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Hilarious : Japanese gamer fired over insulting manlets Anonymous 124401


I dont even mind men being short, but thats hilarious. I love her

Anonymous 124402


Based but didn't she insult blacks and make fun of women over 30 years old?

Anonymous 124405

good comedy but she's retarded for cutting her own leg like this after having been through another retarded controversy in the past

Anonymous 124408

yeah i think she did, i dont mind racism (i dont understand the age thing tho, everyone ages and shes gonna be 30 too so wtf? she may be trolling too tho)

yeah that was a stupid move if she wanted to keep her career but she kept saying whatever she wanted anyway, good for her if she doesnt want to shut up to please

Anonymous 124413


So are there links with english subtitles to the original videos where she says these things about manlets, gays, blacks and old women? I suspect the media might have distorted a little bit of her tone. I found that but it's in japanese…

Anonymous 124417

Anonymous 124448

>insulting women's bodies
>insulting women's age despite being close to 30
>insulting gays, lesbians and people of colour
>making light of depression

But people are only upset about her manlet insults. Figures.

Anonymous 124449

That is actually new since we normally tend not to care about manlets the same way we care about LGBT, blacks, depressed people etc.

Anonymous 124453


Isn't that just because its in Japan

Anonymous 124476

>shit on your fanbase
>get cancelled by all your sponsors
excellent career move

probably because of their viewers which are mostly short guys, since it happened in Japan

Anonymous 124478

Also, I have a strong suspicion that this thread was created by some r9k blackpiller to screenshot replies and make yet another women hate thread. Been seeing this article posted 50 times at least in the last week

Anonymous 124479

What's an anti

Anonymous 124496

I love her

Anonymous 124526

played tekken 7 and watched tournaments for years… cant think of what you are talking about. wanna remind me?

Anonymous 124529

I could have sworn the "rotten amniotic fluids" quote was said by some jpop idol years ago who got in trouble for it. She could have said the same thing but I wouldn't be surprised if moids were trying to accuse her of arson, murder, and jaywalking, here

Anonymous 124536

Same incels that complain about cancel culture are celebrating this.

Anonymous 124540

She sounds epic.

Anonymous 124541

It's because the only victimhood in the world that exists to them is that of unattractive and/or short males.

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