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Unpopular Opinions #3 Anonymous 12450

I think Lain worship is cringy as fuck and I'm wary of any guy who likes her.

Anonymous 12451

does anyone worship her outside of lainchan

Anonymous 12458

who does that but serial autists.. seriously.. why do you complain when undesirable men act undesirable?

Anonymous 12460

>any guy who likes her
No shit, she's only 14. Same goes for any guy who likes tomoko from that watamote anime. Gross.

Anonymous 12462

Be aware of any man who likes little cartoon girls.

Anonymous 12466

they're a bunch of traits tossed together to be appealing tf
there's nothing wrong with liking/waifuing anime girls

Anonymous 12467

>they're a bunch of traits tossed together to be appealing tf

that's exactly what's wrong. you're basically willingly signing yourself up as a consumer for a fictional product instead of liking real people like at least decent functioning human

Anonymous 12468

they're little girls and you're a paedophile in the making if you think that's a likeable "wife" trait.

Anonymous 12472

nta but calm down. you're obviously ESL but waifu doesn't mean wife, it's ironic.

also people don't "like" anime girls, anime girls aren't real, it's more like what >>12467 said, but you know, a normal person can tell the difference between being attracted to something that's marketed to you and real love/affection.

Anonymous 12480

it's worth mentioning nobody worships lain because she's a 14 y/o girl. there's more to it.
like, i'm not a lainer myself but i have seen the show. her character represented a lot.

see my above post.
also you're dumb as hell for using the word pedo to describe someones attraction to cartoons. it's not that serious lol

Anonymous 12482

I really like those tumblr imagine blogs with reader insert fics and fanart. People say they're cringey but to be honest I can think of a thousand others things that are way cringer than someone wanting to imagine themselves with their favorite characters and making themselves and other people happy. It's not even all that weird?? If you've never imagined yourself as your favorite character's friend or s/o you're a liar and I don't believe you lmao. Like, some of them are badly written or drawn but there are good ones too. There are always going to be some really fucking weird ones but most of them are really mild and not weird at all. I feel like a lot of people who say they hate them actually secretly like them but are embarrassed about it.

Anonymous 12484

I feel like people who imagine themeselves in those scenarios have few/no irl friends and consuming any type of media is a a big part of their life, that being said, ive never imagined being in love with a fictional character (I actually don't like watching movies, or playing games or whatever) I don't get attached to fictional stories/characters as much as other people do
I think it's nice though and there should be no shame about it

Anonymous 12485



It's not pedophilia:

1. Characters drawn lack the subtle features that distinguish a 14 year old from a 34 year old. Anime is not like irl where you can generally distinguish a 30 year old from a young teenager - even if you put a 14 year old in a suit and a 34 year old in a school uniform, it's unlikely to deceive people. While exaggerated features might be used to indicate age in some cases (i.e. D cups for a 30 year old, and A cups for a 14 year old), this isn't an accurate indication of age. Plenty of 14 year olds have large breasts, and plenty of 30 year olds are flat-chested. And again, these exaggerated features are used because the drawings lack the ability to accurately portray age the same way as irl.

Physically, these characters could be 10, 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years old if that's what the author dictates them. School uniforms are indicators of a character's age, but physically they could be 40 years old if switched into a business suit.

Would this really make someone a pedophile?

2. It might seem 'cringy' or 'creepy' to be attracted to a young teenager's or even child's personality in an anime.

But it's important to remember that these characters are created by adults. Their personalities are reflections of the creators, who have an adult view/perspective and have experienced life beyond childhood. Often times teenaged characters will be more mature/rational or have a perspective uncommon in actual youth. This is, again, because they aren't actual teenagers.

>I for one don't have a waifu per se, but have been attracted to "underaged anime girls." I have zero attraction to children, especially not teenagers.

>If we took a picture of an irl 50 year old woman, told people she's 14 (when she's clearly middle aged) and connected her with a fantastic backstory and great personality…would you call the people attracted to her pedophiles? I think not.

>Pic related. If you didn't or don't know who this character is, can you see how she could be either 15 (age of this character) or a 45 year old MILF?

Anonymous 12487


But it is.
It's very clear that the intention of making a small character with barely any visible breasts, a child voice, and childish personalty among other child traits while also making them a perfect adult fantasy is meant to attract the pedo crowds and incite the liking of children and a borderline sexual pandering to adults.

>"she is a 2000 year old dragon loli so it's okay!"

>"it's only a cartoon, it's not affecting anybody!"
>"i'm not attracted to children, just to everything that makes a child a child!"

They are pandering to people who are attracted to children traits but don't want to admit they are by using the defense of "it's a cartoon, it's not real, so i'm not actually really attracted to children even-though i am in love with a 14 year old waifu".
It's gross, it's normalizing the attraction to children for adults even more than it already is.

There are millions of anime waifus that look adult and have the same copy paste personality of one another, but those people went for the one that is underage and looks like a child to jerk off to, what a coincidence.
Don't kid yourself thinking that people who jerk off to lolis and shotas are normal and have no attraction whatsoever to children traits.

Anonymous 12489

Are you the same sick creeps who posted that shota childporn in nsfw and were defending it? Y'all are nasty af and in denial.

Anonymous 12490

A guy I used to know who confessed to me that he had fucking pedo desires is obsessed with little anime girls. Since meeting him I don't buy this "it's just a cartoon" excuse. It's a sign.

Anonymous 12491

Spoiler that, I'm at work and wasn't prepared for this.

Anonymous 12492

A+ mental gymnastics bro. you jerk off to illustrated little girls. it really is that simple. your cognitive dissonance is preventing you from seeing how absurd your arguments are.

Anonymous 12494

Some can be cringy af, but most of them are just cute (imo. Might also depend on the fandom). It's just fanfiction.

Anonymous 12495

Yeah of course, I guess my point is that people act like the whole concept of it is too cringey, as if there aren't thousands of infinitely shittier regular fics

Anonymous 12496

Well maybe if you didn't watch kids cartoons this wouldn't be a problem.


Anonymous 12502


here's my unpopular opinion – there's nothing wrong with liking loli/shota. no rl child looks or acts like a cartoon manufactured to be perfect and cute.
t. someone that loves this show

Anonymous 12505

holy shite, what is up with the influx of girls defending pedo anime now?

Anonymous 12507

u just jelly
nice b8

Anonymous 12512

>t. pedophile
You should have some shame. Who announces this even anonymously lmao

Anonymous 12513

Anime girls don't look like real people, either. But if you are attracted to anime girls, you're still a lesbian. It's may be heavily stylized, but it is a depiction of a woman.
You are attracted to stylized artistic depictions of children. You are a pedophile.

Seek professional help.

Anonymous 12514


I'm >>12485
This character doesn't look like a child to me except for the school uniform. Put her in a office lady uniform, heels, and tell me she's 30 and I'd believe it. I'm under 5'0" and the majority of my female friends are around my height (some are like 4'5"ish). I'm not personally that thin or petite, but have friends this size and they don't look like kids and neither do I.

That wasn't me. I don't watch shota or loli porn. Way to pass judgement.


Obviously we aren't going to agree. Speaking for myself, I am NOT attracted to kids/teenagers and don't view teenaged anime characters as accurate portrayals of actual teenagers.

They are cartoons, and my guess is that since most anime characters are underaged, it's easier for people to develop "feelings" for underaged characters simply because they are more prevalent.

Are we really going to accuse someone who likes pic related of being a pedophile because the author chose to put her in high school?

Or it's a oneway street and only petite characters get slack and everyone has to like the DDD girl over the AAA one (even if they are given the same exact age) because adult women are supposed to have huge tits and if you dare to like the petite same-aged CARTOON character, then you are a pedo.

Again, pic related is in the same age group as >>12502

Maybe don't browse IMAGEboards at work. Pic isn't even NSFW.

Anonymous 12516


>Pic related is a 40 year old woman.

>If you are attracted to her are you lesbian or bi?


>Are you a pedo?

Of course not.

>Now let's say I announce that she's actually 15 and still in high school.

Are you a pedo?

Now imagine pic related >>12514 is a 40 year old woman.

>If you are attracted to her are you lesbian or bi?


>Are you a pedo?

Of course not.

>Now let's say I announce that she's actually 15 and still in high school.

Are you a pedo?

According to you, then YES you ARE a pedo. So reasonably, I'd assume you'd be a pedo to still be attracted to the biologically 40 year old woman just because someone says she is 15.

Anonymous 12520

age of consent is subjective

Anonymous 12521

Anonymous 12526

Who are you trying to respond to? I am a different miner than
alright? Adjust your denial for my only post ITT: >>12513

Look, if it looks like a kid and you are attracted to it for its childish features; you're a pedophile. What the author says or does not say about their work cannot change that fact.

The sooner you accept what you are, the sooner you can pursue treatment and hopefully avoid destroying both your life and the life of a child.

You need mental help, and wherever you are, there is help available. But you have to take that first step and admit you have a problem. This denial and mental fuckery will not take you anywhere that you want to go.

Anonymous 12530

I think if you have pedophiliac tendencies, you should keep it to yourself and not effectively normalize it by proudly declaring underage fictional characters as your waifu; or at the very least don't project it to real children.

Anonymous 12531

…as opposed to the popular opinion that pedos should parade their paraphilia in the face of the rest of society?

Anonymous 12532


This isn't the unpopular opinions thread, I think you're confused.

Anonymous 12534

kirino train.jpg

I have a question for the girls ITT

Is the whole nation of Japan composed by pedos?

>inb4 pedo apologist

Just answer the darn question

Anonymous 12535

Yes. I believe Japan is the Eastern flip image of America, in which they're both perverse, retarded, and mentally sick countries.

Anonymous 12537

Short answer: no

I could type out an essay on what the nature of the anime phenomenon is, and why it has become so pervasive, especially in Japan.
But I'm not going to bother to if we're more interested in somehow still debating on whether or not people who masturbate to pictures of children are pedophiles.

Anonymous 12538

Of course not everyone is a pedo there but just like every country has problems specific to their people, this is probably their biggest. The root cause is probably obsession with youth (which can be seen in women in how they're obsessed with looking pure and childish kawaii) and the generalized social dysfunction among young people. It's really disgusting.

I like Japan for several reasons, but anime is probably what I care about the least. I think I can separate the country from their problems. Being a weeb will always be cringe though, and defending the crass pedo problem there is a horrible thing to do.

Anonymous 12540

People who share those retarded giveaway posts are dumb as shit. 95% of these "giveaways" are fake jfc

Anonymous 12544

No. They just like kawaii things. Like for example, (most)men will think that those anime girls are "cute" but they wont be sexually attracted to them. Same with the women.

Anonymous 12545

all these retards who think anime is pedo are not arguing any point, anon. they're just reeeing about it.

Anonymous 12549

large (2).png

>because adult women are supposed to have huge tits and if you dare to like the petite same-aged CARTOON character…

…ok. Come on now, no one is saying that all adult women have huge breasts, petite women exist in real life, but petite women don't look like actual children. I have yet to meet a single woman, no matter how petite, that looks like a 9 year old like lolis do.
The intent behind making small breastless characters that look like children from facial features to body type is very different than a realistic drawing of a small adult woman with small breasts would be and it's grabbing from the expectation that it will create attraction for the people who find children characteristics attractive.
An adult male can have a small penis and still look like an adult, put that small penis on a drawing of a male child-like body, the intention is obviously different. (i.e the /nsfw/ pic that was deleted), so it's the same with female characters.

Also, why do you think authors make sexualized women like your pic of highschool age specifically? It's a fetish for the age.

>inb4 highschoolers can have big tits

I'm aware, i had big breasts when i was a high schooler, but i didn't choose my age to pander and sexualize myself as underage, those drawings however, do.

No one is saying anime in general is pedophilic lol, we are saying shotas and lolis pander to pedophiles most of the time.
Nice way to miss the point.

Anonymous 12550

No one said "anime" is pedo, they were talking about a specific set of traits, and then about the country as a whole. Also if you didn't read arguments itt you need to read it again.

Anonymous 12551

bitch what.gif

But it is though?

Anonymous 12552

I've never looked at a child and thought they were a shota. Cartoons do not equal reality. Liking shota doesn't make you a pedophile.
That's like saying people who enjoy shoot em ups and games like GTA want to kill and hurt people. Stop being silly.

Anonymous 12554

I WAS addressing you. Try to answer the question based on my statement here: >>12516

If someone claimed that the biologically 40 year old woman in the pic was 15 (just like you can call an anime character whatever age you wish), would that make you a pedo to be attracted to her.

I feel like a lot of women here are longtime imageboard users and had shit experiences with the weirdo neckbeards that lurk 4chan and now think anyone who likes anime or has a "waifu" is a pedophile. Basically they are triggered by anything that reminds them of creepy neckbeards, and refuse to accept that chan users don't represent all of us. I like teenaged anime characters, but can't stand irl teens. Of course some girls here refuse to believe that we know ourselves better than they know us.

I don't think we'll agree because we disagree as to whether there is a sexualization of the age of these characters. I can agree on some series, but for most anime (including Serial Experiments Lain) the characters are underaged simply because the stories take place in high school. There are a number of theories on why most anime takes place in high school, but I HIGHLY doubt the motive is pedophilia.

And I'd even go as far as to say MANY people call their favorite characters their "waifus" more as a humorous way of stating "this is my favorite female character!" than "I want to fuck her!"

No, it's not. Pedophilia is abnormal worldwide, and if it were that common in Japan then most female anime characters wouldn't have giant tits and most anime focused on petite girls would not be "moe" (basically the opposite of sexualized).

Anonymous 12555

I just don't care.

Anonymous 12557

i agree with all your points, anon, but you have to remember many of our fellow miners really dislike 'men' in general and think that men who like small breasts are pedos too, of course they're going to think that people who like anime girls are pedos.

not to mention people think that lain worship is cringy cause she's a little girl not because she's the god of the internet and can phase into reality or whatever.

Anonymous 12558

large (11).jpg

I think we are not understanding one another.
I have no problem with high school students as long as they are not oversexualised explicitly by their age as some sort of fetishism.
What i do have a problem with is lolis and shotas, things that actually look like children but are portrayed as "okay" because they are cartoons or the author gives them some arbitrary age. Think hentai made out of shit like Made in Abyss children? Or like the shit posten in /nsfw/? Yeah, i consider anyone who even touches that with a ten pole foot a disgusting ass pedophile, no matter if it's a cartoon or not.
Same with lolis/shotas that look 4 but because the disgusting neckbeard that drew them says they are 3000 year old or of high school age is okay to draw them sexually and jerk off to them.
If it looks 100% like a child except for the age someone decided for them, it is a child, and it's disgusting to find them sexually attractive.

As a real life example, see the photographer Rotta (loli otaku, translated), he kept putting adult women in childlike situations for his photos, dressed them like Japanese high school students, etc, but claimed he had no attraction whatsoever to underage women or children, he just liked the "aesthetic". Turns out that allegedly he raped one or more teenagers, what a surprise.
So yes, imo most if not all people who like "lolis" or "shotas" most likely hold pedophilic tendencies regardless if they admit it or not, you cannot be attracted to everything that makes a child a child, but say you aren't attracted to children in the slightest just because it's a cartoon.

Anonymous 12559

By the way this fucking thread derailed it looked like another thread. Fix it then.

