how much I love or hate men. My mind is terminally split down the middle I can't let the two extremes coexist, together.

I just want to keep my mind intact after it was destroyed, it was excruciatingly hard to put it together again. I cannot feel anything but extreme hate and weird like, for men, the latter of which makes me feel like a liar.

But honest to God I can never let any man anywhere near my mind. I won't let the filthmongering anywhere near me ever again. I know how much I'm really just disgusted by everything now.

I fucking hate the way they prance around like everything's so easy congratulating themselves and plundering and destroying everything they touch, like the ignorant shits they refuse to admit they are.

They get everything served to them on a silver platter and get no shit for anything even though obviously most often deserve it. But women get shit for petty garbage?? How their makeup looks in some magazine? Billy enlist gets trashed for handing out an inhaler to a fan who needed one? <THIS is the exact sort of thing I'm talking g about it would never happen to a guy.

I could do nothing right for them anyway with how I want my mind to be MINE alone. I so completely split off from them mentally for my own well being I might as well be on the moon now.

I wouldn't trust a man to accept that or appreciate it he would instantly try to just destroy and manipulate me. Just want to give zero fucks now that the world's set to burn. Men don't get to burn us all to death and not suffer for it. They can get fucked.

Anonymous 125208

And hello we aren't anywhere near as sadistic, INDIFFERENT, universally destructive, violent!

It would be a better society in nearly every conceivable way.

Anonymous 125210

Reading threads on the war in r/CryptoCurrency was a mistake. (I know, going on reddit was my first mistake.) The depersonalized way some talk about war is so uncomfortable. When talking about how a single Javelin anti-tank missile costs $175,000 – "Yes but that one shot can take out a $2-4 million dollar tank with multiple crew members". Ah, yes. 'Taking out' multiple enemy combatants. The logistics of war. Shudder to think if we called it killing.

Anonymous 125215

Holy lol! This post is such a towering pile of crap.

Does it even matter what women would do to them though? If the worst psychopathic, sexually violent, world burning ones were culled it would be a collossal blessing.

They only do what they do because they think / know they can get away with it.

I don't think it would be a matter of stripping them of rights or abusing them really either, it would be a matter of instilling the fear of God in the real pathetic shits among them.

Men 'abuse and suppress' because they frequently frequently have no guiding morality without women

Anonymous 125216

Whenever mainstream culture talks about the age of consent in various nations, the narrative seems to always be "how young of a girl can I fuck?" Obviously in gay communities the age of consent is still a hot-button topic, but the fact that the heterosexual majority only care about age of consent with regards to girls is very telling. Where are the legions of women debating whether or not they should be able to fuck a twelve-year-old boy – how he's ready to be a father biologically, so it's normal for a 25-year-old woman to want to be knocked up by him? They don't exist. Not because female pedophiles and ephebophiles don't exist, but because wanting to fuck young boys bears no real value or advantage to women and the issue of protecting and guiding tweens and teens away from sexual predators will always be focused on, by and large, female tweens and teens and adult men. This isn't a debate of what's biological, what's moral, what's societal. It's just a fact plain and simple.

Anonymous 125217

In the situation where a matriarchy could arise in the first place, women would have to be mentally as men are now. Which is a situation totally removed from real-world misandrists, and says nothing about what they would do. But, if some female dictator rose to power and instated a matriarchy, those misandrists would take that power. People often say "women who hate men run from them, men who hate women abuse and kill them". Of course, because as a women it's much harder to overpower a man.
Likewise, if femdom for example didn't have associations of being creepy moid fetishism for creepy masochists rather than creepy sadists, it would be incredibly popular among man-haters.

Anonymous 125223

sometimes i feel like a lot of wedding ritual around emphasizing the bride and making the day special for her is bread and circuses to distract her/mitigate the horror of what's about to happen to her and her life

Anonymous 125250

>if femdom for example didn't have associations of being creepy moid fetishism for creepy masochists

You have to be a retarded male if you think the reason women don't want to have dominatrix sex with basement dwelling nerds is because males think it's sexy.

Anonymous 125252

The idea of dominatrix sex with basement dwelling nerds is what I mean by "creepy moid fetishism". I'm saying that if that wasn't a thing, and it hadn't become yet another domain of men's fantasies and had room for it to become women's own, it would be populated by revenge-seeking pinkpillers.

Anonymous 125254

>Calls women "females"
>Old men are attractive

Anonymous 125256

Keep going off retard, there's nothing that would make any woman want to femdom ugly misogynistic nerds. It doesn't matter what they jerk off to.

Anonymous 125257

I am aware of that, genius. Femdom is particularly populated with those kinds of guys.

Anonymous 125258

Because most women aren't attracted to weakness like most men are.

Anonymous 125259

I'm saying you're wrong that feminists are repressing a fetish for sexually abusing men, only because men would like it.
I'm sorry but women don't think like males. They do not channel their aggression sexually. Maybe if you weren't so retarded and small minded you'd be able to understand.

Anonymous 125262

Yeah lmao. He said "as a female" on a website for women too.

Anonymous 125352

Some women being into femdom doesn't mean feminists are actually just sexually repressed, sadistic fetishists.

Anonymous 125353

If you think the majority or even a fraction femdom subreddits are populated by women you are extremely dumb, sorry.

Anonymous 125355

There's a difference between most feminists, including radfems, and the kinds of people on crystal cafe and especially this thread. You may be right that they don't channel their aggression sexually. Though, in the other scenario, I still agree the misandrists (which is actually not that many, but there's a lot of them here) would one hundred percent take the chance of a matriarchy if they were given the upper hand.
As I said, women are naturally weaker and historically wouldn't have been able to start a matriarchy if they tried. (and this would have been when only strength mattered, women wouldn't be able to threaten men with anything, even to withhold children). So, in a modern society where physical strength can become a meaningless difference now that heavy machinery, weapons, performance enhancing drugs, has become a huge equalizer. If some sneaky man-hater staged quietly passed a bunch of drastically biased laws giving women legal control and exclusive access to powerful weapons over men:
Well, it probably wouldn't be so black and white. It would be stupid to completely come up with a fictional situation making out the "women don't hurt men" crowd to hurt men as soon as they can, and use that as a point. Any group given power over the other would have at least some take advantage of it.
But, the people saying they wouldn't are thinking of women as they are in a society where they don't have the chance to hurt men, and aren't raised to want to. Which obviously wouldn't be a matriarchy in the first place.

Anonymous 125361

Being as into femdom as I am this argument is bizarre and kek-worthy. Femdom is the /most/ moid-loving thing I do. BDSM as a practicality – not a fantsy – requires hours of getting to know the sub, negotiating, prep time, aftercare, check-ins. During scenes my life revolves around that sub. If I didn't feel affectionate towards or experience attraction to the men I dominate on some level I wouldn't pour hours of energy and effort into those acts. Keep in mind: I'm not a pro-Domme. I do this for fun. Now, I know by saying what I'm about to say I'm inviting comments about how ~*all BDSM is abuse*~ (something I have some complicated feelings on) but I can say with 100% confidence that Dom/mes who genuinely hate or are disgusted by their subs are fucking deranged and are not practicing D/s. They're just being abusive.

Anonymous 125362

>something I have complicated feelings on
What are those feelings?

Anonymous 125363

What difference does it make ? The fact is I would enjoy it but I'm a switch I enjoy a ton of things. Even better though it means there's less competition.

Anonymous 125364

Your analysis is incorrect because women aren't hated and abused for the same reasons men are.
Women are, biologically speaking, more valuable. Males have created societies around controlling women's reproduction. Males oppress and hate women to keep themselves and their patriarchal structures relevant. There is 0 need for women to treat men the same way. Sperm, and males, are worthless. They do not need to be commodified and sanctioned off as collateral for low quality worker males.
Males literally NEED women to exist, and with their hatred comes our systemic oppression. Women do not need men, generally speaking. We do not need to treat men like a reproductive resource. A matriarchy does not necessarily need to oppress men, and certainly not in the ways men have historically oppressed women.

Your fears are unfounded. Idk why males are so obsessed with equality in terms of sex-based mistreatment. It's not there, even in fiction.

Anonymous 125365

I agree.

Anonymous 125366

I disagree as a switch I love beauty and vulnerability.. though I HATE weakness. The way you say it really still sounds wrong though. Ina way some weakness is good just not all the time. I hate hulks.

Anonymous 125368

Sorry, what were your sexual preferences again, I forgot?

Anonymous 125372

Imagine oppressing, enslaving, raping and killing women since recorded history and getting up on your high horse about how if women became super powered robo-muscle cyborgs with drones they'd enact their repressed femdom fantasies on poor innocent men.

I thought males were supposed to be logical? Why would you ever even entertain this idea? It makes no sense. As women gave gained rights and access to power the amount of women raping, abusing, and enslaving men has remained infinitesimally small. I swear men are neurotic as fuck and have to invent these doomsday feminazi fanfictions in their minds in order to maintain their fantasy that women and men are equal in their inhumanity.

Anonymous 125374

Can you explain what benefits there are to literally patriarchy with the sexes reversed? Oh there's nothing, except femdom revenge fantasies lmfao.

Men are too worthless to oppress. In fact having a shitty man is even worse than having no man (which can't be said for men in relation to women btw). Separatism is more beneficial and makes much more sense.

If matriarchy really existed women would have the freedom to live independently and reject men as they please. Men would be mostly excluded and any males who force themselves onto women and into our affairs would be punished heavily. Men pursue, women reject. The same applies here. Moids would just be butthurt 99% of them wouldn't make the cut and try to use violence to gain access to us again. Modern weapons would only be used defensively. There's no reason for women to chase down genetic dregs and force them to give us their sperm.

Anonymous 125375

I am a woman you idiot.
Did you read this part?
>Well, it probably wouldn't be so black and white. It would be stupid to completely come up with a fictional situation making out the "women don't hurt men" crowd to hurt men as soon as they can, and use that as a point. Any group given power over the other would have at least some take advantage of it.
And I don't think women or feminists are repressing sadism. I'm saying that genuine misandrists would be fine with that (unlikely) scenario, and with institutional power over generations female socialization would stop being the kinder less violent one, and "women wouldn't do what men do" stops holding as true.
And as regards femdom, the logic isn't "men like this, so I as a feminist dislike it". It's that, having become a male fantasy it becomes as male-centered and objectifying as every other mainstream fetish. If it was like the genderswap of maledom (not happening) in terms of normalisation and female-gaze, it would be popular among normal women and the man-hating ones as maledom appeals top misogynists.

Anonymous 125379

So you're mad women wouldn't save men from the fictional cyborg feminazi attack squads?

This is how far men and pick-mes have to reach to say "b-but misandry is just as bad as misogyny"

Anonymous 125396

Sometimes I think its because they're so ruled by terror. I think they're HORRIFIED of us, the way people were horrified of black slaves back in the day.

Its like they never show it, but they are ruled by insane amounts of fear of what we might do to them. They see our mounting clarity everyday. Imagine what that might be like if you held down women since the beginning of time like slaves?

Especially if you're the kind of man that doesn't truly believe in the nurturing kind of good will. Because you believe with your whole heart, to attain anything for oneself, one must dominate and know how to be ruthless. Imagine believing all of the nurturing kindness from and between women and their children must be a lie. That we don't want that to continue that.

Imagine that is your whole world. Is it really that surprising? Or am I actually the deluded one here?

Let me know if you've seen evidence for something else.

Anonymous 125398

Patriarchy with the sexes reversed?
I don't know why femdom has to be a revenge fantasy.
What if you're a switch and you like giving and taking? And why is there so little talk about that? Its a true free and honest range of sexual expression to be a switch, haha.

It is liberating and fun for everyone involved. Its more honest, more balanced, its inviting the other person to be a whole person.

I don't think all males are really evil terrorists, just 80% of them.

Anonymous 125399

>> fictional cyborg feminazi attack squads

I lul so hard

Anonymous 125401

We get it, switch-chan.

Anonymous 125402

That sounds awesome. Rad even. Do you have any art of that concept?

Anonymous 125416

Lol, moids are so obvious. They are so self centered, they cannot comprehend the fact that women have rich inner lives that don't revolve around get fucked by scrotes.

Anonymous 125419

>sexual value levels
>female hypergamy
>women don't have real incels
You'll be banned anyway, speak your mind if you want us to hear it. Even real women are banned on suspicion of maleness, you have no chance.

Anonymous 125432

This is a moid fantasy I have never seen played out irl, ever. Most feminists are spurned by bottom tier men.

There are too few high quality men, and fewer even so charming and personable they leave a trail of sobbing women in their wake.

Anonymous 125435

This is the inverse of reality and something that could only be cooked up in the minds of low-empathy males who are only capable of projection.

"Female incels" aren't fixated on their highschool crush, teenage love, and missed (sexual) opportunities like males are.
What usually happens is women growing up somewhat oblivious to male nature, then after repeated exposure to their shittyness + pattern recognition, (justified) resentment builds.

You can browse here, the infamous den of femcels, and not ever see the neurotic sexual covetousness that you only ever see in men. We don't want you, and we aren't weighing you for options.

Anonymous 125436

I don't think women can be incels (involuntary celibate) because men will literally fuck anything including children and animals, so no matter what she looks like, a woman can have sex. But I think women can realize that men lack the true sapience that comes from being an actualized human being, and although she's still straight, completely shut down and never have sex with men again.
God I wish that were me. Unfortunately, I am still straight and still willing to fuck men.

Anonymous 125437

a moid wanted me to explain myself regarding my moid hating and change my views regarding men.
this person is nothing to me. why are men so entitled and why do they think we need to appease to them even when there's no relationship whatsoever between us and them?
they're so fucking sensitive lol

Anonymous 125438

>"Female incels" aren't fixated on their highschool crush, teenage love, and missed (sexual) opportunities like males are.
eh, speak for yourself.

Anonymous 125446

On a positive note.. fantasy is better. Even if you do find an amazing SO, GOOD fantasy makes life better in general. Maybe especially for good writers who get a lot out of what the work on, it's like the cornerstone of rich existence and living. Personally I can't tell which of them supposedly "better" than the other. Real life and fantasy both have the potential to be equally good. It's nice when reality lines up, but usually it doesn't. For all the reasons you described, Fantasy is just unrivalled and supreme most of the time.

Anonymous 125450

I think it actually comes down to male privilege in relationships. Single women are generally better off than single men. Men often benefit in ways from being with a woman they will never, ever give any women credit for–while refusing to acknowledge that on average women have more risks from within a relationship.
However, they're aware men often benefit, so they have weaponized infinite talking points to demonize women for being so hard to access. After all, 99.99% of the war to the loser male isn't most of what constitutes a relationship, but rather, getting access to a woman. Opportunism is the frame here because, simply, they are more likely to benefit from shallow things in relationships.

So, we get actual millions of women dating unpopular men only to mostly be burned by it or cheated on once he gets more opportunity to do so, only to get 0 acknowledgment whatsoever from loser males besides "haha, she deserved it!" She could have chosen a 3/10 bum with no job, it'd still be the same story.
Female devotion to a loser male doesn't magically pay off. She is, simply, with a male, that's it. A lot of women date/marry meh-looking men only for them to become mega creeps that leer at teen girls and use onlyfans all day or absentee fathers and this is entirely common. The idea of getting into a relationship with creatures that are constantly scoping out new mates has virtually no value.
I wonder if they will ever realize it.

