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Anonymous 126670

Do you have many friends who are girls?

Anonymous 126677

Not really, growing up I had male dominated interests. I tried to make friends with other women but I feel like I come across too try-hard. One day I’d like to have a group of friends who are all women. Maybe it’s easier when you’re older

Anonymous 126692

>Do you have many friends who are girls?
>Do you have many friends
>Do you have friends

Anonymous 126701

Pretty much same, at this point my spouse is my only friend. Not that I don't want them! I'm just not sure how to get them. In my teens there were a few girls online I talked to regularly. So I've had friends at different points in my life but people always seem to just fade away after awhile. I guess people generally just don't care much for awkward nerdy girls with weird interests like me. If it's ok, I'd like to think of you all as my friends.

Anonymous 126820

Sorry, not going to get much easier with age. But keep trying and you'll find peeps.

Anonymous 126827


How do you all find other women online to become friends with? I feel like it's quite hard if you're not a zoomer. I'm in my mid 20s and not active on social media

Anonymous 126831

I dont have a lot of friends, but people who I stick around with for long are usually female. Men tend to quickly lose interest in talking to me when I refuse to do something sexual for them or if I want to talk about something other than that.

Anonymous 126866

i dont initiate friendships and girls never talk to me. i've had some platonic crushes on girls but idk how to talk to them and i get too worried they wont like me. my friends are just male orbiters

Anonymous 126867

i agree with this.
ive only made friends in person or through friends of friends and meeting eachother at invites and then calling them and maintaining that

Anonymous 126868

Social networks work pretty fine if you use them wisely (same for dating tbh)
I barely show my face on Instagram except for stories, I post images I like, poems I like, random videos, even racist stuff (i like racist jokes) and ppl dont give a shit, esoteric stuff, trees pics, some comics or artwork. even tho I know 98% of people who like my posts dont read or try to understand. Even most of my jokes are not understood. But theres 2% left who enjoy the things I share. And I do the same when I chat with people. Not many people relate but thats normal and when theyre interested they get to know you.
Recently a girl I never talked to sent me a DM to tell me she loved my account bc she related and felt like I was literally in her head. If I want to take this further I can, Ill just ask her something about her.

"Be yourself" isnt bullshit. You cant attract people who genuinely like you or understand you if you dont show who you are. Ofc its not the only factor but thats a big one.

Its not totally the same on the internet but its still the same people behind their screen. People dont suddenly become bots.
What you share about you defines you because thats what people see about you. Thats why we can be shallow about how people look or dressup.

Anonymous 126890

Wondering this too, females I've tried to befriend just seem uninterested. I've long given up on irl but I would hope online isn't impossible. Unfortunately I don't have stereotypically female interests other than I like cute things which isn't enough to carry a convo.
It's good social media works for some people but I avoid it entirely. I tried it for awhile at one point but it seems impossible to get people interested if you don't already have some connections. Also I had one particularly bad experience and find the general environment to be pretty toxic.
I plan to just continue trying out small obscure sites and chats until something works out. Even if there's nowhere else, I like this site.

Anonymous 126959

I used to in the past and after graduating high school they all ditched me
I've been trying to find other women online who share my interests to be friends with and they are all either annoying genderspecials or only looking for male attention and not interested in being friends with other women

Anonymous 126961

>i dont initiate friendships and girls never talk to me.
>my friends are just male orbiters
this was me for the longest until I entirely lost interest in people and wouldn't even talk to orbiters to pass time

Anonymous 126962

Anonymous 126965

I tried focusing on cultivating my female friendships but it just makes me feel miserable at times. Someone I considered to be very close basically shares everything with my boyfriend over me.
Talking to guys just seems…easier I already have a lot of "masculine" interests and whenever I meet another woman with the same interests she almost always seems more interested in talking with other men over me.
I know someone will jump in and say "internalised misogyny" but women just never ever seem honest ever, I always feel like I'm talking to someone who is double sided and refuses to be honest with me. I never ever have that experience with men.

Anonymous 126971

Lol are you me? It gets tiring, having to ditch the orbiters eventually when they become too insistent. People are very difficult to deal with.

Anonymous 127000

>I know someone will jump in and say "internalised misogyny" but women just never ever seem honest ever
Well it is. You've talked to hundreds of girls and women through your lifetime, there's no way "all of them ever" were inhonest to you. At that point it's your perception that's in the wrong.

Anonymous 127010

yes, all of my irl friends are girls (around 7-8 in total) except for one moid.

Anonymous 127041

Any gyns wanna fly out to my state to be a bridesmaid?

Anonymous 127049

Not really right now. I have some that I talk to online, but to be frank, all three of them have…pickme ish tendencies, constantly asking for validation from men. Hooking up with bad exes, whatever. They're immature to the point that it's draining. I try giving them advice, and they don't listen. They're all in their early twenties…don't get me started with how often they kiss the feet of misogynistic men they're friends with. Eugh.
On the other hand, growing up I had this one friend at school. We were both social outcasts. She was incredibly weird (in a neat way) and smart as fuck. Had hyperlexia. I wonder what she's doing right now. I still think about her sometimes. I always wondered why she put up with my annoying ass back in grade school.
No other female friend, even in adulthood, I ever met really compared to her. No pickme bullshit. No talk about dudes. lol.

Anonymous 127074

Honestly would consider it if I lived in the US and we could chat a bit to get over my fear of meeting people from the internet.

I'm getting legally married next week and I have no friends to tell.

Anonymous 127084

Are you okay? That emphasis on "legally" plus isolation sounds sketchy.

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