Anonymous 12560

15 is an adult

Anonymous 12562


Anonymous 12563

>This isn't the unpopular opinions thread, I think you're confused.
What did they mean by this?

Anonymous 12564

While you walnuts duke it out about loli and pedophilia I'll just surreptitiously insert my own opinion related to anime.

Every anime I've tried giving a chance has been so chock full of insipid, cliche dialogue and poor writing choices I couldn’t stand to sit through it for anything else. What do full grown adults see in this shit? Even Disney movies, or Spongebob… fucking SPONGEBOB is more stimulating.
What the fuck.

Anonymous 12566

By the way this fucking thread derailed it looked like another thread. Fix it then.

Anonymous 12567

They're retards

Anonymous 12568

this is just a subject that's best to agree to disagree on.
either that or make another thread to discuss such a topic.

Anonymous 12569

asshole medallion.…

Alright, I have an unpopular opinion unrelated to anime or pedophilia:

England sucks and I hate them.

Anonymous 12570

What show did you watch, anon? And what genres do you enjoy? I could recommend something good to you.

Anonymous 12577

>>12569 excuse u


Anonymous 12580

anime children just look like small anime.

also no one but you is arguing that, they were arguing about highschoolers.

Anonymous 12581

>What show did you watch, anon?
I don’t care enough to make a mental note of it, sometimes I’ll just put one on with the impression that it is *~one of the good animes not like that other hackneyed garbage uwu~* but it turns out to be exactly that. Can’t even imagine what bad anime is like then.
>And what genres do you enjoy?
None. I don’t enjoy anime at all.
>I could recommend something good to you.
You can try…

Anonymous 12583

Uh, i'm >>12558 , >>12549 and >>12487 you will see that i was arguing about small kids in ALL my posts, not highschoolers, so the ongoing argument is a focus on both. Plus, the whole thing started because of a debacle about loli waifuism, not high-school anime.

I'm done with this though, this arguing is childish and is amounting to literally nothing other than derailing the thread since both parties are set on their opinions.

Anonymous 12585

Give Shinsekai Yori / Akatsuki no Yona a try. They're my favorites!

Anonymous 12587

Im convinced 1/3 of lolcow is male. I can feel it

Anonymous 12599


Anonymous 12612


>England sucks and I hate them.
This is perhaps not as unpopular as you might think.

Anonymous 12614

The internet has really jumped the shark

>Content gets immediately reposted and reshared and everything is seen and heard by thousands of eyes in seconds, nothing is sacred or hidden anymore (this can go for ANYTHING not just memes)

>Discussion used to be more intellectual, original, and thought-provoking, sure we always had stupid ass trolls but since there was less traffic, and people who actually were interested in LEARNING and communicating with strangers online, discussion was a lot better.

>More bullshit information gets put out. Seriously. People go on Youtube or Twitter, whatever, share their stupid and retarded views that gain a following which in turn makes more people retarded and stupid than they already were

>Shit is getting way, way more monetized and censored. I thought the internet was free? Why are people getting shadowbanned for having different, non-harmful, non-hateful POLITICAL OPINIONS or even more simple, god forbid, INSULTING someone.

I miss 2000-2010 internet so much man. Even up to 2014 it was kinda cool. I'm sad. The internet is nothing like it used to be. I even purposely go on the dark webs!11 because it reminds me of how things used to be, anonymous and full of very interesting information.

Anonymous 12618

America is a sick, sick disturbed country. People are going insane by the minute. More of us are believing insane conspiracy theories and think people should be silenced, even killed, for their political beliefs. It's outrageous and obsessive. We're on an obvious decline too.

To my non-American anons, is this happening in your country as well?

Anonymous 12631

Why are you dissing spongebob like that, fam? Really fucking good show and a classic that already went down in history and will continue to do so.

Anonymous 12632

depression is normie now.

Anonymous 12633

these are totally not unpopular opinions because they're straight up facts.

Anonymous 12634

90s Disney > Every anime ever

Anonymous 12636

It's a bootleg Ren and Stimpy.
A watered down Ren and Stimpy.

Anonymous 12639


Fuck ren and stimpy. Spongebob kicks both their asses any day. People already are forgetting that lame ass show

Anonymous 12645

keep fighting the good fight

Anonymous 12646

Anonymous 12647

There's nothing wrong with them, they're like daydreams. I find it hard to believe there's a person out there who has never once fantasized about being with someone like a celebrity or fictional character or just someone they had a crush on. It's normal and healthy to daydream and have fantasies, just as long as they aren't negatively impacting someone's life.

Anonymous 12700

please tell me that is a meme
that's fucking animal abuse wtf

Anonymous 12708


It's not a buttplug, anon. It's a cheap bracelet that you put on the cat tail. It's a meme nonetheless, it would never work IRL cause cats would probably destroy the thing and/or let it fall on the first jump.

Anonymous 12726


Long distance relationships without prior in person relationshiping are terrible, terrible, ideas.

Anonymous 13019


>posting lain pictures is the same as worshiping her
Anyways, I do think worshiping a fictional character unironically is rather weird and cringy. But I don't see why someone would hate on Lain (my friend hates her but then again, it's mostly because like she said, Lain's artstyle is old and she likes idol trash like love live! where girls all have the same moeblob face).
Debatable. (I'm experiencing this right now and everything is going so well it's like a dream).

Anonymous 13021

Does anyone even worship Lain? I've been around Lain-cult communities for years because the userbase seems more pleasant to be around than the alternatives. You actually manage to have meaningful conversations and find people with interesting hobbies and some knowledge about different topics. Lain seems like just a symbol to attract that kind of person.

Anonymous 13028

this site is too filled with trannies and stealth males to be fun anymore.

Anonymous 13030

and obvious underage.

Anonymous 13047

atheist and skeptic spaces are infested with red pillers, incels and alt right fuckwits and I think it's really ironic that they see themselves as the beacon of progress. Being a woman in those spaces is a nightmare and I wish there were more female dominated atheist spaces.

Anonymous 13070

Those kinds of people who constantly seek validation and compliments are just closet narcissists.

Anonymous 13072

you seem a bit paranoid.

Anonymous 13076

more like intuitive and intelligent, cognizant to general trends.

Anonymous 13078

yes you are Very Smart

Anonymous 13080


I'm not that anon, JOKES on you nigga

Anonymous 13092

I guess the anime I like usually has some interesting visual elements. For example, Satoshi Kon and Akiyuki Shinbou both have very unique direction. The latter especially seems to play around with staging in a way that I haven't seen in any other dramatic medium. Arakawa under the bridge and Bakemonogatari are good examples of this. Some of his scenography (if that's the correct term in animation) is also very interesting, this can also be seen in Bakemonogatari as well as Hidamari Sketch.

The diegesis in a lot of anime is also quite intriguing. Of course , since all of these studios are based in Japan, they're able to draw from a completely different mythological and wider cultural tradition, in a way that's authentic. This obviously gives every a work a flavour that's more less unique from a western perspective. The lack of conflict in some anime is also quite refreshing for someone who grew up with Hollywood films. Actually, recently I've come to resent many western films and television because of their obsession with narrative tension and conveying a message. To me, cinema isn't about "being about something" or changing society, but rather the pursuit of audiovisual aesthetic appeal and some form of human truth. Even though the writing of much anime is trite, the medium has, to me, shown itself more capable of achieving these goals than much of western cinema.

Anonymous 13098


Yet we're still here aren't we?
If you really liked this place you'd report any suspicious posts in the first place.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 13102

I'm not those anons, but reporting does nothing, calling the person out does nothing. In the name of "keeping things civil and tolerant and free from infighting" we're all forced to accept and welcome obvious males and trannies.

I'm still here just because it's one of the only female imageboards there are, but things have been going downhill for a while. It's sad.

Anonymous 13106

Then why use a anonymous image boards in the first place?
Obviously there's no way to make a public community of anonymous homogeneous when it comes to sex. What you could possibly do is make it as uninteresting as possible to them, that's the only viable solution in my opinion.

Anonymous 13109



why do men ruin everything

Anonymous 13188

>>12726 agreed, I went through a ldr like that and my sister recently broke up with a guy she knew vaugely in high school but is long distance and they were planning to meet but broke up
In the situation that you're describing where they haven't met before, I feel like any tiny little thing can make it go wrong and with a lack of communication it obviously won't work

Anonymous 13651

why do i feel as if this is some bitter cow trying to degrade c.c. lmao

Anonymous 13657

I think cuckolding is as legit fetish as any other.

Anonymous Admin 13660

Re: maleposting

We very, very rarely get reports, but when users do report a suspected male poster, we check post history and ban the user if they seem to be male. It's impossible to tell conclusively, but that is the nature of an anonymous community. Please make use of the report feature, we've been encouraging reports since the start, but still, comments airing out frustration over maleposters are much more common than reports.

Anonymous 13664

i'm hoping all the anons that claimed that wanting to fuck a 2D child are just pedo men and not actual miners because wtf

Anonymous 13665


Are you perhaps implying that pedophilia only affects men?
Also, 2D is not 3D. Fictional children don't have rights.

Anonymous 13667

Not sure how unpopular this opinion is on this board, but I don't believe men should have any real rights over "their" children.

Anonymous 13668

If you're still around, please do. I'm interested.

Anonymous 13707

Doesn't it follow then that they shouldn't have any responsibilities over them as well?

Anonymous 13708

Yes, although I am somewhat in favor of communal living so it would be a "it takes a village" thing.

Anonymous 13728

I would be interested in your reasoning. Since genetically they are 50% theirs.

Anonymous 13729

They are genetically 50% but in terms of actual work they do – thrust for 5 minutes and bust a nut vs carry + grow the child for 9 months, give birth, and probably breastfeed. I also think this way because the basis of patriarchy is fathers' rights, hence why it's "rule of the father".

Anonymous 13734


>the basis of patriarchy is fathers' rights
So you are fighting patriarchy by taking away fathers' rights? Sounds counterproductive.
>terms of actual work they do
I know that the concept of unpaid labour has became popular with feminists globally. However money makes the world go round. And when it comes to society aka tax contributions and benefits men definitely contribute more. Since they earn while the women are in labour or nursing. God forbid become stay at home mothers.
It has been also proven that today the wage gap is a direct effect of childbearing. Actually, young women actually out-earn their male peers due to the education gap. Util the first pregnancy….

I have to be honest, your views are so new and alien to me I actually got shocked by it. I couldn't spit or swallow, as saying goes in my country. All I know is that it just sounds wrong, like really wrong.

Anonymous 13735

Are you a male? I think you're a male
>fighting patriarchy by taking away fathers' rights
Not exactly, I mean more in an ideal society.
>actual work
I'm talking specifically about biological labor in creating a child.
>couldn't spit or swallow
Yeah, you're a male.

Anonymous 13736

Just a disillusioned feminist who's into data visualization.
Today's people are really pushing the boundaries of society. Some even go against common sense or science itself. According that other thread CC should be full with INT* people but sadly my personal experience says otherwise.
Humans as a race are monogamous and offspring are raised by both of the parents. Depriving one parent of the right of the child is just goes against natural instincts completely.

Anonymous 13737

>goes against natural instincts
Source? Cause even our closest relatives don't live in patriarchal nuclear families.

Anonymous 13738

>closes relatives
We separated 6 million years ago. Human civilization evolved in mainly monogamous and patriarchal direction. There are only a few societies that are matriarchal and bigamous. I also dislike when people cherry pick things from the animal kingdom to support their argument. I mean, yeah animals do indulge in gay sex, but they do practice bestiality and cannibalism as well. And they kill a LOT.
Feminism is supposed to be about equality. Equality between males and females. Which is not achieved by discriminating against either of genders. Instead, you are supposed to make compromises. Today only women can "temporary house" fetuses. We are nothing more than mere incubators, for a fetus it doesn't matter if they are related or not.

Anonymous 13739

My last point raises another question. Who should "own" the child of a surrogate mother?

Anonymous 13740

Most pre-"civilization" societies were not patriarchal with a nuclear family.
>feminism is about equality
If you actually believe that, go back to tumblr or buzzfeed. Feminism is about female liberation.
>child of a surrogate mother
I don't believe in surrogacy.

Anonymous 13741

Yes, most fucking pedos are men and most people consuming that disgusting bullshit are men. I fucking hate lolicon and shota con, disgusting shit! It should be classifed as child p0rn.

Anonymous 13743

Legal status of su…

Isn't surrogacy the ultimate body liberation? It basically allows you to rent your womb.

Anonymous 13744

No, surrogacy commodifies pregnancy and childbirth, not to mention poor women shouldn't need to rent out their wombs.

Anonymous 13745

as in, the MBTI types?

Anonymous 13748

> According that other thread CC should be full with INT* people but sadly my personal experience says otherwise
imagine getting this butthurt over a typing system that is as accurate as astrology.
and just because people disagree with you doesn't mean they're not like you…

Anonymous 13753

women are already liberated, we're now trying to be equal. sorry we're not fighting for the right to vote anymore. feminism needs to expand to equality.

Anonymous 13754

I'm pretty sure it's b8, she left too many golden nuggets even for an unpopular opinion thread.
Taking that crap seriously doesn't mean she's butthurt about it. Also don't imply that she's an INT* herself, those people are supposed to be extremely rare anyways.

Anonymous 13755

¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯
You have a fair point about assuming she's of those types herself.

But her post sounds butthurt to me so it's still annoying even if she isn't "actually" butthurt.

Anonymous 13756

It's sad that men + society think throwing $$ at the machine is worth as much as a legitimate bond with the child they helped produce.

Anonymous 13758

I was raised by my loving single dad and all these rants against fathers rights sicken me, it's pure unabashed male hatred.

Anonymous 13761

Did you have this sort of experience before with self-proclaimed INTJs?

Anonymous 13762

It was supposed to be a mere insult. Anon discussing it made me chuckle. However I do feel like women communities are inherently more emotional.
My nephew is turning 3 this autumn and I feel the same. I can't imagine how hard will society be on him just for having an Y chromosome by the time he becomes an adult. Well, I read studies about how the new generation is more conservative. The pendulum theory does seem to work, which is a bit reassuring.
It is the same argument people use against prostitution. However, I don't see how can anyone be forced to become a surrogate mother. It is entirely the responsibility of the individual if it happens.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 13763

>how hard will society be on him just for having an Y chromosome
I guess this site really is mostly populated by trannies and role-playing incels. Absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous 13764

>just for having a Y chromosome
Some crimes can never be forgiven.

Anonymous 13770

>However I do feel like women communities are inherently more emotional.
NT =/= not emotional

Anonymous 13772

> I can't imagine how hard will society be on him just for having an Y chromosome

Now THAT is an unpopular opinion.

Anonymous 13775

"male" has literally become the buzzword of this website
ha! male!

Anonymous 13776

Yeah, because coming here to rp as a woman is pretty pathetic.

Anonymous 13777

I'm an optimistic person. It's in my positive, wholesome nature to believe that someone spouting MRA bullshit has to be a male and no girl would ever be self-hating enough to say these things. One can hope.

Anonymous 13778

Yea but I feel like this buzzword transcends you or any male-related issues and most anons just bleat it whenever someone disagrees with them. I guess that was supposed to happen on a female-only imageboard but still, it's pretty funny

Anonymous 13779

I saw anon male-ing with the Devil!

Anonymous 13780

Also I don't think MRA girls are self-hating either, I guess they're just trying to fit in or something like that.

