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anyone else Anonymous 125380

Does anyone else just skim over text online? Anything longer than a couple paragraphs, I instinctively scroll past or just look for a couple buzzwords. I can read actual books just fine but I have to actually force myself to read articles. It’s a bit sad considering how much educational content there is online

Anonymous 125381

You can re-train yourself to improve your attention span online.

Anonymous 125383

For me is the exact opposite kek. I skip the short ones and go read the long/longer ones. I have no problems reading articles unless it's about economics or some celebrity drama.

Anonymous 125384

Bilby at Featherda…

Short answer: yes.

Anonymous 125417

You've become addicted to the dopamine rush of easy achievements. Like the other poster said, you have to train yourself out of it otherwise you will literally get stupider both because you will not gain new knowledge as you age with your peers and because your brain's plasticity will decrease. You can start with five minute meditation and short nature walks, or there are guides online.

Anonymous 126630

Wot is this ting

Anonymous 130727

too long didn't read

Anonymous 130729

Sometimes I skim. A lot of things I just won't even read, but I love lithub and aeon.co. Nautil.us is also really good.

Anonymous 130730

i'm guessing it's some sort of bilby

Anonymous 130736

You might be long gone to the skies by now anon, but, uh, I wanted to say that there's been some brain research and…unsurprisingly, the brain actually shuts off a little when it perceives text on a screen.
In other words, someone is better off reading written text if they want to absorb something better. Also, getting breaks from the net is important for attention spans!

This doesn't rly stop me from reading ebooks (where's just some stuff that's hard to get ahold of) but it made me choose the written word more.

Anonymous 130740

because most of what you find outside of books is really tl;dr
most is useless bs you probably already knew or where expecting where books are much deeper.

Anonymous 130802

That research is a scam to make people buy books more instead of pirating a digital version and not spending their money

Anonymous 130804

oh, can I get a link about this? I just get library books anyway but sounds interesting.

Anonymous 130808

I'm just schizoposting. Could still be true though

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