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Do you ever wish you could live a quiet life away from society? Anonymous 124717

Sometimes I find myself looking at old paintings or pictures of life. People seem happier, everything seems simpler. I imagine myself with a family and a life that is unaffected by the crap that keeps happening in the world. I imagine a self-sufficient homestead, a farm with animals, a happy home. Know what I mean?

Anonymous 124719

Yeah I do, but I also remember it's idealized. The homestead/farmers life is in many ways also a poor and tough life. Although maybe today would allow for a more comfortable middle road, homesteading while still having access to modern comforts (technology, health care etc.)

That said I'm working towards living on the country side while working a well paying office job in the city for financial security (the country side in my country is very small so I can easily commute between the two) and I want to live partially self-sufficient from my garden and maybe some livestock. It's not quite the "homesteading in the middle of nowhere far removed from society" but I think it's more realistic and secure.

Anonymous 124723

Yes, I've started gardening and saving as much money as possible for this reason. I want independence from the government and retard scrotes who see that as being trad.

Anonymous 124724

This is something I wish for too. I know living like this is tough and there's a lot of hard work to do everyday but I'm up fo it. I need to save money and learn some skills beforehand too. Meanwhile, I enjoy visiting the countryside and some farms whenever I can, and also being conscious about what I buy or what I do.

Anonymous 124727


If any of you are serious about this, I'm reading this book right now and it's very broad and resourceful. Must add it's quite US/North-American centric but it's still very informative, it also talks about buying land and things like that. The most recent copy is on libgen if you want to check it out.

Anonymous 124728

I live in the suburbs of a major city. I was content most of my life living here. In 2019 I started to feel like everything was going to crap especially when I went into the city. Going to the city used to be fun but I haven't stepped foot there in a long time because it's just depressing how much it degraded in just 10 years. At first I just wanted to move to a different city but after spending so much time alone in lockdown and seeing the decay around me continue, I realized I don't want to live in any city or suburb and just want to move out to a rural area away from most people.

Anonymous 124732

Though honestly when I hear this kinda thing, I'm thinking how are you really affected by anything unless you live in a place like the middle east or.. now Ukraine.. Most people live such disaffected lives that would post on a board like this.

Anonymous 124733

Not OP but people in the (relatively) stable West or wherever may not be directly affected by war. But we're all going through housing shortage, massive increases on the costs of gas, electricity, groceries are becoming more expensive on the daily. Most of us are well of enough for now but it's not surprising people start to scratch their ears and wonder: Do I really want to be fully dependent on other people for my food and other basic neccesities? Not to mention technology, it has become entwined in our lives and some people are starting to wake up to the consequences and desiring a more simple, from high tech removed lifestyle. You don't have to live in a war or famine ridden country to get to that point and realize that maybe our current lifestyle isn't sustainable and/or as desireable or wise as it is made out to be.

Anonymous 125260

The working class so to say was never happy, we just never had a voice until recently. Of course looking at the state of society now it seems like i's better to live without it, but even the most autistic, socially anxious person needs to socialize with other people somewhat.

Anonymous 125261

Wrong. Everyone will be affected by what's going on on other parts of the world, it just takes time.

Anonymous 125263


This can only work if the internet, social media and instant world wide communication didn't exist. There's no true "away from society" in the 21st century.

Anonymous 125269

Would, but my local countryside is full of old rapist moids and young incels, who would burn my place down in a sec.

Anonymous 125270

This is 1st world country btw. I read about a woman my age who did just that, moved in the middle of the woods alone, and reindeer herders gave her such a creepy time, that she had to get a husband to live in peace. Awful.

Anonymous 125602


All the time. When I told my psychotherapist about wanting to live in a small log house in a forest away from everyone she told me that it is too idealistic. I don't care, I'm going to make my dream come true one day.

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