Anonymous 13782


Some women just don't agree with you

pic related

Anonymous 13786

Even the drawing looks so punchable.

Anonymous 13787

It looks very inviting indeed, now that you said it

Anonymous 13789

Better question is how does that indicate self-hatred to you? She just hopped on the antisjw trend to get some fame by milking random feminist lolcows and buzzfeed articles.

Anonymous 13790

NTA but she's just casually criticizing an "e-celeb" that makes an ass of themselves. How is that self hatred? Posting 2-3 comments about her? Please.

Anonymous 13794

Very true, fellow women can be the harshest enforcers of beauty standards.

Anonymous 13796

How is this an unpopular opinion? That's a fact.

Anonymous 13849

It's serious. Sorry.
IMO she just tries too hard to be relevant (to the extent of being a cuck for which reason this could be taken as self-hating. Plus it's hard to imagine that smug piece of shit as capable of that.

Anonymous 13948

Tattoos make you look cheap, even if you aren't, the same goes for men.

Yes even the "good" tattoos.

Anonymous 13955


I almost completely agree. A good amount of anime is awful and mind-numbing to watch. There are a few hidden gems, but sadly a majority of anime is moe blob garbage which I have not the slightest idea how anyone could find the characters attractive or interesting. Even the cute ones that are supposed to be seen as daughterfus and not waifus do not create any feelings for me.

Anonymous 13956

Agree, especially for men. At least some women get more inoffensive looking things like cute flowers. Regardless, they all look like garbage.

Anonymous 13958

>why people like things?

Anonymous 13959


Yes, I can't understand the appeal of boring cuteness.

Anonymous 13960

That's extremely ironic since you posted the flavor of the month of their respective seasons.

Anonymous 13963


Anonymous 13975

i take it you like that shitty moe

Anonymous 13984

Here's something that'll blow your mind: Men were 14-year-old boys once, attracted to high school girls. Back then, no one would consider them to be pedophiles; in fact the only thing wrong with the attraction is that they've gotten OLD. As a society we might declare the age gap to be in poor taste, but to pretend it's a deep-seated evil is completely absurd.

Anonymous 13986

My first crush was on a boy when I was 10. I never again wanted to romance 10-year-olds, even when I was twelve.

I agree it's a complicated issue and the age of consent is a BIT arbitrary, but you seem to be somewhat condoning grown adults sleeping with/having relationships with underage people. A 30-year-old (heck, even 25-year-old) man has a better hang of himself and should have more self awareness and cognitive ability than a 14-year-old girl.

I'd say the main reason we've agreed for the age of consent to be what it is (in the west) and why we look down on relationships between even two adults with large age gaps is due to our societies being more based in equal emotional and intellectual interactions. A majority of the time, teens and adults won't be on the same cognitive level as each other and adults can use that to their advantage to harm/use the younger party.

Even if your excuse here is that hebephiles/pedophiles are just underdeveloped adults, that doesn't excuse them from scarring a young person.

I realize I can't change your mind about things, arguments rarely amount to agreements. I'm just hoping that you aren't advocating for hebephilia to become acceptable to act upon!

Anonymous 13995


Moe is subjective.

Anonymous 14005

How do you feel about the age-of-consent being nullified if the couple is married? I heard it still happens frequently in rural areas and in religious communities. It's kinda backwards but when I was 15 I was hot for a few of my older brother's friends even though they were in college.

I'd already been with 4 other guys by then so if the one I really liked had hit on me I would have pounced on him. In retrospect they were all losers though, cute losers. I'd hate to be trapped in a relationship with someone I fancied as young teenager.

Anonymous 14021

>Lain worship
Only saw a single thread in all my history of browsing anywhere. They like her because of the sense of questioning and truth in the anime. It's more intellectual than most animes and definitely more intellectual than the majority of interests or animes people post here. I doubt you even watched more than a couple episodes at best or know much about it.

Anonymous 14025

>How do you feel about the age-of-consent being nullified if the couple is married
wtf this sounds like something that could easily be taken advantage of. Just because you had been with 4 guys by the age of 15 doesn't mean that's necessarily average for a girl of that age, imagine a girl with no relationship experience deciding to get married at the urging of her partner.

you said so yourself:
>I'd hate to be trapped in a relationship with someone I fancied as young teenager.

Anonymous 14029

> It's more intellectual than most animes and definitely more intellectual than the majority of interests or animes people post here. I doubt you even watched more than a couple episodes at best or know much about it.
Kek, no one said shit about the anime as a whole. Most people have a problem with lain worship because she's a middle schooler. She's even in CC banners, clearly the problem isn't her, it's the way people obsess over her character. Improve your reading comprehension.

Anonymous 14033

u just jelly fampai

Anonymous 14035

lol, only deranged people would be. the fact that people have an attachment to a projection of someone's imagination is deranged though.

Anonymous 14036

Anonymous 14049

Women that are irrational and insecure often become jealous of something that men pay alot of attention to that they don't want to compete with or think they need to.

Anonymous 14226

I've never seen anyone declare lain their waifu. Lain is a symbol of what that anime represents like the episode when they mention the Lily experiments. I personally knew what those experiments were about and why Lily was assassinated by the CIA for conducted telepathy experiments with dolphins using LSD and ketamine. Serial experiments lain dealt with some of the most metaphysical aspects of our time in a passive manner that only those on the level get.

Besides Lain worship is just a parody of lain being worshiped in the anime.

God, why did I even have to explain this.

Anonymous 14228

Speaking of worship: I was in a dark time of my life where I got sucked into the astigmatism of Mariofag and Sonicfag waifu wars on /v/ and other places. no, I'm not. It was mind boggling to me why grown men spent time arguing over which waifu is the best much less over bland character designs. I thought Sonicfags were bad, but Mariofags really push it to the extreme arguing over which girl is the best when these characters have even worse designs and even less personality. I don't understand how people can take this shit seriously.. how? It's even more annoying and nerve grating when it's reasons by nostalgia..

Anonymous 14231

I really hate socially retarded people, especially when they're men. It has nothing to do with their looks, even though most of them are ugly as fuck but most people are ugly as fuck but for some reason speaking on this triggers than more than a fat tumblrina. It's because most of these fuckers are the vilest human beings and say the most obnoxious, braindead shit I have ever seen. I really fucking hate them.

Anonymous 14232

Your first mistake was talking to people.

Anonymous 14234

is it too bad that I suspect this to be an /r9k/ false flag?

Anonymous 14236

whoops, I mean this one >>14231

Anonymous 14248

nah it's not.

Anonymous 14250

that's unrealistic ASF.

Anonymous 14252



Anonymous 14256


Anonymous 16510

You mean manbaby shills?

Anonymous 17260

Cats are vermin and desperately need to be eradicated.

Anonymous 17303


i get vermins but why do you dislike cats?

not judging, i didn't like them either till i ended up raising one because life.

Anonymous 17304


I think you need to take your tinfoil hat off your head dear anon

Anonymous 17305

I don't personally hate them. I'm just being obective about the harm they cause to the ecology and the local native bird population.

Anonymous 17306

are you really defending this not like other girls neckbeard worshipper

Anonymous 17318

Not honestly trying to start an argument, but if you want to discuss bird safety efficiently then you should be looking more at air pollution, specifically refineries and other industrial operations utilizing flaring. Those types of stacks kill more wild birds annually than any given cat can literally dream of catching.

Fairly convinced this is a bait post however, 8/10 for provoking me to reply.

Anonymous 17320

Not that anon, and I definitely like cats, but what's wrong with acknowledging that both outdoor cats and pollution cause problems with local ecology?
It doesn't have to be one or the other.

Anonymous 17322

I love cats but I think owning them is unethical. I'm a stupid dumb vegan face and think it sucks that by supporting these animals we're killing many other animals that go into their food. Also outdoor cats decimate local bird populations.

Here's a video I wanted to attach but it wouldn't let me~ https://vtt.tumblr.com/tumblr_ox2oqqzU6w1qzgnzh_480.mp4

Anonymous 17323


Anonymous 17324

I love cats so much I let them violently attack me and drink my blood

Anonymous 17332

This is strangely hilarious.

Anonymous 17350

Because of this new hipster edgelord pov of "wOn'T sOmEoNe PLEASE tHiNk oF tHe biiiiiirds!!" some urban areas are re-instituting archaic lethal-trap and trap-and-euthanize policies regarding outdoor cats.

This means if your indoor cat even slips out once, by mistake, in one of these areas, she could be killed by being lured into a meat baited killtrap, or else starve to death in a livetrap because no one bothers to check them anymore.

And this is all because some fucking hipsters wanted to rebel against liking cats as pets (because it's the mainstream currently) and now everyone thinks it's the "rad" new opinion to have.

In reality however, industrial operations utilizing flares (hint: those giant smokestacks with flames shooting out the top) can kill up to 1000 birds IN A SINGLE SECOND when the birds are lured toward the intermittent flaring in a flock.

But no one wants to talk about that. That opinion doesn't earn them the hipster cred and attention they crave, so instead they strategically position themselves in the center of a group of catlovers and then lay their turd of an opinion out there and wait to receive their much-craved attention, meanwhile reveling in the edgelord warm fuzzies.

I cannot wait until the new edgy opinion is to let cats live "as they desire to." The mental backflips that come with that one will be hilarious.

Anonymous 17359

> the new edgy opinion is to let cats live "as they desire to."
I like this opinion. I shall call it "Naturism." (Is naturism taken?)

"I'm sorry, sir: I am a Naturist. I believe cats should live only as they desire to. That is why I have brought my cat to your furniture store to choose the couch of Her choice."

Yes, this edgy new lifestyle fits me fine.

Anonymous 17388

I'm also a masochist for cats, anon.

Anonymous 17392



Birds will evolve over time in response to these selective pressures. Eventually they will learn not to run into windows or get caught by kitties.

If their species do not evolve fast enough, whatever. Birds are disgusting and low intelligence; cats are loyal and loving.

Anonymous 17393

This shit reminds me of the crazy vegans who want their cats to eat vegan food. some kitties even died. fuck those people, cats are obligate carnivores.

Anonymous 17414

Anyone who believes that animals are slaughtered specifically to go in cat food (or dog food) is delusional.

Simply look at the pricing structure of beef for humans vs pet food: you know the producers make a profit, and each can of cat food costs less than $1.50 USD in most places, that means that whatever in that can of "beef" (for example) costs the producer far less than $1.50 to procure. So that gives you a maximum price of ingredients, per can, of 50-cents USD.

Now compare that can's contents, by weight/price, to a slab of beef at your local butcher or supermarket: by weight, it weighs half as much as a small amount of shit-tier Minute steak or hamburger but steak or hamburger costs too much per can for the pet food company to purchase to put in their food, let alone produce (raise/purchase/slaughter). Do you still think that's Grade-A specially slaughtered beef in that can? I don't think so.

Now go watch some lions eating in the wild, see how they go straight for the internal organs? That's what's in your cat food, internal organs harvested out of cows that are previously slaughtered for human consumption, and that's in the high end brands with fancy ingredients. The 50-cent shit food at the grocery store is basically full of whatever they couldn't manage to stretch onto a Walmart-tier leather couch plus "beef by-products" and actual ash/charcoal as filler.

Pet food companies can't afford to slaughter animals in this economy, and they haven't put human-grade meat in their cat food since the 1970s. They buy the literal offal from the beef and leather industry.

If you try and live by the Indigenous people's belief of not allowing any part of the prey animal to be needlessly wasted, so as to make the sacrifice of their life matter more in the larger scheme, then modern cats actually fill a niche in the modern food production indubstry that allows for portions to not be wasted.

Do some research before adopting bullshit hipster opinions you hear on the internet, there are alternatives to feeding your cat store-bought pet food products. Contact a local small farm or butcher, they'll give you their undesirable internal organs/etc and unpurchased products for free as opposed to it going straight in the dumpster.

Anonymous 17415

Read a fucking textbook, please.

"Hearing birds tweeting outside my parents' condominium" is not "local ecology."
Your "local ecology" is made up of a food-web comprised of predator and prey species, which includes different types of species, including avaians and multiple felinids, not just domestic cats. Avians (that means "birds" but not just the pretty little song birds that you're thinking of) in general are both prey and predator, your precious song birds are targeted more frequently by predatory avavians than they are by cats, no matter how many cats there are in an area. Even Bluejays will target song birds, but so will larger Corvids such as Magpies and Ravens.

Omnivorous mammal species will also target your precious little song birds, including raccoons, dogs, and even toads and lizards in temperate areas. So, once again, song bird population is being "decimated" by more than just felines.

Even if there is evidence that domestic cats are hunting song birds in your specific area, Felinids (that means "cats" for you borderline illiterate hipsters) have been targeting birds as prey since before humans evolved and there are other felinids in populated areas aside from domestic cats, they can include Lynxes and Bobcats, both of whom also hunt song birds, so blame for "decimation" still doesn't lie entirely with domestic cats.

Even if you can specifically provide evidence of domestic cats hunting song birds in your local area, an average domestic cat, whether feral or a house cat, has a diet made up of more than just avian species, and if caught hunting could be targeting rodents, frogs, lizards, lagomorphs, etc as opposed to solely song birds. I don't hear you crying salty tears over rodent deaths in your "local ecology."

Even with all that said, your neighbor's cat isn't going to erradicate an entire species in its 6yr lifespan, sorry. And if a prey species faces difficulty in a specific area it relocates during it's next migration cycle, so sorry but trying doing actual research and then try again.

Anonymous 17418

>Felinids (that means "cats" for you borderline illiterate hipsters)
I agree with you and I have nothing to say beyond that I am taking this line and quoting it every single time i speak about a cat online until I die

Anonymous 17420

My, you're a feisty one.

Fact: Your cat is safer as an indoor cat than it is outdoors.

Fact: Outdoor cats are the leading cause of bird and mammal deaths.

It is better for the sake of your own cats and the outside wildlife for them to be indoors.

>Even Blyejays will target song birds

The reason why nobody makes a stink about bluejays attacking songbirds is because that's never been shown to cause major disruptions to populations. Where's your research on how many domestic birds a Bluejay or Raven kills per year? Bet's on that they don't kill the annual estimate of 23-46 birds annually as do outdoor cats.

>cats have been targeting birds as prey since before humans evolved

Not the domesticated variety that are bred all over the planet and introduced into unnaturalized habitats because of us, no.

>why don't you cry over rodents, lizards, frogs, ""lagomorphs"" (you can just say rabbits, my tryhard friend)

Well people do actually track the impact cats have on local wildlife mammals. But of course there's limited concerns as the reproductive cycles of rodents, rabbits, and frogs are quite rapid as you're probably aware.

>Even with all that said, your neighbor's cat isn't going to erradicate an entire species in its 6yr lifespan

What can only lives six years unless it's a shit owner?
Probably because it's an outdoors cat and likely to get hit by cars, attacked by other animals, run away, or catch some nasty disease I suppose.
Do what's best for your pet: Keep it indoors, it also satisfies the concern over the impact your cat would have outside as well. Everyone wins.

Anonymous 17421

I…I smell balls. ≥.≥

Anonymous 17422

Stop sniffing your own crotch.

Anonymous 17423

No, really. Is this a low-key r9k invasion?

Anonymous 17424


No really, are you high?

Anonymous 17425

Oh, okay, I get it, someone triggered one of those marine mine type bait posts you dudes do, and now in gallops The Trumpian National Guard of Incel Keyboard Warriors, proclaiming victory and superiority simply for existing.

