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Anonymous 126039

What are your thoughts on tattoos? Do you have some?

Anonymous 126044


Anonymous 126045

I like how they look but will never get one

Anonymous 126049

I have a little stick n poke from a friend but I've been itching to get a legit one.

Some of the main things causing me tho hesitate are high prices and being a indecisive individual. I think I might bite the bullet soon tho.

Anonymous 126058

I don't like the idea of having something on my skin. Some tats look cool doe

Anonymous 126059

What do you call those tattoos that go down the side of someone (like the rib area idk)>>126039

Anonymous 126060

I have four, two on both of my inner forearms. I don't regret them, all of them have meanings to them.

I might get another one in the next 6 months or so, that'll probably be my last. maybe.

i can understand why people would have reservations about them.

Anonymous 126063

there was research done that found the tattoo ink travels into lymph nodes, bloodstream, and even liver so I would never get one
I think they're cool when they have cultural importance like when yakuza get them

Anonymous 126064

imo tattoos start looking like shit over time even if the designs are cool or they're done by a seasoned professional etc
And their novelty wears off really fast at least for me personally

Anonymous 126066

"their novelty wears off really fast"
I feel like if someone does get a tattoo, it should have some meaning behind it, not just for novelty/

Anonymous 126074

is there a name for that 'style' where people get small random tattoos all over their body making them look like a kid used their body as sketchbook while they were asleep?

Anonymous 126079

Yes, it’s called “ugly”

Anonymous 126080

99% of tattoos look bad, the other 1% will fade and look bad after a while

Saying that, I do have a soft spot for huge tattoos that are hidden under clothes, like a secret. If I were to get one, I’d do that but it would make going to onsens impossible.

Anonymous 126110

mumble rappers? lol

Anonymous 126114

zoomer doodles

Anonymous 126116

minimalist tattoos i think

Anonymous 126117

The only thing minimalist about those kinds of tattoos is the number of braincells the people getting them have.

Anonymous 126120

I don't have any, but for a few years I went back and forth on getting one. Sadly, I only like them when they're fresh and find them ugly as soon as they age. I like the idea of them but not the reality

Anonymous 126122

some years ago a group of investigators did a research of the components of the tattoo ink that circulated in my country and they found that nearly all of the inks had lead on it. meaning all tattoed people from here have a high probability of developing health conditions due to this. plus the consooooomer component of them, and how expensive they are. i don't really need one until someone important to me dies, like my dog.

i was thinking into getting one prior to remembering the research, but i met a moid from a already closed circlejerk group of fb shitposting, where everybody knows each other vaguely from posting online. his ex was also involved there and she had the exact same idea that i had in the fucking same place that i planned.

Anonymous 126127

Tattoos are for retards. The only reason people pretend they are OK is to avoid the social embarrassment and humiliation for the people who have them.

There I said it.

Anonymous 126129

I hate tattoos but acting like only 80 IQ people have them is ridiculous.

Anonymous 126134

ok if they are retarded why is there a whole style section given to them in america such as wolves daggers skulls cards dice and lots more, why do the asians have a whole refined gang with high enough iq to hide their tats however still go all out with ocean designs fish and ninjas, if tattoos are retarded why did ancient civilizations give eachother needle poke tattoos as rank and memorabilia, not saying self harm isnt wrong although maybe your opinion is plain close minded

Anonymous 126137

Anonymous 126147

i dont.
which is the reason im expressing acceptance to inked up people

Anonymous 126148


Oh fine, only retards AND midwits have them. But seriously, if something is meaningful to an intelligent person they can articulate it. They can talk and tell you about it, they can converse when needed, and divulge their history, stories, and or passions if they feel inclined. On the other hand, retards just get it visibly plastered to their physical skin for all the rest of their natural lives. You might as well just put "Hello, my name is Anon" right on your forehead if you are unable to tell people what your perspective on life is.

And let's not pretend like people actually have interesting and stimulating tattoos anyway. 99% of them are composed of some inane bullshit, or written in some language that the wearer doesn't even speak! How can you tell me with a straight face that a tatted simpleton is ``profound" when they can't even pronounce the Chinese characters they have on their lower back!

