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Anonymous 12438

Man dislike thread

Post your mild issues with men here

Anonymous 12439

they are dummy heads

Anonymous 12440

they are galoots in cahoots

Anonymous 12441

I heard they did 9/11.

Anonymous 12442

they stink

Anonymous 12448

they suck & they are unable to do anything

Anonymous 12449

a bunch of silly billies tbh

Anonymous 12452

the image in your op looks like a cartoon rapist

Anonymous 12453

I thought that's a robber.

Anonymous 12457

he looks like a robber but also the type to fuck you in your sleep if he saw you there

Anonymous 12463

all men are, dont be naive

Anonymous 12488

male anus too close to penis

Anonymous 12500

rarely use "inside" voices and get mad when you politely tell them to quiet down

Anonymous 12501

>>12488 I completely forgot about that screencap and I am laughing so hard

Anonymous 12506

they think they age like wine. that is rare. most look bad fast if they don't take good care of themselves, but they think they get better with time…

Anonymous 12508

tbf I think that's a 4chan/Reddit meme, I don't think anyone half rational thinks that.

Inb4 men aren't half rational

Anonymous 12517

young men look better..

Anonymous 12518

They fart. ew

Anonymous 12519

My (now former) male best friend texted me out of blue the other day that "it's over for girls once they reach 30, but men age like wine"

First male friend I ever met online, and definitely the last. We didn't even meet on a site like 4chan or reddit.

He wasn't like this when we were younger, but the past year or so he's slowly started making snide comments about women (knowing that I am one).

I have to wonder if he started going on one of those MGTOW or Redpill forums. He was never a saint, but he used to be incredibly funny and clever. He literally lost all interest in anything except dating/one night stands although he seems to hate women. I forgave him once a few months ago, but am sooo done.

Even if it's "over" for me once I reach 30 (I'd just date other "ancient" women) and he starts looking like a male supermodel, it's OVER for our friendship. It's no surprise to me why so many women here and on lolcow hate men, especially if they've been meeting them online.

Anonymous 12522

i wonder if he's sexually frustrated towards you

Anonymous 12523

Man you guys are seriously dead set on turning this imageboard into LC 2.0/female /r9k/, aren't you?

Anonymous 12525

Maybe he thinks he's being funny. I knew a couple guys that tried the Daniel Tosh "I know I don't mean this but I got to pretend that I do to make it funny" comedy style.

Problem is, Tosh is a comedian, he gets some leeway because cracking jokes is his job. I don't go to Daniel Tosh for emotional support and a sense of camaraderie. That's my friend's job.

You know what I mean?

Anonymous 12541

I remember the misandry thread. I also remember it dying fairly quickly and never getting as much traction as any of the LC ones.

Anonymous 12547

Did you even read OP and the replies here?
Mild issues with a bunch of silly posts.
It's nothing serious. Lol you're overreacting. Maybe give up on imageboards.

Anonymous 12588

I hate male college students. Pretty much all of them.

Anonymous 12590

Everytime I suggest using lotion or an exfoliant every now and then for their rough looking skin they get butthurt, why?

this place in the early months is comparable to a more established site like LC? c'mon gal.

Anonymous 12591


>Everytime I suggest using lotion or an exfoliant every now and then for their rough looking skin they get butthurt
Seriously this!
>guy friend kept complaining about having dry dead skin and breaking out
>suggest that he exfoliates and moisturizes
>doesn't even know what exfoliating is, complains that moisturizing is gay/for girls
>says that women "try too hard" because we do these extremely basic things
What the fuck kind of solution for your dusty skin do you want then you egg

Anonymous 12592

Something something something something that's gay bro something something something me big strong man something something soyboys something muh dick

Anonymous 12593

I go outside and interact with men on a daily basis, so I haven't turned them into boogeymen inside my mind.

Anonymous 12594

these ones

Anonymous 12595

look who is special

Anonymous 12596


Who called them boogeymen, or anything like that?

Damn, what’s the point of a board like this if we can’t even commiserate with each other and take the piss on occasion without some pick mes on their high horse hissing about how we’re loser meanies for saying anything the least bit critical ever.
Do you think you’ll be showered with validation if you defend men on an anonymous imageboard? You won’t.

Anonymous 12597

Even when I've said that x girl's skin looks good because she probably has a routine, etc. some dudes I've talked to go into denial mode. Especially if the woman in question is asian.

I think it's because men don't want to keep their youthfulness as much as women, especially in light of the "aging like fine wine" meme, but there's a difference between looking mature and having accumulating dead skin on your face but whatever I guess.

Anonymous 12598


Cool! You can't sit with us.

Anonymous 12600

That's nice. Can I invite you to /r/mgtow, /r/theredpill, returnofkings, or any similar space? Because that's what men TRULY think about us when they don't have to pretend and be polite in real life.

I'm glad you have nice experiences, and I hope they never open up to you and disappoint you when you learn how much they truly fucking hate women.

Anonymous 12601

>your actual experiences don’t reflect reality but anonymous message forms do

Anonymous 12602

this shit right here is toxic. the people you're talking about aren't 'men' they are incels. i know i am going to get shat on, but i hate the hypocrisy in these threads. we all know not all men are like this and saying 'men' instead of what you mean is being obtuse on purpose and shitty. any of you who have boyfriends need to break up with them too.

this whole trend of be obtuse and hate 'men' when we really mean certain people is really cringy.

i don't hate men. i hate the gross alt-right incel who stalked me, or the nasty fuccboi who tried to take a video up my skirt.

and i love my boyfriend, and my cool guy friends who don't want to fuck me.

but i fucking hate people who fight hate with hate just because they feel it's valid to shit on 'men' just because women aren't treated well by some people. it's totally backwards and embarrassing and detracts from the actual problem.

especially shit like what you're spouting. go outside and talk to people and realize that "men" aren't all out to get you and "women" aren't all your friends.

this shit is toxic.

Anonymous 12603

don't waste your breath, anon. these people want to hate just to hate. they're just going to reee and yell about 'men are x' men have no sympathy, while not realizing they are becoming the thing they hate. and when you point it out they just bitch about how it's justified cause men. it's just cause they don't understand that people can live in society without being effected by it negatively, and that shit like toxic masculinity is a learned, perpetuated behavior that not everyone has. and then they get mad at the idea of excusing some men because 'all men are part of the problem' as if men are purposely not fighting those who perpetuate toxic masculinity out of spite.

i'm out.

Anonymous 12605

>Implying most women and men aren't retarded animals beyond saving

Anonymous 12607

>mostly jokes

what thread are you in? the last joke was like the 10th post. people arguing about how women age aren't joking. this >>12600 lovely basement flower isn't joking. and i'm sure as hell all the people who are criticizing anons aren't either.

Anonymous 12609

Because men won't say this shit directly to your face. A better indicator is how they act and what they say when women aren't around. And guess what? It's not great.

Anonymous 12610

There's a lot of angery in this thread right now.

Some people need tea and some people need to fuck something angrily.

Anonymous 12611

>Some people need tea and some people need to fuck something angrily.

Both would be nice.

Anonymous 12659

Still, though. Incel echo chambers do not represent all locker room-ish discussions. There's a lot of different kinds of men out there, even though most are either bitter wizards or stupid pigs.
If you want a taste of what the latter talks about, hang outside any shitty Rust Belt factory on smoke break. You could still make keys with the subject matter, but it's by no means hateful.
t. different anon

Anonymous 12680

With how men commit so many crimes and how they are the common perpetrator of domestic violence, its entirely logical for women to avoid men in any way possible. Only ignorant idiots get in relationships with them.

Anonymous 12682

Really want to hard grind a guy's face whether his primitive ass likes it or not.

Anonymous 12684


>The CDC also stated that 40% of lesbian women reported physical violence by their partners, and 44% reported experiencing physical violence, stalking, or rape by their partners. In contrast, 35% of heterosexual women reported physical violence, stalking, or rape by their partners in the same study.
The numbers were even lower for gay guys, fyi.

Anonymous 12685


>b-but what about the gays??

Anonymous 12686


Yeah, wikipedia is such a great and accurate source of information, especially for a statistic that is incorrectly parroted by MRA everywhere.

Anonymous 12687

Damn this is bullshit, it's you who should stop being so quiet smh

Anonymous 12688

>30.4 percent of same-sex cohabiting women reported being victimized by a male partner
Wait, how does that work? How can women cohabiting with someone from the same sex have a male partner?

Anonymous 12689

>they're just going to reee and yell about 'men are x' men have no sympathy, while not realizing they are becoming the thing they hate.
I don't think most, if not any of us, are sexually harrassing or assulting men, or perpetrating violence against men, so sorry, there's no way we'd ever be as toxic.

I don't have sympathy when all the nicest men I know still go along with their buddies and let all their friends' nasty comments slide instead of speaking up about it.

It's funny those of us who are saying we hate the behavior of men are being characterisized as basement dwellers. The more I am into the world, the more sexual violence and negative experiences related to me refusing to date men occur. I still live my life, but it's apparently crappy of me to talk to other women about how I wish I didn't have to deal with all these inconveniences that arise from men.

I also think it's weird these men-defenders act like we act shitty towards men irl. I can't speak for everyone, but I still treat them as courteously as possible because a) it's an ingrained behavior I naturally lean towards because they're men and b) i don't like being an ass. Just because I hate men doesn't mean I hate the man I don't know who I'm meeting for the first time.

Anonymous 12690

>I also think it's weird these men-defenders act like we act shitty towards men irl. I can't speak for everyone, but I still treat them as courteously as possible
Women-haters often do the same but it's bad because they secretly hate women and don't respect them.

Anonymous 12691

O m g
Not everyone realizes they're lesbian once they go through puberty, and it doesn't mention bisexuals in the study which makes me wonder if some of the lesbians were actually bisexual.

Also, some lesbians have lived with men in close friend roommate situations.

There's a lot of reasons why a lesbian could have cohabitated with a man in her life.

Anonymous 12692

The thing is that I always try to respect a stranger male as a person and as an equal even though I "hate" men. It doesn't seem to affect how they decide to treat me.

Anonymous 12695

I don't know, most women I know are fine tbh
Most men I know would probably agree

Anonymous 12696


>extreme woman hating thread on other boards:
Agreement, affirmation, die roastie scum
>mild man hating thread on other boards:
tits or gtfo roastie scum
>mild man hating thread on cc
iTS toXIC to mEN, youRE as bAD as THey trEAT yoU

Anonymous 12697

This thread makes me sad, if anything. I think of CC as a comfy place, that where we can discuss things politely, without spouting memes and ad hominems. I really don't want it to become next lolcow.
Treating any group as vast as whole gender as a monolith is harmful to both sides. Treat a person as a person, before a gender.
Argument of "men do the same" is lazy and hypocritical. It changes the "this behavior is harmful" to "this behavior is harmful, because it attacts me".
It doesn't make the situation better by any means. Some poor normal guy can go to /r9k/ and tell them that their woman hating threads are shitty. Now they will tell him the same thing that anons here said. "It's OK, look at lolcow and CC, they have them too."
Hate never makes anything better. If you hear someone close to you say something sexist, correct them, tell them it's something wrong. Maybe they don't know any better.
I'm sorry some of you had bad experience, but blaming half of the population for it is just silly.

Anonymous 12698

Dw too much, Anon. You always have to remember that online people who aren't interested don't get represented, I'm sure I'm not the only poster who saw this discussion and walked on by, so to speak.

Anonymous 12699

Meant for >>12697

Anonymous 12703

Again - none of us have said we think rape or intimidating men for no reason is a good idea. None of us are suggesting that we harrass men to put them in their place. None of us are saying they are definitively inferior to us. It is crazy to me how people think man hating threads rival woman hating threads in the slightest.

Anonymous 12704

I was worried a thread like this would have attracted raids from incels, but I guess our own population do a fine enough job of derailing the shit out of it.

What's with CC and people who complain about x happening being much more annoying and over the top than the people talking about x in the first place? (x = man-"hate", transgenders, etc).

Don't be so dramatic.

Anonymous 12710


Your precious mens aren't going to die because someone made (what was clearly intended to be) a gag thread

Anonymous 12712

It is all men.

Anonymous 12718

This thread is why none of you have boyfriends, you know.

Anonymous 12722


I didn't realize this was the new MRA hangout. There's a reason we're on an all-female board: men suck ass and we don't want to talk to them. That includes every single man to exist ever.

Anonymous 12723


have a boyfriend of 4 years, sorry :^(

Anonymous 12729

John Lennon Giving…

I was sticking up for them a little ITT and I'm still miserable and alone. Or is that your point? Well put, I suppose.

Unrelated question: would anyone like 6 cats?

Anonymous 12731

Normal men don't visit r9k in the first place, especially not by wasting time trying to argue with them in a mongolian flute board thread. This thread doesn't hold a candle to r9k's thoughts and concepts about women and I don't even hate men. Fucking yuck, anon. Love yourself.

Anonymous 12750

There are men on r9k that aren't hateful, they're just autistic or shy which makes them lonely. You're right that doesn't make them normal overall, but they can have normal views of women. I agree their hate threads are a million times worse.

