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QTDDTOT Anonymous 127039

Questions that don't deserve their own thread
Have a silly question that doesn't need a whole thread dedicated to it, but don't know where else to ask?
Ask here!
Any topics welcome but remember to keep vents and stuff on /feels/

Anonymous 127117

why do my black friends keep calling me a honkey?

Anonymous 127153

lole they are you're friends. are you really being this sensative? just call them burnt toast or raisins or roaches i mean to say you can tease them back

Anonymous 127165

She’s not allowed to tease them back. You know the double standards.

Anonymous 127167

Hating on white people has become the most socially acceptable racism, especially white women. I'm half white myself and it's fine to call out racism in society without dogging your friends for something they can't change about themselves. I have to stop my mom and sister from getting into this "white" hate because my mom literally made it with a white dude and brought me into existence. It's just fucking annoying, personally. I wouldn't consider these people your friends if they so freely can insult you. It's pointless to call it out because you're told you're being sensitive about it. It just creates a chasm of solidarity between women of different races when we start insulting one another for our race. It's that conquer and divide shit. It ain't cool. Hope more women realize this.

Anonymous 127185

>I wouldn't consider these people your friends if they so freely can insult you.
Agreed. Grow a spine and stop being friends with these obviously insecure people anon.

Anonymous 127268


How can I maximize my chances of developing schizophrenia!?

Anonymous 127269

she was just asking a question because she didn't understand, she wasn't being sensative?
I hope this is ironic and you realize how fucking stupid you sound. Just go fake it on tiktok like the rest of the quirky middle schoolers.

That being said, use lots of psychedelics, get poor sleep, and read things to trigger delusions.
Psychedelics are related to the development of schizophrenia.
Poor sleep will often make you paranoid/give you delusions (not schizophrenia but still), its also related to the decrease in cortical grey matter that is related to schizophrenia (and Alzheimer's, being schizophrenic also usually means having a marked drop in intelligence).

I'm telling you this because I hope you get schizophrenia and realize what a terrible illness it is. Chances are you won't because it occurs in 1% of the population.

Anonymous 127288

This is good advice. You could also try having a schizophrenic parent, but then you'd realise how horrible it is and stop romanticising it like a stupid teenager.

Anonymous 127289

Oh fuck you. It’s not some quirky disorder like you see on TikTok.

Anonymous 127290

Smoke weed and do psychadelics daily

Anonymous 127291

I have a schizo brother and he's a total dumpster fire and not in the way that he seems edgy, interesting, or otherwise. He sits in his room all day frantically screaming at the voices in his head, etc.

I really hope that anon is just memeing.

Anonymous 127314

why would you want that?

Anonymous 127410

is it normal to feel exhausted and run down after 30-60 minutes of being out and for this to be the way you have felt since forever?

People start saying I look like death, etc., and my eyelids get super sunken/Itachi-looking and dark as well and burn and feel so painful. In the meantime, I find it hard to function at all.

I probably have only had, like, 4 days in my entire life where I had energy and went outside and didn't immediately feel like sleeping and they were completely amazing, even when I was just doing mediocre errands. My speech disability even went away for some reason and I was able to actually talk without being too tired to think of anything or pronounce things right.

Anonymous 127419

said nobody ever

Anonymous 127425

then why do multivitamins exist?

Anonymous 127432

For companies to profit off the health-anxious.

Anonymous 127437

Nta and you're not wrong but there can something be said about how we no longer get enough vitamins and minerals from our foods even in a healthy diet because the soil everywhere has been exhausted.

Anonymous 127440

Check for depression or anxiety

Anonymous 127444

Numerous times a day I think of something that depresses me, usually something I hate about myself but then I will forget what was depressing me but I will still feel like shit quite a few minutes later.
Does anyone else have this problem? Its only 11 am and its happened like 10 times.