Ancient societies were full of superstitious retards. Most people in ancient societies couldn't even read their own spoken language.

Anonymous 126154

Well. Tell me. What do you think art is? Do symbols mean anything to you?

Anonymous 126160

im thinking the same as you are some who consider tats art should also consider how unique it is to find a artwork that many people agree upon as a masterpiece. it is identical in tats that one out of a hundred ats is near a reasonable ratio in which people will agree upon and say oh that tat is good

Anonymous 126165

they're called patchwork tattoos

Anonymous 126166

I have never had any and I do not ever plan on getting one. I don't want ink on my skin. Something about "staining" my skin with paint makes me feel uncomfortable but not in a puritan way. Like getting creeped out by needles I guess although I'm not scared of needles or grossed out.

my opinion in general is that I wish tattoos were romanticized more. Maybe if I lived in a world/culture where people treated tats as a precious things with meaning, a permanent about their life/history/love, I'd like them more, because I just love romanticizing stuff. But most people I have met just collect tats like stickers. That's their choice but I like people who don't treat it lightly more. I think tats are super boring when it's "just a drawing" or something equally trifle

Anonymous 126170

I asked it out of morbid curiosity because anon insinuated that images/drawings are the same as telling someone something which is just silly. talking about a rose isn't the same as seeing a rose…or a picture of a rose for that matter, speaking of "inane" things.

perhaps someone got a picture of their momma's favorite rose tattooed upon their arm after she died in her memory, so they could always catch a glimpse of it in reminder and honor. Such a tattoo would pretty much be mostly personal and inward in nature sooner than it is for others.

I'm well aware that anon would look at that person, smirk, and say, "you are a dimwit retard for having such a dumb tattoo instead of something I can intellectualize about," and it'd be entirely in line with their voyeuristic rhetoric surrounding tattoos.
That tatt-rose is, however, different than going around telling everyone, "my mom loved roses" 100s of times…than, well, someone asking "why get a rose tatted?"–
and then telling them about their mother's love of that rose. It'd even hit different than showing a phone pic of it. Perhaps, it just comforts that person that got that tatt just to have it there, knowing how happy that rose made her and it has nothing to do with other people seeing it.

I'd feel pretentious if I felt like if people got a tattoo it had to appeal to some "highbrow" critic that will completely despise them if it's something that just cheers them up, or else effectively be a retard.

plenty of tatts wouldn't really be "art" nor are always intended to be art, plus I find them ugly, though you're still right about how subjectivity is a huge element just like in all art.

Anonymous 126172


I like tattoos and I have got quite a few myself, some because I just find them visually appealing and some have a meaning.
I don't think it has to be that deep, it's a form of expressing yourself or changing your appearance that makes you more comfortable.
Some tatts can definitely be trashy or just bad though (from a bad artist).

Anonymous 126178

>until someone important to me dies, like my dog.
>my dog
This is why I can't take westerners with tattoos seriously

Anonymous 126179

I don’t see what’s wrong with caring about an animal.

Anonymous 126212

>muh westerner lmao XD!
you have consoomers shitting their skin with anime or logo tats, but somehow having a tat of your pet or animals is retarded just because you say so. are we supposed to treat other animals like shit? is too westoid for your taste having a little empathy for them?

Anonymous 126215

I imagine it's odd because having one of your most important persons in your life not actually be a person speaks more of failed socialization if nothing else.

Anonymous 126248

So if someone "failed to socialize" they should be looked down upon?

Anonymous 126256

Should? Maybe, maybe not. Will be? Ohhhhhh yes. Especially by third worlders who live or die by familial and societal support structures.

Anonymous 126259


>non-americans going one minute without complaning about “le westerners”

Anonymous 126276

I think you're missing the fact of the most defining aspect being that a tattoo is permanent body modification. All of thiose things you said about images and personal meaning can be expressed in literally any other art form than indelible skin-doodles.