Yeah, I've played that game, didn't like it…

Anonymous 17426

Okayyyy I'm honestly just gonna let a mod deal with you because I truly do not see how my post about feral and outdoor cats has anything to do with robots, superiority, or being a Trump Space Guard.

Anonymous 17427

You're refusing to listen to reason and simply re-stating your initial points without considering evidence put forward, you're speaking in a needlessly patronizing manner that implies you consider the respondent of a lesser status than yourself, and you're ultra quick with meme-y images. It screams r9k, sorry.

Anonymous 17431

It's beyond amusing that you think I'd be threatened by you when you clearly did zero research for your follow-up post. Every point I stated can be verified with research as simple as can be found in an encyclopedia, but you can't be arsed to do it and then you insist on proclaiming yourself right without fact-checking first.

I would then ask you why you're so scared to crack open a book? Is it because your beliefs might be proved wrong?

Anonymous 17432

I don't know how many anons you think you're arguing with, but my only initial post was >>17320.
To which I was replied to with a rude, condescending post telling me to "read a fucking textbook" and roped in with the other two responses as if I were the same anons.

The fact that you think I'm being any more patronizing than the attitude that was given to me in this post >>17415 is perhaps you feeling threatened by my points and switching to tone policing me and calling me a "robot" because you know it's beyond your capacity to refute.

Edit: Misquoted post and obv you can stop calling me a robot now.

Anonymous 17433

>gave at least three sources for my points
>"y-you didn't fact check!"
I guess you can make up whatever fiction you'd like. You sound off your rocker.

Anonymous 17434

Try looking up not only the points in your post, but the points in your opponent's argument. Duh? Do you even debate effectively?

Why would you not check if your opponent's points are true, how else do you know they're wrong?

Anonymous 17436

Why don't you cite your own sources and I'll give them a read-through, just for you?

Anonymous 17441

I'm sorry, but I didn't apply for an unpaid internship at the kindergarten for butthurt narcissists, and it's your job to check that you're as informed as possible, not mine.

If you want to look up the diet of and average amount consumed by any alternate predator I listed, then go ahead. Look up information on anything else I stated, including narcissism.

Try particularly looking up Corvids, since you're wrong about that one.
Try looking up the history of the domestic cat.
Try also comparing reproductive cycles of various animals, you'll be surprised.

Try also looking up "average cat lifespan" since averaging a cat's age seemed to be a problematic concept for you.

Acceptable Sources:
This is going to be difficult for you, because my information comes from a lifetime of relevant research from many different sources, while yours was bullshit off of websites.

Obviously the main goal is to use university-level textbooks or equivalent, not just tripe off the interwebs. Try your best.

Bonus points: look up the history of felines as a species, including prehistoric and other early eras.

Good luck! It'll be life-changingly informative.
(I won't be waiting for your reply)

Anonymous 17443

It's actually your job to support and cite your own arguments. I have seriously never seen someone act so exceptional on cc before. I feel like you should get a medal for this. Bravo.
Projecting much? You come off as a pseudo-intellectual thinking that hurling abuses towards anonymous people on the internet is going to warm them to your views.

Anonymous 17445

I'm actually a really warm and loving person.
People who want to exterminate cats just really, really piss me off.

Anonymous 17446

In addition: The correct term for a female is "brava."

Anonymous 17447

Warm and loving people aren't nasty and holier than thou like how you've acted.
I never said to exterminate cats btw, so I have no earthly clue where you even got that from considering in my initial post I said I like cats. And even advocate FOR THEIR SAFETY to keep them indoors.
You're as bad as most robots I've ever dealt with, maybe it's deserved.

Anonymous 17448

This entire portion of the thread stemmed from a post about eradicating cats? Forgive me, I guess, for assuming you're just samefagging, but given the obvious evidence hopefully you can see how the assumption makes sense?

And you don't know a single damned thing about me other than that I just proved you wrong (and now it seems like you're changing over to personal insults because of it, but whatever…) so save the judgement.

Anonymous 17449


You've got no excuse. I quoted you posts ago which was mine >>17320. I made explicitly clear what exactly it was I was trying to convey yet you still chose to tirade and act completely hostile.

Ever since, you've spent your entire two hours calling me a robot male.
When that didn't work you switched to accusing me of doing "zero research" even though I quoted exactly where I got my sources from.
Well that fell flat, then you got mad at me and acted like it was my job to find the sources for your own arguments (lol).
And finally, calling me a "narcissist" because I dared ask you to provide the sources instead of taking your word that you just have the truths.

Please. You are an absolute hypocrite if you are now going to spend the last few posts clawing for the last word and whining about "insults" when you've attacked me this entire time. No, sorry, you are no victim. You can't even stop replying because through your fake smugness, you know you've won nothing.


Anonymous 17450

Holy Pete, what kind of drugs are you even on? Is it really late where you are? Is your blood sugar low? Are you okay, Anon? Because you're really shooting off into left field now…

You're the one who's kept replying to me, you're the one claiming in your initial post that cat eradication anon's point was right and that cats were killing too many birds. Why the fuck would you support their talking point if you disagree with their opinion?

And I "accused" you of doing zero research because you didn't even bother to see if what I said was true before you attempted to refute it with the exact same arguments I just disproved. You just winged it and responded within minutes. You still refuse to even look any of my info I mentioned up.

And I don't even know where you're getting that last part. I told you what to look up, just plonk the fucking search terms into Google, the info's right fucking there. I'm not going to cite every fucking bio textbook or book about cats I've read my whole life, wtf even? It's common fucking knowledge, just look it the fuck up? Type the literal letters?

Anonymous 17451


>Why the fuck would you support their talking point if you disagree with their opinion?

Because it's possible to agree with the premise that cats should be kept indoors for their own safety and the safety of local wildlife while disagreeing with the conclusion to kill all cats.
Because logical fallacies like "Pollution is worse for wildlife therefore you can't criticize the environmental impact of feral cats or bad pet owners," is relativist drivel.

I hope this is clear for you.
Mhm, only the best university intellectuals say this in debate and put the burden of proof on other people for their own thesis.
Anon, when will this end? It's so stale.

Anonymous 17452

You just can't admit you might be wrong, can you?
Did you even read my initial post?

Politicians have used your exact argument about cats killing birds to justify using lethal traps on cats in urban areas all to save bird populations that no one even has clear irrefutable evidence of being preyed on by domestic cats.

I put forward several possible other explanations for birds either disappearing from urban habitats, or, barring evidence, being preyed upon. If this were argued in legal court there would be no evidence to clearly convict domestic cats of the "crime" of hunting birds in the face of all the other threats that face song birds specifically.

For the sake of those cats' lives I am arguing against people like you, who believe the cats are guilty, because I don't believe it's right, for a second, for those cats to suffer and die horribly for something you can't prove they even did.

You're pushing an opinion that is unprovable in the face of astounding evidence and is costing cats' lives and it needs to be publically refuted.

Anonymous 17453


>ITT: some baiting troll advocating for the death of one of the most beloved family pets, anons taking the bait and entertaining her

Anonymous 17454

>justify using lethal traps on cats in urban areas
Sounds like proving my point right about keeping your pet cats indoors for their own safety.

>no one even has clear irrefutable evidence of being preyed on by domestic cats

I've stated my source that says otherwise. And your source, which you admit is easily searchable in Google, is where? Indulge me.

>if this were argued in court

We're not in court. We're on an anonymous forum. Pray tell, how do these evil politicians you speak of get the legal authority to perform feral culls in urban areas unless…they have the evidence.

>who believe the cats are guilty

A bit melodramatic hon. Nothing you screech at me about cats is working to save them in real life.
You're free to have your convictions, but it doesn't make you right.

Not sure if samefag but you are really misreading the situation if you think I'm "advocating the death penalty" for Mittens.

Anonymous 17455

Not a samefag, holy shit everyone in this thread is so paranoid jfc

Anonymous 17458

Nope. I'm done.
If after everything I just said you don't understand what I'm arguing and why I'm arguing it then you're literally not worth taking the time to talk to, let alone try to convince.

I just want to say, I'm really sorry for the whole thing, I thought maybe I could convince you, maybe I was wrong, maybe we could be friends.

But no, I've laid my heartfelt opinion out on the line and I've explained why I felt that way, and if you can't put your own ego aside to try and expand your mind by doing research and helping to refute a damaging opinion (that started on the internet btw) then I'm just sorry.

Anonymous 17459

What I'm asking you for is simple: One source, from the "common sense; easily Google-able" many that states that feral cats have no impact on local bird populations.

If you can't provide that, I agree, you should have stopped hours ago. Preferably after you emojied me and said you sniffed balls. Lmao.

Anonymous 17460

I agree with anon bc they're right?

Anonymous 17462

You seem to be a little slow on the uptake so perhaps I'll simplify. I (>>17453) was referring to the original "cats should be eradicated" post(the obvious troll) and suggested you and the other poster were bait takers

Anonymous 17464

You're changing the fucking goalposts and then claiming you're right anyway.

Pick up a fucking encyclopedia: look up corvids, look up how they eat song birds.
Go to your window: look for corvids, estimate local population.
Use math skills: if a corvid eats so many song birds per day and so many corvids exist in my local area, then how many bird deaths does that equal? Is this number smaller or larger than the 36 per year cats supposedly hunt?

Hint: it's larger.
Why should cats be killed for hunting when corvids and owls kill more birds?

I've already proven you'll neither convince me or stop me from proving you wrong. I've provided you the information to expand your knowledge and re-evaluate an opinion you hold which is harming others.
Your only reason for not doing so is to protect your apparently fragile ego.

I'm sorry if your pre-existing emotional problems prevent you from developing further intellectually.

Anonymous 17465

Ohhhh. I see. Well, thanks for clarifying. I take back what I said then and deleted the post. It's been a topsy turvy past few hours.

But I still think the other anon is an idiot.

Anonymous 17466

Wow, personal insults again. Groovy.

Anonymous 17468

What goalpost was ever changed?

My argument, the one you quoted from the beginning, was that it's safer to keep cats indoors and feral, outdoor cats have a negative impact on local bird populations.

You told me no, it's not true. Meaning you have evidence to support that cats outside don't have a negative impact on local birds.
Stop chapping my ass about looking up fuck all in an encyclopedia. You're trying to blow over the issue by stating that because another bird sometimes preys on another bird that it makes up for the distinct drop in population in areas known for feral cats.
Nonsense. For the record I live in an urban area with blue jays and crows, and I've never seen either attack and kill another bird that comes to my feeder.

You've proven nothing, and all you're intent on doing is plugging your ears and stating you're right like a bratty child.

Oh boo, maybe calling you "The Trumpian National Guard of Incel Keyboard Warrior" would be more fitting, since you argue like a typical alt-righter bot.

Anonymous 17469


≥ Bet's on that they don't kill the annual estimate

Anonymous 17470

So where's your source that corvids slay more birds than cats?

Anonymous 17471

You are a narcissistic idiot.
You've turned mental backflips to prove yourself right, you've refused to see the point of other people's arguments, even when presented with evidence, and you've admitted that you won't do any research that might prove your own opinion wrong.

Anonymous 17472

Um, did you just insult me? Did you just assume my character without knowing me? Lol, get it, I'm mocking you and your hypocrisy again. Never forget, you threw down the insults first.

>you've admitted you won't do research

But you said this information was a Google click away though? Why are you acting so inconvenienced for providing a source to an argument that you've been acting hostile over for hours?
Now, while you've whined I've taken it upon myself to look at some articles on blue jays and crows, and I've come across nothing about numbers indicating that they're more of a harm to songbirds over cats.

Anonymous 17473

Yeah, and I saw the r9k post about "stringing a roastie along for 2 hours." Fuck you too, dude. Have a nice life.

Anonymous 17474

You are hypocritical in every single facet.
Not only do I not browse that misogynistic cesspit, I love how you secretly go there and give audience to their gross posts while accusing me of being on your level.

>Can you imagine a robot saying he's arguing with a woman for 2 hours?!

Yeah I fucking can you asshat, and by the way, we've been at it for 4 hours, not 2. If numbers mattered at all to you, which they don't. Go back to your gross board.

Anonymous 17475

I went there because I suspected there was something off about the way you argued and just kept posting, like you were luring me to reply. I've seen them do that and crosspost here/there before during raids, and I just had a suspicion.

And guess what I found!

Fuck you for wasting my time, for a second I thought you actually cared but about cats and about learning something to help them.

Anonymous 17476

Acting like you don't frequent there, sure. Because of the hundreds of posts that cycle through that board you found 'the' thread with 'the' one post of a robot arguing with a roastie.
As if that sick shit isn't what they post about every fucking day.
You are paranoid and sick beyond redemption.

Here you are, full circle, accusing me of being a robot again.
Gtfo and go back to your containment website, handmaiden.

Anonymous 17477

I'd rather be paranoid and right rather than whatever the fuck you are.
I should report the like 15 fucking samefag posts you were making on other boards this whole time too.
You make me sick, you fucking egotist. You disgust me because you won't even take your fucking blinders off and see the world outside your petty little bubble.

Anonymous 17478

hey this mascoid knows the lingo pretty well! and they say that men don't listen

Anonymous 17479

How do you know there's "hundreds of threads"? Or what gets posted every day?

Anonymous 17480

Whatever the fuck I am is a rational person whose mind isn't mottled with disordered and paranoid thoughts from browsing a 4chan board that tells me my gender is worthless.

Don't worry, I've already reported you for all the rules you've broke. Toodles.

Anonymous 17482

why did you reply to me, I didn't report you and I'm not the other anon, believe it or not there is more than one person on this fucking website

Anonymous 17484

Are you a robot LARPing as an outraged female miner?
It's 'scrotoid.' So much for knowing lingo…


Emoji-ing, derailing, being hostile and obnoxious. Tbh if I get banned for mine towards the end then it's deserved. But I think anyone rational can see you were being a bitch from the get-go. I'm not particularly worried, I'm sure you have a history with how insane you are.

Anonymous 17487

Then why isn't original cat vermin poster reported? Their comment is obnoxious.

Anonymous 17488

Just because I think you're the bigger problem doesn't mean I don't think problematic posts aren't reportable. Why not?

Anonymous 17489

I saw moid on the female incel subreddit a while ago and thought it was nice, haven't seen the other one, I am in fact a woman though, nice try

Anonymous 17490

>female incel
Any other toxic websites you browse, you true and honest woman you?

Anonymous 17491

I'm not fuckin >>17475 jesus christ I never said anything about /r9k/

Anonymous 17492

K but that subreddit is still toxic.

Anonymous Moderator 17493

This is unpopular opinions on /b/, you can fight all you want. Post histories have been checked and there's currently no reason for a ban for maleposting.

Anonymous 17494

why do you care if I hate men

Anonymous 17495

I might have lost my temper initially but you were patronizing right from the start calling me "fiesty" (which is such a fucking mysogynistic dude word) and if you weren't trolling then why was there both a post on r9k about it and then a bunch of other samefaggy mysogynistic posts today?

Anonymous 17496

Ur probably a selfhating autogyneophile?

Anonymous 17497

Your toxic behavior towards other women like me on the basis that you're paranoid that I'm secretly a robot does get in the way here.

Not that I care for your reasons as to why you're an incel.

