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Is there an empathy crisis? Anonymous 124621

With all that idpol nonsense, most people seemingly faking empathy on social media for cred,people cocooning themselves into their made up identities or whatever ingroup they suscribe themselves to I wondered, is there growing empathy deficit in society?
It feels like society is drifting apart and people emphasise their differences rather than commonalities, going as far as disallowing members of other identities/groups to comment on issues of other groups like eg whites and blacks etc, like they're so different that they can't understand another persons or groups struggle. And historically, sentiments as 'They're different than us' usually weren't far from 'THEY'RE DIFFERENT KILL EM ALL'. I don't feel good about the future tbh

Anonymous 124646

I cannot definitely tell if it's worse now than before but the issues you mentioned - mainly the rise and valorisation of communautrism and individualism - seem to be catalysts for an empathy crisis. There's also the increasing accessibility and exposure to schocking medias at large creating an empathy burnout for most people. Think what you want about religion but secularization in the western world may have helped that phenomenon ; most religions hold empathy has one if not the most important value to have (love thy neighbor, yada yada).

Empathy really should be the first value you teach a child and try to develop yourself, as we are bound to live in a group anyway and our nature allows it. The fact it is not encouraged at all or even discussed is concerning, but I guess it isn’t seen as an ‘useful’ value in our postmodern individualistic and materialistic western societies. I teach to teenagers and I see that they have a really hard time to relate to anything outside of their own world, for example when I ask them to imagine both sides of an argument (for/against) they often struggle to find an argument against their own opinion. Now this could be due to a lot of things and then again I don’t know if it’s worse then it was a few decades ago, wasn’t there, but the capacity to think outside of the self and see other perspectives seems a bit lost with almost all of my students - worse, they don’t seem to get why it’s important or why they should encourage it.

Society and social networks (obligatory we live in a society moment) clearly favors the development of the individual and the self only resulting in selfish, self-centered, snowflake behavior. In fact empathy is not rewarded, it is even a burden if you want to reach success in this capitalistic setup : see how many billionaires and people in power are full blown psychopaths (i.e. not able to feel empathy). This is obviously gonna lash back at us at some point, after all we are a social specie and empathy is an extremely important trait for us, but I don’t see people start questioning and working in favor of empathy til there is a global crisis that forces us to work together for survival.

Also once again women are less faulty of that as they are on average way more empathetic and compassionate than moids, that is also one of the biggest reason I cannot relate - and it's reciprocal - and get along with most of them, as I think a lot of women do.

Anonymous 124674

We are living a strange time, lots of moralists deprived of empathy and a weak status Quo. Almost as if we were right behind the start of a BIG decadent period

Anonymous 125033

Its kind of ironic that you’re posting this on a website that has a manhating boards. But overall I do agree with you there’s an empathy problem online and it’s obviously going to, and did, spill into irl.

Anonymous 125035


It's not just an empathy crisis. It's almost a flatlining of morals on all levels. Sometimes when i read classical British literature and try to imagine that people in their day to day life used to speak like that i get a little depressed and very jealous

Anonymous 125037


when people have less and less in common with their neighbors, it's harder to relate to others. people become less socially active within their communities and their attitudes become more and more focused on themselves.

Anonymous 125039

>Sometimes when i read classical British literature and try to imagine that people in their day to day life used to speak like that i get a little depressed and very jealous
What you mean is that 1.) the upper echelons of society and 2.) fictional characters talked like that. If you think Victorians didn't speak in slang and "memes" you're fooling yourself.

