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What if women genuinely weren't conditioned into femininity? Anonymous 124532

Look for "tomboy fashion" and you'll see a lot of conventionally feminine women in makeup wearing clothes that accentuate their figure.
For women uninterested in performative femininity, what do you think women could look like if "girliness" looked like what we would call boyishness?

Anonymous 124537

Male fashion is really boring, though. Women's fashion doesn't have to be thigh-high anime girl tranny shit.

Anonymous 124538


Anonymous 124539

I'm not really sure what you are asking, but I don't think I was conditioned to wear feminine clothing. 99% of women wore pants (jeans) and t-shirts on a daily basis when I was growing up. I tried fitting in and doing the same, but I didn't like it. Now I exclusively wear skirts and dresses.

Anonymous 124544

>Look for "tomboy fashion" and you'll see a lot of conventionally feminine women in makeup wearing clothes that accentuate their figure.
Of course, because looking that up is gonna give you a ton of results that aren't authentic outfits worn by real tomboys, it's gonna give you a manufactured idea of it to sell as a product, and the fashion industry isn't about to let their models pose without makeup or without being conventionally feminine.

When I was in middle school I was so obsessed with gakuran. Not sure if this one is a school uniform tho lol

Anonymous 124546

Samefag but also I don't think you (OP) get what clothes that aren't traditionally feminine look like, at all. It seems to me that you focus too much on feminine qualities, even if they're almost unnoticeable or don't really prevent a woman from looking masculine. Suspicious

Anonymous 124549

You're a victim of the patriarchy

Anonymous 124604

This. Male fashion begins and ends with the three piece suit.

Anonymous 124620

All fashion is boring.

Anonymous 124647

Because I had male-type clothing pushed upon me as a kid? Well it was annoying. Glad I made my own choice to reject that.

Anonymous 124659

In my early 20s after losing weight I started dolling up…I felt worse than ever, that the more effort I expended, the more time I thought about how I was being perceived by others which was a vicious cycle of vanity, while in my head most of the time I was just feeling, "I'm doing this for me." It's taking care of and loving yourself, right? Yeah, we're totally in a Dove beauty ad.

I am happier these days either ways after starting to dress more casually and not wearing any make-up.

I'd urge anyone that feels like dolling up a lot to just go full monk for a few months, no styling, no make-up, just basic hygiene–if they don't have some sort of crisis of identity or have much lower self-confidence, yes, there's a problem. I'd also say it's very similar to troons. A lot of them feel out of whack with themselves and try escaping what they are - often entailing spending massive amounts of money - and basically have to fight what's natural.

IDK about the people talking about the patriarchy in this thread, it's a bit memey. Though I agree with a lot of it being social conditioning and I think writing it off to simply being a choice done without any outside influence or propaganda is cope.

Anonymous 124759

What if girls played football and boys wore ballet outfits?

Anonymous 124761

ballet dancers were originally all male

Anonymous 124763


We'd dress butch or >>124648 or the goofy way some lesbians dress.
I don't know if femininity would exist in the same way without conditioning.
I kind of understand this as someone who was masc when fat and then got feminine when I lost the weight. I was definitely more uptight about looks at first, but have recently achieved a femininity that doesn't exist to look hot. Sort of like a walking pile of things I like to look at rather than an attempt at appealing to anyone else. I can prove it because barely anyone hits on me now and even my boyfriend finds it interesting but not exactly attractive lmao.

Anonymous 124778

Trying to emulate men's fashion so you are not "conditioned" into some sort of inauthentic femininity is reactionary and in the end, it isn't feminine fashion. But if you like to wear men's clothes because you genuinely find it aesthetically pleasing on you then go for it, i just don't think it could ever be considered feminine because men's clothes are designed with men's bodies and frames in mind.
If you don't want to be conditioned, that I think is inescapable

Anonymous 124803


That already happens

Anonymous 124821


I wear somewhat of a mix, we should be able to wear what we want

Anonymous 124877

Do it then.
Literally nothing is stopping you.
Any barriers you create are self-inflicted

Anonymous 124951

>what do you think women could look like if "girliness" looked like what we would call boyishness?
Still clothes, accentuating natural average female figure? Which is hourglass type.
Average male figure is broad shoulders, narrow hips
And it is accentuated by traditional suits
I mean, male tshirts are non-wearable for most women, because hips
That’s why a lot of women wear oversized clothing
(and then bigger than average women complain skinny bitches stealing their clothes, what is it even…)

So idk what do you mean by “girlish” look, it is uh how different from “boyish”, when excluding figure accentuation?..

Anonymous 129640

Same I hate jeans, they limit movement and they're unconfy. Why would anyone choose to wear that.

Anonymous 129641

This reeks of fakeboi cope to me. If you want to dress like a dude, go for it, but don't expect the rest of us to sit idly by and compliment you when you look like a drag king at best and grown man who somehow hasn't hit puberty yet at worst.

Anonymous 129662


I hate jeans, I don't necessarily consider skirts / layering to be restrictive in the same way heels, bras and corsets are. Ally Sheedy's character pre-makeover is not feminine at all and is pretty much how I dress in the winter. It's always been comfortable to me.

Anonymous 129768

this, unless you're in a specific subculture of fashion like cottagecore, most people dress practically andro nowaday, even runways are quite gender neutral, most women wear a t shirt and pants now, in fact if you wear a skirt or dress people actually think you're weird and will ask you "what you're all dressed up for" even if it's a casual sundress

also what do you mean by "tomboy fashion" is women showing off their body? everything that popped up was women with little to no makeup and clothes that disguised their figure? If you wanna dress up like a nun thats fine but don't confuse modesty with being a tomboy, modesty isn't boyish

Anonymous 134477

All gender identities and ideas are pure forced performance and legitimate memes in the richard dawkins sense of the word,and nothing else. The fact that people still see skirts as for girls and pants as for boys instead of seeing them as just clothes means that the world is as fucking retarded as it's pretty much always been

Anonymous 134650

Clothing is meaningless for this. And there's not really any restrictions. Not many women wear actual female clothing in the sense that men wear male clothing so who cares (literally no one).

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