Anonymous 12753


>anons defending men itt despite all the posts here being tame as fuck

bitches, please. do you see men jumping to defend us in their horrifying threads? this thread is nothing but harmless fun.
go deep throat their dicks somewhere else.

Anonymous 12762

Devil advocate here. Literally every 'chan' message-board have men defending women. It's just they're considered white knights.

Anonymous 12763

except theres a huge difference in the kind of defense happening there

on any chan/reddit/male dominated post
>man 1: women are all disgusting slut whores who divorce rape men and have no emotions or empathy and they have hamsters for brains and theyre all ugly after the age 30 and pedophillia should be legal
>man 2: maybe not all of that is true?
>every other fucking man in the thread: YOU FUCKING LIBTARD CUCK SJW BLUEPILLED SOYBOY REEEEE

but here

>woman 1: i hate how men treat women. here are some personal anecdotes where i was treated badly by men.

>woman 2: have you considered maybe its YOUR fault men treat you bad? i met a man and he was nice to me so you're wrong.

Anonymous 12764


Anonymous 12765

Don't you find it bigoted that you're conflating what a man is? It's like saying all women have vaginas and all men have penises.

Anonymous 12767

le funny sjw XDDDDDDDDD

Anonymous 12768


Anonymous 12769

Are you saying all men have penises and that all women have vagina's? Because 95% of contemporary academia disagrees with you.

Anonymous 12770

this website is generally sympathetic to "TERF" ideology so idk what to tell you.

Anonymous 12771


just ignore. it's a butthurt male anon

Anonymous 12781

>bitches, please. do you see men jumping to defend us in their horrifying threads?
Well yeah, it happens all the time, they just get called beta cuck soyboys.

Except on wizchan, I suppose - defending women there usually leads to a ban, but wizchan has far, far less traffic than /r9k/ does.

Anonymous 12787


so how do we convince men to apply lotion?

Anonymous 12810



Anonymous 12815

I'm not a male. I'm a woman. Idk what you say.

Anonymous 12818

lmao every woman has the right to be a spineless doormat if she wishes to but leave us smart women alone who understand that men are complete demons

men just are more violent and degenerate people in general than women, statistics prove that.

i guess most mild annoying thing about men and their orbiters is that they keep pushing their shit. like men and their lovers are just fucking unable to leave women alone. when women in general don't like someone they just fuck off usually, but men, no, they just gotta keep pushing their shit and themselves to people who don't like them, and they get their little handmaidens to push them and their shit for them. what's about dicks that it makes their owners and handlers fucking insane cultists who need to spread their dickshit to everyone?

also lmao @ anons comparing misandry to /rk9/ shit, as if mras and so-ons's reasons for hating women is that their mommy forced them to wash the dishes once or that their high school crush never noticed them and it's the whore's fault not being able to read minds and understand that the smelly sweaty anime kid who never talks to anyone loves her and shows it by watching her across the lucn room every day, while women who hate men generally do it because their dad raped them in the every damn hole in their body or some other brutal, actually fucked up shit.

Anonymous 12820



>wah wah women who don't agree with me are dumb

>wah wah all men are worthless, i, a smart woman can see that
You are aware you are spouting the same shit as MRAs, robots and Incels with the genders reversed, right?

As if the man-hating thread on lolcow wasn't cancer enough now we have to bring the same shit here on what was supposed to be a light-hearted thread, Sad.

Anonymous 12823

Literally who even said anything you said, did you even read my post kek.
I was criticizing her for calling women that don't believe the same she does dumb and "spineless doormats* and feeling superior because she is so enlightened, i never said shit about men.

>pointing out that someone is spouting the same arguments as neckbeards with the genders reversed means i hate myself


Anonymous 12826

large (8).jpg

That and my reply were my only posts about this shit here, what the fuck are you even spouting about me saying shit, i didn't even mention men in any my posts since i was complaining about that enlightened anon insulting women who have different opinions, yet you are sperging out because ???? lmao.

It appears you lack reading comprehension and want to start an infight over nothing, so i'm not even gonna bother, have fun.

Anonymous 12828


I, for one, am going to start going around and putting lotion on whatever spot of exposed bare skin men around me have. I think in their efforts to wipe it off, some of the lotion will seep into their skin and moisturize it.

Anonymous 12829

Maybe the same idea can be applied for those who don't use deodorant. Sure, it's hard to get it on their armpits casually, but if one were able to roll it on even their arms, they should start smelling at least a little less offensive to the nose.

Anonymous 12830

There are also spray deodorants.

I think even just spritzing febreeze on them when they start stinking might be a subtle enough reminder when they smell bad.

Anonymous 12831


being mean never solved anything

Anonymous 12833

Which president?

Anonymous 12835

all of them

Anonymous 12839

I hate when men get all insecure over sexual pasts. Just because you're a loser and I'm your first doesn't mean you're my first.

Anonymous 12841

luckily not many men are like that any more. My ex and my current bf are good friends

Anonymous 12843


we need water guns filled with lotion

Anonymous 12844


shoot lotion, not bullets

Anonymous 12850

it's because they're obsessed with finding a "pure" girl
it's their way of determining how loyal girls can potentially be. the more partners mean a higher chance of being unhappy with them and possibly cheating.

Anonymous 12852


isn't that true, though?

t. waiting for marriage

Anonymous 12857

Yeah, it is.
t. I say I'm waiting for marriage but really just don't leave my room or meet people

Anonymous 12858

Why criticize guys on it then? I don't want to marry a manwhore so why should I expect a male virgin to marry womenwhores?

Anonymous 12860

Statistics like these cannot be taken at face value. Because what group of people is more likely to wait until marriage before having sex? The extremely religious. What group of people is most likely to stay in a marriage no matter what and frowns upon divorce? The extremely religious.

That graph also says nothing about the happiness of said marriage, or the faithfulness within the marriage.

Anonymous 12861

>Happiness of said marriage

>Faithfulness within marriage

Highly correlated with unhappiness. If people with fewer premarital partners divorce less AND are happier in their marriage, I think it's safe to say they're more faithful than the people that fuck a new girl/guy every week.

Look up oxytocin and pair bonding.

Anonymous 12863

>fuck a new person every week

but there is a middle ground between "constant one night stands" and "waiting until marriage". if someone gets married at 30, and had a handful of couple year long relationships along the way, she might have 3 or 4 sexual partners.

the study you just linked was of 1000 people, where only 418 got married, thats a really small sample size.

Reading more into the article
>23 percent of participants who only had sex with their spouse prior to getting hitched reported higher quality marriages versus those who had other past sexual partners as well.

So that is only twenty three percent of people who waiting until marriage for sex/only had sex with their spouse were happy. thats 23% of a a smaller number than 418.

And again in the own article you linked

>Indeed, while the data presented in The Marriage Project’s 418-person study is legitimate, experts say that the conclusions drawn from it — especially those which cast judgement on one’s sexual history and incite sentiments of slut-shaming — may not be entirely accurate.

>“For example, people who tend to avoid commitment in general may have more sexual partners and be less happy when they settle down. It’s not the fact that they have more sexual partners that leads them to be less happy, it’s the fact that they don’t really like commitment. I would be very surprised if having multiple sexual partners before marriage, independent of any other factor, has a direct causal influence.”

And there is also doubt as to how the "happiness" was actually measured.

>Beyond that, Lehmiller says there may be flaws in the way data was analyzed — the way in which good marriages were separated from bad marriages was “rather odd” he says. “Even the authors admit that they were ‘arbitrary’ in their report. They defined ‘higher quality marriages’ as those in which individuals scored in the top 40 percent … Why the top 40 percent?”

Correlation =/= causation.

From the PDF of the actual study it says
>The primary findings discussed in this report analyze the outcome, marital quality, as a continuous measure.
To facilitate a visual representation of the associations in this report, we illustrate key findings by graphing
the percentage of individuals who fall in the top 40 percent of marital quality. This cut point was selected
by inspection of the distribution. While it is somewhat arbitrary, we reasoned that these people are not just
doing “above average” in their marriages, but are doing quite well. Dichotomizing marital quality in this way
provides a means to display groups’ relative likelihood of reporting higher levels of marital quality

Looking at the website of the National Marriage Project, they also connect having large weddings to having a successful marriage. As well as "sliding versus deciding" which the website describes as

>For instance, among those who cohabited, couples who decided to live together before marriage in an intentional way are more likely to enjoy happy marriages, compared to couples who just slid into cohabitation before marriage.

Which seems arbitrary and hard to really study and decide. Couples who decided to live together before marriage last longer than couples who lived together before marriage?

Anonymous 12864

Hey whatever helps you sleep at night gal. The writing is all over the wall.

Anonymous 12865

Your use of the term pair bonding makes me feel like you're visiting from a redpill reddit or one of its offshoots.

Anonymous 12866

NTA and I've never been to those hell holes, but I can see those things are factual and it makes sense these facts are what they are. The truth hurts, I guess.

Anonymous 12868

Okay then I'll humour you and discuss "pair bonding and oxytocin". From what I know from those cesspools, pair bonding happens when a woman has sex with a man, because oxytocin is released during orgasm and arousal. It is also released during cuddling, be it with a dog or a person.

So if that tricky oxytocin is what causes pair bonding, what are we defining as starting pair bonding? is it just sex and women riding that pesky cock carousel, or is it kissing, cuddling, hugging? is it fantasizing about another male celebrity or even masturbating? are we supposed to be completely asexual until we find a husband in order to have successful marriages?

fact is humans are more complicated creatures than your articles on pair bonding and self help relationship articles tell you. if you want to wait until marriage, thats great. i really hope it works out for you and i wish you the best. but theres no guarantee for anything in life, and that includes a successful and happy marriage.

Anonymous 12870

it is interesting how you assumed a bunch of things about my life based on a single comment i made, the only i made on this topic btw. you do you, anon. i never said it was wrong or right, but that the link the other anon provided seem legit. and how the fuck am i going to know how other people feel or are supposed to feel when fucking? that is not my fucking business.

Anonymous 12871

> So if that tricky oxytocin is what causes pair bonding, what are we defining as starting pair bonding? is it just sex and women riding that pesky cock carousel, or is it kissing, cuddling, hugging? is it fantasizing about another male celebrity or even masturbating? are we supposed to be completely asexual until we find a husband in order to have successful marriages? fact is humans are more complicated creatures than your articles on pair bonding and self help relationship articles tell you.

You can admit that humans are complicated, so why are you asking questions about minute details instead of seeing the trend? Can't you understand how someone who has sex with a thousand guys will be more used to oxytocin releaases, which are indeed significant to pair bonding, than someone who has sex with one guy? It's the same logic that a guy that jerks it to hundreds of porn stars probably won't be as bonded to his wife as a guy that abstains from porn.

> but theres no guarantee for anything in life, and that includes a successful and happy marriage.

Just because life isn't black and white doesn't mean some choices won't drastically increase odds of success. There's no guarantee that going to college will get me a good job, but it significantly increases my odds of success compared to someone that drops out of high school.

Anonymous 12873

and you completely ignored where the article the anon shared contradicted itself and presented data that can hardly be acknowledged universally, since it only involved a whopping 418 participants.

again why is it always "pure sexless virgin" versues "slut with 1000 partners"? someone with 1000 partners (doubtful even for a pornstar) likely suffers from some other issue, probably mentally or emotionally, that could cause something like hypersexuality. whether or not they could successful pairbond would be the least of that hypothetical persons issues.

Anonymous 12875

> since it only involved a whopping 418 participants.

You do not understand basic statistics! The whole reason we do surveys is because we can't get a response from an entire population. Unless you believe that the participants were chosen in a biased way, you do not have an argument. Google the concept of statistical significance; even if there are a low number of participants (and 418 is not low btw, low would be like <30 or <50) there can still be a statistically significant difference in the populations.

> gain why is it always "pure sexless virgin" versues "slut with 1000 partners"?

Because we're looking at trends. If you believe that promiscuity doesn't cause a deficiency in ability to hold a relationship then why can't pornstars (male OR female) hold relationships as well as virgins (male OR female)?

Anonymous 12876


418 is still really small compared to the 60 million married couples in the United States right now. Yes statistics uses smaller sample sizes since we cannot study all married couples in America. But there are still variables to consider. Like for example, what state were the couples from, considering how some states can skew more religious than others, or skew more conservative or liberal.

Here is another chart for you. Minus the virgins at marriage, women with 3-9 partners before marriage have the lowest divorce rate. And women with 2 partners have the highest.

And again, you're looking at insane extremes, complete polar opposites. The porn industry is explotive, many women are trafficked into it, or forced into it. They're pimped out even when they aren't filming a scene, which takes HOURS and is not comparable to real sex, even regular old slutty one night stand sex. Often times they are provided with drugs or substances to cope. Porn actresses are talked into doing scenes they might not have agreed too, like anal or gangbang. And they cannot say no, for fear of losing their paycheck or getting blacklisted from the the industry. There is more evils to the porn industry than just having a lot of sex.

Anonymous 12877

> 418 is still really small compared to the 60 million married couples in the United States right now. Yes statistics uses smaller sample sizes since we cannot study all married couples in America. But there are still variables to consider. Like for example, what state were the couples from, considering how some states can skew more religious than others, or skew more conservative or liberal.