Anonymous 127446

Any anons have advice or resources on things I can read to learn more about budgeting income and stuff like that? My parents have been supporting me for most of my life since all I've ever been is a student, but I'm getting ready to accept my first salaried position soon and I'm just thinking about how much I want to save up, how much to spend on rent, how much to use for myself, etc and I'm at a bit of a loss.

Anonymous 127482

unknown (11).png

boyfriend said he wants me to ask him for money. Is he a finsub or something?

Anonymous 127483

whatever just do it i guess. but some steam game.

Anonymous 127495

Is this some sort of weird shit test on his part?

Anonymous 127498

No he was serious… I think?
but I feel a little uncomfy idk what this says of him

Anonymous 127503

I know people say not all schizos are violent blah blah blah, did he every get violent with you?

Anonymous 127575

So did you ask him why he wants you to do that?

Anonymous 127615

Question, I already have my own small business but I have been looking to branch out.

Is it silly to go into restoration/fixing stuff to resell? Like, is it nuts? I.e., learning how to repair certain electronics or restore a piece of furniture. I have fixed stuff to sell in the past but they were mostly minor things, and I found I really, really enjoyed the idea of taking an interesting thing and making it fresh and functional again.
I inherited a ton of tools and a massive work station/garage.

I would assume maybe the market is super flooded already which is the only thing I'd potentially be afraid of. Or if people are losing interest in material things. Want some feedback about this/what people think the future will go.

Inb4 "just learn how to program"; I am shit at super theoretical stuff, I'd probably want to go into something already flooded like app development and that'd probably be a mistake because it's way too open-ended for me.

Anonymous 127617

As someone who did the exact same type of business for a while, if this is what you truly want, go for it. It's a viable career choice, but it takes a lot of hard work. People want to save the environment and they want to buy items that will last, but they also don't tons of money.
So you kinda have two options. Option one you sell a lot of pretentious ugly furniture to rich soulless people and make a decent living or option two, you make and sell things you love at cheaper prices while having a another job to be your main support. You can really easily blend the two, but it's also a hard hustle for the first five years.

Anonymous 127628

You should try it and see if it works out. It really depends on if anyone is willing to pay money for older repaired items rather than some new cheap thing off amazon. What were you thinking of fixing and selling? Is the time/benefit trade off enough?

If you want, he can buy me a Breville espresso maker and an iPad Pro.

I have this. I do 1.5 meals a day, cut sugar and white flour, drink 60-80oz of water, 8h sleep + bite guard for snoring, socialization with friends and family, cardio and weightlifting 3-5 times a week and the symptoms are only slightly better. The only thing that made me feel alive and awake was the month my psychiatrist put me on Vyvanse. So, talk to your primary care doc and hopefully you can get a psychiatrist too.

Anonymous 127644

loled at the 1.5 part like whos counting carrots

Anonymous 127645

>1.5 meals a day
You have an eating disorder

Anonymous 127646

NTA but actually there's a lot of promising evidence coming out that eating frequently actually does more damage to the body than eating in a smaller window of time.

Anonymous 127695


Why do some men think forcibly making women housewives will prevent them from sleeping around or cheating on them? Sure it'll make it less likely or harder too, but someone that really wants to would anyways i think, right?

Anonymous 127697

Because they don't think women are people. They don't want love and companionship, they want an animal they can train, fuck and have labour under their command.

Anonymous 127698

time to maybe ask the dumbest question so far–

ok, so, theoretically, would face yoga be good for someone whose face muscles(???) are so weak that she has trouble talking or moving her mouth? Especially if bite/dental/jaw issues are involved.

I grew up pretty neglected in the "I learned how to talk when I was 13 years old and at most communicated in tongues and sounds before then" way and I feel like in my adulthood I've just gotten worse. It hurts to talk for any period of time…even my cheeks hurt a while after I make even the slightest expression. Smiling feels very, very hard.

Also I'm also beginning to notice my cheeks looking kind of weird/saggy in some pics but I don't really buy so much into face yoga in general fixing such issues and maybe sleeping on my back rather than my side might help more.