Anonymous 125455

The first time I browsed redpill/male dating strategy type posts saying "stop putting women on a pedestal, all women end up fucking disgusting and old and ugly!" it… all clicked. In that moment I understood so much about the male psyche. I struggle to put it into words. To me, it's like on top of not seeing women as human beings they struggle with the concept of women existing in linear time at all. They struggle to see women as anything more than fixed objects—frozen in time like a flashy car or an expensive watch. Of course, a lot of these men aren't interested in long-term relationships—all the better. No woman deserves to be subjected to that.

Anonymous 125472

>>"Female incels" aren't fixated on their highschool crush, teenage love, and missed (sexual) opportunities like males are.

Actually thinking about teenage love is the best <3 but it doesn't make me angry or hyperfixated on something I missed. When I think of the best kind of love I think of when you're young and free from the garbage imposed on you by life.

Anonymous 125498

I do not understand how they get shocked on reddit when they wonder why we don't trust them. How do they live the way they do around us, and even trust themselves?

They've seen the kind of communities that exist and how they talk of women.

They should just form their own support communities, apart from us, to get support. Stop expecting women to understand, why should we??? How the hell are you surprised?

Anonymous 125499


Anonymous 125564


Why are most posts on this website, a female anonymous board, usually so poor in content? Why are western feminists so mediocre? We wont ever achieve anything until we become WOMAD/MEGALIA tier

Anonymous 125565


Aside from the pinkpill threads ofc which are good, most discussions that go on here are usually low tier

Anonymous 125567

>I'm saying that genuine misandrists would be fine with that (unlikely) scenario

So like 5 women in total? Why does this need to be mentioned or discussed again?

Anonymous 125569

full disclosure I don't know the whole story or much about the company, but I laughed when a major lingerie company changed its branding to be less sexualized and it got a flood of complaints and hate.

the analysts were, obviously, terrified that they had alienized their customers and it turned out almost all the complaints had been coming from entitled men crying that the image of the company was being bastardized.
I fuckin' laughed.

Anonymous 125847


Seeing how much men are delusional about yuth makes me feel hopeless.
I've seen so many times men writing and talking about how women lose their value as they age, how women age like milk in looks and etc.
It's nature's law that living things change and get old.
Do men think that they won't get puffy cheeks too? Do they not think their skin will sag? Most old women look younger than their age - most 50 year old women around me look 40, while their men look 60 - 70.

I'm tired how men think that our entire value is placed on our looks. I saw a post about a man talking about how no matter what job a woman has, no matter what succsess she got in life, her main value is in her looks, and that men don't care about what the woman does but they care only about her body and face. So let's say a woman is not attractive in physical terms, and she found a cure for cancer, her value is low because she doesn't fit the coomer fantasy? I'm sick of this entire world. I just want a break.

Anonymous 125848

because woman=/=feminist. not everyone on this site is a radical feminist although i think at least most users are gendercritical/anti-trans, and you don't have to be a radical to think the transgender religion makes no sense. the chances of an imageboard solely for woman-oriented politics is low because of the way imageboards are used an function, people usually just want to shitpost, post slurs and look at porn (if those things are allowed). so i would probably go on namespace if you want interesting political discussion, but in my experience namespace is pretty cancer too.

Anonymous 125849


Anonymous 125850


Anonymous 125852

It's amazing how much women contribute to mens lives (whether it's as wives, sisters, daughters, etc) while men only harm the women in their lives.

Ex (benefits for women):

Daughters increase longevity of fathers

Daughters spend more time caring for aging parents

Wives increase husband's lifespans while husbands decrease wive's lifespan (correlation is even greater when age gap increases)

Men with sisters are happier and more optimistic

Conversely here's the harm men do to women:

Women with brothers earn less money

Women with brothers are forced to conform more strongly to gender expectations

Mother's lives are reduced by giving birth to sons

There's probably tons more I can link but I'll stop here.

TLDR: Men contribute nothing of value to women while they suck the youth, happiness, and prospects out of them.

Anonymous 125856

there was a radfem ib before, asherah’s garden that had this purpose. sadly it’s gone now

Anonymous 125863

What happened to it?

Anonymous 125871


You can still do all these things though. I think that whats missing in female exclusive spaces is revolt or I dont know really. I've been in many radfem spaces and none of them COME CLOSE to WOMAD

Anonymous 125872


Also yeah, woman != feminist, but men are ALWAYS == misogynist. Now how can this possibly be the case? Men are simply the most grotesque creatures that have ever existed and until our hatred isnt stronger than theirs, we will keep under these subhumans rule, and worse, we will deserve it

Anonymous 125874

I think men being misogynists is pretty normal too. It isn't that they literally go out of their way to hate women. It's more that their depravity and sexual greed primes them to see women as subhuman (even in intimate situations) and how it's actually getting somewhat worse, in no small part due to stuff like porn.

Anonymous 125877

this guy (who i dated for a month, unfortunately) made a tiktok where he joked about brutally murdering a woman. i reported it over a month ago and our university did nothing about it. i’m still angry about it but i’ve mostly given up. ugh…nobody cares about women.

Anonymous 125879


It is normal for as long as people see it as normal.

Anonymous 125880


You know, you can only claim to be opressed for so long. If you've been opressed for centuries, and in the case of women weve been opressed since the beginning of civilization, then your oppression can only be your own fault. I won't be just another one who settles for this shit world though

Anonymous 125882

NTA but framing that way is kind of weird. It's ok if you denounce victimhood rhetoric and call for action, that definitely can have a lot of value, but it is something else if you have a "well, women are at fault for…" attitude to paint any such rhetoric with. In some cases it's even straight up ridiculous; i.e., rape, trauma, etc.

Anonymous 125884


I'm not talking about any especific attack on women, I'm talking about the male supremacist system we've been living under since the advent of civilization. Shit has got to a point where nothing actually explains this other than women are either consciously or subconciously choosing to keep it going, or at least to do nothing to change it, even in their personal lives. I'm tired of coping and believing otherwise now. I'll keep hoping for women to wake up until my last day though

Anonymous 125885

I think a lot of women are creepy liars, just like men are though actually. The kind that look away when boyfriend molest daughter, or the kind of friends that internalize misogyny and only talk shit about other women mostly. The kind of women who would vote for a shithead like Trump. They never say it out loud but you can tell what they want. I don't trust women, like I don't trust men frequently.

Anonymous 125886

I think it was a combination of things. Super slow board, started by a moid (although he did hand over adminship to a woman eventually), that regularly got flooded with CP and gore by scrotes.
I've actually been thinking about starting a new radfem ib, but I don't have any modding experience, so I've been putting it off and hoping lc's /2X/ will take off instead.

Anonymous 125887


Well sure the world isn't gonna be as you wanted to be. You can make these claims about every single group of humans: there are whites that do x, there are blacks that do y, etc. But the pinkpill comes from looking at the big picture: How many women do these sort of things compared to how many men? Way less. The worst atrocities are done almost solely by men. Etc. Unfortunately, society, women included, is convinced that men are not only humans, but that they are even superior, and this deeply rooted in their conscious and unconscious mind. Todays technology, access to information, etc should be enough to get all women pinkpilled, but they choose to COPE eternally instead. I think the main problems with most women are their masochist tendencies

Anonymous 125888

i think the owner just gave up, it got spammed
by moids with shock/disgusting images. the last time i went on it it was like that, then it was down
what changes would you suggest? honestly i think the issue is that, outside of the pinkpill/gc threads users are way too moid-friendly (to me). it’d be nice if we had a hidden radfem board just to discuss these things but for now i’ll just use these threads

Anonymous 125889


I think there should be a womansphere with more anonymous spaces where can discuss everything but especially politics. I think there should be more women on the internet and especially on these spaces rather than instagram. I think there should be a pinkpill propaganda machine that work as hard to promote the truth as much as the mens misogynistic proganda machine work to promote their lies. Im learning to program and hope to create the first one, but I know that there will be like 6 women browsing it

Anonymous 125892

Can you explain what you mean by masochist? Coming out on top still feels better than masochism in the long run

Anonymous 125894


enjoyment of suffering

Anonymous 125896

if you ever create it, i’ll take a look. i wish there was a western-equivalent womad/megalia, i never really browsed them since i don’t speak korean

Anonymous 125897

you might like the feminism boards on mumsnet

Anonymous 125900

I mean, that's not really surprising. There's literally a study on how men are more likely than women to lie for self-benefit's sake, and that women are more likely to lie for the sake of others.

Anonymous 125901

It's funny that women being evil is just abetting men and their abuse. It just proves that moids are cancer and most of the worst women are just handmaidens for the wrong scrote.

Anonymous 125911



Anonymous 125912


Anonymous 125918

Moids get very obsessed about teen girls being mean to them. But they don’t remember that the empathy centers in teen brains haven’t fully developed, of course they might be mean. But moids are so attracted to youth, that they place unnecessary significance on such incidents.
Simply put, they care more what underage girls think of their attractiveness, even when they’re adult moids.

Anonymous 125929

Anybody got more pinkpilled data on men?

Anonymous 125945

I used to have a shit ton but basically threw it all out because it made me kind of sick to my stomach to look at bc I'm a wuss.

Anonymous 125947

I wish there was like a tumblr or some sort of social media site only for women to discuss fandom and nerd related stuff, without any moids troons or genderspecials

Anonymous 125951

I f they didn't have porn they would just imagine raping you. Porn is a symptom not the disease.

Anonymous 125953

there's an incel in my distant family that keeps on complaining about how no one wants to talk to him.

he's verbally abused someone over their speech impediment and saying that they sound like a retard, among other things. he loves to police anyone that doesn't act perfectly charismatic and smooth-talking, who in any way acts remotely if harmlessly odd (despite him basically being a social pariah).

want to know the best part? that person initiated a conversation with him. after that person stopped talking to him after that, he started playing the victim again and saying that it's because of his looks and that he said nothing wrong, kek.

he has been actually victimized by another man but then made up some fantasy about how it must have been because women didn't give that guy enough sex and was aggressive because of it, and basically doesn't blame that man for victimizing him.

incels are nuts, jfc. knowing vaguely of one in person has been a trip.

Anonymous 125960

A lot of men become rapists/degenerates because they found porn at a young age, watch it regularly or are addicted to it.

Anonymous 125961



Anonymous 125962


Anonymous 125963

Why is there a term for men who are forced to have a child but no term for a woman who was forced to have one?
We all know the term "Baby trapped". It's used for men who had a child againts their will and now have to give financial support to the baby and the mother. Now listen why I think we need a new term for women who were forced into giving birth - "Baby strapped".
But why are men trapped and women strapped?
When a mouse enters a trap cage with the cheese in it, even if the cage gets closed because of the triggered mechanism the mouse still can move around and lander in it, going where it pleases within the cage. Just like a man, the cage closing represents having to pay for the child. A lot of men who have to pay the support end the relationship and get away from the mother, they are free to continue their daily lifes, go to work, study, etc, the only difference it has is that they have to send money, but if you ignore the financial duty that the baby obligates they're completely free.
But if the mouse isn't inside a trap (cage), but gets strapped and left to suffer alone? The mouse getting strapped means it can't move, it's kept in one place.
A lot of women get unwanted pregnancies because of manipulative partners, rape, forced marriage, men who make them pregnand so that the woman has to depend on them etc. the mouse is no longer inside a cage, but strapped to it, in it's jaws.
Even if a baby trapped man has a baby he can still have his freedom, but when a woman get's baby strapped she loses it all - she can't just go on with her life and just send money, she has to take care of the trap (baby) itself.
She has to feed it, to clean it, to give it attention, to play with it and without a partner the work doubles up. She can no longer work fulltime (if not at all) study with the normal hours, socialise etc, now her live resolves around the baby.
That's the difference between a trap and a strap, and that's why we need the term "Baby strapped".

Anonymous 125965

I feel like this could be putting the cart before the horse. If you are the kind of guy who is predisposed to becoming a rapist of course you will also consume more pornography than other males. The key element there being poor sexual control. There's no way to say for certain that they wouldn't have become a rapist without porn as well. Not trying to say porn is a good thing, just that this seems like apologism for male nature. Of course someone like ted Bundy might blame pornography after the fact its a convenient way of abdicating some personal responsibility doesn't mean its necessarily true.

Anonymous 125967

Anonymous 125968

>white people gave up slaves because they were forced to
Uhh, literally an entire army of whites fought to have slavery abolished. She could’ve made a good point but had to go le twitter route.

Anonymous 125975

Plus it was done by reform in most European countries

Anonymous 125981

To be fair it's pretty much impossible to find big figures in the mainstream that claim porn = rapist in any way, already insinuating porn is a bad influence - which it is - is extremely taboo.

Porn on a biochemical basis does erode sexual control and the prefrontal cortex in general as well, but I assume it also has a sort of placating effect on certain men over others (apparently the dumber the male the more aggressive they get on average after viewing it on average as well).

Anonymous 125982

I'm never not surprised by how weird males seem to think male sexual opportunism has any value because it's just so…idiotic? It's like saying you truly love and humanize someone simply because they have the right hole and that it's evil to not like every cock you see. A lot of reward hormones go off in mens' brains when they perceive new mates after all. Pretending that this never depletes or fades away and is always at max in cases where a man is desperate to gain access to anyone is dishonest. It's also dishonest to pretend the increased effort in, like, the first month says the same forever. Most of the issues for women prop up later.

Look. Imagine someone that'd have sex given any opportunity they could, or would date literally anyone that asked.
This is bad–whether you're female or male. Or, at least, it'd be irrational if you're trying to tie the knot with someone. You're essentially signing up to be with someone who will probably cheat/have an affair if they get any opportunity to do so which imo most people do. Guess what? Even if such a person couldn't have an affair, that doesn't mean they aren't spending 100s of hours and endless money on porn/onlyfans or obsessing over every hot ass they see.
It's like signing up to be with a zombie.

Anonymous 125987

Its not even what makes men rapists, because any of them can become one if raised under certain conditions. And if youre raised with porn, of course youre gonna be inclined to ignore or overcome consent, or be turned on by the lack of it. I feel like people forget that rapist =/= some guy in a mask in an alleyway waiting for a woman to get close that will rape you at a gunpoint. it could be your boss, any of your family members, your friends, classmates, etc. Most of which watch porn and have male socialization.

But tbh, its only the youngest generations that are growing up with the easiest accessibility to porn, s all we can do is wait and see.

Anonymous 126030

>reasons ill never have anal sex:

>1. i have a friend who had to take an entire shower after she pooped bc shit would leak out of her ass if she didn't go in the shower and like clean herself really well

>2. another friend of mine has SECONDS after a bowel movement to get to a toilet bc her sphincter doesn't work well anymote. this has lead to anymore. pooping her pants in public and her pooping in the bushes in a random area and using a shirt to wipe herself

and men act like it's the be all, end of all of sex and their gf is worthless if she doesn't allow him to humiliate her by having anal with him.

Anonymous 126043

Why do men like anal so much? I never understood that. The vagina cleans itself and the only thing that comes out of it is menses (menstrual blood) and that happens for only several days each month. Also if you penetrate the vagina it doesn't get loose like the anus. Men are trully gross.

Anonymous 126046

Probably boundary breaking aka building "trust"

Anonymous 126061

Because women don't like it.