Ok, please provide evidence that these professional researchers don't understand how to take simple random samples. You think they just handed out flyers?

> Here is another chart for you. Minus the virgins at marriage, women with 3-9 partners before marriage have the lowest divorce rate. And women with 2 partners have the highest.

Sure, because men and women with 2 partners got a taste of sex with other people and now they're wondering if they can do better with their current wife/husband. Virgins are still waaaay above the rest because they haven't compromised their ability to pair bond.

Anonymous 12879

Untitled (1).png

Anonymous 12880

I agree with you completely anon. Another issue is that people often come up with a hypothesis, and do whatever necessary to "prove" they were right. At least in these situations where math, statistics, and science aren't involved.

Anonymous 12881

They really aren't way above the rest. If looking at the dark blue bars for the data from 2006, the divorce rate for virgins was 15% and the divorce rate for 5-9 partners was just a little over 25%. Looking at the data for 2002, the percentages are a little over 25% for non virgins and 30% for 5-9 partners. The rates for EVERYONE dropped between 2002 and 2006. But if virginity is truely the key to a successful marriage, why are the people with 5-9 partners doing okay? And better than the people who have slept with only one or two people before?

And the base is for women who have been married atleast once. But were their answers based on how many partners they had before marriage or how many partners they had to date of being asked? A woman who got married young to her first boyfriend, then got divorced and subsequently slept with several people afterword would still count as having pre-marital sex right?

Anonymous 12882

lmao what red herring has been dragged on this trail

I had parents who met and dated in high school (they'd never dated before) and married, and are still married, and they love to spew at how happy their relationship is when my mom in day-to-day life is clearly hurt by how inferior my dad treats her. She's a redpilled conservative, so I doubt she'll ever want to admit he treats her this way. It's even sadder than the times she does confront him that he doesn't care because she's an emotional woman.

Honestly, I don't see divorce as a necessarily negative thing. I am happy pursing relationships for periods of years to a decade with people, then admitting that it's better we split up for our own sakes. If I had children, hopefully my partner and I would still live together depending on how young the child is, regardless of whether we dated other people or not.

I think in the future that divorce won't have an as negative connotation as it used to.

Anonymous 12883

Also, sorry for the shit grammar.

Anonymous 12884

DOUBLING your chance of divorce is a big deal. You're just looking at it as "only a 10 - 15% improvement", which is a math fail on your part.

>le divorce isnt bad meme

inb4 "just because we divorce doesn't mean he won't see be a good father". Yeah you count on it

Anonymous 12885



did you make this?

Anonymous 12887

This might be shocking to you, but I know plenty of people who "break up" but still live together and don't continue to engage in sexual activities. I know people who continue to raise their children together in the same home instead of leaving each other. You are acting like because people no longer are romantically interested in each other that must stop living together, where I live, housing prices are so high, it is quite the deterrent to moving out.

Also, your source doesn't take into account same-sex couples; for example, my future partner is going to be a gal. If we're talking heterosexual couples, I'd also argue it's better to be fatherless if it's a situation where the father is abusive to the mother or children. There are good reasons for divorce beyond romantic deprivation.

Anonymous 12889

Ok so basically you're only referring to a hyperminority. Cool I guess?

Anonymous 12890


yeah I'm procrastinating hw

Anonymous 12892


same, have a few finals tomorrow and would rather spam lotion men

Anonymous 12904


if its current year and you don't have s smoothskin bf I feel bad for you sis

Anonymous 12909

My fucking roommate didn't wipe his ass. He reeks of shit, the stench is overwhelming from 5 feet away.

I notice this sort of thing far more often with men than women. Everybody needs to wipe their goddamn asses, homophobia is no excuse for not doing what even sick dogs take care of promptly.

Anonymous 12913

>homophobia is no excuse
Say what?


It might not be as bad as all that… He might just have a very hairy arse and be too lazy to wipe it properly.

Anonymous 12914

Guys have never scoffed at you about how ass hygiene is for faggots who touch their own butts?

Anonymous 12916

No… Never. What kind of third world hell are you from?

Anonymous 12918

exactly my reaction lol

Anonymous 12921

>He might just have a very hairy arse and be too lazy to wipe it properly
…is that somehow better? being too lazy to wipe properly is just as bad as not wiping at all. especially when he has a hairy ass and the fecal particles get stuck in his hairs and smoosh around in his buttcrack.

Anonymous 12925

>My ex and my current bf are good friends

That's kinda hot

Anonymous 12929


No, it's not better, but I was using that as a way to make a joke about it by implicating that something just as disgusting was possibly better.

Why though?

Anonymous 12931

Men never wipe their asses. How do you not know this?

Anonymous 12933

You know it's true when a simple search for the innocuous "ass wipes" pulls up men's health websites and bro guides lmao

Anonymous 12996

I am disappointed, this can't be common

Anonymous 12997

It's incredibly common. Men dont simply don't know they're supposed to wipe.

Anonymous 13003

4 (1).jpg


I kid you not, some dudes in my country won't wipe their asses because they consider it to be GAY.

Poe's law at it's finest.

I do believe it's in the minority, but still baffling.

Also, this was a real campaign. It reads: "WASH YOUR DICK!

water and soap prevent penis cancer"

And below that, the first sentence: "Believe it or not, more than 1.000 men lose their genitals every year in Brazil due to lack of hygiene."

Anonymous 13010


Anonymous 13015

>All men are like that

Anonymous 13036

This makes me very sad. He was so young. 18 is too young to decide if your whole life is going to suck or not.

Anonymous 13037

Is this a webm of a young man shooting himself in the head? I don't think I want to watch it to find out.

Anonymous 13039


Anonymous 13040

Trash human being kills himself on stream while friends beg him not to over voice chat. Kills himself in his own room leaving a mess knowing his mom will come home soon to see it. Probably relished in the attention he was getting before he offed himself.

Anonymous 13041

Yeah, and relishing in his death makes you so much better. I like man-hate as much as the next gal, but this is just disgusting.

Anonymous 13042

18 year old kid posted on 4chan supposedly asking anons to convince him not to kill himself. Was encouraged to live stream it, did it.
The stream is absolutely horrifying, you can hear his online friends crying and his mom screaming and calling 911.

Anonymous 13043

He was a waifufag. Who cares?

Anonymous 13045

>owwww the ^edge^
He was a dumb teenager, with a stupid underdeveloped brain like all teenagers have. He was actually still in that age where having anime posters is not cringy, but that's irrelevant. He was still a person and didn't have to die.
>who cares?
Anyone mature enough to look at this shit and recognize how sad it is that someone young died in a gruesome way and a whole family will be scarred forever, as well as his friends and some impressionable anons who might have watched it.
Shit's not funny, and all the humurous production that came from this is a very transparent attempt to detach and sublimate the userbase's own horror and fear in the face of death.

Anonymous 13046

it's not funny, and incredibly sad, but all I can think is
>at least he shot himself and not other people.

Anonymous 13049


Wew at all these edgelords being happy about someone's death and thinking it's funny.
He was a young man with mental issues that got driven to death by people exactly like you since everyone tries to be le epic troll xdD kill yourself xddD because it's *super cool^being a sad internet troll guys!
No matter how much you hate men, if you can feel happiness out of a mentally ill boy broadcasting his brutal suicide and the suffering of his family and friends, you are seriously fucked up in the head.

Man, this website has been overridden with edgelords and underage sounding people lately. Sad.

Anonymous 13051

The guy was blatant scum. He had no empathy for the people around him that would be affected, and he likely wanted them to be affected otherwise he wouldn't stream it live, with friends on voice chat, and in his own home when he knows his mom will see it soon. He selfishly wanted attention just before he dies to feel sated in his last moments.
Should have at least gone somewhere else and killed himself alone where nobody would see it.

Anonymous 13052

he was a fucking teen, a mentally ill unripe boy. biologically he didn't even have the ability to weigh the consequences correctly like a fully developed adult, much less a healthy one. he was poisoned by this ~edge~ culture and wanted to feel accomplished for once in his short life. if that brings contempt instead of sadness and worry then i'd honestly be more scared about what you would do with that gun instead.

Anonymous 13053

Agree with >>13049, everyone needs to stop edgyBAWWWing

BAWWWWWWWWWW he was selfish, people he knew will be upset!1

>implying people committing suicide are making positive choices


also OT but the anon from the blatent islamic country sperging out needs to fuck off, admin pls remove kebab.

Anonymous 13055

He was a selfish attention whoring faggot and I only feel pity for his family and friends. Fuck that waifufag.

Anonymous 13056

Who said I feel happiness? Im not going to go out my way to sob over someone making dumb choices and being a sick fuck.His parents failed him. It's not my fault though.

Anonymous 13057


I don't think it's funny or anything like that, it is tragic and sad indeed, but it was his own choice. Nothing's gonna ever change that.

Anonymous 13058

If it were a cute girl killing herself, /r9k/ wouldn't be celebrating it, that's for sure.

Anonymous 13059


It's pretty funny anon.

Anonymous 13060

They absolutely would though?

Anonymous 13061

>implying suicidal people, suicidal teens at that, are making rational choices in their last moments
Sure, dude.
Plus the retards over at r9k told him to livestream it and kept being edgy, so he did because teenagers are fucking idiots. Teens are impressionable, and this whole edgy culture and le epic troll xd is cancer for society.
Do you think this suicidal teen would have killed himself if those "people" didn't feel the need to be edgy and push him to do it ruthlessly?

If you haven't noticed, there are edgelords in this thread calling it funny, i wasn't talking about anyone specifically.

Hilarious! By the way, how is middle school treating you?

Anonymous 13063


Also, streaming your suicide is the epitome of attention whoring. It's not like he can regret or anything like that anyway.

Anonymous 13064

Who the hell cares what /r9k/ thinks about a damn thing?

Anonymous 13066

a depressed, suicidal young boy wants some attention before blowing his fucking brains out and ending his short life
color me surprised.

I reallly think we're talking to immature idiots here too, it's just no use. every board gets underage cancer sooner or later

Anonymous 13067



Anonymous 13068


>all of these obvious underageposters
This is an 18 and over board. Get the fuck off the internet and come back in a few years when you can process this information with better judgment.

Anonymous 13069

Corny. I said I don't care but you're acting like you're just as mentally ill and retarded as the dude you're making fun of.

Anonymous 13071

I'm late to the party, what are you talking about?

Anonymous 13075

I wasn't used to reading stuff this smart on imageboards anymore.

Anonymous 13077

>all these chinese whispers about what happened
It doesn't even have anything to do with /r9k/, it was a guy who livestreamed his suicide for his little discord group, while his oneitis (the girl you can hear crying in the video) and his few online friends half-heartedly asked him to stop.

Anonymous 13079

A guy from /r9k/ shot himself on a live stream a few days ago

Anonymous 13111

>the year of our lord 2018
> someone shooting themselves on livestream ON 4chan
>supposedly "shocking"

Seriously? Y'all must be young as fuck.

Anonymous 13145

Anonymous 13151

Not only you sound new, but also naive as fuck. Welcome to the world circa now, princess.

Anonymous 13153

Oh look. A “nice guy”.

Anonymous 13154


kek so true. most of the retards typing "LE REAL WORLD!" and shitting and sharting in their cheeto skeet underwear as we speak. People who really know about that don't have to say it.

Anonymous 13160

Do you girls think this is an accurate portrayal of a beta?

Is the secret to getting a good man finding a beta before he becomes redpill MGTOW incel or to just date Chad?

>>Sorry it's an old video

Anonymous 13163

isn't the point of attention whoring to be around to reap the benefits or pleasure from other people's attention after whatever shocking thing you do or say? imo it sounds more like a mental illness.

Anonymous 13169


You girls hate beta guys so just go and date Chad tbh(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 13172

This guy is just a lazy cunt. There are beta men that work out and have great careers that are alone because they're not "alpha as fuarck braaaah", not because they're manchildren.

Anonymous 13176

>that guy is a lazy cunt
That guy in particular is really going out of his way if he's eager to work and save for a 1.2k$ watch.
S-so? Was it on /r9k/ after all or not? I'm inclined to believe it wasn't but I can't ignore the fact that you're the only anon here saying that.
Also gib saucy plez, I wanna know it all.

Anonymous 13187

>That guy in particular is really going out of his way if he's eager to work and save for a 1.2k$ watch.

Nah he's a pothead in a low-paying job, that's not working hard.

Anonymous 13194

>he's a pothead in a low-paying job
That's why he isn't lazy. Dude also tried 2 other times(for presumably higher-paying jobs nobody would let him perform). And anyways the bigger problem there is his astigmatism and listening to the advice of 4chongers.

Anonymous 13198

>a pothead in a low paying job thinking that a $1.2k watch would make a woman want to have sex with him
that's, like, the definition of lazy

Anonymous 13199

No, anon, he's perfectly willing to do what it takes to get the puss. People don't make such socially retarded decisions out of laziness, but out of a u t i s m.
Why is "a u t i s m" filtered btw?

Anonymous 13202

what are you on about?

