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I used to be happier before 2020 Anonymous 126887

Now I hate this world. I live in Poland and I want to move, I'm very libertarian and I don't fit in here.
I hate the PiS government and I love freedom, whether it's social or economic.
There is one problem. In order to move to the West (e.g. Canada and such), I would have to get vaccinated for COVID and my mother won't let me, because she had a trauma after allegedly seeing her female friend paralysed and with blood clots after the third dose.
And I'm right now studying IT (I get it, I'm adult so I should decide for myself).
What am I to do?

Anonymous 126895

Poland is great. Why would you want to move. Cherish what you have.

Anonymous 126896

Just get vaccinated secretly. Unless you’re a heroin addict I assume your mum doesn’t check you for track marks.

Anonymous 126897

agree w/this anon

Anonymous 126914

actually I'm an ignoramus and know barely anything about poland

but I do know that it's pretty common for people to get hung up on things that they think will fix their entire lives (even when it's much weirder than moving countries), because we're all used to stagnancy. grass is greener on the other side and sometimes people seek out something in order to motivate them to see things differently or be motivated.

idk you, maybe you really want it, though I can guarantee you that things aren't really "free" in the west either unless there's some laws where you live suppressing your ability to do basic things so anything different is better–which again I doubt, I haven't heard much shit about poland.

moreover, I'm sorry though…there's an extremely high chance you'd be exploited if you came here if you don't have plenty of money and a potential support network already in place in one way or another. same as most other areas. just the nature of the beast.

Anonymous 126926


>I love freedom, whether it's social or economic.

Anonymous 126937

Yeah what is stopping you anon? Get a ride and do it, hide the paperwork in your mattress

Anonymous 126953

Because of Catholic sharia and abortion ban.

Anonymous 126968

>e.g. Canada
Good God please for your own good do not come here. Canada wears the skin of a free country but deep down it's a country that finds the concept of human rights inconvenient. Like in Ablerta, because the court system is too full they just passed a law that removes the presumption of innocence for any crime that wouldn't result in jailtime.

Anonymous 127005


PiS is temporary. Poland is in shit state right now, but things will get better noni. The west has its problems too, as every country does.

Anonymous 127021

my company has exchange program, many polish here. How do I relate to polish? what funny thing say to them make laugh, make friend?

Anonymous 127043

Best bet is New Zealand

Anonymous 127047

How old are you? Surely if you're 18+ like you have to be to post here, you don't need permission to get vaxxed? Do it secretly if you don't want your mother finding out, surely she's not tracking where you go 24/7?

Anonymous 127089

>I love freedom
>I want to move to the west
Sandra weź nie pierdol proszę cie

Anonymous 128108

>love freedom
>want to live in Canada
Wew sis, you don't know what you're in for.

Anonymous 128112

If ur confident about your abilities, go to USA. Best """""""libertarian""""""" country if you got a good education or is generally optimistic about your skillset

Anonymous 128257

>get the heckin JAB!!
imagine pushing for this even now. pathetic.

Anonymous 128258

This. Imagine being this dumb. Bude z ní dobrá kurva v nějaké německé prdeli.

Anonymous 128273



Anonymous 128684

The west sucks. Don't bother.

Anonymous 128763

How are you over 18? You must've been dropped on your head as a baby or something.

Like, do you want to pay nearly 5k USD for an ambulance ride or something?

Anonymous 128810

Nie zapomnij że będziesz tu na zawsze

Anonymous 129870

You're an EU citizen, you can move to literally any Western EU country you want. Don't give me b-but it's not that easy! Your excuse about the vaxx is laughable. Just own up to the fact you just wanted to vent about your shitty country and have no actual intention or desire to move abroad.

Anonymous 129909


>approves this covid shit

it is literally the same craziness as PiS in Poland but wrapped in "western democracy"
I am libertarian too, living very near Poland, in a country with that shitty president and I can tell you I would not move, because anywhere else in the world it is just worse. The whole west is completely mad about leftist propaganda, burning books, letting literal males to win in female sports events etc. Just think twice.
Btw middle europe is economically in a very good position, very strong, emerging more and more, especially Poland with its Warsaw. Leaving it would be like leaving golden pig covered in a mug because of te chocolate one wrapped in that golden foil.

Anonymous 129934

This.. Stay in European countries with low-crime, way better than anywhere in America, Canada, Australia, US or New Zealand

Anonymous 129935

Wait, is new zealand high crime? Damn. Thought it was relatively fine.

Anonymous 129936

Shootings, radicalism, high cost of living, limited career options, same as any other western country right now

Anonymous 129937

Denmark and Netherlands are your best bets to live in

Anonymous 129945

yes listen to the zogbot and get the fauci ouchie!

Anonymous 140969

Sounds like you'd like living in New Hampshire.

Anonymous 141039

Finish your degree. It’s a really good one too if you plan to move to another country, you’re in the right track with a degree like that. As for the vax, do it secretly but i wouldn’t rush it, not till you graduate at least

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