Anonymous 126062

Because men are gay

Anonymous 126073

I'm incredibly curious what type of anal sex your friends had if their insides were that damaged by one time. That sounds like gay porn star levels of ass shattered, but you're saying they got like that by one-offs?

Anonymous 126098

Because all men are gay. Men make as many searches about performing oral sex on themselves as they do about performing it on women. Make are obsessed to penises. Men love each other. Thats why they love trannies (in case you didnt know, tranny porn is extremely popular among men)

Anonymous 126131


Anonymous 126135

"Make are obsessed to penises"

Anonymous 126143


M*n detected

Anonymous 126187

Just wait until I tell you about the black subsection of those men

Anonymous 126189

All men are gay because they only aim for the respect of men and forgo what is beneficial for romantic advancement, aka providing something a woman wants in a partner and person. Men idolised men by being tricked via religion which was used as propaganda so they could be convinced to die in other more rich and resource wealthy scrotes wars because god will totes love them.
It's the same across all races. Just because black men are poorer, doesn't mean white men don't do the same shit at a significantly higher rate than women. Cope about being literal chimpout apes scrote. White men chimp 100x more than women and end up in jail because of it.

Anonymous 126190


Whites moids love to pretend they're innocent of accusations of misogyny whole they jerk off to rape porn and seethe with their bros about how evil feminism is.

White males are just more pro-social and are willing to exchange polite behavior and subservience for societal benefits. As soon as this transaction is no longer available/relevant, they revert back to violence.
White men will freely rape and murder in times of war or instability with no moral compunction. They are opportunistic, but also pragmatic enough to weigh their options when it benefits them. This does not make them friends of women. White men don't commit less crimes against women because they are inherently more feminist. They commit less crimes against women because the benefit from it, in a modern civilized setting.

This type of patriarchy functions this was AS INTENDED. Men set aside their violent urges and are given women to pacify them under this social contract. In return, they get to live in a modern civilization where pain and suffering is privatized and offloaded onto domesticated women instead of threatening the the general public and the ruling class.

Very stupid take I always here from /pol/turds in between their rants about how women aren't fully human and should be enslaved. Do you think we are that stupid? Do you think we don't see how you talk about women and how you treat women when you think you can get away with it? Do you think we can't read infinite counts throughout all of recorded history of white men being evil? And not just random spree killers or serial rapists. I mean rape and genocide on a continental scale.

So fuck off with your low tier gambit.

Anonymous 126191

Moids cope, seethe, and dilate like trannies when facts and logic say they are violent retards who shouldn't hold any position of power.

Anonymous 126192

They don't even commit less crimes in America. Looked and it's white men who have been arrested and imprisoned for violent crimes the most. Literal coping.

Anonymous 126193

Look at how moids respond to the current Ukraine invasion, pol/tards even. Prove positive they're as degenerate as they like to pretend others are.

Anonymous 126194

Probably going to say it's all oppressive false arrests like the blm protestors they hate.

Anonymous 126195

Sorry but white men do commit less violent crime per capita. I don't need to explain why, you can read my previous post.

Anonymous 126196

White men gleefully cheer on the rape and enslavement of women across the world. They are simply too "cowardly" to see their visions through here in the west. Why? Convenience really. If you start an incel uprising you can't play videogames and jerk off anymore. Hell you might even get imprisoned or die. You can't live an easy, hedonistic life if you actually want to enslave millions of people.

The sad truth is the only thing stopping moids from chimping out is their own complacency. It's not a lack of why or how, it's a lack of will. They are extremely misogynistic and hold the same beliefs and they've always had. They just prefer now to live in comfort and seethe online and in their friend groups instead of putting in the effort to enslave women again.

Anonymous 126197

Didn't white men literally rape so much they filled an entire continent and a half with their half-breeds?

That's just one example too. By scrote logic, why wouldn't black men rape as much as they like?Obviously they aren't being deterred from doing so the same way white moids are. Why wouldn't they take the opportunity if it's awarded to them?

Anonymous 126198

US department of justice says otherwise. Not whose in prison, but whose arrested.

Anonymous 126199

Moids existence is a cope for being lesss necessary for reproduction, therefore not guaranteeing passing on their jeans. To try and get around evolution and betterment of the societal gene pool, they try and prevent woman via man made laws from having control over their own actions (ban abortion, do not permit ownership of legal property, make society impossible to live with without dual partner income). Issue is this means only shit genes pass on, leading to more autistics and degenerates. Moids in government are happy with these rules because it means a surplus of canon fodder. Most men if all law was erased, wouldn’t breed, only the strongest/most violent/conniving. Most men shouldn’t breed as it is in nature. Sadly, they are too selfish to ever think of societies betterment, only themselves.

Anonymous 126203

I don't know what you're.reading but victim reports.reflect the same racial disparity in violent crime. , just because white men are less violent doesn't mean they aren't opportunistic misogynists and don't harm women in other ways. I have nothing to back this up but in my experience, white men are more covert and manipulative about their abuse (because they have more at stake and need to conceal it).

Anonymous 126205

Yes and these types of societies produce massive waste. Not only wastes of life but literal toxic waste, resource depletion, overconsumption, flora/fauna depopulation, etc. Capitalism and all of its critiques can be rooted back in patriarchy, which is rooted in male insemination insecurity. Male sexuality is literally the most destructive force in humanity. The insufferable male ego and it's refusal to die puts a burden on the entire planet.
They truly need to be culled and taken to heel before it's too late.

Anonymous 126219

Moids be like
>pair of dirty knickers? SNIFFFFFFFFF
>cunnilingus? haha ew rotten fish hole beef flaps bioslime eugh no way never
Sounds like eating out is only shunned because women enjoy it.
I mean, the reverse is the reason why buttsex is popular, despite actual crap coming out of anal.

Anonymous 126243


Anonymous 126244


Anonymous 126245


Anonymous 126246

Lol true. They'd rather stick their dick in a hole that exists solely for shitting but pussy? Ewww no. The ones that especially amuse me are the ones that think vaginas smell like fish. You just know they havent even seen one in real life.

Anonymous 126265

I hate to sound like a moid, but I get the impression that she knew what she was doing with that picture…

Anonymous 126266

she absolutely did

Anonymous 126271

>she knew what she was doing with that picture
>she absolutely did
>i think so too
I don't think she had that intention. Although I'm not the best at reading body language…

Anonymous 126275

Well then they shouldn't complain then. If moids are so easily led by their horniness they deserve to be manipulated into giving something more attention.

Anonymous 126291

being baited and obsessed with boobs is their own problem. Could have happened whether or not the intent was there. Small business as the other anon noted using such tactics is pretty indicative, so even if a guy set it up the woman would get all the hate.

Anonymous 126298

I post misandrist memes and takes on another website and have been trying to spread the pinkpill on there, since there's a ton of misogynistic posts on there.
I've gotten a pretty large amount of people DMing me and telling me they're glad I'm posting that stuff and encouraging me, mostly men.
I never fully know how to reply cause i don't want to seem like I need male approval but I AM glad for the encouragement. Usually I just thank them

Anonymous 126300

not that anon but are you okay

Anonymous 126345

But male sexuality and greed related to it is among the most destructive forces in the world, trying to attach some sort of victimhood towards it to defend is odd considering the context and rather belittling to other situations where actual vulnerable parties are taken advantage of.

If anything I'd wish situations like that would make men tire of other men or get frustrated with them in a way that isn't crying about "simps" and more "maybe men are too shallow and need to get a life." Quite frankly, the oppression here looks like men seeing how men behave in such situations and then furiously hating women over it instead of side-eying other men.

Anonymous 126347

oh, and there will probably never be a time where a woman that thinks, "well, they want to obsessed with boobs, them falling for boobs in a picture is deserved exploitation" and it will be directly comparable to forms of victim blaming. Framing men like victims of their own sexuality seems like a waste of time as it lends itself to dumbasses wanting to coddle men over it rather than addressing it as being a problem which primarily can be fixed by men.

Let me also add that there's billions of marketing tricks out there and flashing boobs is pretty low-tier and not even in the realm of duplicitous methods because it's just so deeply transparent what is going on. I've seen some evil shit about what corporations pull and lie about, and a woman that wants to get ahead with boobs is simply being .1% as ruthless as what's often normal in such a culture of selling something. It isn't like I think it's good but this "two wrongs doesn't make a right" is very, very silly thinking in such a context with such power dynamic.

Anonymous 126350

I'm well aware. Instead of actually addressing the heart of the issue, they frame it as being a "simp" issue even though the majority saying that are as obsessed with porn/looks/etc still, but are less soy boy spergs about it. Moreover, many are also misogynists who are trying to police/crowd control other men, especially if/when they humanize women too much. However, "humanizing" is silly to use because almost all of "simping" has to do with men being obsessed with sex and looks. The difference often being that a simp is more likely to be someone that contributes somehow to the object of their desire, or tries to.

Anonymous 126351

Again, it's disappointing that things are so in the gutter, that pointing out what essentially is a lowbrow policing mechanism that is half pushed by redpillers and incels is often cited as how men challenge one another.

Anonymous 126352

>Instead of actually addressing the heart of the issue, they frame it as being a "simp" issue even though the majority saying that are as obsessed with porn/looks/etc still, but are less soy boy spergs about it.
Yes, because that's what's simps aimed at, spergs. Only type of guy to shit on other men for being overtly into sexualizing women is usually a puritan Christian sort.
>those are sex obsessed too!
I'm well aware Sherlock. Would seem to indicate it's not an issue that men can actually police because literally all men have it hardwired.

Anonymous 126354

>I'm aware, Sherlock
you pointing it out was "duh" tier too - everyone knows about simp shaming - because I'm not sure what type of discussion you wanted to come of it.

Anonymous 126360

also stuff like porn use encourages repeated use/seeking out sexually explicit material, while desensitization to milder stimuli increases.

while some of it is hardwired, men being particular coom-chimps that have hobbies designed around their porn use and this being common is usually not "hardwired." the brain has plasticity; if someone consumes a lot of something and allows themselves great pleasure in it, this lends itself to creating new pathways in the brain that encourage repeat encounters (with some novelty).

so while I expect men to be pretty depraved, it's more common for men to be zombies that essentially weave their entire life and ego around the subject and explicitly sexualize more things because of stuff like men being too pussy to challenge it; one of the last things that can blunt it if more men started actively shaming it. not that this will happen, that's not what I'm getting at.

Anonymous 126362

oh…correcting because I'm half-sure you're that one semantics anon…by "shaming" I don't mean lowbrow simp-shaming shit, obviously.

Anonymous 126365

Men aren't stupid or desperate because of their horniness, in fact, stupidity has nothing to do with the sex of a person. A moid could be smart, it wouldn't make him less horny or misogynistic. "Women should stop taking advantage of men by objectifying themselves wahhh" classic moid excuse, you don't gain any advantage over a person by presenting yourself as a sex object, it's just means to an end for a lot of women

Anonymous 126370

I'm so sick of the prevalence of women who try getting ahead with mildly questionable means with no victims being disportionately shit on over it.
My grandpa lied on his resume in order to get into an extremely prestigious job. He was well loved, traveled the world, was in charge of some really dangerous stuff, got rich, etc. No one ever accused him of being a bad man.

Also let me correct you. Men are more likely to be ridiculously dumb, but they're also more likely to be brilliant–at least in certain areas.
And also, being horny does make men dumber, there's a good chance a guy that is constantly occupied by it is less likely to achieve great things. It isn't that he's less intelligent but has poor impulse control/has addictive tendencies. It's like the debate on whether or not certain addictions nerf certain areas of the brain, or if the people liable to them were just like that to begin with.

Anonymous 126372

>I'm so sick of the prevalence of women who try getting ahead with mildly questionable means with no victims being disportionately shit on over it.
I'm also tired of women objectifying themselves but the victim part has been already discussed.

Anonymous 126377

Tbh it seems like you're just here to be a devil's advocate. What you noted is mostly irrelevant to what I was talking about.

Anonymous 126385

"Simp" isn't an insult or critique of unchecked male sexual obsession, it's an insult thrown at men who allow women to benefit from it in some way.
No man would call an impulsive, rapist, misogynist obsessed with sexually abusing women a simp… Unless he "benefits" a woman by giving her 12 dollars a month on onlyfans to prostitute herself, rather than paying her pimp pornographer by watching ads.

Men don't hate that they are sex obsessed monkeys with little rationality, they hate that women have the audacity to profit off of it in some way. They think selling your dignity, your future, your mental/physical health, and your safety as a woman for a pittance is a grave sin and exploitation of innocent men.

Anonymous 126390

Woman: Makes an amazing painting, taking time, efford, talent and skill.
Men: Tits, tits, tits, tits, tits.
I once saw a video of a man explaining that most female singers have a fanbase because of the men following them only for their body and not because of what they're doing. He also said that men mainly see the body of a woman and choose not the ones they like the character of, but the one who is most attractive. I don't understand how men don't see what a big own that is on their side - only seeing what's infront of your eyes, never trying to understand the person on the other side deeply.

Anonymous 126391

Whatever you say.

Anonymous 126399

It's a male-tier derail for something I was talking about in a mostly different context.
But if you want the titopic so bad…I've criticized women in the past for objectifying themselves, but this time around it's silly to throw down the gauntlet for a low-stakes example like this as if she was as accountable for it as the millions of creeps surrounding her or the fact that she probably got 1000s of death threats over it, the almighty truth being this: it would have exploded whether or not it was intended because her boobs are gigantic.

So, in other words, it's an apples and oranges situation you acted as if were two sides of the same coin worthy of the same skepticism and blame, which doing so has a lot of very shady connotations. So. Fess up. Do you think situation for women would automatically improve if we went Handmaid's Tale, covering ourselves head to toe? Would men stop sexualizing women and respect women more? Or, if women would automatically get ahead more if they ceased using their looks in any way? At least tell me there's some sort of ends here.

Anonymous 126417

And simp is now being used for pretty much any nice gesture a man makes towards a woman, especially when he doesn't directly benefit over it, like defending a cyberbullied woman or complimenting something nice she did.
Men are basically admitting they are, and should, be only nice towards women when they get something, much preferably sex, out of it. Women to them are not good for anything else, and don't deserve any respect or even pleasantry beyond that. They live to serve men and anytime the paradigm is even slightly skewed by a guy being genuine and sweet it's wrong and retarded to them. That, or they can't even fathom a dude taking a woman's side without that double intent.
Men are disgusting mentally ill chimps, nothing new under the sun.

Anonymous 126420

I agree that men are mindless babies who cant help but follow the tyrannical lead of their dicks and cant take any decision or be held accountable for anything, just like a special ed kid, especially when their need to cum is involved. Literal retarded animals.

Anonymous 126421

>objectifying yourself for a quick money gain is shitty behaviour

>women who are essentially admitting the only valuable thing about them is their body

no they are not

>This is in no way comparable to selling your body


>It's exploitation of mentally unstable people that are emotionally and sexually starved

they can just not buy

>you are no better than moids who scoff at women's issues with a lazy "#notallmen"

"you need to shame other women and put men first to be better than the notallmens"

Anonymous 126422

lots of men itt

Anonymous 126423

More men than women

Anyway, why are male autists always retarded psychopaths?

Anonymous 126424

I’d rather see those sexually frustrated hordes paying the women involved a fair share, instead of getting off for free to unironical filmed rape.
I mean, yes, the vast majority of OF are desperate for money and don’t want to do that kind of stuff for a living, but it’s somewhat better than being kidnapped as a kid, trafficked to some far away country, living in a filthy mafia dungeon and only getting paid in food while mafiosos take all the profits from filming her, and being murdered and ditched like a cattle when she gets wrinkles.