Anonymous 13206

He's not lazy because he's willing to work 3 months for an expensive watch in order to have sex. His decision of going for it is retarded, taken from barren imageboards and it's not gonna have any success-but he doesn't know that. Obviously he isn't choosing the easy way either, he's outright lacking any social tact if he thinks that buying people EXPENSIVE things will make them make big commitments (such as a relationship/sex) to him all of a sudden.
He's not lazy, he's just an idiot.

Anonymous 13210

The livestream wasn't on /r9k/, but he was a frequenter who posted about a comic he was writing there.

Anonymous 13263

My boyfriend is a fucking lazy ass dyel who won’t lift. I go to the gym every god damned day and basically beg him to come with.

He used to lift, I’m not trying to ~change him~

A close friend who is fit as fuck was hitting on me hard tonight and I honestly wanted to die. I wanted it s o b a d but I’m not a terrible person so I didn’t.

But fucking kill me if I can’t can’t convince my bf to go to the gym and my lifts surpass his, I’m done

Anonymous 13270


>A close friend who is fit as fuck was hitting on me hard tonight and I honestly wanted to die. I wanted it s o b a d but I’m not a terrible person so I didn’t.
just dump your bf already

Anonymous 13273

This is probably extra and weirdly specific but,

I'm always annoyed when it's a group of mostly girls and the girls start talking about their skin or whatever routines and the few guys present always react like they've hit some goldmine of seeeecret female discussion.

And almost without a doubt make some signal like they're interested in now the process goes but when a gal explains it goes "oh that's WAY too complicated" and tunes out halfway through.


Anonymous 13330

lol you have a hot close friend hitting on you while you're in a relationship? that situation is a drama tinderbox. i recommend breaking up your boyfriend cleanly and hooking up with ur friend after a grace period

Anonymous 13344

>breaking up over something this dumb

Next time don't date, just get a fwb

Anonymous 13352

They literally never believe you when you say "8 inches is too big."

Anonymous 13354

stop larping dicklet

Anonymous 13355

Yeah they always say that.

Anonymous 13399

yep. how embarrassing is it for a woman to spend her time online making male positivity posts and attacking other women for being ‘rude and mean to men uwu’ when men are out here spending their time online making misogynistic comments everywhere and jacking off to women being raped, abused and exploited

Anonymous 13400

>man: makes a joke about women
other men: lol yeah
>woman: makes a joke about men
other women: you shouldn't generalize, men are great. i thought feminism was about equality, you wouldn't like it if was the other way around, you're actually being sexist by insulting men. anyways, i love my emotionally abusive boyfriend who calls himself a feminist!!!!

Anonymous 13401

yes it did lol

Anonymous 13402

because male virigns cant afford to be picky

Anonymous 13410

stop with that bullshit. no one deserves a whore, man or woman. whores should marry each other, it's only fair.

Anonymous 13413

doesnt work when male virgins are seen as low-value while female virgins are high-value.

Anonymous 13414

>while female virgins are high-value.
Have you ever browsed feels here? That's not true unless you're still fucking 18

Anonymous 13415

Have you ever opened a history book? Read a religious text? Paid attention to any non western culture? Been on a male dominated website?

Men are OBSESSED with female virginity. A couple of girls encountering manwhores who don't want clingy one night stands doesn't discount centuries of vilifying non virgin women and putting female virginity on a pedestal. A british teenager recently sold her virgnity for 1.5 million dollars, it has literal monetary value as well as being the focus of extreme cultural and social worship.

Anonymous 13419

Only basement dwellers and religious freaks are like that in 2018.

Anonymous 13427

No, even older men when settling down prefer younger virginal girls.

Anonymous 13430

Anonymous 13432

fuck outta here

Anonymous 13433

They're the only ones who are militant about it, everyone else just settles for non virgins because they don't really have any other choice. Do you think humans have been bred out of their instincts or something?

Anonymous 13457

1. I hate how they're all whores. Even if they don't actually sleep with other women while in a relationship, they'll be dreaming and fantasizing about other women.
2. Because of their innate whorishness, they all have a tendency to trade up at any moment in time. I'm convinced at this point men are truly unable to feel love for their partners. If you, a 6/10 are dating a man, and a 9/10 model came up to him and offered him sex, you'd better believe he'd accept without hesitation.
3. How they only think with their cocks. Common decency is only given to women who they would fuck, ugly women they treat like sub par roaches to be avoided.
4. They aren't loyal. It's common for us women to dream of finding a husband that we love and growing old together, but this is something men are incapable of. A man will no longer "love" his wife when she is too old to be attractive anymore. When you're lying in bed next to the man you've been married to for 20+ years, he'll be dreaming of his hot new secretary.

Anonymous 13506


Number 4 really hit me. It's probably true.

Anonymous 13507

I do agree that what anon said must be true for many men, but it possibly can't be true for all of them. That post is the switched gender version of all the toxic shit misogynists say.
>inb4 men apologist
I am pretty bitter towards men but that post isnt all true.

Anonymous 13524

I don't actually dislike men as a whole, but most men make me uncomfortable. I always feel like I'm being judged harshly even by the few men I've grown to trust.
It's just men too, around women I'm fairly confident.
I know it's not sexual attraction because I'm not attracted to most men at all.
There's just something about men that makes me feel bad.

It's fairly mild and most likely a result of my own social problems though.

Anonymous 13552

Tend to be visually unappealing.
Either way too much of a pushover or way too shallow.
Can't stay out of trouble because of "muh pride".
Way too focused on sex, can't value actual interpersonal relationships.
Beat themselves and each other up for the stupidest shit imaginable.

Anonymous 13556

>That post is the switched gender version of all the toxic shit misogynists say.
Uhhhhh, what? I don't think men believe all women think "with their pussies". Most of the incel guys who want a gf only want one their own age because they're in their 20s.

Sure, men might believe this shit about women, but a lot of what anon described are documented statistics. Men are obsessed with barely legal 20 year olds and think they deserve 9/10 models while what women find attractive adjusts with age and they tend to pick men who are around their own attractiveness level.

Also, if you believe our culture is misogynistic, an ugly girl would be treated worse than an ugly boy. Not to mention that a lot of worth for women tends to be wrapped up in their appearance while men tend to be valued for other traits, so an ugly girl would definitely be valued less than an ugly boy.

Anonymous 13630


Yup, defending males on the internet is a waste of time, pic related

Anonymous 13632

Enjoy your ban, dick.

Anonymous 13638


make like vastras tinnitus and dont exist

Anonymous 13640

Can't understand why they think beards are attractive in any way.
I'd rather a man with a smooth face that isn't prickly to kiss "shaved like a 12 year old", than a man with a course hedge attempting to terraform his face that he regularly gets food caught in.

Anonymous 13641

My (all-women's) college is currently having some sort of rap concert IN MY DORM and there are all sorts of males and party-gurl-looking women infesting the dorm and the campus in general.
I just feel so damn powerless, I wish I could just let them know that they're not welcome here.

Anonymous 13642

Why aren't they welcome?! If you have issues just go to your room, lock the door and stay there the whole time. No need to rain on anyone's parade.

Anonymous 13643

1. The music is also incredibly loud
2. I can't go to the bathroom without running into party people
3. It's about the principle of having a male rapper on campus to draw males from other colleges here so they can party.

Anonymous 13644

Beards are makeup for men, they hide weak chins and bad jawlines, and they're also trendy at the moment so it's an easy way for someone to fit into a popular style (ie the hipster lumberjack look). Even though I personally find beards unattractive, they can definitely be a massive improvement.

Anonymous 13700


What's with men's obsession with cars?

Anonymous 13810



Anonymous 13813

That's your problem. I have a dick and I never read or heard shit about wiping your own ass being gay. Still, I am white and I live in RS.
Shame on you, dark individual.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 13814

Are you from kohlchan.net as well?
It is nice to has another bernadette here :3

Anonymous 13816

Chill anon it's not true for a good part of the population. Don't let shitposts on a chinese painting board make you feel bad about something.

Anonymous 13817

The dick thing is mostly related to a low level of education, and mostly in the rural areas. I'm a med student and whenever we tell a really poor dude who doesn't have good hygiene that he actually must wash his dick he reacts as if he's never been told that in his entire life.
Also, I don't like using anecdotes as arguments, but in this case I think it counts: I've never seen or heard about men or women not wiping their butts in my life. And I live in an even shittier part of the country.

Anonymous 13818

Mesmo sendo claros e brancos no Brasil, nós não somos considerados brancos na maioria dos outros países, imbecil. Continue desejando não ser sulamericano e aproveite seu permaban, viado.

Anonymous 13834

>teehee i'm a male btw

Anonymous 13835

I hate men cuz they're smelly

Anonymous 13851

I know a guy who lives in a lower-middle class small apartment but owns like 3 luxury cars… yeah I don't get it either.

It's like the male equivalent of poor women who buy designer purses with the designer's logo very obvious on the bag. It's to show off

Anonymous 13855

Kind of this. Like, there are guys who are only in it for the brand name and flashiness aspect, but people like my brother, for instance, are really into them from a technical/engineering and historical aspect. In that case, it's not so different from gals who are into fashion and take the time to understand why a designer made certain decisions and can appreciate a well designed and constructed garment.

Anonymous 13864



Imagine responder um post super velho com "huuuhrrr guy here" E ser racista. Maluco, homens são bizarros.

Anonymous 13865


Anonymous 13868

That's all? You will just drop this and not say a word?

Anonymous 13869


Anonymous 13870

Olha o cacetinho do RS se achando algo, vai se fuder aidético do caralho.

Anonymous 13875


I thought it was self explanatory…

Anonymous 13885

A lot of guys think that being a friend and giving emotional support means being a comedian.

Anonymous 15181


Anonymous 15226

I hate the way men always push the boundaries when you're close with them. Every time I've gotten really close and good friends with one, they slowly try and toe the line between friend|relationship. I can't stand it, and I'm no longer going to be close friends with guys any more.

Anonymous 15237

I hate how many guys are LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS when they're among their male friends. Even the way they talk is different, like they're trying to prove their masculinity.

Anonymous 15243

I hate how whiny men are. They are supposed to take down their calendars with naked women in our office because after reorganizing the company customers will be entering those rooms. Those men are around 50 years old yet they throw tantrums like a five year old over those shitty calendars.

Anonymous 15304

>I hate how they go out of their way to bash women and their bodies to hell and back
Yup, and some men still have the gall to blame women for any body-shaming behaviors, claiming it's exclusively women who uphold standards of beauty and acting as if men were totally innocent. I feel like when women criticize other women's bodies, it comes from a different place? But when men laugh about women for having butter faces, no boobs, flat asses, they're just doing it out glee and spitefulness.

>Victim-complexed western men, they all hate western women, they always use the same arguments, crying about how entitled, selfish and princessy western women supposedly are then brag about how they're going to go for asian women

I've long accepted that some men are just misogynistic assholes and there's no point in getting worked up over their women-bashing tirades but if there's one thing I hate, it's when they pit women against other women. The ironic thing is, I've seen men from all ethnic backgrounds bash their own women, using almost the same arguments! Indian, black and Asian men also demonize their women for being entitled, selfish, high-maintenance and shallow just to turn around and praise another group of women for being perfect, gentle goddesses and wives. Somehow Western women, Indian women, black women etc. are all simultaneously entitled, selfish and but also perfect little angels depending on which men you ask? None of it makes any sense.

Anonymous 15307

I feel like this is 90% of the men on the internet. IRL it's not /that/ bad.

Anonymous 15308

Depends on where you live, almost every guy I met was like this in some way, even male friends have weird entitled complexes, it's gotten to a point where when I use to hang out with them some people would mistake it for an abusive relationship since a lot had no filter, no respect, etc etc I avoid having male friends due to this, a lot of them use to steal my shit too

The only one I haven't met like so was my boyfriend, and even then he still has episodes where he acts super entitled but when I call him out he stops

Anonymous 15483

Men are all inherently selfish, violent, sex machines. They all lack empathy and don't care to learn about others on an emotional level. They are born this way, as evidenced by the toys and media young boys choose.

>inb4 but men built societyyyy

>inb4 but men are smartttt

Society is shit, everyone should die. Perhaps my superficial opinion on men fluctuates to cope with everyday life and the fact that I want to fuck them, but this is the truth and I hate it. There are no gentle or kind men. They are all violent and incapable of love, mathematically/scientifically/etc. gifted or not.

Hard to swallow pills.

Anonymous 15497

Or don't. Best thing you can do to spite someone/people is to live for yourself and hook up when your cave gets itchy.

Anonymous 15516

i was with you 100% until
>great sex with alpha dom men
that doesn't annoy them as much as liking hot submissive guys

actually liking submissive guys annoys men because it means you have your own sexual tastes outside of their male interests. i love telling guys i have a foot and armpit fetish, and love pulling guys hair. it especially makes them uncomfortable when i tell them it's a one-way-street and i hate having my hair pulled and my feet kissed.

being into femdom that doesn't include male fantasies like having my body worshiped confuses their pea sized brains.

Anonymous 15670

When will men realize that it is, in fact, idiotic to not have empathy for other human beings?

I can't bear listening to groups of them gaggle together and talk about women they know. One guy was trying to get the other men in his group agree with him (which they did) that his coworker was "weird" because he married a women who had three children from other men before they married.