>you were patronizing right from the start

No, you don't get to cry about me calling you "feisty' which came AFTER you barraged me with patronizing shit like "read a fucking textbook" and "borderline illiterate hipsters."
And you're fucking mad that I called you "feisty" in response to your behavior. Fucking bless your heart!

Anonymous 17498

And idgaf I'm not a fucking robot and I really don't care what paranoia you choose to subject yourself to monitoring that board.

Anonymous 17499

I'm not an incel, I just like groups of women that hate men

I have a vagina and you're both making me tired, I made one "ur a man" comment and apparently that's enough to be toxic. I'll accept that we're all paranoid as shit though.

Anonymous 17500

"Fiesty" is a depowering word aimed at females, used to imply their attempts at arguing with a male authority figure are a character problem, as opposed to independent thought or exercising of their basic human rights.

Anonymous 17501

>"Fiesty" is a depowering word aimed at females.

Oh you care about tone towards women, do you?

That's why you called me a "narcissist," another insult used by men to bemoan when a female disagrees with what they're saying and imply she's selfish and manipulative.

No, no, no, no. You do NOT get to pull that.

Anonymous 17502

It's a big fucking coincidence that you don't seem able to explain.

Anonymous 17503

How about you do some research? Oh wait…

Anonymous 17504

for you.png

>needs explaining
Except it doesn't and you can't seem to get over that robots being shitty towards women happens everyday there.

Anonymous 17505

You're both dumb because it's spelled "feisty"

Anonymous 17506

you're my new best friend

Anonymous 17507

He's already proven he is dumb by refusing to do research.

Anonymous 17508

How am I dumb >>17501? I've spelt it right the entire time and was only quoting anon's exact misspelling. I spelled it right here and in my original >>17497.

Anonymous 17509

What can I say, I've been driven dyslexic.

Anonymous 17510

≥ spelt

Anonymous 17511

what the fuck are you fucking on about

Anonymous 17512


Want some gum gum, dumb dumb?

Anonymous 17513

Sorry Anon

Okay, but I have a three-strike system. 3 typos and you're out. jk

Anonymous 17514

Fcuk u2 freindo

Anonymous 17515

This is the most entertaining thread in a while. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

Anonymous 17516

Well now that it seems that people are waking up and it's not just me and paranoid-chan, things could get interesting!

Anonymous 17517

It hasn't been you and paranoid Chan for some time.

Anonymous 17518



Ahhh, there's that familiar greentext typo. It warms me well that you're still here and still continuing to be wrong about various things, including spelling.

Anonymous 17519

Is there a raid going on?

Anonymous 17520

No, stop stanning that already lol.

Anonymous Moderator 17521

Just two users squabbling. We have no reason to believe there's a raid or male intrusion. Please continue as usual.

Anonymous 17522

That would be mine? It's common on a type of tablet keyboard.

Anonymous 17523

Pft, are you telling me….




Anonymous 17524

Also mod kinda confirmed it's me and you here so…

Anonymous 17525


Anonymous 17526

anyway i really love cats

Anonymous 17527

Cute mindgames.

Anonymous 17528

The mod is messing with you too? Paranoid-chan you've been fascinating, truly. I'll remember this for quite some time.

Anonymous 17532

it doesn't matter if they aren't using prime cuts for pet food, buying the food still subsidizes animal slaughter

its hilarious you wrote that wall of text when there's such an easy, common sense rebuttal

Anonymous 17533

what are we supposed to feed cats if not meat? (inb4 kill all cats again) they're carnivores so they'll either hunt and kill our precious local birds or whatever or we feed them the organs that would otherwise go to waste which accompanies the meat we would be already buying

Anonymous 17535

Just kiss already, anons!

Anonymous 17536

I'm not stupid, they need meat. For every ~wacky vegan~ who's also stupid enough to feed a cat a vegan diet, there's probably 25 sociopath omnivores who have lit a cat on fire. I just choose not to own cats because I don't think it's ethical even though I love them and was raised with many of them.

Anonymous 17537

sunglasses cat.jpg

I am actually a cat irl

Anonymous 17539


Anonymous 17662

You're assuming a bunch of stuff about what I do and do not know. This is the unpopular opinion thread, "pollution is bad" doesn't exactly fit in here.

>Birds will evolve over time in response to these selective pressures
Just like all the other extinctions caused by human interference, right?

>Your "local ecology" is made up of a food-web comprised of predator and prey species, which includes different types of species, including avaians and multiple felinids, not just domestic cats. Avians (that means "birds" but not just the pretty little song birds that you're thinking of) in general are both prey and predator, your precious song birds are targeted more frequently by predatory avavians than they are by cats, no matter how many cats there are in an area. Even Bluejays will target song birds, but so will larger Corvids such as Magpies and Ravens.
Yeah none of this shit applies to where I live (New Zealand) you fucking retard. Native bird species had very little natural predators before human settlement.

Anonymous 17663

Anonymous 17665

images (19).jpeg

Stop hating on Adam Sandler!

Anonymous 17735

> Just like all the other extinctions caused by human interference, right?

If you read on I said
> If their species do not evolve fast enough, whatever.

It's possible they won't adapt fast enough. Why should I care? I don't like birds. They're a vital part of the ecosystem, but nature will take care of itself (eventually).

Anonymous 17764

Why aren't we chemically castrating all pedos? What are we waiting?

Anonymous 17771

Because they're about to become a part of the pride movement.

Anonymous 17772

Yeah, they are trying hard to make it happen. A couple days ago I was browsing the LGBT tag on Tumblr and found an anti MAPs post. I didn't know what it meant so I checked the tag and it stands for minor attracted person. They even have a flag. I hope the LGBT community doesn't let that happen but it is 2018 and pedos won't stop pushing their agenda.

Anonymous 17773

I just don't pay any attention to that stuff, at all.

Anonymous 17781


theyre trying, this is their pride flag. how long until they manage to turn LGBT into LGBTP ??

Anonymous 17786

Because we've generally, in the West, stopped inflicting physical injury as a form of lawful punishment. You start castrating nonces and before you know it you've got precedent for lopping off hands for thievery.

It won't happen. Not least because they were already on the inside of the pride movement right at the beginning and they were kicked out then once people wised up.

Anonymous 17836

>Jennifer Lawrence and the Hadid sisters look like ordinary plain jane white girls, I mean they're attractive, but I just can't see how many people seem to think that they're the epitome of beauty.

>EDs are horrible afflictions, but many ana girls seem to be so snobbish and vain.

Anonymous 17840

I don't think this could be implemented without some level of fuckery, but I think that it'd be optimal for the government to regulate who can get pregnant based upon hereditary diseases and family history, at least. Even better if they started having education requirements like China.

I also think that even more importantly, the government should regulate who is allowed to raise children. That's even more paramount to me than who should have children. I know this could totally result in fucked implications if the government gets exceedingly corrupted, but hell, I really, really hate seeing how babied parents are for being absolute shit at raising another human being.

Also, I hide this view of mine irl because obviously I don't want to be viewed as fucking crazy.

Anonymous 17841

Basically, I think being a parent should be seen as a privilege, not a right.

Anonymous 17843

>Basically, I think being a parent should be seen as a privilege, not a right.
>Also, I hide this view of mine irl because obviously I don't want to be viewed as fucking crazy.
Let's hope your opinion stays unpopular.

Anonymous 17844

I agree with you, anon. Most people are not fit to be parents and it would benefit the whole world if future abuse and neglect was prevented.
I'm just not sure what kind of tests would be run on people to ensure they're morally fit for raising children. Even if governments weren't corrupt, people sure can be convincing liars.

Anonymous 17850

Men in particular should have some kind of minimum height required to reproduce.

Anonymous 17852

unnamed (2).gif

I can't believe that you're still baiting.

Anonymous 17854

Please leave, random baiting robot man. The small men are fine by us.

Anonymous 17855

Wouldn't /r9k/ claim the sexual revolution made women only have sex with tall guys to begin with though?

Anonymous 17861


Agreed 100%, we need a 4'5 minimum in place.

Anonymous 17862


Also I wrote something like this out for this thread but then deleted it all. Because all it really amounted to was mommy issues in the form of some kind of rationalized argument for breeding rights.

You're completely right it's just there's no way to do that without innocent women being affected, and there's no person or group that can be trusted in setting rules for that and it not turning into some state enforced eugenics in the future.

All we can do is work towards a society that encourages abortion as much as possible and a society that shames abusive and/or neglectful parents to the same extent as we do pedophiles and rapists.

Anonymous 17868

images (24).jpeg

uncircumcised penises are gross

Anonymous 17870

How is that an unpopular opinion? 99% of women think that, the 1% left don't have any other option because their bfs' dicks are uncircumcised.

Anonymous 17872

>the 1% left don't have any other option because their bfs' dicks are uncircumcised.
Maybe in the US, but e.g. in Europe nearly no dude is cut.

Anonymous 17876

Does it realistically make any difference or is it just the appearance?

Anonymous 17896

I've dated an uncut guy, who also had phimosis. He didn't clean very well either so it was pretty fucking disgusting, but that's just me.

Anonymous 17907


>he didn't clean very well either so it was pretty fucking disgusting

Anonymous 17908


>peter dinklage's exact height
you got my vote

Anonymous 17919


Not every woman in the world is an american.

Anonymous 17920

They act so disgusted about discharge.

Anonymous 17921

phimosis is an actual medical condition, men with phimosis are a minority and suffer a lot because of it.

Anonymous 17923

I'm sorry.

Anonymous 18362

unpopular opinion:

why is it that people who have native american heritage, but know nothing about their tribe, their tribe's language or cultural practices, were not raised on a reservation, and have never sought citizenship as a native american, are looked down upon by Natives and discouraged from identifying themselves as 'Native American' because they're completely uneducated about it, but black people who are not in any way affiliated with their African roots in the same way are applauded and encouraged to celebrate the 'African Heritage' that they know nothing about when movies like Black Panther come out? It seems like a double standard.

Anonymous 18363

Maybe because African Americans look more like Africans than some white dude looks like Natives?

Anonymous 18364

Because most modern Africans live amongst other Africans. Native Americans are still largely segregated from outside communities, so they required a more rigid group identity. Why should someone in Africa care if a black person in America identifies himself as African?

Anonymous 18365


Because black people everywhere are redpilled and based, unlike Native Americans and Europeans that get all uptight and butthurt at rootless new worlders.

Anonymous 18376

What about the asians, anon?

Anonymous 18377


No idea, I've never witnessed any identity battles from them.

Anonymous 18379

Idk, but most Africans I know laugh at black American who are out touch with African culture but suddenly want to appropriate cultural elements from multiple countries. And full Native Americans I've met always roll their eyes at white people with a tiny percentage of say Cherokee blood trying to larp as real natives as well.

Anonymous 18395

you can be 50% native american and still look completely white though.

that's my point. the people in africa don't identify african-americans as african, it's african-americans who want to glom onto that cultural identity without having any experience of it.

i've never heard 'redpilled and based' used in this context, so could you explain what you mean?

this is how i think it ought to be, but i remember seeing people show up at my place of work to take photos for the black panther premiere in full african-themed regalia, and it struck me as kind of odd that the african-american population took this huge amount of pride in something that…honestly had nothing in common with them aside from their skin tone?

Anonymous 18396


>i've never heard 'redpilled and based' used in this context

Ironic use of the terms for humor with no meaning beyond "cool" and "good". Especially when describing a thing or person that people who unironically use those terms aren't fond of, in this case Africans.

My post didn't actually mean anything at all. There are both Africans and African-Americans at my work and they call each other "brotha" and "sista" and all seem to feel some kind of kinship towards each other. There are a lot of native americans and eskimos in my region and they're much more divisive and excluding based on lifestyle, what village you're from or if you're from one at all, if you can speak any of the language etc.

But I've not seen this attitude about identity between Africans and locals, maybe they're understanding of the fact that it's not their fault they're rootless descendants of slaves and sympathetic that they might want to grasp at having some kind of culture or identity beyond the shallow one they've been handed.

Anonymous 18398

I've never heard the terms 'redpilled and based' used outside of communities that put people down based on ethnicity, so that's why it struck me as odd. Irony gets a bit lost through text, I guess.

I'm guessing you're in Alaska, based on you referring to eskimo tribes? I come from the Southeast and that's what my experience is based on. There is a strong African-American culture in the city where I'm from, about 70% of our population is black, but oddly enough I feel like there's a similar amount of discrimination. If you're from a good neighborhood, you get judged by the people who aren't; if you don't use the same slang or speak with the same accent, then you're bullied for that. People who end up getting good educations and good jobs aren't 'one of us'. It's the crabs-in-a-bucket mentality.
But the thing is, I don't understand why you would want to grasp at a culture or identity besides the one you've experienced. I don't think the contemporary nature of a culture makes it a shallow culture.

Anonymous 18406


Yeah that's where I'm from.

>But the thing is, I don't understand why you would want to grasp at a culture or identity besides the one you've experienced. I don't think the contemporary nature of a culture makes it a shallow culture.

Dono, I'm white and don't know what to think of it. I don't mind being a wasp in the US.

I guess by "shallow" I just mean really recent, 400-500 years old vs ones that stretch a lot longer. We're often told we don't even have a culture. Their history here is being an underdog forever with success in sports and music.

I guess at first I wanted to defend them but really, I just don't know.

Anonymous 19257

Capeshit is just garbage. All Marvel movies, all DC movies, all of it. Put it all in the trash where it belongs.

Anonymous 19298

But anon, I don't take the oral contraceptive pill and I'm still miserable. Explain that.

Anonymous 19299

Can you explain how/why it is ruining society?

I am pretty miserable but that mostly has to do with being broke/life not turning out the way I imagined and constantly being worried about having some kind of medical emergency or something that will obliterate my savings and leave me on the streets. I guess you could say that was caused by feminism because I can actually have the opportunity to work outside the home and support myself, but there being a chance of not make enough money to survive, and thus be depressed that I'm going to die on the streets. But I'd still rather be out in the workforce than any of the alternatives. A lot of women seem to desire something other than the traditional female role, myself included, and now we have that chance. So for that, I am grateful for feminism.

I don't see how women having more opportunities and not being excluded from certain arenas of life could be a net negative. But I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

Anonymous 19301

I wouldn't be too interested, there are plenty of men pretending to be women who really love men posting at the moment. Wouldn't be surprised if this was one of those

Anonymous 19303

Well just ignore that poster and answer the question. I really am curious. It will not be lost in the ether to me, I asked the question because I would like to know your view. It is something that I disagree with completely so I would like to hear your take on it.

Do you think it is better if women are restricted in what we can choose to do with our lives? Personally that is what feminism still means to me. I'm not well versed in the 'waves' so I may be ignorant, but in a nutshell I believe it gave women opportunities and freed us from restrictive roles that not all of us would be happy in. Some women would be happy in them, of course, but not all. And from where I'm standing, I don't see any reason for half the human population to be restricted to the home or childrearing if that isn't what they personally want.

Anonymous 19306

>hopelessly romantic about female nature
Do you know how you sound? just curious.

Anonymous 19308

In the time you took to write this post, you could have explained your reasoning a little bit or linked me to some of the data or sources. I've been exposed to plenty of people saying feminism is ruining society, so I wouldn't consider myself 'in an echo-chamber', however most of those people in my experience have an agenda or some type of prejudice toward women to begin with, so of course they see feminism in an unfavorable light.