Anonymous 127849

Because i don't want to live anymore

Anonymous 127868

You have TMJ. I bet your jaw sometimes hurts after chewing. It means your teeth or jaw are misaligned and you have to have them fixed, usually by an orthodontist. Get it done sooner rather than later, even if you have to take out a CareCredit loan, as it only gets worse with time and you can prevent a lot of damage.

Anonymous 127877

its less about imprisoning them and more about manipulating them
then kill yourself dumbass, shit excuse

Anonymous 127878

I don't want to out you or anything but are you Genie?? The famous girl they made a movie about?

Anonymous 127881

Genie is either dead or 65 years old by now. She was never able to learn language. That anon is not Genie lol.

Anonymous 127882

Samefag but u were probably being sarcastic. sorry lol

Anonymous 128103

Yeah, I have TMJ on the right side of my lower jaw, it's just I didn't associate the upper cheek weakness or stress with it whatsoever.
Many years ago an ortho ran some tests and recommended jaw surgery/braces which cost 15000$–too much for me and I just envisioned surgery might just create more issues or leave me deformed.

When I was a teen it felt like jolts of lightning through my jaw and I kept quiet about it. It has significantly improved since then and now it's okish so I assumed it was no longer much of a problem.

I guess I can try looking into it again, I really hoped it'd just stay where it's at.
Innocent comment!
I lucked out bc my school had a speech therapist I was able to see for several years.

Anonymous 128239

These just apply to America.
Getting a roommate is cheaper than a 1br by yourself. keep your food, dishes, and everything else separate so they don't eat all your food or use your stuff and expect you to clean it. The amount of house (mortgage and other fees) you can afford is your pretax salary/3. I'm unsure on the formula for renting. Living with parents who don't hate you is even cheaper. Don't replace things unless they're broken. Learn to cook some basic meals for lunch and dinner like spaghetti, sausage, rice, steak, roasted chicken, roasted veg, stir fry veg, ect. Going to a restaurant is ok if you're getting something out of it like spending time with friends, other than that it's a rip off. You can find nice clothes at goodwill, you just have to look. In every city/town I've lived in, I could find nice Calvin Klein work blazers for around $10 at goodwill.

Anonymous 128241

Oh yeah, and contributing to a 401k reduces your taxable income.

"When you put money into a bank savings account, you pay taxes on any interest it earns every year. But, with a tax-deferred 401(k), you save taxes on the earnings of your contributions.

For example, if you contribute $100 a month into a traditional 401(k) that earns 8%, you could amass more than $150,000 of tax-free retirement savings over 30 years and save almost $50,000 in taxes as your earnings compounded."


Anonymous 128351

is it possible to self learn coding and get a job in the field? should I do odin project or freecodecamp and then work on building a portfolio with projects I've done?

Anonymous 129192

Are fake bangs a thing?
I have a reeeeeally long forehead, my hair grows out quickly, and I don’t like the feeling of sweaty strands sticking to it. I’m very warm-blooded, so I do need to feel the air currents on my forehead, or it gets sweaty.
Or would it just end up looking like some bald scrote’s toupée?

Anonymous 129198

yeah there's clip-in bangs but you'd have to match them to your hair color and get good quality ones or else they look weird

Anonymous 129202

Thanks, miner!

Anonymous 129327

Yes it is, lots of people working in programming started right where you are now. However, in my experience some people are just not cut for it, as if their brains are wired in a way that is not compatible at all with programming and procedural thinking. Don't let this dishearten you though, if you take it seriously your chances are probably better than a coin flip, so give it a try. You'll never know until you dedicate some time to learn it. I can recommend you the book Learn python the hard way if you want to do it completely on your own, you should be able to find it online. Good luck!

Anonymous 129332

Not her but thanks.

Anonymous 129417

Silly question: is the friend finder thread dead? I've gone around and seen some posts sending people to it, but every link to a friend finder thread 404's. Does nobody want friends anymore or did something ruin the past threads?