Patterns like this would look nice on a blouse, which is how most people would wear floral designs, but instead it is a worn as a permanent skin fixture.

Besides, tattoos like that always remind me of camo. Camo works by making disruptive patterns on our skin and from a distance it hides shapes and curves. If you stand far enough away from your screen you can't even tell that the pic is a shoulder anymore.

Anonymous 126280

>I think you're missing the fact of the most defining aspect being that a tattoo is permanent body modification.

I thought you could remove tattoos with lasers or something right?

Anonymous 126304

Good thing you can just not get a tattoo then, . Everyone is aware that it is permanent. Just because you can express yourself in more ways than one doesn't mean they are in the wrong or stupid, it's just not your thing.
There's always the option to cover it up or get laser removal too, but yes, some people should've thought about their decision more before they got it done. That can be said for every single human action with permanent consequences though.

Anonymous 126315

Isn't the West more than just America though

Anonymous 126397

Yes, but that would make for a boring discussion.

Anonymous 126398

Yeah, but those types always get obsessively irritated about America lol

Anonymous 126401


So you call people retards to bait people into discussion, acting like your view is the objective truth? As if this is at all a fun discussion starter for anyone else here (even people that kind of dislike tattoos)?

Unbased and scrotepilled (even if you aren't male).

Anonymous 126410

Why are people with tattoos so easily triggered? I've seen it often enough online and IRL, you just have to mention that you personally don't like tattoos when the topic comes up and they automatically call you backwards, intolerant, bigot, etc.

Anonymous 126411

>I feel like if someone does get a tattoo, it should have some meaning behind it, not just for novelty
True, sometimes however people change their beliefs or they don't want to be reminded of a past trauma anymore and we all know tattoo removal sucks.
I guess what I wanted to say was that tattoos are not for fickle individuals or people that go through constant changes in their lives.
Also if you have BPD (or any kind of menatal issues) don't get tattoos

Anonymous 126412

>Why are people with tattoos so easily triggered?
Seems like a problem with edgy people in general. Metal music fans are also incredibly sensitive and the constant infighting over the best subgenre is always hilarious to watch. Seems related to me since they're more likely to be (heavily) tattooed.

Anonymous 126414


More than 90% of tattoos I see on people look really ugly to me, either because the work is badly done or because the art is uninspired (often both). Most designs I've already seen on tens of people, like the style in picrel that I see everyday during summertime. I know that flash tattoo is a thing but I don't understand why you'd want inked on you something that isn't personal or unique to yourself? A lot of my friends did a bunch of aesthetic tattoos right when they turned 18 and now look like they printed a tumblr blog on themselves - on a lot of tattoed people I see they look patchworky as they add on tattoo after tattoos without planning.
Also the majority of tattoo artists shouldn't be called artists at all. They mostly trace their work and are often self-taught so have no idea how to correctly and safely ink the skin and make tattoos that will age well.
On the laser topic, yes you can erase tattoos but you shouldn't think of tattoos as non-permanent because of that. Knowing people who did it it's excruciatingly painful, more than the tattoo itself, very time consuming as you often have to do it 4-5 times, and expensive.
Anyway I just don't think people should consider tattoos before they're around 25 or just an age where they truly know themselves and what they want, and that's not even mentionning work-related issues and whatnot.

Anonymous 126416


I find tattos dirty… I know objectively the skin above is washed but having ink under your skin making it look like it's stained forever. I dont know, I don't really get the appeal.

Anonymous 126620


If I was Asian I would definitely get tattoos as they look aesthetic as fuck. On white people like myself I think they look way too trashy.

Anonymous 126641

They look trashy because most just get shit tattoos tbh, it seems like people have a better sense of aesthetics on other places

Anonymous 126676

From the thumbnail I thought you were posting an example of trashy tattoos

Anonymous 126703

They look trashy on them as well.

Anonymous 126704

Honestly they're constantly ripped apart, called retarded, trashy, etc.
I never liked tattoos but after seeing the massive amounts of vitriol directed towards tattoos, I actually understand why those with them can be so reactive.