But, to be honest, I asked you for your own personal thoughts because you posted your unpopular opinion here and I'm interested in what YOU have to say about the subject. Data and sources aren't necessary for your personal opinion, though would appreciate those as well if you wanted to take the time to go through them. Discussion is what the thread is for, and then people can disagree and discuss why people hold those opinions. If you don't want to answer, that is fine, but then I'm not sure why you opened up the opportunity for dissent to begin with. I have no intention of mocking you or not acknowledging your arguments. But I would like to at least have the opportunity to HEAR your arguments.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'female nature', but I just asked the question because your post intrigued me since it is an opinion that couldn't be further from my own and I wanted to know your reasoning. I'm not trying to be manipulative or annoy you or whatever you think female nature is. If you don't want to answer my questions, just say so and I won't bother asking.

Anonymous 19309

Tell me – I'm not asking you to get heaping amounts of evidence or cite sources because I don't really want to argue with you – what is the female nature, in your opinion

Anonymous 19317

I won't debate you, but I feel like neither you or I could see any point in arguing with each other at all. I read recently about the theory that progressive and conservative viewpoints all boil back down to how you see a family unit. Basically I'm saying that people with conservative opinions like the ones you've just stated see the world in terms of needing strong paternal figures and the structure they enforce, while progressives view the family as more of a neutral partnership less about the structure and discipline and more about empathy and positive development through positive reinforcement. This is only a metephore, but at the meat of it it means that broadly speaking, you either believe that the world is an awful place that a paternal figure must offer structure and protection from (traditional family units, but also broadly conservative politics) or that we can raise our children and shape the world in a way that changes us for the better (different family structure, progressive politics)

The elaborate point I'm making here is no matter how you or I try and communicate, we'll likely always be speaking across terms. It's probably impossible to ever come to an understanding.

I will say, that I find a lot of the idealistic comments conservatives make about the nature of women seem less like observed qualities in all women, and more like something they're trying to convince women to be, though

Anonymous 19319

>This board does not welcome debate
I'm not being facetious, however I can't control what the rest of the board does or says. I am only one poster, and I did want to have a genuine discussion. You could have answered me and ignored the posters calling you a man or whatever, but if all you were going to do is complain about how no one wants to discuss things then why post at all? I asked YOU a question because you posted your opinion and I wanted your personal, individual thoughts on it. There is nothing more annoying than someone posting something and then dodging all discussion about it. Why would you post your unpopular opinion and then refuse to elaborate when someone wants to talk about it?

>How come you never talk about these topics amongst yourselves?

I'm trying to talk to you about it right now but you refuse to do so and instead choose to waste posts complaining about how other users mock your arguments or get you banned. I made it clear I am not here to mock your arguments or not engage with them at all. I wasn't trying to pull one over on you, I wanted your opinion. That's all. Not everything is a trap to make you get banned or mocked by other posters.

>Start a thread about it. Once I feel like it, I will burn through a proxy just to give you my personal take on the issue.

This is weird as shit dude. You posted in this thread, what's wrong with talking about it here? Why don't you give your personal take in the thread you posted in when someone wants to discuss it? You want people to engage with the ideas you listed above, correct? Someone wants to do it and you dodge their attempts. I have a feeling the feminism thread is dead a fuck, but this one isn't because you posted your question here but all of a sudden this thread is not good enough to have the discussion.

However I will take the group of questions above as your pseudo-answers, so thanks for giving me a little bit of info here as a starting point. Christ.

Anonymous 19401

-music is dumb and gay, also pretentious. Trap music about abusing anxiety/pain meds and fucking bitches is actually more intellectual.

-If you wear shapewear go fuck yourself. Hair dye(to have a natural color like redhead, blonde, or black, but blue etc is okay), shapewear, or blue eyed contacts should be shunned and disgraceful. You should be forced to accept what nature gave you.

-there should be sound pollution and light pollution laws.

Anonymous 19404

How do you call all music dumb and then go to say trap music, a form of music, is more intellectual than all music?

Anonymous 19411

Americans in this thread make me quite disgusted.
Calling uncut people to be disgusting, what is this? If someone cut my some part of my clitoris away I'd probably be very angry. I used not to pay attention much to that until one day I saw a video. If you think this is something that should happen then you're a monster. Video related.
Why did a natural part of human's body became "gross"? Imagine people started pulling out nails because they are "gross", all because some religious idiot told you so.

Anonymous 19412


Anonymous 19413

Cut cocks look dry and have a horrible scar on it which leaves the dick multicolored.

Anonymous 19415


I've been wondering about anime and pedophilia for a bit, but I think this is Americans yet again demonizing some other country's culture because it's different to their own. I know that in America it's pedophilia to be attracted to 17 year old teenagers, but even 14 year old people can legally consent around my parts.

Japanese(asian) people in general have smaller breast(/penis) size, body sizes etc. It's more about cuteness than hotness in their culture also, from what I've seen. Anime is a very weird media and I don't quite get it myself for the most part but to say that it's pedophilic to like some drawn cute girls is a very gross overstatement I'd only expect an American to make quite frankly.
Picture related, is that fine? By the way those boys are 16 at most and in HS according to the authors, somehow that is fine? This is extreme sexualization. Aren't they hot and cute? If anime girls are the equivalence I see why men would like them too. Adolescents are pretty damn aware of sex.
Women in Japan, especially in the UN, quite aggressively defend their drawn "child" pornography. I don't know if rightfully so. Why do you think you have the right to tell them what they should have in their own country? In general I feel like Americans demonize anything sexual. Maybe that's why you're so violent compared to most european or asian countries. That aside, all adults in real life have childish traits. Some have childish faces, some are flat, some have small dicks, some act like children, some are very short, some have very child-like bodies (very subtle sexual dimorphism), if anyone likes them, sexually or not, does that make them pedophiles? I'd like to remind you, that for the most of human history, "age of marriage" was averaging around 12 years old. I was already past puberty at that point, I think I had my first period at 11, which is around average. It's actually not a medical condition to be attracted to someone during or past puberty. ie. you might not like it, you might find it disgusting, and in terms of morals it might be considered wrong. But in terms of biology it's not. That's the general medical consensus. There's a thing for it and it's called "hebephilia". As you can see, it's not nearly as simple as some of you would like to make it out to be.
I'd never consider it appropriate for a grown ass person to be in a sexual relationship with a 11 year old one, but if they just jerk off to them I think that's completely harmless. People who molest, hurt, rape should all be enclosed and maybe even killed if it's bad enough, but drawn pictures? "lolicon" and "shotacon" and people who consume it definitely do have some kind of pedophilic tendencies, but I don't see why we should persecute people for being… different? I mean if they are aware of it, if they don't go after actual children I don't see a problem, maybe that's the argument of the Japanese? Why does everything have to be like in America, why do you think your belief system is superior to somebody's else?

Just some food for thought. I don't think it's as simple as some people make it out to be.

Anonymous 19419

Almost all trans people are fucked in the head

Anonymous 19424

Well, it's either "kids are hyper pure", or letting positive naked men wiggle their loins filled with confetti at kids in drag during a parade.

Anonymous 19426

>I know that in America it's pedophilia to be attracted to 17 year old teenagers,
>By the way those boys are 16 at most and in HS according to the authors, somehow that is fine?
The main audience for this show was high school girls when it came out. Nothing wrong with teens being attracted to teens. If a grown ass woman still watches shit like this, yes, it's creepy.
>That aside, all adults in real life have childish traits.
But they're not fucking children.
>but I don't see why we should persecute people for being… different?
Because they are a danger to society.

Anonymous 19427

>If a grown ass woman still watches shit like this, yes, it's creepy.
What's the cut off age for you?

Anonymous 19429

>are you implying my post is representative of a black v white mentality
Yep. Don't do that. Just because someone decides they don't want their kids vaccinated doesn't mean they're everything you hate. Remember that society is degenerating, not regenerating.

Anonymous 19433

Most people in america would say it's pedophilia regardless. That was the point/
>The main audience for this show was high school girls when it came out. Nothing wrong with teens being attracted to teens. If a grown ass woman still watches shit like this, yes, it's creepy.
Tell me where it says it's made for high school girls.
>But they're not fucking children.
So? Neither are drawings. Did you read my whole post or just cherry pick some lines with a snarck-ass remark to appear smart like on some twitter/tumblr?
>Because they are a danger to society.
What does that even mean? Being different endangers society? Are you sane? Because someone jerks off to something socially unacceptable in the confines of his home he's a danger to society?

Anonymous 19436

>Most people in america would say it's pedophilia regardless.
>Tell me where it says it's made for high school girls.
If you can't tell that this show was marketed to a young female audience, you're delusional. It's even more telling that you need Wikipedia to determine whether or not it's acceptable for you to watch a show.
>So? Neither are drawings.
They're drawings of children. Finding a flat-chested adult woman attractive isn't the same as wanting to rape a child and creating cartoons depicting that because you can't get the real thing.
>Being different endangers society?
They're a danger to society because they want to rape children and have to spend every day convincing themselves not to do it so they can avoid being arrested.

Anonymous 19447

>If you can't tell that this show was marketed to a young female audience, you're delusional. It's even more telling that you need Wikipedia to determine whether or not it's acceptable for you to watch a show.
I could say the same about the shows with those high school girls? Your point?
Anime with cute girls is watched by women, one of the most popular series like Love Live in Japan is particularly popular with women. You'd know that, but you don't want to check anything and instead choose to be offended.
>They're drawings of children. Finding a flat-chested adult woman attractive isn't the same as wanting to rape a child and creating cartoons depicting that because you can't get the real thing.
>They're a danger to society because they want to rape children and have to spend every day convincing themselves not to do it so they can avoid being arrested.
When did this become rape? Do you have any proof to your assertions? You just keep taking out certain sentences out of my answers without fully answering the argument. You just want to offend yourself. You basically try to bring it down to "they all want to rape children". How do you even know things you say? Where do you get this information from? My best guess is "because all men are evil who want to rape children", I get it, you hate men, now get lost from this thread and go to the man-hating thread.

I will not discuss with you further as you're clearly here just to get offended and tell me about rape, when rape wasn't even discussed in the argument. Go obsess about it on lolcow farms.

Anonymous 19479

ntayrt but once i got to college i started finding it harder and harder to become infatuated with fictional high school characters. i couldn't relate to them any longer. that being said, i'll still watch shows like free! on occasion because i like shows with competition elements to them, and also the emphasis on developing friendships with your team-mates is nice. that being said, it's not the same as watching shows like no game no life and fapping to the idea of catching your 11-year-old sister in the bathtub.

I think the main problem is that even when it's fictional, loli/shota manga makes pedophiles think, 'well, sexualizing children is fine in Japan…'
And it makes me wonder how many of those guys cross the line from consuming loli hentai after a while, to searching for photos or videos of real children? They're just photos of naked little girls, right? Those kids aren't actually being hurt, they probably don't even know what's going on. Except that THOSE are real people, not just drawings. we can't prove that all the guys who consume loli/shota are doing this, but you can't disprove it either.

But if they're ever found out, then it severely harms their reputation/relationships, so it's best to stay away from it 100%. If I ever found out I had sexual urges towards children, I would commit myself to a religious order where I'd never come into contact with kids or something.
Like imagine being some dude's little sister and then noticing that his search engine history is full of incest/loli hentai. Maybe he's never acted on those urges before, but would you really ever feel comfortable around your brother after that?

Anonymous 19496

Nobody wants to be associated with someone who has inclinations towards sexually abusing a child. Maybe the pedophile in question won't ever do such a thing, or maybe they've already done such a thing and just haven't been found out, but 99% of the population doesn't want to take the chance in the same way that they wouldn't want to chance living next to a psychopath (even if they don't have a criminal record). You can argue that it's just drawings of children, but the fantasy is what bothers people, not the medium.

It's better to curb the habit totally and try to live as normally as you can, because that social stigma isn't going away anytime soon.

Anonymous 19517

people are being honest. you just don't like what they have to say. fantasizing about fucking anime children is still fantasizing about fucking children.

Anonymous 32899


>This whole thread.

Anonymous 32901

Stop attacking my prospector friends on quartz.buffet

Anonymous 32921

I cant Believe we live in an era in which you have to say shit like this

Anonymous 32990

1553633171205 (1).…

Anonymous 33014

You should get consent and proof of being of age before you fantasize about an imaginary character.

Anonymous 33015

I've seen Serial Experiments Lain, and it's just a psychological horror with cyberpunk, conspiracy and supernatural tones, its main focus is a philosophical commentary on modern technology and its influence on society, it's not even moe nor does it sexualize the main character.

She's just the lead character in a horror anime and is made to look as freakish as possible. I think those people empathize with the horror in her life.

Anonymous 33016

Do you feel the same way about Harry Potter or Naruto fanfics?

Anonymous 33018

This reminds me of when GTA5, a game where you play mass murdering psychopaths, came out and people selectively cared about how the game treated its female characters (atrociously) but not about its pervasive, extreme violence and antisocial fantasies.

Is it hypocritical to care about fictional depictions of sexual exploitation but not about violence and murder? Maybe that says something about our relationship with media.

I've heard that the Japanese tolerate their "anything goes" media because they see it as just silly fantasies without power over reality, and the people who take it seriously as fools.

Maybe we get incensed over them because we overestimate the power of fantasies to seep into the real world.

Only an idiot would commit real-world violence because of GTA.

This is easy to accept. As a society, we pity those idiots and don't think we should ban violent media because of them.

But why is "Only an idiot would do something with children because they consume a certain type of anime" harder to accept?

In both cases, we accept the negative consequences as outlier cases that only fools would commit.

This boils down to "because the later touches on our deepest fears," I think.

It's too scary to think about, isn't it? And we're scared that people can even fantasize about it.

It creeps me out, but rationally, I don't see the difference between violent fantasies and these kinds of fantasies. Only an idiot would act them out.

Anonymous 33019

Maybe the Japanese tolerate it more easily because they're not culturally burdened with sexual fears.

It boils down to what we fear, I think.

Anonymous 33020

And I think we're misdirecting the fear that the fantasy provokes in us towards the people who entertain it.

Anonymous 33021

It would be interesting for scientists to do studies on whether liking young anime characters translates into real world abuse.

Science should help settle the argument.

Anonymous 33025

These are some of the explanations from the people who like lolis:

"yes because they are adorable but i don't like all lolis
only the cool ones others are anoying as fk"

"Pretty sure most people like them because they're cute."

"[So attraction (or sexual) is the main reason why people like loli's?]
I don't think so. That's probably a 1 in 10 kinda thing. Most of the time people just find em cute."

"Because they are the embodiment of happiness and everything right with this world. I adore and borderline worship them, they can do no wrong. For the most part it really is about that hyper exaggerated cute factor, although honestly if I see H-pics of them on Gelbooru or the like I'm not gonna complain. I don't actively sexualize them, just sometimes in the mood for a good loli loving. Doting on their adorable nature comes first."

" How can you not like these adorable stuff?"

So, apparently most of them like them because they're cute and make them happy, and apparently most of them only look at naked lolis because it's there in front of them, and wouldn't seek it out on their own.

My conclusion is that it's apparently about feeling happy about cuteness and not about real children.

Anonymous 33027

There's at least one government commissioned study on that.
Other governments have probably also done similar studies, and given the way these things work they probably came to wildly different conclusions.

