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Anonymous 127890

Memes aside, what's the oldest you would go?

Anonymous 127893

Max 5 years older than me and that's pushing it. 1-3 is ideal.

Anonymous 127899

I'm dating a guy 7 years older than me. It isn't that strange once you get older imo (I'm almost 30)

Anonymous 127901

Null, I would never date a 3DPD moid. Bjorn does look distinguished at his age though. He's always been aesthetic.

Anonymous 127906

so long as they look my age ill go

Anonymous 127909

Depends on the person. A ripped 6" 40 year old with no kids and plenty of disposable income is not the same as an overweight 5'5" deadbeat dad who can't pay his bills.

Anonymous 127920

My limit was 5 ideally lower, but I actually pushed that limit by a year with my current partner. I look and act older too, and people tend to assume I'm 3-4 years older than I am, if that's relevant. (They will probably assume the right age when I'm in my 30s.)
I avoided getting in relationships with older guys because of safety and a man dating lower is guaranteed to be a creep, but my lover is such a gentleman, romantic, sweet person, educated and intelligent, realistic and grounded at the same time, I couldn't let a general rule ruin the opportunity for me. What matters is that you are close in terms of life experience imo

Anonymous 128211

you were groomed

Anonymous 128230

3. 5 if he's small and looks younger. 6-8 for women.
Ideally a man would be the same age or 1-2 years younger. Greater than 2 years and we'll have little in common, same with women. Although I'm willing to try anyone 20+ I guess.
All of this said, I've never pursued or been pursued by anyone older than myself, so make of that what you will.

Anonymous 128232

25. i'm 20

Anonymous 128233

My husband is 5 years older than me.

If I weren't married, I'd probably go up to 60 years old if they're rocking that "buff old man aesthetic" and have their life together in a big way. I think for the right person age doesn't matter.

Anonymous 128263

one time i dated someone much older than me when i was groomed in high school and i don't think i could date someone much older than me again without bringing up past trauma, so probably only about 1-2 years for now since i am still young?

Anonymous 128264

As long as he's not bald and os in good shake I don't care about age.

Older men are more mature and can be handsome.

Anonymous 128271

Half your age plus seven rule is very consistent for +25 yo me. That's my dating range.


Anonymous 128336

Anonymous 128353

> that "buff old man aesthetic"
excuse me?

Anonymous 128365

my nigel is 2 years younger than me and i actually quite like it, i like to pretend to assert dominance over him with it

Anonymous 128643


33. I am 18. Bf is 22 and we'll get married so it doesn't really matter.

Anonymous 128644

cracked up at this lmfaooo

Anonymous 128670

I will be nice to them if they are nice to me but I like my eye 🍬 . Such is life.

Actually there are a few cute older guys hut they're rare they don't take care of themselves like women usually.

Anonymous 128671

moids hit the wall at 25

Anonymous 128802


yeah once they lose their taste for Doritos and gain ambition and responsibility they're no fun anymore

Anonymous 128819

I'll say my limit is not older than my dad (so less than 40 years older than me), if he's hot enough and not an ass of course

Anonymous 128820

3 years older than me, I'm in my 20s

Anonymous 128822

The wall has to do with physical appearance.

Anonymous 128824

stop being a stereotype

Anonymous 128867

Who gives a shit if men are responsible or have ambition? Moids are only good if they’re cute. There’s no other reason to keep them around.

Anonymous 128899

At my current age 5 years older, that doesnt stop me from lusting after men that are older but I am of course not going for that in a partner

Anonymous 129542


Really depends. I'm almost exclusively into people around my age (20m) but occasionally I see an older dude and I'd think "you know if I was drunk/horny enough I totally would." Michael Gira for me is the gold standard for hot old guys and he's in his 60s so probably 70 is the cutoff.

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