Anonymous 129422

It got removed, can't remember the exact reason but probably because of moids.

Anonymous 129877


What are some healthy snacks/meals I can make, ideally with not much prep time?

Anonymous 129878

This is bad advice but works for me read some anorexia forums, they know all the best low calorie snacks. Obviously don’t do this of you feel you have any kind of remote risk of getting an ED

Anonymous 129882

i do that too, it definitely works

Anonymous 129883

low cal =/= healthy

Anonymous 130007

How do volleyball players have such nice legs?

Anonymous 130010

Because they exercise you lazy retarded lardass

Anonymous 130016

Why are imageboards like this.

Anonymous 130035

What exercises? If it's just exercise then why is it specifically volleyball players instead of other sports players? What is it about volleyball?

Anonymous 130036

Anon is just being a grouchy bitch, many such cases.

Anonymous 130039

They do a lot of bouncing and jumping

Anonymous 130079

It’s their short shorts that makes their legs being more visible, maybe?
Lool at basketball, soccer, handball players - same
But you should better check out speed skaters, because damn

Anonymous 130812

High protein no sugar shake, frozen fruit smoothie, coffee with creamer, sliced fruit, banana, toast and butter with jelly, misc supplements and 20oz water, sleep, pretend to be French and eliminate snacking. You can also go on keto to lose weight and avoid getting hungry all the time.

Anonymous 130822

>toast and butter with jelly,
In what world is jelly a healthy snack? Fruit preserves taste like pure sugar, they're disgusting. For that amount of sugar you may as well eat a proper snack

Anonymous 131226

he wants to be useful for you, probably is afraid that you dont need him.

Anonymous 132216

What are 'raccoons' (as in a type of moid)?

Anonymous 132251

Oh nona…

Anonymous 132269

Raccoons are small mammals which can easily fit in a duffle bag.

Anonymous 132327

Raccoons are untainted by human language.

Anonymous 133401

Is there a ”Looksmax.org” but for women?
I’m so sick of being ugly. Well, not that ugly, but slightly below average, in that sweet spot where I’m both forgettable due to averageness, and also unattractive enough to definitely turn people off, because I never meet their expectations (when I’m not anglefrauding and and lightingfrauding and filtering my face to hell, because using my real face never gets me any action).
It’s so exhausting, to be told over and over that I’m just okay looking, nice I guess, pretty thing, cute sort of, quite sweet.
I can feel the disappointment in the air. There is something that is missing from me. Something that would invoke any feelings.
I want to be desirable. And if I can’t be that, I want to be so incredibly hideous that people couldn’t judge me for my face without feeling like pricks.
I don’t know what to do. Help me, miners!

Anonymous 133409

No. Just pretend to be male like the rest of us.

Anonymous 133427

closest is /r/vindicta and the pink pill subs

Anonymous 133648

Ok, so…I once in a while have diet pepsi. Yes, judge me. I just have otherwise improved what I eat and it's my one "vice" so to speak.

But lately, when I drink it, I often feel nauseous afterwards like I'm about to throw up and then I get a very strange numbed, almost wired-pain across my body and a strange…weakness? It's hard to explain. I just start feeling very shakey and bad.
It has happened without fail each time I have drunk some diet pepsi (even half a can). Each time I end up going, "well, there's no way it could make me feel that bad…it's just a little bit. I bet my body is just doing this for no reason."

I have since then stopped. What puzzles me is that I drunk a lot more diet sodas years ago and I don't recall having this sensation. In fact, I don't recall experiencing this months ago.

Inb4 "you're imagining things." Yeah. Why do you think I kept on drinking it even if I felt like shit afterwards? I mean, once in a while I have other unhealthy things and, no, they don't actually affect me like this at all, this feeling is very specific to diet pepsi (and maybe even other diet sodas) for some reason.
I'm just asking here because I'm wondering if anyone can relate.

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