Anonymous 126428


What is it with moids and pedophilia? I'm baffled how they do not even hide it. Although 4chan isn't the "best" point of reference I recently decided to go on /wsg/ to take a small look, and there's so many unironic pedophiles there, replying "hot" to videos where a little girl is featured in a non sexual context (which is already creepy). Posting "cunny" loli videos thinking they are so epic. Stuff like that. Even your average normie moid is okay with most pedophilia jokes and doesn't take pedophilia seriously. A few days ago I have seen some pro-pedophilia tags on a table in my university campus which I have scribbled out. What the fuck is wrong with them?
Picrel is a screenshot of PMs from an older french youtuber (LinksTheSun) that argues that pedophilia is when "you rape primary school girls" and not when "you say a 14 year old is sexy".
Even the raids organised by moids on crystal.cafe keep proving it. I still remember that one raider scrote that said it was delusional to think it's wrong to be attracted to a 16 year old, even if she looks like an adult. This post probably sounds incoherent but I'm tired of keeping these thoughts in my head and I want to let them out somewhere or else I feel like i'll end up insane or paranoid. I am just tired of the rampant pedophilia normalisation among moids and even normie moids. I'm about to just assume every moid is a pedophile until proven wrong as schizo as it might make me sound.

Anonymous 126429

>If you walk up to a mentally handicapped person and sell them a rock for a ridiculously high price telling them it's a magic rock, they will buy it. That does not make it THEIR fault, it is YOU who are exploiting their mental retardation.
you are putting craving sex and attention on par with being mentally handicapped. people who crave something can still reason and be held accountable for their actions, contrary to someone who is physically unable to know better.

>Women are so much better than sexual objects, we can do much more with our brains than we can with our body. Selling yourself online is disgusting.

it seems to me like you equate presenting yourself as sexually desirable as being humiliating. you might want to dig into why is that. i personally attribute no value to it. it's not empowering, and it's not humiliating. it just is. if a woman or a person in general wants to make money that way it's their own agency and there's nothing inherently wrong with it. key word being inherently. you sound bitter and a puritan, or worse, a moid slave to his impulses and crying over the fact women have sexual power over him, but i'm gonna give you the benefit of doubt on that one.
i agree that women are much more than sexual objects and able to do much more than that, but just because a girl sexualizes herself it doesn't mean she thinks that's all she can do or be. maybe it's a necessity, or maybe she actually enjoys it, what do we know?
now the people that buy her services and think she's just a sexual object are the kind of people who think that regardless of all women, with the exception of their mothers if we're lucky, and no woman needs to pander to men's need to control her virginal pussy and pure mind to be seen as their own person. you're not bestowed the right to be seen as human so long as you behave in a certain way that doesn't make a man freak the fuck out due to his deep psychological issues with femininity, you are a capable, complex and dignified human being regardless of their control freakness and need to spray their cum everywhere.

>you're probably one of those modern feminists

i'd like to remind you you're on crystal cafe. btw "modern feminist" doesn't really mean anything without specifying the branch of feminism you're talking about, of which the radical one, that is the one i actually agree the most with, is anti-porn and anti-prostitution. i just happen to care about the woman side of the coin in the issue, instead of raving about how unfair it is to the poor men and how evil those sluts!!! are.

Anonymous 126430

>That's fair, but I think we'll agree it's still a suboptimal solution.
>What do you think of professional porn actresses, though?
I’ll answer your second question first, since my answer is shorter: I see them the same way I see Belle Delphine and other famous OFs, that is, as beautiful and smart women who made terrible mistakes. I feel sorry for them, and I hope they may find peace in their lives, and a way to exit the industry.

And to the 1st question, well, we as a society don’t have a good solution to this problem, atm.
And yes, the current setups are inefficient, no doubt. I know this personally. While I have too little libido to need sexual services, I’m still very much a femcel, and yearning for love every day.
I have come up with two ridiculous sci-fi daydreams on my own:
We could develop an AI, who has the ability to love. When the Uncanny Valley has been passed, there’s little to complain about.
Sure, it might not be as organic as finding a suitable mate among humans, but it still would make me happy. Interactive fiction games (NovelAI, KoboldAI, etc) can only get so far without a physical body.
The other solution is far more simple, and far more brutal: Voluntary brain damage. To the parts of my brain that control romantic love and sexual desire.
Because I’m so done with experiencing this pain. I have reasons to stay alive, so if partially lobotomizing myself is what it takes to prevent suicide, I’ll have it.
Of course, nobody knows how it’s done exactly, so I’d say we should invest into neuroscience, far more than we do nowadays. And studying asexuality.

Anonymous 126434

first you equate being horny and wanting female attention as being as impairing mentally as having a retardation, and then you say it's as big of a need as drinking fucking water. i'm not going to delve into why that's not remotely comparable, because it's obvious for everyone who isn't a mentally ill, entitled hypersexual male.

>as long as you support pornography of all kinds, you are an hypocrite if you complain about moids lust

moids lust exist regardless of pornography. in fact, pornography was created to cater to moid lust. are you upset women are profiting directly off of it much more now, and aren't being subjected to moids telling them what to do and abusing them on set?
i implied i am anti-sex work anyways, i just find your woman blaming and martyrization of pornbrained, erectile-dysfunction-having at 20 males weird.

Anonymous 126450

Pretty sure that anon is a redpiller female/trad in disguise, or at least dislikes other women. I think it's that person that was saying there's plenty of good men too that don't watch porn, kek. I think she wants what she thinks is the bottom % of women to "tard wrangle" abusive incels.

In any case, let me plug this: people only think men need sex because men are greedy and will hyperfixate on whatever gives them a dopamine hit and then reaffirm this repeatedly. Men that "need" sex become fuckboys or cheaters because they have a gnawing hole inside them and poor impulse control. This is why even men that get regular sex end up preferring OFs/porn to it.
Fun fact: To the brain, this mimics the EFFFECT OF GETTING A NEW MATE. For some, this often has even a greater reward hit then actually being with a real woman, especially if he's had her several times already. Is sex a need, or is it about the relentless pursuit of novelty that a woman cannot fulfill on her own?

To even say it's some sort of need is essentially to apologize for the types of fuckery men will do to get it. It's also incredibly toxic and bad for men because imagine men bludgeoning into one another that sex is everything, conditioning him to design his entire life around the lack of sex, etc, which will likewise make a guy feel like shit if he can't get it. In the meantime, there's a hermit out there that's meditating in nature and probably feeling dang good apart from modern society's fuckery.

Anonymous 126462

Not that miner, but damn, scrotes should be kept away from children.
Since the only things governing their brains are sex and violence, I wonder if it’s some twisted evolutional trick to make moids stay with the woman he already raped, instead of seeking another one.
To help with childcare and bring food, only because their insect brains see another body to rape.
I mean, I don’t think they have the ability to love, so it has to be because of horniness. It would also explain why there are so many pedophiles festering all layers of society, from a glue-sniffing hobo to a vacationing politician.
Moids should be kept away from children at all costs. Even fathers should be vetted before allowing to impregnate, and after that, not left alone with the child without supervision.

Anonymous 126471


A lot of loser men would play the victim if, say, you were their friend and loved them as a friend but then you didn't want to open up your pussy to him.

That's just it–loser men being "dehumanized" isn't the problem, the problem is that the majority would be resentful and bitter if a woman didn't put out because they're incapable of humanizing a woman enough to give a fuck about her if she doesn't sexualize him or isn't accessible to him, and are so dumb, they think being sexualized is the same as being humanized.
Moreover, that they struggle with making genuine connections with people and putting effort into them if there isn't incentives. Go look at the statistics surrounding middle aged single men and you'll understand.

That's what weirds me out about Pickmes that keep on going on parroting how unwanted men are victims of society and their own libidos, or crying about how many men are just ~lonely~.
It makes me wonder about what their real end game is.
Ok, the bottom % of men have it bad–but about them like they're parasitic eldritch entities that need sex or become swirling vortexes of hatred and entropy and that they have 0 control/discipline/ability to help themselves…or women are AS accountable as them for male issues…like…wut.

I'm sick of arguing that men can actually be something other than their libidos when there's so many Pickmes arguing that men aren't.

Anonymous 126473

The fuck are you talking about. I wasn't defending moids.

Anonymous 126475

Well, which anon are you then? There was a lot of (deleted) male defending going on in the thread.

Anonymous 126476

I'm the one who posted the screenshots

Anonymous 126478

I mean, I was referring to >>126391 sarcastically writing off me saying that I was talking about something in general vaguely related to women being witch hunted over dumb things.
>>126372 was abrupt and gave barely any context, so looked rather abrasive. The main point wasn't (if that's all you) about male defending per se.

Anonymous 126479

If it clears up any confusion i was saying that men being the victims here was already disputed, or at least other people gave more concise answers than i would if I were to write something about it

Anonymous 126500


I'm easily moved by when men reply to radfem posting with saying something like "I'm trying my best" or "I didnt choose to be a man but i do choose to try to be a good person" and i never know how to address it, so I tend to just not address it.
I know they wouldn't give us the benefit of the doubt but at the same time I also don't know if doing the identical disservice that they give us is good ethics either

Anonymous 126504

Oh? Do you have a link about that statistic? It's something I might need.

Anonymous 126510

It’s just another version of
In other words, they’re talking shit.

Anonymous 126521

Im horny but i dont have sex because men dont deserve my body. I dont get how women can have sex with moids. Moids dont deserve anything

Anonymous 126528

Yeah, the decent ones just stay away/stay quiet.
Think it's mostly that in general when a guy feels the need to say something he thinks putting the words into the world changes/adjust reality somehow, or at least convince himself of something.

It's why you can't really trust a guy that repeatedly keeps on claiming something of himself. I wonder why people don't talk more about male overcompensate besides "haha, he has monster truck, I bet he has a micropeen!"

Anonymous 126533

not to racebait but it's always the men of the dominant ethnicity in my country who are obsessed with debating almost like they don't have anything to lose, not really – the world is just a game to them.

Anonymous 126534


Pickame meme

Anonymous 126535

very true

Anonymous 126537

It's because men are better at weaponizing such things against women than women are against men tbh.

Why do you think men hate single mothers so much? It's because if they didn't they'd actually have to step back and acknowledge that it's a shit ton of work then women would have to actually be less dumb about their dealings with men. And, that even if you are with a deformed hobo, you can easily become a single mother, physiology is ruthless.

Anonymous 126546

I'll just never understand how men can so easily be so heartless and cruel.

Anonymous 126555

Single motherhood seems like an inevitably in a patriarchal society where the nuclear family is encouraged. The majority of males aren't worthy of being in a relationship with a woman (aka pass down their genes). This system only "works" (and only has worked) if women are forced to cohabitate with males, and can't separate from them and make their own living.

Basically women are conned into monogamy with an unworthy scrote and don't leave until he's already reproduced with her. It's like we have patriarchy-lite with a little escape hatch but they still get what they want from us, failedmale genes to be passed down to keep up population growth.

And god fucking knows it would be an utter tragedy if males were the ones raising children instead of women. There would be so much child abuse and child neglect. Single mothers are vilified, yet everyone knows if their children were instead left with their deadbeat dads they would get molested, abused, live in squalor and barely kept alive.

Anonymous 126559

Testosterone is a hell of a drug

Anonymous 126562

Indeed. Deep down, moids have no respect for life, perhaps not even their own.
If they had to carry offspring to term, gutters would pile up with rotting babies in no time. There would be LiveLeak vids of them performing abortions on themselves with rusty knives, and playing with the shreds of the fetus. They’d collect them in jars (filled with semen), and brag about it to each other. Some of them would even masturbate with the fetus until it rots away.
So when ”pro-lyef” moids whine about abortion, it’s fucking nothing compared to what they would do in the same situation. Hypocrites.

Anonymous 126563

moid philosophy.jp…

>perhaps not even their own


Anonymous 126639

Mens thought proce…

Anonymous 126655

moids rape even if the consequences are severe

Anonymous 126706

A woman can just give a baby up for adoption if she doesn't want it.

Anonymous 126709


Misogyny is ultimately projection of mans own hatred of himself that he unjustifiably directs towards women.

Anonymous 126718


I want to exist in a way where men's opinions and desires are irrelevant. They seep into every aspect of life and its fucking aggravating. Even here while the average opinion is that men are bad, male opinions still drive much of the culture and if you do something that men happen to enjoy you're bad. I don't want to live to please men and i don't want to live solely to spite men. I want to do what I want because I want to and not in any way because it will influence men in some fashion. It's like no matter where I go someone is telling me to think of men whether it's to make them happy or get them back. I just want to exist without male feelings controlling every fucking thing around me.

Anonymous 126823

Does anyone have good comprehensive resources on sexual abuse in the porn industry and its other harmful effects? I want to pinkpill my libfem normie friends but they keep coping out demanding statistics and numbers to prove that women getting raped on camera for mens pleasure is bad

Anonymous 126825

Anonymous 126826

Thank, is there something that lists ongoing cases of porn actors being abused and porn sites profiting from abuse, trafficking etc? I keep seeing articles that talk about individual cases, I think if someone compiled everything into one list it would be quite massive

Anonymous 126832

You have to carry it for 9 months and birth it first. Which can have dire health consequences.

Anonymous 126834


i cant believe moids just sexualised vegan teacher

Anonymous 126835

ofc they would lmao. and the way it doesnt look like her anyway, just an anime girl with gray hair because they can't fap to anything else

Anonymous 126842

that's fucking hillarious
too bad they didnt take some elements of how she actually looks like and mostly looks like a typical JK girl with grey hair

Anonymous 126843

This. They’re so conditioned to get off to anime girls, that they have to imagine real people as waifus.
They’re no different from that rare species of bird, which has trouble repopulating, simply because they only know how to fuck helmets worn by humans.

Anonymous 126851

They can fap to anything if it's a hot (real or anime) girl. That's why they can condition themselves into jerking off to fucking crushing animals and shit.

Anonymous 126858

08s goth.jpg

would you all say this is an accurate take on misogyny?

Anonymous 126871

oh my lord sissy
dont be so deranged

Anonymous 126893

Men chimping when we agree troons aren't men but aren't opposed to feminism or other left leaning beliefs is so funny. They think the world is black and white yet claim to be logical. They always say women screech for being told to smile, but ree about shit like Gilette ads. Truly the retard sex.

Anonymous 126905

This isn't even true according to most data on the subject though. I don't know where you get your sources.

In any case what is true is that financial situations significantly influence a child's outcomes. It's why women that try making babies with poor men are idiotic (and so are those poor men).

Anonymous 126906

says the anon who doesnt give source

Anonymous 126917

What moids omit when they make this argument (that males make better parents) is that the majority of abuse children of single mothers endure is done by their stepfathers.
Stepfathers are 40X likely to rape a child than a bio father, same outrageous statistics apply for all forms of abuse.
What men are just admitting, really, is that biological relation makes them less likely to abuse kids. Therefore, children should be sent to their fathers because they already know any woman he brings into their live won't rape their kids.

It's another instance of men insisting that they exist to be our protectors, but who are they protecting us from? Oh right, other men.