I've become a little skeptical of the idea, since lolcow's found several women interested in shotas in various ways, but I can't recall even a single one who translated her interest into real world abuse. That might be more a matter of "woman" than a matter of "shota," though. Shortly after publishing her book The Beautiful Boy, Germaine Greer went on Canadian television and talked about boys having "sperm that runs like tapwater."
>GARTNER: Totally? You're 60, but sexy.
>GREER: Who says?
>GARTNER: I do. It doesn't mean anything coming from another woman?
>GREER: Oh, it does mean something coming from another woman. It's just that, hmmm, I'm still very susceptible to men. Boys even more.
>GARTNER: Really? What attracts you to boys?
>GREER: Oh, everything; sperm that runs like tap water will do.
And Greer's concept of boy is not men younger than her own age of 60, but men under the age of adulthood.
>"Well, I'd like to reclaim for women the right to appreciate the short-lived beauty of boys, real boys, not simpering 30-year-olds with shaved chests."[4]
Her interest is very clearly 3d, not 2d. But, there is no reason to believe she ever inappropriately touched a child, or ever did anything worse than look. Women who like shotacon are probably harmless, because women who like boys are harmless. Males who like lolicon are probably legitimately dangerous, because males are legitimately dangerous to women of all ages. So, instead of banning hentai, society should ban men.

Anonymous 33028

I've considered more carefully my position on the issue.

I think an exceptionalist argument can be made for distinguishing lolicon from other forms of depiction of illegal content in media.

I've realized that maybe these arguments are highly emotional high-stakes all-or-nothing because the punishment is extraordinarily severe, basically lolicons would be bunched up as dangerous sexual offenders, spend years in prison and have their lives ruined. I think this is excessive, the punishment doesn't fit the crime. I think lolicon should be destroyed, so if found in possession they should be given a grace period to destroy whatever they own, with no punishment. If after this they still have it, then a fine, escalating up to prison time. I don't think it warrants an entry in the sex offender registry.

The rules would include women and shotacon, of course, for fairness.

I haven't made up my mind about fanfics yet, though, since they on the surface seem exempt from the reasoning that made me consider lolicon and shotacon as an exception.

Anonymous 33029

It seems to be one of those things that would be better if it never existed, but after it comes into existence it's ethically complex to get rid off.

Anonymous 33035

I don't think lolicons/shotacons should be arrested until/if they acquire real cp or fuck with a kid.
But I also don't want to interact with them.

Anonymous 33037

You can enjoy things without thinking about them sexually. That being said, lolicon should be illegal.

Anonymous 33061

Feminism is valid, but modern first world feminists have ruined its name for everyone with retarded hysterics and shit like calling mathematics "sexist." https://ijkh.khistory.org/upload/pdf/6_05.pdf
Read this. tl;dr women were oppressed worse than slaves as recently as 100 years ago, this is what we could have been put through had circumstances been different. Men do not just give women rights out of the goodness of their hearts, women must rise up and take their rights. Right now I feel like things are equal, but in the future they could very well return to women being complete slaves, forced to eat on the floor, cover their faces, forbidden to go outside or learn to read and write, forbidden from education, forced to be the slave of a husband in an arranged marriage, etc. The timeperiod before that had women and men mostly equal, and then with Joseon it all went to shit because they imported chinese confucianism, which is just vile sexist bootlicking dogshit. I believe strongly in gun rights. "God may have made men and women, but Mr. Samuel Colt made them equal." All women should buy a gun and learn how to use it. It's pretty good right now as a first world woman, but it could revert back at any minute. And needless to say a lot of women globally are still very much oppressed.
Studying history is the true redpill. There was a disgusting story I just read where a woman in joseon korea had another man than her husband touch her arm, just touch her arm, so she cut off her own arm, and that was praised as the best moral mindset for women to have. Confucianism is disgusting patriarchal dogcrap. Eastern religions are praised by retards in the west as peaceful and wise, like no, read history. Women in asian countries were treated worse than slaves, so much for "muh ancient chinese wisdom." The kind of shit I've read is unbelievable. Confucianism is pure evil. (tl;dr on it–obey the social caste system, bow to authority, accept injustice, be subservient, and for women you must always lower yourself before men and obey their orders, never question them.) I've never encountered any other religion even close to being as evil as that. Confucius was an absolute monster and I'm tired of western dipshit hippies treating him like chinese jesus.

Anonymous 33067

I will say you're right on Confucianism. It's THE patriarchal philosophy and the only reason modern incels haven't jumped to it more fiercely (what is it, like thousands and thousands of years of finetuned, raging misogyny that resulted in the downfall of several civilizations) is because they can't even into its basic principles, which do admittedly require a modicum of thinking and self control before one gets to the "men ams better than womens" part.

>Confucius was an absolute monster and I'm tired of western dipshit hippies treating him like chinese jesus.

Personally, laughing at the tards who can't even read past the introductory footnotes for it is sport, nothing to get mad or care too much about.

Anonymous 33090

Thank you for reading my rant and understanding my feels. I'm strongly anti-authoritarian on top of being egalitarian (true gender equality.) Confucianism just sets me off like nothing else. Even his "wisdom" is just shallow truisms. Yudkowsky wrote about that kind of thing, calling it applause lights. The test is if you take it and reverse it, is that something anyone would ever argue? If not, it's not a choice, not deciding between one thing and the other, rather, it's calling water wet.
“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” – Confucius
Let's take that and reverse it. Would anyone ever say "you don't need a will to win, you don't need desire to succeed, you don't need to want to reach your full potential, and you can still achieve personal excellence that way"? No. His shit is all just nonstatements like this, little fortune cookie meaningless blurbs rigged to sound wise until you actually think about it for five seconds. Westerners treat it like some mystical ancient wisdom…It's nonsense and pretension. He was a charlatan.
I can't believe one man managed to destroy an entire region for a thousand years. How many women's lives were completely ruined by this shitbag and his brainless followers? All confucianism is, it's bread and circuses to placate the masses and justify the ruling class's own power. "magic chinese jesus say respect your lord and accept your place." "Yes master wow so wise, let me kill myself once my husband dies because society says women are useless burdens not worth living except to be sex slaves and servants!"
How many people suffered unspeakable horror and abuse because jackasses pushed that bullshit? And now dipshit gen x'ers treat it like cute little quotes to put on facebook to fellate themselves that they're so well read and worldly. Drives me up a wall.
Thank god I wasn't born then. I'd take a kitchen knife to any husband who said I had to eat on the floor, wrap my face in a rag, and could never disobey or divorce him.

Anonymous 33091

It really is a shame. Korea for example had stronger, equal rights for women prior to Confucianism. Geniuses behind sexism can't figure out that beating the opposite gender (male or female) into serfdom makes for unhappy children makes for unhappy families makes for unhappy civilization. QED? Even with a selfish mindset, you'd have to be an utter retard to not see it. You know you got 'one of those' white friends if you see a Confucius quote on the wall next to ye old Live Laugh Love picture frames

Anonymous 33094

Now I'm not a high-IQ philosopher scholar anthropologist historian person classics-expert but I remember reading a article by some humanities blogger; IIRC it was a blog entry on Zuck's sister's (who herself is a academic on the classics) website writing on how a portion of the whole alt-right/chan/incel demographic has latched onto stoicism and other ancient schools of thought to fit into their on views; even if some of it is just misunderstanding due to glossing just over the simple surface stuff (JP worship and will-power fetishism). Normally I am dismissive and don't care much for these types; but the article did seem like a decent read. I also remember it describing how those men in their online discussions would often with their distorted heterodox philosophy would often be dismissive of women's and others problems and would result in this "womenz can't into Aristotle/Seneca cause their irrational". Goes back to the whole pol-tard caricature where everyone pretends to be some kind of traditionalist Christian survivalist into Russian literature and who is competent at rural living and weight-lifting despite posting on a anime video game imageboard.

Anonymous 33096

I mean I like lain quite a bit, it's a good show with a lot if easter eggs, but what does worship mean in this context?
>t. tsuki

Anonymous 33106

I found this study; not only does it say that it doesn't lead to real crimes, but that it actually does the opposite. Countries that have legalized it have seen a reduction in sexual crimes against children.

I think it's a chicken and egg thing.
Consuming violent media doesn't mean you want to be violent, nor will it make you violent if you aren't. But people who already have violent tendencies will be drawn to this type of media too. When they act out afterward, some people will blame it on the game (or movie/music/book depending on the era).

Anonymous 33115

Hey, what's your deal Greer-chan? I see you on lc too. Are you into underage boys or what?

Anonymous 33116

I can't tell if you copied my post because you agree with or if you're mocking it.

Anonymous 33133

w-what's wrong with that? don't be mean to me.
Yes, the previous dynasty had relatively good gender equality standards when they were still buddhist. buddhism probably has its own evils but at least women weren't treated like possessions. i dont know how you can look at your wife, mother, daughter, and say, yeah let's beat her if she walks outside without permission, let's make her eat on the floor like a dog.
>live laugh love
turn 360 degrees and moonwalk the fuck out.
very familiar with that nonsense. "books women will never understand" is a staple for them. they conveniently forget like half of famous authors were homosexuals and/or leftists. and the christianity thing is cringe, just 8 years ago everyone on 4chan was an edgy atheist and now these same poseurs are larping as devout christians because atheism is too mainstream now. iconoclasts jumping from fad to fad, no better than the people they criticise. i love how a bunch of fat incel neckbeard NEETs think they're better than anyone else.

Anonymous 33139

What are you talking about with activism?
There are boards besides /pol/ on that site you know.

Anonymous 33142


Somehow the time-honored practice of tricking noobs into publicly humiliating themselves got misinterpreted by the general public as political activism about a decade or so ago

Anonymous 33149

>thinking loli equates pedophilia
you should prolly kill yourself, tbh

Anonymous 33161

Please do not mix up the imageboard and the irc server. The imageboard is much better than the irc server.
Also, I don't see a difference between someone who worships lain VS haruhi or other anime (or non-anime) deities.

Anonymous 33163

>yeah let's beat her if she walks outside without permission, let's make her eat on the floor like a dog.
That's how Islam works, not christianity. Concepts like chivalry and gentelman etiquette evolved in christian countries because the incentive was to protect women rather than subjugate them, you stupid bitch

Anonymous 33178


I find Billie Elish to be extremely overrated as if she is saving or changing the pop industry. I'm not saying that she isn't talented, she is, but the way how she is treated by the media and her rabid fans like she is anything completely new and unique. Especially when she is privileged to have all these connections and access to musical knowledge from being born in a wealthy artisic family in LA, I just find her music to be more valued than what it's value will be proabably in the long run. Don't burn me on a torch plz.

Anonymous 33180

Now now, you're being a bit too islamophobic right there. Just kidding, its always funny seeing people attack christianity basing on how patriarchal it is while defending islam few minutes later where woman can literally get killed for disobeying husband and he wont face much repercussions. Reminds me of westerners wearing hijabs to "show solidarity" with muslim culture. Guess next we're going to toss stones at people as a symbol for islam lgbt treatment.

And i'm not a christian, im atheist before anyone asks

Anonymous 33191

This isn't really an unpopular opinion outside of her fanbase tbh

Anonymous 33324

This. I like her fashion, but her music isn't masterful or anything.

Anonymous 33760

Billie Elish is music for white girls who bullied people in middle school listen to so they can feel unique.

Anonymous 33762

I just find her to be a really repulsive role model for younger girls. She's promiscuous and just plain nasty in terms of how slutty she is.

Anonymous 33769

She's like a younger Halsey imo, nothing new here.

Anonymous 33794

fuck this coalburner

Anonymous 33795


lets all love lain

Anonymous 33828

incels are incels for a reason. most guys who can't get laid are simply irredeemable fuckups who shouldn't breed, with deep personality and behavioral problems that can not be rectified or overlooked.
>decide to go on date with this guy who seems kind of awkward and shy, figured there was no commitment and i had nothing to do that day anyway
>meet him, he's 4 points lower (out of 10) and 50 lbs heavier than his pictures
>should have walked away but I'm retarded and too nice for my own good
>guy can't even hold a conversation, so nervous he can't even speak properly, keeps tripping over himself, stuttering, and giving nonsensical responses
>he looks absolutely terrified (I'm tiny and soft spoken, so it isn't me), eyes are shock-wide and everything
>keeps stealing glances at me and then ripping his gaze away like I can't tell without looking that he's doing it (thinks he's being sneaky with it, but I can hear his hair whipping around and sense the motion)
>has absolutely nothing going for him
>wore pants with a giant 8 inch rip at the crotch/thigh seam, probably from being a fatass, and dirty sneakers
>he's a fucking dumbass on top of it, honestly surprised he made it into college
>go for a walk, he acts like a total baby over a little hill that even old men walk up and down every day, says he's scared
>a grown man is scared of a fucking hill
>complains that the walk (30 minutes maybe) was too exhausting
>fucking annoying as hell and can't even speak properly
>finally drops that he's a khv at age 22
>despite that has done absolutely nothing to try and improve himself, his hair could have used the attention of a weedwhacker, he didn't brush his teeth and his breath stank, he smelled like BO
>he probably posts on /r9k/ whining about tfw no gf
Either put in effort or honest to god kill yourself. A new pair of pants is $5 at goodwill. If you don't have five dollars just skip a few meals, fatass, you could use it anyway. My fucking god. I thought he might calm down after walking a bit but nope.

Anonymous 33829

Gonna go to monitor /r9k/ to find his version of the story lel

Anonymous 33833

Let me know if you find him. He also sperged out at the end and asked me my masturbation habits, and then asked if I was a virgin. There is a 100% chance he's jacking it to me from now on. Apparently he's only been on one other date in his life.
The male fascination with virginity is just fascinating, really, it is.
Anyway I'm a firm believer in eugenics. The guys who can't get girls honestly have no business breeding to begin with. They're better off kts'ing.

Anonymous 33836

>I'm a firm believer in eugenics
Bad fashion and poor hygiene have nothing to do with genetics lol.

Anonymous 33837

are you pretty ugly? how do you end up on a date with that

its extremely obvious why virginity has been valued historically

Anonymous 33853

>He also sperged out at the end and asked me my masturbation habits, and then asked if I was a virgin
On your very first date? What the hell?

Anonymous 33860

If you can read. I said he looked like a 7/10 in the photos and ended up being like a 3.
Exactly. These guys who complain about tfw no gf have serious behavioral issues and don't even try to better themselves. I don't know why their mothers don't point it out to them or anything.

Anonymous 34063

I watched Lain when I was a kid. To this day I have no idea what the fuck I watched but…I always thought Lain's hair was really cute.

Anonymous 34754

This is a bit of a hot take,
Female social pressure in the U.S. doesn't always pressure women to be hot and feminine, sometimes quite the opposite where if a girl is feminine like having concern of their clothes and makeup then they would be perceived as vain, bitchy, dumb, basic, fake, slutty, weak and etc. by a surprisingly large amount of people of all ages, races and gender. This pressure can lead a woman to restrict her self expression because of not wanting to be percived in a negative light , the pressure would also lead to groups of woman to strive to be "not like those other girls" and create internal misogyny which would pit women aganst eachother and helps perpetuate a non-existent competition between women who could otherwise possibly bond. This is perpetuated in recent media of the 21st century, i.e. teen movie/ cartoon villans being a fem becky or You Belong to Me by Taylor Swift.

Anonymous 34755

That's a very common take and not exclusive to the US. Girls everywhere are shamed for being too "preppy" or "shallow" if they like pink or other stereotypically girly things and hobbies.