Like, really? Why the fuck is that weird? Shocker, someone loves a woman because she is inherently endearing to them, not because she's a baby or sex machine for them and only them. No wonder step-children get so abused.

Anonymous 15671

Rarely. Most men are so emotionally underdeveloped.

They cannot fathom that being a relationship (read: possessing) a woman that has other life experience or does not conform to whatever stunted ideal they have is possible.

Anonymous 15674

I hate men like this, its one thing to believe women who arent pure sheltered virgins who are somehow willing to sleep with them on the first date aren't good enough, or the ones that believe the only reason possible for a woman to have kids from previous men is because "shes a roastie whore riding the cock carasole and now wants to settle with a beta male she can manipulate and get money out of it" but whats worse is the men that seem so damn bothered by single moms existing and still have men love them, ie their revenge fantasies arent true

If two people are happy together why the fuck does it bother men so much if they themselves wouldnt be with the woman and go out of their way to make everyone agree or make it look like everyone agrees? Men are psychos I swear, but they really need to learn how to mind their own business

Anonymous 15992

They go fast
Vroom vroom

Anonymous 16000


Anonymous 16004

Are women less inclined to violence for violence's sake than men? Is it the testosterone?

Asking because whenever women are murderers/serial killers it's for some sort of outcome and the killing is fast. And I've yet to hear of a woman torturing a person (let alone multiple) before murdering them.

Is it because we could get a masochistic partner with relative ease, so don't ""have to"" resort to picking randoms and killing them to cover our tracks?

t.sadistic woman

I also know there's never a legitimate reason to kill innocents. The question isn't about that.

Anonymous 16005

Violence for violence's sake doesn't exist period. It could be showing off, bravado, glorified cruelty, religious rites, anything else but it isn't for its own sake.

Anonymous 16006

I was referring to sadism. Violence for enjoyment's sake would be more accurate, I guess.

My point still stands, I can't think of any women who murdered for sadism/sexual sadism whereas there are men that have. Multiple times (Bundy, Kemper, etc.)

Is it just the T?

Anonymous 16007

it's about exerting dominance

notice how these men's victims are women

Anonymous 16008

Are women less inclined to desire dominance via violence, then? And if so, is it biology or socialization?

I don't think this is limited to male-on-female, Dahmer was gay. And we had a recent serial killer in Canada (Bruce McArthur) who preyed on men.

Anonymous 16009

>it's about exerting dominance
>notice how these men's victims are women
nta but that's (sexual) sadism and the victims were women because those males were hetero
It's hard to tell, there could be just as many undetected sadistic females as males but no one would notice because being weaker, they can't freely hurt men.
Paraphilias don't come from high T and I'm pretty sure they're innate (don't come from a fucked up childhood development or some sort of pig rabble where the alpha male kid with higher strength rises above his brothers and sisters and bullies them)

Anonymous 16013

are you sure.gif

>Violence for violence's sake doesn't exist

Anonymous 16025


I hate my stupid ex for dumping me for no reason when I worked on all of my possible issues that may affect anything. I was trying my best to get a job and work on gaining weight, I took care of my body and appearance, I spent hours reading/watching things on how to be a good partner etc. I worked really hard, I'd never been so in love with someone before. I don't know why he broke up with me. Did he cheat on me when he went overseas with his friends? Did he dump me because he thought I wanted him for his money? Was it because I wanted him to talk to me? I'm just bitter, he made me bitter.

Anonymous 16032

Men love bitches, thats what all the "women only want douche bags!" Projection comes from, they bash and treat the women who try their hardest for them and run after women who despise them

Men are never ever happy

Anonymous 16036

Go write about it in your diary

Anonymous 16037

yeah, sucks how that works
can you read

Anonymous 16038

yeah i can. can you? this is the man hate thread not the uwu boys suck xD thread

Anonymous 16039


sometimes men are shit and won't appreciate you until it's too late. his loss


true but it's kinda heartbreaking to see tho especially with how it plays out in relationship dynamics, it's no wonder so many women are jaded when it comes to dealing with men when most of them only take and take, never giving anything in return. even women who generally have a high self worth and take no bullshit from others find themselves being dragged to hell and back by men they date, part of it is human nature but how men and women are socialized is also to blame

Anonymous 16042

Why don't you go write about in your diary? You're the only one who seems to be upset with this, you're sounding really immature getting all heated about this

Anonymous 16043

thanks anon, I need that <3

Anonymous 16075

what are you talking about?

Anonymous 16077

oh he's probably using a vpn

Anonymous 16078

not everyone can afford diaries, you fuck!

Anonymous 16079

Why is it that all of the boys in my life are really, really challenged and suck at life in some way. Women are the master race

Anonymous 16081

flabby fat dudes who talk about bushido and martial arts are such a riot.

Anonymous 16084

Asian chads are the dumbest dudes alive.

Anonymous 16096

I fucking hate gay men. Holy shit

Anonymous 16105

>"muh women are all stoopid and society would die without menz meme"
>uses basic normie women as an example
>as if basic normie men aren't equally as fucking dense

Anonymous 16119

I've also noticed women are less hiveminds than men, with women you dunno if youll get a tomboy gamer, a weirdo, princessy girly girl, normie or a mix, with men they're almost always the exact fucking same, yet women get generalized the most

Anonymous 16120

No doubt he's both. And probably an animal abuser too. I mean he is a man.

Anonymous 16121

Men:Stupid feeeemales!!! How D A R E you not be fuckable to me, learn to take care of yourself only women who take care of themselves are worthy of anything
Women:takes care of herself
Men:STUPID SUPERFICIAL GOLD DIGGING SLUT! You're way too high maintenance, obviously you have to look perfect without trying

There's no winning with them is there

Anonymous 16125


you mean incels

Anonymous 16138

As of yesterday 5pm there had been 5 cases of femicide in the last 36 hours in my country, the more I think about it the more I feel most men are literal imbecile, patriarchy or not the truth is most of them are fucking baby's unable to control their feelings and emotions they lose control with the most inane thing and later congratulate each other for being warriors and fighters…

Anonymous 16172

how is writing one thing "getting heated"?


…it's one comment.

Anonymous 16178

you sound insane

Anonymous 16207

couldn't have said it better myself

you need to be 18 to post here

Anonymous 16608



Anonymous 16616

>want totally traditional housewife with the following traits
>social drinker
>under six feet (wut)
Holy conflicting beliefs, Miss Gordon. What a fucking degenerate. I bet he "identifies" as white too. Freak.

Anonymous 16618


Anonymous 16626


cringe :–D

Anonymous 16629

To think, it's either this cuck, or a freak like the one above.

Anonymous 16639

>coolest crouton in the salad bowl
how do men come up with this shit on what planet is this considered even slightly amusing or clever

Anonymous 16654

I mean this is goofy and even more cringy considering it's most likely a copy-paste but not too bad. He probably wanted to stand out of the usual "show bob and vagene" variations and went overboard.

Anonymous 16655

Imagining how he came up with this makes for amusement, but also sadness:
>Adjective I want to compliment girl? Cool
>How to compliment with an analogy? Food
>What do girls eat? Salad
>Part of a salad that I like? Croutons

Anonymous 16656

I think he just read it somewhere and liked it because he's a weird aspie.

Anonymous 16657

Meh, an embarrassing guy is still better than a guy who sends you nasty messages and calls you a slut if you don't reply back.

Anonymous 16658

They are both awful and deserve no one in their lives.

Anonymous 16669

It's awful. That sort of pathetic tripe deserves a beating, and not that kind he probably likes either.
You're enabling them, you know.

Anonymous 16679

I agree with you anon, I don't get why being gentle is suddenly a crime

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess I will never understand this stuff

Anonymous 16683

I actually think that's pretty cute, although I'm not into chubby bearded men so probably wouldn't be into him, sadly.
What would you prefer, anon? I'll enable men to be cheesy but sweet all day.
I'm also really not sure why this is itt, unless he came back with one of those 'turned neckbeard' reactions to rejection.

Anonymous 16684

How about the same kind of direction, without the cheesy "C:" ":3" or even the ":D"? Everything he packed in that one message just screams trying way too hard. I'll admit I was getting a bit too sadistic, with the beating, but he seriously needs some guidance. It's so bad that it's like he's doing it on purpose. I hate it, and that name? Ugh.

Anonymous 16687

That's what's cute, though. The fact that it's easy to see through, how obvious it is that he's actually an awkward person…idk.
He probably could use some guidance, maybe start a conversation asking about interests or something, but it's not awful. He's leagues above men who open with negging or sexual harassment already.

Anonymous 16690

>he just seems socially awkward
>how do you even live
Without it? Boys can be cute in many other ways than this.
He's just trying too hard. I mean if he kept that up for a long time would you see where I'm going with this? He's direct, and that's better than most. He's not being mean right away, and that is leagues better, but the weird funny bits are just off-putting for me.

Anonymous 16693

w-why are you two even fighting? that's just personal taste, not anything worth fighting about because it's pointless. Dude screams desperate and immature to me but some women like it.

Anonymous 16694

I probably wouldn't mind it as much if it wasn't for those emotes too. It's fine for me when teen boys do them but when I see grown up men use that many emotes in a single message, it just screams of immature.

Anonymous 16697


well since you keep fighting over the last guy saying it was just his social astigmatism, how about this one instead?

Anonymous 16700

He's probably into some freaky shit, not for me.
Unless he confirms he's a masochist rather than a sadist.

Anonymous 16708

>how the hell aren't you bothered by day to day life
I am.
>when I see grown up men use that many emotes in a single message
>it just screams of immature

Anonymous 16711

Then you need to grow up, there's annoying people everywhere, that's just life

Anonymous 16714

normei men complain about women who "dont take care of themselves" (aka don't wear makeup or shave), while also complaining about Muh High Maintenance

Anonymous 16715

>defends manchild
>you need to grow up

Anonymous 16741




Anonymous 16755

Please stop.

Anonymous 16784

"How about the same direction but while being really hot".

Anonymous 16788

Yeah. Why not?

Anonymous 16789

yeah and also white without traces of refugee race mixing

Anonymous 16794


Not really contributing to anything here but

"Refugee" "racemixed" mediterranean men are more attractive than pasty northern european phenotypes imo. Of course you can find attractive and healthy looking people from anywhere but just generally speaking it's just a more sexually attractive to have those 'exotic' features. You could take the most attractive blonde/blue eyes Nazi eugenics approved man and just paint him olive, give him bright brown eyes and dark brown hair and he'd become even hotter.

This guy in the picture just looks(and talks) like a numale though.

Anonymous 16795

nice racebait, cuck

Anonymous 16823

lmao just ignore him

Someone already took the liberty of screencapping his message. That just means someone already thought like me. If you seriously think he deserves a chance, then congratulations on being a saint. Might come to regret it, though.

Anonymous 16825

Why though?

Anonymous 16827

Because you shouldn't even waate your time twisting your knife in him? He's obviously damaged enough. There's really no point in trying to make a bigger mess out of him.

Anonymous 16838

The point wasnt that he deserves a chance, its up to the woman to decide that, I just don't think it's as big as a deal or as bad as anons are making it out to be

Anonymous 16842

Lets put it this way:

How gratified do you think he'd feel, if he saw a thread-full of women arguing back and forth over whether he's cute, or not? Do you realise how flattered he'd be? Does that not bring bile up to the back of your throat even slightly?

Anonymous 16857

No. Why would it?

Anonymous 16861

Maybe he would feel flattered at people thinking he's cute because he's never had someone feel that way before. Why so needlessly cruel? Why don't you pick on someone your own size?

Anonymous 16864

I'm pretty sure this argument was never about him being cute or not.

The argument was whether he deserves to be beaten and possibly killed over sending an awkward cheesey message on a dating app. You seem firmly in the pro-beat-and-murder-him camp while most of everyone else isn't.

Anonymous 16865

How is it picking on anyone to not want to participate in hatejerking against some awkward guy?

Just because you can sink to the level of men and their incessant shitting on women in dating doesn't mean you should.

Yes I know this is the man dislike thread, I'm not defending the men, but some of the reactions have been way too edgy, don't recreate the toxic gender hate thread dynamic.

Anonymous 21891

benises are gross
like tiny parasites with minds of their own attached to your body which control your thoughts and act independently of your wishes

also only care about burrowing inside of the female of the species and making more of themselves

Anonymous 21893

They are universally stupid and egoistical and, most of all, stubborn.

The fucking meme about men not seeing a doctor when there's something obviously wrong. It's true.

They are so helpless and then act like entitled brats.

Anonymous 21894

Tbh a properly conditioned penis causes better decisions than the man brain itself.

Anonymous 21895

Hmm. Mild.

Their semen, while OK tasting in the heat of the moment has a bad aftertaste, and makes your breath smell REALLY bad later if you fall asleep right afterwards.

Males tend to have low emotional intelligence that needs to be taught. That being said even after 10 years with my 2 best friends I struggle to have a conversation about issues because the other guy is all "no no it's no issue it's fine!" because he'd rather bury and eventually forget, then the situation could get worse then blow up and it's a huge mess vs nipping it in the bud when the warning signs were there. Also an issue with bfs when you have to teach them to talk about how they feel and why they feel that way.

They're less likely to help you stick to a diet and will happily feed you sweets.