Anonymous 126918

I think I would have went for it if it was a private server and I knew it was a female, would have been an interesting discussion. I like being challenged within reason. However, there is 0 chance a male parasitically lurking here and looking for chances to bitch where he doesn't belong is a good faith actor in any sort of potential ""debate"".

In the past I ran the gauntlet with sources on co-ed spaces, etc., and it was more clown mode than anything. Why? Because even if I had reputed the initial point with very well researched corrections, the guy would instead swerve and use something entirely different as a gotcha. Heck, twice before I saw a guy pretty much lose it in such a clear way turn around and break out something like…the male suicide statistic.
…oh and in some cases the "swerve" was literally accusing me of being a slut or something like that, KEK. I remember spending so long researching something, making sure every source was spotless, peer-reviewed, and directly fed into the discussion at hand only for the guy - after having made paragraphs of his point - say "you're just a slut" and yeet even though I said nothing about myself or sex.

After a while you actually realize that a lot of these men are, well, ruthless fucks and don't really care…and you also realize that…even if you technically are right, you will usually lose unless you fight dirty. They stick to a point…will spread that point like a memetic contagion…etc. Not all are like this, but it's pretty much a given that the majority that pop up in bizarre contexts to "correct" others are like that.

Anonymous 126919

They also emit any poverty factor from being a single income household, and that mothers are often the ones left with or only parent who wants the children, while the dads fuck off because they get in the way of establishing a new relationship/don't want the responsibility of fatherhood, just the legacy genes passed on shit. They want the reward but not the hard work. They need to larp as necessary bringers of logic to justify why every man should get a gf while having nothing to actually offer.

Anonymous 126921

Also, if men raised by single mothers commit the most crimes, this just means stop having sons. The problem is they are men. What about the daughters of single mothers? They aren't chimps kek. Time and time again, men wish to pretend mens degeneracy is everyone elses fault.

Anonymous 126922

Men only ree about single mothers because of tax and the idea that woman can leave them if they treat them poorly. Remove those two factors, and they wouldn't give a shit. Look at how they see women saying men commit the majority of violent crime and we should focus on boys behaviour in school, they piss and shit themselves in anger.

Anonymous 126928

It's true

Anonymous 126929

With daughters they usually bring up the bpd whore stereotype or something like that. While it's kinda true that some women who grew up without fathers are somewhat unstable but they're still not rapists or incels, etc.

Anonymous 126930

tbh a part of it seems like the inevitable backlash to how reality can't be reconciled with what men want, at least in no safe way. most men are sex and novelty-driven (more than ever because of porn) and essentially wouldn't seek out companionship in most cases without it. almost all men don't really want what parenthood or marriage really entails. by hating women for having sex–single mothers especially, they are able to put every single consequence and burden of it on women instead of actually challenging the beast: male sexuality and greed…which takes iron balls to do.

most women can get pregnant from most men. men want to have constant sex. so, imagine if women had 0 standards like men and acted like men. they'd start having as much sex as all kinds of men wanted. so many babies would spill out into the world and into poverty, etc. incels incapable of functioning in society would spread maladapted genes.
a lot of men that are vaguely aware of this often argue that women should just be domestically enslaved because essentially they see no other solution to the problem of male promiscuity that doesn't involve blaming women completely for it…even though unchecked male desire would rip apart society in, idk, a year?

I mean, if someone wanted to actually embrace the trad wife/mom life in a smart way, it'd be hard mode yet almost no one in support of this life will admit it…
even if this hopeful were cute and a catch, her just wanted a guy around her age/not too old (a guy being old affects the quality of his sperm), has money and a good job, is fit, doesn't have mental/physical disorders, actually genuinely wants all the fixings of being a parent and husband and is generous, etc., rules out almost all men…even if she is open to someone extremely ugly.

That's where the coping mechanisms start pouring in where a woman is encouraged to ignore most signs a guy can be a good dad or hubby in hopes she'll marry him and have kids with him, because in general a lot of women being victimized or doomed in the process is less of an issue to a lot of people than a lot of men remaining uncoupled, not taken care of (because women handle most domestic labor on average even in equal finance relationships) and unmotivated (because of sexlessness)….and likewise, less nuclear families.

Anonymous 126934

Women doing most of the caring as it relates to family, spouses, etc., and being mothers, will never really be valued, respected, nor loved by most men and that also is what convolutes the entire situation. This fact is proven by how men constantly say women haven't done shit through history–of which is repeated the most redpiller men, who hypocritically also want women to continue being broodmares they don't even respect the labor of as if they don't realize that in such a situation…the logical choice for a woman is to not be with a guy.

This is likely why society has so many mechanisms designed around pressuring and bullying women and blaming them for most things that go wrong in relationships or the bad things men do.
Imo, it's why you also get weird incel propagandist hacks like Jordan Peterson who shit on women for at all wanting to wait/build up a nest egg while essentially implying a teen girl should immediately marry and be baby trapped–why? Because being young and able to be groomed, maybe the guy is way more motivated to stay and actually be a father.

Anyway, this is all why there's generally more signs showing that remaining single is relatively better for women than it is for men, or at least going by averages. There's so many countless sacrifices a woman makes in simply being a wife…let alone a mom, sacrifices that are often painted with disdain and never celebrated by men and seen as baggage.

Of course these are mostly all generalities, though they seem to drive so much of the forces in the dating market. I'm not really surprised it often goes back to simple things like how many men passionately hate single mothers or blame everything men do on women.

I wonder when the bubble will pop.

Anonymous 127016

The BDP stereotype isn't even true, you get in no-moid and moid homes. It's just personality. With the internet, attention whore types have a new way to express and amplify themselves.

Anonymous 127147


Moids on 4chan have been raving about how "ugly" Emma Watson is, now that she "hit the wall". Emma is 31 years old. These are the same moids who put her on a pedestal just a couple of years back. She is just lifting her eyebrows, but apparently women are supposed to have completely textureless skin even when performing facial expressions.
Also overall moid shit in pic related.

Anonymous 127149

doubt you'll listen but word of advice, it's a very bad idea to go to 4chan, etc. we already know about the degeneracy.

also, might as well drop from schadenfreude fuel. statistically middle aged men - very much in their prime - kill themselves the most and suffer the most when single in a myriad of ways. this stuff comes and bites them in the ass because they start becoming incapable of actually just feeling happy with other people (even other men) or putting in effort into anyone that isn't a hot teen because they become increasingly obsessed with status rather than genuine human connection (picrel is heavily preoccupied on status). a lot of these men essentially teach themselves systems of thinking that slowly cannibalize themselves from the inside out.

Anonymous 127150

Emma is also obviously underweight in those photos which is why her face looks so gaunt. Wonder if she’s going through health issues.

Anonymous 127152

not disagreeing however lets not pretend like any imageboard didnt take influence from the founder of english imageboards 4cuck

Anonymous 127160

The whole men age like wine thing is more from an era where women weren't earning money for themselves. MGTOW and such are all inverted images and coping mechanisms for what is really happening in that women don't need men in the way they used to. The result of this is that yes as men age their dating pool also shrinks outside of a handful of hyper rich older men like Elon Musk. Right now I think we are going through a cultural adjustment period where the sexes are not yet accustomed to interfacing on more even terms.

Anonymous 127175

>tax avoidance

Anonymous 127177

not when you're someone from a privileged background and have more money than you could ever need and regularly get high end freebies, plus trying to maintain an image of a caring activist

Anonymous 127187

Isn't it cuz the presumption is to go for a young girl and then devolve into depression when they can't? Lots of lonely old guys are out there. These men aren't really mentioned because they'd make men look weak.
Also, I don't think men and women will ever interface on equal terms, or at least the majority never will.

Anonymous 127298

>They always talk about women wasting time "on the cock carousel" but why don't they warn men against "the pussy carousel" too?
I still hate that double standard. Virgin women deserve virgin men. I don't want a manwhore.

Anonymous 127302

Based I REFUSE anything other then a virgin

Anonymous 127310

well there's no shortage of them, that's for sure

Anonymous 127328

But I desire a guy who is a virgin because he's waiting for after he gets married, not a guy who's a virgin because he's a woman hater, porn sick or broke his penis from jerking off.

Anonymous 127332

Why is every single moid obsessed with their highschool crush and base their entire life trajectory coping with losing her? It's so fucking pathetic and disgusting.

Anonymous 127355

the truth is simply that not all men are meant to reproduce

Anonymous 127368

>rapists end up in jail
Yeah right lol and I'm gonna be president of the United Snakes of America any day now.

Anonymous 127422

Why are you jealous loool

Anonymous 127424

Why would anyone be jealous of a girl getting obsessed over by a creepy moid?

Anonymous 127433

Because teenage years are where you're most vulnerable/naive and it's where you get your first rejection. This combination makes it hurt more

Anonymous 127457

It's because they are able to cement her like a holy object/trophy in their mind never to be challenged because he likes her for the idea of her, not her actual humanity or ability to grow.

Anonymous 127462

>Why is every single moid obsessed with their highschool crush and base their entire life trajectory coping with losing her?
I know of very few moids that obsess over "losing" their High School crush. I know far more moids that are obsessed with a crush they never talked to in the first place.

Anonymous 127467


Anonymous 127527

nothing wrong with watching porn insomuch as most women aren't against it (you won't lose your relationship over it) and it can be something adults should be able to talk about; e.g. differentiating fantasy from what you want in real life. why do men make it some secretive thing that victimizes them, like they have to hide it like teenagers jerking it on the family mac? it's so suffocating.

Anonymous 127529

word. i'm a virgin who wants a virgin. i don't want a stinky std-ridden cock attached to a god complex.

Anonymous 127535

stop trying to defend literal whores. it is the worst most addictive habit that cucks half of the youth and damages nearly anyone who watches.

Anonymous 127537

Make apologetics for porn on my board one more time and see what happens

Anonymous 127547

>you won't lose your relationship over it
it should, though.

Anonymous 127558

soooo, basically, the bandwagon fallacy?

in any case, >>127535 is right. the reason why porn isn't more challenged is because of the inevitability and how obsessed men are with it. men are highly prone to making whatever gives them dopamine into the most rational course of action for them and something to go to war over.

it is very, very different than "mere" fantasy as porn has been noted in neuroscientific studies to cause changes to the brain very similar to an addict's…even when usage is mild. Porn is thoroughly chained up to the human trafficking industry as well as a system of grooming and exploitation.
Porn as well influences how people perceive sex…and often into a more voyeuristic than actual intimate act. Ultimately, usage of porn essentially fries a persons' brain into desensitization so they end up highly craving such stimuli yet when they receive it, it won't really be that satisfying in any substantial capacity and they will seek out other ways of manufacturing novelty because they see intimacy with their partner as being boring.

the "hiding" behavior often happens because while there's many women that explicitly endorse porn, a shit ton of men still insist on being with women that aren't that ok with porn out of cowardice and greed.

porn use in general is, well, weak. it's indicative of poor impulse control and so far is essentially one of the closest media equals to stuff like alcohol or smoking and not just that, but unlike other commodities and consumption, there are often victims involved, and I find it indicative of how deeply infiltrated and corrupted "social justice" movements are that they've turned to endorsing the porn/human trafficking industry.

Anonymous 127581

What is a "smegmoid" ? I haven't lurked here in a while.

Anonymous 127591


can sadly confirm. bf of three years always swore up and down he stopped watching porn shortly before we met because he started realizing how unhealthy and unethical it was. felt blessed but then one night i went on his computer to google something and found an open file explorer window with massive collections of porn. im still reeling from the trust issues that gave me and i feel unironically traumatized. i resented men before and now it basically consumes me and i dont like feeling this way, it taints so much. cant even watch movies with men around becuase ofc there will be sex scenes and all i can think of is how theyre getting off and imagining sex with the woman and how theyre all getting hard and probably all have porn stashes. oh well.

Anonymous 127592

i should add, it was traumatizing because i was completely lied to and betrayed, not just because it was porn. but of course the fact it was porn is insanity-inducing too, because i've spent years reading and writing about how horrific the industry is, and he knew that and always agreed with me. he told me he basically rationalized it as "not hurting anyone" so he kept doing it despite agreeing with me. male cognitive dissonance. always prioritizing their own pleasure at the expense of everything and everyone else.

i had/still sometimes have constant intrusive thoughts about the women he had in his porn stashes, the ones that didn't look anything like me, how they all were caked in makeup even though he claimed he preferred "natural looks." he said the fake veneer added to it. everything changes as soon as the penis is involved, from moral compasses to aesthetics to logic. it's hard to not feel hopeless sometimes

Anonymous 127593


Not all guys watch porn, and he probably has a porn addiction.

Anonymous 127594

he admitted he was basically addicted and he ended up going to therapy for it. that was a long time ago but i still feel really tormented by it and just wanted to vent. it's a reminder that even the men we trust most aren't free from the horrors of male socialization and might be doing all kinds of insane stuff in private.
i have close male friends who are truly porn free (i feel i can trust them because they were already well-read in radical feminist literature before i met them) and they give me a lot of hope. but then i remember something or eavesdrop on men in public and that starts to fade a little

Anonymous 127595

seeing stories like this about men (and having similar ones with my male classmates) just blackpilled me on males. i look at one and go ''huh. they're probably addicted to porn and jerk off every night'' and i just can't take them seriously until they prove otherwise.

Anonymous 127596

Did he end up solving his porn problem?
Also, guys who are radical-feminists are kinda weird in my opinion… Kind of a red flag for me. also, i dont watch porn and im not a radical feminist either.

Anonymous 127597

yeah, he did end up recovering, it was still hard for me to trust him but i think he did completely get clean. he was never too badly addicted in the first place, no more than the average man. i wouldnt have had any hope at all if he was on the level of, say, a redditor or r9k poster.
and tbf they don't call themselves radical feminists. i don't even call myself one. but they like dworkin and similar writers and are staunchly anti porn for ethical reasons, not the rightwing "sex bad, women whores" type way. guys who call themselves feminists are extremely sus

i think a lot of men at least can become better people even if it doesnt rid them of all the bad shit they internalize growing up that stays with them. they can make a lot of progress in becoming decent people who arent totally sex obsessed. maybe thats just me coping. im basically blackpilled and in denial about it because it depresses me too much

Anonymous 127598

>This further proves me to a lot of what smegs say about women is just projection of their own fears. They really think all women will turn out to be losers like them.
If a growing proportion of moids are growing to grow old forever alone, does that not by necessity imply that more women will also grow up just being cogs in a corporate system and forever alone? One can hope all of us become lesbians over night, but that's kind of unlikely.

Anonymous 127599

Im not really understanding your logic right now

Anonymous 127602

For a pair of heterosexual human male and females to not be "forever alone". There, needs be a male for every female (assuming no polygamy or poly andry). This being the case, if a growing number of men are, because of culture, no longer marriage material but "forever alone cogs in the capitalist machine", does this not mean by definition there will be a equal increase in the population of women that are "forever alone and a cog in the corporate machine".

This of course doesn't take into account individuals that are "happy" in this arrangement, and it is certainly better to be alone than in an abusive relationship, that doesn't change that a lot of heterosexual women want fulfilling relationships with men.

This article may explain the idea better.

tl:dr If society is increasingly making a larger number of men undesirable for courtship does that not imply that there will be a growing number of heterosexual women that will not find partners?