Anonymous 34761

Agreed. It's a double edged sword. At the same time there's a push to be feminine but being feminine is also seen as inferior. Funnily enough it was always other women complaining about me being "like a lesbian" for being more masculine, and guys liking it because I was "more like them". Ffs.

Anonymous 35015

I used to be gender equal and argue in favor of men's rights. But honest to god I'm starting to think men all want nothing more than to control and subjugate women. If we look at history it's always been that way. This recent abortion ban nonsense is revitilizing toxic male urges to suppress and control women. Everyone talks about it like bearing a kid is the woman's "punishment" for having the audacity to, gasp, have SEX, how DARE that WHORE. No one mentions the obvious, that there was a male enabling that oh-so-morally-outrageous sex and there was a male being just as "irresponsible" to cum inside without a condom (though anyone who isn't an incel knows that condoms break pretty easily.) What about the male's responsibility in the morally outrageous sex act? The woman goes through 9 months of hell, risks death, and permanently ruins her body as this so called punsihment for DARING to have SEX oh my fucking god, well what about the man? Zero consequences, apparently. Not a single god damned person mentions the responsibility of the sperm provider. Same thing with the double standard on mansluts versus females who are promiscuous. The guy gets a pat on the back, the woman they lambast endlessly and give themselves hernias to scream at until they're blue in the face.

The west has a serious woman hate issue, and serious problems with feelings of shame for natural, healthy human sexuality, and it probably stems from toxic Christian influence. xtianity is absolutely evil. It teaches to hate and subjugate women, to disrespect women, to treat women like possessions and objects, introduces feelings of shame about anything sexual that are so hammered in from childhood that all the west has deep seated disorders around their own sexuality. Even I get hit with feelings of ridiculous shame and anxiety when masturbating. Xtianity is widespread mass child abuse, it's as harmful to emotional-social development as child abuse. And what do you know, the religion places males above females in matters of power. Until recently women weren't even allowed to go into monastaries or become priests. Misogyny and Xtianity go hand in hand, same with judaism and islam and all other abrahamic religions. They're spiritual poison and need to be eradicated.

I can't even browse 4chan right now. This endless incel celebration over the backwards redneck abortion ban is absolutely viscerally disgusting. I'm trying not to become misandrist but they're making it really hard for me. These people are sick.

God forbid a human being makes a mistake in their life. No, no, they have to be PUNISHED, but only WOMEN, and only for having SEX with a man who isn't THEM. That's the real root of the problem. Men all want a damned personal harem of women bowing before their little cock. Hilarious because women can cum multiple times and men can only cum once. If anything, women should be the ones to have the harem of cockslaves at their disposal, logically speaking. Oh, men love love love logic, but only when it benefits them. They're hypocritical in every word that comes out of their mouths. I'm starting to think men might just be fundamentally evil. I can't even fathom holding such vile hatred.

American males seem to be the worst out of anyone. Maybe they all just have repressed bitterness about being circumcised. Fucking psychopaths.

Anonymous 35020

Having sex premarital is pretty bad for you. It ruins your pair bonding, whether male or female. How could you have ever been a misogynist, when you didn't want abortion banned?

Anonymous 35113

[citation needed]
I see it as a form of dementia. Not all men have severe cases of it, and some men are self-aware, but they're all sick in the head.

Anonymous 35114

>If anything, women should be the ones to have the harem of cockslaves at their disposal, logically speaking.
They do, its called beta orbiters

Anonymous 35816

Anime are not poorly drawn gross trash, Anime are not cartoons.

Anonymous 35819

The women has the burden of responsibility because she's the one who gives the okay (obviously not including cases of rape/sexual assault). It's her body, so it's her responsibility. It makes enough sense. 4chan and Christianity is fucking retarded though, I'll give you that. Everyone should have the choice to do what they want with their bodies.

Unpopular hot take from me, I don't think intercourse is even worth the risk when everything else feels better. It seems like even most women feel more physical pleasure from the "foreplay" more than the actual penetration, so what's the point? Then a good 80% of women can't orgasm from penetration alone, you can only orgasm if the stars align and you're built exactly right for it, meanwhile 99% of guys can finish quickly and be satisfied. Penetration sucks. I can see why guys take the risk, but I don't see why women do. Aside from the rationalization a lot of women give, such as the emotional aspect of feeling ~desired~ and ~wanted~ and pleasing someone else at the expense of your own pleasure all the time, but that's stupid to me.

Anonymous 35831


This could only be said by some virgin that probably doesn’t understand basic human psychology

Anonymous 35832


Anonymous 35837

Plenty of Christian trad girls here who shit on others for experiencing life the way they want to and not relying on a man's promise to be with them forever. They're best ignored. Someone here even said that if you slept with a long-term relationship you made a mistake and ruined your life because now you're ruined for marriage, top kek. I hope they're larpers.

Anonymous 35838

The science backs her up though. The more sexual partners you have the harder it is to pair bond.

Anonymous 35840

Why is someone a psychopath because their genitals got mutilated when they were a little baby?

Anonymous 35841


Penetration creates an emotional and spiritual connection. Girls need to be stimulated to the point where their body opens up to that connection. It's a slow build and most guys are fucking useless at it because society doesn't teach them properly. Male arousal is measured in seconds and minutes, and female arousal is measured in minutes and hours.

Anonymous 35843

You talk like you don't care how long you live, but the truth is you do. Please think about your future, and not the present.

Anonymous 35844

Anonymous 35845

You just want others to hurt the same way you do, when you should be warning them about the wrong way.

Anonymous 35846

Anonymous 35847


I don't want to be with anyone who believes virginity is a component to a successful relationship.

Anonymous 35848

Anonymous 35872

The internet is a mistake.

I'd rather go back to the days of writing papers on typewriters than being aware that a whole virtual space full of garbage and cowards hiding behind anonymity to spew their hateful bullshit exists.

Anonymous 35875

Almost all the nerves are on the outside of the vagina and on the external part of the clit. Within good reason obviously because childbirth would be even worse if the vagina had that many nerves. Intercourse is a meme and the more inefficient type of stimulation for women and more surefire for men, there's a reason why porn (geared towards men) is so focused on it and why porn aimed towards women (where they don't have to worry about pandering to what men want) tends to have more kissing, caressing, exploring each others bodies, etc. The actual intimacy is in that and not fucking. Aside from the 2% of women who can consistently cum from intercourse, and that's just because their clit is closer to the vaginal entrance, making it stimulated externally and internally, it's a huge meme.

Anonymous 35881

I can't stand these new meme words like "nut" and "coochie" and other similar ones

Anonymous 35882

i really hope you're being ironic.

Anonymous 36648

I don't give a shit about feminism and there are bigger issues that people experience than being born and socialized as a woman.

Anonymous 36663

For example?

Anonymous 36664

Not them but human trafficking is still pretty big.

Anonymous 36666

You were supposed to list arguments against feminism and not one of the reasons why we need it.

Anonymous 36681

How does wearing a pink hat and calling everyone a rapist stop human trafficking?

Anonymous 36685

You said you're against feminism - and not against people who wear pink hats and accuse everybody of rape.
How do anti-feminists like you help to stop evil men from selling and buying innocent children and women?

Anonymous 36687

Actual unpopular opinion:

Discord servers should be nuked because of the god damn drama they cause. Group chats can stay.

Anonymous 36689

My unpopular opinion is that the whole internet should be nuked.

There's already enough drama, enough assholes and bullshit in real life. If the internet was optional, then I wouldn't care but it isn't in this day and age.

I'd be willing to put up with writing papers on an old-fashioned typewriter, not being able to quickly contact a friend who lives in another country and having to run to the library to look up dumb questions.

Anonymous 36691


It seems like recently a lot of internet drama has involved some sort of discord screenshots being leaked. Also, in my experience for some reason some of the absolute worst people you will meet online tend to congregate on discord. I definitely wouldn't mind the whole thing being nuked although I'd miss some of the small servers dedicated to niche topics.

Anonymous 36692

Hm I think you are just rolling with the wrong crowd discord is the best chat platform I have ever used, period. I have met some of my closest friends on smaller servers catering towards serious discussions/older users

Anonymous 36693

I think Discord is fine, it's just overpopulated by edgelords and angsty assholes. If you apply common sense and aren't too autistic, you'll be fine.
Or just use it to talk to people you already know. I love servers to communicate with my friend group. Muuuuch better than messy group chats where everything gets derailed. Channels are so much easier to organize or mute if you're not into a specific thing some of your friends like to sperg about.

Anonymous 36694

I liked the old steam chat better before it turned into a discord ripoff. It was more compact and I could fit more of my friends into a given space on my screen. Also, I like having a separate window for each of my (more important) conversations which I can't seem to find an option for in disco.

I also like wire more for its end-to-end encryption. It's very nice for chatting with friends one-to-one.

I think I like slack a bit more than discord too. It has more built-in features that disco needs to rely on bots for.

Hell I like IRC more than disco due to its flexibility. I think discord is actually my least favorite chat platform, for me it has no redeeming features other than "but my friends use it".

Anonymous 36726

I'm out of the loop. And why does Slack look like Discord?

Anonymous 36997

Shrinking middle class (in America and Canada already)
Pollution, climate change, and it’s affects on all life on earth
Automation destroying the job market

I’m pretty sure the list goes on but that’s just off the top of my head

Anonymous 37001

on a related note I find that the label/word itself should just die because there is so much contention and conflict over it (not just from the left/right but also coming in from all sides who refer to themselves as such including various weird heterodoxies); and as such I don't care about labeling myself as one or policing others who use the label to describe themselves as such.

chan-culture infecting everything it touches like cancer.

Anonymous 37006

>why does Slack look like Discord?
because they're both just IRC dressed up in modern clothes. Slack is marketed more towards professional workplaces and Discord is marketed towards gamers. Slack has more useful features for work out of the box. That's it.

Anonymous 37048

serial experiments lain is overrated anyways

Anonymous 37050

I've seen this anime girl quite a few times online, but I don't know who she is. Fill me in?

Anonymous 37056


Idk if it’s unpopular or not but 4chan should’ve died after moot left.

Anonymous 37059

Nah, it's just common sense.

Anonymous 37067

Anonymous 37884

4chan should have died before /pol/ was made.

Anonymous 37900


pol/ would probably not be even a fraction as harmful if it wasnt for all the mass media outlets giving it attention during past burguer elections. Hell, the whole of 4chan would be different if it weren´t for the "anonymous hackers from 4chan " headlines burguer media forced everytime a few dumb kids played an edgy prank. They signaled every other wacko that 4chan was THE place to go for all their fuckery.

Its ironic that traditional channels were the ones that made internet ones into the toxic ever growing monster it is today.

Anonymous 38969

Self-hate is fucking disgusting, if I had to choose between someone who's constantly sabotaging themselves and someone who brags, I'd rather choose the latter. No one likes pity parties, and not to mention that people with bad intentions will take advantage of that.

Anonymous 39028

>constantly sabotaging themselves and someone who brags

You will often find them to be the exact same person because bragging to overcompensate for how much you hate yourself is a very common trait of insecure people and narcissists .

Anonymous 39036

i wish the posts here didn't get deleted when a person is banned, like half the threads here are posts quoting deleted posts. Lc has a very trigger happy moderation when it comes to bans but even them still keep the posts up.

Anonymous 39068

Yeah, but they're two categories that behave differently. It's not them being insecure that bothers me, but the negativity they express.

Anonymous 43680

Soundcloud rappers are all shit. No exceptions.

Anonymous 44215

I think most here would agree

Anonymous 44351

Most men would be considered pedophiles because of the conflict between biology and morals. There’s plenty of underage girls who look older. But not only that, they’re literally going through puberty and have therefore began to be “fertile”. Biologically, a male wants to sleep with something that’s young, developed, and can breed. That’s a lot of 15 year olds. You find a “attractive” or “cute” enough 15 year old and I’d say over 95% of men would sleep with them if it weren’t for legal/social consequences

Anonymous 44362

That anon was specifically talking about characters who look like small children, so no development and small frames. She reiterates this point in her post here >>12583

Unless you're saying the majority of men would sleep with kids under 10. In which case…maybe. Who knows, I think way more people (male and female) are genuine pedophiles than we'd like to acknowledge.

Anonymous 44368

I think it's gross when people flaunt losing their virginity before the age of 18, no matter what culture they come from.

Anonymous 44379

Even if it's two mutually consenting 17-year-old teenagers in love with each other?

Anonymous 44406

Anonymous 45108


shut up loser… it's not the character herself it's what she symbolizes… lain is the male-feminine ego explicating itself within the hyperreal of the internet. She represents the deterritorialized male who's become genderless through his deterritorialization… lain is the boy who failed to become a man amidst the lobotomizing influence of cyberspace…

Anonymous 45112

most of them are commie larpers so it's understandable

Anonymous 57041

teen/young adult lesbians are mostly cringe

Anonymous 57048

Care to explain why?

Anonymous 57058

I think flaccid penises are cute. I hate huge dicks, anything over 8-9" scares me.

Anonymous 57070

Reproduction is the sole purpose of all biological creatures, so fulfilling that purpose is an accomplishment. We should instead stop holding virgins and chaste people in high regard.

Anonymous 57223

Well by that logic we should hold in high regard mothers and fathers, not people who have sex without having children.

Anonymous 57224

I avoid anyone who has a Lain pfp. Met a guy who was a terrible person with one. He was very manipulative to his girlfriend too and cheated on her.

Anonymous 57259

Anonymous 57272

Have you ever seen a penis?

Anonymous 57292


Nobody on this site has. Penises aren't real.

Anonymous 57300


Stuff like this mostly. It's a whole attitude that I see a lot on the internet and in the young lesbians I know in real life. Like: I'm so gay lol, pic of Kristen Stewart with a jacket and no shirt underneath, etc…

Anonymous 57301


"As a lesbian, I can confirm that we…"

Anonymous 57304


I feel like all that kind of shit was written by straight men larping as lesbians. Read: trans"bians". Oh, autogynephilia…

Anonymous 57316

Eh, I think some of it is an expression of likely newfound identity in a culture that is overly encouraging of women desiring men. Some are also bisexuals, meaning they feel the pressure to prove their attraction to women.

Just biting back at comphet and trying to overcome youthful insecurity. It is pretty cringe if it's their whole personality though.

Anonymous 57317

People are the cringiest about things when they've just begun to identify with them, it takes time to mellow out and learn the pitfalls of an identity

Anonymous 57340

I genuinely don't think fatphobia is a real thing, nor does it deserve to be at the same level of racism and misogyny.

Anonymous 57351


Maybe, I lurked through /lgtb/ a little while ago and discovered what ''autogynephilia'' is… ew
What you suggest seems like an understandable perspective.
>It is pretty cringe if it's their whole personality though.
Yes. I have to admit that most of the times I have the sensation (from the people I see in real life rather than from the posts I see online from lesbians I don't know) that what you just said is more the result of following some sort of ''trend'' that being a lesbian or bisexual has become, rather than just the first step towards building your identity. I know I'm being judgemental but the presence of this stuff is SO BIG at my uni that I'm extremely tired of it. We all did dumb things is highschool but when I see this kind of sentences on the back of the bathroom doors at the campus I feel like I'm traped in highschool era forever with these people.

Anonymous 57361

>tfw you live in a world where this is now an unpopular opinion

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