Also it's a bit annoying how they're naturally stronger. Like you can live your daily life with a guy and both be lazy no exercise people but he can still lift his whole body with his arms or lift things twice as heavy as you can or something.

Oh and is it just me or are they bitches with things that hurt a bit? Like if you ask them to hold a bowl that's hot, the common sense thing would be to put it down where it needs to go as quickly as possible, instead they ham it up, being like "aaAAAAH so HOT". Same with stubbing their toe or whatever.

Anonymous 21896

>They're less likely to help you stick to a diet and will happily feed you sweets.

>Also it's a bit annoying how they're naturally stronger. Like you can live your daily life with a guy and both be lazy no exercise people but he can still lift his whole body with his arms or lift things twice as heavy as you can or something.

This is ok and even cozy if you accept it as part of your transformation into a coupled woman. It really makes no sense to strive after being slender or strong if you live with one man permanently.

Anonymous 21899



Anonymous 21916

that's the entire point of this discussion.

if you want someone to pet your ego then make your own 'this is why i love men uwu' thread

Anonymous 21952

>"no no it's no issue it's fine!"
maybe they really don't think it's an issue

Anonymous 21953

>something something 200000 euos
>wears pants with holes

Anonymous 21956

>average 4chan poster: 'here's some revenge porn of my ex would you fuck her'
>this thread: 'men are dummies and penises are weird.'

totally on the same level amirite

Anonymous 21979

then you're in for a real surprise should you actually browse there.

Anonymous 21990

Please don't compare us to refugees. Honestly. You wouldn't think they were hot if you had to live on our islands next to the "newcomers".(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 21997

When we talk privately he'll admit it's an issue, and make kind of passive remarks that usually goes over the other guys head because he's a black and white thinker. If someone says nothing is wrong then nothing is wrong despite body language, behaviour, doing everything BUT saying something is wrong. Then if I go ahead and argue the whole thing myself he'll tell me afterwards it was really cathartic having me say everything he was thinking.

They just really don't want to fight, even if it means rough long term conseuences

Anonymous 22277

I don't have an opinion. but when ugly guys come up to hit on me I cringe like hell.

Anonymous 22293


the epitome of this is the creation of the “metrosexual” term as if a male who follows basic hygiene and cares about his looks is a rare species

Anonymous 22307

>hairier than women
>sweat more than women
Why are they this way?

Anonymous 22402


>Call game store
>Dude answers
>Ask if they have a title in stock
>"We don't have that, anon, you should ask whoever you're buying it for if they'll take a different edition"
>it's for myself

Casual sexism just being casual sexism.

Anonymous 22406


Anonymous 22480

We don’t have to explicitly mark that we are not talking about all men because, unlike you, we are not autistic. Human language works with generalization. You can say that dogs like bones and have four paws and presenting you a dog that doesn’t like bones or lost a paw does not debunk that statement, because it’s evident that you are not talking about literally every fucking dog on this planet. If language wasn’t working this way, we’d live in mayhem needing ages to communicate the most basic things. And if you genuinely cannot grasp that you might actually have asperger’s.

>i don’t hate men

Oh, what a great, virtuous person man you are. You deserve a medal.


Anonymous 22508

stop being so facty, shes hysterical and she just wants to vent. shes not about to round up all men and holocaust them to death.

Anonymous 22908

I understand what this thread is for but holy shit, you are jaded.

Anonymous 23254

Men know they are violent and aggressive. That's why laws are made to protect women and prison is 90% men.

Anonymous 23316

>and my cool guy friends who don't want to fuck me.
Just because your guy friends aren't actively pursueing sex with you, doesn't mean that they wouldn't fuck you if presented with the no-strings-attached opportunity.

You have a bf so you're obviously attractive to a certain degree.

Anonymous 23401

I guess I hate them because of their sex drive, this year I was informed that biological men have higher sex drives, not sure if that's false science or not
I think sex does more harm than good, so I hate men because they indirectly contribute to the issue of sex being used for more harm than good.
[Assuming I wasn't misinformed, I like think to people as a whole are competent]

Anonymous 23416

Why are you always sperging about sex doing more harm than good? No one cares

Anonymous 23429

I hate how they are driven on pride and validation more than anything else. If men try to fuck around is just to prove to other guys that they are sexually desirable even if that lifestyle makes them miserable.
The last semester I had a project with a guy. On the same week of the project we had a exam so as the project was really hard I just told the guy to do a report with what we got. The guy sperged out and did the project on his own wasting 14 hours finishing it while studying nothing for the exam which was worth more than the project. After that he threw a tantrum at our teacher saying that I did nothing in the project (which is false).He failed the exam btw.
Men claim to be so rational but will hurt themselves and do something totally retarded just for validation

Anonymous 23535

I really hate how many of them actually think pedophilia and preying on underage girls is ok.

And they justify it with the idea that women are all childlike so it's fine to go after literal children, or assume every girl has been with dozens of guys so they want to use someone "fresh".

It's really disgusting after all I've been through.

Anonymous 23553

Tbh the chance that they find some 16yo pretending to be 18 in a seedy club who is totally and actively dtf is pretty high. As long as they're not 50 or so, the retarded 16yo will be proud of it and lie to get what they want.

Source: Was one, knew plenty

Anonymous 23578


Anonymous 23579

to answer your question though we have collectively agreed upon "smegsie"

Anonymous 23581



Anonymous 23583

now leave forever please thanks

Anonymous 23595

Don't forget scrotoid and scrot for femoid!

Anonymous 23597

wouldn't that just mean someone with poor hygiene?

Anonymous 23607

The source I found from 2014 differs from yours. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/265394264_Same-Sex_Domestic_Violence_Prevalence_Unique_Aspects_and_Clinical_Implications

>Domestic violence is a significant public health issue. Prevalence rates for same-sex domestic violencevary because of methodological issues related to recruitment and definitions of sexual orientation.However, such prevalence rates are currently considered to be similar to slightly greater than other-sex prevalence rates.

>Logistic regressions performed as part of a secondary data analysis of the National Vio-lence Against Women Survey (N=14,182), indicate that SSDV rates are twice that of OSDV(Messinger, 2011). Using nonprobability sampling, lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) individualsin this sample were at increased risk for all types of SSDV. Bivariate analyses indicated thatbisexual respondents were more likely to be victimized than heterosexual or gay counterparts. Inaddition, gay men were at greater risk of experiencing all types of SSDV—with the exception ofsexual domestic violence—than were their lesbian counterparts (Messinger, 2011). Differencesin the prevalence of sexual SSDV by gender are supported by a survey of 5,602 men who have sexwith men (MSM), which indicated that 4% experienced coerced sex; a rate lower than previouslyreported for this population (Stephenson et al., 2010). However, a surveyed sample of 7,998 (173victims of SSDV) indicated no differences in type of physical or sexual victimization for menexperiencing SSDV and OSDV (Blosnich & Bossarte, 2009). Inconsistencies in prevalence ratesfor SSDV, as well as the types of domestic violence experienced by group, are evident in the cur-rent literature. Taken together, the recent empirical evidence since the publication of past reviewsindicates that SSDV affects one quarter to nearly three quarters of LGB individuals (Blosnich& Bossarte, 2009; Carvalho, Lewis, Derlega, Winstead, & Viggiano, 2011; Messinger, 2011;Stephenson et al., 2010). These prevalence rates are similar to slightly greater than OSDV rates.

(PDF) Same-Sex Domestic Violence: Prevalence, Unique Aspects, and Clinical Implications. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/265394264_Same-Sex_Domestic_Violence_Prevalence_Unique_Aspects_and_Clinical_Implications [accessed Sep 26 2018].

Anonymous 23608

The term "roastie" is based off of poor understanding of female genitalia. At least smegsie implies you don't wash your dick properly aka u nasty and ur dick smell because ur a disgusting unhygenic person.

Anonymous 23743

I dislike how men are unable to read the most simple body language. They seem to pride themselves over "we tell it straight to you" but doing that just seems rude to me. For example, when someone gives you short replies or none at all, it seems simple to guess "oh this person isn't interested, maybe I'll quit rambling/change the subject". But men just don't get it. You don't have to read minds to pick up on this shit.

Anonymous 23744

In my last relationship I constantly got "k"s and "thats cool"s which both of those to me just scream a lack of interest in a subject. I constantly attempted to show him how shitty it made me feel by doing the exact same thing to him when he would talk about something important to him. Admittedly this was probably not the most rational way to go about doing that but anyways he eventually came to me like "I feel like you don't care about my interests". This turned into an argument of course and so basically he learned to stop doing that to me and other people. We broke up for unrelated, but similar reasons.
Anyway, blogging aside, I feel like its not that hard to learn how to use language (particularly in text) to show interest and care for another persons interests and feelings. I don't know how people get confused over this. In general women are told we make things "too complicated" and that men "aren't mind readers" when not being able to properly read body language and tone in a person voice, relying solely on the words they say, is a HUGE disadvantage socially. It doesn't make us women "more emotional" or "complicated", it makes us better communicators and comforters. I have aspergers (im not sex hating autism-chan btw) and even I can do this because I have observed and conditioned myself to know proper responses to peoples feelings even though I can't understand them, since most of the time they aren't like my own. I did this because I feel its extremely frustrating for me not to be able to help someone I care about because I don't understand their feelings. Really. It is not that hard to do.

Anonymous 23752

>we tell it straight to you
They don't like the same treatment, though. God help you if you're a straightforward woman who says what you think.

Anonymous 23759

I had this problem with a guy I dated a couple years back. He would criticise every little thing I'd do because he was being (((honest))), but it just felt awful all the time being around someone like that. By the end of it, I couldn't even disagree with anything he said or he'd have a tantrum. I remember what really made me shut down the whole relationship was when he refused to talk to me unless I acknowledged that Starcraft 2 was objectively better than Age of Empires 2. Should have done it a lot earlier, but I was pretty starved for any kind of shitty affection. Now I really cannot be bothered taking any shit from a man.

Anonymous 23761

> Because that's what men TRULY think about us when they don't have to pretend and be polite in real life.
You're acting irrational. This is like some MRA claiming that every women in private actually thinks like Dworkin or that woman who tried to kill that painter.

Anonymous 23762

>extreme woman hating thread on other boards:
Oh, I see - you want us to be like "other boards".
How about no? I don't really want this place to be a gender flipped version of toxic places like /r9k/, thanks.

Anonymous 23765

NTA but /r9k/ already thinks we're the gender flipped version of their board. I don't think there's anything wrong with using a female-only space to vent about problems with males. i'd rather this board be seen as a sandbox of prickly cunts than to be seen as a comfy hugbox where they can come to harvest a girlfriend tbh.

Anonymous 23766

where are all the female-equivalent of PUAs?

Anonymous 23767

women don't have to resort to cheap gimmicks like PUAs just to get a date, but the female equivalent would probably be a gold-digger.

Anonymous 23771

Too much makeup and not enough clothing, I guess.

Anonymous 23774

since when do the opinions of a bunch of misogynist angry virgins matter?

Anonymous 23775


I had a really close friend who one day decided to end our friendship because I thought Fallout 3 was better than New Vegas

Anonymous 23779

I've probably played it for 500+ hours, I always revisit it every year or so. Imo the depressed all-grey atmosphere makes fallout 3 feel so RIGHT compared to NV. NV is too colorful and has too much civilization, not what I'd expect from a post-apocalyptic world

Anonymous 23784

places like /v/ have really pushed that new vegas is soooo superior to 3 that if you don't agree you are a huge baka retard, and it's spread to everywhere online. imo 3 has exponentially better atmosphere and there's lots of reasons why someone could prefer it to nv, I know I do.

Anonymous 23785

for all the stereotypes of women being crazier with fictional stuff and taking it too seriously (shipping, fanfiction etc being 99% women). That seems to only be a phase for the majority of women in their teenage years and by their early 20s they're over it.

In my experiences however while not being into shipping/fandom compared to women (and not as crazy as teenage girls) men will still have flamewars even in their 30s for discussing that stuff; some will get offended if you criticize whatever nostalgic video game/movie/comics they have. Just look at the backlash whatever mediocre 80's/90's movie gets if it's remade (or worse gets announced with a all-female cast) by these people. It's not only with media/games too; you have men in their mid 20s arguing online over car-brands or phone-brands for instance. It isn't to say that this phenomenon is unique to men but they are certainly more prone to it and comprise more of the vocal people.

Anonymous 23786

None. There's no art to getting picked up. Just say yes to as many guys as you want.

Anonymous 25839

>That's nice. Can I invite to these cherrypicked websites that I don't like and I'm going to use to make a blanket statement about men that isn't true to reality, but I'm going to do it anyway?

Anonymous 25845


i dislike how we can't even vent about men without #NOTALLMEN posts showing up.

Anonymous 25847

Yes. I get that MGTOW and incel garbage is cherry picking, but it's not hyperbole to say that men are responsible for almost all violence in society.

Anonymous 25849

The new Ghostbusters really was fucking terrible though.

Anonymous 25850

okay, try the whole youtube comment section? is that too "cherrypicked" for you? it gets even worse when you realize that a lot of those commentors are kids who are learning that this behavior is acceptable.