Anonymous 127605

Actually it's a thing that women are less likely to suffer the effects of singleness in later life. Men are more likely to kill themselves and suffer from mental illness, as well as be completely friendless as they approach their twilight years. There's a study on how women actually hang out with friends more when partnerless (on average ofc) while the opposite trend is apparent in men.

You don't need a sexual partner to find love, contrary to the male mode of seeing human connection.

I don't know what you're on that people in relationships automatically defy "cog in the machine" status as there's millions of people out there that actually want this set-up so people function better as cogs in the machine.

Anonymous 127607

Oh, isn't it also an almost-psyop to claim that coupling with a male automatically saves someone from a nihilistic life? I've seen fuckboys argue just this; call it "dystopian" for a woman to be beyond happy with her friends and work she's actually passionate about, and that she's delusional unless she finds a sex-buddy.

Anonymous 127608

Yeah just be warned. A lot of wokefisher-type men actually get into stuff like this in order to get closer to women, the other anon is still right.

They do it because there's a lot of men like that, that absolutely get off the idea of fucking an actual rad-fem/walls-up kind of woman and will spend hours upon hours of their life trying to access her inner circle via illicit methods. It's actually a thing for them to namedrop dworkin, etc., as well.
But the great thing of this is that now you know–if they try something weird, etc., you can laugh and call them fake.

Also I don't think your bf recovered but yeah I won't push it.

Anonymous 127622

>Actually it's a thing that women are less likely to suffer the effects of singleness in later life. Men are more likely to kill themselves and suffer from mental illness, as well as be completely friendless as they approach their twilight years. There's a study on how women actually hang out with friends more when partnerless (on average ofc) while the opposite trend is apparent in men.
I agree that moids benefit more from coupling than women, that doesn't mean there are zero benefits to marriage for every women. Furthermore, I'm curious to see that study, as I want to know if it differentiated widows and widowers from never married singles. I know that widows tend to do better than widowers in this department as well, again showing moids benefit more from it than woman.

>You don't need a sexual partner to find love, contrary to the male mode of seeing human connection.

I believe there are plenty of women who disagree with you, that aren't pickmes or brainwashed. Where casual sex and friendships just isn't enough. It's not a cure-all, but it is important to some women, if I had to guess, a fair portion of them.

>I don't know what you're on that people in relationships automatically defy "cog in the machine" status as there's millions of people out there that actually want this set-up so people function better as cogs in the machine.

I was jut quoting the language from the original post with a bit of flair >>127296
>On one of them, the comments section was full of smegmoids upset about how they wasted their time in college and now they'll never be able to find a wife or have a family and will waste the rest of their life in a meaningless career.
If the "own" is that this men will not start family and waste lives in careers, that means that there's less women able to start families, ergo, more women not starting families and wasting away in careers, by definition. Now, that post doesn't cover friendship, like you do. Maybe having a bunch of friends makes up for starting a family with someone you love as you work on at your desk job. If that's the case I haven't experienced that from most of the people I've talked to, maybe I just missed the memo.

You know thinking about it further, are men or women on average more likely to end up in a "meaningless career"? I would think that would be more our problem due to male-gatekeeping right?

>Oh, isn't it also an almost-psyop to claim that coupling with a male automatically saves someone from a nihilistic life?
It isn't an automatic save, and I never claimed it was. I claimed there are plenty of women that want partners and if society is actively producing worse and worse men then those women who want partners and can't find one are going to suffer. With more shitier men around the more suffering. Maybe those women are wrong for wanting that, or pickmes, or brainwashed, whatever. It's important to them though. Maybe as society goes on more and more women will just be happy working, having friends, and not having children or families. Could be.

Anonymous 127624

Probably gonna shrug this off because I think you're that semantics anon that was probably banned the other day, the one that was going on about men being victimized by women sexualizing themselves or something. Sorry.

Anonymous 127625

Think I'm very jarred because, here, we already have seen the full spectrum of such anons and rhetoric here. I.e., a while ago a woman basically let it slip that she thought more women being single causes more school shooters and society to implode, etc…whilst before, she was dropping the exact talking points you were and being rather mild. There was one in particular that put extreme emphasis on it all being about womens' choice…
…but also let it slip she thought there'd be a massive problem if too many women didn't make a certain choice (nuclear families), while making sure to insist that if a woman values a relationship, she will be perpetually unfulfilled if she doesn't find one.
My entire point isn't that a relationship can't work for someone, more that it's a terribly bad idea if someone, especially a woman, has the locus and velocity of their life surround it or that it's a necessity. I'm well aware women "disagree" with me all the time.

Anonymous 127629

>I think you're that semantics anon that was probably banned the other day, the one that was going on about men being victimized by women sexualizing themselves or something.
I have no idea who you're talking about, but it's always your choice I guess.

Anonymous 127630

>while making sure to insist that if a woman values a relationship, she will be perpetually unfulfilled if she doesn't find one.
Either perpetually unfilled or requiring a massive adjustment in value systems to make the transistion which isn't very pleasent either. Depending on the personality it may not even be possible.
>My entire point isn't that a relationship can't work for someone, more that it's a terribly bad idea if someone, especially a woman, has the locus and velocity of their life surround it or that it's a necessity.
I would say having their sexual and intimate needs met is a necessity for a large number of woman and, going even further, most women prefer a monogamous relationship to a freewheeling one in the long run. Maybe that's just brainwashing. Settling for an abusive moid is retarded, but I think the general lesson is, again, if more moids are getting worse over time = more problems for women.

Anonymous 127631

I mean, what I'm talking about isn't casual sex/relationships or, uh, freewheeling in general, these are things I generally dislike and roll my eyes at and find hilarious that "empowering" has ever been attached to them.

Annnnnd I am well aware that men getting worse creates more problems for women, but what makes me suspicious of you is that you seem to imply the "cure" involves women entangling themselves with questionable men. I at least trust that you don't want women to throw themselves on abusive men but you definitely seem to give the vibe that you kind of want women to take a bit of a L and couple with so-so men, which will never, ever be received kindly here.
I'd infinitely rather you suggest ideas of how to encourage men to be better that don't involve, idk, giving them sex (even if it's from within a relationship) as the failing involved is irrevocably tying up peoples' worth with sex….or just being another episode of women being more altruistic to overcompensate for, idk, men being men.

So you weren't involved in the discussion about the woman that took a pic of her - magnificent cleavage bare - next to the artwork?

Anonymous 127638

we broke up for unrelated reasons so it's not my problem anymore, but I know he recovered because I basically became autistically savvy with snooping. for a long time during the relationship i was checking his recently accessed files, DNS cache history, external harddrives, etc. not exactly proud of that but it's obvious why i did it. never found anything again after that first initial expose. he was definitely in the minority for actual recovery

Anonymous 127665

only good post ITT

Anonymous 127677

isn't there a thread dedicated to what that anon is talking about tho?

Anonymous 127678


>participate in thread on a forum out of curiosity
>guy pops up; seems modest, into the same dumb nerd stuff, short but fit, well groomed, soft-looking face, curly wild hair with cute glasses, very funny in a hammy way, says he doesn't want any lewd stuff and is just looking for friends

>guy I know immediately guesses he's my type (both romantically and friendship-wise) and mischievously sics a girl on him in his DMs

>girl livestreams a speedrun of getting nerd's time stamped nude
>takes like 2.4 minutes from saying "hi" to getting it (incl a timestamp from her a minute in)
>guy I know cackles the whole time

Anonymous 127680

Socially malformed nerd speedrun challenges sounds like a hoot and a half.

Anonymous 127683


Sorry for your loss.
that is pretty funny though

Anonymous 127702

>post on 4chan, don't indicate my gender at all
>get called a tranny
>"I'm not, but ok."
>tranny tranny tranny tranny
>"You're derailing."
>NO U tranny tranny tranny
Men are cringe and deserve their high suicide rate. I wish I had posted here instead.

Anonymous 127711

Why? This exact same thing happens here all the time.

Anonymous 127718

That's exactly what a tranny would say.

Anonymous 127721

>girl livestreams a speedrun of getting nerd's time stamped nude

Uhhm wtf is wrong with your friends lol

Anonymous 127752

Being paired with one of these failemales is worse than being alone for a woman. I'd rather be old with my cats and my girlfriends than be tied to a low-empathy pornsick entitled scrote for the rest of my life.

Anonymous 127753


Also, the "leftover women" wouldn't be better off marrying a man just because he's a man. Women have romance fantasies, and these soulless genetic trash piles will not fulfil them. They'll be aging moms in an unhappy marriage taking Xanax and reading romance novels while their shitty man is watching teen porn, drinking beer, and being emotionally unavailable.

Pairing off literally every breeding human isn't going to do any good. In general, women will always want romance and men will always want an endless teen harem. Because of this a lot of people will end up alone. But women are better off being alone than men are, which is why men are so volatile and butthurt about singleness.

Anonymous 127762

I think it's a new Pickmevolution more than anything.

Anonymous 127780

This is more typical among men with smaller dicks because it is tighter.

Anonymous 127806

no it's only hilarious doing that to moids

Anonymous 127808

>i know a bunch of dudes

Anonymous 127811

Kek, I've never heard of that bird. A case of supernormal stimulus fucking over a whole species?
I'm so sorry that happened to you. In the first place, what your friends did was fucked up, but it's kinda funny because males get insecure and/or inexperienced women to send them nudes all the time (or just annoy random women asking for nudes). I don't know whether your friends wanted to do you a favor by showing you what a degenerate the guy was or whether they wanted to make you cry, but if it's the latter, ditch them. Second, I'm sorry you were disappointed like that. It sounds like you really, really liked him and he was exactly your type (I like cute nerds too so I can relate a bit), but this just means that you have to accept that all men are garbage and they will disappoint you, the ones who won't are just exceptions.
Kill yourself scrote

Anonymous 127814

Let them cope and seethe. Well you shouldn't be using 4chan in the first place, but if you do, simply ignore them, or at least don't try to correct them and insult them back or tell them to kill themselves and move on. Also make sure to post in a way they hate to annoy them more. Don't worry about getting banned, being able to post there is not worth it anyway.

Also, a lot of the time, they know they're talking to a woman. They just call women tranny, gay man, man pretending to be a woman, etc. to make you and others paranoid, to insult female posters, and to make us feel unwelcome. Which is why you should be shitting up their threads whenever you have the chance.

Anonymous 127815

I agree with you. The problem is that if civilization is increasing the number of "failemales" that means there will be direct and awful consequences for woman as well. Is current civilization increasing the number of "failemales"?

Anonymous 127818

You are a scrote.

I hate your implication that we were better off pushingnthe failedmale burden onto women in private rather than face the issue head on. Aka, let them die alone.

The truth is a lot of men are going to die alone in their coom hovels. There may be the odd incel spree killer but in general it seems these bottom tier men pass away without much fuss (aside from whining on Reddit and 4chan).

Anonymous 127823

I mean, if it's the same anon, I basically asked her to provide examples that society could limit such men that doesn't at all involve sex or women being more altruistic and got nothing back, kek.

Anonymous 127831

>I hate your implication that we were better off pushingnthe failedmale burden onto women in private rather than face the issue head on. Aka, let them die alone.
Letting them die alone isn't facing the issue head on. That would be outright killing them instead.
>There may be the odd incel spree killer but in general it seems these bottom tier men pass away without much fuss (aside from whining on Reddit and 4chan).
And for this exact reason. "There will ONLY be an uptick of serial killers".

Assuming however that society is only increasing the number of failemales, doesn't that mean more serial killers would be created as time goes by?

I never claimed to have solutions, I was just confused why this post >>127296
>This further proves me to a lot of what smegs say about women is just projection of their own fears. They really think all women will turn out to be losers like them.
The underlying assumption is that "women will not turn out to be forever alone losers like them" while simultaneously saying that more men will be forever alone. Unless you open the door to polygamy I don't see how a larger proportion of the male population can be forever alone and not a simultaneous increase in our population. It takes two forever alone people to form two not forever alone people, by definition. Else I don't understand what "forever alone" means anymore, might just be me being retarded though.

Anonymous 127832

Maybe the idea is that "forever alone" is handled better by woman like >>127605 states, but that's just turning "forever alone" into an empowering and positive state for woman and a negative state for men. Might be, might not be, I just don't get the reasoning that implies this will only happen to the moid side of the population.

Anonymous 127833

>ignoring them = killing them
Just going to ignore this and whatever else you say. Inb4 "good riddance."

Anonymous 127834

She is trying to get what she thinks are loser exploitable women to be broodmare-caretakers for failed males. Sick.

Anonymous 127836

serial killers are in decline, due to CCTV and better DNA analysis it's very difficult to murder multiple times and get away with it. the other anon was talking about spree killers like elliot roger who shoot a bunch of people at once and then get taken into custody

Anonymous 127843

Dealing with the issue "head on" would be killing them. Waiting for them to disappear is not facing the issue "head on". God fucking damn.

Anonymous 127844

Are spree killers going up or down?

Anonymous 127862

Oh, then what you said was basically void-fill meant to correct poor word/phrase usage then while ignoring that's not what that anon meant.

Anonymous 127869

>texas republicans debate killing women who get abortions
sigh why don't they debate whether rapists should be castrated? oh, that's right. it's too complex an issue, you know; too many false accusations, too many variable factors… how about debating whether men who take creepshots should be put on hormone blockers, hm? what? still no?

Anonymous 127874

God the Texas government is retarded. Imagine if those men who make these stupid laws on abortion get raped and they end up getting pregnant. Wonder how they'll like it. Pisses me off.

Anonymous 127876


(this is from Hayao Miyazaki's autobiography)

why do men have kids, and then not raise them? What's the point? might as well not have any kids at all, saves hassle for everyone.

Anonymous 127879

Imagine not raising your kids and then being upset they don't make movies like you do. It's sad that Miyazaki always criticizes Zoro (one of his sons)that he's nott mature enough to make films, while not being an active parent.

Anonymous 127880

Tales from earth sea is a fun movie imo

Anonymous 127889

Opposite end of things with my mother. She was always, always, always working. She would come home at 8pm-9pm completely bushed and very often didn't have time for me. She would go on business trips for weeks on end too and I'd be lucky to get a half-assed phonecall with the same 3 questions every single time "how was school honey? are you eating ok? how are you?" sometimes I'd get so mad I'd take the receiver from my dad and just say "fine, fine and fine, goodnight", hand it back and storm off.

My dad was a manly-man truck mechanic but dropped his hours when my moms career (corporate lawyer) took off, I suppose they had that talk and they decided to drop his hours to take care of me. I still resented her though. still do. Dad shouldn't have been the one to take me clothes shopping (he tried so hard but he was awful at it, sometimes he'd rope my aunt in because he had no idea what he was doing), dad shouldn't have had to teach me how to shave my legs, or do my hair, or take me to buy my first bra, or clean my sheets and then take me to get tampons and pads, take me fishing on the weekends with him, but here we are. Dad was useless but always put me first. I respect him for that.

Anonymous 127922

This reminds me of (well, oppositely) I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream.
"Don't meet your heroes" vibes tbh. It isn't like he was a terror of a man but he was still bad enough.

Anonymous 127956

"I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream" lacks immediacy. "I Have No Anus and I Must Shit" would have been more apt at captivating a sense of deprivation of release.