Anonymous 125042

okay but that would make a fantastic plotline for a book

Anonymous 125043

lol this reads as autist trying to understand normies

Anonymous 125044

Your answer is the best anon :) i like you

Anonymous 125057

How does talking like a fancy ye ole British person make them more moral

Anonymous 125064


I wanted to expan on my post more but i have a busy life (TFW i need to work for 782 minutes today and i only have 450 logged rn when it's 10 pm, anyway) i said morals and meant it, i agree with the anon who mentioned multiculturalism in this sense.
Seeing people you have less in common with genetically, fill your daily life more and more, makes you less likely to hold onto feelings of patriotism, nationalism and pride in your identity. I am against immigration (but not so heartless as to ban war refugees from seeking shelter in my country, i actively work to aid them in my daily life. I am an autist unironically, but i don't like giving them 20 cents (i am translating my currency to AMERICAN rn for your comfort) it feels forced, i usually aid them with resources, or buy $2 worth of products for $20- no they don't price what they sell, they're happy to get anything. Wars are atrocious, anyway)
I meant morals, also as in religion and caring for your family and neighbor. I am not a religious fanatic, but i agree with Jews, christians and Muslims well enough to considers us brothers and sisters on this earth and to support each other, to each their own.
And what i didn't mention in my OP was that i feel like normies don't just lack morals, but also- personality.
And therein comes the "classic British literature" part. I know not everyone spoke in 20-lines paragraphs or was as eloquent as Charlotte Bronte. It just feels like people retained more personality back then. Their most bland, submissive housewives, and most ordinary breadwinner husbands, their more trivial affairs had a lot to do with them personally that each of them felt like they were overflowing with life force and energy.
There is so much cynicism and coldness nowadays. In a sense i think it has to do with the massive deal of information we deal with on the daily.
I remember a certain quote by Stalin in this regard, and i hate Stalin and everything to do with communism and Marxism i should mention, but i believe him right when he said, "The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic."
We live our daily lives with the knowledge that a lot of world problems exist beyond our might and wit, we get to witness a greater deal of injustice, hatred and atrocities with detached minds and bodies than any of our ancestors ever had to. Not even during WW2.
Don't you think the ability to just, close a tab and walk away, when the topic of starving children and genocides and massive unjust persecutions taking place in the world oceans away, is hypnotizing enough to condition the mind to believe that problems cannot exis beyond our screens?
I have many times in my life felt enough rage at issues outside my control that all i could do was bawl in my room and cry about the fact pedophiles exist, animal abusers exist, staving people exist, that enough problems and entire families can be saved out of poverty for the same amount of money we put into one Family Guy episode.
I've tried memes as a coping mechanism, and lived half my teenage vulnerable years in image forums like 4chan and occasionally 8kun, and learned to silence that side of me that yearned for justice and righteousness.
Then found out it makes me no different that the twittard Redditor comparing US cops to StarWars stormtroopers in your "hello kitty says acab^^" echo chambers.
My pic in the OP seems to confine normies to leftists and libtards, but i think NPCs come in many shapes, regardless of political alignement.

Anonymous 125110

It's ironic because a lot of the people I see referred to as "NPCs" are actually autists who have learned to mask and mirror so efficiently that they come across as pod people. It's an offensive term all around, honestly.

Anonymous 125111

That makes sense actually. I'm ND and I usually try to come across as boring as possible around people I know as it gets tiring to always be labelled the weird one for just being myself and thinking outside the box. Plus I'm often not interested in making new friends with anyone so I don't see the point in wasting energy trying to be charismatic. I know I'm not boring but whether anyone else does or not doesn't really matter.

Anonymous 223972

This. I hate people who think diversity is a good thing, America proves it isn't.
Homogenous countries tend to have the least crime rates and it is not a coincidence.

Anonymous 223978

This is such a stupid take. Have you ever taken a history or sociology class? Violence and crime are consequences of poverty and huge disparities in living conditions between the rich and poor.

Anonymous 224022

NTA but that doesn't disprove what she said in any way.

Anonymous 224026

In the instances you see that, it's just history repeating itself, on a smallers scale op. Its actually gotten miraculously miraculously less violent.

Look at any historical stretch of time in any place in the world, the harrowing ways people used to live in poverty. The poorest people from today, would have been considered rich well into the turn of the century. Even after the first and second industrial revoltion.. The vast majority of people lived on $2 per day through most of human history.

People used to be absolutely shameless in their violence and petpetual war. Kingdoms, even tribes almost never stopped fighting and slaughtering each other. If you ever really studied history you would know a "modern empathy crisis" sounds laughable..

Anonymous 224027

The only right answer in this thread. Like, "empathy crisis" in a world that's the least violent it's ever been?

Anonymous 224138

I agree, it's weird though. Compared to many many years ago the average person is far more empathetic, but I feel like compared to maybe 10 years ago people are overall less empathetic (being more empathetic on some issues)

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