Anonymous 131325

i have 4, i regret them all but they all mean a lot to me so i have that going for myself at least

Anonymous 131330

I have tattoos. I like them. It's okay if other people don't, I got them because they're pretty to me.
We should be kinder to each other, what's the point in calling people with tattoos low IQ? Let people do what they like, it is quite harmless.

Anonymous 131343

I literally saw a man today in a Mongols t shirt (Californian Motorcycle gang) with tattoos of children. Right beside said children was the word "HATE" in old English lettering. Not all tattoos are equal.

Anonymous 131347

i mean what are your tats like? because at least you have to admit 90% of tattoos look trashy they dont have beautiful concepts in their heads when they get them also because good art costs more of course.

Anonymous 131349

I don't like them and think they look bad 99% of the time. It's people choice to do with what they want and it's not my business so I don't bring it up ever, but we're here to give opinions, yeah.
Unless it's Yakuza levels of cultural or personal significance, I don't see why you wouldn't just commission a painting or something that you can still keep at all times to remind yourself… I think it's an overall bad trend because a vast majority of people are going to age and they're going to basically turn into bumper stickers, as their feelings ebb away. All human feelings eventually mellow out. I judge a little bit if the tattoo seems like something stupid like a videogame quote.
Also moid take but I think it hurts natural beauty of the body, especially if you have very clear skin. It's always bothered me in art because their existence on a figure feels like the equivalent of slapping my paintbrush haphazardly across a finely calibrated composition, like ugly flame pinstripes on supercars.

Anonymous 131365

I have 2, planning to add more.
My though on that is that people can do whatever with their body I don't care

Anonymous 131366

Cool. Tattoos like these makes it easier to avoid people who have them

Anonymous 131371

I personally dislike them, but the anon arguing that only low IQ people get them is just plain wrong.

Anonymous 131386

Ok, and? What's your point? Some people wear T-shirts with nazi symbols, are t-shirts stupid and low IQ?

Anonymous 131390

tbh the only thing is that I'm weirded out by how obsessed people are with other people's bodies–you act like people's real bodies are to be consumed, like some sort of real life Instagram stuff. I can't imagine getting pissed off and disgusted by something as small as a tattoo.

Anonymous 131410

Not her but I feel similarly. I mean everyone is judging each other for their appearance, weight, choice of clothes, etc anyway so tattoos are not unique in that.

Anonymous 131423

I meant that it's not just tattoos, but that it's just super creepy of a behavior in general.

Also, btw, I never looked at people that closely. Things on their body were never my business or that interesting to me.

Anonymous 132703


I don't like them, even when they are carefully drawn they age terribly and end up looking greenish and blurry. I know you're supposed to take care of that part of your body specifically and redo them from time to time but, who's got money for that? Why would I keep adding ink to my body? I don't think there's anything so terribly important to me that I need to have on my skin marked forever. I don't know, I find the concept quite absurd. I don't find more sexy a man with a lot of tattoos. As someone who was dealing with acne in several parts of my body for almost ten years and who has a lot of stretch marks, clear natural skin is something I prefer on myself and others. I'd be lying if I said I don't judge people that has them. They have been incredibly popular around young ''alt'' students in my area and overall everyone have been paying for the same stuff. But of course I don't preach my opinion, people are over 18 and they can waste their money as they please.

Anonymous 132773

Anonymous 132774

they look terrible

Anonymous 132798

I sometimes like them on others but the majority of them is a grey blur without looking at it upclose. I wouldn't get one myself.

Anonymous 132909

cat tattoo.jpg

I can appreciate them if the art is genuinely beautiful or if they have an actual meaning for being there (cultural/whatever) but that's about it. it's rare I see the combination of beautiful art design AND skilled inkwork AND high quality result all in the same tattoo. Most tattoos on most people seem to simply not look very nice. I don't have one and probably never will as it isn't personally appealing; changing your hair and wardrobe around is one thing, but doing actual body modifications and injecting ink into your skin is a bit too far for me.

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