Anonymous 128046

Killing failedmales is pointless because they die alone without passing down their genes anyways. We can painlessly solve this problem by doing nothing, rather than mandating larpy feminazi firing squads (as you probably fantasize about frequently). The problem solves itself so long as women are allowed rights and protection.
Most failedmales are consoomers addicted to porn, videogames, and petty hedonism. or, they troon out. Spree killers will always be rare. Do you just not read what i say? Dumbfuck male.

Anonymous 128050

nta, but isn't a huge problem that a ton are managing to reproduce anyway?

Anonymous 128059

It's a problem that gets solved over time. It's how nature works honestly. Only 20% of the human genome is contributed by males.
It's literally evolution to slough off the failed males every generation.

Anonymous 128066

weeds come back stronger

Anonymous 128068

these weeds are too busy rotting. no need for pesticide, they will uproot themselves.

Anonymous 128076

This wouldn't work because real women don't browse reddit.

Anonymous 128081

im sure many women have browsed reddit

Anonymous 128115

Same. A father plays for 5 minutes per day with his child? People will tell you about what a great and involved father he is.
Meanwhile mothers are considered horrible people because they want a minute of the day for themselves.

Anonymous 128117


More accurate and more against men imo version

Anonymous 128119

If you're suggesting that evolution isn't expedited via sexual selection you are plain retarded. This is literally why males exist at all, to die. If you're saying women rejecting males is an untenable in the long run, simply look at the last few billion years of sexual reproduction and ponder your own stupidity.

Your retributive fantasies about your lack of options won't come true. The more you fight your destiny the more you stall the inevitable. Selfish scrotoid. Just shut up and coom, no one cares about your sexual neurosis.

Anonymous 128120

A nicer way to put it is that males are natures experiments. Always trying new things with them and mostly it will be bad and produce failures but occasionally it will make one that reproduces with multiple women and then whatever desirable trait allowed that to happen is then filtered through the general population through the reproductive differential.

Anonymous 128123

It's pretty sad to read this kind of drivel because it actually cements the fact that women are the ones to be seduced and impregnated, while men are the conquerors in constant competition striving to make a mark in history.
This kind of backwards thinking hurts women more than you think because it legitimizes the "barefoot and pregnant" stereotype that right wingers still try to push

Anonymous 128127


Anonymous 128130

Using this logic women's dating strategies made this situation (on the scale of millions of years) but you're confident that this situation would never come up again? As you said this is a "return to normal".

Anonymous 128139

No. In the past women were unable to support themselves financially, resulting in enforced monogamy where women paired up with sub-par men. In developed countries, this is no longer the case.

Anonymous 128141


Why? Because we exist lol. When I read your post all I hear is "nooooooooo! don't have a heckin' opposite view to minerinooooo!". You know, tumblr exists if you want an echo chamber response.

I don't see why you're getting mad at me for offering an alternative perspective. Do you not like to be reminded that the world isn't black and white? are you really that fragile and precious?

Sorry, I can't attest to "mom was useless but she always put me first." because she didn't, never has and never will. Even now she's a bitter old crone who bemoans the state of our relationship in spite of not working even an inch towards it. Dad however gets up at 3am in the morning and drives an hour with his work van because I have a burst pipe and there are no emergency plumbers. That's being a dad. and he's as good at that as he was filling in for mom. If a mothers duty is to her daughter then she failed me. Dad didn't. If that upsets you because it flies in the face of your world view then I encourage you to grow up and step outside, possibly touch some grass.

Anonymous 128145

nta, but tumblr is a weird example to use because tumblr would have celebrated your original response infinitely more.

Anonymous 128155

How does a CC take that is taboo almost everywhere cement or legitimize an entire ideology that entirely gives 0 fucks about what women say?

Anonymous 128191

Anonymous 128215

Just because males make evopsych arguments about why women need to be married off and cloistered away doesn't mean that's what j advocate for. You're concluding the exact opposite of what I believe. Women's oppression is due to our biology insofar as males oppress us because of its value. Being born female isn't inherently oppressive, in fact it's the opposite. Patriarchy is literally a conspiracy against nature.

Anonymous 128216

Since the neolithic era women's ability to shape the next generation has been greatly diminished. Which is to say, since the proliferation of patriarchal societies that enforce monogamy and r-selective breeding strategies. I could elaborate greatly on the subject, but I won't.
Regardless of any impediments, it has always been the role of the female of every sexually reproductive species to filter out inferior genes. This is why sexual reproduction even exists at all. Inferiority is relative and constant, and will always exist when analyzing any group. It's not a "problem" that will ever well and truly go away. In the very least, we should at least acknowledge that conspiring to stop the filtering process for sociopolitical gains has serious consequences in the long run.

All that necessary to make progress at this point is to free women (as a class) from dependency on men. By this I mean coercion, extortion,and threats of death/violence unless she gives a man access to her reproduction. Once you allow women the freedom to lead their own lives, you see the birthrate drop off (and that's a good thing)

Anonymous 128217

You talk like a butthurt Redditor. Be gone male

Anonymous 128301

Ugh this is written so beautifully. I was just talking about it the other day. You don't have to try to elaborate in detail how reproduction filtering was ruined.

It is the deepest darkest fact about the world to me. It genuinely disturbs me and I can see it everywhere. It needs to be a widely held conversation all women have amongst themselves. They should become aware of it early on.

Anonymous 128303

does anyone have that image of a graph where women’s ideal age preference for their partners increased with their own age, but men’s stayed firmly in the 18-20something range even as they got older? i need it for something
i know what to expect with posts like these but they still sicken me every time. i hate bdsm. even if it was a fake gun it’d be gross

Anonymous 128322


nevermind found it

Anonymous 128323


Anonymous 128328

I don't disagree with these graphs in the least (they are only corroborating the obvious) but they look like they came from a small dataset. Like why does the 45yo group preference swing up to 24 but just one year later goes back down to 20?

Anonymous 128340

The bigger problem with this study is that 20 was the youngest woman. Other studies suggest that if you included younger women, it would actually settle on 14-15, because all men are pedophiles.

Anonymous 128367

nta but can you elaborate more on this n0nna? what kind of conversation

Anonymous 128401

This reminds me how one guy told me he saw a video of a girl getting shot in her pussy and it made him hard.

Anonymous 128527

Misogyny ultimately breaks down to the XY's jealousy over the role of the XX. We are more valuable and we get to decide the future of humanity. They hate that they are forced to chase US, they want to be chased. They want us to be inferior and reliant on them for survival and a future. They are so resentful, they want to enslave us, harm us, kill us. But ironically they can never well and truly get rid of us or replace us. Not only do they literally need women to survive, but it's encoded into their genes. They are neurotically obsessed with us. There is no such thing as male separatism. They have an undeniable compulsion to chase women. So much so they will suffer withdrawal symptoms if they are deprived of even pictures of women. That's why every fantasy they have about complete male control involves keeping us around as their slaves. Even if they could make test tube babies with their sperm cells, they still want to keep us under their thumb as their sex slaves, domestic laborers, and emotional support dumping grounds.

Men are sick, the Y chromosome is parasitic. It's a curse. MOST of them need to die and they need to accept that.

Anonymous 128531

>We are more valuable and we get to decide the future of humanity.

You know by saying this it is saying that men are the way they are because women chose men who are that way

Anonymous 128568

you’re the type who would blame women for being in an abusive relationship, aren’t you?

Anonymous 128573

I wouldn't believe it's only our say, its is naturally paired on two, Mother and Father, Can't hatch a chicken with an unfertilized egg

Anonymous 128574

That big talk when males only contributed 20% to the genepool.

Monogamous cohabitation is a male contrivance, once again. You're not as important as you think you are.

Anonymous 128615


After some time watching and making fun of these manosphere alpha male youtubers stops being funny and starts being really depressing.
>"This guy is like the dad I never had :("


Do moid REALLY

Anonymous 128616


Anonymous 128617

Capture _2022-04-0…

I also think its worth noting a strange number of Indians are involved in this shit (its unironic I checked out the channel)
Any Indian anonettes care to explain why the moids of their country are so retarded? This isn't the only example of really fucking retarded behavior I've seen (go on omegle video and count the indian moids). I don't get it.
I was friends with one indian guy and he was the only one I ever met who wasn't a fucking numbskull and had an IQ over 72, he was a good friend, liked him a lot, but he still engaged in a lot of moid degeneracy and was a giant porn addict.
Someone please explain.
>inb4 banned for "racebait"

Anonymous 128618

doesn’t take a genius to realise the rampant misogyny in India contributes to this kind of behavior. There was a story a few years back where multiple men raped a woman and filmed it, and after the news reported this terrible incident, her name was the top 1 search result on porn sites in India. Her name was Priyanka Reddy. May she rest in peace

Anonymous 128619

People make fun of Alpha M but I watched a handful of his videos and he seems like a sweet guy. He’s not like those creepy PUA types.
I noticed the Indian phenomenon too. Made me think of this video.
Disgusting. RIP.

Anonymous 128624

They do the same thing in Japan, though usually only one at a time. I used to agree to it because it was fun to pretend to be famous but I stopped after I had a huge mixed group come over when I was sitting alone, take a photo, and then just go back to sitting away from me. They didn't even try to include me. I also realized that most of the single guys that do it will later use the photo to brag that you are their gf or jack off or something. Some even had a dslr and wanted to do a whole photoshoot and got annoyed when I said no after a couple of pics.

I honestly don't blame celebrities for getting annoyed at fans. People are rude as fuck.

Anonymous 128629

They aren't rude they are evil and have no morals and are projecting all sorts of weird scenarios onto you and notice small things about you that you didn't even realize before

Anonymous 128630

That video is of a celebrity. The girl I posted wasn’t even famous. Sorry about your experiences though anon.

Anonymous 128631

I know he’s a celebrity and she’s not, I meant it as an example of a celebrity getting annoyed at rude fans. I’m not famous either.

At least with celebrities there is a chance that the fan is familiar with their work and just shy or starstruck. When you’re a nobody you end up feeling like an object or piece of meat.

Anonymous 128683

its hilarious and sad when incels say "i just want a girl to love me" or any combination of words to express this concept adding stuff like "i just want a girl to love for who i am" which really only means "i want some girl to fuck me staying the slimy unhigienic low effort boring porn addict i am, not willing to compromise and step up for a relationship" lmfaooo
also they say "just" as if women are something they're somewhat entitled to, and also like it's not something big and satisfying to have a good relationship. are they implying the secret male fantasy is having a harem but just one chick is fine too since thats all they can get and are desperate? tell is something we dont already know coomchimps LMFAO

Anonymous 128688

why the fuck do men always say "girls have it easier", "every girl is a whore", or just think some bs like "oh that girl over there, shes a whore" with no fuckin proof. honestly id like to live in a world where that was true otherwise ill go back to being naive and giving more love to guys then theyll ever give to me

Anonymous 128691

omg that is what jordan peterson sounds like? i'd never heard him speak before. he sounds like he's on the spectrum

Anonymous 128693

whats with that voice he needs some testosterone lmao

Anonymous 128694

As someone with autistic siblings, he sounds the opposite of autistic. Way too much emotion in that voice.

Anonymous 128699

he sounds like a baby omg ahah

Anonymous 128702

normally his voice is little bit deeper, here propably strong emotions play here

Anonymous 128705

he's so emotional, so much for strong logical males!

Anonymous 128708

Has Jordan Peterson ever taken the stance that moids are more logical than women?

Anonymous 128710

i dont follow moids that get their cyberdicks sucked by incels so i dont know anonette, but he probably has

Anonymous 128713

Lol, imagine "I don't know what's worse" being a response to a post about Ukrainian sex slaves.
What a Pickme.

Anonymous 128715

what usually happens is that they steeply devalue a girl once they have her (also they almost always consider very young white girls - a small % of women - their "match" kek). the goalpost will immediately move to something different once they have a gf. in research, it's not that men fall in love extremely quickly but their care/effort steeply drops off immensely over time. most incels after finding a girl that genuinely loves them would monkey branch to something better/younger once they have the option. they are almost always hardwired to be fixated on it because of porn addiction, which worsens this desire for novelty.
when they cry about love, it usually is just about gaining access to a girl and then hoping she treats him like a 100/10 Chad and that it's some sort of hot summer teen love stuff with 0 attachment to reality. they are never talking about long-term stable, mutual love in which you see your partner as an equal and have chosen you.
they actually actively admit they hate women for settling. they regularly devalue and shit on women that do and regularly encourage ex-incels to monkey branch from devoted gfs.

the system keeps going on bc being with a gf usually immensely helps out such guys, even in cases where she is lukewarm tbh, while a lukewarm bf tends to be a straight up hazard (almost all will be lukewarm months in).

Anonymous 128722

Tried looking it up because he didn't strike me a the type. All I can find are videos of him stating that male and female IQs are the same on average. He mentioned the "variability hypothesis" as well I suppose. Don't know what's CCs take on that hypothesis though.

Anonymous 128727

I don't think we should deep dive into jordan, but I will say that I thiiiiink a lot of his early stuff consisted of relating women to being chaos and men being always rational and being custodians of "order." It makes little sense in the modern era to say this considering how depraved and degenerate men get when left to their own devices.

If I remember right, he also insists that it's insanity for a woman to find happiness and meaning in things that don't have to do with having babies as young as possible.

Anonymous 128731

>he bases his views on emotional response triggered by insecurity and delusions of grandeur
>men are rational!!!!

Anonymous 128732

>I don't think we should deep dive into jordan, but I will say that I thiiiiink a lot of his early stuff consisted of relating women to being chaos and men being always rational and being custodians of "order." It makes little sense in the modern era to say this considering how depraved and degenerate men get when left to their own devices.
Aren't those just archetypal categories fr analyzing mythology from Jung? I don't think he invented that.

Anonymous 128734

I wasn't saying he literally invented it, I'm well aware he has spruced up a lot of the old classics to shill to men that struggle with finding any meaning in life besides unbridled hedonism. He seems to have much more influence than Jung these days, though.
Lol, to be fair he is just selling to his audience. I just roll my eyes when he tries saying shit that has little pragmaticism involved and pretty much solely stays afloat based off a fake sense of male honor or conviction (which doesn't really exist in most men except in extremely transactional ways).

Anonymous 128779

Butthurt male who thinks women not falling over themselves for his unremarkable dick is oppression

Anonymous 128783


it only gets worse from there unfortunately tbh. like, for one…this is a guy that actually admitted he didn't want her and walked away instead of using her, which is way above average in terms of ex-/incels exhibiting human decency.
I'd advise people to just avoid such spaces…speaking as someone who saw them years ago. the stereotypes are mostly true. I like you bought into the idea that incels just want love, lol…nah, they want to suck out a 17 year old's life force.

Anonymous 128784

Extremely true. A few years ago (back when I didn't even know about feminism and was extremely isolated socially online and irl) I thought that incels simply wanted love and I believed a good portion of their lies (even thought that I was inferior for being a woman… ew). But as I grew to have a social circle (among other women especially) and started to talk to radical femenists (I used to believe in the SJW feminist stereotype because this is all I saw on the internet since I fell in the rabbithole) it was enough to help me understand how much I was lied to and how much these types of ideologies prey on those that are isolated and depressed. Incels do not want love, quite literally just as you said anon, they want their 17 year old perfect sex waifu. I'm not sure if writing this post will add anything to the discussion but I feel very ashamed for even believing them when I was depressed. I think I just needed to vent. I'm very thankful that I actually got to get out of this space and out of this destructive thinking.

