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Anonymous 128580


Any similar experiences?

Anonymous 128581

>all shonen


Anonymous 128582

Well OP, what's your favorite animus?

Anonymous 128627

Okay ~controversial~ but imo as an adult it's not worth watching if you don't have any childhood nostalgia for it. I tried watching it because I kept reading about it but it's just a magic girl anime for pre-teens with themes fitting for that age group. So to me as an adult it was boring and childish. Assuming you mean the original series, I don't know about other Sailor Moon content.

Anonymous 128628

Death Note isn’t shonen. It’s actually good and watchable.

Anonymous 128633


I have several weeb girl friends and they all are watching shounen crap and adore it for some motherfucking reason, completely ignoring normal shows
I hate this so much - I can’t weeb with my weeb friends…
Maybe it’s because there are mostly male cast in shounens - suitable for fangirling and slashing, but still puzzling for me, considering most of them are lesbians

Anonymous 128698

…. Death Note was published in Weekly Shounen Jump….

Anonymous 128719

Is the original manga any good?

Anonymous 128721

Death Note is Shounen. Just like any of the other murder mystery manga made in Shounen Jump. Just because it has death doesn't mean it isn't Shounen.

>normal shoes
You are aware that seasonal anime is the opposite of normal right? In fact the most "normal" of anime to watch is Crayon Chin-chin and the like if you were to stop an average Japanese person on the street.

Anonymous 128726

If it’s shonen then it’s not like most shitty shonens like jojo, dragon ball, naruto, etc. It has an actual interesting plot instead of mind-numbing episodes-long fight scenes.
>just because it has death
I didnt say anything about that

Anonymous 128733

This is just anime that normies watch regardless of gender. Most men I've courted who said they like anime only mean these exact shows kek. When it comes to women who like anime it's often something like Lain or Madoka, sometimes Haikyuu. Another example of men never having actually spoken to women.

When I feel pretentious I say I loved Kaiba or Sonny Boy. If I want to be approachable I'll say K-ON, Watamote, or Madoka. Either way I'm open about hating harem and most Shonen, as well as not being an actual anime enjoyer.

The joy of male casts is cosplaying with your female friends as the male characters that you ship together. Homoerotic autoandrophilia defined my adolescence.

Anonymous 128741

OH no jesus no oh oh nooo
It's ten times worse than tv series
Art is nice, but
Panels composed, planned and organized like shit, narrative is so fucking incoherent, loose end everywhere, no logical order in story
At least that's what I remeber it to be

Anonymous 128747

By normal I mean of course not regular normal, but weeb/otaku normal
They ignore anything from moeshit to artsy kino, but will watch or read lousy cliched shounen
Only one decent thing I recall some of them watched is banana fish, but I know it's because of queerbait and also gang schtick

idk why, but they love everything weeb mafia/gang/delinquent themed
Actually, to think, it is not a rare theme in fujo content
Wonder why. Power fantasy and hierarchy dynamics?
Fujo expert, your thoughts on that matter?

sorry for the irrelevant seething: I understand that it is the same thing when moids consume uwu oniichan moeshit, because of sex preferences, and that's ok, I guess, but I thought I would be free of it hanging out with lesbians, who, I thought, wouldn't care much about fujo stuff, because why they'd be interested in male characters and male body erotica, but nooo. Yet I also understand, that bl often represenrs female view on romance without toxic patriarchal traits (well, not really, but let's assume). But that's just does not compute in my point of view and that's why I am so butthurt, oof

Anonymous 128754

They could also not be lesbians like I know it’s not cosher to suggest someone doesn’t accurately identify their own sexuality but it happens

Anonymous 128755

because anime is largely trash

Anonymous 128757

wow. you obviously never watched narudo

Anonymous 128758

>literally me responding to an anime hater when I was 10 years old and a real-life ninja

Anonymous 128773

ah the good days. twas simpler times

Anonymous 128787

>When it comes to women who like anime it's often something like Lain or Madoka,
Madoka I could see it but Lain is way too niche for most normies

Anonymous 128791

Not sure what you’re asking but I’ve had similar experiences.
“No way you play video games” and then a friend would call me and another girl friend picky or not recommend games to us because of our preferences in games. I know he means well and was just joking around but it was very annoying.

Anonymous 128825

i watch chargeman ken

Anonymous 129139

Lain is not niche anymore, it's super popular on Tik Tok and Duvet has more than 2 million views on YouTube.

Anonymous 129141


is Kaiba really that pretentious? it's super watchable and not really that high brow. it's just very disturbing sometimes. I remember just watching a clip to steel myself before watching it and having a "maybe this will scar me for life" moment. Didn't turn out to be that bad, though.

Anonymous 129147

Cries in wanting more josei manga anime adaptations.

Anonymous 129161

You and me both, sister.

Anonymous 129300


Because moids will shit on whatever non-mainstream anime you like.
I dare you to recommend them Kuragehime, or a cute anime boys-only one like Tsuritama.