Anonymous 25851


men did nothing wrong

Anonymous 25852

Snot nosed young boys are always the most misogynist pieces of shit.

Anonymous 25854

There are men lurking here that could say the same of this thread.

Anonymous 25855

all misogynist boys i knew as an elementary/middle schooler are still misogynistic

there are way more whiteprincesses here than white knights on youtube, if you could even compare the tenacity of these posts as compared to what is seen on youtube.

Anonymous 25856

glad you're making sure to defend men properly on crystal cafe, misandry in women's spaces is a very important issue.

Anonymous 25862

don't expect a 30-something woman to make a hour-long winded rant/vent video on youtube on her nostalgia media being "destroyed" all while the funko-pop figurines stare in the background

Anonymous 25870

I know what you mean. I just think that the incels complaining about it are right that it sucks but for the wrong reasons. It's a shame the movie wasn't good because it gives these cretins the ammo they need to attack women.

Anonymous 26160

for real tho, I hate men who walk around all confidently even though they're at like 15% body fat and work at the same place as me (I work in a grocery store currently.)

I mean if they were even kind of hot and had a real job, I could understand it but the idea of some beta loser walking around like an actual man is outrageous(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 26163

This is the "man dislike" thread, not the "let's larp as a weird caricature of a man-hating girl" thread.

Anonymous 26597


>Muh grey and brown colors
Degenerates, all of you

Anonymous 26598


That's not the picture I posted, MOOOOOOT

Anonymous 26599

donald n'est pas s…

is that too not the image you posted

Anonymous 26980

I hate men. I hope they die.

Anonymous 26981

Most men age terribly because they:
-don't take care of their skin
-use shitty soaps and bodywashes
-don't wear make up like women do

Anonymous 26982

>it's over for girls once they reach 30
Most women I know over 30 still have no issues finding willing partners in the dating scene. Especially if they actually take care of their bodies.

If anything, a man has a much harder time after that age. They are always so overweight and doughy and have terrible skin from their poor diets and lack of good hygiene.

Anonymous 26983

Because using lotion and exfoliants isn't the "manly" thing to do. You should let the sun and other elements completely fuck you up and leave you a wrinkly leather sack.

Anonymous 26985

A man who would settle for a women over 30 who probably had multiple other partners before him is not a good man

Anonymous 26986


Anonymous 26987

Why do these guys just give up? Don't they want sex?

Anonymous 26988

Nice black pill

Anonymous 26989

I bet you're one of the posters that speaks out against misandry too lmao

Anonymous 26990


absolutely ridiculous, should've dumped him after realizing he liked bethesda games

Anonymous 26996


Every fucking guy I talk to cannot tell me a damn thing about himself. I ask what his hobbies are, I ask what he likes to do, I ask what his fucking job is. 9/10 its a one word response and they don't finish it with "what about you?" Fucking snoreville.

Anonymous 26999

>betamale hands typed this post

Anonymous 27001

This so fucking much. They always act so impressed by my opinions on random media (vidya, movies, books, etc) and I'll ask them their opinion of x if we've both seen it and they have nothing to report… if you're lucky they'll obsess over some dumb, overall insignificant detail.
Nah, I know for a fact men would fuck literal pigs if it weren't illegal (hell, some do it anyway). It's not a compliment for a man to think a woman is hot, they have the most unreliable, shitty taste ever.

Anonymous 27002


How the fuck is a 30-40 woman an "old lady" to anyone over 18??? Also if you're female you would KNOW how common and gross it is that virginity is worshiped in all cultures.

Anonymous 27005

Are you 10, a man, or both?

Anonymous 27020

>don't wear make up like women do
Isn't makeup bad for the skin though? I stopped using the stuff because I was getting into a cycle of use makeup-> get acne -> use more makeup to cover it up

Anonymous 27038

I never said that was necessarily was the case. Its just not as difficult for women within that age group to find partners, as compared to men who generally aren't as conscious of their grooming regardless if they are a "good man" or not….

Anonymous 27200

I really hate how men on the right/nationalists blame women for all the problems with the modern world. Usually they are former MGTOWs who started browsing /pol/, and kept their woman hate with them.
Truth is, men had the reigns on society and they willfully gave it up to their enemies to be degraded. They got lazy.
They especially get pissed when you tell them that if society is ever going to change, they're going to have to change it themselves. Revolutions are lead by men, women are not going to "rescue" their nations. Because of that many RW men have even more hatred towards women. Sometimes it's so strong that they prey for the world to burn because they see it as "retribution for what women have done", but in reality, they let gave all the power they had away and now they are too cowardly and spiteful to fix take it back.

Anonymous 27203

Is this a subtle call to put women back in the kitchen?

Anonymous 27205

Aside from framing women as enemies who want to degrade men isn't that true? Men had the power, and only men could decide to give women the vote or whatever.

Anonymous 27207

Not by me.
I wasn't referring to women as "enemies" from my perspective. I don't view women any more negatively than I view men on average. I am pessimistic about the state of both. (Another problem with MGTOW nationalists, they will fault women to a cartoonish degree but think that men are perfect, flawless victims)
I'm a woman myself, obviously. My complaint is that MGTOWs who edge on /pol/ territory are just inept spergs who just want to hate women all day and do nothing to improve the flaws they perceive. They either want women to rescue them or burn in a fire to be "redeemed", they claim no responsibility for their station.
I wish they would stop pretending to care about their nations or the state of the world, because its obvious that they just adopted nationalism just so they can have another reason to complain about women.

Anonymous 27208

I think your problem is that you view men and women as opposing teams.
Suffragettes and feminists didn't force men to do anything. Over the last 100 years, white men have done nothing but give everything they had away. They still continue to do so, with no real threat of force whatsoever. Because they became lazy, soft, and clueless. It's their fault, MGTOWs refuse to accept it.

Anonymous 27227

I say white because undeniably the western world was pioneered and maintained by white men almost exclusively up until the last 100 years when they started giving it away.
Also a few terrorists acts are nothing compared to an entire civic structure that generations of men maintained. If all it takes was a few bombings to get what they want from otherwise unwilling victims, then the entire globe would be converting to islam yesterday.
White men didn't fight against some plucky suffragettes who forced their will upon some evil unwilling patriarchy. White men let women vote because they didn't care enough to stop it. Just like how they didn't care enough to stop any of the humiliation and destruction of the empires they once owned. MGTOWs see the issues with what this has caused for them but don't ever factor in the fact that men allowed this to happen.

Also, not everything I believe is exactly what a male chauvinist from the 19th century would believe. But, it's my opinion that what we had before, though flawed, is much preferable than what we have today. And the future… well, I don't even think we have a future, and that shows a complete and utter failing on the part of white men to defend what they created.

Anonymous 27228

>But, it's my opinion that what we had before, though flawed, is much preferable than what we have today.

It's a phase.

Anonymous 27229

It's not but ok.

Anonymous 28165

It's a male equilevant of a pony, except men never grow out of that phase

Anonymous 28337

>tfw if half of all men died we'd have a more peaceful society within a generation

its an…esoteric type of feel
vid related.

Anonymous 28348

Screenshot from 20…

I'm really upset right now. I go to another image board because I like discussing programming (which they sometimes have good talks about), and then a thread like this happens. Like, why is it even men who seem polite and clever talk this way about us? One of them says a horrible sexual, and the next thing is this huge post about oppressing women but in clear language. Are they ALL misogynists?! The disgusting ones, sure, but even the educated ones?! is there ANY hope?

Anonymous 28350

that pseudo intellectual british bitch boy on KC is the worst. He's not educated btw, he's a good parrot though, he's a boomer living at home with his parents and will at times get wasted by himself in his room. He literally does voburse sourceless /r9k/ shit, he made an emotional appeal that as a human being his existence is suffering because he has no mate. He has no business talking about "good character" and "diligence" when he is a complete fucking parasite loser that finds company with a bunch of pedophiles and gore watchers on KC.

Turkish poster in that ITT screencap has it right.

Anonymous 28352

Also, I beg please do not lead them to raid us again. That evening reminded me why I left that shit hole of hatred and bitterness.

Anonymous 28353

Are you browsing there too? Why don't mods ban this sort of thing, it's so gross.

Anonymous 28354

I left and haven't looked back.

Anonymous 28355

How long ago was that? Just curious, because it feels like things have got a lot worse over last few months. I still stick around but eugh it's bad sometimes.

Anonymous 28356

Well, I -mostly- quit in 2016 after the great /r9k/ and /pol/ invasions were still relentlessly shifting board culture and many oldfags were leaving, especially when it basically became /int/ - US presidential elections 2016. Hilarious now that you have some of these same /pol/ newfags complaining about queers ruining their board when they probably don't even know who lambda was.

I quit permanently in 2017 for my own mental health, it was easy by then since I reduced browsing in 2016 by so much. I checked out some of the KC rebirths after its death but Ernst is an wannabe-asperger tryhard and kohl is a shameless pedophile. I decided to hell with these nu-KCs in September.

Anonymous 28357

Oh, were you on krautchan too? I was. It was good back then, back when it was still OK to actually say you were a woman and not have people attack you. I remember some really good artwork threads done by Australians but yeah the 2016 election was bad for the board and acceptance.
If you say you're a woman on this place now = instant harassment.

Anonymous 28359

Yeah it was more casual back then huh. /r9k/ migrants made it taboo for someone to post about having a gf, suddenly virginity was required to be a true bernd. Basically all that it took was mods quit giving a shit and let anything run rampant until 4chan slowly morphed the community.

Anonymous 28362

LOL too stupid to know you wouldn't make it past verification anyway

Anonymous 28386

You seem fairly polite but it is against the site rules to out yourself as a man so your post is going to get deleted. If you're seeking female opinions on male issues you will have to find another community to ask, this is an imageboard for women.

Anonymous 28408

Gamers who loved the original Fallouts have very strong feelings towards Bethesda for ruining the franchise. But ruining close friendships over it? Ridiculous.

You got that backwards. New Vegas is an Obsidian game. Fallout 3 is a Bethesda game.

Anonymous 28421

They messed with gamers, now they pay the price.

Anonymous 28506

I expect a #NotAllMen response, and really maybe it's coming because I am only describing one person but he is archetypal of the American straight white male.

He was my roommate. Some things and stories about him in no particular order:

>His bedroom smelled of body odor whenever the door came open

>Talked down to me in any exchange of ideas, like very condescending lines like "Do you even know what ____ is…?" and he took such a rude tone
>Talked about every single date and girl he met extensively, dismissive of all of my stories
>related, he had some neurotic ability to transfer every conversation to be focused himself
>didn't clean up after himself, peed and didn't flush
>at times went into these political rants that seemed to be geared to be as offensive and controversial as possible, once about gunning down all the ghetto black people from helicopters or how transgenderism is a conspiracy by international psychology(the jews?) to sterilize white males and promote pedophilia
>is anti-abortion because it leads to immigration by lowering white birth rates????
>at one point "lesbians aren't real" came up somehow, which is so sexist yet says it to me anyway
>I mostly nod and listen when he rants like this instead of being the triggered progressive lefty I am
>he worked as a programmer and I worked a shitty retail job, if I ever talked about something happening at work he would make sure to inform me that it was a low skill job because ????
>I was venting about how I got talked into sharing nudes with some hot tinder guy who then quit talking to me a few days later, as I always listen to him venting about getting ghosted, but he turns the conversation into how he did the exact same thing to some poor girl he said was so ugly he had no interest in but was just drunk and horny!!!!!!
>speaking of drunk, there was no taking the garbage to the dumpster without the clanking of 1000 beer bottles
>thought trump was the hottest shit and spent all this time with the other reddit tiers on /r/thedonald
>despite all the offensive shit he said, he got very serious about #MeToo and talked about being a some kind of frightened victim
>I for once decided to act alt-right along with him and jokingly said "You better watch out or I'll #MeToo you"(which I regret because it was indirectly playing into rape accusations being probably fake)
>his tone shifts very seriously but not as much as his facial expression shifted, and almost in the manner of a minority telling you something is offensive and insensitive he goes "I know you think that's funny, but this is a very real thing and I could lose everything to something like that"
>accidentally ran over some homeless man's foot backing out of a parking space, apparently the guy was approaching his window and he didn't see. He sped off
>he vents about the story and expressed nothing of guilt, shame, or any sympathy for an already downtrodden man now limping with a crushed foot. Instead he is venting about the fear the guy got his license plate and he is going to get into trouble
>I tell him of my career plans and how I was reading up on this trade union, and how it's so much easier to get hired into as a female since so few women work in the field
>instantly responds with "Yeah… and people try to say I'm privileged because I'm a white male"

Holy fuck dude.

Anonymous 28527

He seems like a trash person, though there's one or two things he's not exactly wrong about. And I wouldn't want to live with either of you.

Anonymous 28533

you forgot to mention his beliefs/views on society and relationships are either influenced by some PUA-artist pseudoscience relying on outdated/inaccurate sociobiological premises (behavior of wolves) or by some deadwood Canadian academic who blown up due to convincing emotionally stunted men in their 20s that it's a good job to clean your room. It's amazing how a-lot men are like this;

Allow me to pull a #notallmen by saying hey maybe YA men and women are BOTH naive about each other (it doesn't help that modern dating is awful). BUT you won't see women come out with these crazy meme charts about "alpha men" their supposed tendencies and not only that but insist stubbornly that they are right and that society is against them or other vast conspiracy theories (also refusing to improve themselves). The stereotype of men being vastly ignorant to female anatomy for instance is sadly not that far-fetched (its not even only just YA-men but many politicians and the like).