Anonymous 128862

Unironically what is the logic there, do they just conveniently forget that 20 something they could've started to date when they were 20 something would also be a 30er now?

Anonymous 128895

Meme trigger mediu…

Anonymous 129048

men are constantly glorified and patted on the back for doing the bare minimum, be it morally or intellectually, including when their alleged quality is extremely out of place to mention.
here's how a wikipedia article describes a serial child rapist and murderer:
"Police describe Mr. Cruel as highly intelligent. He meticulously planned each attack, conducted surveillance on the victims and their families, ensured he left no forensic traces, protected his identity by covering his face at all times, and left red herrings to divert family and/or police attention."
why give him credit like this? not only it's a disgusting observation to make, calling a vile criminal intelligent, but he also didn't do anything impressive? oh yes if you cover your head people won't be able to identify you based off your face! big news.
but it gets worse:
The Sun newspaper gave the perpetrator the moniker of "Mr Cruel" after police described a serial home invasion rapist in November 1987 as "super cool and super cruel".[2]"
…super cool? what the actual fuck? lmao

Anonymous 129059


Are good looking men less vile than uggos?
I'm considering dating moids again and I'm aware genetic dead end m*les try to overcompensate and are also ugly on the inside because they're bitter cunts. This cute guy is interested in me and I'm wondering if there is any chance he might be more decent as a person? Any first hand experiences?

Anonymous 129060


Can you fuckers just not engage with the scrote and report???

Anonymous 129061

yeah anonette you're right i got carried away…

Anonymous 129065

I've met a lot of somewhat good looking men who are into the same deranged stuff as incels. The only difference between them was the attractive ones were less bitter and didn't use incel lingo.

Anonymous 129067


Anonymous 129069

i like bullying them

Anonymous 129074


there's a reason why this rule exists

Anonymous 129075

why do men have such superficial knowledge of the place they want to TR0LL ? dont they know we hate males and thus trannies? then why do they post the tranny wojak as if that would annoy us? it wont lol men are so mentally lazy to do anything else besides looking for the next brick in the wall of their porn addiction and destroying their useless ugly dickcheese dicks to it, everything they do they half ass

Anonymous 129082

This is a big problem with some women (and men, for that matter). Men and women want different things, and have different mechanisms to get those things, but instead they project the thing they want onto the opposite sex, and get mad when it doesn't work out for them. The thing men want from women is sex. That's why they send dick pics, because in their mind that's the highest form of flattery. In their mind, the best thing a woman can send a man on the phone is a naked picture, so that's what they're trying to do.

Your mistake is thinking men want to be loved but to men, it's the same as sex is to you. Yeah they want love, but that's not the actual point of a relationship to them. The point of the relationship to men is to have sex. The love, friendship, having kids, etc are all just extra bonus nice things. It's easier to do life and relationships once you understand this.

Anonymous 129095

Mommy/daddy issues.txt

The funny spice on top of it is that it's in response to something about men wanting to fuck 17 yos, so it's obvious this anon just wanted a disingenuous soapbox.

Anonymous 129098

Forgive my for cutting through their hyperbole to address their central point, in the hopes of helping them in their future interactions.

Anonymous 129099

How has it helped you in your day to day?

Anonymous 129100

oops, meant to reply to >>129098

Anonymous 129101

They tend to be a different variety of bad. Like for example there's a study on how the uglier the man, the more negatively he rates others, as well as the weird ones about short men (y'all should look them up they are wild). Men overcompensate negatively for their shortcomings all the time. However, good looking or not, one thing is true: men are wildly opportunistic and the halo effect does exist.
Maybe go for an averageish guy that takes good care of himself and is conscientious, and has had a good up bringing as well.

Anonymous 129135

It's just so frustrating to realize how emotionally dull, apathetic and solipsistic men are when you stop projecting your own traits onto them. They genuinely do not believe others are human like they are. At most they feel a strategic alliance with other men - when a fellow man's ego is threatened by a woman, he will spring to his defense with lightning speed - because all men are an extension of his own ego, defending them is in his own best interest, a primordial sense of "this me. this good." Their one-track machine minds disgust me. They always believe they are superior, no matter how retarded and failed they actually are. A moid's reaction to being defective is just to double down into hardcore cope mode and project it onto others instead. Truly baffling, honestly.

Anonymous 129162

That's why the best way to insult/upset a man is to accuse him of something he has accused others of. It's usually true he has done the thing and is using projection as a cope for his own behaviour/feelings.

Anonymous 129183

>Thomas Seymour marries Catherine Parr [[former queen of England/queen dowager]]
>Future Queen of England, Elizabeth I, is 13 at the time, living in Parr's care
>Seymour enters the household
>"Within days of Seymour’s arrival – Elizabeth started to receive early-morning visits from him. He would “make as though he would come at her” and she would shrink back. The next day, she rose earlier so that he wouldn’t find her in bed, but when he arrived, she was still dressed only in a nightdress, he in a short nightgown, “barelegged in his slippers”. He greeted her and reached out to “strike her on the back or the buttocks familiarly”. Another time he climbed into Elizabeth’s bed, while she was still in it. She continued to get up earlier – if she were dressed, he would bid her good morning and then go on his way."
>"Her governess, Kat Ashley, thought this scandalous, and reported it to [[Parr]]. Indignant, Seymour retorted, 'By God's precious soul, I mean no evil, and I will not leave it!'"
>Parr sometimes participates in the behavior, convinced it's horseplay – even holding Elizabeth while Seymour cut Elizabeth’s gown “into a hundred pieces”
>Eventually Parr becomes concerned about the behavior and moves Elizabeth to a different location
A tale as old as time…

Anonymous 129184


i love these comics, kek

Anonymous 129188

Has anyone else been with a pretty friend, and a group of guys come up and start talking to her and acting like you’re not even there? Happened to me today.

Anonymous 129197

>Issue is this means only shit genes pass on, leading to more autistics
Why does having Asperger's syndrome make my genes bad?

Anonymous 129201

i think im familiar with this artist. didn't she write a utopian comic about an only women society?

Anonymous 129208

Dude having aspergers isn't fun. There's a chance you could pass that shit on to a child.

Anonymous 129213

That's not true, it's not contagious at all.

Anonymous 129216

Why do these types of artists all have the same style? I thought this was the She-Ra showrunner's work for a good minute or two, which would've made this comic set in particular really ironic.

Anonymous 129223

Thank u anon <3 I wasn’t necessarily jealous cus I’d feel uncomfortable in her position but it just felt awkward

Anonymous 129231


(Different anon.) Hark A Vagrant has been around forever. Looking at the She-Ra cartoons CalArts pseudo-anime look, they don't look similar to me at all. Maybe it's because she's purposely drawing one of those curvy boob window comic characters for the joke of the strip, and those all look similar after a while.

Anonymous 129243

Kind of. My friend was 200, 5"0 pounds at the time and I was 140 pounds at 5"9 (it was after my weight loss and my friend had gained a ton of weight). A very cute guy dead approached her and chatted her up, pushing me away in the process (my back was to him and I didn't notice his approach). She seemed shaken but entertained him.

To this very day I have never once been approached or talked to by a guy. The only time I was catcalled it was a random guy screaming that I was ugly.

Anonymous 129261

Huh, maybe he had a fat fetish. Men tend to see women they’re not attracted to as not human.

Anonymous 129265

Eh, honestly, she has been approached dozens of times by all kinds of men. She has a very cute face even if she wears 0 make-up and dresses in oversized clothing.

When I was fat I never got such attention from fat fetishists.

Anonymous 129274


Ok. So. Everyone here understands men are after sex (in the case of incels the confusion was them claiming otherwise; men often lie and play up how much they really like a woman as a human being for these ends).

However, the reason why so many relationships combust is the fact that most men are so looks/sex centered.

You copout with a "hyperbole" to write off mens' youth-chasing, but it's actually a great cornerstone of why and how risky being with a man is. Let's focus on what a guy that primarily is in a relationship because of sex does:

>devaluing a woman more the more he feels he "has" her

>devaluing or ignoring almost everything women bring to the table in a relationship, leading to women doing a ton of invisible labor that gets 0 credit
>devaluing her more according to her aging/looks (because sex for men is heavily intertwined to youth)
>neuroscience showing sex repeatedly with 1 person depletes in satisfaction/dopamine, which runs contrary to the idea that any sex fulfills the same exact purpose, at least as far as the brain knows
>almost all men use porn and are hardwired to be highly novelty-seeking and with "needs" that surpass safe sex with an aging woman

Whatever your robot-computer mind thinks, people can't magically turn off the fact that their bodies being used for sex, or that on essential levels, a guy essentially ignores most of what makes her, her.
Now, consequences?

>men seeking out other women because their wife doesn't fulfill his "needs" anymore because what you're arguing for is mens' lust being their ruling passion and there's 0 fixing it

>men substantially dropping the ball later in marriage, becoming more neglectful, abusive, etc., including abandoning their children and wives so they can trade up for a sex-upgrade (a young girl); many, many, many trad boomer women have been victims of this
>this tendency often hurting children, who grow up with questionable father figures
>women in middle age often suffering from the neuroticism and stress of having most men lose interest in them

In other words, the math doesn't add up. Even women that "accept" men being obsessed with sex will probably get burned. Women like you lie because you're aware that a relationship will, on average, improve a man's life in the long-run while pretty consistently, the data for women is a lot more chaotic in most areas because it's more of a coin toss….meh gains, massive life-destroying risks.

And, truth is, if a woman wants to throw in the towel and just go with any ol' guy, accepting how hard it is to find a guy that mainly loves her for reasons other than sex…she rationally should get with a rich generous guy that can immediately give her benefits. That's what makes sense in the ruthless world you yourself presume.
However, you actually want women to sacrifice their youths on men that have almost nothing to immediately offer them, though, even though you think relationships are just soulless transactions.

Oh. Also, the relationships that are the longest lived are the ones based in MUTUAL COMPASSION AND CARE, including being good listeners to one another (a huge predicator of marriage longevity). You want to suppress information like this, though, because you want women to sacrifice their lives for men that aren't genuinely kind.

I bet you fetishize men that act like stone walls, maybe you had a certain kind of dad.

Anonymous 129275

This is why women need to only date men they find physically attractive. Don't give uglies or funny guys a chance. He is going to be judging you on your looks and your personality and expect you to maintain them. Why would yo give him a pass on one of these?

Anonymous 129284

Went back twice to look at this thread after making this post and I can tell it really triggered the male orbiters, kek. Free entertainment.
My angle is more this:
even if the relationship fails, are they better off over ever having had a relationship? I found knowing some people (not sexually) has been healing in a way that persists even in absence of them. If a woman really is looks driven, maybe it'll palpably improve her life, motivation, etc, to have a pretty guy around? I'm not really looks driven so I can't really tell.

Anonymous 129287

I find it interesting that so many men insist women do nothing, but also admit that they actively ignore most of womens' actions, careers and that only youth matters for women…then turn around act like they always cared. It's hilariously hypocritical, and reeks of weak men being incapable of understanding the consequence of what most men value the most in women.

Studies? Men are noted to on average see the exact same work as being more competent if done by a man. They are more likely to proportionally see fault in the exact quality of work if it's from a woman, than from a man. Men are more likely to shrug off mistakes and ethical errors when done by other men. There's also a lot of shit about how men value womens' skill/abilities/competency significantly less than women do to men, and actively look for it less.

Moreover, it's explicitly a thing that massive amounts of men create hate-memes dedicated towards hating on hyper-competent, career minded women. Why? Because, to them, women doing things has 0 value, with the argument being that a woman getting gud at something is simply "cope" for aging, instead of, y'know, honest work. A lot of women end up getting neurotically preoccupied with their looks and appeal, rather than mechanical pursuits (even though many are as good as the average male when they attempt it).

These men never reward women or respect women for being competent at certain things…and primarily go out of their way to reward women for good grooming/looks, while the opposite is true for how they see other men, who they will actually see as cool for being able to do things.
Then, some of these men then act like complete retards and act like the culture of women rarely peacocking about mechanical skill manifested out of nowhere.

Anonymous 129288

So. Yes. I know how to fix stuff. I've fixed instruments, radios, cars, game systems, security systems. I have fixed computer bugs. I have made broken things new again. I have my own business that I make serious money at. It's my own, to the very core.
When I was a teen, my adult brothers used to cry like pansies when something broke. I was always the one to sit down…analyze the issue…and fix it. I always succeeded. No tears. No stress. Only focus.

But, guess what? I am 100% aware this has 0 value to 99% of men. I look like shit; I look like a man whose face was chewed up by a tiger. Plus, guess what? It isn't that badass to be able to do things. That's it. This isn't special. I am completely aware that men will care about me more if I got plastic surgery (and fixed my personality but that won't be fixed). Few men would look at the ugliest, most deformed woman in the world that is capable of something amazing and respect her. That's it. It's not that complicated.

Anonymous 129293


Oh no, the showrunner's actual work comes pretty close. Course this is a glorified doodle, her professional material strays further from it. Such a shame she trooned out, though it seems she can't even fully commit to that.

Anonymous 129303

Being a competent, well-adjusted human being is the bare minimum when it comes to functioning in society in general. Your brothers were incompetent slackers while you put forth the effort and made something of yourself like a normal human being, but that just means you aren't being penalized, not that you are owed a courtesy bow. This reminds me of college graduates being absolutely crestfallen when they realize all that effort they put forth to get a degree for a job was just the beginning of their struggles. They seldom get respect for their achievements because it's expected.
I can't speak on your looks given I don't know the extent of your issues, nor do I care to know. Hope you find someone in that 1% at some point, bet it tomorrow or a decade from now. Better than never.

Anonymous 129305


I sometimes cannot help but be slightly depressed that we are all stuck on this "grey" present of ours, still a little too behind on what could be called an utopia where a pinkpill way to think about men wouldn't be necessary at all to learn outside of history research, while at the same time already having accomplished so many things together with the collective thought and work of women, past and present.
Like, of course, I am extremely proud to exercise all of the things that we have that all women who lived before us could only dream about having at worst, and write about it at best—like literacy, and not having to depend my life on the shittiest moid. However, putting aside such great achievements for a bit, it saddens me that the utopia I am pondering is very far into the future for two simple, yet challenging to change, reasons: 1) men not listening to anything we say, and 2) not thinking twice about the stupidity of whatever bullshit first thing they're thinking about us (e.g., like how women "have it easy," can "get any man," and "could become billionaires by just showing their c++chie").
Funnily enough, these two also coincide with the root of the problem of transvestism for the terfposting thread as, again, them not listening about how the actual struggles of woman are like, and not thinking twice about how women are nothing alike to whatever fetish-y behavior is of a transvestite's is surely a comedic thing to see in the present time.

Leaving this on a positive note, I for one hope that the future shall unfold in a good way where moids shall look not listening to women, the stupidity their ancestors thought, and transvestism et al. in the same way we look at blood-letting today, haha!

Anonymous 129316


kek malding

Anonymous 129318

Kek where I want to see moar

Anonymous 129319

men are in disbelief that so many women hate them and i dont get why. so many moids have told me oh you're not joking about hating men/you actually hate them? and ask why and seem actually surprised or confused. it's not like men are likeable, or even easy to feel neutral about. for starters, everyone knows they rape and kill, the most heinous acts, way more than women, then why are they so surprised when we dislike them?

Anonymous 129372

What thread is he reading?

Anonymous 129373

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