Not to mention you can literally do this against them with
>Dragon Ball Z/Super
>The hot seasonal anime that contains the waifu of the season

Anonymous 129304

tsuritamas actually chill though whats non mainstream to you though? claymore, flcl, neon gen, akira? even non mainstream is mainstream now

Anonymous 129371


Yeah, this is very hard spot nowadays since practically all meme "obscure" anime has been into the mainstream since the latter of the 2010s.
But, I say, non-mainstream is mostly what has been lost into collective memory, which compromises anime like these:
>Haibane Renmei
>Death Parade + OVA (I think? Some e-girls like it)
>Tonari no Seki-kun
Pretty sure this is the cheat code into trying to be one of those pretentious gatekeeping otaku, lol.

Anonymous 129377

muahahaha we now know the cheat code

Anonymous 129379

no offense, but half of those aren't at all obscure.
I feel like there's a deeper level of obscurity we've yet to mine.

Anonymous 129460

Personally – I really enjoyed the manga. Yes, it's a bit sloppy at times, but it's more about vibes and magic and ethereal things.

Anonymous 129540

I don't like most anime/manga, but I'm a big fan of Soul Eater, Berserk, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Watamote. I've also been reading Goodnight PunPun which is pretty interesting.

Anonymous 129555

I don't really watch anime anymore and I just opt for reading the original manga and skip watching the anime usually. Does anyone else do this?

Anonymous 129560

Can semi relate
Will watch based on manga anime if it is visually really interesting
If it's mediocre looking - wouldn't even bother, would read the story in manga (and will forget about it in the ongoing and will ignore reading the ending when it will be finished)

Anonymous 129565

There are a lot of obscure mecha shows, early shoujo, ova stuff
I mean obscurity doesn't mean arthouseness and even being a good anime
From the top of my head
gokinjo monogatari, hime-chan no ribon, yugo, maze, muteki kanban musime, mosquiton, akai hayate, lemon angel, jiubei-chan, 12-sai, nightwalker - obscure?
I think even well-know ones, but rarely watched by anyone, could be obscure too - like golgo 13, ad police, oliisama e cc has a neat banner with it though, iirc

Anonymous 129574

I do that too. Watching anime takes too long plus the manga is usually better anyways.

Anonymous 129578


Yeah. Animations usually screw up character designs and the composition of scenes. There’s a lot to appreciate in a good manga that its anime lacks, usually.

Anonymous 129606

I also say this and I say it because I don't want to list a bunch of romance fujo tier anime that he won't know about anyway. It's not basic taste it is because we often like radically different things.

Anonymous 129610


I'm beginning to do this from now on, but only because my NEETdom is going to end soon.
Pretty sure it is optimal, and can even be a good investment believe it or not, to purchase physical manga. However, the tricky thing is the amount of money necessary to enjoy a whole series, and the ones still going on with no end in sight.
Unless, of course, your library system is very weeb and so you can borrow it without spending a dime or, at most, 5$ for inter-library loan.

t. can only afford a handful of series ATM

Anonymous 129611

Yeah because most normie male anime fans don't refer to the same shit when they said they watch anime. Come to Latin America and ask the average moid what anime he watches and he'll probably say popular shit like DBZ or Naruto. Ask the average male high schooler or uni student (doesn't even have to be Latin American) if he likes anime and what he watches and he'll tell you he loves My Hero Cacademia or whatever braindead scrote-pandering shonenshit is popular right now.
The faggot in that screenshot obviously doesn't give a fuck about where to find female-dominated communities dedicated to more niche weebshit. He just sees tons of women liking POPULAR garbage and assumes that since he's a guy, this is definitely a female "problem", completely ignoring the hundreds of thousands of male casual anime fans with the EXACT SAME, or even worse taste.
>when a girl
I hate scrotes
>Any similar experiences?
Similar experiences to what exactly? To shitting on a retarded weeb incel's tweet?

I never watched Sailor Moon in my childhood either but I did watch PreCure (HeartCatch) and I loved it. Maybe Sailor Moon is just too dated but it's definitely possible to enjoy magical girl anime (for girls, not for adult coomer manchildren) even as an adult, as long as a light-hearted tone with simple themes is what you're looking for.

Also why do you make this thread here and not on /media/

Anonymous 129612

Shonen isn't an actual genre, it's a demographic. The demographic of a manga depends on what magazine it's published on.

Anonymous 129631

Men say that then proceed to watch popular animes, play popular games, watch marvel movies and wear a black tee shirt with unwashed jeans

Anonymous 129632

I forgot to add they listen to stupid rappers who sound drunk and look like they got punched in the face with a paint can

Anonymous 129635

Anonymous 129637


I like having zero reference for any of this and being able to enjoy Ghibli movies in peace. Barely any correlation between sex and preferences in that case, seems scattershot from what I've seen.

Anonymous 129650

AYRT I love this video, thank you kek
Ok after having watched the whole video: Obviously 99% of shonenshit is going to have roughly the same themes, tropes and level of writing, just like shojo. What I said does not contradict that.

I was replying to someone who literally said that Death Note isn't shonen, just because it's a bit more mature than most shonen, and actually good. That's just fucking stupid.
Yes, the demographic does influence the content, but it doesn't work the other way around is what I'm trying to say. The content doesn't change the demographic. It is a fact that Death Note's main demographic was teen boys, as it was published in a shonen magazine, and I think it having been so popular with middle and high schoolers when its popularity was at its peak is proof enough of it. It being different from most other shonen (at least the popular ones) does not magically turn it into a seinen.

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