Anonymous 28534

What a scumbag, I'm surprised you spoke to him enough to even have those sorts of conversations with him. I think of this kind of person as a 14 year old in a /pol/ phase, it surprises me how actual adults can think like this.

Anonymous 28535

>peed and didn't flush
You know this is the bit that bugs me the most.
Why do guys do this. WHY.
It's literally a second of effort. Literally why. I cannot comprehend.

Anonymous 28536


I have had a fear of some sewer rat jumping out of toilet so I always close it, even in public. Doesn't take much effort too. So many guys cant get this

Anonymous 28537

>And I wouldn't want to live with either of you.

good for you

Anonymous 28538

>defensive over nostalgic media
Holy fuck anon this so much. I can't believe 30 year olds lose their shit when I dare insult Lucky Star and say it's aged like milk for everyone else but them.

Anonymous 28540

God, my sister never closes the lid ever which drives me up the wall enough on its own, but at least she flushes.

Seriously, why the hell would you not flush?
Years of human ingenuity and invention have led up to this point, where the man stands above the porcelein throne. He can turn a handle and off it shoots to a sewer where he never has to deal with it.
And instead, what. He just wants everyone else to appreciate his creation too?
What is the thought process.
What is it in a person's life that leads them to this.

Anonymous 28544

rats can't do that can they?

Anonymous 28545


When you get pregnant, do you grow ten more fingers and ten more toes? An extra head? Are those parts of your body?

Anonymous 28553

this is off-topic, but I just remembered a story I read in ethics class.
Suppose there is a world-renowned violinist, and his kidneys or something are failing. One day you wake up strapped to a bed and with the violinist on the bed next to you, connected to you through a tube. You learn that you were kidnapped by the violinist's fans and your kidneys are being used by the violinist because you have the same blood type or something. You have to stay lying there for 9 months until the violinist gets better.

Is it moral to refuse this arrangement? Of course, it would be really really nice of you to let the violinist use your kidneys, but also, it is your body, so you have the complete right to refuse helping him. The violinist does not have the right to use your body without your permission.

Anonymous 28556

Why would you even have to bring up being female? It's an anonymous board after all.

Anonymous 28558

That's honestly a bad analogy, considering it completely removes your own agency, and being pregnant is quite a bit different from being strapped to a bed for 9 months. Aside for a few exceptions, getting pregnant was the result of your own (bad) choices. Not that I have anything against abortion. It's just a bad analogy.

Anonymous 28563

Look, I'd be more willing to listen to any arguments about trannies or abortion from anyone who wasn't framing them as tools of white genocide.

I'd rather not an abortion debate in this threda so I must ignore your question.

Anonymous 28564

>It's an anonymous board after all.

It was a magical place where anonymity wasn't fetishized like it is on 4chan. There were lots of characters and personas in the /int/osphere that still live on to this day. Much of the culture was blogging about your personal life.

Anonymous 28567

I think it is a good analogy but it's meant for the case when a woman gets pregnant from for example rape or when contraceptives failed to work.
Also seriously these captchas, I click on all the squares with cars but oh no try again you must be a robot! urgh

Anonymous 28589

The very same cancer that has been ruining krautchan since it's inception has the audacity to complain about similar retards hijacking the board and doing the same.
Your circlejerks and attentionwhoring threads were never beneficial to the board and ended up creating the exact sort of environment that attracted stormfags, 4kankers and retarded yli-tier funposters you despise so much.
Ironic, isn't it?

Anonymous 28591

>Much of the culture was blogging about your personal life.

c.c is 90% blogging and we still manage to be anon.

Anonymous 28598

Yo, what the fuck sis.
Personas were fine and well - I had one myself - but they were not good board culture. If that's your idea of board culture, start a Facebook or go to a forum or something.
If you were there for more than two days you'd know the most prominent posters were also the objectively worst human beings. I bet you unironically learned Esperanto to boot t(- n -)t

Anonymous 28601

>The very same cancer

We were the organism itself.

>Your circlejerks and attentionwhoring threads were never beneficial

That's subjective. They were the content that made it worth browsing to me, not the krautistic sperging about the 19th century and haplogroups. But we were both compatable together. These two types could coexist together, an attention whore blogger couldn't storm into a serious discussion and ruin it unlike the 4kanker and stormfag.

>yli-tier funposters you despise

I love them.

>we still manage to be anon

You're still anon in mentioning you're a girl. Imagine somehow CC grew an anti-academic culture and you could no longer say you were a college student without being dogpiled by hostile posts. Then later on you mention "Yeah CC fuck that place" and someone asked "why mention being a college student tho it's anonymous?".


>but they were not good board culture

There's a void in my heart now where I spent those years shitposting. I've never replaced it and have just moved on, quitting alle except CC. I miss it.

>If that's your idea of board culture, start a Facebook or go to a forum or something.

Those will never fill the gap in the same way.

Anonymous 28602

>You're still anon in mentioning you're a girl. Imagine somehow CC grew an anti-academic culture and you could no longer say you were a college student without being dogpiled by hostile posts. Then later on you mention "Yeah CC fuck that place" and someone asked "why mention being a college student tho it's anonymous?".

I'm saying that you can mention you're a girl and not be a chan persona. You can talk about yourself and - gasp! - give identifying info without namefagging and attentionwhoring. Look all over >>>/feels/.

Anonymous 28604

Try wiggling your cursor a bit, the new captchas check for cursor movement too to determine if you're real

Anonymous 28606

>I'm saying that you can mention you're a girl and not be a chan persona. You can talk about yourself and - gasp! - give identifying info without namefagging and attentionwhoring.

You said that in response to a response I gave to the question "Why mention you're a girl if it's anonymous".

Anonymous 28668


>We were the organism itself.
So is the current userbase and, surprise-surprise, they can coexist with assburgers discussing the early XX century turkish industrial output about as well as you did.
>That's subjective. They were the content that made it worth browsing to me
Just like /pol/-tier content makes it worth for many other users(some attentionwhores too!).
Your lack of self awareness is hilarious.

Anonymous 28706

> assburgers discussing the early XX century turkish industrial output about as well as you did.

They don't exist anymore, only newfags playing pretend.

>Just like /pol/-tier content makes it worth for many other users

Yes, and it no longer being worth it for me made me leave(as well as many oldfags). Now I say "KC was ruined" and don't go. You in one hand say we ruined KC and are now defending new KC all in some straw grasping attempt to defend it. It's a garbage community.

>self awareness

Ebin :DDDD

Anonymous 28718

Your reading comprehension is about as bad as I would expect from an attentionwhoring Finnish pedobear enthusiast.
That is to be expected from someone who actively helped foster the exact kind of environment that made the community too unbearable even for such a retard.
Int was going to garbage for almost a decade because of the likes of you.
I'll spoonfeed and explain my point though. Kohlchan reads like 8chan with attentionwhores, pedophiles, gays and stormfag mods. A shame you left, you'd fit right in with all the other cool kc personas there, teehee.

Anonymous 28719

muh imageboards

Anonymous 28725

Leave imageboards already.
People like you ruined KC.
There are many places on the internet that cater to your needa. You are about as useful to imageboards as men are to CC.

Anonymous 28726


>Leave imageboards already.
I have, they all suck except CC. But also

literally muh imageboards

Anonymous 28762

Who cares if she ruined KC, it was a shit place to start with and can stay a containment zone for autistic attention whores for all I care. As a German, the boards outside of /int/ were incredibly drab and depressingly grim. There was never even a point to remaking it. The only ongoing discussion was autistic fixations on history. The entire site was nothing but the epitome of a neckbeard nest.

Anonymous 28767

So what?
Imageboards were always places for outcasts and losers, people who didn't quite fit in. And CC is no exception.

If it's not for you then don't post there but don't hate pathetic people if they don't harm anyone. Their misery is a sufficient punishment.

Anonymous 28768

That's what I said. I don't care if it got "ruined" because it was shit in the first place and everyone who participated in that culture knew what they were perpetuating. What part of that is so hard to understand? Are you only here to sperg out about KC? I'm sorry you're missing what little semblance of relevance you had and I'm sorry cc doesn't allow you to attentionwhore it up the way you did there. Now go play on yli.

Anonymous 28771

half the time it's caused by the bad choices of the male too though. all it takes is for him to break the condom by accident, or lie and say how his "pull out game" is fool proof.
pregnancy doesnt happen in a vacuum, but the difference is only the woman will be forced to pay for both of their mistakes.

Anonymous 28772

trolled hard

Anonymous 28773

Honestly, if you agree to just pulling out, that's on you. It doesn't take a genius to know that it's not a particularly foolproof method. Even with contraception failing, you always made the choice of having sex in the first place. There is not a single method of contraception that is 100% safe (even tying tubes has a ~0.5% failure rate), so you should be aware that it's a gamble every time.

Anonymous 28775

no one said these girls were geniuses, but it also takes the man to unironically think itll work too. i hear stories of men doing this shit online all the time.
>you made the choice to have sex
so did the men, so why is it the woman must bear all the suffering, and have to, you know, think about the actual ramifications of their actions, while the man can do whatever then fuck off to another state leaving her single and alone, for his mistakes? its his sperm afterall, if he was content with just blowjobs they wouldnt be in that situation to begin with.

imo men should be forced to pay for abortion too, they caused it after all. and theyre messing with a potential human life by just fucking around carelessly

Anonymous 28776

Yes, it takes two to tango, I never denied that, and I actually had an issue with the analogy for that reason as it is the one that removed your agency. Why women suffer the consequences is just how nature works, and that's something you really can't change. That's all the more reason for you to be more careful about it, because men are probably not going to care as much about it. Though even they can sometimes suffer the consequences if they want an abortion and you don't, or vice versa.

Health care where I live is mostly taxpayer funded, so the costs factor is essentially a nonissue here.

Anonymous 28790

I'm a different anon but anyways, you're too passive aggressive to have a meaningful discussion.

Anonymous 28814

I hate how you can't even interact with guys without them asking you out. I was being nice to a quiet autistic man at work and he, out of the blue, asked me out. He accused me of flirting with him and I had to assure him that I did no such thing but he was adamant. Luckily he's skeleton skinny so if push came to shove i could've defended myself.

It's a shame because I don't any male friends outside of my boyfriend, Toot.

Anonymous 28815

I'd maybe be more lenient towards this if he let it go when you said no instead of giving you accusations. Do you remember the advice dog spinoff Fowl Bachelor Frog? There was one that was like:

>attractive girl is nice to you

>imagine spending rest of life married together

He probably had that going on in his head.

Anonymous 28818

I hate this so much.
Most of the guys I know are great about it, but there's always a couple who just go full retard.
Making it worse, these guys invariably know im a huge lesbian and still make a play.
I do not fucking understand.

Anonymous 28835

why are you interacting with autistic dudes? a good autist is a unicorn, most of them are like what you described.

Anonymous 28836

She mentioned it was at work

Anonymous 28898

I'm not sure how this is supposed to be true. Pretty much everybody's had a few partners by the time they're 30. If he's that judgmental about it he's not worth the time.

Anonymous 29364


Anonymous 29365

incel rhetoric

Anonymous 29404

and you know this is something every women has thought at some point, but she put it so succinctly, reading it just makes you want to leave this earth.

Anonymous 29405

Everyone is nicer to attractive people, men and women.

Anonymous 29412

I'd join the hate circlejerk (circleschlick?) about this but I'm only nice to non-familial men I'd potentially hit on (and one old male friend). Can't blame them, being nice to most people is a waste outside of basic courtesy like door holding.

Anonymous 29413

>why hate them for what nature made them to do?
I think I hate nature in general. 2edgy5me I guess but I can't help but do it.

Anonymous 29414

nature made you hate nature

Anonymous 29415

That's also true.

Anonymous 29459

Mountain-hate anon, is that you?
tfw the captcha for this asks to identify hills and mountains.

Anonymous 29529


Anonymous 29941

Men don't like expensive cars. Women like expensive cars, and men want to impress women.

Some men do end up fetishising the cars themselves, but that's just a perversion.

Anonymous 30031

Brit is a bitter incel, which doesn't stop him from being mostly right about what he's talking.
It's the correct way, but he unlikely be able to score a gf in such a society in any case.
Modern social darwinism is plenty unhealthy.

Anonymous 30759

That same rhetoric goes other way around too. Men being nice to women for whatever reason, even from pure kindness to help a fellow human out, get called creeps and weirdos. Especially if the men are not handsome or good looking.

Anonymous 30760

He asked you out because he misunderstood you? Wow how terrible!

Anonymous 31777


Goddamnit I'm so sick of men disrespecting me all the time, especially when it's my own boyfriend reeeee I feel as lonely as I would if I were single because I have no one to confide to about this because everyone around me undermines my feelings and thoughts and it's exhausting to constantly try to explain to people why I deserve to be listened to and taken seriously.

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